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#WillSwenson, star of Broadway's #ABeautifulNoise: The #NeilDiamond Musical will play his last performance as Diamond -- after nearly a year -- on Sunday, October 29 at the #BroadhurstTheatre. A replacement is to be announced.
#Stage #Theatre #Musicals

Will Swenson as Neil Diamond in Broadway's "A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical"
UK Theatre Web
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Faking Bad - The Unauthorised 'Breaking Bad' Parody Methsical. The Turbine Theatre. #london #tickets #uktheatre #musical #theatre

Faking Bad - The Unauthorised 'Breaking Bad' Parody Methsical. The Turbine Theatre.
UK Theatre Web
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Stranger Things: The First Shadow. Phoenix Theatre. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #play #theatre

Stranger Things: The First Shadow. Phoenix Theatre.
Michael Magras
6 hours ago

"[B]ig, unironic, theater-kid energy" from talented performers in their 30s is exactly what this show needed. I'm looking forward to the cast album. The music of "Merrily We Roll Along" has always been among Sondheim's best. #Theatre #Theater #Music #Musicals

UK Theatre Web
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Standing at the Sky's Edge. Gillian Lynne Theatre. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #musical #theatre

Standing at the Sky's Edge. Gillian Lynne Theatre.
12 hours ago

#theatre Très belle première représentation de la subversion du langage de et avec Clément Viktorovitch. L'espace d'une soirée l'auteur se glisse dans la peau d'un communicant politique et nous dévoile les trucs et astuces employés pour son candidat. La démonstration est pleine de résonance avec l'actualité et nous laisse un goût amer. Je vous recommande vivement le spectacle .

Emily Rainbow Davis
16 hours ago

This very weird compliment from many years ago comes back to haunt me periodically. Still can't quite figure it out. #theatre #acting #directing #WeirdCompliments

it's kat!
23 hours ago

also, please fall in love with this photo of madeline & some friends of hers whom you might recognise.
#madelineKahn #lizaMinnelli #earthaKitt #francesSternhagen #cinema #theatre #film #music

black & white photo of actor/singers liza minnelli, madeline kahn, eartha kitt & frances sternhagen messing about & having a whale of a time at some stuffy, old function in (i'm guessing) the early 1980s.
Daniel Norton
1 day ago

DISCOUNT for ACTORs in the Austin area!
(There’s also a student discount, available.)

What is the Flood of Spirits “immersive theater experience”? In a meeting room at the historic Driskill Hotel, we invite you to a spooky fun séance not long after Austin’s flood of 1900.

Tix and more info at:

#actor #ATXactor #theatre #ATXtheatre #seance #spiritualism #austin #TXhistory #ATXhistory #19thCentury

Dark photo of a tabletop with a candle, an old photo, and old postcards. Text reads: Flood of Spirits;
An Immersive Theatre Experience;
Oct 17–24, 2023;
6:30 PM & 8:30 PM;
Nightly at
The Driskill;; 
75% off;
$9 tix with code ATXACTOR
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The #Broadway musical adaptation of movie classic #SomeLikeItHot will end its run on December 30. The show, which won four #TonyAwards including Best Lead Actor in a Musical for #JHarrisonGhee, will launch a national tour in 2024 and a #WestEnd production in 2025.
#Theatre #Stage #Musicals

Key art for the Broadway musical "Some Like It Hot"
Steve Langton
1 day ago

Went to the cinema last night for a screening of the theatrical production of "A Little Life". Superb ensemble acting and sensitive direction. Trigger warnings include suicide, self-harm and sexual violence. A tough watch at times, but a rewarding one. I haven't read the book but plan to. #Theatre #Cinema #ALittleLife

Annales HSS
1 day ago

In a fascinating article, Andrea Addobbati and Francesca Bregoli use a recently discovered play in French from 1786 to mine into the rapidly shifting place Livornese #Jews had in the Tuscan public sphere, in the context of ransoming captives across the Mediterranean.

