Patrick Curry (GameDev)
15 hours ago

Today I played two #tabletop #boardgames I’ve never played before and loved them both: Mantis and Camel Up. Holy cow I love this and missed it so much the last couple years!

Flash Mob Of One
16 hours ago

My DBD tabletop game arrived today... and the Ace miniature has FINGER GUNS.


#DeadByDaylight #Horror #Tabletop #Games

Radio Free Hamish
20 hours ago

Hamish is on the air!

Radio Free Hamish - Theme Thursday - "Literature"

#owncast #streaming #radio #music #rpg #tabletop
Live stream preview
Dungeon Delves
2 days ago

You know what? You're pretty close!

#Comic #DND #DungeonsAndDragons #TTRPG #Tabletop

"Show and Tell." 3 panel comic by Dungeon Delves.

Panel 1. Image of Dungeon (They/She) holding up a mini to a coworker. "My friend got me this as a gift!"

Panel 2. The coworker takes the mini and has a look at it. "Oh, nice!"

Panel 3. The coworker holds it up and inspects it further, a little confused as to what it is. They ask, "Is this a D-N-D?"
2 days ago

Je travail sur un nouveau process de moulage pour #deepchess, c'est pas encore au point et il va falloir que je fasse de nouveaux moules (et tire de nouveaux master). Mais j'ai trouvé une méthode pour incorporer sous-vide l'époxy dans du sable coloré (plutôt que de pré-mélangé le béton de résine).
Ça en jette plutôt \o/
#chess #tabletop

3 days ago

Big ol collection of my current herd of clan hell’s horse’s painted mechs.

Need to more two more mech painted to have two stars ready to go. Idk why but just doing my simple take on this scheme is just fun as helll and I love how my skill at doing it has improved with each mech. Is real nice

Also the new book about the hells horses just drop and I’m super hype to start reading that soon.
#battletech #tabletop #mechwarrior #minipainting #miniaturewargaming #mecha #robots

Laidback DM
3 days ago

#ShotglassAdventures #Playtest, session 15 - In the sewers under the city of Ravik, the party battles terrorists threatening to release St.Avon’s Madness on the city above…

#dnd #5e #osr #DnD5e #AdvancedDungeonsAndDragons #DungeonsAndDragons
#ttrpg #ose #oldschool #Pathfinder2e #pathfinder #tabletop #tabletopRolePlayingGame #RPG #RolePlayingGame #DM
#warhammer #DungeonsAndDragons5e #CriticalRole #polyhedral

Underbelly - Shotglass Adventures from Laidback DM
Matthew Huntley
3 days ago

Finally home and unpacked after the magical, life-changing experience that was SizeCon! I met so many wonderful people and had a truly unforgettable time. This one debuted at the con: 5-Star Crash Test Rating!

Don't worry: the bus is empty! :P

#giantess #gts #macro #MacroArt #StrongWoman #art #GiantWoman #macrophilia #macrophile #painting #scifiart #cityscape #city #gtsdestruction #muscularwoman #tabletop #boardgames #illustration #gouache #giant #illustrations #artist #tabletop #boardgames

Gouache painting of a giant woman holding a bus as a weapon in a cityscape at night. A bright light illuminates the sky behind her while a massive fire rages at her feet. She stands in opposition to an unseen monster.
3 days ago

The Surfivers (minus Blake) find themselves trapped as the water that surrounds them slowly begins to boil. Could this prove to be the end of the Warriors of Light?

Kupo Quest Episode 29 - "Not A Shark" is now available!

#finalfantasy #dnd #ttrpg #gaming #jrpg #roleplay #actualplay #tabletop #youtube

Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
3 days ago

🛠️ Title: Tabletop Club
🦊️ What's: A libre solo/multi tabletop game (no registration required)
🔖 #LinuxTool #Tabletop #BoardGame #Godot
📦️ #Libre #Bin #Flatpak
📖 Our entry:

🥁️ Update: 0.1.1
⚗️ Translation update 👄️
📌️ Changes:
🐘 From:

A view showing 4 kinds of games that can be played with this 3D virtual table: a poker game, a chess game, a strategy game on maps, and a dice game.

Tabletop Club is a libre and multi-platform tabletop game SP (without internet connection)/MP (without registration, by sharing the room code) allowing to play online with friends to classic tabletop games (board games, strategy or role playing games, cards, chess, checkers, dominoes, Mahjong, ...). A modular and easy-to-use system allows you to quickly import images, templates, music and more.
Radio Free Hamish
3 days ago

Hamish is on the air!

