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#Musk / #Tesla is beta testing on you whether you own a Tesla or not.

Faiz Siddiqui & Jeremy B. Merrill: 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot: Tesla’s driver-assistance system, known as #Autopilot, has been involved in far more crashes than previously reported

"Since the reporting requirements were introduced, the vast majority of the 807 automation-related crashes have involved Tesla, the data show. Tesla — which has experimented more aggressively with automation than other automakers — also is linked to almost all of the deaths."

Arie Goldshlager
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#ElonMusk #Tesla

[Gift Article] 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot

"The crash in North Carolina’s Halifax County, where a futuristic technology came barreling down a rural highway with devastating consequences, was one of 736 U.S. crashes since 2019 involving Teslas in Autopilot mode — far more than previously reported, according to a Washington Post analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data."


📣 “There does seem to be far higher interest in pursuing Trump compared to other people in politics ... Very important that the justice system rebut what appears to be differential enforcement or they will lose public trust.”

Guess which billionaire fascist came to Trump's aid Thursday night?

Maybe that fascist should instead pay more attention to his killer cars.

▶️ 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot

🎁 #FreeRead

#Tesla #ElonMusk

Queen Valhalla
2 hours ago


#Tesla #KillingMachine

GM has a 4000 acre proving ground in lower Michigan. Why does Elon get to use public roadways as his proving grounds for it's autonomous killing machine?

heise online
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"Schlupfloch" könnte Tesla bei der Wassersuche in Brandenburg dienlich sein

Der Elektroautobauer sucht für eine geplante Gigafactory-Erweiterung selbst nach Wasser. Dafür nutzt er ein "Schlupfloch" und erntet Kritik.

#Tesla #news

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"Tesla’s 17 fatal crashes reveal distinct patterns, The Post found: Four involved a motorcycle. Another involved an emergency vehicle. Meanwhile, some of Musk’s decisions — such as widely expanding the availability of the features and stripping the vehicles of radar sensors — appear to have contributed to the reported uptick in incidents"

#ElonMusk #Tesla #Cars #News #USA

News headline and illustration.

Headline: 17 fatalities, 736 crashes: The shocking toll of Tesla’s Autopilot
Tesla’s driver-assistance system, known as Autopilot, has been involved in far more crashes than previously reported
By Faiz Siddiqui and Jeremy B. Merrill
June 10, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. EDT

Illustration: Composite image of a new Tesla and a wrecked Tesla.
(Illustration by Emily Sabens/The Washington Post; KTVU-TV/AP; iStock)
Steve Herman
3 hours ago

#Tesla ‘Autopilot’ has been involved in far more crashes than previously reported.

3 hours ago

#ElonMusk #Tesla #driving #cars #CarAccidents #PublicSafety #GiftArticle

'The crash in North Carolina’s Halifax County, where a futuristic technology came barreling down a rural highway with devastating consequences, was one of 736 U.S. crashes since 2019 involving Teslas in Autopilot mode — far more than previously reported, according to a Washington Post analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data.'

Adam Cook
3 hours ago

One last thing.

We are dealing with #SafetyCritical systems here - where an unhandled failure can result in injury and death.

As such, there can never be "positive assumptions" of safety in the face of an unquantifiable process.

That means that the assumption must be made that the fatality and crash figures cited in the article are unquantifiably **undercounted** in reality.

Systems safety must be proven via a process, **never** assumed.


Adam Cook
3 hours ago

@thisismissem One would think, yes.

The core problem with #Tesla, however, is that they have undoubtedly (and effectively) "lost visibility" of the myriad of the vehicle hardware configurations currently in the field - which makes any validation impractical.

So, Tesla just tosses it out there blindly.

Because they have boxed themselves in.

Tesla sees their ability to (very) rapidly change vehicle hardware on the manufacturing floor as a key competitive advantage - public safety be damned.

Adam Cook
3 hours ago

The #Autopilot and #FSDBeta products **are** structurally unsafe because we already know that #Tesla is not maintaining a Systems Safety Lifecycle for them.

That is where the regulatory attention should be coming down on Tesla like a ton of bricks - and it should have happened nearly 10 years ago at this point.

You do not need "roadway safety data" for that.

The only thing that "waiting for data" does is to allow the bodies to pile up completely avoidably.

Adam Cook
4 hours ago

The subtext of the article above is that #Tesla may be hiding #Autopilot and #FSDBeta-related incidents from the #NHTSA (the US's incompetent auto regulator).

