Pratik Patel
2 days ago

"We end the day with five minutes of mindfulness, a.k.a. a nod to New Age Wiccan Pagan anti-Christian practices. During this time, Muslim students are allowed to pray, and atheist students can play with Legos. Christian students are persecuted."


#teachers #teaching #politics #politicians

2 days ago

@OkieSpaceQueen If you prevent people from learning, they don't learn to think for themselves. #teachers #keepTeaching

Kathy Karch
3 days ago

Entomologists, assemble!

I've got a mystery insect that I and my AP Biology students cannot identify. Perhaps you can help?

Image was taken at 30x magnification with a low-budget stereo microscope. Caught on the north shore of Massachusetts two days ago. Body is ~1-1.5mm in length.

#entomology #teachers #insects #teaching #biology #APBiology

Microscope image of an unidentified brown-bodied insect with two strange, black protuberances emerging from the right and left sides of the dorsal abdomen. Arranged in parallel, pointed backwards. Insect also has long, fringeless antennae and long legs. Body size is about 1 to 2 millimeters in length.
Drea and Team
3 days ago
3 days ago

Today in Labor History May 25, 1925: The state of Tennessee indicted high school science teacher John Scopes for teaching his students the truth (i.e., teaching evolution). He eventually lost his trial, was fined $100, and then won an appeal. However, the law he broke, the Butler Act, was ruled constitutional by the state supreme court and remained in effect until 1967. For years now, 20 U.S. states have followed the Next Generation Science Standards for their first-year biology courses, and nearly every state offers the College Board’s AP Biology curriculum, in which Evolution and History of Earth are considered central and unifying principals of biology. At the same time, however, teachers are being threatened with termination and legal action in some states for simply uttering the word “gay” or “homosexuality,” or for neglecting to report students they suspect of being nonbinary. For decades, we have been mandated reporters of suspected child abuse and sexual abuse. Now, many of us are in the contradictory position of being required to report LGBTQ kids, with the consequence that these children will be subjected to abuse by the state.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #lgbtq #evolution #education #schools #teachers #children #homophobia #ProtectTransKids #TransRightsAreHumanRights

Protesters in Texas, mostly masked for Covid mitigation, with signs that read: "All kids deserve love, respect & acceptance," "Taking kids from loving, affirming homes is abuse," & "Protect trans kids"
Angry Education Workers
3 days ago

We just released another recording from Class Power on Zero Hours! Listen to Layers of Organization Chapter 6 - Syndicalism 2.0 and the IWW Organizing Drive here:

#education #unions #teachers #libraries #museum #archives #syndicalism

Kara Ghobhainn Smith
3 days ago


Kenny Smith
4 days ago

“… (m)any teachers are feeling let down by Indiana lawmakers because, despite dozens of teachers testifying in opposition, lawmakers passed bills that criminalize giving certain books to children, reduce teacher bargaining power and restrict the rights of transgender youth.

“‘When you ask about, you know, do teachers feel appreciated? A lot of it is, from whom? And it depends,’ he said. ‘When we talk about the legislative session, the answer is no.’”
#Indiana #teachers

Matt L
4 days ago

Been chatting with the #AI. Gave it a Year 6 #SATs question. Safe to say it wont be replacing #teachers or event planners anytime soon I don't think...

#bing #bingchat #bingchatai #bingchatbot #microsoft #AGI

Well, well, well, who'd have thought it: the #IMF (while suggesting the UK will avoid #recession but only 'enjoy' minimal growth in 2023), also recommends any improvement in the #publicfinances should be used to pay down #nationaldebt.

And guess what, #JeremyHunt 'approved' the wording of the report that no doubt he will now use as yet another aspect of his resistance to funding pay settlements for #nurses or #teachers, while also keeping the rest of the #publicsector under the cosh!