Radio Free Hamish - Music Monday - requests are welcome!

#owncast #streaming #radio #music #rpg #tabletop
Live stream preview
3 days ago

Hey, everyone! Apologies for the long wait, but the first patch for Tabletop Club has finally arrived! 🥳

⬇️ Devlog + Download:

#FOSS #OpenSource #GodotEngine #Tabletop

A screenshot showing the v0.1.1 release page for Tabletop Club on
3 days ago

On top of my previous post and article on D-Day and Operation Overlord in popular culture, here is my selection of three top wargames on the topic:

#wargames #tabletop #boardgames

Geek Native
3 days ago

The nominees for the 2023 Origins Award Nominees are out, and it’s especially dramatic as there’s been a two-year hiatus. The event runs from June 21st to 25th this year at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. #tabletop

Laidback DM
3 days ago

You like #boardgames? This is #Nemesis, an #sf game where the players awaken from hypersleep to find their ship taken over by alien creatures. They have to escape and complete their individual missions without dying (but most do anyway lol).

What’s your fave boardgame?

#dnd #5e #p2e #ttrpg #map #DungeonsAndDragons
#scifi #sciencefiction #Alien #boardgame

Nemesis boardgame - Laidback DM
Radio Free Hamish
4 days ago

Hamish is on the air!

Radio Free Hamish - Music Monday - requests are welcome!

#owncast #streaming #radio #music #rpg #tabletop
Live stream preview
The Cross-Cultural Nerd
4 days ago

It's been a long time coming, but my first #pathfinder video is up! If you're new to #ttrpg stuff or coming from #dnd5e like I did, this is for you. #tabletopgaming #tabletop #Pathfinder2E #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #tutorial #newbie

A bald, blue-eyed Caucasian man with faint stubble wearing a red t-shirt (yours truly) holds up a Pathfinder 2nd Edition character sheet in his right hand (your left side) and a paperback copy of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebook in his left (your right side).
Ivan Milovanov
4 days ago

@EvlynMoreau @pteryx

Some alternatives:

Meetup, the most obvious choice. There are plenty #TTRPG groups:

#Tabletop Wizard, having plenty games to choose from & pretty easy to navigate:

I also found CRAWLR, which is too fresh to be judged:

DnD still dominates these, but there are plenty of other systems to choose from.

There used to be GameFor, but I just learned that it has been discontinued:

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 1/3.

The character on the left (Tycho Brahe) says:
"My D&D group canceled on me tonight, so I'm gonna use AirDND."

The character on the right (Jonathan Gabriel) asks:
"Air who?"

Tycho replies:
"It's this app thing. Look. You use it to find groups that need players!"

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 2/3.

The panel shows a close-up of a mobile screen, with Tycho's finger tapping on it. The screen shows an "airD&D" logo, below it a text ("GLAMDRIN669, LVL 21. PALADIN, SEATTLE"), a graphic of a stone and flaming sword, and a graphic showing dates and palces (for player availability).

Tycho says:
"Like this one here, looking for a paladin, at Cafe Mox - the same place I usually play. U just drag my sword onto their table, and... it's confirmed."

Jonathan replies:
"D&D! With complete Strangers! How exhilarating."

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 3/3.

The panel shows Tycho's arriving at Cafe Mox, scolding two other guys who are sitting at table. The left one is eating chips. The right one has a concerned expression on his face. The two are presumed to be the people who cancelled the game earlier, as mentioned in the first panel.

Tycho, standing in the middle says:
"What the fuck, you guys!"

William McAusland
4 days ago

Today’s Studio is the backyard, which my awesome wife has made into a paradise!

Doing some more freelancing stuff for Goodman Games and gonna try and ink outside for the first time this year on some The Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules interior images.

#backyard #patio #mutantepoch #apocalyptic #sketchbook #cider #postapocalyptic #RPG #ttrpg #mutants #expansionrules #tme #wasteland #tabletoprpg #tabletop #tabletopgame #rpgart #indiegame #indierpg

RPG Elise
4 days ago

📚Been hitting the #Pathfinder2e books all weekend. Still a lot to learn after playing #DND5e for a long time. Anyone else trying #Pathfinder for the first time? How is the transition?📝

#DND #TTRPG #TableTop

Pathfinder books and character sheet. Pathfinder core book opened to the spells section.
Flash Mob Of One
5 days ago


My Dead By Daylight board game arrived this week, and copies of the Collectors Edition are going for more than triple what I paid on Ebay.

