World Concert Hall
7 hours ago

Right now, Queyras, Odamura and Morley play #Bach #Kengyo #Jankowski #Williamson #Britten & #Offenbach in #Sydney #wch

World Concert Hall
8 hours ago

In 20 minutes, Queyras, Odamura and Morley play #Bach #Kengyo #Jankowski #Williamson #Britten & #Offenbach in #Sydney #wch

8 hours ago

Sydney Harbor go aboard of a elegant, modern Sailboat #Beauty in the Marina 🥰 #Sydney #Sailing #Saltlife #goodlife #Australia #Yachting #photography Blog:

8 hours ago

bye bye Noosa Head & Sunshine Coast 😔 Fly to Kingsford Smith Sydney Domestic Airport #Sydney #Sailing #Saltlife #goodlife #Australia #Yachting #photography Blog:

10 hours ago

My iPhone 15 Pro Max is on a truck out for delivery. Too bad I’m on a train on my way to work. I’m hoping StarTrack leaves me a calling card allowing me to collect it tomorrow morning from the local post office. Also, didn’t TNT used to handle these deliveries? #iPhone #Sydney

A Sydney c'è una lettera in busta chiusa della Regina Elisabetta con l'indicazione di non aprirla fino al 2085.

È la ricevuta di saldo dei 49 milioni della Lega.

#Sydney #Lega #ReginaElisabetta

David M. Levinson
1 day ago

Kookaburras laughing in a tree. #Birds #Sydney

1 day ago

I'd forgotten how slow and infrequent radial transport is in Sydney. Richmond to Campbelltown takes over 2 hours. This is Sydney's most significant non cbd north-south transit route.

#transit #Sydney #publictransport #trains

Narrelle M. Harris
2 days ago

"A compilation so good i had to write to the publisher and tell them what an outstanding piece of work this is." ~ Goodreads reviewer, Mitchell.

This Fresh Hell is in the wild and finding its readers! If you'd like to see what the fuss is about, head to Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney on 30 September for its NSW launch, with several of the authors there to talk about his new anthology of fresh takes on horror tropes!


@bookstodon #Sydney #BookLaunch #anthology #horror

Invitation to the Sydney launch of This Fesh Hell at Galaxy Bookshop, 1/131 York Street, Sydney, on Saturday 30 September at 2pm. Features the cover of This Fesh Hell and head shots of the attending authors.
Jake Coppinger
2 days ago

In the new Google Maps, there's a building ON TOP of Liverpool St in Sydney (along with wonky roads and a missing cycleway)

At first I thought this was a random artifact - but then remembered this is where the now demolished monorail used to be.

Sure enough, the partially demolished monorail station is still present! The building must have been AI generated!

In contrast is #OpenStreetMap in the beautiful new #tracestack map style.

#google #googlemaps #sydney #ai #monorail #maps #geospatial

Dr Micha Campbell
2 days ago

A commute in two parts today. The first part was pretty aggravating after nearly being t-boned in a roundabout (classic), but the second part made up for it! I encountered these aliens (spitfire larvae), and aren't they magnificent?

#commute #bugs #larvae #Sydney

Sqfly larvae, which look like large caterpillars sparsely covered in short fine white hairs, huddling together on a footpath.
Ocean Playground News
3 days ago

Source: CBC #news #novascotia

CBRM approves sale of land for proposed apartment buildings in #sydney
A Toronto developer has plans to build up to three 100-unit apartment blocks aimed at students and families on the former Welton Street Sports Field in #sydney, N.S.

Frances Hui 許穎婷 (@frances_hui)
3 days ago

@thecfhk RT by @frances_hui: 'Jimmy Lai Behind Bars' posters being put up in #Sydney, Australia on Jimmy Lai's 1,000th day in #HongKong prison. Photo by Mark Tarrant 👏👏👏

⚠️ Artist: #MiguelMarquez / #MiguelMarquezOutside in City: #Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 - Title: "Bottomless Pit" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Classics #Urbanart #Installation #APhotoLove

Streetart and Photography. On a sidewalk, next to a brick wall, the funny miniature installation of a children's slide has been attached. An existing installation hole in the ground was unceremoniously integrated. The silver mini slide stands in front of the round hole . Next to it is a mini sign in neon yellow with the following text:
Steps can get slippery when it rains.
Sude may get too hot on summer days.
Bottomless pit could cause death.
Dr Micha Campbell
3 days ago

Any Sydney cycling friends looking for a challenge, this year's edition of the Newcastle Overnight has been scheduled for November 25th.

