Peter Stolmeier
3 hours ago

#StarTrekResurgence really gets me. This is the content I crave. #startrek #tea

🔴Live Youtube🔴
A Shou tea from 2012? (Chat & Tea) #64 Gongfu Random Shou from 2012
#VTuberUprising #Envtuber #vtuberen #vtuber #vtubers #livestream #youtube #tea #gongfutea

Eric Scott
10 hours ago

The owner of @ Matcha in #Montreal is a true flavor artist, and a kind and generous person. I'm so glad we happened to see this place. Zestor made us a tea and snacks that were a perfect pairing with the croissant we happened to have with us in addition to spoiling is with samples of all the tea smoothies he makes. Definitely a place to check out if you're into #tea. @ Matcha

Ross of Ottawa
10 hours ago

We tea drinkers are a bit weird. Not unusual among us is:

"Whew, that's a blistering hot day for outdoor work in the sun! I'm roasted! Put the kettle on for a cuppa, will you?"

#tea #cuppa #TeaDrinker

Mike Haber
10 hours ago

You see those chips on the counter. Those are mine

Picture of the inside of Endos Place chip shop, Nottingham
17 hours ago

It will be a day of doing laundry, as soon as the communal machine is free, and ironing shirts.

BBC Radio 3 on in the background, and a few mugs of good, strong tea.

#life #leisure #housework #tea

18 hours ago

It's been a strange weekend. Went to the markets with Kid4, then managed to sprain my ankle on the way home from the bus stop (Adam brought Jarrah, who was super excited and pulled me over while I was walking on some loose gravel). Super painful yesterday but a lot better today.

Now it's a grey Sunday and I've been out of sorts all day. I need to write but not feeling inspired. Currently drinking a ginger and lemon tea in the hopes I'll pull myself out of my doldrums.

#tea #injuries #walking #weekend #writing

Erik Ellestad
1 day ago

Crimson Lotus Intergalactic, received in tea trade. Solid malty Yunnan red tea, sort of half way between the fruity and savory styles of Yunnan red teas.

#CrimsonLotusTea #Tea #RedTea #BlackTea #HongCha #DianHong #DailyTea #Cha @tea

Red tea in a bowl.
Yunnan red tea, love the furry buds.
Spent red tea leaves.
1 day ago

"Travelling The World To Find The Perfect Cup Of #Tea"

2 days ago
A tea tableau that would make Lucy & Ethel feel right at home, with old-fashioned fabrics and kitschy kitchen colors. The tea selection is White Peony.
Erik Ellestad
2 days ago

"Silver Foil" Nanuo spring 2016 raw puerh dragon ball from Jalam Teas. Jalam Teas was an enterprise started by traveler, journalist, and adventurer Jeff Fuchs to release teas from farmers he has met on his various journeys in China. Sadly, (especially given the high quality of tea they were releasing,) the Jalam Tea enterprise fell apart a few years ago, so this is now a tea from a ghost company.

#RawPuerh #Puerh #JalamTeas #JeffFuchs #GhostTea #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

Raw puerh in a bowl.
Raw puerh dragon ball
Spent raw puerh leaves.
3 days ago

"Spumoni" teableau for 05/25/23 Thanks go to a 5-year-old artist for providing the painting and the inspiration.

#Tea #Teableau #TeaCozy #TeaCosy #Spumoni #Fiestaware #ChildrensArt #CherryTea #BlackTea

A view of a tea tableau in ice cream colors with original artwork by a small child. The tea is Cherry black tea.
An alternate view of a tea tableau in colors of pistachio green, soft pink, and deep purple.
Teja Ray Shankara
3 days ago

Shakahara Activation, segment #6 ✨✨🌞✨✨

We eat some more plants and drink a cuppa mushrooms, roots, and fruits….

{with Turkey Tail mushrooms, chicory root, figs, and more}

Visioning the next steps on our trajectories….

#mushrooms #roots #Shakahara #tea #plants #photography

Orange cup with dark herbal tea. Teabag still in the cup and tag hanging over right side, which reads “Mushroom Adaptogen Blend” and on the left side is the tea bag wrapper. Tea by teeccino with carob, barley, Turkey Tail mushrooms, astragalus root, chicory root, figs, dates, and toasted maple flavor. Orange cup is on a brown crocheted fabric on a brown desk with sunlight coming in through red curtains and an orange glow on the right side from a Himalayan salt lamp.
3 days ago

When you drink a lot of #tea

Cuisinart tea kettle with buttons for different temperatures on the handle. 160° delicate, 175° green, 185° white, 190° oolong, 200° French press, boil black. Plus, a keep warm button.
3 days ago

Made a cup of #Twinning Lady Earl Grey #tea. Fabulous!!


