Ken Kousen :verified:
4 hours ago

Mastering Mockito: The inOrder method. Use the inOrder method from Mockito to verify that the methods in your dependencies are being called in the proper order

#Java #Mockito #testing

Code with the Italians 🤌
8 hours ago

🌟 Join us for a thrilling episode with GoogleDevRel Roberto as we delve into the world of #FoldableDevices, #Tablets, and #LargeScreenDevices.

From innovation to comedy fails in #AutomatedTesting, this episode is packed with mind-blowing discussions, insightful revelations, and plenty of laughter! Don't miss out on this tech journey! 🚀✨ #AndroidDevelopment #Testing #BeginnerMindset

Danilo Poccia
9 hours ago

This can be handy 👉 Expedite the Amazon Lex chatbot development lifecycle with Test Workbench #AWS #ChatBot #Testing

public data lab
16 hours ago

New working paper on "Testing ‘AI’: Do we have a situation?" based on conversation between @NoortjeMarres and Philippe Sormani:

#ai #testing #commodon #sts #scienceandtechnologystudies

Image caption: Ghost #8 (Memories of a mise en abîme with a bare back in front of an untamable tentacular screen), experimenting with OpenAI Dall-E, Maria Guta and Lauren Huret (Iris), 2022. (Courtesy of the artists)
Heather Buchel
1 day ago

Question for #QA folks for a friend, what sort of path do folks usually take to get into QA engineer roles? This person has previous experience doing server administration at hosting companies, linux, bash, etc. but has been out of tech for a while (6 or so years) and is looking for a path back in. They like documentation and breaking things!

#QualityAssurance #Testing

David Heidelberg
1 day ago

In just 8 days, join me as I discuss the challenges of managing a massive GPU testing CI farm for the Mesa3D project on DevConf 2023! #gpu #ci #testing

1 day ago
Dots & squiggles with new painting pens. Paint pens testing.
Ken Kousen :verified:
1 day ago

Are Mocks Bad? I have to ask, in a @YouTube Short from Tales from the jar side
#Java #Mockito #TDD #testing

Thad Harroun
1 day ago

This week is EQAO #testing here, or, as my son calls it: Evil Questions Attacking Ontario


1 day ago

📚 Simplify the #testing process by using our catalog of pre-built tests, data slicing functions, and transformation functions. This eliminates the need to create new testing artifacts from scratch. [6/8]



I use Debian #Stable with an RT kernel. I used to build my own RT kernels long ago, but there is no need to do that now as Debian gives you that choice if you want one.
I use the LXDE desktop.

I also have Debian Backports added to my sources.list, so that if I want to add some upstream features from #Testing I can.


Ricardo Harvin
2 days ago

The lack of full and proper #health #screening and #testing disproportionately and negatively affects #women and #PeopleOfColor leading to unnecessary suffering for millions, to potentially hundreds of millions, of people globally.

That any #patient is made to suffer (negligence is always deliberate, even if subconscious) for years, decades, a lifetime, simply because the #medical establishment lacks rigor is a condemnation of the profession.

#Autoimmune #MentalHealth


I've stuck with #Debian for many years.
It's rock solid.

You get also get a choice of #Stable #Testing or #Unstable

2 days ago

You may already know that SpeedCurve lets you test URLs across a wide variety of browsers, devices and geolocations. Did you also know you can test complex use cases? These include:

🗺️ User journeys
💳 Checkout processes
ℹ️ Submit login form
📲 SPA & AJAX navigations
🍪 Set cookies

Learn how:

#webperf #ux #webperformance #frontend #testing

Jennifer Moore
3 days ago

"Stopping universal admission testing in the national health systems of 2 countries (England and Scotland) was associated with significant increases in hospital-onset SARS-CoV-2 infections relative to community-onset infections. Potential mechanisms include more unrecognized present-on-admission infections causing transmissions to other patients and health care workers, who in turn infected other patients."

#covid #testing #stats #NHS #UK #research

I think that "write a test for every bug" is a foolish advice.

Write #tests for business logic only. Everything else is an implementation detail.

#unitTesting #softwareTesting #automatedTests #e2eTesting #testing #software #softwaredevelopment #unitTest

Carly Richmond
3 days ago

I have fond and not so fond memories of Protractor. It was the 1st E2E #testing tool I used. If you're struggling with it's EOL or want to hear great discussion on testing best practices give this episode from The Angular Plus Show with Joe Eames a listen 👂

Leon Rosenshein
4 days ago

Friendgineers: Tests don't just test different things, they also have different purposes.

