John Bokma
10 minutes ago

systemd by example, Testing Private Methods, and Ed25519 Signatures

#systemd #SoftwareDevelopment #cryptography

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23 hours ago

Looking forward tomorrow 3 days hackfest organized by @tbernard

The main topic is GNOME mobile, but I expect there will be lots of collateral topics such as camera, hardware enablement, adaptive apps, UX, platform APIs, interoperability, and coordination.

We'll have people from @gnome @purism #systemd @mntmn @postmarketOS @FlatpakApps #Flathub #Phosh #freedesktop

I will be moderating and support where I can. Hopefully get some work done too.

#Linux #LinuxMobile #GNOME

seriously, I don't get the #SystemD haters.

2 days ago

#Redhat is doing another #systemD and doubling down on #Walyand by dropping #LibreOffice, because apparently editing images is more important than editing documents. #mywayorthehighway #debian is sure to follow again

2 days ago

How launch Firefox snap with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

Ariadna Vigo
3 days ago

Debugging DNS (client-side) related stuff is so tiresome...

Anyways, I'm happy now with my new networkd+resolved+wpa_supplicant setup. Long story short: I was using iwd, but iwd does *nasty things* to udev and I was ready for a change.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it doesn't break again!

#archlinux #systemd #networking

I have entered the #void. (Void Linux!)
And I'm noticing a MASSIVE performance improvement from NixOS (I assume
SystemD bad!

4 days ago

rc-local.service: Failed with result 'exit-code' #commandline #2004 #systemd #vps

4 days ago
4 days ago

Firefox snap broken: cannot launch with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

4 days ago

Firefox snap broken because, apparently, systemd thinks $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

Elias Probst
5 days ago

@remi if you enable #WSL's #systemd support, you should be able to leverage systemd-networkd to either override the MAC or to create a secondary fake NIC with a stable MAC for the license server.

6 days ago

Unable to create SystemD user service "Failed to connect to bus: Permission denied" #server #2004 #systemd

1 week ago

PvRecorder throws error when run in systemd service #python #alsa #systemd #services #2304

amy "fembot" bones
1 week ago

Can I just say that the errors you get back from #systemd's #dbus API are inscrutable nonsense and that the logs are frequently equally as unhelpful even if you try to turn on debug mode?

I've read
so much of the systemd container code at this point. But, I did basically re-implement the systemd-nspawn CLI as a python library, so that's neat.

amy "fembot" bones
1 week ago

Did the issue with running #nixos in a #systemd container on a non-nixos host ever get resolved? I don't really want to spin up a VM just to fuck around.

Justine Smithies
1 week ago

Well so far playing around with #VoidLinux on an old laptop I've #SwayWM up and running along with all my other stuff. I've built #Spotify from source without issue and just setup printing / scanning . Using #Runit for services is a doddle too no cumbersome #Systemd . Could :void: be about to replace #ArchLinux on my daily ?
I think I need more time just to make sure that it's really for me but the results so far are in favour of Void.

1 week ago

#fediverse you are my only hope...

I stopped using #OpenBSD some times ago because of my work and the need of some wine tricks or linux things.

Now apps are SaaS and Google WorkSpace (Yes I know.

The only piece of sh** that remains is the #aws VPN client that is targeted to Ubuntu (there is a AUR one that works) and #systemD
It is a patched OpenVPN build against openssl 1.1 🤢

All my search gave nothing serious.
Is there a chance that a #puffy guy is using that crappy AWS VPN everyday ?

Peter Czanik
1 week ago

Oops. The @opensuse conference has only two tracks, but I often has the same problems as with @fosdem :-) Right now listening to Ludwig Nussel of #SUSE talking about:

#systemd-boot introduction and challenges

It might affect me soon.


2 weeks ago

How to Execute Flatpak Command Using systemd at Suspend? #bash #scripts #suspend #systemd #flatpak

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Ubuntu Linux segfault when transferring files over SFTP #systemd #python3 #segmentationfault #glibc

Marek Küthe
2 weeks ago

Systemd and Linux Network Namespaces together are terrible, although each is very nice individually. I have seperated clearnet access and dn42 access via netns in a lab setup. For each program I wanted to use in both namespaces, I had to copy-paste and customize the Systemd unit. This is terrible. Too bad Systemd doesn't support this natively, but only with tricks.