Which only demonstrates my initial point.

No sense having a incident reporting mandate that can be so easily circumvented by automakers acting in Bad Faith.

Still, if Tesla has done this, they should be cracked good - and they just might.

Lying to a federal agency is a criminal offense.

Adam Cook
4 hours ago

An extremely troubling article published today in The Washington Post concerning #Tesla's #Autopilot and #FSDBeta products.

As I have noted before:

1. Quantifiably and efficiently capturing downstream safety data from public roadways is a non-starter. There is simply no mechanism for it; and
2. While keeping an eye on downstream safety data is important, it is **secondary** to ensuring that automakers are maintaining a sufficiently-robust validation **process**.

4 hours ago

I’d be nervous driving a car with remotely initiated OS updates


Bodo Menke
6 hours ago

Gibts unter #Tesla-Fahrern gar zufällig Erfahrungen oder Meinungen zum #Hyundai #Ioniq 6?

#Boost welcome

Martin Rundkvist
8 hours ago

1940s car #colours are back. I'm seeing a lot of new electrical #cars in pale grey, battleship grey, beer bottle green, mint green. I like it!

#design #tesla

Adam Cook
8 hours ago

Really thinking of just dropping #Reddit, for what it is worth.

Dropped my profile off my Mastodon bio.

Reddit management is giving me serious #Musk vibes lately and I have been getting follow spammed 4-5 times daily for the last two weeks.

Met a lot of great technical and #SystemsSafety experts on there though - mostly through pushing back against #Tesla's #Autopilot and #FSDBeta wrongdoings.

I suppose that work continues here now...

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If you really want to stick it to Tesla, go out and buy an old Model S that still has the free supercharging. A friend just bought one for $25K and only supercharges it. That means he essentially has a free car and costs Tesla a bundle of money in CA electricity.

#tesla #ev

Alexandre Morin
15 hours ago

#Tesla Is pushing hard to close out June. They dropped the price on the 3, it qualifies for the full Federal tax credit, and they just boosted the referral program. The Model 3 can be had for less than $30k in the US, and a referral link to purchase before the end of the month gets you either a referral cash bonus or Loot Box credits – redeemable for exclusive awards.

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#CCS está muerto, larga vida a #NACS
#Tesla #Ford #GeneralMotors dan estocada final a CCS1 en Estados Unidos
Cargadores #ABB serían fabricados con conector NACS
Un #Rivian se incendia en Estados Unidos

16 hours ago

I’m not sure what happened to this guy, but I used to see him in downtown Boise occasionally and he dresses like Ironman with the little glowing thing on his chest. Whatever makes you happy:)

#ev #tesla #WeirdCarMastodon

Tesla model 3 wrapped to look like Ironman.
Sara Lakatos
19 hours ago

@TwraSun ich meine mich zu erinnern, dass das Problem mit dem Wasser schon ein Thema war, bevor die Erlaubnis zum Baubeginn kam? Und jetzt sind alle total überrascht? Tja, man sagt ja, Geld stinkt nicht. #Tesla

Miguel Afonso Caetano
20 hours ago

#Tesla #EVs #Cybertruck #Musk: "The contents of the report do not deal a fatal blow to the Cybertruck. As one veteran automotive engineer, who spoke on condition of anonymity to prevent backlash from Tesla fans, says, the company has enormous financial resources which will allow it to address the issues detailed in the report. However, he said, “my first reaction is I am astounded. These are classic mechanical automotive engineering challenges that you have in pretty much any vehicle. I'm blown away that they would be struggling so much with the basics.”

Tesla hasn’t launched a new consumer vehicle since 2020, and it’s widely seen as falling behind other automakers, who have stepped up their EV development to meet surging demand. Most car companies refresh their lineup every three to five years—Tesla’s Model S is now more than 10 years old. Audi, by comparison, expects to launch more than 20 new cars by 2026. But while analysts say that finally producing the Cybertruck will be mostly a symbolic victory for Tesla—which still must nail the launch of new battery packs, roll out safe Full Self-Driving software globally, and build a truly affordable car—the delays still matter. The hype machine needs new products."