So I'm selling my CE and buying a standard copy for $45 instead. As long as I can play Ace, that's all that matters to me.

Bless all the game nerds out there with too much money and too much FOMO.

We salute you.

#DeadByDaylight #BoardGames #Tabletop #Horror

Martin Stephenson
5 days ago

I have updated my bibliography of the Arab conquests (632-936 AD) with some excellent video and audio resources - #tabletop #wargames #miniatures

5 days ago

With my Dear Friend @cliosboardgames I had a chance to play Judean Hammer twice . What a neat & elegant design, which packs so much depth in short rules set & quick gameplay! In our case Maccabees won twice, each time with a nail-bitter :)

@CatastropheGam2 @robinwriting
#wargames #tabletop

Andrew Linke
6 days ago

“I hope a chicken fucking bites your fuckin dick.”
-Brother in Law, after I forced him to discard half of his Urza melding card.

#Tabletop #MtG

6 days ago

Paths of Glory continues to be one of my favorite wargames on a strategic level. This time the game was played using the "CDG Solo System" - I had so much fun! Enjoy my report!

#wargames #boardgames #tabletop

Julien Pirou / Empyreal
6 days ago

Sur une suggestion de la communauté, ce 28e Écho Éthérique s’intéresse aux sports pratiqués dans le monde de #LoreAndLegacy, et autres formes de compétitions populaires. Vous saurez tout sur la lutte dakti ou les courses de motogravs !

Comme toujours, ce supplément est disponible en #PrixLibre sur DriveThruRPG et :)

#JDR #TTRPG #JeuDeRôle #Tabletop #ScienceFantasy #Worldbuilding #IndiePublishing #PWYW

6 days ago

Is it so bad that I want a TTRPG to give me a page of "What this game is about?" Right up front?

If a game gives me its name (and it's not self-explanatory) and then spends its first chapter or ten on fiction, that's not helpful.

Save the fiction for elsewhere! Give me a quick rundown of what the game is about.

#ttrpg #rpg #tabletop

1 week ago

Time to start the weekend! This time with Time of Crisis (& expansion) and struggle for domination in Rome during turbulent 3rd century AD. This time my legions prevailed! For all willing to learn more about game please see my Review ( and solo variant example ( Enjoy!

#wargames #boardgames #tabletop

Patrick Curry (GameDev)
1 week ago

Question for my #tabletop and #boardgame pals. When playing a game with miniatures, what style of terrain do you prefer? And why?

1 week ago

Conquest of Empire (see previous reports: hit again the table of our wargaming group. It was close game, full of changing alliances, backstabbing and surprises, In this, Kuba prevailed!
#wargames #boardgames #tabletop

2 weeks ago

We won the "best board game" prize at #GamesTransformed! It was really fun to attend the event and meet like minded individuals. I had a great day, and if you came - or even better tried the game out - you have my sincere thanks ❤

#TheWorldTransformed #TWT #GameJam #BoardGame #TableTop #TTRPG

The board for the tabletop game "Not OK, Computer". There are 11 sketches of structures on the board. They are: - Housing, a boring looking office block, - Education, a school building with a playground, - Energy, a power plant, - Immigration, a temporary accommodation housing barge with the UKBA logo on its roof, Function Hall - a plain looking building with a swastika on the outside (meant to be a fascist hangout), - Public Services, a grand looking building with a portico, - Policing, a brutalist building with vertical support bars connecting the overhanging top story to the ground, - Gig Economy,  a street corner with a shuttered building on it with a Ü on the roof. A van and a couple of gig workers are milling around near it, - Transport, a train depot, - Industry, a series of notable corporate buildings from London's finance district, - Healthcare, a large Georgian building with a cross above the main entrance. There are 10 circles running vertically down either side of the board, one labeled "Humans", the other "AI"
Laidback DM
2 weeks ago

Kevin Crawford writes awesome OSR games. He’s the reason I’m a full time TTRPG writer/producer today - I learned from one of his newsletters the basics of setting up a book and Kickstarter. Love his Sine Nomine imprint - here are some books from my collection. Do you have a fave?