Angry Education Workers
5 days ago

We just released another recording from Class Power on Zero Hours! Listen to Layers of Organization Chapter 6 - Syndicalism 2.0 and the IWW Organizing Drive here:

#education #unions #teachers #libraries #museum #archives #syndicalism

The Progressive
6 days ago

"I taught myself to teach the history that was hidden from me. Year after year, my students want to know why it has been hidden from them."
- Margaret Rozga
#teachers #racialjustice #antiwoke

Alexis Perrier
6 days ago

#french public #schools have a huge problem with absent #teachers
So much they some parents are suing the government for failure to deliver aufficient public service
#onveutdesprofs = we want teachers
What a shame
#france #education

Jeff Moore
1 week ago

New episode of the School Ahead #podcast now available! Thoughts on #vulnerability in #education and #leadership in public #schools. Search and subscribe in your favorite podcast service, or visit below. #school #k12 #teaching #teacher #teachers #students @edutooter @edutooters

1 week ago

Study finds 90% of #Australian #teachers cannot afford to live where they teach:

1 week ago

If anyone is interested in music with a nostalgic element but still quite modern, please let me introduce you to Mansfield. Two of its members teach at our school and we are awfully proud of them 😃

#Mansfield #Music #Teachers

Ivan Milovanov
1 week ago

I began using #Mastodon recently. Its possibilities are new to me. I learn by tapping on options, researching, playing around & making mistakes.

As an #educator, I'm confronted with why people struggle with grasping the tech they use & lack basic scientific knowledge. It's no mere individual failing but a broader issue rooted in outdated systemic problems.

#Curiosity is learned, it needs stimulation & cultivation. Kudos to all #teachers who understand this & work towards solutions.


1 week ago

🇩🇪 Germany is looking for qualified #teachers!👩‍🏫

Learn more from the story of Aneta, a Polish working as a teacher in 🇩🇪.✈️ Be sure to also check out job opportunities for teachers in 🇩🇪!




Ian Mayer
1 week ago

A comprehensive guide for #coaches, #mentors & #teachers looking to market & promote #ebooks effectively
📚 📖 📒
This price includes: PDF & ePUB versions plus a FREE Personal Branding Guidelines Example
Buy now £8.99 👇

Michael Reeder LCPC
1 week ago

TITLE: OT: Librarians Face a New Penalty in the Banned-Book Wars: Prison

Thank you Dr. Pope

--- Forwarded ----

The Washington Post article:


Librarians could face years of imprisonment and tens of thousands in fines for providing sexually explicit, obscene or “harmful” books to children under new state laws...

At least seven states have passed such laws in the last two years, according to a Washington Post analysis, six of them in the past two months….

Another dozen states considered more than 20 similar bills this year, half of which are likely to come up again in 2024, The Post found.

Some of the laws impose severe penalties on librarians, who until now were exempted in almost every state from prosecution over obscene material — a carve-out meant to permit accurate lessons in topics such as sex education.


One example is an Arkansas measure that says school and public librarians, as well as teachers, can be imprisoned for up to six years or fined $10,000 if they distribute obscene or harmful texts. It takes effect Aug. 1.


Some educators and activists say the laws will forge a climate of fear among school librarians, spurring the censorship of books by and about LGBTQ individuals...

“It will make sure the only literature students are exposed to fits into a narrow scope of what some people want the world to look like,” said Keith Gambill, president of the teachers union in Indiana, one of the states that adopted obscenity laws. “This is my 37th year in education. I’ve never seen anything like this. … We are entering a very frightening period.”

Those on the political right, however, contend that the legislation is necessary...


“If teachers and librarians are scared to do their jobs,” [Idaho state Rep. Jaron Crane (R), who co-sponsored a bill this year] added, “that confirms the fact that there is indeed material in their libraries that is harmful to minors.”

In addition to Idaho and Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and Oklahoma enacted laws mandating fines or imprisonment, or both, for school employees and librarians. Tennessee has passed two measures, one that targets schools and another that targets book publishers or vendors selling to schools.


The Indiana law, signed by the governor in May, says school staffers can be forced to pay up to $10,000 or serve 2½ years in prison for providing obscene or harmful material to minors.

A 2022 Oklahoma law says school employees and public library staffers can be fined up to $20,000 or serve up to 10 years in prison for facilitating “indecent exposure to obscene material or child pornography.”

One of the Tennessee laws, passed this year, says book publishers, distributors and sellers can face up to six years in prison and up to $103,000 in fines for providing obscene matter to K-12 schools.

Library administrators across the country say the flood of obscenity laws are already instilling terror in librarians.

