Jordi Cabot
3 days ago

A GitHub template repository with best practices to kick-start your new project

#GitHub #template #repository #opensource #sustainability #governance #contributing #citation #funding

6 days ago

Introducing PixWork’s Easy-to-Use Magazine Template: A Seamless Design Experience in Adobe InDesign: #template

TSM at Work
1 week ago

I spent too much time today trying to imitate the #corporate #slide deck #template with #orgmode and #revealjs. Mostly on fighting against the images on the title slide and getting them to end up just so. (And mostly failing.) There’s a reason I’m not paid to #html or #css.

On the other hand, I can easily get such slide decks to look like they actually belong in this company, so banging out a minimally-acceptable #presentation should be pretty easy.

2 weeks ago

Trivial Pursuit – API MarkDown (2)

Fasst drei Jahre nach dem ersten Beitrag zum eigenen API MarktDown ergibt sich ein zweiter Beitrag zum Thema. Bei der Durchsicht der eigenen Projekte fiel auf, dass in dem Projekt rest-markdown-plugin noch immer FreeMarker als Template-Engine verwendet

#Bibliotheken #Java #AsciiDoc #Asciidoctor #CongoCC #FreeMarker #FreshMarker #Java #JavaCC21 #MarkDown #OpenApi #Template #TemplateEngine

3 weeks ago

First impressions of #latte #php #template 💗 love it!

Having worked with Smarty, Twig, Blade, it's so refreshing to (nearly) not have to learn another syntax - Latte basically uses PHP expressions. And it's nice not to need to worry about getting the correct encoding to safely output attributes, html, javacsript - it's context aware, so
<a href="{$url}">{$linkText}</a>
just works, as does
const url={$url};

Using it in #processWire #openSource CMF

3 weeks ago

15+ Free TYPO3 Templates For Your TYPO3 Website!

Explore our collection of 15+ free TYPO3 templates that will elevate the design and functionality of your TYPO3 website. From sleek and modern to elegant and professional, find the perfect template to enhance your online presence effortlessly.

Read blog :

#freetemplate #template #php #Template #TYPO3 #Blog

3 weeks ago

Elevate Your Business Plan Presentations with PixWork’s Adobe InDesign Template: #adobe #template

3 weeks ago
1 month ago

Create Eye-Catching Magazines with this Fully Customizable InDesign Template: #magazine #template #adobe

1 month ago

Mehr Zeit mit FreshMarker

Einer der Gründe für die Entwicklung der FreshMarker Bibliothek, war die fehlende Unterstützung der Java Time API in FreeMarker. Daher existierte schon in der ersten Implementierung neben der Unterstützung für java.util.Date, java.sql.Date und java.sql.Time auch eine Unterstützung f

#BestPractices #Bibliotheken #Java #Format #FreeMarker #FreshMarker #Java #LocalDate #LocalTime #Template #Template-Engine

Deniz Opal
1 month ago

Hey web developers.

I have been defaulting to Bootstrap templates whenever I need a web site for almost a decade now.

I can do the rest of the stack myself just need it to look pretty on the front end.

Is Bootstrap still valid or am I being a dinosaur.

#Bootstrap #Javascript #html #template #webdev #programming

Mark McElroy
1 month ago

It feels like it should be easier to embed a #random page or block in an #Obsidian page than it is.

There should be something I could type into a #template of my #DailyNote, for example, that renders as an embedded random page. (Even better -- a random block from a specified page.)

Do y'all know a way to do this?

DAT :loading:
1 month ago

Gerade 2200 Zeichen #Markdown für ein #Template in #HomeAssistant getippt…

Nur um dann festzustellen dass das _richtig_ scheiße aussieht, solange ich die Tabelle nicht irgendwie mit CSS oder so dazu bringen kann auf die ganze verfügbare Breite auszudehnen.


Tabelle in sehr breiter HomeAssistant-Spalte, ganz an den Rand gequetscht
Elias Häußler :typo3:
1 month ago

Happy release day 🎉

With today's release of #TYPO3 12.4 LTS, our project builder #template is also ready and waiting for all your shiny new TYPO3 12.4 projects to be built 🚀

$ composer create-project cpsit/project-builder

1 month ago

Create a Professional CV with the Help of Roverto Castillo’s Resume Template for Adobe InDesign: #resume #cv #template

2 months ago

T3 Interior - A Modern Real Estate TYPO3 Template

The T3 Interior template is a splendid & modern solution for a newly built apartment complex, office center, or rent house. Even without coding knowledge, users can easily present their work and create an impressive website thanks to the TYPO3 interior template's user-friendly interface. T3 Interior comes up with splendid & modern solutions.