#friendgineers #testing #testdrivendevelopment

I finally had time to share my view of the DevOpsDays 2023 Prague.

#devopsdays #prague #k8s #security #testing #openspaces #events #opensource

Were you there?

Ken Kousen :verified:
5 days ago

Spy Master: Unveiling the Mysteries of Mockito Spies, in under 60 seconds. A silly mystery from Tales from the jar side
#mockito #java #testing #junit #talesfromthejarside

Ohai! It me, the instance mover and repost monkey. I've moved from and to and from there to My name's Aaron, I'm approaching 50 and am from the Kingdom of #Fife in #Scotland (a country I'd prefer to be independent from the #UK and in the #EU). I make #Ambient #ElectronicMusic and am currently a fan of #Bitwig, though I have used #ReasonStudios #LocicProX and #AbletonLive I'm a Multiple Sclerosis enjoyer and politics non-enjoyer discovering what it means to have ADHD and associated dysfunctions. Heavily into #SciFi #ScienceFiction #SpeculativeFiction #FantasyFiction and #Buddhism. Also, as you'd imagine, a bit of a #Synthesizer #Nerd. If I think of anything else I'll no doubt post about it.

Check out

I may
#OverShare 🤔 #WhoDis #Testing #Newb #n00b

John Bokma
6 days ago

Hashing and Equality, Pandas Pivot, CSS Findings, and When to Mock

#python #css #testing

👉 Please retweet if you ❤ Plurrrr. Thanks! 👍

I'm testing some layouts and want to make sure it looks OK in all engines. From all the Chromiums, is #Vivaldi the least obtrusive/privacy invading?

#browser #webdev #testing
Michael Hanscom
6 days ago

And Yet Another Test!: More testing of images, alt text, and Mastodon. The second of two posts. (#ShareOnMastodon #Testing)

Full post on Eclecticism:

This is a test. This is only a test. This test post needed an image, so this is what it gets. If this were an actual post with content worth reading, you would be much more entertained than you are now.
Michael Hanscom
6 days ago

Another Test: More testing of images, alt text, and Mastodon. The first of two posts. (#ShareOnMastodon #Testing)

Full post on Eclecticism:

This is a test. This is only a test. This test post needed an image, so this is what it gets. If this were an actual post with content worth reading, you would be much more entertained than you are now.
Josh Grant
6 days ago
6 days ago

I'm not sure if you've heard but my newest video is up on the @editor #youTube channel. It discusses how to setup automated #tests with @github Actions.

#phpc #testing #php

Daniel Dvorkin
6 days ago

The usual disclaimer: this is promising, but don’t count on great results.

If it works as advertised—if—it could be what #Theranos promised and so spectacularly failed to deliver. #Grail is using well-understood technology and (I think) large enough samples to make the claims for the #Galleri test believable, at least. And the #NHS (again, I think) doesn’t have the kind of incestuous relationships with financially interested parties that helped #Holmes et al. get away with such fraud for so long. So I’m inclined to trust their reporting.

With that said, the usual #statistician’s disclaimer applies: #multiple #testing is hard. So, for that matter, does the #medic’s and the #biologist’s, because there are multiple kinds of multiple testing going on here. The more you test, the more you will screw up.

I almost appended “it’s like a law of nature” to that last sentence above … but no, it is a law of nature. Unreasonable effectiveness of #mathematics something something.

#Cancer screening is important, and steady improvements in the field have already saved untold numbers of lives. I expect this will continue to be the case. So take this with cautious optimism. Pushing back the boundaries a little bit at a time, each small step representing another decade or year or month of life—it’s what we do, every day. I want to believe.

Yacine Kheddache
1 week ago

📖 (

📢 I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to learn about #microservice APIs and build them using #Python and web frameworks like #flask

Thanks to José Haro Peralta for the excellent job of covering the topic in depth while keeping the content clear and concise 👍

For those interested in API #mocking and #testing beyond REST and GraphQL though, additional tools like
@microcksio could be useful complements to the content in this book 😎

Microservice APIs: Using Python, Flask, FastAPI, OpenAPI and more
1 week ago

All businesses should afford to know that their website works | #testing #web

Michael Hanscom
1 week ago

This is a test…: ...of whether image alt text appears on Mastodon properly when crossposted. (#ShareOnMastodon #Testing)

Full post on Eclecticism:

This is a test. This is only a test. This test post needed an image, so this is what it gets. If this were an actual post with content worth reading, you would be much more entertained than you are now.
Sergio Freire
1 week ago

Have you ever heard about Jenkins? I'm sure you do! It helped many of my teams a lot and others too. Today we talk to Kohsuke Kawaguchi, the creator of #Jenkins. Tune in to hear about how Jenkins was born and what the future holds ahead :)

#CI #testautomation #testing #softwaretesting #CICD #automation

Laurent Broudoux
1 week ago

🧩 I've just blogged "Different levels of #API #contract #testing with @microcksio".