In Arkansas, a dozen librarians have sought help from Nate Coulter, executive director of the Central Arkansas Library System, worried they will be prosecuted once their state’s law takes effect this summer. Coulter said he promised legal support.

In Indiana, school librarians have begun removing books that deal with LGBTQ issues, sex, race and violence — sometimes of their own volition, sometimes at the direction of their principals….
And in Idaho, the mere introduction of legislation had an immediate effect... A day after Crane put forth an early version of his bill, the Idaho Association of School Administrators circulated a list of 25 titles lawmakers proposing library-related bills were most likely to find objectionable….


All 50 states maintain obscenity laws... But the vast majority adopted exemptions for schools, public libraries and museums in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s to ensure educators could provide full information to children on topics such as biology, health and sex education without facing expensive litigation, according to a research report from the advocacy group EveryLibrary.

Back then, lawmakers took it for granted that schools and libraries were not trying to disseminate “criminally harmful material,” said John Chrastka, executive director of EveryLibrary, which is tracking library obscenity laws.

“We are, as a country, at a very broken place right now,” he said. “We have a fundamental break in trust between some groups of society and the educational system.”

Ken Pope

Forwarded by:
Michael Reeder LCPC
Baltimore, MD

#lgbt #lgbtq #library #librarians #pornography #bannedbooks #psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy @psychotherapist @psychotherapists @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork @psychiatry #mentalhealth #psychiatry #culturewar #school #teachers

Robin Forlonge Patterson
1 week ago

#Teachers shouldn't rely on #AI checking tools ...
" I've fed stuff in that I have written personally and it has come back saying that AI has written it."

nonlinear banana
2 weeks ago

We need to transition to 100 percent project and interview based learning and assessment. This was probably true before #ChatGPT but is definitely true now. #teachers #Education

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 16 May: Homophobes Are Attacking a Florida Teacher For Showing a Disney Movie - There’s no movie less offensive than a Disney movie … unless you’re a bigot looking for things to b... #florida #strange-world #teachers

Queer Math Camp for Kids...Where They Don't Teach Math.
Actively Unwoke

There is a camp that is going to teach your kids "queer math" and they parents are not being told that their children are enrolled in it.

#SmashQueerTheory #LeaveThoseKidsAlone #Education #Teachers #RadicalFeminism #RadFem
Poetry News
2 weeks ago

One in five will soon be taxed to the max
A 40p rate is thought to be what is due
It's a huge rise from the 70s
That's teachers, nurses, others to choose

#incometax #teachers #nurses #tories #poetry

Workers declared a strike after the death of a sixty-year-old dockworker in Rosario as subway worker in Buenos Aires staged a rolling series of ...

Workers declared a strike after the death of a sixty-year-old dockworker in Rosario as subway worker in Buenos Aires staged a rolling series of strikes and social groups set a protest for May 18.
Workers Struggles: The Americas

Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

When the #students are not ready, imposters appear.

#NewAge: old wine, much diluted.

Strange, the power of the past—how our #spiritual ancestors become our future #teachers.
via @madrush
#spirituality #consciousness #art #philosophy #psychology #culture #religion #poetry #WritingCommunity #poetry #aiart #Tuesday #wisdom #education #life

2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff Maybe we should start holding the media to the standards we hold #teachers. Everyone who reads something published by a big media company should have to take a #StandardizedTest to see if the media informed them of anything useful, and if their audiences do poorly on the test then we take away any the publishers' copyrights and any other #CorporateWelfare

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
2 weeks ago

If you live in Southern Nevada and care about public schools, please consider becoming a candidate to replace #KatieWilliams as CCSD Trustee for District B. It's impossible to list all the reasons she should be replaced. Take a few minutes to Google her. She should not have been elected in the first place, but parents, #teachers and members of the community weren't aware of the attacks against #publiceducation that were to come. This article is just a snippet.

Map of Nevada Clark County School District B
The general secretaries of the National Education Union (NEU), Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), National Association of Head Teachers ...
Will teachers strike again? What we know about future school strikes, and the pay dispute explained
2 weeks ago

Surprise, surprise: OEA sells out Oakland teachers, ending their 9-day strike.

Deal opens doors to millions of dollars in budget cuts and school closures.