Berliner Wassertisch
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Besser können wir es auch nicht ausdrücken: "Die #Wasserversorgung muss unter öffentlicher Kontrolle und in öffentlicher Hand bleiben" #Tesla #Privatisierung #Wasser #right2water

In 2022 Q4 and 2023 Q1,stock of many listed companies fell.
#Tesla too.Many charlatans wrote that #Tesla would go bankrupt and I whispered to u: hold your #Tesla stock, its research and innovation curve is fine and Strategic decisions in the company are the right ones.Today #Tesla stock is up to uS$ 244.40 per share.
If you trusted this disaster guy in #Sevilla and bought at uS$ 113.06, now u've made a lot of money.#Soros did not choose wisely and sold.
I'm happy for you.

Tesla stock rallies in Nasdaq
Headlines Reuters 2023 Jun.09
Tesla stock
5 years chart Source Google 2023 Jun.09
16:33 GMT-4
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Marktbericht: DAX - die Ruhe vor dem Sturm?

Starke Kursgewinne bei Tesla und KI-Aktien haben die Stimmung an der Wall Street zum Wochenschluss aufgehellt. Im DAX mangelte es zuletzt an Dynamik - das könnte sich aber in der kommenden Woche ändern.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Kurseaktuell #Tesla

IT News
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Leaked Tesla report shows Cybertruck had basic design flaws - Enlarge (credit: Jacqui VanLiew; Getty Images)

In November 201... - #pickuptrucks #syndication #cybertruck #elonmusk #tesla #cars #bevs

Tech news from Canada
23 hours ago

Ars Technica: Leaked Tesla report shows Cybertruck had basic design flaws #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #pickuptrucks #syndication #Cybertruck #ElonMusk #Tesla #Cars #bevs

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 day ago

I'm willing to make this compromise if it means we can tap into more chargers.

GM follows Ford in adopting Tesla’s EV charging standard

#GM #Ford #Tesla #EV #Charging #TechNews

A Cadillac parked in front of a Tesla Supercharger.
1 day ago

Marktbericht: Woche zum Abhaken im DAX

Der DAX ist abermals an der Marke von 16.000 Punkten gescheitert. Unterm Strich steht für diese Börsenwoche ein leichtes Kursminus. Derweil sorgen Tesla und Adobe an der Wall Street für gute Laune.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Kurseaktuell #Tesla

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 day ago

The one thing about the whole Tesla / El*n / Twitter fiasco over recent months that didn't sit right was holding a small number of share in $TSLA, stuck in drawdown for the last year or more.

Well, as a shareholder I got to vote on proposals at the AGM, I suppose...

So the position broke even this week and closed at modest profit this afternoon, so I no longer feel like a hypocrite and the funds will probably help acquire the next non-tesla car. :]

#ethics #tesla #PuttingMoneyWhereMouthIs

Mike Telahun
1 day ago

#Ford and #GM ditching open charging standards in favor of #Tesla’s could be another IBM vs. Microsoft moment they may live to regret.

1 day ago

Absolutely hate how terribly designed #Tesla’s tow-hitch is. I get that they want to hide it when it’s not being used (but also don’t; if I opt for a tow package, I don’t care of it always shows or not)

But it’s so damn recessed that very few hitches work with it; especially raised hitches which are basically required since the car sits so low. Also doesn’t help that it only has a 7-pin electrical connector; so you need an adapter for trailers with a 4-pin connector.

Can’t wait for the #Rivian

1 day ago

Marktbericht: Wall Street mit Kursgewinnen, Tesla und Adobe stark

An der Wall Street stehen zum Handelsauftakt Papiere von Tesla und Adobe im Fokus. Die Blicke der Anleger richten sich aber bereits auf die nächste Woche - dann stehen wichtige Leitzins-Entscheidungen an.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Dow #Kurseaktuell #Tesla

Adam Cook
1 day ago

@CrackedWindscreen Honestly, why #Ford has not forced something like #FSDBeta out and why #GM is not pushing their “Ultra Cruise” product on their new, imminent EV models is really quite incredible in the face of all of this.

Pretty clear that the #NHTSA could care less.

Like yeah, the fear of some really bad press might be worrying, but #Tesla has had a **ton** of that and never missed a beat.

Big profits being left on the table there.

I think not for long.

1 day ago

Automatisiertes Fahren: Kalifornien lässt Mercedes-Autopiloten zu

Als erster Autobauer darf Mercedes-Benz in Kalifornien Autos verkaufen und vermieten, die auf "Level 3" hochautomatisiert fahren. Damit ist der Hersteller dem Konkurrenten Tesla dort voraus.