It's a really 'fun' (type 2 fun is still fun) event, highly recommend. I'm out of town this year, which is pretty disappointing, I was really looking forward to it.

#Sydney #cycling #BikeToot

4 days ago

The ominous signs pointing to extreme heat and fire in Australia this summer

Last weekend, more than 20 runners in the #Sydney #Marathon were hospitalized during a heat wave. #Ski resorts, including Perisher, the country’s largest, have closed early amid a lack of snow after #Australia’s warmest winter since records began in 1910.
Then, last week, dozens of #bushfires broke out in the country, with more than 60 burning in the densely-populated state of #NewSouthWales.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service volunteers after a hazard reduction burn, on September 15, 2023. Australian firefighters are preparing what could be the fiercest fire season since the monster "Black Summer" blazes of 2019-2020.
4 days ago

Sommer, Sonne, Sydney: Warum liegt hier ein Auto am Strand?

In Sydney bekamen die Strandbesucher am Wochenende einen seltenen Gast: Plötzlich lag ein Auto hinter ihnen. Wie es dazu kam…

#Auto #Unfall #Sydney #Strand #Australien #Fahranfanger

Ein Auto liegt an einem Strand auf dem Dach (Foto: dpa Bildfunk, picture alliance/dpa/North Shore Mums | Rachel Chappell)
Doopa 🇭🇲
4 days ago

Leaving on our cruise #cruise #sydney

Photo of the Sydney Harbor bridge at sunset
5 days ago
Facade of the QVB. The 5 storey building opened in 1898.
Mosaic tiled floor.
Looking through 2 arches thst take you to rows of shops on each side.
Looking up at the coloured glass dome.
Clément Canonne
5 days ago

Birds in #Sydney, no respect for private property I tell you @parrotoftheday

(Not my garden) #Glebe #OwnPic #birdsoz

A white-face heron in a front yard
The same white-faced heron, all puffed up
5 days ago

A few more from around the harbour yesterday.

#Sydney #SydneyHarbour #BlueSky #OutAndAbout

Looking from a raised area of the botanical gardens towards rhe harbour
The large boat provided the disco soundtrack to the day.  Scene from the boardwalk next to the harbour. Bright blue sky and whispy clouds.
Looking along the walkway along the right side of the Opera House with the harbour on the right.
Another taken from the Opera House. Here with a ferry passing in the distance.
Travelling Light Off Duty
6 days ago

Time for some pics from the archive in my favourite #DoubleSquare format.

Bronte tidal bathing pool, Sydney, at dawn. (2003)

#Seascape #Sydney #Australia #Photography #BlackAndWhite #BWPhotography #Pentax67 #Film

Long exposure photo of a tidal bathing pool, with sea beyond and two headlands in the distance. The sky is cloudy with some sunlight breaking through.
6 days ago

Compare the pair...
This was the setting sun at the Quay about 30 mins before the colourful sunset photo, taken in different location.

#Sunset #Sydney #Australia #CircularQuay #SydneyHarbour

Looking across the Quay we see the reflection of the setting sun on the water.  The sun is low peeping throughclouds.
6 days ago

This perhaps looks like a painting or something but it's a straight up photo, without filters or tweaks. Nil. Nada. Just what I saw. Amazing colours.

#Sunset #Sydney #Urban #CityScape #OutAndAbout #PhotoOfTheDay #Glow

Photo of street scene with signs and a tree on the right. Deep orange, red and purple sunset in the distance.
6 days ago
Within the park is a small area where palm trees are clustered
MountainWitch ⛤:flag_bisexual:
2 weeks ago

Some emergency shelters in Nova Scotia for the storm. (credit to @stoometzphoto)

HRM: Capt. Spry Community Centre. 16 Sussex St, Halifax, 429-3984,Opening Friday 6pm St. Matthews Church - 1479 Barrington St, Halifax, 902-429-3984, Opening Friday 6pm Beacon House - 125 Metropolitan Ave. (902) 864-1584, Opening Friday 6pm