Explore more at:

#Template #typo3 #interior

2 months ago

2. ma c'è anche un comodo #template su #itwiki che si chiama Mappa OSM e permette vari tipi di visualizzazioni: qui sotto per punti, simile a quello precedente, con la legenda preimpostata

mappa OpenStreetMap visualizzata su Wikipedia con segnalati i punti di interesse del centro storico di Busto Arsizio
2 months ago

Nell'ultimo mese, dopo la gita al Museo archeologico di #Monterenzio, ho caricato varie foto scattate sia al museo che nei siti archeologici del Monte Bibele. Adesso mi sono messa a smanettare sulla visualizzazione dei siti archeologici su mappa #OpenStreetMap e ho scoperto dei #template interessanti

2 months ago
2 months ago

I've started creating a minimalist template for @framer.

Makes me realize that working with type and subtle animations on the web is still what I enjoy the most.

I'll probably release the template this week or next.
Is there anything you'd like to see in it?

#framer #template

2 months ago

Telephone Support für FreshMarker

Hat man eine Idee implementiert, dann ist die nächste oft nicht weit. Die Telephone Bibliothek kann nun schon mit Telefonnummern und Rufnummernblöcken umgehen und bietet Unterstützung für Bean Validation und Jackson. In diesem Beitrag kommt der Support d

#AusdemLeben #Bibliotheken #Java #FreeMarker #FreshMarker #Java #Rufnummernblock #Telefonnummer #Telephone #Template #Template-Engine

2 months ago

Are there any #Notion users that would be interesting in beta testing a #template for me?

The template plans to be a Digital HQ of sorts.

Key selling points:
- Full workspace
- Minimal
- Manage internal and external projects
- Great for teams, freelancers, or individuals.

#NotionHQ #NotionTemplate #BetaTest

2 months ago

Download an interactive portfolio template that helps you to showcase your creative work in the best possible way: #portfolio #template

Erik ✅
2 months ago

Portainer V2 Templates for Selfhosted Projects/Homelabs

This is a template focused on helping people spin up selfhosted services using Portainer

#docker #portainer #selfhosting #template

Josiah Winslow
2 months ago

I'm finally using the #template tag for its intended purpose: HTML templates!

Instead of defining the contents of these modals in #JavaScript, I'm defining them in #HTML and accessing them with JavaScript when needed. Separation of concerns FTW 😎

#webdev #wevdevelopment

<template id="template-random-post"
  data-header="Enter Mastodon Instance">
  Enter the URL of a Mastodon instance. You can also leave the input field blank to use a random instance from a
  curated list.
<div class="input-row">
  <input id="input-instance" type="text"
      placeholder="Enter Mastodon instance link..."
  <button id="button-instance">
    <i class="bi bi-patch-question-fill"></i>
    <span>Surprise Me!</span>
<p>If the Trends API is supported for that instance, a random trending post will be loaded.</p>
  As Twitter has no direct equivalent to Mastodon's Trends API, this functionality is not supported for Twitter.

<div id="template-buttons">
  <button>Never mind</button>

<template id="template-generate-image"
  data-header="Pelican Image Generated"
<p>Your pelican has been generated!</p>
  <div class="figure-img-container">
    <img id="generated-image">
    Right-click on the image (or hold down on the image on mobile).
    Then press Save Image to save it to your device.

<div id="template-buttons">
  <button data-focus>Done</button>
  <button data-onclick=";">
    <i class="bi bi-image-fill"></i>
    <span>Add Background</span>
A modal box on, which reads as follows:

Enter Mastodon Instance
Enter the URL of a Mastodon instance. You can also leave the input field blank to use a random instance from a curated list.
[An input field with the text "".] [A button with a question-mark icon and the text "Surprise Me!".]
If the Trends API is supported for that instance, a random trending post will be loaded.
As Twitter has no direct equivalent to Mastodon's Trends API, this functionality is not supported for Twitter.
[A button with the text "Never mind".]
A modal box on, which reads as follows:

Pelican Image Generated
Your pelican has been generated!
[An edited Mastodon post on top of a background image.]
Right-click on the image (or hold down on the image on mobile).
Then press Save Image to save it to your device.
[A button with the text "Done".]
Peter Kraume :typo3:
2 months ago

Funny that I got boosts and stars for my question yesterday regarding #HTML #template markets but no recommendations.
So far I know about these services:
I'd really like to know about your experiences about these or any other market.

