Barbara Bullock
2 hours ago

Spring #equinox in #Texas and the #cactus is in bloom

Tiny flowers with 5 white petals each streaked with pink blossom from a gray-green succulent
3 hours ago

Report: Former #Texas governor sabotaged #JimmyCarter in #Iran hostage crisis

Former Texas Gov. #JohnConnally (R) met Middle Eastern leaders in 1980 to convince Iran to delay releasing American hostages — part of an effort to sabotage then-President Jimmy Carter's re-election campaign, according to a New York Times report.

#RonaldReagan's subsequent presidency ushered in a conservative era. If Carter had secured the release of the hostages, he might have won instead.

Chris Ostertag
4 hours ago

Every time I see a tent on sale I think "I don't camp but what if I need to huddle for warmth in my own home again" because I live in #Texas

4 hours ago

Schießerei vor der #Lamar High School in #Arlington, #Texas. Laut Polizei sei ein Schüler getötet und ein weiterer verletzt worden. Der Verdächtige Schütze soll Student sein und wurde in Gewahrsam genommen.

Democracy Spot
4 hours ago

📰 In #Texas, a child's #gender is a "State Affair."

Monday, the Senate State Affairs Committee advanced a Bill to ban therapies that major medical groups recommend for kids with #genderdysphoria. Lt Gov #DanPatrick has made the bill a priority [because he's a hateful bigot].

5 hours ago

Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson to star in comedy series set in Texas

Read about it here:

#texas #tv #woodyharrelson #matthewmcconaughey #appletv #comedy

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are starring in a new Apple TV+ comedy series set in their home state of Texas.
5 hours ago

A podcaster dove deep into a 20-year-old case and is raising evidence that the man Texas is set to execute in April may actually be innocent.

Read about it here:

#texas #news #deathpenalty #podcast

cross with an X marks the grave for a prisoner executed by the state of Texas in its prison system, as seen in 2009, at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Joe Byrd Cemetery in Huntsville, Texas.
5 hours ago

'He has a battle rifle': In previously unreleased interviews, police who responded to the Robb Elementary shooting told investigators they were cowed by the shooter’s AR-15.

Read about it here:

#uvalde #guns #school #texas

Photo of multiple Semi-Automatic AR-15 Style carbines, rifles, and pistols staged on benches at Outdoor Range with targets in background
6 hours ago

One of West Texas' most popular "glamping" sites is partnering with an Austin-based 3D-printing company to create futuristic new rooms.

Read about it here:

#texas #3dprinting #desert

Rendering of one of the 3D-printed rooms.
Alex Wild
7 hours ago

A Gerstaeckeria cactus weevil on its prickly pear host. Texas.

#Insects #Weevil #Deserts #Texas #photography

A pudgy beetle covered in small round grayish scales straddles a crown of cactus spines.
8 hours ago
8 hours ago

Core Scientific Bankruptcy Judge Approves Transfer of Over $20M of Equipment to Its Exclusive Energy Negotiator - Core Scientific had stopped paying Priority Power Management in May 2022. - #corescientific #bitcoinmining #miningcenters #bankruptcy #finance #energy #texas #news

8 hours ago
Texas Observer
10 hours ago

“I’ve been mad since I was a kid. Our father could have taught us how to fish, you feel?”

Clarence Brandley was wrongfully convicted by an all-white jury. His search for justice inspired a new law ... but he never saw compensation before his death. His family still holds out hope.

From the March/April issue of Texas Observer magazine:

(📸 Photos by Meridith Kohut)
(CW: Rape, Murder)
#DeathPenalty #CriminalJustice #Texas #Houston #Prison #TXlege #HumanRights

Ozell Brandley (a Black man) and his nieces, Cassie Brandley and Elizabeth Phillips, visit the grave of Clarence Brandley. Elizabeth Phillips is holding a blue t-shirt which reads, "Clarence Brandley Will be Free."
An older Black man, standing in a sunlit cemetery, holds up a newspaper clipping which reads "Brandley is given stay as 2 janitors recant testimony."
The torso of a Black woman in a pink top, holding a collection of Clarence Brandley images in a rectangular grid. She has rings on her fingers and her hair cascades around her shoulders.
A Black family, Ozell Brandley and his nieces, Cassie Brandley and Elizabeth Phillips, pray together at the grave of his brother and the women’s father, Clarence Brandley. The graves extend away in orderly rows on a clipped lawn under a big partly cloudy Texas sky.
Pablonius Monk
10 hours ago

Texas companies resumed 2022 PAC donations to Jan. 6 election objectors they had cut off 😡

Some even boosted giving to lawmakers who sought to block President Biden’s electoral certification.