#Mercedes #Tesla #autonomesFahren

Adam Cook
1 day ago

@CrackedWindscreen It really is becoming a sort of deal killer, because I only have 500 characters to work with (which is fine, I prefer to break up my thoughts)... **but** I think a lot of people lose interest in my threads (understandably so) because they dribble out over forever.

The punch line is completely lost.

Right now, I am trying to assemble this #Tesla Bot/bipedal #robotics thread (that I promised yesterday) “off app"... and it is a real pain.

Adam Cook
1 day ago

Interesting moves in the #ElectricVehicle changing space lately (in the US and in Canada).

It sure would have been nice for the US to mandate **some** open #EV charging standard years ago, but it seems that everyone is coalescing around #Tesla's so-called NCAS "standard".

Right now, it seems to me that NCAS is not actually a standard, but rather, an open specification.

Hopefully, this gets on an independent standards track.

Closed standards are bad for consumers.

Adam Cook
2 days ago


The Revolving Door back to industry is no surprise either.

It is corrosive and the public, largely unknowingly, pays for it with their lives.

The US is now at 40-year highs in pedestrian deaths and with the total oversight vacuum of automated driving systems... I expect that number to explode upwards, sadly.

Hopefully, I will be wrong.

#Tesla #NHTSA #cars

A screenshot from the linked article which states:

Ridella started a new position this month at Inc.’s autonomous-vehicle subsidiary Zoox Inc., according to his LinkedIn profile. Ridella worked at the NHTSA for 17 years and spent six years at its defect-investigations office.

Ridella has been at the center of high-profile NHTSA investigations, including several ongoing probes involving Tesla Inc. In August 2021 and February 2022, the NHTSA opened the investigations into possible Autopilot defects. It’s also been assessing Tesla’s methods for monitoring drivers using Autopilot to ensure their engagement.
Matt Burgess
2 days ago

“It presents a picture of a prototype vehicle that’s leaky, noisy, and has poor handling and braking” #tech #news #tesla #musk #wired

Arie Goldshlager
2 days ago

#ElonMusk #Tesla

Black workers at California Tesla factory allege rampant racism, seek class-action status

"Tesla may face a class-action lawsuit after 240 Black factory workers in California described rampant racism and discrimination at the electric automaker’s San Francisco Bay Area plant, including frequent use of racial slurs and references to the manufacturing site as a plantation or slave ship."

2 days ago

Marktbericht: Unsicherheit über Fed-Kurs lastet auf dem DAX

Dass die Federal Reserve wirklich eine Zinspause einlegen wird, ist keineswegs sicher. Immer mehr Anleger rechnen mit einer weiteren Zinserhöhung der US-Notenbank. Das ist auch für den DAX ein Belastungsfaktor.


#Marktbericht #DAX #Kurseaktuell #Fed #Evotec #Tesla

Adam Cook
3 days ago

@justafrog Naturally, not that you suggested it, I do not want to see anyone hurt or killed by #Tesla's wrongdoings - which are vast and uniquely extreme.

Rather, I would like to see regulators (who are **supposed** to represent the public) start to pay attention to these damning admissions as Musk makes them.

Regulators should be seeking to prevent avoidable injury and death and by ignoring these clear-cut signals from Musk... they are failing to do so.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

@indw Not about #Autopilot specifically.

My thread is about how this series of Tweets from Musk reveal quite a bit about #Tesla's internal engineering processes and how troubling those processes undoubtedly are.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

The last Tweet in that thread was written by Musk a little over 13 hours after "the issues" were discovered when the second Tweet was published.

For #SafetyCritical systems of this complexity, no matter how many people are on the team, no matter how talented the people are on the team, there is **zero chance** that the "10.3.1" point update was actually validated.

There simply is not enough wall clock time.

Musk and #Tesla just tossed it out, like if they were shipping a video game update.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

Musk does not want that baggage, which is unavoidable in **responsible** #SafetyCritical systems work, so Musk and #Tesla toss "the testing" upon its untrained customers and the public.

That is why that Tweet is so revealing.

The other thing, of course, is that "QA", **by itself**, is not a sufficient processes for #SafetyCritical systems - and, yet again, it is a term stripped from consumer/business software and hardware domains.

Validation, not QA.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

An inconvenience perhaps for #Apple customers.

No big deal.

But a potentially deadly situation when CM visibility is lost with a #SafetyCritical system like a car!

In that Tweet, Musk is hand-waving #Tesla's responsibilities in maintaining CM (and a validation process to match) as an "impossibility".

It is not impossible.

