I went into heavy fact-checking mode in my piece for Assigned today, writing about what we do and do not know about the numbers of trans people who die violently.

The article I called out was conservative bullshit published by the National Review, but they're not the only ones who I've seen treat the HRC list as if it represented every trans person to have died violently. #trans #TDOR #news #journalism #factcheck

Erasing 76 crimes
2 weeks ago

Transgender Day of Remembrance: As trans murder toll reaches 320, trans advocates say improved police protection is key to reducing violence.

#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTrights #humanrights #LGBTQrights #Malaysia #trans #TDOR #JusticeForSisters

2 weeks ago

Derzeit ist eine epetition an den deutschen Bundestag in der Mitzeichnungsphase. Sie engagiert sich für trans* Flüchtlinge und ist hier verlinkt: 

Angesichts des erst am 20.11. vergangenen Gedenktages an die ermordeten Trans* Personen weltweit (TDOR), scheint mir so eine Petition sehr wichtig. Daher bitte gerne teilen und zur Mitzeichnung einladen!

#ePetition #Flüchtlinge #Migrant #Migration #Petition #queer #TDOR #trans #Transgender #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance

InfoSpazio161 - Verona
2 weeks ago

𝗦𝘁𝗲𝗳𝗮𝗻𝗼 𝗩𝗮𝗹𝗱𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿𝗶, consigliere in Regione Veneto 𝗲𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗼 𝗻𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗮 𝗭𝗮𝗶𝗮, ha recentemente attaccato Elena, sorella di Giulia Cecchettin, accusandola di fare una recita ideologica e di essere satanista.
Domenica 26 Novembre sarà 𝘂𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗲 𝗮 𝘂𝗻𝗮 𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗳𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘇𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝗱𝗶 𝗙𝗼𝗿𝘇𝗮 𝗡𝘂𝗼𝘃𝗮 a Verona contro un'iniziativa per il TdoR e contro la "propaganda gender".

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2 weeks ago

This "Trans Day of Remembrance," lots of folks reached out to let me know that I am visible and loved. Yet not a single one of them offered to buy me a squarerigger ship, a schooner, or even a modest sloop. Where are all the REAL allies at? 🧐🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️

#trans #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance #pirates #piratepride

2 weeks ago

Mystical notions of saintly divinity actually allowed the performativity and fluidity of gender to become an inevitable feature of the subject’s self in this era of humankind. Spencer-Hall expresses that by creating this collection the editors ultimately seek to restore trans and genderqueer histories, dismantle white-supremacist cis-heteropatriarchy, and spread general trans and genderqueer joy.

#notchesblog #queerhistory #transhistory #medievalhistory #TDOR #tdor2023

Jacob Tennessen
3 weeks ago

(obviously this is just whimsy and belated for #tdor, but sending love to my friends who are trans. Harry Potter for my trans friends and... uh... transporters for my hairy friends?)

Raphi la fusée 🚀:flag_agender:
3 weeks ago

Aujourd'hui je sais pas ce qui m'a pris mais je réinstalle instagram. Je me connecte, et là je tombe sur des images qui me choquent beaucoup. Des drag queens qui performent avec des danseurs sur scène, on entend une musique hyper entraînante, écran LED en fond, bref y'a du budget.

Excusez-moi mais :

1/ j'étais pas au courant que le #tdor était un évènement festif ??? /s

2/ le SEUL PÉTHÈNE DE JOUR où on peut se recueillir faut quand même qu'on se prenne la gifle de l'injonction à faire la fête pour lutter parce qu'on est la "communauté" LGBT n'est-ce pas 🙃​ Vous pensez sincèrement que les 351688625698 de personnes qui ne viennent déjà pas à vos évènements parisiens inaccessibles et surchargés sensoriellement y sont là ? (non)

In 2023, the #NationalCenterForTransgendeEquality (#NCTE) revamped its approach in the #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance (#TDOR) report.