Lewis Westbury 💛💙🌱
3 months ago

I've updated the MVP rocketship template. If you want to build a #serverless #API on #AWS and protect it with #Cognito, you're welcome to duplicate and tinker with this template repository.


I've been using it for a while now and upstreamed some improvements today including test scripts to exercise your endpoints, and support for browser-based clients that need #CORS headers.

#APIGateway #Lambda #DynamoDb #DotNet #SAM #template #development #devops

A diagram illustrating several lambda functions, each with access to a database; all behind an API gateway, which has access to an auth service. A web app and mobile app both have access to the API Gateway and auth service, too.
Riki :jollyroger:
3 months ago
3 months ago

You can download this portfolio presentation template for free with an Adobe Stock trial subscription: #adobe #template

💾 "Recommended" Web Badges

This #finished template is a #Photoshop file that helps you create high-resolution web badges, that should still look good if you scale them down. You can easily replace the text and images. Their style is inspired by the old Netscape Now badges you used to see way back when.

It's just something I threw together while thinking about how I might attempt to present some of my very old websites. Even if I uploaded them, modern browsers might not display them right because they sometimes used weird old plugins or non-standard browser features. I'm not sure that would be worth the hassle for anybody.

💾 Download:

#Wip #Webdev #Template #Indieweb #project_WebsiteBadges #By_Humbird0

Netscape Recommended
Flash Required
Mac OS9 Recommended
Inspired by the style of the old "Netscape Now" badges

💾 I don't know what I expected...

This #finished meme-template is a photoshop file that enables you replace his text and what is on the bag.

💾 Download:

#Template #Photoshop #DeadDove #Meme #project_MemeTemplates #By_Humbird0

The famous scene from Arrested Development, that spawned this meme
Geert Bevin
3 months ago

Immediately start coding your #RIFE2 #Java #web #application with this #tutorial of the #bootstrap GitHub project, including a primer of the #template engine and deployment possibilities.

4 months ago

Kennt ihr das auch, dass ihr nach dem #Update auf die nächste Version des #CMS (hier #Joomla) und notwendigem neuem #Template in einen #Rausch bei der #Neugestaltung der #Webseite verfallt 🤔

Seitdem ich meine Webseite auf #Joomla4 geupdated habe und dazu ein neues Template gebraucht habe, bastle ich fast in jeder freien Minute an neuen #Features und am #Design.

Meine custom.css hat inzwischen 722 Zeilen, wobei ein Großteil auf die Einführung eines #DarkMode geht.

ganitzsh :neovim:
4 months ago

Just sharing my boilerplate to get a GraphQL up and running easily with codegen and TypeScript

It's based on what I usually end up rewriting often, it won't fit the bill for everyone but I think it's worth sharing.

How do you manage your boilerplates in different language?

#boilerplates #api #microservices #sharing #github #template

4 months ago

The #template engine is flexible and powerful; it was designed specifically for #pandoc. Features include
• interpolation,
• partials (for modularization),
• conditionals,
• loops,
• text layouting utils, and
• simple text modifications.

4 months ago

Need a #template engine?
Why not #pandoc?

Template (a.txt):
Hello from ${place}!

pandoc --template=a.txt -V place='Decapod 10' /dev/null

Hello from Decapod 10!

4 months ago

#sfml 2.6 gettinig closer - there is a #cmake project #template and others - fresh #news :)

Michael Dorner
4 months ago

I nominate IEEEcsmag as the worst LaTeX template in software engineering research publishing in 2023! And, of course, the template is not open source, so the users could possibly fix the issues themselves. ❤️ #ieee #latex #template

4 months ago

A #shortcut #template for the creators out there. How to implement a VCF menu structure with a back function. On first run the button doesn’t show, but when a option is chosen it remembers the menu where it was previously. Allowing the user to go back one step. Download ( ) #Shortcuts #shortcutsapp #ShortcutsUserGroup #Apple

jbz :catjam:
5 months ago

「 Perspectives on security
I always like to read about major safety incidents in the aviation industry. One of the inspiring things about aviation safety is the level of effort put in to what can be described as “problem class elimination”. In other words, when a serious accident occurs (or even just almost occurs), the industry doesn't just say “don't do that again” but tries to find ways to systematically eliminate the entire class of problem which has been discovered 」
#html #template #webdev

jbz :catjam:
5 months ago

「 Attempting to use a string templating system to generate a language with formally defined syntax is fundamentally hazardous as a string template language doesn't know how to represent a template variable in the target language, and, due to the frequent need for escaping, a naive representation may be wrong 」

#html #template #webdev

5 months ago

I guess a workaround would be is to look at the request and determine if I return formatted / translated #JSON or the #HTML of a rendered #Twig #template. That would work, but wonder if you can do it somewhat "magical".

