4 days ago

The time when a naked lady ridding a horse made a difference to #tenants .

image: #LadyGodiva by #JohnCollier, 1897 #painting

Stuart D Neilson
1 week ago

It sounds like #Gardai are making political about the kinds of "protest" they choose to #police, and which people deserve their protection.
They are happy to evict #tenants, break up Debenhams #workers protests, and arrest #IrishWater protesters - but not willing to defend #hospitals from #religious attacks, control #Antivaxxer intimidation, or protect #migrants from #racist #violence.

Mel Campbell
2 weeks ago

#Victoria has very good #renting laws in terms of #tenants' rights compared to some other states

but one thing that constantly annoys me is that the Residential Tenancies Act 2018 renames tenants as "renters" and "landlords" as "rental providers"

a pissweak effort to camouflage the power relations between landlords and tenants and the intensified refeudalisation of pretty much every domain of capitalism

Jonathan Wright
2 weeks ago

Anger over carpet being ripped out of social housing

This, and removing all large electrical appliances, from such properties, has long been a bug-bear of mine.

Yes, health and safety has to be taken into account, but there must be an awful lot of wastage.

It places unnecessary burden & suffering on the new tenants, who are already strapped for cash.

#Landlords #Tenants #SocialHousing #Waste #PATesting

Pressure continues to mount in the #rental sector, as #landlords with buy-to-let #mortgages continue to see their financing costs rise - which, unsurprisingly, they immediately pass on to #tenants.

Outside London average monthly rents are now well above £1000 & in #London are over £2500.

When we know that median monthly take-home pay is not much more than £2500, and then you add in rising #energy & #food bills the #costoflivingcrisis shows no sign of abating!

David Wilton
2 weeks ago

Private renters !! Could you spare <2mins to give your view on an idea we heard about regarding landlords having to provide references? #renting #tenants #landlord #diolch

#Richmond has no rental #housing inspection program, leaving some #tenants vulnerable to unsafe, poorly maintained units. One councilwoman wants to change that.:

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
1 month ago

"#Renters have very little assurance of staying in their homes long term if they’d like to. #Landlords can hike rents, evict #tenants through court with little difficulty, or simply choose to not renew their #lease."

We had to move from the last place we rented after the landlord wouldn't renew our lease — because we pointed out how often the dumpsters were overflowing.
The fight for “good cause” #housing laws to prevent renter #evictions

#IAmDB #DannysRentStories

Caramelized Shallots
2 months ago

#NYC #EricAdams #Tenants #Rent #AffordableHousing

The Mayor of Rent Hikes
Will Eric Adams face resistance this time?

Kristin Lam
2 months ago

The city of #Sacramento is evaluating a proposal designed to protect #tenants from #harassment, but it’s unclear whether the #ordinance will receive enough votes to pass in the next few months. For #CapRadio:

Nic :verif_androgine: 💫
2 months ago

*Why* is there no rent cap in England and Wales? I’ve just been told my rent could go up by 13.9% this year, right after sorting out a Thames Water bill of £570.00 yesterday.

There really is no point going to work in England. I am giving serious consideration to moving to Scotland to have any chance of buying and because I would like a garden. I’m 48 and I want to plant vegetables and flowers. My reading material this weekend…


Tenants book by Vicky Spratt
2 months ago

The Blackstone Tenants Union (BTU) in San Diego aims to fight evictions and rising rents since the corporate landlord ended a COVID-19 eviction pause.
#Technews #housing #HOUSINGCRISIS #Blackstone #tenants #rent

Stuart D Neilson
2 months ago


"Aaron Downey, the national campaign coordinator with the Community Action #Tenants Union (#CATU), says that there can be benefits to tenants from overholding when it comes to negotiating with #landlords.
Some #CorporateLandlords have called off #evictions in the face of substantial opposition, he says."

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"The #UK government has been criticised for dragging its feet on enacting new proposals that would require #landlords to improve properties to at least a C rating under the energy performance certificate (EPC) scheme, up from E.