#ttrpg #DungeonsAndDragons
#pathfinder #tabletop #tabletopRolePlayingGame #RPG #RolePlayingGame #DM
#DnD5e #warhammer #DungeonsAndDragons5e #FifthEdition #wotc #SineNomine #StarsWithoutNumber #WorldsWithoutNumber

Games by Kevin Crawford - Laidback DM
2 weeks ago

hey! im pyr, and i'm a self-taught music composer with a focus on #cinematic and #scifi

i've been making music for a while now, but only started doing it semiprofessionally about 3 years ago! i have already done work for a couple animator friends, some #tabletop enthusiasts, and im currently doing soundtrack work for people in the #visualnovel space

late to mastodon, but due to a suspension scare on twitter, i plan to share more of my music here!

here's my demo reel as an #introduction

pyr's demo reel in 2023

My home brew wargame rules needs the player to track how many hit points they have left and how many actions they have left. To help make sense of cluttered situations I made these little trays (dice colour here was just what was lying around).

This is exactly what I love about 3d printing, just needing a thing, designing a thing, having a thing.

#3dprinting #tabletop #warmongers #dicegoblin

Some dice in wee trays
2 weeks ago

Another week and another session with #Frosthaven This time one of our characters needed a helping hand in getting some soil samples (???). What can we do - we of course offered hime a helping hand! See how it went!

#tabletop #boardgames

carlydraws 🎨
2 weeks ago

Our game has had a wonderful reception, thank you all! Hope you're all enjoying it! You've made this filing cabinet very happy.

You can check the game out at itch

and DriveThru rpg

thank you!


#ttrpg #tabletop #art

happy filing cabinet art for OUTLIERS ttrpg zine
2 weeks ago

Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942 opens a new, intriguing Solitaire Area Movement Series. In this material I am presenting the playthrough from the game so you can learn more about that great title. Enjoy!

#wargames #tabletop #solo

Steve Heller
2 weeks ago

Last night I had a very spicy #KillTeam Into The Dark match against my local opponent. Slowly learning the synergies of the Imperial Breachers, and I have to say that the Into The Dark format is way more interesting, tense, and cinematic compared to Octarius. I ended up losing 7 - 11, but the moment-to-moment gameplay was really tense.

#Tabletop #Warhammer

2 weeks ago

Cube4Me - great Storage Solutions provider - is adding just new trays and runs a SALE on all products and sets. Good opportunity to get some cool stuff. Check it out!

#wargames #wargaming #boardgames #tabletop

2 weeks ago

My journey with beautiful games of VUCA Simulations starts with "Traces of War". In below material I am presenting the game components and historical background; more materials to come!

#VUCA #wargames #boardgames #tabletop

3 weeks ago

May Patreon Rewards are up early! Four more characters join the roster at the $5 tier.
#TableTop #TTRPG #IndieDev #Resources #CharacterArt #SelfPromotion #MastoArt

A collection of four characters in a line. A heavily scared barbarian halfling yelling, a serene faun-like character, a parrot warrior, and a snake-like thief. The text at the bottom reads Patreon | 2023-05 Season 3
3 weeks ago

Brotherhood & Unity proved to be a really intriguing, 3-player game about one of pretty recent conflicts. I am sharing my first impressions today - enjoy!

#tabletop #wargames #boardgames

Laidback DM
3 weeks ago
Laidback DM basic and expert DnD
Graham Harper
3 weeks ago

Anybody know of any #gaming (video or #tabletop) focused Mastodon instances or relays where I might find some more like-minded people to follow?

#VideoGames #TabletopGames #BoardGames #Wargaming

3 weeks ago

I'm all over the moon. The post arrived and with it, my Potluck deck is now a physical reality.

Potluck is a semi-universal deck designed by me that fits into a pocket and plays all sorts of amazing games – perfect for quick breaks at work, for making new friends when traveling and passing time when waiting for things.

I've written about it more in detail on my website:

#tabletop #boardgame #cardgame #gamedesign

A deck with a few cards fanned out face-down, showing a dark blue background with white logo saying Potluck. Below them, five white cards face up showing numbers 1, 11, 21, 31 and 71 and a variety of other elements in the cards.

Below them, a single card listing a bunch of games and credits for the project.
1 month ago

ODD GOBS digital version is here!

