Charles Lemaire Photographe
13 minutes ago

My (very) long term project #Closer is still alive and about 15 years old.
Model: Freddy Seghers /
More about this project:
#photography #tattoo #skin

@nobody musste das als #Tattoo klauen. Sorry. 😇

Charles Lemaire Photographe
21 hours ago

My (very) long term project #Closer is still alive and about 15 years old.
Model: Freddy Seghers /
More about this project:
#photography #tattoo #skin

1 day ago
Tuxedo cat on table, human arm with said tuxedo cat’s face tattooed on it
2 days ago

Have some really exciting tattooing projects upcoming, likely scheduled for January. Both clients are awaiting the completion of handmade ink(!), another exciting thing I can't wait to share about soon.

In the meantime, have a teaser sketch

#OccultArt #OccultTattoo #Inkwork #Sketchbook #ArtistsOfMastodon #Siin #WIP #AncientAliens #Tattoo #TattooDesign

How NOT To Make A Movie
2 days ago

Among the talented people we lost this year from the "Tales From The Crypt" community was director WILLIAM FRIEDKIN - director of THE EXORCIST, FRENCH CONNECTION and the "ON A DEAD MAN'S CHEST" episode of Crypt.

#podcast #cinema #film #tv #tvseries #movies #tattoo #filmastodon #cinemastodon

2 days ago

Not sure if there is a huge "benefit" to look for #queer or queer-friendly #tattoo artists and studios in particular.

But if any folks on here have recommendations, preferably situated in #munich / nuremburg or bavaria in general, I'd love to hear them.

Neu-Ulmer Zeitung | inoffiziell
2 days ago
Als "urbane Marktplätze" beschreibt der Betreiber der Glacis-Galerie seine Einkaufszentren. Mit der Neueröffnung eines Tattoo-Studios verfolgt die Neu-Ulmer Mall genau diesen Weg.#Tattoo #Einkaufszentrum #Neueröffnung #Dienstleistung #ECE #Bershka #SergeMicarelli #GoldHeinrich #Neu-Ulm
Neu-Ulm: Tattoo und Tanz: Die Glacis-Galerie setzt immer mehr auf Dienstleistungen
AI Automations Experimental
4 days ago

Cultural Diversity in Portrait by Tattoo Studio

In a bustling and contemporary tattoo studio, people from every corner of the world gather to get meaningful and striking portraits inked on their skin Shared emotions, plays an essential role in this dynamic intercultural ...

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #tattoo #studio #portraits #cultural-diversity #shared-emotions #contemporary #intercultural #skin #ink

System only has ways for the disadvantaged to sustainably bear with their disadvantages reap the long term fruits of their disadvantages in favor of those who had morr advantages , only after holding the former accountable for their own disadvantages and justifying the difference ( as a cost\consequence of the disadvantages) , by fair or unfair means
How about getting a #tshirt printed out with you #aadhaar or whatever id it is you are required to show or even better get a #tattoo with that , i guess that makes you a #nationalist
It doesnt go far enough - can you carry your books\notes like this? Umm no

Dr Jamiebear’s alt
5 days ago

Hello #tattoo people! I'm getting my first tattoo tomorrow morning, on my inner wrist.

I'm a pretty hairy guy, so I'm wondering... do I shave the area tonight? Use a Nair-type cream? Leave it for Max the tattoo artist to do? Or will they work round it?

(Yes, I'm nervous, and when I'm nervous I sweat the small stuff.)

Joe B
5 days ago

You see someone with a huge Nordic runes #tattoo and you ask yourself:
A) Swedish?
B) Beowulf scholar?
C) Neo-Nazi?

And you’ve got to hope you don’t get the trifecta

6 days ago

Penny Suicide getting some dick. Fuck me like this.

