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Assurance Consultant
#Bangalore, Karnataka

Employment Type Permanent

Closing Date 25 June 2023 11:59pm

Job Title Assurance C...

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Assurance Consultant
#Bangalore, Karnataka

Employment Type Permanent

Closing Date 23 June 2023 11:59pm

Job Title Assurance C...

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3 weeks ago

Wondering if anybody with a background in telephone tech can explain to me if there is any reason why phone companies cannot block, or at least flag, spoofed phone numbers. I feel that it would go a long way towards reducing phone-based scamming.

If they can't be blocked just put a flag on such calls that I can then set a block on in my phone settings. If I think that somebody that I want to hear from, that might use spoofed numbers, say telemarketing people, then I could choose to not block them. (Hint: that will never, ever happen.)

My ongoing assumption is that the phone companies are somehow making money from the spoofing process, and are willing to put up with their clients being scammed in order to keep doing so. Any one know a different explanation?

#scams #telephony #optus #telstra #NotRocketSurgery #JustSaying

Bruce Davie
3 weeks ago

Welcome to the national “broadband” network from Exmouth, WA #nbn #telstra

Simon Elvery
4 weeks ago

I'm in a curious situation with #internet availability. I'm in an area that is supplied *not* by #NBN Co, but by a private fibre network. This network used to be owned by #Telstra (#Velocity), but has been sold to #Ubiquiti (#Opticomm). But the transition has be so badly stuffed up it looking like it'll be a full year overdue before our building is cut over to the new network.

And at the conclusion of it all, we'll probably still be stuck on an inferior network that's poorly regulated.

1 month ago

Haha. The talking clock is back!

#telstra #hellstra

Justin at Ecoscore
1 month ago

Friday night trivia quiz.
Which Australian #musician has preserved the #Telstra #talkingclock by creating this web page? Telstra's went offline in 2019. #music

2 months ago

Ok. Time for a rant about #Telstra. After receiving a letter from #NBN which stated my property can now upgrade from Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) to Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), I checked the Telstra website. Good news, according to the website, my property is eligible for a free upgrade to FTTP. So far so good. Selected the option on the website to message Telstra regarding the upgrade - it didn't work. Then, using the Telstra app, managed to contact a support officer. I was then asked to call a technician to arrange the installation. I called the relevant number. The technician asked a number of questions, one of which was: am I a Priority Assist customer? I was thinking great, I will be given priority service. I was wrong. Priority Assistance customers are ineligible for the upgrade. The reason given is that there is an undefined period during the upgrade in which phone calls are not available. I would understand that if I had not been previously promised by the priority assist team that I would be provided with a satellite phone if the NBN was offline for any reason. The technician stated that the satellite phone is not reliable, especially in poor weather. This would not be a major concern to me if I was not living in a mobile blackspot. So, I was then advised that I could remove the priority assistance, get the installation done, and then go through the full reapplication process including medical for priority assistance. Complaint filed with the TIO and Federal MP.

Sly Gryphon
2 months ago

Using an #ipv6 only mobile #iot network and want to connect to #azure #iothub? Not a problem if you have a carrier like #telstra (Australia) that supports #nat64, as in my recent blog article using the #nordic #thingy91

Anthony Truskinger
2 months ago

Just got a #scam call claiming to be #telstra. They told my IP was changed from private to public in the last few days. I asked to call them back to verify they're from Telstra and they gave me the real Telstra support number! Wild.

Mike Stevens :ohno:
2 months ago

So, #Telstra. They moved me to their new system recently, which takes an automatic upfront payment on a fixed date each month. The new system doesn't communicate with the old system, so instead of touching the $160 I had in credit with the old system, their new system hit my credit card for 70 bucks over the weekend. Did they think about this likelihood and include automated cross-system credit transfers, or an automated refund, ahead of the switch? Noooo. Why would they do that? That's not the MVP way! Twats.

Alex Kidman
2 months ago

Optus has just added a $5/day global roaming deal for customers... but is that your best value bet when travelling? I crunched the numbers here:

#Optus #Travel #Telstra #Vodafone #roaming #MobilePlans

Whatever happened to people taking pride in their work? People trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability?

People wanting to provide an exceptional service for their customers?

The levels of incompetence and lack of professionalism that I am seeing on a daily basis leave me gasping for breath.

I just can't understand why people just don't give a fuck about their jobs any more.

#Telstra, #Foxtel, #ASUS, #LG_Australia, #auspost, #BupaAustralia, #EnergyAustralia

to name and shame but a few.

Tom Andraszek
3 months ago

When your mobile phone is not working or lost, in #Australia you can use a #Telstra #PublicPhone for free. There are two that I know of in #Coomera: one at the train station and another near the servo on the corner of Foxwell and Finnegan. You can call, send an SMS, or maybe even email in the future (not implemented yet).