See how #OpenAPI spec and #Postman collections can be used together to cover both syntactical and behavioral contract testing.

afreytes :godot:
1 week ago

How to work when you are your own boss...

#GameDev #SoloDev #IndieDev #WebGames #Testing #MastodonPR #PuertoRico #Beer

beer can next to monitor showing the progress of a compressed file being uploaded
1 week ago

@IndivisibleSF #Covid #Testing

Thanks! Just ordered more.

It's usually a good sign if your integration test tells you all three:

myObject == 129412.0;
myObject == {129412};
myObject == '\u{1F984}';

Right ?

#Dart #Types #Testing

Garry Trinder
1 week ago

Simulate API errors and behaviours with Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy

We've just released v0.8 with:

- Minimal permissions guidance
- Improve throttling behaviour
- Caching guidance

Learn more:

Try it today:

#Microsoft365Dev #MicrosoftGraph #Testing

IT News
1 week ago

JITX Spits Out Handy USB Cable Tester - When USB first came on the scene, one of the benefits was that essentially any fou... - #toolhacks #testing #tester #tools #jitx #usbc #cad #led #usb

PyLadies Bot
1 week ago
James Shore
1 week ago

If you're interested in my #nullables #testing technique, this is your last chance to sign up for my "Testing Without Mocks" course. Ticket sales close this Thursday morning at midnight GMT and I don't plan to offer it again until October at the earliest.

Marco Ivaldi
2 weeks ago

Wow, just look at that timeline 🔥

#Testing a new encrypted messaging app's extraordinary claims

James Shore
2 weeks ago

AI Chronicles #3 is up for your weekend enjoyment. In this episode, we discuss extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation, how to make code fail faster, and finish implementing an #OpenAI client.

#tdd #testing #pairing /cc @jitterted

The AI Chronicles Episode #3: Fail Faster
Markus Eisele
2 weeks ago

Contract testing with Pact and Quarkus by Holly Cummins (
#Java #quarkus #testing

2 weeks ago
James Shore
2 weeks ago

My "Testing Without Mocks" training course is coming up in just two weeks, and I still have some discounted seats available. This is the last time this price will be available, and I won't be offering the course again until October at the earliest.

You can sign up here:

#training #tdd #testing #nullables

Nicolas Fränkel
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

If your anarchy or socialism does not include #PandemicMitigations, then you aren't actually fighting for a better world. This is a hard truth to swallow, I know, but all Leftists MUST face this truth.

And then do better. Why?

Because failure to do pandemic mitigations is acceptance and promotion of eugenics; it is accepting the state's position that certain demographics deserve death and should be written off as waste.

Stop blindly believing the state's gaslighting of the pandemic. Believe us #disabled folks and the scientists doing the studies, who have proven again and again how dangerous this virus has become, especially long-term effects.

Masks work. Decades of studies prove this, and shrills funded by the state who try to claim otherwise? Stop blindly believing them. Masks when properly fitted work, and work best when we all wear them together.

The virus isn't going to disappear just because the US President said the pandemic is "over." The virus will continue to mutate into worse variants, will continue to spread, will continue to cause long-lasting damage to our bodies, will continue to kill and disable.

We could STOP THAT if we all worked together and make sure we Leave No One Behind.

We can't build a better world without normalizing pandemic mitigations in all of our work and organizing. A better world should NEVER adopt the eugenic strategies of the state, and that's what the failure to do pandemic mitigations does - it adopts the state's horror.

So stop doing that! We have the studies and science that prove the virus is still mutating, still causing tremendous harm to our bodies, and still killing thousands in the USA every week. Those people deserved life, and we could have saved them if we all collectively worked together to do pandemic mitigations:

1.Check wastewater data to see if Covid particles are on the rise to help assess risk. Demand data for Covid Transmission rates everywhere.

2. #MaskUp at all your events at all times. Demand all healthcare facilities and workers mask at all times.

3. Do #Testing for Covid before and after (PCR tests currently the best for new variants).

4. Buy or make Air Filtration units and install them in all rooms. @cleanairkits has some good options and instructions on how to do CR boxes. Make extras to share with others so they too can have clean air.

5. If possible, hold the event outside to allow people to spread out better.

6. Make the event accessible. Have streaming options, and other accessibility tools.

@PeoplesCDC has an amazing toolkit called "See You Safer" that documents various ways we can safely organize, meet up, and fight against the rising tide of fascist eugenics.