#suicidegirls #tattoo #creampie #nsfw #sex #sexy #erotic

tattooed Suicide GIrl in fishnet hold ups, on a bed with a naked guy. first she's on her back with her legs up in the air as he tongues her pussy. then on her back with her legs wide as he kneels between them and fucks her, stroking her clit. then kneeling on all fours as he fucks her from behind, bouncing her arse. then she's showing us her juicy cunt, drenched in spunk, licking her fingers.
1 week ago

Look at this horny little whore dildoing herself in public

#nsfw #sex #sexy #erotic #exhibitionism #tattoo

a tattooed girl with a Betty Page haircut, naked apart from high heels, filming herself in her car, dildoing her pussy, staring at the camera and looking really into it

Want this as a tattoo? Go check it out here;
BTW... Supporters on Ko-Fi and dA Get WIPS of this and many others... As low as 3.00 USD a month, you may see stuff like it to!!! Thank you!


Interested in supporting me? Want to see WIPs/sketches/abanonded works? Want requests and raffles? Welll...Think about supporting me on or !!!
Other links;;
Disc server;;

#Tattoos #tattoo #tatted #tattooflash #flash #tattooflash #tattooflash #Procreate #Procreateart #Procreateartist #procreatedrawing #procreateipad #ipadprocreate #ipadart #ipadartist

Eva Pavlikova
1 week ago

Tak i druhá ruka. #tattoo

Joe B
1 week ago

#Tattoo consult on Tuesday. Figuring out how to get a jungle fowl done

A wild jungle fowl rooster
Eva Pavlikova
1 week ago

Tak ručičko, zítra to přijde. #tattoo

taste of taboo
1 week ago

Mesmerizing Elli Photoset

🎇 Full series on my Patreon: 🎇

#portrait #inkedgirls #ink #tattoo #tattoomodel #sexy

Middle 1% 🏳️‍🌈
1 week ago

Just something intriguing that caught my eye.

#nipple #tattoo

Jeremy Kitchen
2 weeks ago

Dear #PDX #tattoo folks!

I want to get a blue ribbon colon cancer tattoo, possibly extremely soon.

Please send me artist recos :)

I’m also willing to travel as far as Seattle or Eugene for the right artist, so feel free to go outside of immediate PDX area ❤️


#Tattoo number 1: lyrics from Tom Waits' Coney Island Baby
No. 2: an astrolabe in black and white
No. 3: a snippet from The National's I Need My Girl
No. 4: a sketch/drawing of a mixed drink and lyrics from This Place is a Prison by The Postal Service
No. 5: our anniversary on my ring finger
No. 6: the logo from Sick Sad World from Daria
No. 7: a Disney-style teddy bear over my heart
No. 8: the volcanos from Pixar's Lava short
No. 9: a vintage Mac with a sunflower next to it

2 weeks ago
POV of a guy getting his dick sucked by a tattooed girl with long blue hair, blue eye make up and long eyelashes
2 weeks ago

Even tho we think it looks cheap now, at some point in the future, a bunch of Gen alpha sapphics are going to get tattoos in the style of Canva because it's retro and reminds them of the book covers of their favourite sapphic YA novels and I'll be all here for it.
#lesbian #sapphic #queer #tattoo

Corningware had the best designs. #tattoo

Caption reads, "When ur aunt Susan asks why you borrowed her dish for 2 weeks".

Image shows a person's arm with a tattoo matching the design on the casserole dish they're carrying.
2 weeks ago

Someone has one of my cat drawings tattooed and I love it ❤

Thank you Les!

Plz check more works of the tattoo artist here:

#cats #tattoo #lineart #doodles #catlovers #CatsOfMastodon #ink #art

A photo of a tattooed leg, with many tattoos in black lines, one of them is one of my doodle cats saying "eww"
Justin Ferrell
2 weeks ago

It’s the blue and green for me 🥹

#tattoo #horror #jason #fridayThe13th

A tattoo inside of my right leg. It’s Jason’s mask from Friday the 13th with trees above him in a dark green and black. A wooden sign beneath him says “Camp Crystal Lake” and it has leaves on either end. Below all of this, the trees from the top are inverted in blue, like the depths of a woodland lake.
GuettisKnippse :darktable:
2 weeks ago

So, Termin in der Stadt beendet, die heimatliche Scholle erreicht und 36 Bilder gemacht. Ach ja, und das da auch noch:
#skinstories #tattoo

Mein neues Tattoo: Ein Rotfuchs mit Hut!

