Petr Matous
1 day ago

Progress in #modeling #dynamic #systems for #sustainable #development

- a new #article with a nice section on #interventions , including unintended consequences

2 days ago

The FBI has warned about a new trend in ransomware attacks where multiple strains are deployed on victims' networks to encrypt #systems in under two days. The federal law enforcement agency explains that ransomware affiliates and operators have been observed using two distinct variants when targeting victim organizations. Variants used in these dual ransomware attacks include AvosLocker, Diamond, Hive, Karakurt, LockBit, Quantum, and Royal. "This use of dual

Kathy Reid
3 days ago

All the non-dev-background managers in my feed:

"Generative AI will be great for coding! It will reduce our development time for products so much!"

All the dev-background folx in my feed:

"Sure, #CoPilot will generate plausible code for you really quickly, but who's going to write your unit tests and make sure there aren't any insidious errors at a #systems level that you can't identify in a single block of code in isolation?"


"Is my job now #RLHF for code-focused #LLMs?"

5 days ago
Nate Gaylinn
6 days ago

A big part of how the broken #systems of our #society keep going is by misdirecting blame.

I'm having an unnecessarily heated discussion with HR right now about my paycheck. I'm understandably grumpy and uncomfortable, 'cuz I need a paycheck to survive. The person from HR interprets my tone as me blaming them for my troubles, so they get defensive and shift blame onto me, which only makes me more irritable!

But neither one of us is to blame. It's the confusing, frustrating payroll system. My gripes are an attempt to push back on the system, but that doesn't work because they're immediately transformed into interpersonal conflict.

People just aren't good at making this distinction. We're so quick to take things personally! We end up bickering at each other while the system keeps on churning...

Dartington Service Design Lab
1 week ago

Our September #newsletter will arrive in your inboxes very soon! Each month we share the latest on our #research, #design & #systems work to improve outcomes for children, young people & families.

Sign up now 👉

Claudia Westermann
1 week ago

An opportunity for systems practitioners and thinkers in architecture. The systems track 'Theme 4' at the Architecture Across Boundaries 2024 conference accepts abstracts until October 1.

See the conference website for all themes:


The proceedings will be published by Springer.

#conference #systems #cybernetics #architecture #architecturaldesign

Architecture across Boundaries conference poster. Greyish blue writing on black background.
Ricardo Harvin
2 weeks ago

#US #politics:

The #FederalReserve, along with the #SupremeCourt and the entire #state and #federal #judicial #systems (including all #prosecutors), need full and immediate restructuring from their foundations, up, because they do not at all serve the #public interest, as most #citizens believe they are designed and meant to do (they never have been).

Eric Lawton
2 weeks ago

New blog post.


"Representative democracies" are only enough to score 10 out of 100 points towards being fully democratic, even if their systems were perfect.

Because most of the important decisions that affect our lives are made by bodies other than governments, which are far from democratic.

#democracy #government #systems #systemsThinking

2 weeks ago

The #Emergence #Principle: new #properties of #systems emerge with the increase of their degree of #complexity; these properties are qualitatively different from the properties of parts of the systems and irreducible to them.

Source: 10.3 Complexity and Emergence / Technen: Elements of Recent History of Information Technologies with Epistemological Conclusions

Eric Lawton
3 weeks ago

I have clarified the structure of my main workbook and added a new section which will detail some specific systems.

Summarized in this blog post:

#systems #systemsThinking

Eric Lawton
3 weeks ago

New blog post:

Introduction to my first, incomplete draft of a description of the Understanding phase of my Social System Lifecycle. It borders on the technical so I thought I’d summarize it here:

#systems #systemsThinking #socialSystems

Prominent Donald Trump supporter and #MyPillow CEO Mike #Lindell repeatedly lost his temper, left the room and swore at opposing counsel during a series of #depositions earlier this year, according to newly released videos and transcripts.