With #tenants responsible for paying for #heating bills landlords have little incentive to upgrade the #EnergyEfficiency of their rental properties"


JuneSim63 💚
2 months ago

A manager at Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH), the #housing provider whose failure to treat severe mould led to the death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak, claimed refugee tenants were lucky to have a roof over their heads and that #mould was “acceptable” in their homes.
The housing ombudsman for England concluded RBH #tenants were judged “by staff members’ … prejudices, lazy assumptions & an attitude towards asylum seekers and #refugees that is wholly unacceptable"

2 months ago

Landlords aren’t leaving the market in droves, admits Tory housing minister.

Rachel Maclean MP said the narrative being pushed by some MPs and the property sector is ‘wrong.’

Tenant activism groups say it is important the “false narratives” are being challenged.

#Landlords #rent #Tenants #Housing #Economics #UK #UKpol #Politics #Tories #property

Renters can get sticker shock when they go to renew their lease and see a sharp hike in price. But that's perfectly legal in Michigan.
As housing costs soar, Mich. tenants eye rent control. But there’s a catch.
Quinten Steenhuis
2 months ago

I'll be doing a live AMA on r/boston at 12 US Eastern time on 3/21, talking about the new features of UpToCode, a free tool to help #Tenants get repairs made in their home!

#Massachusetts #TenantRights #docassemble #AccessToJustice

It's Going Down
3 months ago

"After this increased intimidation from the landlords, Thurow Tenants planned another direct action at the home of the landlords to deliver rent in person. On February 28, Thurow Tenants, supported by HTU members and other tenants, marched to the landlords’ residence. As tenants approached the front door, Alvaro Elias, who was collecting his trash can, fled to the backyard. The tenants announced they were there to deliver rent and chanted their support, but neither Alvaro or Katia appeared at the door to collect rent. In fact, Katia started closing the blinds in the house and Alvaro turned on loud music in an attempt to drown out the chants of solidarity. Tenants and supporters declared that “Slumlords live here!” and stayed to speak to some of their neighbors about the abuse these slumlords have been conducting on the tenants."

#Houston #Tenants #Housing #TeanantMovement

🎨 By Peter
3 months ago

Other #Adelaide people either on my follow list or generally who see this post, I'm just curious to ask whether you've had a rent increase yet and what it amounted-to? Mine has just gone up $60 (16.66% increase from previous year) for a very basic one-room studio. #housing #tenants

Claire Miller
3 months ago

Almost 3/4 of housing benefit claimants (72%) living in private rental accommodation in West and South Belfast are being charged more than their Housing Benefit allowance, an #FOI reveals.

#journalism #FreedomOfInformation #JournalismTips #InvestigativeJournalism #renting #tenants

More #FOIFriday stories:

Shawn in Montreal
3 months ago

Racked by stress of 'ferocious renoviction,' former Quebec literary critic dies of heart attack

Jean-Roch Boivin had lived in his studio apartment on Square Saint-Louis for 30 years

#Montreal #Quebec #renoviction #tenants #eviction

I've not seen a lot of coverage of this so posting here.

If you live in #Scotland the #EvictionBan has been extended to the end of September 2023 (with the possibility of further extention).

You can check with #Shelter to find out how this applies to your own circumstances.
#housing #news #tenants #rent

‘It’s legal, there’s just no precedent’: the first US town to demand a rent decrease

The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Kingston hit $1,615 this year – roughly 25% more expensive than three years ago.

In Kingston, New York, #tenants say their survival depends on the city #ordering a #rent #reduction – something that’s never been done before

I wonder who in #Canada has read this? This report blew my mind a little bit. I think it's absolutely right on:

"How the federal government can improve energy efficiency while protecting and enhancing tenant rights"

The brief discusses how a federal low-income #energy #efficiency program can make the #buildings where #tenants live safer and more affordable, while pushing against #market trends that result in the loss of affordable #housing and #evictions.