#CitizensUnited #Texas #AmericanAirlines #Cheniere #ATT #ValeroEnergy #ExxonMobil #USAA #DallasNews #Jan6 #ByJosephMorton

Barbara Bullock
11 hours ago

Our neighborhood elementary school students are standing up to the bullies in the #Texas Capitol and standing up for their classmates. And they are doing it bilingually, y’all!

#lgbtq+ #Kids #Texas #rainbow #bilingual

On a crosswalk, the colors of the rainbow are chalked in a diagonal stripe with red closest to the viewer.
The words “el amor no necesita la cura, Elmodio, sí!” Are written in white chalk on a cement sidewalk in a child’s handwriting. There is a correction of the gender article for cura from el to la.
Alex Wild
12 hours ago

The continued intentional cruelty of Texas Republicans, this time forcing a woman to risk her life carrying an unviable fetus to term.

#Texas #RepublicanCruelty #abortion

Texas Observer
13 hours ago
3DownNation 🤖
13 hours ago

Calgary Stampeders sign standout Texas DL Ray Thornton, one other…

#Texas #Longhorns #HookEm #Stamps #CFL

13 hours ago

Texas and the rise of Imperialist Capitalism. It's long past the time that Texas should be divided into 3 or more US States.

This one US State is responsible for more damage to the United States reputation over 150 years than Trump could ever dream up.

American Terrorism has deep roots in all the Southern States but Texas has been empowered by oil.


Primo Natura
14 hours ago

"An area of mountain forest larger than the state of Texas has been lost since 2001, with the amount disappearing each year accelerating at an “alarming” rate, a study warns."

#US #USA #America #Texas #Environment #Wildlife #Biodiversity

Collectic Home
14 hours ago

T-ONE WEEK TO GO! The American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale ENDS March 27th! Don't sleep on these savings to custom-design the sleeper of your dreams! 😴❤️ - xoxo Joni #austin #texas #ad #sxsw

15 hours ago

Another day, another…

Two students were injured after a #shooting at a #Texas high school and a suspect is in custody, police and school district officials said. The shooting happened at Lamar High School in Arlington outside a school building, news outlets report

CounterPoint ✅
15 hours ago

MIT Technology Review

Texas is trying out new tactics to restrict access to abortion pills online. Here are some resources we recommend. #Abortion, #HB2690, #Mifepristone, #Pregnancy, #Republicans, #SB1440, #Texas

16 hours ago

The takeover will replace elected officials with a state-appointed "board of managers" as Gov. Greg Abbott tightens government control over schools.
#schools #texas #education #greggabbott #BookBans

Todo Taxi 🚕 🎤
20 hours ago

Un taxi autónomo circula en sentido contrario por las calles de Austin, EEUU
La policía intercepta un taxi autónomo que circulaba en sentido contrario
En España aún no ha llegado ningún taxi autónomo, como tampoco es habitual encontrarse con vehículos del futuro. Sin embargo, algunas ciudades de Estados Unidos ya están dando permisos a ciertas empresas, para que al tráfico hab
#Internacional #Texas #🇺🇸EE.UU.

Joseph Meyer
1 day ago

Bravo for the new approach to addressing homelessness linked to serious mental illness and addiction as promoted by Governor Newsom and Senator Eggman in California! Honoring the civil liberties of those who have lost touch with reality contributes to hundreds of homeless deaths annually on the streets of Austin, Texas. It is beyond time to try something new.