The extraordinary interviews were conducted as part of a #defamation #lawsuit brought by Dr. Eric Coomer, former director of product strategy and security at #Dominion #Voting #Systems, who has accused Lindell of repeatedly defaming him in public and online following Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential race.

“Don’t sit and scold me already, mister. I’ll do whatever I have to do,” Lindell said at the start of a March 8 deposition, addressing Coomer’s attorney. “You’re just a lawyer. You’re an ambulance chasing lawyer, so don’t start with me. I got all day. I’ll take as much time as you want, so let’s go. You’re not my boss. You’re just a lawyer, a frivolous lawyer. So go. Don’t start scolding me"

3 weeks ago

#DIN30762 is now available in #English.

Since 2022, there is a norm for prefabricated #sanitation #systems without connection to #water supply and #sewage #system. Our #toilets meet this #standard and so you can be sure to have a #safe, #reliable and odor-free #modern #toilet

ABEREUS - A Better Resource Use
#FFF #FastFactFriday #FastFact

In the upper half of the picture, there is a photo of the British Union Jack which seems like it is on wrinkled paper. Below is the text "Fast Fact Friday - DIN 30762 is now available in English" as well as the logo of Abereus.
Macleod Sawyer
3 weeks ago

As much as I would love for everyone in the world to use linux, or a free open sourced alternative, I am beyond thankful that most people don't, especially as a systems admin.

[ # ] :: #linux #technician #systems #admin #sysops

Ferdinando Simonetti
3 weeks ago

[ How (and Why) to Replace cron Jobs With systemd Timers ] Ehm... I was today years old when I first learned of systemd's timers. Shame on me? #Systems #Timers #Linux

3 weeks ago

Shortly after #Microsoft decided to cease bundling Teams videoconferencing #app with its Office productivity suite in Europe in a bid to allay European Union antitrust concerns, the CEO of Zoom proposed that theFederal Trade Commission in the United States should consider a similar action. The logo of Zoom Video Communications is seen on the opening day of the Integrated #Systems Europe audiovisual and systems integration exhibition in Barcelona on January 31, 2023....

3 weeks ago

United Airlines experienced a widespread service disruption on a busy travel day due to a #software update glitch, leading to temporary halts in departures. According to the Associated Press, while some speculated about a potential cybersecurity issue, the airline clarified that it was solely a #technology #systems problem. Labor Day weekend is expected to see a record number of travelers in the United States following the busiest summer of air travel in history

alexdp 🏴‍☠️
4 weeks ago

@dan @BearGriffin @wanninger @andy_pavlo (randomly tagging 4 users) why does your server ban users for discussing systems you don't like, and why do you lie about the reason behind the suspension? Kindly answer, thank you. #mastodon #censorship #systems #debate #cancelculture #dishonesty #lies #ban #suspension #hate

Eric Lawton
1 month ago

I've just spent three hours on my workbook, while only writing one small section. The new Obsidian (@/ Properties feature was helpful in re-organising things but meant some work to clean up my previous inconsistencies and figure out a smarter way to do what I want.

#systems #systemsThinking

Eric Lawton
1 month ago

New blog post, a better democracy index.

Because the well-known indices like the EIU index suggest that some countries are almost perfect democracies, and think that the US hasn't become any worse in the last couple of years.

#democracy #systemsThinking #systems

After more then 20 years this mama has her glory, telling my son about how #humans are made, #anatomy #systems #bones #blood #skin #smoke etc etc or #nowifinallyfoundoutwhyiwenttoschoolinmyyoungyears Soundtrack:

Stitched Ink Media
1 month ago
Eric Lawton
1 month ago

Decriminalization: How police drug seizure, even without arrest, can create harms.

Using police to "solve" this systemic social problem illustrates H.L. Mencken's "there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong"

#socialSystems #systems #AbolishThePolice

8. Given the current state of the #internet, it may
not be expected that this #protection can be
guaranteed if #systems or #services are used
from the above-mentioned oligopoly.