This year's edition expands its scope to include #transgender people who #died from #suicide or #healthissues like #LungCancer, alongside those lost to being #murdered, providing a more comprehensive view of the #challenges faced by the #trans #community.

No one is #safe until #trans #folks are #safe.

We need to #takecare of those who can’t take #refuge in the bosom of #patriarchy, and that starts with #trans people.


3 weeks ago

I forgot to mention for #tdor that Ryucheru also left us this year. Not just trans but a celebrity. Maybe those in the west aren't as familiar with her but she was pretty famous and had just started presenting publicly as a woman.

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 weeks ago

I meant to post this yesterday for #TransDayOfRememberence #TDOR but I failed.

@jvw wrote and performed this powerful rememberence. I wish that she didn't have to, but I'm glad that she did.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransRights #Trans #LGBTQ+

Jeni Tehan
3 weeks ago

@paulsilver Thanks! Eh, i've had better birthdays. Been getting a bit frustrated lately with the "I'm not racist but..." crowd. Not standing for that crap on my birthday, which is also #TDOR, so emotions already running high. Writing stuff down seems to make ideas a bit more real, maybe I need a moleskine again.

3 weeks ago

Manifestation importante à #Padova hier pour le #TDoR, mais aussi suite à un #féminicide récent qui a eu un fort retentissement. « Détruis tout », mot d’ordre extrait d’une poésie de Cristina Torres Cáceres a été repris par la sœur de la défunte dans une tribune publiée dans le Corriere della Sera : «  il n’y a pas de monstre, (…) le meurtrier n’est pas malade, c’est le fils sain du patriarcat. (…) Pour Giulia ne faites pas une minute de silence, pour Giulia, brûlez tout.  »

Pancarte en manifestation à Padova: « distruggi tutto » (détruis tout en italien)
PinkPain 🏳️‍⚧️
3 weeks ago

Auch nach dem #TDoR - Gewalt, Mobbing und Diskriminierung von trans* Menschen ist bedauerlicher Alltag. Anstatt Blind mitzumachen weil es andere ja auch tun, ist es ein Leichtes Betroffene anzuhören und mit ihnen darüber zu reden! Für eine Welt ohne Hass für Alle 🫶🏻

#transawarenessweek #trans #transrightsarehumanrights #transgender

With #TDOR gone, and the officially known list of vicitms of hate crimes is out there, names of some vicitims are missing:

Shay Patten Walker was an
#nonbinary activist who worked as a gender consultant on the #netflix series #SexEducation. The character of Cal was directly influenced by them.

Shay took their own life. And that's the reason official list don't carry those names. They aren't recognized as a result of the trans hate they received, even though it clearly is

3 weeks ago

Les gens tristes qui n'ont que des méchancetés à dire, gardez les pour vous et prenez soin de vous au lieu de prendre la tête aux autres.
#tdor c'est pour honorer nos mort·e·s, pas pour se bagarrer.

Just saw a trans voices cabaret that blew my mind. Everyone sang musical theater pieces that they always wanted a chance to perform. The performances were incredible! Everyone did an outstanding job.

There are a bunch of clips up on their IG story. Highly recommend checking it out! There is a stream still available for the week if you want to see the whole performance!

#GenderFuckedProductions #Chicago #trans #TDOR #TransPride

Event poster featuring a masculine figure in a dress with a microphone.

Trans Voices Cabaret
Monday, November 20, 8PM
Streaming available now
$20 suggested donation

Gender fucked
3 weeks ago

A few years ago a friend made a meme about "Who would post transphobia on Pride month?" With Rowling waking up.
Turns out Musk is saying "hold my beer" by suing Media Matters about the article saying that extremist content is shown next to ads, protecting extremists on the #TDoR

I'm out at work (being part of the community actually landed me the job since I now work for a program that helps queer people get jobs; I'm also out to our clients) and was asked if I wanted to write something for #TDoR. I said absolutely.