So if you want to live out your truth, to truly build that better world that Leaves No One Behind, then get your asses in gear and DO PANDEMIC MITIGATIONS.

Please stop falling for the state's gaslighting eugenics.

Instead, FIGHT against that with people like me.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. Link to my database of studies I've collected since 2020:

jbz :catjam:
2 weeks ago

"By forcing us to precisely describe the behavior of our software, property-based testing in turn forces us to make explicit not just the assumptions that we made when writing the tests, but also the assumptions that we made when writing the software. Often we will discover that those assumptions are wrong"
➥ Increment Magazine

#PropertyBasedTesting #Testing

jbz :catjam:
3 weeks ago

"I often jump into the TDD flow when I’m adding a new feature to a product or confirming the existence of a bug. If it’s not clear how I should approach the problem, the best way for me to start is with a test. Tests force me to break down the problem into steps to reach an initial solution, while refactoring gets me to a cleaner solution"
➥ Increment Magazine

#TDD #Testing #SoftwareDevelopment

Markus Tacker
3 weeks ago

Less than a month until I am back Nordic Testing Days in #Tallin where I will be speaking about, no encouraging you to start building better testing tools.

I've run previews of this talk now at #Codefreeze and #SoCraCan and in both instances received very positive feedback which makes me excited to share it with a broader audience.

Tickets are still available, and the city and the conference is absolutely worth a visit:

#testing #architecture

Ken Kousen :verified:
4 weeks ago

The sale continues at PragProg (use code TOOLS2023 for a 50% discount), so I made the thing I made before, but this time I made it better
#Java #Mockito #TDD #testing

Yann Büchau :python:
4 weeks ago

💡 Just realised that you can use @coveragepy not only to determine your test coverage but also to find out how much of your codebase is present in your documented examples! 😁

:python: #Python #testing #unitTesting #documentation

Sergio Freire
1 month ago

In this #QATherapy #podcast, Debbie O'Brien goes over the main features (+more) of Playwright, a #testautomation framework that has been gaining a lot of attention. Listen to find out more :)

#softwaretesting #testing #playwright #softwaredevelopment

SoCraTes Conference
1 month ago

📣 Registration for SoCraTes Conference 2023 is now open! 🎉

👉 Find all details and apply to the lottery at!

Make sure to tell your friends and colleagues and we hope to see you on August 24 – 27th in Soltau 😊

#SoCraTes2023 #software #softwarecraft #testing #conference #openspace

James Shore
1 month ago

I have to confess to some hubris. After evaluating the various Node.js testing frameworks, I've decided to write my own instead. In this 🧵, I'll explain why. Mostly so I can remember it for the future.

#NodeJs #tdd #testing

1 month ago

Ohai! It me. My name's Aaron, I'm approaching 50 and am from the Kingdom of #Fife in #Scotland (a country I'd prefer to be independent from the #UK and in the #EU). I make #Ambient #ElectronicMusic and am currently a fan of #Bitwig, though I have used #ReasonStudios #LocicProX and #AbletonLive I'm a Multiple Sclerosis enjoyer and politics non-enjoyer discovering what it means to have ADHD and associated dysfunctions. Heavily into #SciFi #ScienceFiction #SpeculativeFiction #FantasyFiction and #Buddhism. Also, as you'd imagine, a bit of a #Synthesizer #Nerd. If I think of anything else I'll no doubt post about it.

Check out

I may
#OverShare 🤔 #WhoDis #Testing #Newb #n00b

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
1 month ago

This still works great if you find yourself using Cypress and need to test something that is loaded inside an iframe - cypress-iframe #JavaScript #testing

Michael Henriksen
1 month ago

📣 I finally managed to get a little project I've been working on ready for a “beta” release. Introducing:

Gokiburi: Automatic Test Runs for Go Projects

I've used it privately for a while now with no major issues, but bugs should be expected. Give it a try and share your thoughts!

#golang #testing #tdd

Pictogram of a person shocked by seeing a cockroach crawling on the floor. Below it says, “GOKIBURI: automatic test runs for go projects”.
Screenshot of Gokiburi's web UI settings where sound notifications, among other settings, can be configured.
Screenshot of a test result overview in Gokiburi's web UI.
Screenshot of Gokiburi's code coverage view, which shows the tested code colored on a scale to show the level of code coverage in the tests.
1 month ago

The interesting part about this argument is that it’s technology agnostic. I’ve read these arguments in #JavaScript and #Ruby online communities.