Eric Lawton
1 month ago

Control over Language is Political Power

> Sometimes, changes in people and in social institutions are effected through violence. However, most of the time, they is effected through language. This means that whoever is able to effect some measure of control over language, has power over the people and the systems.

#systems #language #politicalPower

2. Solutions developed by the #smartphone
manufacturer Fairphone and others may be
used for material selection and sustainable
production processes of biosensor #systems.


quotes from:

erik hollnagel

"safety I & safety II"


1 month ago

Why do they get “experts” on the #news to talk shite? You can’t get #ATC #systems just updated overnight. That’s when we physically did it but it takes months, if not years, of preparation. The quickest turnaround I ever did was a fortnight.

Tabletop RPG question for all you awesome GMs and Players out there: how do you organize and track information in your games?

As in, how do you keep track of what plots are in motion, what NPCs and villains are up to? How do you organize your game worlds and settings?

When I was a teen, I used to make huge worlds, dozens of NPCs with their own character sheets, crazy-person™ webs of relationships and plot threads, maps of the world and each setting the charterers would likely explore, and so on.

It was awesome...and super-mega-overkill.

Since then, I've developed a minimalist index card system that relies on mostly improv and letting the players make assumptions or assertions about the world that I then weave into the established lore. It was inspired by the Lazy GM (DM?) and the collaborative history-building game, Microscope. I also use the 5-room dungeon / 5-act play structure for plots and encounters.

But I want to hear your ideas. What tips, tricks, successes and failures have you had in this area?


#RPG #TTRPG #Systems #Gaming #Ideas #Boost #InformationSystems #Cards #StoryTelling #Stories #CreativeWriting #DnD #Fate #GM #DM #Plot

Jennifer Moore 😷
1 month ago

“Healthcare, particularly maternity care, is complex. The measure of a safe and a well-run organisation isn’t one that purports to have no problems – it’s one that constantly seeks out safety issues and concerns, openly acknowledges and acts on problems and encourages and rewards everyone who plays a part in doing all of this to keep patients safe.”

#NHS #culture #health #systems #safety #whistleblowing #LucyLetby

1 month ago

According to a new World Bank, #digital #technologies can strengthen health #systems, improve #health #financing and public health, & increase reach to underserved populations. Over the past decade, the World Bank has invested +$4000000000 in digital health including in health information systems, digital #governance, identification systems, and #infrastructure. #africa #climate #agenda #citizens #identity #care #numérique #emergencies #santé #pandemic #risks #nutrition #development #future #solutions [ ] #informatique

Eudaimon ꙮ
1 month ago
«A delay in a feedback process is critical relative to rates of change in the stocks that the feedback loop is trying to control. Delays that are too short cause overreaction, ‘chasing your tail,’ oscillations amplified by the jumpiness of the response. Delays that are too long cause damped, sustained or exploding oscillations, depending on how much too long.
Overlong delays in a system with a threshold, a danger point, a range past which irreversible damage can occur, cause overshoot and collapse.»

–Donella H. Meadows, 2008. "Thinking in Systems: A Primer"

(note: climate is a system with thresholds, aka tipping points. Can you see the danger here?)

#Collapse #Overshoot #Systems
usd AG
1 month ago

Understanding a Hacker's Mind. who doesn't wish for it? Our usd AG Advanced Seminar makes it possible. Only if you know and understand the relevant #threats in IT environments, you can take effective countermeasures. Experienced security analysts from the #usdHeroLab will use theory and a lot of practice to show you the intentions and methods of a #hacker and how to protect your #systems in the best possible way.

Due to the great interest in the 1st half of the year, we are offering another date of the two-day attendance seminar in September.