I'm not going to recount what I said, it was short and benign because I didn't want to re-traumarize anyone who was obligated to be there, but in the course of writing my little speech I looked up the names of the Canadians we've lost this year.


Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@Kristynwongtam: Thank you @TorontoPflag and @CheriDiNovo for joining and supporting the Trans Day of Remembrance Flag Raising at Queen's Park. Your message of parents protecting Trans kids with love and support is more important than every #ONpoli #TDOR

A toast.

Here’s to trans and enby people, past, present, and future. To what has come before, to now, and to what is to come.

To the sisters and brothers in waiting, trying to see through the egg shell, and for the nest we provide for them when they hatch.

To those long gone, to those taken from us too soon… especially to those vanished and forgotten… we see your high-heeled footsteps left in the earth, and we follow on your path.

And to the now, to those gathered here, in this place and this epoch.

Here’s to all of us.


#trans #tdor

A woman wearing white, pink, and baby-blue earrings, as well as glasses and an orange blouse, holding up a glass of scotch in toast.  (The scotch in question is a Balvenie 14-year Caribbean Cask… highly recommend, especially to whisky novices).  Various kitschy decorations can be seen on the wall behind her; one kitsch sign behind her reads “welcome”.
3 weeks ago

My usual points of time reminders (aka trusting social media to tell me if it's an important day I give a fuck about) only Just worked today for Trans Day of Rememberance. #TDoR

Anyway, we as a community and a society are poorer for the trans sibs we've lost, both recently and over the years. May their memories be blessings.🕯

relache ⚗️
3 weeks ago

the altar, now with moar offerings. I also offer for all of you here, the first page of the Spellbook. I have never been so happy with detect text from picture! Yes, the entire text is in the caption.

#TDoR #Trans #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #Altar

An altar for the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It holds a vase with some red and yellow flowers, candy coins, a quartz crystal, a burning beeswax Yahrzeit candle, a ceramic figurine with female breasts and male genitalia, a water cup, and a sand dollar.

In front of the altar in the hearth is a small singing bowl with a wooden striker, three tarot cards, the Antifascist Spellbook, and an antique pipe rest functioning as an incense burner. There myrrh on a lit charcoal in the incense burner.

The tarot cards are from the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn.  I asked the transcestors if they had a message, and this is what I pulled. The cards are the 2 of Pentacles, the King of Swords, and 99 of Swords.

progress of pauline
3 weeks ago

Made it to Morro Bay with my daughter. The fortune of it. #tdor

Woman holding candle on the beach, sunset
Candle in front of Morro Rock
Odd structure of standing driftwood resembling a gryphon or unicorn or something, facing the waves
thomas (they/them) 🌺
3 weeks ago

Heartbreaking to hear the list of names of those lost this year. I attended a small vigil and march in my neighborhood. 🏳️‍⚧️

#TDoR #TransDayOfRemembrance

trans flag leading a march
Ryan Baumann
3 weeks ago

#TransDayOfRemembrance #TDoR I made a little archive of Rani Baker’s public & ko-fi projects here in case the sources ever go away:

Amelia Baeddelia (She/Her)
3 weeks ago

Leelah Alcorn was murdered.

Every trans suicide is a murder victim.

#tdor #tdor2023 #transdayofremembrance #transdayofremembrance2023

Amelia Baeddelia (She/Her)
3 weeks ago

Ask yourself if what really makes you angry about that trans woman you dislike is that she doesn't show you or others like you the deference you think you're entitled to from her, doesn't act grateful enough to you for your "tolerance", doesn't know her place. #tdor #tdor2023 #transdayofremembrance #transdayofremembrance2023

A screenshot of a Twitter thread posted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir on 20 November 2023 that reads "This Trans Day of Remembrance, please examine your own impulse to annihilate trans women who have made you angry. Trans women live on a precipice and it doesn't take much for people we thought were friends to be calling for our destruction. I am asking you to think hard about the ways that you, personally, have contributed to pile-ons and harassment campaigns against trans women you personally dislike. Especially when those trans women aren't white or skinny or 'passing'."