#systemd #dn42 #networking #linux #netns #NetworkNamespaces

Marek Küthe
2 weeks ago

What kind of reason is "I don't like the concept"?
Personally, I find netns very handy because you can easily isolate networks (for example, dn42 and the Clearnet). This is also what Kioubit does in dn42, for example. To reject a proposal with this reasoning I think is wrong.

#systemd #dn42 #networking #linux #netns #NetworkNamespaces

Jonathan Kamens
2 weeks ago

Hack of the day: keep the Emacs server running in the active login session

Prereqs for this hack being useful to you: (1) you use GNU Emacs; (2) you keep a single Emacs running in your session and use emacsclient to open files for editing in it; (3) you have Linux computers that use systemd on which you keep mul

#Computers #FreeSoftware #Emacs #GNUEmacs #hack #Linux #systemd

@Seirdy +9001%

We need to get rid of Stallman-esque "neighsaying without providing alterantives that are available"...

Personally I do always choose to provide better alternatives instead of trashtalking...

Also #SystemD just works and fixes a shitload of issues and since I know how stupid most users are, I do tend to act as #BenevolentDictator on most systems just to avoid having to bi-weekly reinstall shit or do data recovery...

@arialdo @otfrom Actually, #emacs is the exact opposite to #UNIX-esque #KISS philosophy and in that regard even worse than #SystemD according to the most vocal haters of the latter...

Which is why a lot of people say that RMS uses GNU HURD / emacs as OS!

@arialdo @otfrom it's shitty #bloatware and basically worse than everything people accuse #SystemD to be...

Also it's made for bs legacy shit like the LISP machine and the "Space Cadet" Keyboard...

I'm convinced that hasn't done an "#emacs in 100 seconds" video because of all the RMS fanboys serial-harassing the f**k out of everyone...

Sir RaptaG
2 weeks ago

Mastodon Linux users, I need your help!!

I've been looking around for a new #Linux #distro to #distrohop (even though I swore to never distrohop again :P), but I can't find one that fits my needs:

- Built on #Debian Linux latest
- Supports more #apt providers
- Does not use #systemd, #pulseaudio & #x11
- Does use #PipeWire and #Wayland
- Has a big userbase and is maintained by a group of people, not an individual

I'd go for MX, but it breaks #3

I'm ok with X11 but I'd like it toggleable

2 weeks ago

Wie lässt du deinen Rechner regelmäßige Aufgaben unter #Linux erledigen?

Sr. Estegosaurio 🦕
2 weeks ago

I was #hardening some #systemd services and now I cannot unlock my screenlocker. :blobcatthink:

3 weeks ago

Issues launching SpiderOakONE on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS using Cron #server #scripts #cron #systemd #syslog

3 weeks ago

@paco I honestly don't really understand the love vs. hate #systemd anyway. :)

Paco Hope #BLM
3 weeks ago

So I have just learned of #devuan, which is apparently #debian without #systemd. If I need a full-featured interactive #linux, I’m gonna give that a try.

And before you consider reporting this post, note that our server rules say one may hate on systemd all day long here. 😜

Elias Probst
3 weeks ago

@rust_discussions none of my systems has #sudo - and never had.
"Back in the days", I just used "su", nowadays most applications use #PolicyKit to get elevated privileges for a specific operation and in case I need a full shell, "machinectl shell .host" (aliased to "msh" here) provides a proper (not just subprocess-spawned) session incl. a DBus and systemd user-session.

#systemd #dbus #linux

Meow.tar.gz :verified:
4 weeks ago

Damn! I need to find a good #linux #systemd tutorial. I welcome any recommendations.