#UnderstandingAHackersMind #CSTAcademy #moresecurity

1 month ago

Crackin back into the good books this year. Been 10 since I read Automata Theory. Anybody got tips for reading it a second time through? #coding #programming #code #systems

GNU/Matt :fedora: :kde:
2 months ago

ugh, there are days I wished I specialised in IT, instead of just doing #systems and #network admining. The longer you do it the more management just expects you to know everything and get frustrated when they have to pay specialists to come in.

That said, the work does stay varied

#sysadmin #infosec #netadmin

Thomas Otto (he/him)
2 months ago

One of the reasons, why we have to keep pushing for designing better #algorythmic #systems train and diversify teams for inclusion. It's not a matter of good will, it's part of your business success. #ai #ux #microsoft

I don't like to hardline or pick sides on #politics, but lately I've been thinking...

#Democracy and #Anarchy may be the only two truly legitimate #systems of #government: either power comes directly from the will of the people, or there is no power at all.

I feel like there might be room to discuss #technocracy / #meritocracy in there, or #Heinlein-esque rules about who gets to vote, but I just can't see the arguments for #monarchy / #dictatorship / #SingleParty being valid.

2 months ago

Creepy dude: “I’m gonna hack you!”
Me: “Free #pentest ? Sounds good”
Creepy dude: I SAID IM GONNA #hack YOU! Be scared, female!
Me: This dude is gonna test my #systems for free. I was just gonna pay someone a chunk of change.
Me: noooooo dont!
Creepy guy: tries to get in my accounts, repeatedly fails bc i got a yubikey in my clit ring bc crazy person
Me: well… at least hardware authentication works.

This is humor for legal purposes

#infosec #security #software #mfa

2 months ago

Sometimes constraints are externally imposed—meeting a regulatory requirement, making a date because most of your sales happen in one month of the year, budget limitations.

Read the full article: Shaping Patterns

#systems #GreatWork #CollaborativeBehaviorEmerges

Grzegorz Cichocki
2 months ago

Why can't we control the brightness of the monitors in the system, like the brightness of laptop screens?

#laptops #monitor #monitors #os #systems

Scott Matter
2 months ago

Finishing my Friday with this excellent read: “Fractal approaches to scaling transformations to sustainability”

I deeply appreciate when someone has done the thinking and writing that pulls together a bunch of threads I’m interested in. I’m very excited now to use this as a starting point for engaged #research projects. The big picture framing I’ve been using is “societal transitions for planetary wellbeing”… and I love how this fractal metaphor is helping me connect small, feasible initiatives and actions with much larger purposes and objectives.

#academic #sustainability #socialChange #systemsChange #systems #PoliticalEcology #SocialChange #InterBeing #socialTheory #ActionResearch

ah ya know,
2 months ago

"Shun the useless adoption of the aesthetic of the useful. When something can be like work or like play, never make it work." Great read:
#notes #notetaking #systems

Eric Lawton
2 months ago

> How to pick the right credit card to maximize your reward points and cashback

> Points and cashback are great


Or do they just increase use of credit cards, paid for by consumers?

Where does the cash we get back come from?

Higher prices for what we buy, so merchants can pay transaction fees? Higher interest for those who can't pay off their balance every month?

Or are the credit card companies taking a hit on their profits? 🤣

#systems #socialSystems

Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

#DistrictCooling and other #infrastructure and #archtectural changes can help increase the efficiency of #cooling #systems and radically reduce the #energy such systems use even as exponentially more people in more places are finally able to access the lifesaving benefits of artificially and more naturally cooled air.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once #ClimateChange #solutions abound.

John V Willshire
2 months ago

Slowly composing the next newsletter, ‘A Fistful of Frameworks’, which will go out before the holidays.

An update on where things are with a whole range of things: Community Power Compass, Regenerative Triangulation, Assemblage Space, Zenko Mapping and more. I might do a couple of open office sessions too, if anyone is interested.