👉 The Livornese #Slaves in Algiers: The #Jewish Question and Political #Theatre in Late Eighteenth-Century #Tuscany

#histodons #AnnalesinEnglish #Annales @histodons

UK Theatre Web
1 day ago
An Enemy of the People. Duke of York's Theatre.
Prism & Pen
1 day ago

We stood in a circle as a company one final time. I stumbled through some words. “Thank you for coming on this journey with me” or something to that effect. But mostly I just marveled at this group of beautiful people.

#LGBTQ #Memoir #Theatre #Shakespeare

Adventures in Theater History
1 day ago

September 29, 1930: "Girl Crazy," the new musical by George and Ira Gershwin, premiered at the Shubert Theatre on Broad Street in Philadelphia, beginning a two-week pre-Broadway tryout run. In the cast were Ginger Rogers and Ethel Merman, in roles that would make them both stars.

#theatre #theater #theaterhistory #girlcrazy #gershwin #philadelphia

Patrice-Guy Martin
2 days ago

Vue à l'Espace Go en soirée, la pièce *corde. raide*, que j'ai bien aimée.

Mon commentaire:

#théâtre #espacego

Photo présentant le décor minimaliste pour la pièce: quelques chaises, une fontaine pour servir de l'eau, des murs aux allures géométriques, blancs.
Heather 💾
2 days ago

every slice of life musical has a song that's like "New York is the only city in the WORLD that's full of memories and all these different people LIVING LIFE!" because all musicals are written in NYC by people who have never lived anyplace else

#musicals #theatre #InTheHeights #IfThen

Kevin T. Houle
2 days ago

Starting to read: Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau

#reading #play #script #theatre

Hand holding a copy of the play script Blood at the Root by Dominique Morisseau
Kyle Memoir
2 days ago

A sunflower series. These are all from the Festival Theatre garden by the bookshop a week or two ago.

#Stratford #PerthCounty #Ontario #Canada #photography #alttext
#Shakespeare #Festival #Theatre

A large sunflower seen from behind contemplates a wide blue sky.
The top of a sunflower seen from behind like a rising sun over a horizontal blur of foreground greenery. A slash of blue sky provides background.
A fat sunflower and two broad green leaves seen from behind against a bright blue sky with starburst-like clouds.
2 days ago

"Something Moving: A Meditation on Maynard" at Ford’s Theater is a dynamic, engrossing experience
#SomethingMovie #FordsTheatre #Theatre #Stage #TheatreReview

Logo for Ford's Theatre production of "Something Moving: A Meditation on Maynard"
2 days ago

Close Up- The Twiggy Musical (Menier) Independent 3⭐️an unexpected if deeply unsubtle treat; WhatsOnStage 3⭐️Despite its myriad of flaws, it’s impossible to have a bad time; Guardian 2⭐️over-bright, over-sentimental, rictus smile of a musical; Telegraph 2⭐️feels hammy and has an air of gaudy pastiche; Times 2⭐️never feels like more than a proficient cuttings job; Standard 2⭐️pretty thin stuff; Stage 2⭐️a tasteless mess #theatre #review

An actor playing Twiggy dances on stage with other actors in the background. Photo by Manuel Harlan
2 days ago

Sorry to hear of the death of The Great Gambon.

I remember taking a girl to see “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover”. Let’s just say it wasn’t an ideal film to take someone on a first date…

#MichaelGambon #Theatre #Film

Alexis Perrier
2 days ago

#Molière porte le fardeau d'être béatifié comme représentant absolu de la #culture Française.
Mais est-ce bien toujours le cas ?

Adapter les pièces de Molière en #francais moderne ouvre la porte à une critique qui fait défaut.
#theatre #ecole #enseigner

Sketch of theatre-group Nico and the Navigators. They are a crazy bunch! Actors can have a lot of body-talk, I just love that and is a great inspiration for sketches and drawings.

#drawing #sketch #nicoandthenavigators #theatre #people #fediart #mastoart #art #illustration

Sketch of Nico and the Navigators, a theater-group form Germany
Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 days ago

RIP Michael Gambom

Sir Michael Gambon, whose extraordinary acting career took him from Laurence Olivier’s nascent National Theatre to screen roles in The Singing Detective and the Harry Potter films, has died at the age of 82.