Tell your friends you care about them. You don’t know when you won’t be able to any more 😢

Extra remembering the times I’ve nearly joined them today. It’s hard. 😭.


relache ⚗️
3 weeks ago

the “altar” is a short metal shelf, one of the best $2 I ever spent at the thrift store. It’s most often used for altar actions where I have an uncontained pillar candle, which I let it burn on this edged shelf, and it contains all the wax and scrapes clean to do it all over again next candle ritual.

I have added a vase of flowers, in a mason jar with a special vase topper. I added water in a green iron cup with a matching leaf-shaped saucer.

#TDoR #Trans #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance

A black metal shelf just a few inches tall is an altar on a fireplace hearth. On the shelf is a mason jar vase with some flowers, a burning Yahrzeit candle, and an iron tea cup with saucer that is holding water. Standing on the hearth in front of the candle, resting against the shelf, is a small book titled BURN IT ALL DOWN: AN ANTIFASCIST SPELLBOOK by Yerbamala Collective.
Working Class Games
3 weeks ago

Big hugs to all my folks today. This day can be shitty but we're not alone and we will win. :heart_trans:​ :heart_trans:​ :heart_trans:​ :heart_trans:​ :heart_trans:​
#tdor #remembrance #trans

Well-made graffiti stencil with an anarchist trans logo and the text Trans joy is beautiful, Trans rage is powerful.
3 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we commemorate and honor our transgender and non-binary siblings who lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Let us continue to advocate for those who are no longer present as well as those who are. The time to show solidarity is now. On this day, and every day, we stand with you.

#InterPride #Trans #Transgender #TransAwarenessWeek #TAW #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance

3 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we commemorate and honor our transgender and non-binary siblings who lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Let us continue to advocate for those who are no longer present as well as those who are. The time to show solidarity is now. On this day, and every day, we stand with you.

#InterPride #Trans #Transgender #TransAwarenessWeek #TAW #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance

#TDOR #trans #remembrance #Amsterdam As the organiser of the first years of TDOR in Amsterdam, NL I have a special position and feel the responsibility to organise if no one does (has happened, not any more).

Today's edition was beautiful. Packed room but with ally from the SHRH community speaking and telling to advocate for us with government. We share ofc a wider agenda. Also speaking a sex work and hiv advocate, community trans health directors.

We laid flowers and lit 320 candles at the (first global) Homo Monument

Feminist Greens
3 weeks ago

🏳️‍⚧️ On #TDOR we mourn the loss of at least 320 trans people murdered in 2023

💚 Amidst rising tides of transphobia, we have a responsibility to be clear in our support for trans and non-binary people

✊ Today and every day, we stand in solidarity, and fight always for liberation

Candle with trans flame on black square with purple and green background
3 weeks ago

Today, November 20th, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, where the victims of transphobia are remembered.

#TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR

Infographic from TGEU Trans Murder Monitoring from October 2022-September 2023.

321 trans and gender diverse people reported murdered.

80% Black, brown, or racialised. (Where demographic data was reported.)

48% sex workers. (Where demographic data was reported.)

94% trans women or femmes.

45% migrants or refugees in Europe. (Where demographic data was reported.)

28% murdered on the street.
26% murdered in their residence.
Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

“When kids can’t feel safe, seen, or valued, they don’t come to school.”