Median rent in Oakland is 70% of the starting wages for a pre-K teacher under the agreement.

#strike #union #oea #oakland #teachers #education #schools #children

2 weeks ago

I have added a personal experience to my review of "The Teachers" the most revealing and authentic view of teaching I have ever read. #teachers

Angry Education Workers
2 weeks ago

We put out another episode of our #podcast ! This is a recording of "Class Power on Zero-Hours" by the AngryWorkers political collective

#education #socialist #feminism #teachers #libraries #museum #archive

2 weeks ago

The Student Protesters Were Arrested.
The Man Who Got Violent in the Parking Lot Wasn’t.
#College students #arrested. A parking lot altercation. A retired #teacher waking up to a broken window.

Events at a school district in Conway, #Arkansas, illustrate the alarming trend of unrest at school board meetings across the country.

#School #SchoolBoards #Arrest #Police #Protest #Students #Teachers

How revolving door of teachers is wreaking havoc in TDSB | The Star #topoli #ontedu #TDSB #Teachers #Classroom #Toronto #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Marty Chan
3 weeks ago

I was busy with virtual visits for the last few weeks and fell down on my writing prompts. Here is this week's story prompt to help teachers motivate their kids to write.

Describe your dream birthday celebration.

#writingprompt #teachers #kidlit

3 weeks ago

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and maybe it's a bit hard on #teachers lately, in #Iowa, in general.

So let's shout out the amazing ones!

I'm collecting stories about your favorite Iowa teachers for a compilation. Can be past or present, anywhere in Iowa. DM/email/reply!

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

A steep drop in U.S. students' history and civics scores has educators concerned.

The 74, an education news site, unpacks this latest classroom worry with a collection of stories and profiles:

#Education #Teachers #History #Civics #Schools

Marc Whitaker
4 weeks ago

#SchoolShooting #GunViolence #Teachers

Fun fact: My school keeps one of these kits in every classroom to be prepared in case we're locked down due to an armed intruder with a military-style weapon.

That story about kitty litter in schools? It was true, but not for the reason the right wing wants people to believe. It's true because they insist on arming every nut for his personal armageddon. Is this the world anyone wants to live in?

Classroom lockdown toilet bucket contains:
1 – Portable Toilet in a 5-Gallon Bucket
1 – Toilet Paper Roll
100 – Wet Wipes
25 – Waste Bags
1 – Duct Tape
10 (Pairs) – Vinyl Gloves
1 – Blue Poly Tarp 5' x 7'
1 – Bucket of Cat Litter Absorbent
it's kat!
4 weeks ago

UK government: don't force teachers to out LGBT kids to their parents.
if you're a UK resident, please sign this petition & encourage a rethink of these dangerous proposals.
#LGBT #teachers #UK #schools

1 month ago


“OK, so today I got pulled into a ‘check-in meeting’ with my administrator at school, and she had this lovely list of concerns...

Included in the list is the concern that Sophie is “intentionally” teaching her third-grade students about their rights.

“But my favorite amongst them is, ‘We’ve noticed an intentional attempt at teaching your students about their legal and constitutional rights.’ That’s the concern,”

#Texas #Teachers #Teaching #Rights

Article by Neia Balao
Mon, April 24, 2023 at 3:04:58 PM EDT
Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

UK #teachers#strike dates: When and where are schools affected?

Kyle Memoir
1 month ago

@dancarkner This province could use a few more #PSW’s to protect lives as well. Where is the free #education and encouragement for them? How about #teachers, #doctors and #nurses? What about #paramedics and social workers? We could go on… Not to mention this is nothing but chum for tory voters trailing the Ford/Mafioso party yacht - municipalities have been allotted no more funding to add “boots on the ground” as Premier Corleone so ineptly put it - they can’t afford them. #onpoli

Miguel Guhlin
1 month ago

How Much Do #Teachers Get Paid? See New State-By-State Data

the national average teacher salary for the 2022-23 school year is $68,469—a 2.6 percent increase from the previous year. But when adjusted for inflation, teachers are, on average, making $3,644 less than they did 10 years ago

***Dave Hill
1 month ago

It's not enough to prevent kids from being taught " #woke" concepts like #racism exists or that #LGBTQ people deserve to be treated like human beings, #Alabama's governor wants to be sure that #teachers don't get taught that either, and she'll fire anyone who gets in her way.

Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

She didn’t think she’d last a year; now she’s the nation’s top teacher.

An inspiring profile from The 74, a nonprofit news organization covering U.S. education:

#Education #Teaching #Teachers

The #RishiSunak, #JeremyHunt position is the #Nurses, #JuniorDoctors & #Teachers #strikes cannot be ended by meeting their demands as it's all too costly (ignoring of course, the years of capped pay rises already);

but as Stuart Hoddinot points out in this analysis for @instituteforgov actually the 'unaffordability' position is a political choice, belied by a range of possible trade-offs available to the Govt. should it choose to actually try to settle the disputes!

The Progressive
1 month ago

The service workers’ big win adds momentum to what teachers are demanding in their current contract negotiations.
@SEIU @UTLAnow @LASchools
#unions #teachers #strikes #psa

Democracy Matters :verified:
1 month ago

More #GOP wrongheadedness... Teachers should boycott.

#GunControl #Teachers #Indiana

Indiana lawmakers advance bill to fund voluntary handgun training for teachers

Today #ChristineLegarde (Herad of the ECB) suggested the continuing tensions between China & the US will likely disrupt #supplychains of critical sectors & drive global #inflation up further.

But, hold on, that can't be right, surely as #RishiSunak, #JeremyHunt & the #BoE are telling us its unreasonable demands for fair pay by #Teachers & #Nurses that are behind the UK's inflation!

The classwar behind the #Tories pay 'negotiations' set into a global policy context.


1 month ago

@therealnews #teaching #teachers are the future world

Jeff Moore
1 month ago

A question for my #education friends … The sociology of #teaching leads to informal networks of communication within #schools. These networks are more powerful than formal ones because #teachers choose to rise from their isolation to participate in them. Mission-aligned conversation has to advance as well, but seems stuck in weaker formal channels. How do we fix this? Shared decision-making? Other thoughts?

Bronwyn Harris
1 month ago

Literally Unbelievable: Stories from an East Oakland Classroom is available on #kindleunlimited! Also paperback and audiobook!

#indiebooks #authorsofmastodon #oakland #teachers

1 month ago

Collapsing Roofs, Broken Toilets, Flooded Classrooms: Inside the Worst-Funded Schools in the Nation

#Idaho spends less on #schools per student than any other state.

#Kids are sweating, freezing and struggling to learn.

Co-published with Idaho Statesman

#Students #Education #Teachers #School

Inverse Phase
1 month ago

Ok I know this is probably at least a year old, but I just saw it and I'm laughing pretty hard. #teachers #students #school #indoctrinating #indoctrination

Patrick Stewart
1 month ago

I was having a hard time yesterday, so I reached out to an old teacher of mine for advice. He was very helpful, but not in the way you might think. So I wrote about it.

This Is What Happens When You Ask a Teacher for Advice

#teachers #help #writing @writing @taoism #philosophy #medium

Gnomic Heresy
2 months ago

If you know any #trans #students who need safe and understanding academic help, I run a private discord server with #teachers who can help in a variety of subjects. I check new members before admitting them to keep students safe.

If you're a #teacher who cares about #LGBTQ young people and can commit to respecting them while providing academic help, I'm seeking volunteers!

Sara Hjelm
2 months ago

Good Morning …
Only 1 post added in this collection of searchable edu links this Easter Sunday👇🏻

Thank you @bennewmark for a reminder as many head back to work next week❣️
(& to @thebandb for an extra why…)

Take it easy today & please spread & RT‼️

@edutooters #Education #teachers #EduTooters #school #teaching #skol

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
2 months ago

Teachers! Plastic Free Lunch Day is April 19 and your school can get a link to a free viewing of Microplastic Madness. (Psst! There are short videos and some useful information on reducing plastic for everyone on the Resource page.)