An aside:

last night I was out DJing (in my guise of #ProfDJ) and after spending the evening spinning #vinylrecords to a crowd pub, I have come to the conclusion that I am now part of a dwindling group that does not have a #tattoo - not sure its that important, but it was pretty obvious last night....

2 weeks ago

🤔 To tattoo or not to tattoo?
🎨💉 Discover how the chemicals in ink interact with the body and what factors affect the longevity of tattoos

#chemistry #chemistryviews #chemviews #tattoo

2 weeks ago

Music Fans Horrified When Their Spotify Tattoos Stop Scanning

Designed to look like an audio waveform, scanning these official barcodes with a smartphone will prompt the device to play a specific song on the app. In the past few years, many music fans have chosen to get these tattooed on their body, often sharing them on social media. But as the trend drags on, some are realizing that the tattoos, even just a year later, quickly begin to stop working.

#spotify #tattoo

Chris is.
3 weeks ago

I have a new #tattoo!

There are some niceties I want to add to it — a bit of portal effect on the leading edge, maybe — but there it is!

A calf tattoo, comprised of three parts, roughly outlined, looking like portals into a space scene
3 weeks ago

''Ink - the Tattooed Moth'
The cautionary tale of a Moth who became obsessed with the idea of looking like a butterfly. She had butterfly wings tattooed onto her own wings, losing her protective grey colouring. She caught the eye of a butterfly collector and ended up as a curiosity, pinned to his board.
An illustration for Folktale Week.
- #folktaleweek #folktaleweeklost #folktaleweek2023 #MastoArt #mastodon #illustration #moth #tattoo #painting #art #HumanArtist
@folklore @FolkloreFun

An illustration of a large grey and black moth, cruelly pinned to a display board. The moth's wings are tattooed with the bright colours of butterfly wings. On the moth's back is a mark that resembles a skull.  the words 'Lesser-know Tattooed Grey Moth' is written down next to her.
Null 🐌
3 weeks ago

Fresh tattoo I did earlier this week. Shed antler from flash I've been working on.

#tattoo #MastoArt #FediArt

Photo of a fresh tattoo of a shed deer antler on pale skin.
Photo of a fresh tattoo of a shed deer antler on pale skin.

Story of my life :blobfoxcrylaugh:

#tattoo #tattoos

Shirt that says: I have really cool tattoos under here but I’m cold
🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
4 weeks ago

tempted to get this #tattoo of #waldo

A tattoo of Waldo from Wheres Waldo climbing out of a gap between what appears to be either butt cheeks or breasts.
1 month ago

And I'm learning to play the #HurdyGurdy:

#introduction #tattoo

the corner of a room with a harp and a shelf with a black and a wooden hurdy gurdy
a black and a bright wooden hurdy gurdy on a table
a dark wood hurdy gurdy on a table, it has celtic ornaments and a tree engraved into the keybox
a dark wood hurdy gurdy details of the wheel
1 month ago

I'm covered in tree #tattoos

#introduction #tattoo

picture series of a leg. it is covered in small and large tree tattoos on all sides. the tattoos are black and white
my right arm with a large dead tree branch from wrist to shoulder
my left arm with small trees all around the lower arm, dust raising from the trees which forms a large tree on the upper arm and shoulder
both of my legs, the left one as described before, the right one has a large, knarly tree wrapped around it.
pluszysta 🧸🌱🌿
1 month ago

Nie wierzyłam w terapeutyczne działanie tatuaży dopóki sama sobie nie zrobiłam. 🥲🖤 #tattoo

1 month ago
Chica con tatuajes con fondo rojo
1 month ago

Here's some human art I did earlier this year based off one of my tattoos. I highly recommend picking up a tattoo reference book if you're struggling with line art. They're fairly cheap (in my experience at least) and they get straight to a step by step guide without any of the extra fluff.