Fred_S_at (main)
1 month ago

Linux-Init-Daemon: systemd erhält Userspace-only-Reboot
Der #Linux-Init-Daemon #systemd soll bald eine Funktion erhalten, mit der er einen "Soft-Reboot" ausführen kann. Das beschleunigt den Systemneustart stark.
| heise online

1 month ago

HOSIANNA! Ich habe #systemd besiegt 💪 Nachdem systemd ja frechweg das (dokumentierte) Flag "keyscript" in /etc/crypttab ignoriert, musste eine eigene Lösung her. Die Idee "ein systemd-Service, der das Schlüsselmaterial bereitstellt", war an sich richtig - das Skript zur richtigen Zeit ausführen zu lassen hingegen extremst tricky, es gibt nämlich kein Target das unmittelbar vor dem verschlüsselten Mounten liegt.
Dafür weiß ich jetzt, was Generators sind und woher die services für crypttab kommen

Linuxkumpel :pop_os: :manjaro:
1 month ago

Der Linux-Init-Daemon systemd soll bald eine Funktion erhalten, mit der er einen "Soft-Reboot" ausführen kann. Das beschleunigt den Systemneustart stark. via @heiseonline #Linux #systemd

1 month ago

@heiseonline und wieder Wasser auf den Mühlen der systemD Gegner....

#Linux #SystemD #Init #Boot

1 month ago

@lethalbit Another alternative (if you use #systemd) is `machinectl shell`

Emelia 👸🏻
1 month ago

Hey, do you know #systemd configuration? Could you help review this Mastodon PR:

1 month ago

@qyliss If you have #systemd you could try listing automount units?

1 month ago


Converting systemd unit files to things suitable for SMF?

Speaking as the only person in the world who has written a #systemd unit converter, to my knowledge: this is not a trivial task.


@ska has just written up a page on unit file conversions, and xe points out, as I do, that there are architectural mismatches in some areas.


#s6 #nosh

Ich glaube, #systemd und ich werden in diesem Leben echt keine Freunde mehr.

Mitten im apt full-upgrade stellt sich systemd-journald quer und die ganze Kiste hängt. Ich geh dann mal den Scherbenhaufen zusammenfegen... 🙄


Kevin P. Fleming
1 month ago

If you're a user of WireGuard, Ansible, and systemd-networkd, you may be interested to know that I've just published version 2.0.0 of my 'ansible-systemd-network' roles collection. The addition in this version is a role to manage WireGuard tunnels 🙂

#Ansible #WireGuard #systemd

1 month ago

@ska @benjamineskola @apgarcia @lightning @zash

One of the older criticisms of #systemd development was that server use cases got far less attention than workstation, and indeed specifically laptop, use cases.

The always-on public HTTP server would be properly killed when the laptop lid was closed, but you had to look to a 4th-party plug-in to get service monitoring integrated into Nagios. (-:

1 month ago

@apgarcia @lightning @zash @ska

The scope of the software makes no magic difference to whether it's a valid metric, as I said. It's an invalid metric _whatever_ the software is. Because it's feeling the width, not measuring the quality.


1 month ago

@apgarcia @zash @ska

The point is that it _isn't_ a valid one. It's exactly the sort of superficial analysis of #systemd that points at wholly the wrong things.

Valid critique looks at excessive coupling between nominally modular parts, the ad hoc nature of the "unit" concept, & the violation of design principles long accepted as good such as _compiling stuff_.

Counting manual pages is not valid critique. It's as invalid as, for starters, criticizing #OpenBSD for its 152 manpages on perl.

@gunstick @wmd propably do some #systemd - #service that checks for newly mounted media and than reruns it for index.

1 month ago

@apgarcia @zash @ska

It is. No, I don't know who "V.R." is. (-:

But if one tries to reduce the explanation of why the architecture has problems to something simplistic, the simplistic thing is often egregiously wrong and contradicted often by the history of real Unix itself.

There are a whole bunch of bad, trite, & trivially disprovable critiques of #systemd; and they don't really help the world. Good criticism covers coupling, the irregular "unit" concept, parsing at runtime, & so forth.

1 month ago

@apgarcia @zash @ska

In truth, #systemd rather started out with "let's replace Upstart", which had _already_ brought in the idea of doing whole parts of an operating system _very_ differently.

And in fairness, the (proverbial) goal of expanding until it can read mail has not yet been achieved. (-:

I recommend that article by "V.R.", and these as well, because a lot of the pop history is actually wrong:

1 month ago

@apgarcia @zash @ska

The problems with #systemd are not measured with size metrics at all, though. For every tritely expressed metric, there are plenty of real world historical and present counterexamples showing that it isn't actually the case for historical or current operating systems nor other softwares.