Levia Draconia :mastocheck:
5 months ago

Haven't done one of these in ages. A new free template is available here:
Hab schon lange nicht mehr an sowas gearbeitet. Hier gibt es ein neues kostenloses Template:

#free #template #digitalart #adopt #photoshop #MastoArt #art

stylized ichthyosaurus & elasmosaurus 
Stylisierter Ichthyosaurus & Elasmosaurus
Colin aka ManiacalV
5 months ago

Here's a light 2 up #template that you can #print, ink and #color to look like your own #cat.

Colin aka ManiacalV
5 months ago

Here's the evolution of the #Chonky Cat #template that you can #print out and #color to look like your #cat

Lewis Westbury 💛💙🌱
5 months ago

💥 Tiny blog post: The Rocketship Template 🚀

It's a simple template repository for a basic #serverless application API. The #SAM template contains a number of #Lambda functions with access to a #DynamoDb table. These are behind an #APIGateway, protected by #Cognito auth.

#dotnet #csharp #aws #template

A diagram illustrating several services, each with access to a database; behind an API gateway, which has access to an auth service. A web app and mobile app both have access to the API Gateway and auth service, too.
5 months ago

Holiday planner 2023

I made an Excel template in German for planning holidays in a department or company.

#excel #template #exceltemplate

5 months ago

Last year I made a small VACATION template to get to know your OCs!
What would they take with them on their vacation? Where are they going? What activities do they enjoy?

Feel free to fill it out 🥰✨
#art #template #arttemplate #oc #octemplate

"My OC on Vacation" is a template you can fill out for your original character! At the top there's a small passport like section where you can fil in their name, destination, favorite weather, food and activity. Below that there's plenty of space to draw or write down what they are taking with them and if they prefer a handbag, a backpack or both
Mariya Delano
5 months ago

#Marketers - I need your feedback!

I made a #Notion #template for analyzing competitor content:

Could you take a few minutes to let me know what you think?

I’d love any feedback on:
- Would this template help you in your work?
- Is anything confusing / do you want any additional explanations?
- Is anything missing / what else would you like me to include?

#marketing #contentmarketing #competitoranalysis #content

Geert Bevin
5 months ago

RIFE2's bi-directional #template engine can handle any text #templating tasks by keeping all the logic in #Java. For instance, how about generating #SVG images on the fly?

The SVG template used is still a valid SVG file, you can see it here:

More information about #RIFE2:

#webframework #productivity #programming #design

Screenshot of the RIFE2 SVG templating example.
5 months ago

2023, the year of websites · Start small and keep it simple, then chip away over time

#business #suggestions
#SocialMedia #Mastodon #Twitter #ownership #personal #website #template #newsfeed #RSS

5 months ago
5 months ago

Ok, so I think I found a #masonry #layout #template that will suit my wants. I will probably need to do some modifications to implement #microdata / #microformats ( #microformats2 ) (maybe #RDFa lite too?).

Now another big #question would be, should I use the Open #Dyslexic #typeface? #webdev #design #ux #ui #uiux

6 months ago
6 months ago

In case you have a #WordPress site with a #template that does not offer you to add a #Mastodon link, how about this:

- Create a "Social Media" #menu and add links to your profiles
- Place it where your template allows you to
- Install the "#SVG Support" #plugin and upload nice-looking SVG graphics to your media library, e.g.
- Install the "Menu Icons" plugin to adorn the Social Media menu with the SVGs you just uploaded

If you're reading this you're probably already aware of similar #lawn enforcements & why they're bad.

This is a big #victory.

Here's a related #Challenge for #permaculture buffs, #urbanplanners, those involved in #enironmental issues, #biodiversity, #FoodSecurity, and other #change #advocates:

1. Look at the details of this new #law in #Maryland
2. Compare those to similar #laws in your #state, #province, or #country
3. Can you use the Maryland law as a #template to propose similar changes?
4. Are there already related #advocacy groups in your area? Get involved!
5. Does your #jurisdiction support #citizen legal initiatives? Get one started!

The best way you can #boost this & similar posts, is to take #inspiration and let that lead to #action.

I'll be doing this for #Oregon and other local jurisdictions. Who's going to do it for yours? Join me.

#BeTheChange #ChangeEverything

6 months ago

The Eisvogel #template is a clean and beautiful #pandoc #LaTeX template.

6 months ago

Today's project: Making a Photoshop template for easily creating seamless #FurAffinity banners!

More info and download is available here:

Boosts welcome!