Telstra phone booth
The phone
Instructions how to use

I am convinced that the only purpose for the #Telstra support chat "facility" (for want of a better word) is to simply waste customers' time and not actually provide any sort of a resolution.

Their agents are unhelpful, don't read what you have told them, & are painfully slow.

Brand new IQ5 box delivered today. Refused to connect to WIFI. The best that their disrespectful agent could do is to tell me to do what I had already told them that I had done.

A half dozen times. 😖

They obviously failed (or refused) to read my initial post.

They tell you to call a PermaHold number ... So that you can wait for an even longer time. ☹️

The whole purpose of having the chat facility is so that you can have issues addressed WITHOUT having to call them.

Talk about a massive failure here.


3 months ago

#Telstra 's 5G home internet just got fucked. okay.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 months ago

Thanks PTO,

We honestly had no idea our choices were so limited. Is it at least #openSource and locked?

There is such an appearance of choice on shelves. A friend told us tecenty that #Alcatel, who make a #Telstra range here, use a CPU called #MediaTek which is hostile to #FOSS.

Its sad to see the #fosstility in the world.

If and only if #Librem5 are #closedSource, what about #Microsoft, don't they :heart: #openSource?


Zate 🦘🇦🇺
3 months ago

Whoever built the auth into the #telstra mobile needs to read a book on oidc, webauthn, key attestation and how to correctly use biometric auth on a mobile device. Not only is the auth slow and fragile but I am sick to death off relogging in. Sometimes it uses my fingerprint, sometimes it prompts me for my pin code and sometimes it asks me to relogin with username and password. #australia

Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
3 months ago


> Error! This site is experiencing difficulties. Please try again later.

It's not just TMobile that's falling over.

Actually it reminds me of the day #Telstra had a fire in one of their switching centres in Sydney -- knocked mobile phones out right around the country.

Zate 🦘🇦🇺
3 months ago

I think my expectations on how well services work and how useful customer service is, need to be drastically lowered here in Australia.

#qantas has lost my bags yet again. No one can help me.
#telstra can't keep their authentication service functioning.
#aussiebroadband are confused about setting up a new service.

Holy shit, get it together.

I've recently shifted from #vodafone to #telstra and out of the blue I'm getting inundated with SMS #spam like never before. No other changes. Is this a thing I needed to consider? #australia

Tim Richards
4 months ago

Walking through Melbourne Airport, Telstra texted me with a link about roaming access rates. Bit creepy. How did it know where I was, and how do I turn that off? (It doesn’t appear to be the My Telstra app, location services are off on that.)

#Telstra #Privacy #Telecommunications

5 months ago

#TIL that public payphones in #Australia have been free to use since 2021.

For that, #Telstra receives annually $253 million to deliver standard telephone services and $44 million to deliver payphones.

Do not forget to carry some disinfectant with you if intending on using one, though 😂

Three Telstra public payphones.
Kris Howard
5 months ago

Any #iphone experts around? Halp please! #telstra switched my mobile SIM to my old number last week, which is awesome. However, FaceTime and iMessage are not so accommodating. They steadfastly refuse to change the number. I've tried everything I could find by googling. I have the correct number associated in iCloud; I have turned the phone off/on multiple times (both with/without the SIM inside); I have turned FaceTime and iMessage off/on multiple times as well with varying wait times in between. Nothing works. Any advice? Is a factory reset my only option?

Mike Stevens :ohno:
5 months ago

Yessssss. I've been waiting for a date! This is absolutely my next phone. My #S21U is still a great phone even now, but it's always annoyed me that it's an Exynos model instead of the #Snapdragon. The #S22 has Snapdragon here in Australia, but there wasn't anything else about the phone worth upgrading for. S23, especially with the 200mp camera, will be much more appealing for me I think. 🤞 (Plus I'm pretty sure #Telstra will be giving away a #GalaxyWatch 5 with it 😂)

The #Samsung #GalaxyS23 will likely be announced on February 1st - #TheVerge

Jake Coppinger
5 months ago

Max Bo, a software engineer at Canva, wrote this brilliant analysis of how many #QMS advertising panels are next to a #Telstra payphone in Sydney using #OpenStreetMap data!

Of the 143 QMS panels, 61 (43%) are less than 7 meters away from a telephone.

#sydney #advertising #adtech #cityofsydney #cos #opendata #geospatial

5 months ago

I will keep posting this at appropriate times. It's great #Telstra is acknowledging that #AustraliaDay on 26 Jan may not be a day staff want to take a day off. BUT it doesn't have to be that date.

Look at this - it shows the different Aust Day dates. So, change the date!