Resources for Plastic Free Lunch Day:

Link to free movie:

#Teachers #Schools #PlasticFree

Text: If every school in the US reduces just 2 pieces of plastic per school lunch each day we can eliminate 10 BILLION pieces of plastic per school year!
Gnomic Heresy
2 months ago

#teachers for #transrights: I'm putting together a Discord server to help #trans youth who are unable to be safe at their #school or who are #homeschooling because they can't be safe in their schools. I'm a former teacher (History, English, Makerspace) and current #progressive #homeschool parent and I'm looking for other teachers who are willing to volunteer their time to offer safe homework support. Those of us starting out on this project will work together to come up with moderation policies and safety agreements. We want to make this as accessible as possible while keeping it safe for learners and teachers.

Why did #teachers overwhelmingly reject the Govt.s anemic pay offer?

Could if be something to do with 1 in 3 teachers skipping meals to 'make ends meet' or the 1 in 5 who have had to take on a #secondjob?

The appalling state of pay & conditions in #education, again shows that the crisis in education is directly related to its defunding.

Teachers know a unfunded pay offer is just a way to try & blame them for future cuts!


Drea and Team
2 months ago

Thanks so much to all the participants in our
Spring Art Share session.
(((You Rock!!)))

Okay Kids. Play nice while I'm away. No burning the house
or fediverse down, please.

Our ed team volunteers will be back after spring break
with new reports
ed resources
data & tools
for #teachers
and #lifelonglearners.

Never stop Dreaming Exploring Learning and Growing! 📚 😊

2 months ago

♪ What the world, needs now, is hammers, more hammers..

it's going round w/out #Alt4You on it.
#Teachers #Student #NRA #Logic #CriticalThinking #FigureItOut #Note #YouCanDoIt #Hammer #AltText

"I have a student in my class that keeps hitting other kids with a hammer over and over. 
I can't get anything done and the other kids are hurt, and they hate it."
"Have you tried taking the hammer away from that student?"
"No, no, it's not the hammer's fault. Everyone knows that kids have 
the right to have hammers! I want to buy a bunch of hammers
and give them to all the other students so no one will ever
 have any problems with hammers again"
"More hammers will definitely fix everything, for sure"

California teacher Larry Lexicon talks with his students about “the bucket.” The bucket is becoming a standard fixture in classrooms. It’s a survival kit for active-shooter lockdowns.

Instead of regulating guns America is manufacturing tools like the bucket and bulletproof backpacks as defense mechanisms. This fuckery is unfathomable. What a shit show.

More on Larry:

#Guns #Shooting #SchoolShooting #Teachers #Schools #America #ActiveShooter #Idiocracy #FuckGuns

Sarah Greene
2 months ago

Last week I uploaded full instructions to demo 'Ocean Acidification in a Test Tube' 🌊🌈🧪 to University Geoscience UK's new teaching resources portal:

If you have Earth sciences teaching materials that might be useful for schoolteachers, do consider uploading and sharing here:

#oceanacidification #climate #climatechange #carboncycle #oceans #geoscience #geology #earthscience #science #teaching #teachers #classroom

Background: a blue/green sphere representing the Earth, one quarter of which is enlarged and shows the layers from the earth's surface to the interior. 
In front of the image the text reads Geoscience/Earth Science (horizontally) and Geology (vertically)
Debra Wexler
2 months ago

Hello #education friends. This is a great opportunity for three #teachers to take a free summer roadtrip where they'd meet and learn from people leading the way with effective family engagement practices, and ultimately be featured in a documentary film. Please spread the word — applications are due on April 16.


#5yrsago Trump administration will require every visitor to the USA to divulge all social media identities

#5yrsago Facebook deathwatch: a decade ago, it was impossible to imagine the fall of #Myspace

#5yrsago #Oklahoma #teachers walk out, sensing weakness from GOP legislators who caved on taxing the oil industry


2 months ago

#GCompris, KDE's fun suite of educational activities, has just released version 3.2! Get it now and enjoy improved activities like "Discover the International Morse code", "Control the hose-pipe" and music activities; and it's available in 36 languages.

#education #school #kids #activities #teachers #pupils

Baby Puzzle activity showing a picture of a toy steam engine and several carriages the child has to drag into a marked place.
Baby Puzzle activity showing a picture of a car and different pieces (windshield, headlights, etc) the child has to place on the car
This image shows the cards with the new graphics used in the memory game activity.
The control the hosepipe activity shows a fireman trying to put out a fire. The child has to move the mouse cursor within the pipe