#pixelArt #tattoo #tattoos

Pixel art gauntlet being stabbed by a dagger
Hanan - GoblinHellion
1 month ago



Photo of my tattoo stencil on my arm
photo of linework in progress, and the beginning of some colour!
Mirror selfie with the linework done and some colours started!
Mirror selfie with the tattoo under 2nd skin/a transparent film adhesive to help the tattoo heal for the first few days.
1 month ago

'Roll-Your-Own Rooster' loves his Mum?'
Roosters seem to be joining hares and bees as my favourite things to draw. (Especially when I have other work to attend to!)
#MastoArt #mastodon #illustration #art #rooster #HumanArtist #tattoo

The profiled head and shoulders of a large, white rooster on a grey background. He is smoking a hand-rolled cigarette, the smoke curling up and to the left. He wears a knotted yellow french bandana around his neck. There is a tattoo of a chicken, shaped like a heart, on his shoulder. It has the word 'MUM' written across it. Instead of tail feathers, the shafts of 3 arrows form her tail feathers.
1 month ago

Gratis-Bahnticket gegen Tattoo: Umstrittene Aktion in Österreich bleibt einmalig

Wer sich ein Werbe-Tattoo stechen ließ, durfte in Österreich gratis Bus und Bahn fahren. "Nachhaltig dämlich" nannten Kommentatoren diese Aktion. Gekostet hat sie 23.000 Euro, räumt die zuständige Ministerin ein und verspricht: Es gibt keine Wiederholung.


#Klimaticket #Österreich #Tattoo #Nahverkehr #Bus #Bahn

Steve B
1 month ago

Any #tattoo artists or people very familiar with them around?

I usually wrap new ones with Dermalize. Bought a large roll of it a year ago, but it’s running out. I found that when left on for a few days it often irritated my skin around the new tattoo, so I’m looking for suggestions for an alternative.


it's nico! 🌈🦇
1 month ago

i did my first official #tattoo on myself today!!! it was very scary but I had fun and learned a lot and now I'm one step closer to doing tattoos on Other People hehe

#Art #MastoArt #TattooArtist #TattooApprentice

A tattoo on a white person of a small brown and white kitten standing on two legs in a tiny sailor outfit, holding a giant lollipop in one paw.
2 months ago

As we watch #Tattoo tonight, let's take a moment to remember that the "consultant" for Chakotay's heritage was also the most prominent Native American bullshit artist of the 20th Century, Jamake Highwater (AKA Jackie Marks). More:

@allstartrek #AllStarTrek #StarTrekVoyager

2 months ago

Hey, uh… it's Friday the 13th. In SpoopySeason™️! Anyone get any rad #tattoo flash? I blew my annual budget over the summer, but I love seeing what others get.

2 months ago

This weekend I got a fursona tattooed on my body.

There is a common eggy question, "if you could push a button and wake up as [an/the] other gender tomorrow, would you push it?" Yes I would! But then I'd want to push it again and again. I am not really interested in androgyny -- I *like* the binary. (No shade to those who don't!)

Laelia represents an Alternate Universe me -- a furry, female-bodied, an expert surfer (i.e. someone who deeply inhabits their body, vs the mind); just a few things I cannot realistically achieve without losing things I enjoy being. Those elements are in there, and her image on my body is a signifier of those parts of me.

Thank you to Confoxtion ( for the original character design, Chibbutts ( for the art that served as the reference for this design, and Molly ( who brought it all together and did the ink.

#GenderFeels #GenderFluid #tattoo

A fresh tattoo of Laelia, my surfer girl furry OC. She is yellow and green and blue and has monstera leaf markings. She is lying on a bed of tropical flowers and leaves, with sparkles around her. She is furry-nude; no clothing but no bits visible.
2 months ago

In more positive events today: new ink!