"V.R.", whoever that is, did a far better job of analysis than wc(1), but also demonstrated that one really cannot boil this stuff down to simple slogans.

1 month ago

@zash @apgarcia

The people who say that will in the same breath argue that it's the "Unix Way" to have lots of little tools with their own manual pages rather than giant multitools with single thousands-of-lines-long manual entries.

So be careful what your off-the-cuff metrics actually are. They might be entirely contrary to the design ethos that you actually prefer.

@ska, Gerrit Pape, and I have toolsets with lots of manual pages, too. None yet includes reading mail. (-:

#systemd #s6

@Natanox @dvzrv @fuchsiii @ubuntu In that sense, #ArchLinux feels even less production-ready than #Meme-Distros like the #Devuan which I think is just a #SystemD - hate cult but hey it's their freedom to waste time and resources on that...

Joseph Zikusooka
1 month ago

A new systemd method of rebooting described as ‘userspace-only reboot’ is in the works. It will enable a quick reset of the userspace e.g while updating image based Linux systems without shutting down the kernel. Check out the pull request:

#systemd #fedora #ubuntu #Linux #opensource

Fink :antifa:
1 month ago

Who would like to run #rclone started by a #systemd timer?

I prepared something:

I plan to spice it up by adding notifications to #pushover via is really quite nice for browsing a media archive going back over 2 decades. While setup in #rootless #dockercompose was slightly more annoying than I would have liked (permissions of bind-mounts in the non-root containers), I now have a #saltstack setup that allows me to deploy it (with rootless docker) within a few minutes on any new host, including #systemd timer based daily incremental update of the media index.

Initial indexing is slow-ish (>80.000 images with a whopping total of >250GB sitting on a RAIDZ array of spinning disks took over half a week to generate thumbnails and index files of 42GB), but afterwards accessing is pleasantly fast even from smartphones through a VPN tunnel, and the cross-referencing by time or location as well as face recognition or "likeness" of images (not ideal in terms of accuracy, but a pretty good start) gives my family a totally new way of browsing at photo collections.

#HomeGallery #media #archive #photos

Dmitri Popov
1 month ago

I wrote something about running a systemd service as a regular user:

#linux #opensource #systemd

Carlo Zottmann
2 months ago


> Tell HN: #ChatGPT is fantastic for finding and solving issues in logs | Hacker News
> Just paste in a chunk of #systemd (or whatever) logs and start asking questions. Often just pasting in the logs and pressing enter results in it identifying potential problems and suggesting solutions. It helped me troubleshoot a huge amount of issues on linux desktops and servers that would have taken me a lot longer with google

@Benji crontab es muy problemático. Mejor usar #timers de #systemd

2 months ago

I have to say that even if it does not bring many new features, I'm quite excited about the fact that #UbuntuTouch is now based on 20.04 and not 16.04. Sure, 20.04 still is old but it should now be much easier to change the base version now that the switch to #systemd is done. I already saw a phone running on 23.04 beta!

You can write your own systemd(8) service, mount, etc. unit files in your home directory and manage them via systemctl(1) as an unprivileged user:

$ vim ~/.config/systemd/user.control/something.service
$ systemctl --user enable --now something.service

#gnu #linux #systemd

Yann Büchau :python:
2 months ago

@joeyh Having the :gitannex: #gitAnnex assistant run permanently in the background on a phone seems to be quite a power hog though, probably due to the assistant's persistent connection to the remotes for instant syncing.

I'm experimenting with #systemd's MaxRuntimeSec=15min and RestartSec=3h for the git annex user service now as quick'n'dirty scheduling.

#Linux users when you say you like #systemd:

A freeze frame of Nick from The Linux Experiment looking disapprovingly and cringing at the viewer
Dustin Rue
2 months ago

TIL: systemd ExecStartPre/ExecStopPost permissions

TIL that you can tell systemd to run any ExecStartPre and ExecStopPost scripts as root instead of the user the service is supposed to run under.