“What we see on our streets — those who are the most ill — should not be at the back of the line. We know they’re the most difficult to treat but they should be at the front of the line and these types of innovations that we’re doing now does just that.” - Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman, California


We Built This City
1 day ago

How you know you’re leaving #Texas

Sign that says “Please allow some extra space” and the figure of a person is wearing a cowboy hat
1 day ago

Texas plans to take over the majority Black and Hispanic Houston Independent School District; Mississippi is proposing creation of a separate court system for city of Jackson with majority black residents; Florida is trying to ban any references to diversity, equality and inclusivity. This is beyond racism and is facism at worst.
#Blackmastodon #Blackfediverse #BLM #Socialjustice #USpolitics #Racism #Facism #Diversity #Inclusivity #Education #Texas #Mississippi #Florida

Joseph Meyer
2 days ago

#Photos from a 6-mile morning #hike along Slaughter Creek in southwest #Austin, #Texas.

Graffiti on a 100-year old concrete stanchion of a railroad trestle. Black letters bordered by yellow and an outermost border of alternating black and white rectangles are painted on a light blue background. The letters might spell out RATIT or RATIC, but the artistic styling makes me uncertain. At the lower left-hand corner is a white circle bordered in black with the containing the phrase, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAKER in black lettering.
Missouri violet growing in a creek bed with its large and shiny heart-shaped green leaves and violet flowers.
A three-foot tall herbaceous plant with many small yellow flowers growing alongside a moist hiking trail of moist brown soil. I think the plant is bastard cabbage. Through thick brush, a bit of gray morning sky is visible ahead.
Bluebonnet flowers growing on a hillside, each with a stalk of many blue florets capped by a white bonnet.
Jeffrey A. Stvan
2 days ago

📷 It's Symmetry Sunday! 📷

An exterior detail of the Fort Worth Alliance Airport Air Traffic Control Tower (Albert Halff Associates, 1992), Fort Worth, TX.

#FortWorth #Texas #Architecture #Photography #Detail #Symmetry #Corner #FORAPhotography #SymmetrySunday

Color photo of a cone comprised of white metal panels perched on the edge of a structure clad in finely dressed stone

@alyssam_infosec *nodds in agreement*

The only worse thing I could imagine is literally doing such an event in #Florida or #Texas if not overseas in #KSA, but since those making decisions are most likely cisbinary gay and lesbian people, they don't give a f**k...

Patrick Stewart
2 days ago

Another #silentsunday #morning where I'll still by posting so maybe not that silent after all if you have your notification sounds turned on. Here is your daily #mantra

"I am #thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this #gift to help everyone I can."

#Photography for #today was on the way to Diboll, #Texas. Time to go home today.

#photo #sunday #quote #picture #highway #traveling

An orange sun rise over a highway with a few cars on the road.
2 days ago

Lawsuit: Cop pulled over driver for #TikTok livestream—and shared driver’s ID

#Texas man suing now fears identity theft after his personal info was shared.

#Police #Privacy #IdentityTheft

2 days ago
Anirvan Chatterjee
2 days ago

First they tried to ban immigrants from China from buying homes in Texas. Now they’re trying to ban their kids from going to college.

#SayNoToSB147 #HB4736 #TexasLege #AsianAmerican #Texas #USPol

Alex Wild
2 days ago

The white supremacist autocracy advances in Texas with a hostile takeover of the state’s largest school district.

#Texas #Txlege

Jeff Sikes
3 days ago

Here’s a collection of words that I never thought would be written. The rest stops along I-30 between Texarkana and Dallas, Texas are really nice! Little wildlife history kiosks, walking paths, playgrounds and a pond. And clean restrooms! And #PokemonGo! #TravelTips #Texas

A view of a pond and grass my area with a United States and Texas flags waving on a flagpole. A nice modern building is in the background, which house a restrooms and a wildlife / history museum.
Inside the rest stop building are little wildlife fact kiosks and a fun hollow tree you can walk into, sit down, and watch some wildlife videos.
Alex Wild
3 days ago

Plants, y’all. Just an alien world all around us.