#RIP #Theatre #Film #Television

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🏙 Area: Washington, United States
🏛️ Sight: Lincoln Theatre

❓ Have you ever taken a sightseeing tour at night?

➡ Experience adventures with these free sightseeing tours in Washington:

#️⃣ #Building #Sightseeing #Travel #Sights #Theatre #Amenity #UnitedStates #Washington

© Credits: Wikimedia / Carol M. Highsmith / Public domain

Open Book Publishers
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📢#OutNow in #OA: 'After the #Miners’ Strike: #A39 and #Cornish #Political #Theatre versus #Thatcher’s #Britain: Volume 1', by Paul Farmer

In this rich memoir, the first of two volumes, Paul Farmer traces the story of #A39, the #Cornish #political #theatre group he co-founded and ran from the mid-1980s to the early #1990s.

Farmer offers a unique insight into #A39’s creation, operation, and #artistic practice during a period of convulsive #political and social change.

The reader is plunged into the national #miners’ strike and the collapse of #Cornish #tin mining, the impact of #Thatcherism and ‘#Reaganomics’, and the experience of touring #Germany on the brink of reunification, alongside the influence on #A39 of writers #BertoltBrecht, #JohnMcGrath and #KeithJohnstone.

Read and download for free and/or purchase in paperback and hardback editions at

Cover of After the Miners’ Strike' on a 3D image of a tablet, a phone, and a book.
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🏙 Region: Zagreb, Croatia
🏛️ Tourist attraction: Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb

❓ What's the most breathtaking view you've ever seen while sightseeing?

➡ Discover fascinating sights in Zagreb:

#️⃣ #Sightseeing #Travel #Sights #Theatre #Building #Zagreb #Croatia #Amenity #Heritage

© Credits: Wikimedia / Stryn / CC BY-SA 4.0

3 days ago

27 Sep:
Spaghetti Amatriciana

Proper treat day today.

Went to see the Wednesday matinee of The Father and the Assassin at the National Theatre (which was absolutely superb - great play and brilliantly acted) after lunch at their new flagship restaurant Lasdun, which - having really loved both Mezzanine and House, the two previous incarnations - was also fantastic; oh my word, that beef and barley bun!

Anyway, proper guanciale for this evening's dinner.

#cooking #FoodDiary #theatre

3 days ago

Everybody rejoice, the new production of 'The Wiz' ain't no bad news.
#TheWizBway #HippodromeBway #Theatre #Stage #TheatreReview @TheWizBway @HippodromeBway

Melody Betts as Evillene with the ensemble cast of the new touring production of "The Wiz" performing 'No Bad News'

@anna took me to the Vinohrady #theatre to the play "Je třeba zabít Sekala" (Sekal Has to Die).
I liked id so much. The story is interesting the scene is well designed, the music is fine and bonus was that my friend Tomáš Dastlík plays the second main character.
And then I discovered, there is also a movie - I have to also check it.
❤️ 🎭

Selfie of me and my fiancée Anna in the Vinohrady theatre
3 days ago

Terrible news that National Theatre Wales is to lose all its Arts Council funding; astonishing that the arts across the UK is held in such low esteem by Government. ‘Build back better' turned out to be a meaningless platitude #theatre #uktheatre

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🏙 Town: Magdeburg, Germany
🏛️ Attraction: Kabarett Zwickmühle

❓ What's the most historically significant sight you've visited?

➡ Go on a sightseeing adventure in Magdeburg:

#️⃣ #Magdeburg #Sights #Amenity #Theatre #Travel #Sightseeing #Germany

© Credits: Wikimedia / Fabian318 / CC BY-SA 3.0

UK Theatre Web
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Wedding Band. Lyric Hammersmith Theatre.
Queer Lit Cats
3 days ago

Pink News: Vanya review: Andrew Scott masters the stage in bizarrely brilliant one-man adaptation #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #AndrewScott #Culture #Theatre #WestEnd #Arts

Frédéric Couchet
3 days ago

Maths en ville (Cie Terraquée) – Soirée de clôture – Cabaret Mathématique – samedi 14 octobre – 20h, Cie Jolie Mome (Saint-Denis, 93)

Entrée libre sur réservation.