It's a standalone, quick-playing TTRPG where you get to be goblins surviving the gig economy of a cyberpunk dystopia (and it's got a big, cool map)!

You can grab it at - Physical version will be here soon! :D

#ttrpg #ttrpgart #tabletop #tabletoprpg #ODDGOBS #goblin #cyberpunk

Steve Heller
1 month ago

Alright, going to try out Calckey, so here is my #introduction post!

I'm Steve, former game journalist (Game Informer, The Escapist, others), former game production and narrative person (Hacknet, Orwell, Screencheat, The Stillness of the Wind, others), now COO of an influencer and marketing agency in Tokyo.

I run an indie games publication with some friends called Pixels for Breakfast, so I often post about games and things I am writing on.

I am really into
#tabletop games, I do a lot of #streetphotography, and I also am into #cycling.

If things are as nice as they seem over here, I will migrate my account across from the Mastodon instance I am currently at, and make this my new home!


Who me? Just a #Maker, IT Consultant and "all-around-#nerd".

I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons, original #StarTrek re-runs, reading #Fantasy & #SciFi (not SyFy), lots of #Lego and eventually graduated to #RPG and #tabletop gaming. 

My first computer was a #Commodore Vic-20 - at school, we learned graphical #LOGO on PETS and Apple IIe's... crashed the Unisys ICON network often before getting my first PC - grudgingly - really wanted an #Amiga.

Eventually, it was time for college - I *thought* I would be heavily involved in the physical aspects of technology, circuit design, and hardware engineering - instead, I gravitated to #programming.

My first professional #programming language was #VisualBasic 1.0; eventually, jumping into Borland #Delphi 1.0 and #ObjectPascal - still dabble with #FreePascal #Lazarus, a smidge of #Java, a lot of #CSharp and some #Python. My #JavaScript is ancient...

You can find me online at -

1 month ago

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that my free and open-source board game simulator, Tabletop Club, is now officially released! 🥳

You can download v0.1.0, a.k.a. "Humble Beginnings", right now 😱

#OpenSource #GameDev #GodotEngine #Tabletop

A screenshot of the devlog for the first official and stable release of Tabletop Club.
1 month ago

This panel by @davidrevoy captures my ultimate #tabletop #RPG fantasy. I've had plenty of sessions online, but I would kill for a comfy weekend playing #PenAndPaper with a bunch of friends.

I don't care that I'm almost 31. I want this!

Read the webcomic here:

#ttrpg #roleplay #roleplaying #pnp #dnd

Digital painting: 3 girls (young witches) are sitting in a very comfortable looking bedroom. They are surrounded by lots of dice, papers, candles, figurines, books, coins, fruit, mugs. They all wear pyjamas. The rightmost girl is saying: "Come now, Don't pout! I know you're only trying to defend me... ... but there's no need, we're only playing!"
1 month ago

Played #Doomlings with the family tonight. It was pretty fun. #tabletop #cardgames

The Doomlings card game box, sitting on a white table.
slanderoid :disputed:
2 months ago

It's been another busy weekend... But we did finally get a chance to play "Wingspan" for the first time. It was a lot of fun! It's much less complicated than I thought it would be, too. We'll have to play this one again soon 😄

#BoardGames #TableTop #wingspan #gaming

My board for "Wingspan" with some bird cards and other game pieces on it
Laura E. Hall
2 months ago

Here's an exciting Kickstarter for #puzzle fans:

Threads of Fate is a remastered version of PostCurious’ acclaimed debut game, The Tale of Ord, a narrative tabletop puzzle game.

I'm a big fan of their latest game The Emerald Flame, and never got to play The Tale of Ord before it went out of print, so I'm really looking forward to this one!

#Puzzles #Tabletop #TabletopGames #EscapeRooms #PuzzleGames #Kickstarter #PostCurious

Lars Wikman
2 months ago

I was typecast something fierce in a tabletop RPG session. "Who can carry a talkative roll?" All fingers train on me.


Old timey traveling showman selling his magnificent .. Elixir. This is giving me ideas.

#elixir #snakeoil #tabletop #rpgs

2 months ago

When building my tabletop projects like Potluck, I use CSV data, XML layouts and version control to keep track of everything.

I wrote about my workflow and tools in my blog.