#cactus #Texas #nature

Too view photograph of three brilliantly pink round flowers emerging from a wrinkled gray mass of a ground-level cactus surrounded by the dull tones of a desert floor.
Patrick Stewart
3 days ago

A fun filled morning #morning to you all from the middle of nowhere #Texas. Today's activities will be filling thousands of easter eggs with candy and then heading to a 5 year olds birthday party at a trampoline park. Just remember...breathe. Here is your #daily #mantra

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for #today is something a little different again. I saw this #car on the way down here. I never though I'd actually see #ToyStory play out IRL. Looks like they did some series fighting because the back of the car is all messed up too! (license plate digitally removed).

#silentsaturday #saturdayvibes #saturday #car #movie #pixar #philosophy

Buzz, woody, and general zergg tied to the back of a beat up car.
3 days ago

#Texas officials announced on Wednesday that they would be taking over #Houston's #PublicSchool district, which is the eighth-largest in the #UnitedStates deepening existing tensions between local Democratic leaders and the #Republican majority-held statehouse.

#TEA #Education

Outside groups, as well as some guy with a big Facebook following, were successful in driving up hate and anger over a trans kid existing (resulting in the child and their family leaving the state).

Then, outsiders moved into town so they could run for the board.

And every board member already there got investigated for any indication they were even remotely associated with Democratic beliefs.

Those who did, were threatened and SWAT’d until they left. #education #news #politics #texas

On school boards, such as this one in #Texas, culture wars stoked by misinformation and bigotry impact kids to their very core.

What happened in Dripping Springs? Well, a town of neighborly people who initially welcomed a trans kid being allowed to use the bathroom at school, shortly became a battlefield for the soul of the community. And outside funding/influence from far-right groups caused it. #news

The new far-right overlords of #Odessa #Texas also promised to cut government waste, claiming that the previous council had awarded no-bid contracts or spent egregiously.

Yet the day after firing an attorney and city manager, they signed a $300,000 contract with a shady right-wing company called T2 Professional Consulting that many believe is tasked with finding ways to fire more people.

3 days ago
This is a close up of two bluebonnets.

When it comes to #Odessa #Texas, the strategy involved unopposed candidates and promises of a leaner government.

The truth is it’s a mayor and cronies who want a religious city-state. One of their first actions was to impose the strictest anti-#abortion laws anywhere in Texas.

Then they tried to fire a judge who disagreed with raising fines on kids with alcohol.

A far-right group sponsored by the county GOP has taken over the majority of the city council as well as the mayorship in #Odessa #Texas.

They claimed they were there to “clean up” a government that wasn’t listening to its people.

But when they started firing longtime public servants, they did so while illegally barring public comment—turning a council meeting into a show trial. #News #Politics

It's Going Down
3 days ago

Banners dropped across #Austin, #Texas today!

Banner: "Trans Liberation Forever"
Banner: "Protect Trans Kids!"
Banner: "Long Live Texas Drag"
Mx. Kit O'Connell
3 days ago

I want to share this again because I think its important. There are #trans people of all ages in #Texas and they (we) need your #solidarity.

And an important reminder that it's never too late to come out. Thank you to April Ortiz for this moving essay. I recognize so much of myself in your words. via @TexasObserver
#transgender #LGBTQIA #HumanRights #ComingOut

Texas Observer
3 days ago

From Monday: “Even if you have the ability to go somewhere else and do this training, there’s still not the same guarantee that you’ll be able to get the volume of procedures that you need.”

Where once #Texas OB-GYNs in training could commute to a clinic to learn about #abortion, now that training is a plane ride away, or totally unavailable. Calli McMurray explains how this puts lives at risk:

#ReproductiveHealth #health #news #politics #USpol #TXlege #HumanRights

Texas Observer
3 days ago

Today, the second part of @stevanzetti's investigation into extremist groups masquerading as grassroots, social justice organizations.

This formerly Black-owned, progressive newspaper has re-emerged as a "pink slime" media site that launders conservative #propaganda:

#extremism #media #Journalism #racism #politics #Dallas #Texas #USpol #TXlege

Mx. Kit O'Connell
4 days ago

An anonymous group of activists in #Austin, Texas performed a series of banner drops today in support of #trans rights, even as dangerous anti-trans bills are getting debated in the #Texas legislature.