3 days ago

Leftovers can be yummy with enough hot sauce & jalapenos.
#steak #corn #chips #salsa #sour #cream #lots of #jalapenos #peach #tea #lunch #today

adarsh 🚲
3 days ago

How much sugar is in my tea? Welp

#chai #chah #ChaiTeaIsRedundant #DesiStyle #tea

A blue teacup on a white saucer. A hand appears from the right to pick up the cup. The saucer stays attached to the cup, inexplicably.
German Tebiev
4 days ago

#GABA Emerald #tea. Its fermentation is so weak that it turned out to taste like Tie Guan Yin after multiple brewing.😅

German Tebiev
4 days ago

Ji Xing shen #puehr. I don’t remember anything extraordinary about this #tea. So I think it was just okay.🙂

4 days ago
A black, bronze, and gold tea tableau with an ammonite sculpture as the focal piece.
IT News
4 days ago

Glass Robot From a Solarpunk Future - You may have heard of a heart of glass or have a glass jaw, but have you ever seen... - #simonegiertz #stainedglass #robotshacks #solarpunk #robots #art #tea

Lizet Kruyff
4 days ago

Good morning all. Rise and Shine!

Kay Crain - Cup of Tea

#Art #tea #breakfast

4 days ago

Should I drink another cup of #tea?


Jess the Dessert Geek!
4 days ago

Today's tea of the day is a retest of this recipe for royal milk tea, substituting the 20 grams of CTC Assam for 15 grams of loose leaf Assam for two servings:

I think it's a good cuppa, super smooth and with a stronger honeyed note, but definitely Stronk and still needing a fair bit of sugar to get in balance. Mind you, it could partially be our sugar, we use an Okinawan brown sugar syrup and could switch to something brighter like demerara, but we use this syrup on our regular milk tea just fine.

It's also got me wanting to test our normal amount of tea (which is like half this amount) on this method, and I've still got a 'cold brew' method to try out for Friday's heat wave.

#Food #Tea

Laura E. Hall
4 days ago

Tea time and a puzzle, a find from the neighborhood puzzle library (such a fun discovery in itself! It's usually used for jigsaw puzzle swapping)

This one's the Cast O'Gear from Hanayama Metal Puzzles, an award-winning puzzle created by Dutch designer Oskar van Deventer. I'm just okay at mechanical puzzles like this so it's fun to have a chance to play around with this one and get a feel for how it works

#Puzzle #Puzzles #MechanicalPuzzle #DisentanglementPuzzle #HanayamaPuzzle #Tea #TeaTime

A cup of tea next to a metal mechanical puzzle. The puzzle is a cube with openings on each face, and a five-pointed star-shaped object that rolls around the exterior of the box, inserting tabs into the open holes
4 days ago
A tea tableau in colors of peach and purple with berries.
Erik Ellestad
4 days ago

Misty foggy morning, giving green tea a break and finishing off the Taiwanese yellow tea from the Hoyum Tea blind tasting.

#YellowTea #HoyumTea #HuangCha #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

Yellow tea in a bowl.

I'm always posting photos of alcoholic beverages in the garden; let's shake it up.

Cup of tea 😊. Beetea?

#beehappy #behappy #tea

A cup of tea, with a picture of a bubble bee on it.  Next to a painted stone, with an image of a bee and the words 'bee happy'
Christmas Baking
5 days ago

This morning’s #tea comes from Charles De Gaulle airport, Kusmi’s Prince Vladimir, bought on our layover to #Stockholm. The apartment we rented had no teapot, so we brewed in the French press using a reusable coffee filter for the leaves. But the place did have a cheese slicer (osthyvel)!

Cheese silver with à black, plastic handle on a small, blue plastic cutting board. Deli meats and cheeses are on a plate in the background.
Erik Ellestad
5 days ago

Eat a bowl of tea. Classic Laoshan Green Tea from Shandong from Yunnan Sourcing.

#GreenTea #LüCha #YunnanSourcing #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

Dry green tea leaves in a cha he.
A bowl of green tea.
Spent green tea leaves.
Pratik Patel
6 days ago

In case you were interested, I ended up having Tulsi and Ashvagandha tea instead of the pu're tea I was looking for. I have already punished the tea gerbil who is supposed to restock.