It is inherently costly and complex and it will substantially reduce Tesla's flexibility in changing vehicle hardware on-the-fly - an oft-cited competitive advantage.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

The totality of the safety components of a physical, #SafetyCritical system **cannot** be fully expressed in software alone.

And, therefore, the analysis can **never** be myopically scoped to that.

It is just like the "Beta" label that #Tesla slaps on everything (most notably, #FSDBeta).

"Beta" has no meaning in the realm of safety-critical systems - especially those released to the public.

It is a business/consumer software term and it is not compatible with life and limb systems.

Adam Cook
3 days ago

First off, #cars are **not** smartphones.

I cannot say that enough.

And if you hear anyone describing them as such, it almost certainly means that they are (knowingly or not) hand-waving away the incomparable #SystemsSafety differences between a consumer electronic device and a #SafetyCritical system.

That makes reports like this on #Tesla's hiring preferences **very** concerning:

A screenshot of part of the linked Washington Post article which states:

It’s no accident the companies have a lot in common, according to a half-dozen former employees who worked for both Tesla and Apple, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the workplace dynamics and for fear of retaliation. Tesla hired managers who brought members of their teams from Apple, importing its design language and culture. Meanwhile, those employees could be dismissive of the automotive expertise within its ranks, the former employees said.
Adam Cook
3 days ago

Oh memories.

Taking a break from #Musk's Hate Train on the Hellsite to recall this series of Tweets from a few years ago.

While under-appreciated then and now, the Tweet thread by Musk posted below contains an extremely damning #SystemsSafety admission and it displays the considerable #PublicSafety blind spot associated with remotely updating #SafetyCritical systems without oversight.

Musk has no clue what he admitted to here, but systems safety experts do.


A screenshot of a Twitter thread with three, consecutive Tweets by Elon Musk.

The first Tweet in the tread, published October 23, 2021 states:

Regression in some left turns at traffic lights found by internal QA in 10.3. Fix in work, probably releasing tomorrow.

The next Tweet in the thread that is in reply to that (published October 24, 2021) states:

Seeing some issues with 10.3, so rolling back to 10.2 temporarily. 

Please note, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configs in all conditions with internal QA, hence public beta.

The third Tweet in that thread, published on October 25, 2021 states:

10.3.1 rolling out now
Marcel_Gehlen (he/him)
3 days ago

Wusstet ihr schon, dass #Tesla kein Berechtigungskonzept in seinem #Jira hat und dem Handelsblatt deshalb 100 GB Daten vorliegen?

Unter anderem zahlreiche Kundenbeschwerden wie unsicher die Autos sind?


4 days ago


I did the math: The original IPhone in 2007 was $599 or $899 in today's dollars. So, the #Apple Vision Pro is dropping at almost 4 times that price. Imagine if they had released the Iphone at $2400 (2007 equiv. of $3500)? Would it have been so widely adopted?

This is clearly Apple copying #Tesla 's Roadster strategy, releasing a prestige product at a premium price, not a populist #VR / #XR revolution. (Yeah, elites!)

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
5 days ago

Any funding that #Musk gets will prop up the Nazi propaganda machine.

@EUSPA , ESA, NASA, etc. stop SpaceX launches. They're not important if we have no future.

Folk considering a #Tesla purchase, please reconsider.

Consider which brands advertise on Twitter. Here's an older, partial list: They're funding Nazis right now.

Fabian Laasch ⚡️🔋
6 days ago

Falls noch jemand Fragen hat, ob bei #Tesla der #Notbremsassistent funktioniert…

Das Auto hat mir gestern den Arsch gerettet!

Stockender Verkehr auf der Landstraße und Ablenkung durch die Kids auf der Rückbank.Das Auto hat die entscheidende halbe Sekunde früher gebremst. Mit ABS voll in die Eisen und mit 50 Zentimeter Abstand zum Stehen gekommen.

Ein Hoch auf den modernen technischen Kram. 👌

@sebmeineck @anlomedad @netzpolitik_feed Die viel konkretere Gefahr für Menschen ist aus meiner Sicht Software mit neuronalen Netzen im Auto. Wie man bei #ChatPGT sehen kann, funktionieren neuronale Netze nicht zuverlässig. In ein Auto eingebaut gibt das eine Katastrophe.

#Tesla #Autopilot #FSD #Musk

Adam Cook
2 weeks ago

If I see Secretary #Buttigieg do another interview where he pontificates with the press about the wisdom of #Tesla's #Autopilot product name... I might just lose it.