The banners appeared this morning on multiple overpasses and a bridge throughout the city.

#transgender #LGBTQIA+ #activism #news #politics #TXlege

A banner reading "Trans Liberation Forever", decorated with blue and pink splotches in the trans pride colors, hangs above IH-35, a busy highway.
A banner with the word Stop followed by a list of anti-trans bills under debate at the legislature.
Seen from the road, a banner hangs from a highway overpass which reads "Trans Rights Are Human Rights."
A banner which is hanging from a bridge over Austin's Town Lake, that is hard to read but starts "Protect Trans Kids."
Pamela Williams Fine Art
4 days ago


Known as the "Queen of the Missions", this is the largest of the missions and was almost fully restored to its original design in the 1930s

Digitally painted original #photo

You can find this on prints and various other products here:

#SharePamsArt #POTD #Photography #photographyIsArt #PhotoOfTheDay #DigitalArt #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #Art #smile #TheArtDistrict #mission #sanantonio #texas #church #artist #followfriday

Digitally enhanced photo of the the mission in soft earthy tomes
4 days ago

This is a wild geranium, also known as a carolina geranium. It is tiny, probably pinky fingernail size.

#Wildflower #Weed #Flower #Spring #Nature #botanical #Photography #Art #Texas #SpringIntoArt #BuyIntoArt #ArtMatters #AYearForArt


This is a close up of a tiny pink wild geranium.
Nathan Lorenz
4 days ago

Window Trail, Big Bend National Park, Texas. February, 2017 #Photography #blackandwhite #bw #landscape #desert #mountains #bigbend #bigbendnps #texas

Black and White image of a rugged mountain pass looking down upon a desert floor.
4 days ago

Rope out sequence of a tornado near McLean, Texas on a big hype May chase day in 2017. This was a picturesque tornado that was witnessed by half of the storm chasers in the country, but this rope out sequence remains the most interesting piece of this tornado. It was a classic case of an occluded mesocyclone being left behind by its parent storm which had raced off to the northeast. #weather #tornado #texas #science #nature

Texas Observer
4 days ago

"Before, I felt like I had to water myself down so that I could just make some money. Now, I just do what I do. I do myself. And I do it on the screen. Everything I do is for me now."

For Trevante Rhodes of 'Moonlight' Fame, Acting Was Plan B:

#culture #Texas #BlackArt #film #movies

Alex Wild
4 days ago

Texas and Mexico sky update.

#Texas #Desert

A desert scene with round prickly pear cacti in the foreground under a bright blue sky with evenly spaced fluffy clouds.
Texas Observer
5 days ago

"In middle age, I'm forced to recognize that nothing short of being who I am will resolve my profound inner confict. The word 'transition' is terrifying but, however catastrophic the process of coming out may be, I'll not be much good to those I love if I'm burned out, incapacitated, or dead."

#LGBTQIA #Texas #trans #essay #TXlege #politics #USpol

5 days ago

Severe storms will form in the early-mid afternoon hours along a crashing cold front and will quickly move east. Most of the severe weather threat should be centered east of I-35 this afternoon and evening with damaging hail and wind gusts and a low tornado threat. #oklahoma #texas #okwx #txwx #weather #severeweather

John Refior
5 days ago

White Texans dissolving local government to assert control over black Texans:

"the Texas Education Agency will replace Superintendent Millard House II and the district’s elected board of trustees with a new superintendent and an appointed board of managers"
#racism #Houston #Texas #BLM #education #uspolitics

Texas Observer
5 days ago

Despite being exposed as bogus, some #Texas right-wing organizations keep coming back from the dead. No one knows who is funding them.

Texas Observer Special Investigative Correspondent @stevanzetti uncovers the gory details in his new report:

#Dallas #nonprofit #news #USpol #politics #extremism #Republicans #TXlege

5 days ago

⚠️ The leaders of the #Houston Independent School District, the largest school district in #Texas, will be replaced by a new board appointed by the state Commissioner of Education, the district said Wednesday.