#tea #DrinkOfTheGods

Pratik Patel
6 days ago

How is it that I'm completely out of Pu'er tea? I mean none? Somebody needs to take responsibility for this. Obviously, it can't be me!

#tea #DrinkOfTheGods

6 days ago

'Bliss Fish'
An illustration of my idea of a perfect evening.
#art #MastoArt #fish #books #tea #CreativeToots #illustration #mastodon
*click to see full image

An illustration of a very happy looking fish relaxing in a turquoise armchair. The other colours are pink, green and yellow pastels. There is a cup of tea and a large stack of books by its side. Starfish are dotted around on the deep turquoise background and on the sandy floor.
6 days ago
A tea tableau with a fox motif.
Miro Collas
6 days ago

‘We give our blood so they live comfortably’: Sri Lanka’s tea pickers say they go hungry and live in squalor | Global development | The Guardian

Why is it that companies do nothing at all until some big media org publishes a story? They should be proactive!

#Capitalism #Tea

Stephen Battey
6 days ago

This tea is delicious. I ran out of uncaffienated tea a few months ago and am just now replacing it. #Tea

Picture of Rooibos Madagascar Vanilla tea from Celestial Seasonings.
Erik Ellestad
6 days ago

Green Monday. Lu Shan Yun Wo green tea of Jiangxi from Yunnan Sourcing.

#Greentea #LüCha #Tea #Cha #YunnanSourcing #DailyTea @tea

Green tea in a bowl.
6 days ago

This is my favorite #tea (ok, #tisane) in the entire world:

I almost didn't buy it initially because I'm not a huge licorice fan. But it turns out licorice ROOT is slightly sweet and a subtle flavor and amazing. And this tea has a milder mint than some, and tiny hints of clove. It's so good, I'm buying at least my third GIANT bag of the stuff. I also swear it makes my slightly cranky stomach happier.

Andrew :monsterdon:
1 week ago

The spearmint is out of control and it's not even June yet! Time for Maghrebi mint tea.

#tea #growyourown #gardening

Fresh spearmint spread on cutting board
Bouquet of spearmint

Not an ad, I'm simply telling you this because you love #tea and I love you. Steven Smith Teamaker has a delightful iced tea bundle right now that's $15 off. They also have a 15% off coupon (STEEP15) that works on top of that, so you end up spending about $50 instead of $75. I just ordered mine so I'm all set. Cheers.

A photo of five bags of iced tea in an assortment of flavors.
Erik Ellestad
1 week ago

Milan Dancong Oolong goes well with strawberries.

#Dancong #Oolong #White2Tea #Tea #Cha #DailyTea @tea

A bowl of tea and a bowl of oatmeal.
Ele Willoughby
1 week ago

For International Tea Day, my Green Tea Chemistry print. This linocut illustrates green tea and its chemistry. There's a tea pot, two cups of tea and a tea plant (Camellia sinensis) on a tray, and in the steam, you can see some of the organic chemicals found in green tea. Up to 27% of the composition of green tea can be a …


#tea #greenTea #chemistry #analyticChemistry #teaPlant #teapot #linocut #sciart #printmaking #InternationalTeaDay

This linocut illustrates green tea and its chemistry. There's a tea pot, two cups of tea and a tea plant (Camellia sinensis) on a tray, and in the steam, you can see some of the organic chemicals found in green tea. At the base of the tray is a chromatogram to illustate the L-Theanine (largest peak) and other amino acids in the green tea.⁠
Puzzle Trail Paul
1 week ago

As it's #InternationalTeaDay today here's a repeat of a very early #CupOfTeaSocial #QuizQuestion for you to ponder over over your morning #cuppa. The English drink a lot of tea, but when did tea first become widely available in England?

#quiz #trivia #tea

Julie Howlin
1 week ago

According to legend, tea was discovered when some leaves from tea bushes accidentally blew into a pot of Water being boiled for Emperor Shen Nong to drink, back in 2737BC. He drank it anyway, and liked it.

10 things you might not know about tea:

#InternationalTeaDay #Tea #Drinks #Facts

Ouvi em algum lugar que pessoas #TEA, autistas, tem atendimento especializado na redação do ENEM, mas não acho informação confiável sobre isso.

Na minha opinião, deveria ter uma seleção diferente de questões sobre interpretação de texto, na prova de linguagens.

Como eu disse aqui — —, eu tenho dificuldade em identificar ironias.

Discordem, por favor!