#CodeCoverage #Testing

1 month ago

The constructive argument against it is that if you’re not using mutation testing you can’t really trust your code coverage metric. I like the reasoning behind this argument.

#CodeCoverage #Simplecov #Testing

1 month ago

The main, lazy argument that I see against code coverage as a useful metric is that someone once misused it and hurt your feelings so you don’t believe in it anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#CodeCoverage #Testing

Gaurav Vaidya
1 month ago

@mikestreety At least one of the tools I work on uses Docker to start a local Solr database, loads 20-30 test entries into it, and then queries them through the API to make sure it works as expected. It came in handy recently when I overhauled the Solr query and left out one pattern, so all the tests found one fewer result than they expected. #testing

1 month ago

I still don't *get* testing.

I've read many posts and understand the basics, but I struggle to relate that to a real-world app.

I'm developing something in #laravel which is 100% database powered, but I can't work out how I would test anything in CI, without a database seeded.

#testing #php

1 month ago

#Design #Guidelines
Best practices for website footer UX · More user engagement with a well-crafted website footer

“A website’s footer is often overlooked, but it can actually make a big difference in how easy it is for users to find what they need on your website.” — Eric Chung

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Website #Footer #Engagement #Testing

1 month ago

Re: Moving #Angular CLI to #Jest and Web Test Runner:

I'm having mixed feeling about this. Deprecating Karma makes sense. Its architecture is 10+ yrs old. But since Facebook handed Jest over to the community, Jest is seriously under-maintained. It has become the proverbial project some random person in Nebraska is thanklessly maintaining.
If the Angular team is serious about this switch, Google should pay someone contributing to Jest.

#Testing #TDD #SoftwareTesting

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock
1 month ago

A new post on how experiences influence our heuristics, reflections on my conversation with @HeyChelseaTroy #heuristics #testing #Smalltalk

Steve Faulkner
1 month ago

👋 If you have any questions about the @w3c validator drop them in replies and will put them on my list 🖖

I am gathering together some questions to ask Mike Smith about the #HTML validator/conformance checker I talked with him about it in 2014

and thought it was time for some more questions.

#HTML #ARIA #CSS #WebStandards #testing #WebDev #a11y

Jeff Gilchrist
1 month ago

Fit Testing to ensure a good seal on your mask [Part 1]

This thread explains what #mask #fit #testing is (#qualitative and #quantitative), why it is important, and my testing experience with some real-world results of various types of masks including NIOSH #N95 and ear loop. 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Photo showing the difference between quantitative (measuring particles inside and outside the mask) and qualitative (someone trying to taste bitter/sweet aerosols leaking into the mask). Photo from:
Luis Villa
1 month ago

@brewsterkahle Still one of my favorite pictures (before a Mass at the Vatican) #testpatterns #testing

Test pattern with vibrant colors on a large screen in front of an even larger statue of a Catholic saint.
Nathan Smith
1 month ago


At work, we have been kicking the tires on a game I built in SolidJS. It is now in internal beta. Thus far, my experience has been:

– Solid is much more pleasant to work with than React. To the point where I feel like a schmuck for all the years I wasted on React, and hope to never be in a position where I have to work with it again.

#javascript #playwright #solidjs #testing

Rob Whiting 📓
1 month ago

For Global Accessibility Awareness Day (#GAAD), @dequesystems are hosting a free webinar for #Developers of all experience levels to learn how to use #Accessibility #Testing tools.

More info and sign up here. ⤵️



1 month ago

Level up your #JavaScript #testing game: A beginners' #guide to property based testing

Rob Whiting 📓
1 month ago

#Accessibility Acceptance Criteria.

Automatically generate test cases for Web, #iOS and #Android.


Tobias Geyer
1 month ago

One of the #development teams I work with struggles with many bugs being found late in the process but has difficulties to improve that.
Yesterday we talked about introducing mandatory code coverage - to which a developer replied: "But if we really have to write tests then we have to double our estimated efforts!"
How is it possible that in 2023 people still don't add #testing efforts to their estimates?!

Sam Minnée
1 month ago

#Testing peeps: I want to generate a biz-readable summary of what's being tested, across both Python an JS tests. Maybe a namespaced string attached to each test, that i can then aggregate and turn into nested bullets.

Has anyone done this well? Any ideas/advice?

1 month ago

💡 Here’s how you can automatically clear Ray when running a test

More info:

#php #pest #phpunit #testing

Tobias Geyer
1 month ago

An interview I've been wanting to see is finally online: Pepe's bar with @testobsessed :

Elizabeth has had a huge influence on my #testing career and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to get to know her better.