Texas Observer
5 days ago

“I wanted to honor the providers as people. They’re not anti-family. They’re about taking care of people and meeting people where they need to be met.”

In the new #documentary Plan C, showing at #SXSW, director Tracy Droz Tragos illuminates the struggle to ensure people can access #abortion medication, even as info sharing is under fire from #Texas. @sarahutch visited with Droz Tragos and site co-founder Amy Merrill:

#news #ReproductiveHealth #film #movies #Austin

The women who organize the Plan C abortion pill information website having an outdoor meeting on a patio picnic table. One is writing on a whiteboard.
5 days ago

🤦🏻‍♀️“The federal judge who could upend access to a widely used #abortion medication pressed government lawyers in a hearing Wednesday about the safety and approval process for the drug, which has been on the market in the U.S. for more than two decades.” #Texas

Texas Observer
5 days ago

“What good does it do?”

Miss Violet answers, “a small stack of clean, dry clothes could transform a soul.”

Drawing on 60 hours of interviews with #homeless residents, this unique production transmutes daily life and hardship into art.

New from correspondent David Theis:

(Edit: Typo)

#Houston #culture #HumanRights #inequality #poverty #unhoused #Texas #opera

5 days ago

Tomorrow: A risk of severe storms seems apparent tomorrow across Oklahoma and Texas (mainly the eastern half). Large hail and damaging winds will be possible with storms that may be ongoing as already as the morning, but a low tornado threat is also apparent. #weather #Oklahoma #Texas #okwx #txwx

Texas Observer
6 days ago

A decades-long fight for high art is also a fight for organized labor in the state’s second-largest city. Senior Staff Writer @gusbova takes us inside the struggle to build a unionized symphony for San Antonio ...

From the March / April 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine:

(📸 Photo by Matthew Busch)
#Texas #culture #Music #SanAntonio #unions #labor #news

The Philharmonic prepares for a show at the First Baptist Church in January. The orchestra is tuning up on stage under a beautiful modern amphitheater dome, lit artistically.
Steve Herman
6 days ago

US Border Patrol agents in #Texas have thwarted a human smuggling attempt that was using a belly dump truck.

6 days ago

It's time for another lost storm chase on your feed -- for this one we are going back in time to a day I've not revisted in some time. On this June in the Panhandle storm chase, the risk was a modest one but the results were monster lightning, intense HP structure, and a tornado near Spearman. Watch at the link: #weather #stormchasing #texas #supercell #tornado

Texas Observer
6 days ago

Kicking off our coverage of #SXSW, @gusbova reviews Deadland, a story of the #border that's far more than it first appears. What begins as an action film about racist patrolmen quickly deepens into something more disturbing:

#Culture #racism #film #Movies #review #immigration #Texas

From Deadland: A man ("The Stranger") walks away from the screen, beside cactus, high above the Rio Grande.
6 days ago

Spring is a-popping in southeast #Texas, these are from this past weekend, driving though the #wildflower country between Houston and Austin. Thought it might be too early for much color but the blooms are coming out, especially the bright orange Indian Paintbrush, aka Castilleja or Prairie Fire. And of course the TX state flower the Bluebonnets. Looking like it might be a really good year, should be peaking next 2-3 weeks.

#flowers #flowerphotography #photography #nature #NaturePhotography

Close up color photo of bluebonnet flowers.  In the background are old period buildings in the town of Serbin, Texas that are part of the local Wendish (aka Sorbian) Heritage Museum.  The area around this town was settled by Wendish immigrants in the mid-nineteenth century.
Color photo of purple phlox wildflowers with some other white flowers, near the cemetery of Serbin, Texas.
Close up color photo of the bright orange stalk flower of an Indian Paintbrush, also called Castilleja or Prairie Fire.
Color photo of a group of Mexican primrose flowers (aka Pinkladies or Buttercups) growing by the side of a rural road.  Behind the primrose is a group of Indian Paintbrush flowers.