Sign-up here -

#community #regenerative #futurethinking #design #systems

Artefact Cards on a printed out framework

⚪ "Systeme" und ein ...
🟤 "Systems" and a ... Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #GesternWelt aka
#UtaBretschneider in Loc.: 🤫 somewhere ? in Germany 🇩🇪 - Title: "Reparaturen, sämtl. Systeme" (Repairs, all systems) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Abadonned #Yesterday #Vintage #Fotografie #Systems #Photography ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a door too bricked on the corner of an abandoned old commercial building. The plaster is crumbling away, red brickwork can be seen and old shop windows in the background to the right and left. The following text is written in German on the wall in faded white calligraphy: Repairs, all systems.  
A promise that will now never be kept.
Every day, Uta Bretschneider posts a picture from times long past on her Instagram account "GesternWelt". Remnants of an urban life, sometimes forgotten, sometimes hidden and sometimes simply overlooked.


Working as a requirement specialist in the railway industry. Outside of work an expert on all industries, based on my googling skills.

Interest and tooting on #requirements #engineering
#nuclear power
#electricity prices
#railway #safety

Mostly in Finnish, but also in English.

Cainmark 🚲
2 months ago

"LibraryThing is looking for a systems administrator / reliability engineer. This is a remote position open to applicants worldwide."

"LibraryThing is also looking for a great developer to work on our library projects. This is a remote position open to anyone eligible to work in the U.S."

#z_lib #LibraryThing #jobs #work #Developer #systems #computer #Library #Libraries

Dave Mackey
2 months ago

hypothesis: #systems, not #people, are the problem.

That isn't to say that people don't act in problematic ways, but when it comes to creating a better world, we have to change the way systems operate in order to see change in people at scale.


2 months ago
Elizabeth Stark
3 months ago

Sometimes you read something that exactly explains patterns you are seeing everywhere - so many of the companies we work with are HURTING from this sort of thinking.

#productivity #agile #systems

Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

A really good look at #AI, the unavoidable #bias of AI #systems, and how no such #system should ever be relied upon without sound #human supervision and judgment.

Indirectly, it highlights how AI can't be trusted to properly analyze #data, so how can anyone realistically expect any such tool to create true artistry of any kind, at any level?

They are #math* that can only work with math, and they're terrible to not very good at even that core function.

*abbr., no s.

Interlinking research: the Big Exchange project | Antiquity | Cambridge Core

The #Big #Exchange project investigates large-scale #exchange #systems in #Eurasia and #Africa (8000BC–1 BC).

We concentrate on raw materials of known origin (‘sourced finds’). Network analysis of tools and artificial intelligence methods are used to analyse the combined data sets. We invite broad collaboration on bimodal exchange networks.

Jennifer Moore 😷
3 months ago

Re-#introduction via hashtags:

#Writing, #music, #creativity, #systems,
#CleanLanguage, #SystemicModelling, #process-geekery in general

Often follow news of #science, #tech, #climate, #sustainability, #covid, #LongCovid, #AirQuality

#Queer in a #bisexual way

Probably not #autistic but do have some of the traits (e.g. I like accurate words & non-scritchy clothes :-) )

Planning #CovidCareful, beginner-friendly string #orchestra in #Nottingham, #England, if #dysautonomia doesn't stop me!

3 months ago

You can consider all these things when forming a team, starting a project, designing a new department, steering your entire company.

Read the full article: Shaping Patterns

#systems #GreatWork #CollaborativeBehaviorEmerges

3 months ago

I want to form/join a professional #group for people in #Information #Systems in/about #disability #services.

Does anyone here have any pointers?

#InformationSystem #Disability #Services #NDIS #NDS #NDIA

Brian Ashford
3 months ago

"The rules of an RPG are pre-defined facts about your fiction. ‘If this, then that,’ abstractions to model the things which we know are going to happen. This can be good, it means we don’t have to worry about what is possible within our fictions, the rules will tell us… but it also limits the things we can explore."