TRURO: Haven House 29 Arthur Str, 902-843-2538, regular hours, additional beds NEW GLASGOW: Viola's Place 189 Marsh Street, New Glasgow 902-752-0550 7pm

PICTOU Pictou County Roots for Youth, 603 East River Road, New Glasgow, 902-695-3241

CBRM: CB Community Shelter - 106 Townsend St, Sydney, NS, 902-564-9487 Ally Centre - 75 Prince St, Sydney NS, (902) 567-1766, Opening Friday 6pm

BERWICK: Evangeline Club, 130 Commercial Street, Berwick, Opening Saturday 7 am *Operated by Open Arms - must call 902-679-1202

YARMOUTH: SHFYT - 6 Trinity Place, Yarmouth, 902-881-3111 Drop-In/Overnight Center for Adults Yarmouth Fire Hall, 221 Pleasant Street, 902-881-3111, Opening Saturday 12pm

BRIDGEWATER: Seventh Day Adventis Church, 17 Greenwood St, Bridgewater, NS, (902) 521-1141, Opening Friday 6pm *Operated by South Shore Open Doors Association

AMHERST: Holy Family Parish, 63 Church Street Amherst, 902-669-2238, Opening Friday 5pm

#NSstorm #halifax #truro #newglasgow #pictou #cbrm #berwick #yarmouth #bridgewater #amherst #sydney #HurricaneLee #novascotia

Max Bo
2 weeks ago

Hey folks! I've just joined Mastodon. I've built some urbanist datavis projects - here's a recent one of mine:

#introduction #urbanism #sydney #infovis #geospatial #observable

1 month ago

It's #spring in #australia……

Boost me if you know what I'm talking about!

#sydney #canberra #melbourne #queensland

Bunch of black cable ties.
Jake Coppinger
1 month ago

As Australia prepares for a horror summer fuelled by the climate crisis, Randwick council in Sydney voted to remove a cycleway planned for Maroubra Road through Maroubra Junction, Eastgardens and towards the beach.

A motion to rescind the change failed.

See the BicycleNSW submission:

Thanks @kymtje (Greens) for your support of the cycleway.

#sydney #cycling #randwick #auspol #sydney #urbanism #bicycles #climatecrisis #australia

Mojo ♻️
1 month ago

Hundreds of #trees cut and poisoned at #Sydney Castle Cove with reward offered for information #deforestation

1 month ago

A Paris Agreement for nature?

Sydney will be the host for the first Global N a t u r e P o s i t i v e Summit in early October 2024. It is is concerned with the financialisation of biodiversity ecosystems.

"The “Nature Positive” agenda promotes the financialisation of nature – that there is a monetary value to nature, that this dollar figure could define all that nature means to us, and that we can start trading plots of nature like tokens and feeding into an ecosystem service that only benefits some people, in particular economies."

“The decision makers for all of this would be the exact same industry players and politicians who are destroying nature for profit now. Nature Positive” would be a bag of tricks for them to d i s t r a c t, d e f e r , and o b s c u r e their h a r m for n a t u r e : “destroying your forest is okay, because we’re not destroying someone else’s.” This is not only greenwashing, it is dangerous."

"The Global Biodiversity Framework agreed to by 196 countries at the United Nations biodiversity conference last year was described as the ‘Paris agreement for nature’. It set a target of US$200 billion per year of funding to be spent on nature repair by 2030...The Summit will highlight how clear and consistent rules will enable businesses to invest in and measure projects that repair nature."
“Turning the tide like this, from nature destruction to nature repair, will require a mighty global effort, Plibersek said."

#biodiversity #destruction #nature #Sydney #greenwashing #spin #forests #StopLogging #NativeForest #NSW #NaturePositive #EcosystemService #ecosystems #CashCow #extinction #biodiversity #BusinessAsUsual

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

#Sydney is latest of #CitiesBanningGas

"#Waverley and #Parramatta councils have previously voted in favour of similar bans, while in Victoria and the ACT the edict has been made state and territory-wide."


Can someone please reach out and beat me. I accidentally saw 5 minutes of #thevoiceau . The performer was a rather wonderful #trans singer from #Sydney and not one of the cvnts turned around including that cockgoblin #GuySebastian.