Il paraît que c'est très bien.

#Maths #Théâtre

4 days ago

October is Filipino American History Month...Celebrate by seeing BLOODLETTING, by Boni B. Alvarez. Leelee (Anna Mulia) waits expectantly for a fellow aswang (Filipino vampire) with her grandfather Jenry (Sam Produente).

Tickets at

#AAPI #AAPIs #AsianAmerican #AsianAmericans #Filipino #Seattle #theatre #theater #vampires #aswangs

Young Asian woman sits expectantly as older Asian man, her grandfather, stands next to her pensively.
John Linton Roberson
4 days ago

"John does a swell job here of channeling a late 19th libertine sensibility in this 21st century iteration. Keep it coming." - Howard Chaykin
The FIRST full #comics adaptation of #frankwedekind's #classic "monster #tragedy"--

#LULU Book 1-2 by myself reviewed most splendidly by Frank Plowright:

More on LULU here(with links to buy):
#graphicnovel #theatre #opera #germany

Tim Richards
4 days ago

Now free for all to read... I visited a marvellous historic cinema, with a ceiling resembling a crystalline cave:

Dateline Melbourne: Ceiling of wonder

#Melbourne #Cinema #Theatre #Theater

Complex ceiling with brightly coloured illumination.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 week ago

My office today. #theatre #liveaudio

View of a theatre from the tech booth. In the foreground is a Midas M32 mixing console.

🕯️ Our sympathies to the friends & loved ones of legendary Montreal playwright David Fennario.
We invite you to remember him and his move from major theatrical performances to community theatre in Alec MacLeod's documentary DAVID FENNARIO's BANANA BOOTS →

#NFB #ONF #Canada #Theatre #Montreal #communitytheatre #CDNtalent #documentary #Balconville

Portrait of David Fennario sitting against a black background, next to a table with a bottle and glass of liquid. 
David is earing a grey t-shirt, black overshirt and blue jeans.
1 week ago

Good evening. Super excited to be on my way to this show....

#Theatre #TinaTurner

Image of the entrance to Theatre Royale inSydney where 'Tina the Musical' about Tina Turner is playing
1 week ago

Walked out of the theatre/dance show I was watching tonight. Even though I was in the middle of a row. Sorry fellow audience members but you never feel more alive then when you bail on a bad show. #theatre #dance

1 week ago

#Theatre & #PerformingArts picks of the day:

➡️ @TheatreReviews - UK theatre reviewer running video channel & website

➡️ @everytheatre - London & UK fringe theatre guide

➡️ @simsjames - Discussing theatre, formerly of Center Theatre Group, Lincoln Centre

➡️ @RussSharek - Pro clown, co-host of "2 clowns in a closet" podcast

➡️ @uktw - Bot posting listings for UK theatre

➡️ @PocketOperaCompany (in German) - Germany's oldest independent opera company

➡️ @meganmariehart - Spinto soprano opera singer

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
2 weeks ago

@beforewisdom @HamonWry Many years ago I was staff for a haunted walk. We’d tell this story as we walked past a graveyard neighbouring the venue.

We had a team member hidden in the graveyard with a bell. 🛎️ It would scare the crap out of the audience. ☠️


Judah Brown
2 weeks ago

The end of a production is always emotional- not only because of the friends and family I've made along the way, but also because I'm saying goodbye to the part of me that portrayed a character. Sometimes the characters we play are friends just as much as other actors were.

#theatre #musicals #theater #theatrelife

Penny Richards
2 weeks ago

started a #wikipedia article on Scottish stage/radio/TV actress Catherine Salkeld (1909-1980): @wikiwomeninred #Perth #Theatre #BBC

Catherine Salkeld, from a 1934 newspaper; a young white woman with hair in marcelled waves, glancing over one shoulder
Catherine Salkeld, in midlife; a white woman with wavy dark hair, prominent cheekbones
Warner Crocker
2 weeks ago

This theatre has more respect for decorum than Congress does.

