Drug addicts & gang banger's work hard to make nightly headlines a goal of making the coastal #pnw look bad. :(
Sadly, I'm hoping #TacomaWa voters say no to the EMS levy. First responders $$ end up baby sitting bad actors. :(
Lastly, #KevinSpacey , #HunterBiden , the #Trump clan kids can make their next skit in #Russia...
Maybe #MitchMcConnell had a brain pause requarding the #USA / #NRA f-ed gun saga!!!
Hey #Boston & the north east coast, stay cool!

2 months ago

NOFX Final Tour - Day 1- Tacoma, WA survived
Pennywise was great.
NOFX has no right be as good as they are.

The first time I ever saw NOFX was back in the 90s at Van's Warped Tour at the Tacoma Dome (parking lot). This kinda feels like coming full circle.

I really enjoyed the full play of Punk in Drublic and Wolves in Wolves Clothing, but I'm super super glad we also got some of the best cuts from War on Errorism. (Separate the Church and Skate, Idiots are Taking Over)

As Mike said, sometime last night, back when we thought we'd seen the worst president. (My paraphrase, he's more eloquent)

#NOFX #TacomaWA #WashingtonState #PunkRockSavesLives #Punk #Pennywise

NOFX performing The Idiots are Taking Over in Tacoma, Washington
3 months ago

@KevinFreitas I think fireworks are banned in most urban areas around, yet North Tacoma sounded like a war zone until 2am last night. Zero enforcement it seemed from local authorities and utter disregard for surrounding
veterans with PTSD and doggos. #Tacoma #TacomaWa #PTSD #BanFireworks #EnforceBans

4 months ago

06-04-2023 - #Tacoma, WA - #TacomaWA Ocean Fest, Foss Waterway Seaport

Running behind on posts but better late than never!

Person using an animal jawbone as an instrument during musical performance, believed to be using a type of antler to scrape across teeth to make percussion sounds. Microphone seen
Dance performance from gumaimahe found on instagram, left side foreground person wearing brown dress, red flower in hair, wooden necklace, seen dancing with others in background, shoulder strap with pocket for carrying wooden sticks, assumed used during performance but not sure, children with green clothing wearing headbands dancing in background.
Dance performance from gumaimahe, young persons wearing similar traditional clothing performing dance, foreground right side young person wearing brown dress, shoulder strap with wooden sticks, red or pink flower in hair, motion, left side background young person dancing wearing red braided headband, leaves around shoulders, holding long staff or stick, green and dark red clothing.
Artistic and musical performance from lelavision on instagram, standing on what is described as Pandemonium sculpture instrument, two people on top of Pandemonium swinging side to side, surprised face on person in foreground, person in foreground wearing black and white striped clothing, dark blue dress, sailor theme clothing, cymbals that are attached to wires, both persons holding onto swinging Pandemonium sculpture as if they are about to fall off.
Emmett O'Connell
5 months ago

Now both of my local public radio stations have paused using Twitter.

#seattle #seattlewashington #tacomawa #tacoma #pnw #Mastodon

I’m writing today to share some important news. KNKX is indefinitely pausing our activity on Twitter as we evaluate the platform’s stance toward independent, nonprofit news organizations like NPR. We are dismayed by Twitter's choice to allow misinformation to spread on its platform, including the company’s own misleading label of our partner NPR as "state-funded media."

As an independent, nonprofit news organization, we play a vital role in the civic discourse of our community. The journalistic ethics we follow and our commitment to factual and accurate information are paramount duties of our work. The misleading labels from Twitter call our work into question at a time when the public needs trusted sources of news more than ever.
NPR announced that it is leaving the platform and we will stand with them and our partner stations in the NPR Network.

Like most public media organizations around the country, only a small percentage of our budget (less than 6%) comes from the federal government, distributed through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The vast majority of our funding comes from thousands of individual listeners who believe that independent, public media is essential to the well-being of our communities and our democracy.
Stephen Battey
6 months ago

“A 77-year-old fishing ship with a reputation of pollution and safety violations has been docked on the Foss Waterway in Tacoma since August after smashing into a private pier and raising concerns about its integrity. Its owner said he doesn’t know when it will leave.”