No wonder I rarely watch shit TV on #channel7au

Jake Coppinger
2 months ago

BicycleNSW: Pedestrians are fed up with begging

> “In Sydney you have to apply to cross the street. If you press the button in time the digital device will give you between 7 and 10 seconds of green light to step off the kerb, before the lights start to flash red to tell you to finish walking across the road. Red periods are long, often lasting between 60 and 90 seconds.”

#sydney #australia #urbanism #visionzero #cycling

2 months ago

#Sydney sandstone really is beautiful
#Geology #Australia

Honey coloured overhanging sandstone rock in the foreground with finely striped multicoloured sandstone in the background
2 months ago

Two cities two beaches both beautiful
#Melbourne #Sydney #Australia
#beach #NaturePhotography

Sandy Melbourne beach with semi storm clouds reflected in pools of water, flat sea
Sydney beach with sandstone rocks, a calm sea and blue sky
It's Dash
2 months ago

Wind frozen morning frost 📷 from #Sydney south.

Blade of grass with horizontal spikes of frost branching from the blade.
Almighty Olive 🫒
2 months ago

Updating my #introduction post because I feel like I'm going to be here a while ☺️

Quickly, first up all of my content (especially the AI generated stuff) that I put up on Mastodon will be covered by CC BY-SA #CCBYSA. Basically, you can use and remix my stuff but you gotta let others do the same to whatever you create with the original. Also, please link me in and show me what you did!

Secondly, all my posts are scheduled to be deleted after 3 months to help the storage costs of the admin so if you like something make sure you delete it before it's gone!

And for the actual introduction; I am a #Programmer doing #SoftwareDevelopment and building #WebApps in #Sydney. I love to play #BoardGames, and I DM some #DnD and other #TTRPG games like #Pathfinder, #StarsWithoutNumbers, and #SavageWorlds when I can. I like to try my hand at #Writing stuff on the odd occasion. I also am getting into #AiArt and #3DPrinting

2 months ago

Watch: Hundreds of baby #seahorses released in #Sydney Harbour

2 months ago

#Heatwaves may mean #Sydney is too hot for people to live in 'within decades'

By technology reporter James Purtill
Posted Sat 23 Jan 2021

"A taste of that future came on January 4, 2020, when Sydney — surrounded by #bushfires — was struck by a #heatwave that broke temperature records.

"In the suburb of #Penrith at the foot of the Blue Mountains, the mercury hit 48.9C, making it one of the hottest places in the world on that day."

#ClimateChange #Australia

3 months ago

Having a look at the City of #Sydney 's new draft Access Strategy that was doing the media rounds this week:

A few thoughts:

- #SydneyMetro west extension to Zetland by 2030 is completely unrealistic, unless the government has a secret fully actualised plan to deliver it up their sleeve. The rest of it, upon which construction is underway, is due to open in 2030 and even that seems questionable if Minns is planning on throwing more intermediate stations in the mix (which, as an aside, I fully support).

- The emphasis on zero emissions buses is dumb! Yes they're great, but converting burwood, kingsgrove and Leichhardt depots to be zero emission should not be the number one priority for #PublicTransport. More, frequent services will do more for climate change, mode share and urban amenity than retiring diesel and gas buses early to make the fleet fully electric. Give it time!

- I love the emphasis on the need to 'tactically' implement street redesigns RIGHT NOW. The NSW government has a terrible track record on reallocating street space after opening a Big New Motorway so it's great to see the City pushing the issue. Claim the space for people and PT and then we can work out the cutesy pavers and public art displays later.

- The report has a weird mix of urgency (both good and bad, see above) and incredibly long timeframes. I don't want Oxford Street to be a ped friendly destination precinct corridor in 2050, I want it now. You can widen footpaths, put in outdoor seating, add bike lanes and have high volume transit lanes installed in one day with paint and bollards. it would be nice to see the mid-range timeframes be a bit tighter.

- Love the energy but it is extremely jarring to consider that the same organisation telling us we need to allocate more street space to pedestrians installed those awful pointless ad-screens on busy footpaths in the last 12 months. Do as I say not as I do?

That's enough for now. I skimmed so if anything I said is contradicted in the text of the report please do let me know and I'd love to hear any other thoughts!

#Urbanism #Planning #transit

I'm Kerro
3 months ago

This is my first post on Mastodon!

There might not be 100 million people here but I like the idea of supporting an independent platform

What tips do you have for finding people?

#newbie #newposter #newhere #welcome #sydney #auspol #australia