2 weeks ago

Then he realized why this laboratory assistant job pays so well.
converting a human into data to turn it into a digimon is possible now.


I wanted to draw for a while so I did whatever and now I have this


Hi hiii

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Jack Pilcrow
1 month ago

"Hey, I’m gonna be late, how is your thing doing?"
"Bad - textures got corrupted"
A Digimon TF with Terriermon, except the textures didn’t load properly.
But yeah, install CS:Source anyone? Yeah I just wanted to make this joke lol. Wanted to experiment again with some digimon related things. Based this one on some things I experienced, some Japanese named files I extract from compressed zips getting corrupted and causing things to not work.

#Terriermon #Digimon #Transformation #Digital #Error

Person turning into a Terriermon, but with a Black/Purple Checker pattern. - Text: File Missing: テリアモンA01.bmp
Meccha Japan
7 months ago

Digimon - Terriermon Plush - Limited Quantity. Still Available!
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11 months ago
A photo of a Terriermon plush sitting at a table with tea in front of it.