At the same time we can touch on how to create an override for a service. In my case, I wanted to override how Redis is started on a system to ensure hugepage was set correctly, per the

#redis #systemd #til

3 months ago
Photo of linux console output after shutdown. The last message reads: "A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 1000 (28s / no limit)“

un error que de hecho se me ocurrió que podría pasar e ignoré. Al generar la unidad de #systemd para el servicio con #podman lo hice en #archlinux pero el sistema objetivo es ubuntu. Entonces hay una discrepancia en exactamente un argumento de línea de comandos usado. Fácil de corregir.

David Sardari
3 months ago

@jalcine one reason: there is no official #gentoo documentation on #systemd and #selinux.

Become A :tor: Tor Bridge / ❄️ Snowflake, If You Haven't Already

Automated Installer To Become Dedicated ❄️ Snowflake Bridge On Any #Systemd #Linux Device, Using Single install Script (downloads / builds / creates dedicated service - can turn off anytime)

(+ Automated 'update" Option)

#Tor #Anonymity #HumanRights #proxy #China #GreatFirewall #Infosec #cybersecurity #security #privacy #Pinephone


5 months ago

By the way, if you’re still using things like `nohup whatever &` to start an ad-hoc background process, have a look at `systemd-run` instead. It creates an ad-hoc, transient unit, that will show up in `systemctl status`, have logs in `journalctl`, etc.

For example, I’ve just used this to set a animation in the background:

sudo systemd-run -u blink1-running blink1-tool -m 2500 -t 3000 --rgb 8f00af --blink 0

#systemd #Linux #admin #devops

5 months ago

@Nitrux_NX AND you’re on Mastodon as well! Awesome!

Now that I have more #Linux experience under my belt, I find the concept of fully containerized apps intriguing, and I’m interested to see how the NX desktop tames #KDE, which I find to be overly busy and fussy.

Maybe a video from @thelinuxEXP can explain if #Systemd vs #OpenRC should be a concern for ordinary users like me. 😉

Terence Eden
5 months ago

I have a question for #Linux nerds.

Is it possible to get #apcups alerts via email?

I have a #systemd process which logs events from my UPS to /var/log/

When the power goes out, I get a "Power failure" message logged.

Is there a sensible way of running a process when that happens, sending me an email?

Jake Hamilton
6 months ago

@cowsay exists! This was a fun little adventure figuring out how to glue together VHS, #cowsay, #toot, #Nix, and #systemd. I have a #NixOS module here in case anyone else is curious:

Around 1 hour ago I volunteered to give a talk on #podman to a part of #SUNET. The talk is after another 1 hour :)

#container #security #systemd #linux

Juan Luis
6 months ago

TIL: The Littlest JupyterHub uses a systemd-based spawner that leverages the MemoryLimit property of transient systemd services to allocate a per-user RAM limit. Awesome work by @yuvipanda

#jupyter #JupyterHub #systemd

Kyle Lacy
6 months ago

Uhhhh just spent an hour moving from my existing Systemd WSL setup to the new shiny official Systemd support for WSL!

...only to find out it didn't even fix the one issue I had and also broke my Docker and ssh in the process. (Probably because of namespaces but too lazy to verify).

Finally finished reverting back to my old setup using this script: Thanks for making it @diddledani!

#wsl #linux #systemd

Kathy Reid
6 months ago

Good evening good folx of the :fediverse: It's time for your evening #ConnectionList #Introduction. Please meet:

@ashul is a #WebDev and a #runner, living on #Noongar country in #Perth 🇦🇺 👋

@badri is a #writer and #NonFiction #Editor, on the lookout for pieces of #science, #culture, #history and #philosophy 👋

Dr @annettamallon is an #EndOfLife consultant and #doula, with an interest in #sociology and #SocialResearch. She is a #writer and #mentor on #Lutruwita land #Tasmania 👋

@lathiat is into #linux #ubuntu, #ceph and #OpenStack and maintains Avahi #mDNS. It's always DNS, right?! 👋

@benno You might know him as Jeamland, Benno Has Opinions on #systemd 😆 🇦🇺 Writes about #software, and importantly, the people behind it 👋

@melodytaba is a #PhD candidate #researcher at Sydney Uni, researching #Youth #DigitalHealth #SocialMedia #SciComm 👋

@derek is a #ProductManager who is into #SolarPunk and #sustainability 🇺🇸 👋

@hogesonline is a #computing #teacher, is into #Python 🐍 , is learning #JavaScript and is into #cycling 👋
life goal: ✅ 🤣