#furry #webdesign #photoshop #template

Screenshot of a template users FurAffinity page. The artwork features Yakko and Wakko from Animaniacs.
This image shows the three components of the Photoshop template. The icon, the banner, and a preview of what the page will look like when finished.
narF 🎲
6 months ago

(Moi qui cherche un template de flowchart dans notre app de dessins techniques)

- "Blank Diagram"? C'est tu moi qui a créé ce template là??? 🤔

(Clique sur le template pour l'ouvrir)

- Ah ouais, définitivement moi! 😅

#template #flowChart

une screenshot qui montre plusieurs templates en petit
Une screenshot qui montre le template d'un flowchart. On voit 2 boîtes connectées par une flèche. Le texte dans les boîtes est : "yo mamma". (Personne d'autre que moi aurait écrit un truc aussi con)
10 months ago

Ohchai... so eben auf einer #IT & #Web Bude #Website gewesen und ich frage mich ehrlich ob die sich wirklich selber reflektieren oder ich nur pingelig bin?

Die haben im aller Ernst für Pfeile, die locker per pur #CSS selber zu erstellen sind, eine externe #Library verwendet, die per #CDN nachgeladen wird.

So was hat mensch doch im #Werkzeugkasten und gut ist, unabhängig? Weshalb nutzen sie selber ein fertiges #Template für ihre Seite ist meine weitere #Frage wenn das ihre #Kernkompetenz ist? 😕

Boiling Steam
1 year ago

Arkenfox: Firefox privacy, security and anti-tracking user.js template: #linux #firefox #privacy #security #arkenfox #userjs #template

🍒🌳 Hartmut Goebel
2 years ago

Angenommen, ich möchte eine neue "#responsive" #Website gestalten. Da muss ich ja erstmal sehen welche Elemente auf die verschiedenen Seitentypen kommen und wo die bei kleineren Bildschirmen erscheinen. Und brauch sowas wie einen Rahmen, def auf allen Seiten gleich ist.

Wie macht Grafik-Mensch das heutzutage? Gibt es da was besseres, als die Entwicklertools im Browser? Und was nimmt Mensch da als Grundlage/Vorlage?

#theme #template #web

2 years ago

#Sigil is a #template processor for the shell.

Sigil processes strings by replacing variables and templates. Variables can be sourced from the environment, or directly as arguments on the command line. Templates can perform more advanced operations, including loading a file, performing conditionals, and importing other templates. Sigil's templating language is based on Go's text/template package.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming #sysadmin

2 years ago

CryptoParty Flyer

For free use and sharing welcome :boost_ok:

For better quality & Gimp file just contact me 🔐✉️

#cryptoparty #flyer #boost #template #art #gimp #creative

CryptoParty Flyer
2 years ago

#firstnes is an #NES #template project.

first_nes implements basic boilerplate functionality for the NES in #6502 #assembly to accelerate development. first_nes handles system functionality like powerup and blanking, and separates out other functionality in a sensible way with extensible stubs. first_nes compiles to a simple movement demo if unmodified.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations #programming #retro

Eric Vitiello
2 years ago

Historic Tale Construction Kit - Bayeux

#Presentation #Template!/

2 years ago

I do have created a #letter #template for appeals to refusals of #FOI requests (currently only in German):

welt (old)
2 years ago
I just updated a code of conduct I made ages ago. It's a dead simple, small, and easy to understand code of conduct.

I just updated it with minor adjustments, and a proper CC0 public domain dedication.

The full text (as of writing this):


This code of conduct applies to on-topic development channels of the
project. This includes but is not limited to:
- Bug trackers
- Development repositories
- Mailing lists
- Non-development platforms if misbehaviour is also applicable to
development channels
- Any other communication method for development of software

Off-topic channels are subject to their own rules and guidelines.

We expect all users to stay on-topic while using development channels.

We will not accept the following:

- Stalking and witchhunting
- Arguments, and off-topic debates
- Ad hominems
- Attempts to flame, or otherwise derail communication
- Troll feeding

If you see misbehaviour, ignore the person(s) and speak with a moderator
or administrator.

#codeofconduct #template #programming #git #opensource #free #freesoftware #development
Geoffrey Crofte ☕
3 years ago

I shared my Resume & Cover Letter with some tips on Figma Community Files.

The idea is to help a little bit people who would need it on those rude times. #job #resume #template

3 years ago

You want to take the best from LibreLatex templates ?
Take a tour to our Tutorials page :

You'll learn how to use styles, emphasis, quickly insert special characters, ...

#librelatex #template #libreoffice #latex #tutorial