We owe it to this generation of #trans and #queer young folks. We must work harder to ensure they have the rights they deserve.
From March 2023, by former National Teacher of the Year, Shanna Peeples:

#LGBTQIA+ #TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR #politics #schools #education #Texas

Attended Newcastle's Trans Day of Rememberance vigil today. I never really know what to say for the saddest day in the trans calendar, but I'm always grateful to have something to mark the occasion

#TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR #transgender

A lit candle with a cardboard base
luna fox winters
3 weeks ago

To those who perished on the Climb 💕 #tdor

Hoy es el Día Internacional de la Memoria Trans, dedicado a recordar a aquellas personas transexuales, transgénero y de género no binario que han perdido la vida a causa de la transfobia, la discriminación y la violencia en la sociedad. Hoy especialmente recordamos en México al magistrade Ociel Baena, quién en vida luchó en contra del prejuicio y odio de nuestra sociedad heteronormada hacia toda la comunidad LGBT+. #tdor

Chantal Coolsma
3 weeks ago

I always get the feeling Sadiq Khan is of the same level of Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam. Both are really good mayors.

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance #London

Theresa O’Connor
3 weeks ago

TDoR 2023: 321 trans people were murdered over the last year. Today we mourn the dead. We fight like hell for the living today, tomorrow, & every day to come. 🏳️‍⚧️ #TDoR

Ah yeah its that day again


CELESTE MOUNTAIN - This memorial dedicated to those Who perished on the climb
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 weeks ago

Seen on a telephone pole by the co-op. Signs like this are part of what made me feel at home in this neighborhood. #tdor

A telephone pole is decorated with many colorful flowers, surrounding two hand-lettered signs reading "Kindness" and "Protect trans kids!" with little hearts indicating love and support. The colors are reminiscent of the trans pride flag, blue and pink.

I never know what to say for #transgenderdayofremembrance

I hate that we have to have a specific day because so many people hate us so much for such bullshit reasons.

I hate how utterly apathetic cis people are to the physical, systemic, and political violence we face every day.

I hate how much everyone i know is hurting today.

I hate being afraid.

I hate having to do the terrible algebra of survival every time I go to open my mouth in public.

But I love being me.

I love who I am and who I'm still becoming.

And I hate that so many of my siblings will never get the chance to feel that love and joy.

#InternationalTransgenderDayofRemembrance #TransgenderDayofRemembrance #trans #transgender #remembrance #StandByYourTrans #tdor

3 weeks ago

hey cis people

this Trans Day Of Remembrance

let's take a moment to remember those of us who this cruel world so unfairly took

but also...

let's endeavor to create a better, safer, kinder world for trans people (and everyone else!)

remembrance means nothing without a commitment to stopping the cycle that led us here to begin with

today shouldn't be one huge bummer

it should be a day where the fire in your heart to fight for change burns stronger

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance

Today is the #TransDayOfRemembrance, a day to remember #transgender and #nonbinary folks lost to #transphobic violence. I was hoping to attend a rally and march in #SanFrancisco this evening (, but I have a nasty cold. 😠

Here's a photo I took of SF City Hall lit in #trans pride flag colors for #TDoR in 2017. 📷 Credit: Pax Ahimsa Gethen, CC BY-SA 4.0

San Francisco City Hall at dusk, lit in the pink, white, and blue colors of the trans pride flag.
3 weeks ago

I wrote this a year ago, but it still fits today:

May the day when we no longer need this advice come swiftly and gently.

#TDoR #TDoR23 #TDoR2023

3 weeks ago

Liebe Menschen

heute ist der #transdayofremembrance. Wir gedenken heute den 321 Opfern von Gewalt, die im vergangenen Jahr ermordet wurden, aber auch denjenigen, die ihr Leben aufgrund fehlender Akzeptanz aufgaben.

#trans #transgender #transgirl #transblogger #blogger #visibility #awareness #tdor #remembrance #protest #stoptransphobia #stophate

Mehrere Reihen von kleinen brennenden Kerzen.

The #People I #Remember On #Trans #Day Of #Remembrance (#TDoR ).

#BriannaGhey, #EdenKnight, and #AriyannaMitchell all lost their lives because they dared show the world who they were. I yearn for a future where we no longer need to remember new #lives #lost.