Distinguished Professor @gernot heads up the #TrustedSystems #systems group at UNSW and is the the founding Chairman of #seL4 - the world's most assured #linux #kernel. 🇦🇺 👋

@estark works on #security and #PKI for Chrome browser - #HTTPS, #certs, #encryption and the like 👋

That's all for this evening, why not consider building your own #ConnectionList? ❤️

Ignis Incendio
6 months ago

Just set up my server to backup daily to Backblaze B2! Also set up Postfix to send me an email via the Mailjet relay if it fails ^^

Also yes I guess now my server can email me whenever it detects an "intrusion" lol (wrong password in sudo)

Learnt a bit about #systemd today. Essential skill, eh :P

Hunter Perrin
6 months ago

To any other #MastodonAdmin and #MastodonOwner who might need this info:

If you use `n` to manage your #NodeJS version, the default #Mastodon streaming #systemd config uses `/usr/bin/node`, which will be your system’s node package. Change that to `/usr/bin/env node` to use the one from n.

The file is “/etc/systemd/system/mastodon-streaming.service”.

Hope this helps. #mastodonserver #devops #mastodonstreaming #mastodonerror

@jjude @anant My personal goal is to #teach new folks how to have sane #security with things like #systemd, something a new #sysadmin #devops person can do and #maintain.

If it is too complex, then most people will just skip it.

Do you know about experiment? This web application has a lot of #security holes, and I tried to secure it using only #systemd. Feel free to do a round of #pentest, #attack the box. Remember to let me know what did you find.

The box is up from April end 2022.

Please boost so that your other security minded friends see this. I try to make sure that any learning from this goes back to systemd upstream.

#infosec #linux #rustlang #rust
7 months ago

Problem 1 bestand darin, dass Aufgaben, die Mastodon im Hintergrund von einer Komponente namens #Sidekiq abarbeiten lässt, immer mehr wurden. Zeitweise dauerte es über eine halbe Stunde, bis neue Beiträge in den Zeitleisten erschienen. Auch das Anhängen von Medien an Tröts dauerte so lange!

Ursache war der starke Anstieg der Nutzendenzahlen seit dem 27.10.2022.

Das haben wir zuerst dadurch zu lösen versucht, dass wir der virtuellen Maschine auf unserer eigenen Hardware mehr Ressourcen (RAM, vCPUs) gaben. Aber es wurde dadurch nicht besser.

Erst als wir Rat bei erfahreneren Mastodon-Admins suchten, kamen wir auf die richtige Spur. Ingo @ij riet uns, mehr Sidekiq-Prozesse zu starten, und schlug uns eine Lösung mit zusätzlichen #systemd-Service-Files vor. Wer Docker einsetzt, kann das gleiche auch auf anderem Weg erreichen:

Mehr dazu:

Ingos Vorschlag hat unser Lastproblem gelöst. Unser ewiger Dank gehört dir!

#mastoadmin #admintrivia #twittermigration 2/↓

Tested on #Pinephone + #EndeavourOS. Works on most Linux OS.

Only needs #systemd if you want to "start selected flags at boot"

-w flag requires nmcli (#NetworkManager), signal strength related: wireless-tools

#Github Download:

1 year ago

#Linux #LinuxTablet #LinuxAudio

Supposedly #RedHat has decided to depreciate #VirtManager in favor of #Cockpit. Cockpit will likely get Red Hat’s money instead of Virt-Manager, although development of Virt-Manager will still continue—likely independently. Cockpit seems modern and nice, but apparently requires hosts and guests to use #Systemd, which would rule out my usage of virtualizing OSes like #Androidx86, I believe. I guess I could use #VirtualBox for those OSes in given no other option.

1 year ago

#linuxtablet #linuxaudio #systemd It’s time to check in again. I am still experimenting and cataloging audio plugins that scale properly on high resolution screens. There aren’t too many, but the essential ones are there. Lately, I’ve been digging into Linux internals and wrapping my head around systemd. I’m convinced if I had understood more of this, I would have been able to fix my Arch distro. I think my problem was related to competing services—I needed to stop one of them.