Lauren Boebert says she was removed from "Beetlejuice" performance at Buell Theatre in Denver
#Politics #USPok #theatre

3 weeks ago

I only started in musical theatre a few years ago, after saying for a long time I'd like to do it. I have been in 2 shows to date.
I auditioned on Sunday got a callback for yesterday. I am now waiting to hear if I have a role and what it is. It's not a big deal - a local community theatre production, but for me it is exciting! I love to sing and dance - and the sense of community with like-minded people is so great.
Wish me luck!
#Theatre #Musicals

Warner Crocker
3 weeks ago

Echoing Federal Theater Project, 18 Towns Plan Simultaneous Events
#theatre #arts

Guillaume H-M
3 weeks ago

Pour les Journées du Patrimoine, nous présentons à Neufchâteau notre nouveau spectacle : "Par Contumace !" ; une création spéciale pour l'ancien Tribunal / ancien couvent des Augustines de Neufchâteau !
Samedi à 14h30, 16h30 et 18h, et dimanche à 15h, 16h30 et 18h ! 😁
(Réservation conseillée auprès de l'Office de Tourisme de l'Ouest des Vosges : 03 29 94 10 95)
#eutrapelia #theatre #spectacle #Tribunal #couvent #Histoire #humour #journéesdupatrimoine #journeeseuropeennesdupatrimoine #patrimoine

La Mutine
3 weeks ago

Bonjour Piaille et le reste du Fédivers !
Nous sommes une compagnie de théâtre et une association. On veut raconter, s'approprier, jouer avec l'Histoire pour en faire un outil d'éducation populaire. On aime la culture orale, celle que les statues et les bourgeois ne racontent pas.
On croit aux "histoires de bonnes femmes" ; et on ne laissera pas les fachos s'accaparer les légendes régionales.
#introduction #theatre #histoire #educpop #normandie

Yusuf Toropov
3 weeks ago

I #amwriting a play so massive in theme and scope it alternately frightens and inspires me.

Draft is due to the #theater that has committed to doing the first reading by Oct. 31.

Telling you all for social pressure and accountability, so please do apply that if you're so inclined.

And support, of course.

But posting this mostly because social pressure helps.

Actually mostly because posting this makes me hold myself accountable.

#writing #writingcommunity #drama #theatre

Roxanne Shirazi
3 weeks ago

I’m preparing to meet with some advanced doctoral students in #theater and #performance studies who are also interested in #DigitalHumanities and digital #dissertations.

What are your favorite articles/blogs/projects/resources for learning about digital methods in #theatre?

3 weeks ago

does anyone on here want to be my friend?

I know how it sounds. I am just trying to find someone to talk to.

Im oversharing with baristas.


Things i love:
#fashion #dogs #macos #beach #food #hairstyles #comedy #art #bladerunner #startrek #california #mentalhealth #feminism #chess #animalcrossing #dancing #science #space #hugs #travel #theatre #debate #deutch

3 weeks ago

it's a first for me - saw a musical last night - Beauty & the Beast. Still not a fan of musicals but have to appreciate the crew. Amazing production values, and great performance by everyone.

#musical #theatre

3 weeks ago

Arena of Nîmes

Eine besonders schöne französische Stadt ist Nîmes. Ähnlich zu Arles, aber noch schöner. Hier eine kleine Impression vom römischen Ampfhitheater - übrigens fast vollständig erhalten.

#fotografie #photography #frankreich #france #nimes #theatre #fujifilm #travel

Arena of Nîmes ist vollständig von vorne abgebildet. Darüber ist blauer Himmel mit einigen Wolken und von oben hängen Äste eines Baumes herab.
Project Gutenberg
3 weeks ago

#OTD in 1642, just after the First English Civil War had begun, the Long Parliament ordered the closure of all London theatres.

The closure was the culmination of the rising anti-theatrical sentiment among Puritans, and along with William Prynne's Histriomastix (1633), its text was the most notorious attack on theatre in English history.

In 1660, after the English Restoration brought King Charles II to effective power in England, the theatrical ban was lifted. via @wikipedia

#art #theatre

Illustration of Prynne by Wenceslaus Hollar.