@autistando #autistando

1 week ago

Mhmm, fresh mint tea from the garden.

Landlubbering does have some benefits.

#Tea #Mint #Landlubbering

the trouble with mia
1 week ago

Well, that's another 30 plugs potted up - time for a cup of tea and a sit down. #Gardening #Tea

Deu vontade de fazer uma blusa com letras garrafais: NÃO ME DÊ BOM DIA!

Vou usar só ela pra ir pra academia.

#autistando @autistando #TEA

1 week ago

Mam nowy czajniczek. Testowałam go na mlecznym oolongu, wyszło dobrze, ale nie ma się co dziwić, bo herbata była wysokiej jakości 😄
Liście pachniały, że hej!

A jaka herbatę wy dziś pijecie?
#herbata #tea

Herbata w małej filiżance, 2 zdjęcia glinianego czajniczka, czerwona pieczątka i zdjęcie liści herbaty
Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 week ago

Today I am tempted to risk tea havoc yet again by making cold brew milk tea. As in tea steeped in the fridge in milk.

Yes it's chaos and likely Should Not Be Done. Even my own attempts so far have all failed. Sheesh, I should just make my usual cold brew tea, that's safe and good and lovely, but something in my brain keeps on saying 'try.... it could work this time.'

#Food #Tea

2 weeks ago

Buying tea in 2023 very much like hitting up a dispensary.


image of puerh tea in an online shopping cart. The images and names of the tea are reminiscent of the package for dank buds at your local weed shop.
the trouble with mia
2 weeks ago

Before I get into this morning's headlines, the Daily Star has really outdone itself today, with all you need to know about tea crimes 😂
Leader paragraph reads: "Deviants from the depths of Hell have admitted dunking sausage rolls and sarnies in their cuppas."
#UKNews #Tea

Today's Daily Star cover story:
Forget Hobnobs, Rich Tea and Ginger Nuts ...
1 in 10 admits to hideous tea habit
4% of wrong 'uns dip sarnies in brew
But Daily Star expert proves it's evil
Flipboard Culture Desk
2 weeks ago

Wine, whiskey, coffee and mezcal have legions of admirers who pontificate about the bouquet and terroir of their favorite sips. But what about camellia sinensis (aka tea)? Here's a look at how to enjoy a cuppa as a culinary delight, including the best subscriptions, where to buy oolong, and how to get started with pu'er.

#Tea #Food #Culture

I like that one of the words for absurd or unreasonable in Japanese is literally "no/without tea": 無茶. It's indeed very absurd to have no tea, I should make another cup. 🍵​

@tea #Tea #Japanese

Sarah J Hoodlet
2 weeks ago

New instance! Time for a new #introduction.

I'm Sarah, a #writer of #fantasy novels. I have two series in progress: one with two books complete (in editing) and a third on the way, another that I just started.

Outside of writing I'm:
-An avid #reader
-A #tea lover
-Owned by two #BlackCats
-Recently into #BackyardBirding
-An advocate for #MentalHealthAwareness
-Married to a very supportive husband
-A NH (USA) native

Happy to be on a writing-focused instance, so thanks for having me!

I wrote a thing on LinkedIn this evening' about an experience that I had last week. It's about #mentalhealth, and I hope to inspire people to help make the world a better place by doing small things for others.

It's in Dutch, but it can be translated;

But basically, I want to ask you, the reader of this post, to take that step. Do a small chore for someone, go drink that #coffee or #tea with your neighbour or relative.

Giving yourself is the best gift.

Tristan Harward
2 weeks ago

My experience with almost every new kind of #tea I try:

"Oh dang this tastes wild, I'm not sure if I like this."

"Woah is that... woodiness... a little smoke? What a weird combination."

"I don't know why but I keep drinking it."

Two days later...

"I can't get that flavor out of my head. I want more."

Three days later, I'm buying a year's supply of four different teas of that variety and another round of tea hardware.

Kevin Elliott
2 weeks ago

I just made #tea in a hotel room coffee maker and, guys, it's good

Tristan Harward
3 weeks ago

Oh lord, another #tea order.

This time, 4 Oolong teas from Floating Leaves. Very excited to taste them, I've heard good things!

Martin Owens
3 weeks ago

There are no good #tea shops in #boston any more. Since tealux closed down, we've been limping by on bobatea and coffee and it's just not the same.

Anyone know of anything?