#RPG #ttrpg #VincentBaker #FruitfulVoid #Rules #Systems #Dwarves

Brendan Jones
3 months ago

Can I get some follow recommendations? I’m acutely aware that of the people I follow who post about our planet’s systems, most of them are climate people. I’d love to follow more people posting at a #systems level. Y’know, the people who distill down expert knowledge into consumable packets for the rest of us. Think #hydrology/#freshwater/#oceans, #biodiversity, #ecology, #biology, #agriculture, #energy, #economics, #geology #planetaryBoundaries … these kind of topics. Boosts appreciated!

3 months ago

i re-posted, but let me personally and emphatically re-post @kissane's new essay, because it cuts right into what i care about in some gorgeous ways, but also dares to set a high bar for imagining good things, which is my fave kind of essay. also i am a pattern language buff so love to see alexander's work drawn into the socials discourse #Systems #PatternLanguage

Erin Kissane 

Stopping here feels depressing, so I won’t. There’s so much more life to be had if we start with human cultural patterns and try to strengthen what is alive and good in them.

o When I'm invited into semi-sheltered spaces or moments, I want it to feel like I'm wandering through a particularly nice party—outdoors, day’s heat just subsiding, one cold drink, maybe some lightning bugs?—catching edges of conversations—and then I want to be able to trace unthreaded clusters of people and meaning back through time so I can perceive deeper relationships and shared interests.

o Iwant to be able to browse through my online acquaintances’ varied interests like I was nosing through their bookshelves while they make coffee without sifting through stilted hashtags or stalking them across sites. I want to skip political slogans in favor of shared pathways into what we actually do

Hey there! I’m Anker, a #SoftwareEngineer who loves to explore #Data, #Systems, and #Gaming. 🎮 I’m here to share with you some of the best nuggets of wisdom, insight, and entertainment that I find in tech and beyond. 🚀

I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to interact with me anytime. 😊 You can also check out and my Twitch channel where I stream awesome games and chat with my viewers. 🏳️‍🌈

#Introduction #Introductions #NewHere #Tech #Gamer

Alan Kotok
4 months ago

Companies Partner on A.I., Fusion Energy for Space Flight

A developer of #fusion #energy for #space travel and software company for space flight #systems are writing machine learning #algorithms to design a hyper-fast #rocket engine.

#News #Science #Business #SpaceTravel #Collaboration #ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #NationalLab #Reactor #Software #University

Mars landscape, from the Perseverance Mars rover

This afternoon at Water Operations for Uncertain Futures 2023 #AFPLwouf23, we've taken on the role of various stakeholders and mapped out how we might carry out the #water concept pitches from initiation to adaptation. The takeaways? The considerations involved in shaping #water #futures are #complex and involve many interactions between #society, #environment, #technology, #industry, and #governance. Some things are easy to #adapt and #change – but on the whole, creating #robust and #equitable #systems in this space takes time, conversations, many knowledges, hard choices, and careful planning. And whether we know it or not, we all depend on the care people in this space take in creating robust water futures for us all.

#AFPLwouf23 is the third workshop in the Algorithmic Futures Policy Lab series, which has been made possible with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. ANU Institute for Water Futures and #OneBasinCRC have taken the lead in planning and supporting this workshop. Thanks, also, to the Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU School of Cybernetics, ANU Centre for European Studies, CNRS LAMSADE, and DIMACS Rutgers University.

The content on this post and any material herein reflects only the author’s view. The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and the European Commission are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

#cybernetics #futures #waterpolicy #Australia #europeanunion

(Decorative) view of river system from above - 
Image credit: Tim Foster, Unsplash
4 months ago

in many writings & talks by #indigenous people, you'll hear language like "the law of the land" or "nature's law."

i understand this to refer to what might be called ecosystem & population dynamics.

it's what happens when you kill the wolves & now there's too many deer. that population of deer will be subject to the heavy arm of the law of the land.

you don't have to know any math to understand the idea.

what do you all think?