The Four of Swords is a #Tarot card that deals with themes of recuperation, introspection, sanctuary and deliberation.

One can read the three swords (often hanging on a wall or leaning against something) as resources and energy saved for a time of need or future plans and the single one (either in-hand or resting on the floor) as something that is ready to be used immediately if necessary or as an immediate purpose.


Black tattoo on the inner side of my upper arm:

Three swords vertically (a gladius, a longsword and a viking sword) and a rapier below them horizontally
2 months ago

Fast jeder vierte Mensch in Deutschland hat mittlerweile eine Tätowierung. Doch wer sich bei der Hamburger Polizei bewirbt, darf kein sichtbares Tattoo haben. 👮

Die CDU und der Landesverband der Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft sind dafür, das zu lockern. Seit Jahren gehen die Bewerberzahlen bei der Polizei zurück. 🚓

Mehr dazu:
📝 🎙️,polizei6892.html?at_medium=mastodon&

#NDR #NDRHH #Polizei #Tattoo

Bild: Person mit auffälligen Tattoos an den Händen. 
Text: Zeitgemäß oder unpassend?
Sichtbare Tätowierungen bei Polizeibewerbern

People who have gotten a #tattoo: Is it typical to get your design done the day of the tattoo?

I'm used to working with graphic designers who want days and multiple iterations to perfect a design, and that's for temporary stuff like a logo!


People say face #tattoos are a sign of a #sociopath, but a #tattoo is a decoration, you get it to communicate something about yourself; why would a sociopath want to do that?

What's #sociopathic is not having any tattoos at all.

3 months ago

Tattoo designs for sale! : )
Each design is unique and will be sold once !
(I am not a tatooer myself, I just propose my designs =w=b)

Hope you will like them
(Don't hesitate to DM me if you are interested)

#tattoo #tattoodesign #characterdesign #cats #kitty #cat #digitalart

Cat tattoo designs
Cat tattoo designs
3 months ago

heute ist #Flashday in #Tattoo-Studio #VäterchenVrost in #Rostock mit sehr sympatischen Tattoo Artists und kleine Motive - lasst euch überraschen :surprised_pikachu: , kommt vorbei es gibt auch veganen Kuchen & Snacks :blobcatnompizza:


#Vegan #TattooStudio #Tattoos #TattooArtist

Jeffrey Bouter
3 months ago

I don't really share my tattoos on social media, but this one seems fitting for mastodon :-) done by my fiancé (as are most). Nice way to play around with colour transitions and lack of outline. Really happy with the result! #Debian #tattoo #colours

Working on some tiny #tattoo inspired #crossstitch this afternoon - can’t wait to see how they look colored in :QueerCat:

Two small cross stitch outlines
Arpad 🇪🇺
3 months ago

@attila Try some #onsen (bathouse) if you have the time.
Only disadvantages : you have to be naked, and many of them dont accept if you have a #tattoo (because yakuza + historic role of tattoos in Japan).

3 months ago

Luminous birds strike toward a better future in Stephanie Brown’s tattooed aviary. #birds #tattoo

A tattoo of a bird holding a smoldering match.
A tattoo of a bird flying with a lit match in its beak.

Just pulled my second-skin bandage off and OOOOOOOOOOOUCH :blobfoxnotlikethis: #tattoo

Ihr nennt euch #Asterix-Fans? Riny aus den Niederlanden: Hold my beer! Veröffentlichung mit freundlicher Erlaubnis des Leinwandinhabers. #fanart #tattoo #obelix

Ansicht eines Rückens eines Mannes. Der Rücken ist komplett farbig mit einer Szene aus einem Asterix-Abenteuer tätowiert, im Zentrum Obelix, der fast den ganzen Rücken einnimmt.

And we’re done!! :blobfoxbongo: