6 hours ago

Helfen Sie unseren erstaunlichen #Krankenschwestern! 🏥 #Unterstützen Sie ihr unermüdliches Engagement und ihre mitfühlende #Pflege auf #GoFundMe. Lassen Sie uns unsere #Dankbarkeit zeigen und gemeinsam etwas bewirken. #Spenden Sie jetzt. #Thanks #danke🙏 #Berlin

———-> <———

Erika Autumn
9 hours ago

Woah it's working... I don't know what account it was and I don't wanna post someone's real name here for #privacy reasons, but if that was you, THANK YOU for the $25!!!!

#MutualAid #ThankYou #thanks

Paul SomeoneElse
23 hours ago



I was looking at that post where Linus tells off "woke" trolls.

I saw it on the original and it's awful, like 4chan bad.

And when I look at the post on mastodon sdf all the really bad trolls are filtered out.

That's really cool!

Thanks SDF admins/moderators/etc. !

1 day ago

Helfen Sie unseren erstaunlichen #Krankenschwestern! 🏥 #Unterstützen Sie ihr unermüdliches Engagement und ihre mitfühlende #Pflege auf #GoFundMe. Lassen Sie uns unsere #Dankbarkeit zeigen und gemeinsam etwas bewirken. #Spenden Sie jetzt. #Thanks #danke🙏 #news #berlin

➡️ ⬅️

Erika Autumn
2 days ago

I hate to do this but I have no #income and got a notification for my power #bill due June 14th. #overdue #balance is about $80


#Venmo - ErikaAutumn
Other platforms - I'd rather not post them, but I might be able to use them on request.

I also need medical 🌳 (not as important but would be nice to not run out when I'm this stressed. I use it for #PTSD and #ChronicPain )


#MutualAid #PleaseDonate #donate #please #bills #thanks #trans #disabled

Snehasish Dhar
5 days ago

My channel and Google account recovered. A huge thanks to all of you for your help and special thanks to @YouTubeIndia for their support.


Sini Ruohomaa
1 week ago

Got a notice today that #Facebook now gracefully allows #GDPR enabled objection to their 'legitimate linterests', though it is super hard to do through their pages.

Much easier to apply #Noyb's tool, which e.g. gives you an email template to fill in your account information and send (and alternative methods). Appreciated!

#privacy #usability #thanks

2 weeks ago

Off the wall question, has anyone ever encountered a senator or representative who has mentioned #AdrenalInsufficiency in any context? Looking for a political #Ally for AI research funding who can help us make inroads with #NIH funders at #NIDDK where #Diabetes is the primary focus. AI is an #Endocrine problem and should be funded through NIDDK but hasn't been a focus primarily due to a lack of #Prevalence studies in my opinion.
#Thanks Fediverse!

#Science #Epidemiology

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
2 weeks ago

@AutisticDoctorStruggles ok I'm done now. Perhaps I'll leave it for another day to boost/like more posts that I find enjoyable but I don't intend to spam your feed any more than I've already done.

I found more than 1 post interesting.

#Thanks for being here!

2 weeks ago

NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme

An Australian government scheme providing support and care for people under 65 with a recognised disability. Support is available for all and is not means tested.

We applied too late, J & I would have benefited from earlier respite breaks. Not being pensioners, I didn't think we'd qualify. 🤷‍♂️ Too late for us, but if you believe you may qualify, find out!



2 weeks ago

There are days I'm glad I live in Australia. J's NDIS plan has been approved. An (to me) astonishing amount of money will go towards her care. We'd have been bankrupt in under two years if we had to fund J's care by ourselves. We will still have to contribute half J's super, but it's manageable.

However, pensioners have it much tougher, the contribution's the same $$ but 3/4 of their lower income.



Rhett Bratt
2 weeks ago

Healing the world with micro-actions. Like saying “Thank you for (the specific thing they did for you)” to a service worker. Or anyone else who helped you out. Whether it was part of their job or not. #microaction #thankyou #thanks #service

Joel Abrams 🫖
2 weeks ago

I will DM you the address and a geotagged photo of my front door #Thanks

Liam Egan
2 weeks ago


Thanks for all of your posts and re-posts. It is helpful for keeping me and others current on what is happening. On top of that you are a total badass with the funny and relevant hashtags.

I am feeling the need to show some appreciation today 😄

#Cdnpoli #thanks #appreciation

cc: @stustin

Christina Silver
2 weeks ago

Just received this in an email and it made my day
#teaching #thanks

Neurotype Programmer (he/him)
3 weeks ago

@DXMacGuffin @MariaTheMartian this world needs more humor and you're getting it to us. Thanks!