#ecology #systems #environment #ClimateChange #plants #biology

4 months ago

They were mutually responsible—but it wasn’t clear for what.

Read more 👉

#systems #GreatWork #CollaborativeBehaviorEmerges

prw-r--r- 1 carsten zimmermann
5 months ago

I wrote about how not naming externally owned keys `something_id` in your local DB saves headaches: #api #architecture #distributed #systems #backend

5 months ago

Moving servers seems to be a good time to redo my #introductions.
Educated in systems engineering a long time ago when that meant general #systems theory and not just computer systems. Most of my work life has been in the corporate IT field.
My current interests include #science and #technology and their interaction with society, the #environment, #history, #photography, music (esp #jazz), and reading #sciencefiction and #literature. I live in the #toronto area.

Amelia 🏳️‍⚧️ Baeddelia
5 months ago

I'm an #anarchist because #systems of coercive #authority have never been anything more than protection rackets. People with #power have always violently robbed us while claiming that what they steal is payment for protecting us, but they've always been the ones who hurt us the most.

#anarchism #anarchy #leftist

Bob Young :verified:
5 months ago

How To Sabotage Your Automation Initiatives

The Achilles Heel of automation is… dependencies.

Are you familiar with Rube Goldberg inventions? A Rube Goldberg invention is an overly complex way to accomplish a simple task. The picture illustrates one example.

In the real world, automation has unintentionally been the source of inspiration for many overly complex systems.

Can we do this faster? Can we do it cheaper? Can we do it with fewer employees? Those are all great questions. The answer, often enough, is “Automate it!”

Automation is not a synonym for simplicity. That is such an important statement, I’m going to say it again: automation is not a synonym for simplicity.

Quote me. Put that all over the Internet, and in your next PowerPoint presentation:

“Automation is not a synonym for simplicity.”
–Bob Young, April 19, 2023

In fact, #automation often adds complexity to a system. And further, automation sometimes exchanges an old problem for a new one.

This is where we start getting into the real topic here, which is dependencies.

We solve the new problem with another automated system. The new system has its own problems, which we again try to solve with automation.

The engineer who solves a problem by adding dependencies is not a Clever Engineer, but rather, an Engineer Who Builds Fragile Systems.

Dependencies do the following:
1) Introduce more points of failure
2) Reduce Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
3) Make troubleshooting harder
4) Increase the length of downtime incidents
5) Increase time and complexity of operator training

In software engineering, fixing a dependency problem is sometimes done by adding another dependency. This is not the way.

The same thing happens in #IIoT systems. Yes, nested feedback loops are sometimes necessary in process control. But…

For both hardware and software systems, proceed with caution. Ask yourself, “Am I creating a new dependency? Is there a way to solve this problem without creating a new dependency? Can I reduce the number of dependencies in this system?”

#callmeifyouneedme #fifonetworks

#engineering #design #systems

Picture of a Rube Goldberg invention used for stapling two pieces of paper.
Peter Kaminski
6 months ago

#Graphviz or #Mermaid #Diagrams for #systems #visualization with #ChatGPT - ask it to create "Mermaid diagram source" or "Graphviz source" for outlines of bullets, paragraphs, etc. GPT-4 works better than 3.5

Render diagrams with or - ymmv with complicated diagrams.

Here's someone using Neo4j instead:

Image shows an example system diagram created by GPT-4 in Graphviz format from human-created bullets describing a system:

This is a system diagram or a flowchart with 17 boxes connected by one-way arrows. The boxes are various shapes and colors, and are labeled with text. Some of the arrows are labeled. Based on the variety of boxes and the way they are interconnected, it is not a simple system, but rather, moderately complex. All of the text is generic lorem ipsum, so the diagram is reasonably attractive and tantalizing, but ultimately meaningless.
Bruce Nault II
6 months ago