Margaret Anne (she/her/they)
3 months ago

It has become incumbent on #tenants to at least be aware although rights are very limited...
For instance, I am with Paramount - all their leases in N.S. are "fixed term" meaning they can give me 4 months notice before my lease is up, to get out. This allows them to rent my unit for a much higher rent.
I have no appeal. This needs to be fixed in law.

#nspoli #landlords #tenantrights
#eviction #fixedterm

4 months ago

This on the heels of massive corporate giveaways during covid. A terrible transfer of wealth that will continue until the People organize to make it stop.

#organize #labor #tenants #workers #consumers

4 months ago

Today in Labor History January 30, 1909: Organizer Saul Alinsky was born in Chicago, Illinois. He worked with the Industrial Areas Foundation, in Chicago, helping tenants fight their landlords. In 1972, he published "Rules for Radicals," a guide for organizers and community activists. The first rule was: “Power is not only what you have, but what your enemy thinks you have.” Another rule was "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage."

#workingclass #LaborHistory #housing #organizer #saulalinsky #activism #tenants #landlords #protest

Black and white photo of Alinsky in 1963, in front of an apartment with a poster in the window that says, “Fight.” He is cleanshaven, wearing a suit and round, wire-rim glasses. By Pierre869856 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Alameda Post
4 months ago

Jeff Cambra provides suggestions and tips for tenants and landlords experiencing flooded basements—what actions are required to solve the problem and what financial relief is available?

#Alameda #Repairs #Tenants #Flooding #Landlords #WaterDamage #FloodedBasement #Responsibilities #AlamedaRentProgram #TemporaryRelocation

Tony Marcano
4 months ago

#Eviction rules and #tenants rights can be confusing. #LAist has just published a guide for #LA renters on how to navigate the often confusing regulations.

Rafagas Links
4 months ago

City of Tenants is a map-based knowledge platform made by tenants for tenants that collects and shares information about rentals in Beirut #tenants

Worcester Tenants Union
5 months ago

WTU is an organization of tenants and workers in the Worcester, MA area, united to empower tenants and end the exploitation of rent.

We believe in building a mass movement of tenants and working class people with the power to bring housing under the control of the people who live in it. By building relationships with our neighbors we create tenant unions and neighborhood councils, which are collectively strong enough to resist landlords. #Introduction #tenants #tenantunion #Revolutionary

Interesting report in today's @FinancialTimes on the background to #rent #inflation... pacing the blame pretty firmly on Letting Agents who:

advise landlords to raise rents;

profit from tenant turnover & thus can be hardline on tenant arrears etc.;

organise/advice bidding up of offered rents by prospective #tenants

Yup, this is what a dysfunctional #rentiercapitalism looks like!

Capsule is a multi-tenancy and policy-based framework for Kubernetes.

#Kubernetes #Capsule #MultiTenancy #Tenants #namespaces #infra

Rachel Cohen
6 months ago

New: Democrats in Congress are eyeing legislation to rein in banks + private equity that buy homes to flip or rent.

I wrote about 'The Stop Wall Street Landlords Act' and what else may be in store for this housing investor sector #housing #homes #housingshortage #privateequity #wallstreet #investors #renters #tenants #singlefamilyrentals

"Competition for housing has driven up home prices to record levels across Massachusetts. Some of the biggest gains have happened in communities where residents can least afford to pay more. GBH News is exploring the impact in the series Priced Out: The fight for housing in Massachusetts." #tenants #union #bospoli #housing #CLVU via @gbhnews

Claire Miller
6 months ago

Think this is less poor unsuspecting landlords, and more people running businesses should acquaint themselves with the rules governing their industry.

Landlords who failed to get licences for “houses in multiple occupation”, those with five or more tenants, have been fined up to £45,000, according to an #FOI.

More #FOIFriday ideas:

#journalism #freedomofinformation #journalismtips #investigativejournalism #housing #tenants

David Wilton
6 months ago

If you are a renter in Wales, your views are needed ASAP- our annual survey is read and discussed at the highest level - your voice matters. takes <2mins to complete. #tenants #renter #housing #Wales