#Thanks #Humor

1 month ago

i like to look at #federated and let my #brain vibrate. that's my #psychotherapy. #thanks #freud. #hashtag

1 month ago

Remembering #CSSzenGarden and now I become really nostagic…

Nice to meet you, @daveshea!
Here's y quite late #thanks for your work

Lutra Security
1 month ago

Today is our birthday! 🥳🎉

At least on paper. Exactly one year ago we were sitting at the notary's office. There was a bit of uncertainty, but also a lot of excitement about the future. Of course, we didn't know back then how intense self-employment would be, with all its ups and downs.

Since our establishment, we have reported many weaknesses, completed many customer projects and had other exciting experiences. Be it vulnerabilities reported to open source projects or small companies, exciting projects with cooperation partners or a debriefing with an enthusiastic and happy customer. It is a good feeling to be able to make a difference with Lutra Security.

A big thank you goes to our customers for the exciting projects in the first year and of course to our cooperation partners! Without you and you this would not be possible, so thank you and may the evil hackers stay away from you.

We are excited and looking forward to what the next year has in store for us!

#WeAreLutra #infosec #thanks

1 month ago

JEi! Bolero on irti :D

Cha cha chaa!

#eurovision #thanks #euroviisut

Michael Shotter
1 month ago

#Thanks to everyone for 50 followers! I will do my best to remain interesting! :) (Germany)
1 month ago

Über den UNAFO e.V. Oberhausen wurden von Rita Siebert 11 unserer Laptopspenden nach Kumasi, Ghana gebracht.

Vielen Dank allen Beteiligten, Spendern, Helfern und Projektpartner. Gemeinsam können wir viel bewegen.

#labdoo #ghana #unafo #oberhausen #kumasi #danke #thanks #laptop #jugend #youth #flugpate #reisegruppe #reise #travel @Labdoo_D

1 month ago

The GitHub Flat action using @ourworldindata that daily updated my proxy "link between cases and deaths" for covid19 in Ireland is now switched off. 👋

In its day it gave me context for specific important messages.

#goodbye #thanks

Tech Pizza Mondays
1 month ago

Don't worry, no matter what Monday holds - at least you'll have pizza!
Join us for Tech Pizza Mondays!

6pm Monday evenings every week at Victory Cafe on Bloor

Eat pizza, talk about ideas, collaborate on making the world a better place, show off and critique projects, get silly, get serious, have fun, drink beer, follow your heart...

See you there :)

#Toronto #TechPizzaMondays #meetup #tech #community #discussion #worldbuilding #FreeAndOpen #hashtags #thanks #love #victory #victorycafe

1 month ago

@bensaufley those are some depressing local stats! #Thanks

victor tsaran
1 month ago

@sommer #Thanks for great description!

1 month ago

THANK-YOU Everyone!! 🤩

Today has been the most EPIC #BandCampFriday EVER

Have given the place a coat of paint to celebrate.

Nice. All matching.

#Thanks #BandCampFriday #NewRelease #FreshWiffs

The new Skeewiff bandcamp page, now with eyeballs sprouting up all over the place in an arty Dali-esque  fashion. Mmmm Matching
Martin Höller
1 month ago

Biggest thanks of course goes to my girlfriend ❤️ who always got my back and let me work on this so much, often on evenings and weekends. Not to mention the Italian localization she contributed to a lot 🇮🇹🤌 #thanks

Martin Höller
1 month ago

What a rollercoaster the last 4 months were. In Jan I just finished my parental leave after my daughter was born, simultaneously working on a client project and a big new version of @inyourface when the app suddenly became very popular. After some setbacks (copycat, lost opportunities) and some wins (Apple featurings!), I'm finally releasing the version today. Thx to everyone contributing, esp. for the redesign, @jackbrewster for feedback and testing #indiedev #thanks

1 month ago

Each day is a gift
Accepted with grace and thanks -
More never promised.

#Haiku #OneHaikuADay #Day #Thanks #Grace #CarpeDiem

Image of a discarded Cicada shell clinging to a tree. Having climbed from the roots of a tree, the Cicada emerged from its shell to fly away and mate, perhaps in a single day, and then to die afterward. Close view of shell center of the image, rough bark of tree under its feet.
1 month ago

Thanks for all the welcoming favs, boosts, and follows! Sure did make Rennie and my day :blobthanks:

#introduction #thanks #vizsla #dog

Rennie the happy vizsla dog
Alan Crawford
1 month ago

An image for today, I'm waiting at #GoldCoastUniversityHospital for my wife. She's undergoing major surgery after a fall. Her elbow is completely stuffed. #QldHealth #Thanks

🩵 Blue 🩵
1 month ago

Seeking #recommendations for fully #remote (#WorkFromHome) jobs (not hybrid) that:

- Pay decently ($20/hour or more)
- Hire US workers and allow one to move within the US and remain employed.
- Don’t require talking with customers.
- Don’t require a college degree.

#Help #Thanks #JobSearch #Work #Ask

M.Y. Hauger
2 months ago

Good morning everyone! I'd just like to thank everyone who followed me and/or liked and/or boosted my posts. I really appreciate it.
#Thanks #thankyou #follow #like #boost #WritingCommunity #gamingcommunity #gamedevs #gamedev #gamedevelopers #friends

mike johansen
2 months ago

My unsolicited advice to authors: don't use acronyms.
#thanks #medmastodon

2 months ago

@jeridansky @JonathanMosen The alt text or captions are also good when you’re on a slow connection and downloading the visual is not convenient.

M.Y. Hauger
2 months ago

I want to thank all of you so much for the likes, boosts, and follows. You're amazing and I truly appreciate it.
#Thanks #thankyou #follow #writingcommunity #gamingcommunity #gamedevelopers #friends

Arnan de Gans
2 months ago

Recommendations for a #FreshRSS android app?
Doesn't have to be free, but MUST (like really really must!) be without ads or subscription fees. Ideally has the RSS icon as an app icon.
#rss #android #androidapp #thanks

2 months ago

@flexghost Any graph not showing (0,0) is manipulating insight - please assure the objective perspective in visualizations 😎 #thanks

With the popularity of the platform going down, some people are moving off.
@JeanPhilippe our head moderator is one of them.
I want to personally thank him for all the good work he did, helping me dealing with the reports. I wish him all the best.
This also mean I need to switch gear in looking for new mods. Anyone interested please reply here.
#modneeded #thanks #movingon #mastodonexodus

Chris :redhat:
2 months ago

It's not Thanksgiving, but I sure am thankful for my co-workers. We deal with a lot of incidents at work given the volume of clusters we run and support, and it never fails: when an incident is declared, a number of folks hop on the call immediately, and their knowledge and desire to help out is immediately evident. I love working here, with the folks on my team.

You all are the best!

#redhat #sre #thanks #givethanks

2 months ago


"...gotta stop chasing rainbows..."

#Thanks for your sharing your ever a/be/musing work.

3 months ago

@brion I listened to the whole theme song and can’t find it!

Also now it’s stuck in my head.
#thanks #brion

Steve Portigal
3 months ago

@coolgrey that was helpful actually as I watched a video and just needed a longer paper clip (a line that would be in my Jaws reboot) #thanks

Daniel Beutner
3 months ago

Guys... nice! I like being here on Mastodon and I don't miss Twitter at all.

I am very greatful for this community and the people who run all the instances.

#mastodon #thankyou #thanks

Bob Fisher
3 months ago

1000 Gracias os quería dar, seguidores del Fediverso, por dedicar a lo largo de estos últimos cuatro años que llevo en Mastodon, un tiempo en vuestro tiempo, para contemplar y comentar las fotografías que, a lo largo de los caminos recorridos, he ido realizando y voy publicando, en esta fantástica red social.

Agradecido por vuestra parada y por vuestras palabras. :mastodon: 📸 😀

#Fediverso #Fediverse #Mastodon #gracias #thanks

Kent Pitman
3 months ago


This blog of your thoughts on haiku s a lovely statement of personal philosophy, a very thoughtful exploration of issues a lot of haiku writers face.

I like the positioning of this as an introspective look into your own personal needs, not as rules that others need necessarily to agree with.

I was taught that the purpose of classes in grammar and writing form isn't to limit us, but so we would know what people expect so that we can go with the flow when that's what we want and deviate knowingly and with purpose if that's what we want instead. Handrails that are there to grab when one wants them but that don't require you to grab them. This piece fits well within that framework. Not scolding or coercive, just openly sharing.

Honestly, I think even accountants and bricklayers should have a philosophy of what they do. It's useful for all of us to explore why we do or do not do certain things, why things matter, what alternatives remain unexplored (and why). It's a bonus if such philosophies are shared, but even worth doing for only one's own consumption.

A lot of this piece you wrote matches how I do things. Some places there's variation, though. Maybe I'll write my own sometime. But I feel like I have things to think about and learn from.


- - - - -
Five, seven, five.
Rigor's my usual comfort zone,
and home-made prison.
- - - - -

#Writers #WritingCommunity #Haiku #Senryu #Poem #Poetry #Philosophy #Sharing #Thanks

Josh McKinnon
4 months ago

@ivory@tapbots.socialjust dropping in to say, as a paying customer, I appreciate all you are doing to get Ivory for Mac ready for us to use. I appreciate the approach you took to get ivory iOS out. And I’ll continue to support you to rebuild your business with these great products. #thanks


"If you are standing in a line for hours in order to exercise your democratic rights, it’s because someone wants you to."

yep, you nailed it.


Liam Egan
4 months ago

A long time ago, I used a website called "Twitter" to keep up-to-date on what was happening in the world, but as time went on, it became harder and harder to get the news because of all of the baggage that came along with the news. I closed my Twitter account and moved to and I am really enjoying it because it takes a fraction of the time to get what is 'news' to me and there are a lot of good 'voices' on here that stir thinking and rational debate. #thanks #mastodon #mstdn

American Environmental
4 months ago

Our first day on #Mastodon. Send us tips on how to use this platform. #Thanks

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
4 months ago

@billgoats and now his “song” is going to be stuck in my head all day. #thanks


thanks for the pointer. not seen this talk before.

that's quite an interesting talk, too. really _two_ talks, right?

i also love that she uses one of my favorite memes -- the Magritte pipe.



thanks. we were definitely "geeking out" about the past in this one.

glad to hear it resonated w/ you.


The Bee Guy
4 months ago

To everybody who has responded to posts/asked questions recently apologies if I haven’t managed to respond. Working on some stuff (for bees) that’s taking up all my time right now. So just about managing to post and run at the moment. I will respond as soon as I can. Promise. Thanks for your patience and interest.

In the meantime here’s a beautiful big bumblebee bum!

Sleep tight.
Dream big.
Take care.

#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland
#nature #thanks

Black and white image of a bumblebee up close from behind foraging on a flower.
4 months ago

Hello #moka pot coffee drinkers... I'm thinking of diving in. Is it worth it to get a Bialetti over one of the other brands?

Also, I generally just drink 2 Americanos a day... so I'm thinking I should get the 3-cup, not the 6-cup. And will that work okay on a (US-style) gas range?

#thanks in advance!

#mokaPot #coffee #espresso #americano #bialetti

The Richie Rich
4 months ago

Community. That’s what I felt last night. No snark, no negativity, just pure human kindness and community. It’s possible I am overly sensitive compared to others, who’s to say? I’ve learned to embrace what I feel and to take my time to process well, everything. I would never have shared my vulnerability and anxiety on #birdchan; there’s no rallying together to support our common humanity. #JohnMastodon wherever you are, thank you for making this possible. To all of you, #THANKS.

Rev. GothAlice
5 months ago

@IronHam Welcome.

To @nova and everyone else helping keep this … dang, most adjectives that pop to mind are only relevant for the other hellsites. 🤔

"…curious new species" alive and well… (because with this level of decentralization, it does feel more like a living organism)

#Thanks to everyone helping keep nodes running, communities connected, and the service operating. Extra kudos to those on the #mastodon Libera #IRC channel for putting up with my weirdness!

@kin This. 100% All. Day. Long.

#thanks #api360

Matt Sexton
5 months ago

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone I've connected with so far and who is following along on my journey behind the lens. Love the community vibe on here!

I launched an Etsy shop today if anyone is interested in buying a print: If you saw me post a shot that's not on there let me know and I can add.

Appreciate you all! 🫶

#Photography #Prints #PrintShop #Etsy #Photographer #Thanks #Cleveland #Nature

Foggy views of Downtown Cleveland skyscrapers.
Sunset views with birds flying overhead.
Weeping willow tree along the shores of Lake Erie.
Overhead view of the Fountain of Eternal Life in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here is a photo I took earlier this year of some pretty red flowers. This is me saying a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to comment or favorite or boost my posts in the 6 weeks I have been here on Mastodon.

I look forward to sharing more photos with you in 2023. I also look forward to all your nature images that grace my feed.