Like many Puritans abhorring decadence, Prynne strongly opposed religious feast days, including Christmas, and revelry such as stage plays. He included in his Histriomastix (1632) a denunciation of actresses which was widely felt to be an attack on Queen Henrietta Maria. This book led to the most prominent incidents in his life, but the timing was accidental.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 weeks ago

Heading to this event. You may be able to stream it. Few books are more celebrated than Shakespeare’s First Folio. Published in 1623, the First Folio was the first collected edition of the Bard’s drama, bringing together edited texts of 36 plays--including 18 that had never before been published.

Only 233 copies of the First Folio are known to survive. One is held by the Newberry.


#Shakespeare #books #library #theater #theatre

Nick Barlow
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

@fraying @shoq This post is not dissimilar from your earlier post. The storytellers are important for our past, present and future understanding of our world.

#writers #theatre #actors #history #storytellers #videogames

4 weeks ago

Enseignants, Enseignantes, en ce jour de rentrée je vous invite à découvrir #Wikisource ( : vous pourrez y trouver tout un tas de livres du domaine public, à lire en ligne ou à exporter en pdf, Epub... Il y en a pour tous les goûts : #poésie, #théâtre, #roman, ... Des classiques littéraires aux œuvres (malheureusement) méconnues d'autrices. En passant bien sûr par des textes de nos amis canadiens !

C'est gratuit, c'est collaboratif, c'est wiki !

Cc @lelibreedu

1 month ago

Just back from seeing #TheOceanAtTheEndOfTheLane at the King’s Theatre in #glasgow

Oh wow. It was absolutely stunning! An incredible translation of the novel, with so many extra elements which couldn’t have worked in any other medium except live #theatre.

If you have a chance to see it wherever it’s playing next, don’t miss it; it’s a hell of a show!

As we all hopefully know, everything @neilhimself touches turns to magic, like a less cursed King Midas!

the Staff of this instance already told me to not abuse tagging, but I must admit that for me, is my try to reach you. I am always talking to the #Dragon or to the #Tiger, while all other #animals can ear me too.
In the original perspective of "God" #dream, we are not here to compete, but to work together. All have useful skills that can help all others to become better.
So, since I am a #monkey and I have no intentions to attack anyone in a violent way, I can only be violent with my body expression and with words and sound. #Body expressions are good for #dancing and #theatre, and #words and #sound don't create nothing in reality if not only new #books and new #songs.
Enjoy the #music, while I try to #teach something about this dream that " #God " have, but we are #free to ignore.
The sacred books only point to the way each can deal with the self, not anything else. So, I will try to reformulate one post I did today that can be useful.
Question: In #Linux systems we can use an application called #IPTables. This application aims to control what the machine can "ear" and therefor, what the machine can "read". When machines are being victims of an known #attack called #DDoS, how we can block this attack?
Answer: We can Drop the packages or we can Block them, since if we block we record the source, and if we drop, we don't care who is the source. Can be everywhere, but the machine don't care.
So, if you are being victim of any verbal attack, you may wish to drop those packages too. Why you should react to something that aims to break the brain?
There is no perfect rules to defend DDoS attacks, but since you have legs, you can run away. #Machines don't have legs, and if they run away, they will be disconnected. ( which is not a bad choice in those moments, if you did replicate your service to another machine with difference servers and IPs. )
Just #relax and ignore that!

1 month ago

fantastic article about the festival hosting my #theatre show The Instant Pleasure, this weekend in #Philadelphia

yes to resource sharing!
yes to helping artists produce their own projects!

Bryan Redeagle
1 month ago

I have been asked to replace an actor that has gone sick. I am playing a senior in Four Old Broads on the High Seas. Me and four older ladies are on a seniors cruise where hijinks ensue. I definitely make a joke about taking Viagra to keep from rolling out of bed.

Honestly, this sort of if show is kind of a big deal for the theatre I'm at. They spent decades playing it safe with classics and kids shows. This is the most risque thing they've put on. I'm hoping it will open the doors for a lot more variety instead of Brigadoon for the umpteenth time.