Memorabilia showing that Australia Day was commemorated on different dates.
Roquefort Bloom
5 months ago

Yesterday I received a spam call on my landline (yes, still got it) at 6.30pm in the middle of dinner prep.

Person who rang said he was "Eric from Telstra", offered to make sure my account would not be closed over Christmas, IF I provided him with my full name, birthday, address & bank details.

I told him off mockingly & laughed.

He then told me I shouldn't be so impolite and my blood just boiled:
~He rang me at dinnertime.
~Lied he was Eric from Telstra (patently wasn't).
~Tried to scam me out of what small amount of $ I have.
~TOLD ME I WAS IMPOLITE to HIM! (diddums...)

So I let him know just how impolite I was capable of being after which I dared him to ring again, screamed into the phone as loudly as I could & hung up.

I hope he got the message.


Mike Stevens :ohno:
5 months ago

Haha. Thought I might look at getting the kids an #iPad Mini with my #Telstra reward points. Love how the difference between 9500 points and 50,000 points is $120.

Weird. I have an iPhone 6+ with an OVO (Optus) SIM; swapped it for my wife's spare ZTE Blade Android that used a Telstra SIM but was unlocked. She hates Android with a passion (don't @ me).

I put my OVO SIM in the ZTE and it refused to make or receive phone calls. The data side of things worked perfectly – Internet, SMS, MMS, etc. so the IMEA registered via the SIM in the network OK – just no phone calls in or out. If it wasn't for the fact that SMS/MMS worked, I would think that the number wasn't accepted. 🤷‍♂️

Switched to our failsafe – an ancient iPhone 5 – and everything works as expected. Guess I'm stuck with that now. A shame, 'cause I kinda prefer Android.

Still, the old iPhone 5 works well as a phone and is nice and solid, if a bit small. 🫤

#Telstra #OVO #Optus #Mobile

Rex Burdon
5 months ago

Interesting (worrying) that the CEO at Telstra during the time they ‘accidentally published’ the details of 130,000 people is now leading Australia’s cybersecurity taskforce. #auspol #telstra

6 months ago

I’m no expert, but I think “database misalignment” is IT for “we fucked up”?

#Telstra #Databreach #Australia #sysadmin

Gregory Opera 🇦🇺
6 months ago

@projectgus You’re getting #fiber ? I live on the Gold Coast and not does our area not have #fibre , but it’s apparently not expected to get it in the foreseeable future… Also, I wouldn’t get too excited - the only good thing I can say about the #NBN since they “upgraded” us is that I can use somebody other than #Telstra as an #ISP. There is quite literally nothing else positive I can say about the slow and unreliable #broadband network known as the NBN. #GoldCoast #Australia #NBNCo

6 months ago

#Telstra is the largest telecommunications company in #Australia.

They have leaked the details of about 130,000 customers by putting them online by their own mistake. This included names, addresses and phone numbers.

According to #Telstra, it was 'a result of the misalignment of databases', whatever that means. 🤔

They are still working on fixing the issue.

Alex Kidman
6 months ago

This week's ep of Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech news dives deep into the NBN... again. We've been covering this one a long, long time, and this week I'm joined by @adam_turner and Nick Ross to dive into what the planned write-down will mean for prices, plans and speeds on Australian broadband networks!

#podcast #NBN #Australia #Telstra #broadband

Alex Kidman
6 months ago

New review time, both written and in video form, as I take on the Orbic Tab 8 4G. It's very inexpensive for a tablet, but is that the same thing as good value? There was only one way to find out.

#Tablet #Android #Orbic #Telstra #Review

Orbic Tab 8 4G being handheld
Alex Kidman
6 months ago

It's new Podcast day! In this week's Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News, I chat with @adam_turner and Angus Kidman about the surprising downturn in consumer complaints about telco services in Australia and how the face of Australian online shopping, even for supermarkets is rapidly changing (and why you should fly to Melbourne to get Ice Cream out of a locker). Give it a listen and subscribe today!

#Podcast #ConsumerRights #OnlineShopping #Amazon #eBay #Australia #TIO #Telstra #Optus #Vodafone #TPG

A supermarket trolley in a supermarket.
Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 year ago

We don't watch #tv but we've had reports that an #ad shows #foodStalls with signs CASH ONLY. The young couple finally find a #foodStall that accepts #smartphone payment. Slogan: 'You don't need #Australia's best network, until you do. ~ #Telstra"

Every. Damn. AdBreak.

And you know they're not suggesting #bitcoinCore wallets.

We're being taken for a ride and need to get serious. They really are taking us for #absoluteFools now.

#CBDC #neoFeudalism #technoFascism #cashlessSociety #surveillance

Semi news bot of the Fedi
4 years ago

Google Home speakers can now make mobile calls, starting in Australia #voice-activatedcalling #googlehome #telstra #mobile #gear