1 month ago

Hedgehogs drinking tea

Art by Astrid Sheckels

#hedgehog #tea

1. Hedgehog in a green sweater holding a teapot with a leaf on it 2. Hedgehog sitting on a chair holding a tea cup. A small table with a kettle and a candle 3. A hedgehog holding a tea cup 4. A hedgehog sitting on a chair holding a tea cup. A table with a kettle.
1 month ago

On a whim, made #arugula *Eruca vesicaria sativa) #tea. Similar to #StingingNettle tea. Doesn't seem to be a normal use for it, but I guess it works.

Theta Sigma
1 month ago

@arielwaldman your #tea selection is so much better organised than mine!

A cupboard with three shelves. On the lowest shelves are assorted cups, on the middle shelf are various mismatched tea caddies and a few tins of hot chocolate, on the top shelf are two baskets (fully of tea) and a selection of other tea pots lie on either side.
km herkes, tired & mushy
1 month ago


Your #tea collection is amazing--impressive in both its variety & organization.
And #Teastodon really should be a thing!

Ariel Waldman
1 month ago

I don’t know if #tea mastodon is a thing but I appreciated the tea game at #TED2023, so behold my home tea cart selection.

Four different colored teas being brewed in glass pots at TED.
19 canisters of loose leaf tea labeled by color, temperature and brew time.

Even when it’s cold outside, it’s warm in Roxy Vinyl Cafe😌

📸 Stella

Cozy coffee, tea, and hi-fi vinyl music.

#RoxyVinylCafe #VinylCafe #MusicBar #ListeningBar #neustadtgasse #winterthur #switzerland #VinylRecords #vinyl #analog #CoffeeBar #CoffeeShop #coffee #tea #kaffee #wine #cocktails

Warmly lit vinyl music cafe interior.
Warmly lit vinyl music cafe interior with drum set in the foreground.
Warmly lit vinyl music cafe interior with music instruments in the foreground.
Warmly lit vinyl music cafe interior with vases full of early spring flowers in the foreground.

Today’s pastime

What is your current tea status? #tea #CupOfTea #CupOfTeaSocial

Please #boost for more tea-drinkers.

#tea Do you like Lapsang Souchong? My brother says it reminds him of dirty socks, but I quite like it sometimes. It can be a bit overwhelming...

1 month ago

Today's tea:

Bai Yan 2016 Oolong.

It's fragrant, which is the point of this kind of tea-- OK to brew light. complex but light aftertaste first lightly sweet, then a little bitter, then warm round and sweet again. #tea #oolong #teaculture #teacamping

Folklore, Food & Fairytales
1 month ago

On National Tea Day I thought you might like to hear more about Tea leaf reading or by its formal name: Tasseography.! It was first attributed to China but it spread out and developed as tea drinking was introduced to Europe. Reading tea leaves is said to work because whilst drinking, a person’s movements affect the leaves swirling around so that when they settle the shapes are unique to them.🧵 @folklore #tea #Divination

Tea cup & saucer on a tablecloth. The cup has many symbols in the pattern and tea leaves in the bottom of it. The cup is white, the symbols blue.
Mads Kjeldgaard
1 month ago

We recently started a thing called Copenhagen Tea Friends. A place for people interested in tea to meet once a month in Copenhagen, Denmark. It's very low-key and no-budget, so if you want to be sure to hear about the next meetup, please sign up for our newsletter.

#tea @tea

Tristan Harward
1 month ago

This one is tasty for sure. It’s an oolong on the green side, but with a touch of roasty. Yum.

Wen Shan Bao Zhong oolong tea via Mem Tea. #Tea #Oolong

Dry bright green tea leaves in a small tea brewer.
Brighter green tea leaves after first steeping.
Tea in a little white cup for color and in a bigger brilliantly glazed ceramic cup for solo drinking.
Tristan Harward
1 month ago

After our London trip and visit to Fortnum & Mason, I’ve acquired a new hobby.

Dad who visited China from time to time gifted me this Gong fu tea set long ago but I never knew what it was for—until now! #Tea

#NowSipping this Wen Shan Bao Zhong Oolong from Mem Tea.

A corner of my kitchen counter with all kinds of tea gear on it. An electric kettle, a Chinese porcelain tea set, a sky blue English teapot, various loose leaf teas.
A brown paper small bag of loose leaf Oolong tea from Mem Tea Co in Somerville, MA.
phildini @ the shop
1 month ago

I’m finding that when I wake up early in the morning, in want my first #caffeine to be #tea, but when I wake up at “normal” time I want #coffee.

No, I don’t understand it either