#CommumityTheatre #acting #theatre

Who are we? Who are you? What is going on?
Don't worry about reality anymore child - i am here!
Hello! My name is Nikola Orsinov (or Joseph Grimaldi)
Shadow Circus Clown and Administrator of THE UNKNOWING DANCE

i'm a wierd 20yo
#queer #twink boything with #genderfluid tendencies, working in #software #dev in germany.
I'm kind of an
#anarchist generally - lately i feel like i'm kind of resigning myself to the current state of things which is depressing.
We work, to earn the right to work, to earn the ...
Being better locally organized politically is on my bucket list
I definetly been on some crazy
#fff #climate protests, right i'm in germany yk what i'm sayin we have a few coal locations

I'm at my most euphoric when i'm
#singing - the world anew or in a #choir
I'm also trying out
#theatre and having a lot of fun loosing my mind to morph into different things.
Conversely, i love
#musicals, although i've not had the opportunity to see many, and theatrical crazy musicians such as #willwood #tallyhall and their ilk.
I play the
#guitar semi-regular and can clunkily play a bit #piano

When i am not listening to ppl screaming manically, i listen to people screaming
#metal ly
I am a big fan of
#bmth #soad #motionlessinwhite #BadOmens and other generally popular bands
i also listen to a lot of
#rock and silly #rap
idk if it vibes i love

I would love to get more into
Occasionally i've written a few long moody posts on here, or a nice page, but i just can't seem to find a start for a longer project.
I love hearing about it though, i am a sucker for
#trope talk and #worldbuilding, which is why i am an enjoyer of the #osp youtube channel.

I love programming in
#rust and #javascript, and am an avid ORM Hater and #SQL Enjoyer
DNI if you unironically use ORMs in your free time

I love these shows:
#nimona #DragonPrince #Arcane #evangelion #cyberpunk #Shadowandbone

I have been on here for quite some time, but have never made an
#introduction post! (#newhere)
Apperantly they are quite good at finding likeminded people hehe

Me, walking down the parkinglot street, with blue sky and clouds on the top left, parking lot on the bottom left, and supermarket to my right.

i am wearing a hoody with a swirly trippy black and white batic patzern, and my hair flows onto my shoulders in messy curlyish strands

i have a backpack hanging over my left shoulder, and am pointing at the supermarket, with chipped black nail polish on my thumb
Warner Crocker
1 month ago

Stories on hard times for American Theatres continue to pop up. But then hard times are only going to get more so.

Hitting Theater Hard: The Loss of Subscribers Who Went to Everything

Project Gutenberg
1 month ago

"Leave for her a red young rose,
Go your way, and save your pity;
She is happy, for she knows
That her dust is very pretty."
Epitaph for a Darling Lady, Enough Rope

Dorothy Parker was born #OTD in 1893. She was one of the founders of the Algonquin Round Table, an informal literary group. Following the breakup of the circle, Parker traveled to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting. via @wikipedia

Books by Dorothy Parker at PG:

#books #literature #poetry #theatre

American writer Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)
Cover of the first edition of Enough Rope which is available at PG:
Janis La Couvée
1 month ago

@Sophie when you talk about oral history, there is so much, even of recent LGBTQ2S history that is unknown to younger generations. Two productions - one dance, one theatre, have tried to address this. Sean Dorsey, The Missing Generation,speaks to lives lost during the AIDS crisis The Gay Heritage Project is theatre #dance #theater #theatre #

1 month ago

all of kate mcgee's suggestions for fixing the american #theatre are spot-on. a must read for artists and admins:

1 month ago

i am elated that sara holdren is back to reviewing #theatre and her latest piece is fantastic:

John Linton Roberson
1 month ago

"John does a swell job here of channeling a late 19th libertine sensibility in this 21st century iteration. Keep it coming." - Howard Chaykin
The FIRST full comics adaptation of #frankwedekind's #classic "monster tragedy"--

#LULU Book 1-2 by myself reviewed most splendidly by Frank Plowright:

More on LULU here(with links to buy):
#comics #graphicnovel #theatre #opera #germany

Warner Crocker
1 month ago

Here’s some #followfriday fun for ya.