💐. (Flowers are Clerodendrum)

#flowers #thanks #thankyou #photography #naturecommunity #nature

Delicate red flowers set against a darkened background
Christian :manjaro: :tux:
6 months ago

#Sticker sind eindeutig die Tattoos der IT-Welt 😆 @c3stoc #c3stoc #thanks

Ein Laptop voller bunter Sticker
6 months ago

@ahreaume @eirliani That is encouraging. But – tho' I'm still there because of my own beautiful #twitter ppl – the platform's kind of dead to me now. Heart's not in it. And my little corner of it is pretty low-energy anyway. A.H., can't thank you enough. The timing of your mis/disinfo-correcting thread was a great comfort. BTW, I finally got around to writing about our experience here: 🙏
#medialiteracy #kindness #misinformation #disinformation #twitter #thanks

beep boop
6 months ago

Could whoever keeps leaving “gifts” on the retaining wall please stop. The empty light beers were one thing but an entire gallon of milk is a bit much. I promise we’re just gay humans not fae we do not need offerings. #thanks

6 months ago

I am so happy to have moved to an
Australian-based Mastodon server! Not only
do I get to interact with fellow Aussies, but I
also get to avoid all the drama and politics
that come with the international servers. Plus,
it's great to be able to support the local
community and contribute to a more
decentralised social media experience.

Not too bad ChatGPT. That aside, I'm finding more relevant content now since I'm on :awesome_rotate:

#ausSocial #Mastodon #ChatGPT #AI #Thanks #loveOZ

ChatGPT wrote my thanks to for me.

"I am so happy to have moved to an
Australian-based Mastodon server! Not only
do I get to interact with fellow Aussies, but I
also get to avoid all the drama and politics
that come with the international servers. Plus,
it's great to be able to support the local
community and contribute to a more
decentralized social media experience. #loveoz #mastodon"
R. L. Dane
6 months ago

Does anyone remember in an early scene in the movie #Wargames (1983), in the missile silo they have these emergency code cards that they break open to produce a piece of paper with codes or something on it? Anyone know what those things are called, and how to make one (some kind of fancy lamination??)

I'd like to make something that I open in case #MentalHealth emergencies; a list of reminders on paper of things to do when #trauma memories come to roost.

#Thanks #AskFedi


**become a _better_ place, not bigger.**


#thanks #mastoAdmin

Texas Observer Lives!
6 months ago

We are thrilled to have over 3000 followers here on Mastodon. Even more so, we love the quality over the quantity: the wonderful conversations and everything you have shared with us here. The fediverse is unique and rewarding and, we believe, could be the future of social media. #thanks

6 months ago

@tchambers #Thanks for sharing a great list. @jeffjarvis reboosts are my favs 🙂

Jim Kloss
6 months ago

@erictopol As someone who believes your #medical curations should have the widest dissemination possible, I wanted to mention that using #hashtags is critical for their visibility in the Fediverse.

Example suggestions for this post: #cardiomyopathy #genomics will make this post more easily searchable.

#Thanks for all you do to keep us intelligently informed. 👍

Yuri Was Very Brave
6 months ago

Hey #Space fans!

Need a present for a young space fan? Check out “Yuri Was Very Brave”.

Read the reviews →

Still not convinced? Download a free copy digital copy→

If you like it, you can order a print copy →


#art #cosmonaut #YuriGagrin #spaceart #books #free #art #ChildrensBook

Cover: “Yuri Was Very Brave”
Anna Gifty :verified:
6 months ago

HAPPY #thanksgiving #mastodon!

#Ghana lost, but we won with this Ghanaian food. Shoutout to my incredible sister-in-law who can cook her face off and #FIFA for raising my blood pressure.

Also naps. I am very thankful naps. #thanks #lowvibrations #BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #food

Damon Kiesow
6 months ago

#thanks is #1! Also: tip your local admin because it is way too easy to get a hashtag trending.

Mastodon trends with #thanks as the top hashtag.
6 months ago

@dkiesow Hope it is. #Thanks

The Conversation U.S.
6 months ago

🦃 #Turkey #poll🦃 (suggested by a reader)
Also, regardless of what turkey you’re eating, don’t expect #tryptophan to make you especially drowsy. It’s a myth. #thanks #thanksgiving

Damon Kiesow
6 months ago

Well, got #thanks trending on my local server at least.

Mastodon trending:

#ucurising - 29 people talking
#ucustrike - 9 people talking
#thanks - 7 people talking
Damon Kiesow
6 months ago

I would have more #thanks but more of you need to move over to this site and/or post this morning.