#boardgames #tabletop #gamedesign #carddesign #gaming #games

2 months ago
Rick Osborne
2 months ago

I'd like to give away 100+ assorted #TableTop #RPG #TTRPG #books. No strings.

tl;dr: I'm finally admitting that I'm not going to actually get to play any of them any time soon, so it's selfish to just let them get dusty on my shelves. Many are indy books which are really good! They should find nice homes.

The full list is here:

Terms and conditions in the thread. Boosts appreciated if you think any of your followers might be interested.

Penance RPG
2 months ago

The ship is no more! But never fear, there is always shenanigans to uncover...

Such as a peddlar selling incredibly shiny 'rubies'...

This is our first streamed non-DnD TTRPG campaign, watch on Sunday 2.30pm UK at or catch up on YouTube

#IndieGames #TableTop #AudioDramaSunday #podcast #DnD #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #indieRPGs #StoryTelling #humorous #horror #TTRPG #RPG #GamersOfInsta #twitch #DragonAge

A deep mottled green background with red lava like text in the middle reading 'Dark Tide'. Pale yellow text reads ' Penance RPG 14. Rogues & Red Lyrium. Exploring an alternative Dragon Age timeline'
4 months ago
Four tabletop games in their boxes: Unearth, Dragonrealm, Munchkin Deluxe, and Boss Monster: The Next Level.
Ash the Stampede
4 months ago

Today's update is pretty grim - I think this campaign will fail.

We're living through a nightmare scenario that is going to knock a lot of small indies out of the crowdfunding market. I do marketing for a living and I've got no fucking clue what to do about it.

So for the benefit of folks thinking of getting into indie publishing, as well as folks who follow publishing, I broke down why things are just real fucking difficult right now.

#queer #tabletop #crowdfunding

Andrew Kuchling
4 months ago

#Introduction: I do #Python and #SQL programming for Aledade, a healthcare #startup in #WashingtonDC. Mostly I work remotely from my home in #BowieMD, out in the DC suburbs. Most posts will be about #books and #reading, #tabletop #BoardGames, some #tech and news, and the occasional glimpse of daily life.

4 months ago

My #tabletop DM thought that frogs do not have bones. We learned this when he described a PC’s limbs as moving by “inflating water sacks, you know, like a spider”.

Confused, we asked him if this was something unique to the Grung in his universe, and he said no, didn’t you know frogs irl have no bones?

We had to show him a picture of a frog skeleton for him to believe us. #DND

Adam Fields
4 months ago

Ok, these discussions prompted me to write the quickstart overview guide I wished I'd had when I started playing:

#tabletop #boardgames

Adam Fields
4 months ago

Folks, if you enjoy fast-paced tight decision matrix two-player #tabletop #boardgames and you haven't tried Radlands... you should try Radlands. There's a bit of a learning curve, but it's very easy to play once you learn some basics. Every game so far has been exciting, things take damage in a way that feels threatening, and it's got excellent game balance (hard to say who's going to win until close to the end).

Our little corner of the #Fedi has grown quickly! :1up:

Https:// is an all-inclusive #gaming focused instance. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and provide a safe space for #lgbtq and #neurodivergent people. :QueerCat_Pride: :autism_spectrum:

If you’d like to transfer over or create an alt account and interact with our Local feed, please feel welcome to sign up — we’ve got plenty of server space. :gameslove:

#VideoGames #Tabletop #DnD #Streamer #Twitch #GameDev

Sending a very warm welcome to all our new server members today! #MstdnGames is growing and we’re excited you decided to join us. :1up:

Anything you need, please reach out to the Mod Squad or check out:


#Gaming #VideoGames #RPG #Tabletop #Xbox #PS5 #Steam #GameDev

4 months ago

THE SOLOIST 🚀 I made a illustration for a brand new newsletter about single- & co-op TTRPGs. If you're into table top games be sure to check it out:
#illustration #ttrpg #commission #comic #chill #postapocalyptic #apocalypseandchill #lineart #tabletop #rpg #penandpaper #scifi #freelancer #illustrator #turbotorbo

A person standing on a rooftop of an abandoned building at sunset. A big neon sign reading THE SOLOIST behind them. Trees and plants surround the building. Some birds fly in the distance. Calm and relaxed atmosphere.
4 months ago

Potluck is a semi-universal card deck that fits into a pocket and plays dozens of games.

I'm writing a 3-part blog series of the design and development process of Potluck.

#boardgames #tabletop #cardgames #gaming