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1 month ago

@grin @sullybiker The main problem with #shell scripts is that they’re glue for other commands that may or may not be installed and may or may not be the same as those used by the author.

It’s why #dehydrated has so much logic detecting the installed flavor of awk, sed, grep, diff, et al. “Portable” shell is like portable #C—riddled with brittle environmental tests (thus begetting things like #GNU #Autotools).

Even #testssl admitted defeat and can run from a #Docker #container now. :verified:
4 months ago On Wednesday there'll be in 3.2rc2 a change which might break things in postprocessors which use JSON/CSV.

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4 months ago

If you're using #docker images for you should do a "git pull".

#musl libc seems to have performance problems wrt #glibc .

Thanks to polarathene ( :verified:
6 months ago

The forward secrecy section of now shows also the supported signature algorithms (David); shown here with a bad and a good example:

2 years ago

#testssl is a #SSL testing script. is a portable shell script that tests an endpoint for its #TLS/SSL #security. finds the supported ciphers and protocols, and tests for common security bugs. can be configured to only run certain tests, and supports multiple output formats, including machine readible #CSV and #JSON.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️:

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3 years ago

Remarkable security bug (and fix) for

d0rk ✅
3 years ago

Eventually time has come to do the final 3.0 release of

Get it, use it, enjoy!