Lovely. #Tacoma #TacomaWA #PNW

6 months ago

Thanks to everyone who came out, in-person and virtually, to our #tour of #Tacoma in #WashingtonState last weekend!

Special thanks to my (#Bihotz) co-host, IrishGinger (PNW RES)!

#tacomawa #WA #WAState #PNW #ladygress #ingresswa #tacomawashington

#IngressFS #ingressenlightened #ingressresistance #ingress#Enlightened #Resistance #FirstSaturday

#AprilFools #aprilfoolsday

6 months ago

Our virtual Ingress First Saturday is now open. Please join us for a virtual tour of Tacoma WA!

Tacoma WA (Virtual)
Saturday, 1 April 2023
Decode: 3:31pm US Pacific Daylight


Hosts: Bihotz ( @ndn_bihotz )💚 and IrishGinger ( @IrishGinger ) 💙

#IngressFS #ingressenlightened #ingressresistance #ingress

#Enlightened #Resistance #FirstSaturday

#Tacoma #TacomaWA #PNW

Kramer Campbell
6 months ago

Cloudy day, but Mount Rainier is still making an appearance 🏔️

#mountains #PNW #PacificNorthwest #tacoma #tacomawa

Photo of the horizon showing Mount Rainier and Tacoma Dome with boats, roadways, and railroad tracks below.
7 months ago

Made a new friend at the zoo today. #sumatrantiger #tiger #pointdefiance #pdza #pnw #tacomawa

A large Sumatran Tiger in an enclosure looking at the camera.
8 months ago

By Jarvis! An #Ingress #Anomaly in #tacoma

Hope to see you all there! 💚

#IngressEnlightened #AR #TacomaWA #PNW

EDM Firefox
8 months ago

So, in #tacomawa for #Thunderdome right now and got woken up at around 5AM to some dude pounding on our door. 😑

Emmett O'Connell
9 months ago

Guaranteed income experiment in #tacomawa

* Nearly half spent retail sales and services, such as spending at Target and Walmart, discount stores, or local businesses

* 23% has been spent on food and groceries, and

* 12% has been spent on housing and utilities

9 months ago
May 2022: Olympia WA Hands Off Our Bodies Roe v Wade protest. Close up picture, person at podium speaking, podium microphone in center with two other nearby megaphone microphones also being held up to the left and right of person speaking
May 2022: Pamphlets and stickers on a table outside the Northwest Detention Center. Event by La Resistencia NW Northwest, Tacoma Washington. Chinga la Migra, Bye Bye Teargas Jenny, The Best of Sunday Comix 2020-2021 Brett Hamil, A Hunger Strikers Handbook, Un Manual del Huelguista, End Collaboration Police Ice, End all Contracts with Private Prisons, End Operation Stream Line, End the Bed Quota, End all Ice Raid Programs, Improve Conditions in Detention Facilities, The Sentences that Create Us, Crafting a Writer's Life in Prison, No Human is Illegal, Free Cristian, No Estan Solos!,
May 2022: Olympia WA, white Cornhole Board game with orange red flames at the bottom Seattle Police cruiser pictured in center, Every fire needs a little bit of help written above, Cornhole bags, flames, for my family can of soup, molotov
May 2022: Olympia car show. 1960's era, possibly 1965, Chevy Impala, wire spoke chrome wheels, assumed hydraulics, lowered back end, raised front end, clean.
Dave Hogg
9 months ago

@aprillia I spent way too much time trying to figure out what #TacoMawa was...

Emmett O'Connell
9 months ago

So I did a post exploring how in our local experience and in academic research, incumbent sheriffs lose. Because Ed Troyer and all, it seemed like an interesting topic to research. I also found some incredible overlaps between two sheriff races in my own county separated by decades

Anyway, somewhere along the line my blog got aggregated by this NewsBreak app and the visits/comments have been a lot

#tacomawa #waelex #piercecounty #PierceCountyWA

Emmett O'Connell
9 months ago

How two Thurston County sheriff races (one in the 80s and one a few weeks ago) and an academic paper give clues to the future of Ed Troyer in #piercecounty

#PierceCountyWA #tacoma #tacomawa #waelex