We are **far** beyond that now in outsized vehicle design dangers - and far beyond just Tesla's wrongdoings anymore (although Tesla's wrongdoings do remain somewhat unique and extreme).

Secretary Buttigieg is still putzing around on a field that is nearly a decade old at this point.

2 weeks ago

🌞 Hello #Fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 58F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

#Celtics 😭😭😭😭 (links below) #NBA 😭

US ends probe into #Tesla allowing video games while vehicles are moving, says feature was disabled.

#SCOTUS has ruled against cities and towns taking 100% of a house's value over and above outstanding tax bills.

Sadder about:

Adam Cook
2 weeks ago

Fred Lambert of Electrek, one of #Tesla’s main corporate scribes, is so close to getting it here.

How people write something this while failing to recognize the immense #PublicSafety dangers of it is beyond me.

#FSDBeta #ElectricVehicles #EVs

A screenshot from the linked Electrek article which states:

“It’s important to note that while Tesla sells a package called “Full Self-Driving” on its vehicles, there’s currently no “self-driving mode” on Tesla vehicles.
The closest thing would be the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, which automatically performs all the tasks related to driving, but it requires driver monitoring at all times. The responsibility falls on the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel and pay attention to the road.”
Adam Cook
2 weeks ago

Presumably, the individual in the article activated #FSDBeta.

Yes, I understand what the full name of that product is called, but there is no need to expand it.

Do not assist #Tesla and #Musk in their lies.

Additionally, I would argue that it is an ethical responsibility to note that these vehicles are not capable of “driving themselves”, at the very least.

The #SystemsSafety community has spent **years** publishing open content on these matters.

Gotta pay attention.

Adam Cook
2 weeks ago

For the millionth time… editors, the #media and #journalists… a #Tesla vehicle is, **at no time**, capable of “self-driving”.

There is no “self-driving mode”.

Publishing these terms and descriptions only serve to advance Tesla’s and #Musk’s lies and are an immense public safety hazard.

#Michigan #FSDBeta #Journalism

Paris Marx
2 weeks ago

In this week’s roundup, I dig into what’s in the Tesla Files and what it might mean for the company. Plus, a bunch of recommended reads, labor updates, and other stories you might have missed.

#tech #tesla #elonmusk #teslafiles

For the first time in my life I just found myself hoping a #tesla was using it’s self-driving mode. I’m a passenger in a car and we just passed a Model X where the driver was holding his phone at the 12 o’clock position and was clearly playing chess. God help us all.

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff @donmelton

#PhonyStark's relentless "magic beans” promotion of #Tesla full self driving + other ‘advanced technologies’ has a single purpose:

*harvest human+device behavioral #data*

Every EV's main job #JTBD = save incumbent auto industry capital structures NOT the 🌍

Every vehicle is bristling with sensors that feed a range of #Elmo controlled #AI's. They're like #Android #smartphones on 4 wheels.

"The Radical Scope of Tesla’s Data Hoard” - IEEE Spectrum

2 weeks ago

"How bad is #Tesla Autopilot’s safety problem? According to thousands of alleged Tesla customers in the U.S. and around the world, pretty bad...

Tesla systematically avoids communicating with customers in writing...

Several of the U.S. safety regulator’s investigations into Tesla have been continuing for years, include a probe into an apparent tendency for Tesla cars to crash into fire trucks, ambulances and police cars parked on highways with their lights flashing..."

@arstechnica 🥥 Kindly boost this post about the leaked #Tesla files if you want to give the story legs and to give #ElonMusk heartburn. 🥥

2 weeks ago

Offenbar größeres Datenleck beim Elektroautobauer Tesla

Dem "Handelsblatt" sollen 100 Gigabyte sensible Tesla-Daten zugespielt worden sein, unter anderem von Beschäftigten des Standorts in Brandenburg. Tesla selbst verdächtige einen Ex-Mitarbeiter. Die Behörden ermitteln.


#Tesla #Autohersteller #Datenleck #ITSicherheit

2 weeks ago

@TechConnectify The only reason I have to like the CCS socket in my Mach-E is that it is how I charge my car. There is no love affair with the connector. If the Tesla connector wins, so be it. I just want to get a good reliable charge. I like to see Ford making big bold moves like this. After all, in my opinion Teslas makes great drive chains and chargers, and Ford makes better cars. #tesla #ford #mache #ev #electricvehicles