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear

#goals #systems #AtomicHabits #mindset #motivation #inspiration #coaching

Krisztina Hirth
6 months ago

"..."Systems design" is a branch of study that tries to find universal architectural patterns that are valid across disciplines.
... What is systems design? It's the thing that will eventually kill your project if you do it wrong, but probably not right away." This is a very insightful article 🧠

Tomorrow (7PM CET, 1PM US/Canada), is a discussion about it, organised by @RuthMalan @dahukanna @yvonnezlam @tltroup @roundcrisis @ductape 🚀


It's a free event 👇

Egor Kloos
6 months ago

I often think of #design #systems like they're systems of exposed decisions and capabilities.
That’s usually the first thing I work on because, for an existing organisation, a lot of that is already available. Scattered, hidden and misunderstood.

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
7 months ago

I knew that Jordan #Peterson was a charlatan, but there were a few things about him that I didn't know:

1) He's a doctor of #psychology. As a mental health professional, may I just openly say, "Ew." Yes, he's very good at empathizing with you and in gaining your trust. We literally learn how to do that in school. Weirdly, psychopaths and narcissists also learn to do that rather successfully, only we also learn how to help people find their way in a confusing world (not very hard if you just take the time to listen to someone and reflect on what they say). Is he inspirational? Sure. But the quality of a person's thinking has nothing to do with how inspirational they are.

After all, many people find Donald #Trump very inspiring.

2) He is a simple man with just one hypothesis that he expresses as fact: human beings and #lobsters respond to #serotonin in the same way. Because this is true, he says, then the #pyramid #hierarchy, with one person or group at the top, is the natural state of humankind. If you noticed a leap in #logic there, did every other reasonable person on the planet. His cultists must have missed it.

Also, it turns out that biologists are well aware that invertebrates and vertebrates respond to serotonin in opposite ways, so that's interesting: how Peterson's entire #worldview is based on a falsehood. It turns out, Peterson is not a #biologist. Who knew?

3) Because hierarchies are a #natural part of lobster society, then they are a natural part of human societies too. Please ignore the fact that lobsters don't have societies. Peterson would appreciate that.

Furthermore, because hierarchies are a natural part of a human society, then hierarchies with one group or individual at the top are natural to human society. Please ignore the fact that throughout the #history of the fucking planet, humans and non-human animals that collect into social groups have built many different types of hierarchies, including several where #women rule collectively at the top (e.g., lions). Peterson would appreciate that.

Further-furthermore, because pyramid-based hierarchies are biologically entrenched, we must eschew any attempt by the #left to modify our societal structure. It exists, and therefore it is good. Please ignore the fact that of #capitalism and the #patriarchy, both of which are #systems that Peterson thinks are natural parts of the human psychology, the first of these to come about (patriarchy) is no older than #agriculture.

Weirdly, lobsters don't grow their own food. It's almost as if some point...must have evolutionarily pulled away from lobsters. (Namely, back when we were all worms.)

4) The role of the left is to speak for the naturally (and appropriately) disadvantaged folks at the bottom, according to Peterson. Just to speak, by the way. We shouldn't do anything about it. The role of the #right appears to be to remind us that hierarchies exist and therefore we should do nothing about our current one. And then, the left should say, "Oh. Yeah... That sucks." And we're done!


5) Everything that Peterson says is fucking word garbage. He will literally talk for hours and say nothing, but he knows how to sound super profound. He's little more than a narcissistic self-help guru who believes that because he has a PhD in one subject, he's qualified to speak on all subjects.

This, by the way, is never true. It's why Ben #Carson, late renowned neurosurgeon, knew nothing about Egyptian history and wound up dying of sycophantism by purposefully catching COVID to own the libs.

I can see why Peterson is popular. I'd be #popular and rich too, if I had that #cishet #white #male #confidence to say whatever bullshit popped into my brain as if it were unadulterated #truth. And if I were enough of a psychopath to not care about who gets hurt by my shameless grifting.

Anyway, if you thought this post was long, you'll love this video by my buddy Cody:

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