Some #Chicago some #photography some #tech some #Apple some #politics some #science some #theatre some #justsmart All good folks All good fun.


Some folks ask me why I don’t list more info about each suggestion. Discovery is where the fun is.

Warner Crocker
1 month ago

Good piece that really hits the many issues Chicago (and American theatre in general) face. .

Column: What happened to theater in Chicago?
#Chicago #theatre #arts

Kyle Memoir
1 month ago

Been a while since I posted some Stratford shots. Here we have:

1. Fishpond, Festival Theatre gardens, west of the main entrance.
2. Stratford railway station.
3. Tom Patterson Island.
4. Tom Patterson Island and Victoria Lake footpath.

More details in the alt text.

#Stratford #Ontario #Canada #photography #Shakespeare #Festival #Theatre

Lots of crisscrossing angles in this orangey peach and blue steel hued sunset shot of a little rectangular pond in the gardens on the west side of the Festival Theatre grounds. My poor dog—I laughed out loud when she reached too far for a sip of water and fell in...
A shot from shoe-level, trackside of the Stratford Railway Station which sits reflected neatly in a puddle from recent rains and festooned with pots of fuchsia hung from its eaves. To the left, the sky and its reflection a soft blue textured with white puffs of fair weather cumulus.
A view of Tom Patterson Island and the arched bridge connecting it to the Stratford mainland. It is dusk, the sky is amber, there are a few strings of lights in the shadows on the island and in the dar foreground a long dragon boat sits moored, awaiting its next crew. The monochromatic amber, the still water reflecting the island and sky, and the boat give the scene a somewhat Oriental feel.
A view of Tom Patterson Island through the willows lining the footpath along the shore of Victoria Lake. The sun is about to set, its disc still blazing in the foliage for a few more minutes. There is a lovely blend of yellow and green and the trees somehow seem especially tall in this light.
Artemisia Vulgaris
2 months ago

It’s not that we dislike Will Shakespeare, it’s that he gets plenty of stage time. His contemporaries don’t, and some of them are 🔥🔥🔥

To support our work financially, see

And if you want to perform, see

#theatre #plays #medievalDrama #EarlyModernDrama #TheaterHistory #TheatreHistory #EarlyModernLiterature #EarlyModernHistory #plays #playwrights

Artemisia Vulgaris
2 months ago

I’m a member of a group that aims to perform - in some fashion - every single British play* that fellow from Stratford didn’t write:

If you’d like to listen to our recordings, there’s a podcast

and a YouTube channel <= I’m in this one, in case you’re curious what I sound/look like.

*every play from before 1642

#EarlyModernDrama #BeyondShakespeare #theater #theatre #literature #history

Warner Crocker
2 months ago

Some Sunday Morning Reading to share.

Arts in space and on the stage. Booby trapped tombs and age-old pathogens thawing out of the ice. And X marks the Rot.

Featuring among others @NatashaMH and @craiggrannell
#arts #culture #space #X #Twitter #science #lunarcodex #theatre #dance #ellemeno #SundayMorningReading

The Terra Cotta army guarding the tomb of China’s first emperor. AI generated.
Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Theatre Review: Sh!t Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing”

Make Shakespeare Lowbrow Again!1 That's a rallying cry I can get behind. Willy wrote for the groundlings - plenty of sex and violence, interspersed with fart jokes and casual xenophobia. When your audience are drunk and violent, you really need to bring your best rhy…

👀 Read more:

#review #shakespeare #theatre

Title graphic for Shit-Faced Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.
Multiverse Mike
2 months ago

The #Barbie #Movie is all the rage now

... if ya looking for some adjacent type fun, I highly recommend #Dora and the Lost City of Gold.

I was a stay-at-home dad for a while, and my daughter and I probably saw every episode of #DoraTheExplorer a dozen times.

We caught this in the #theatre on it's opening day in 2019 and it was a blast. It's campy, hokey, and doesn't take itself seriously, all while embracing the "source material."

We bought it and still watch it about once a year. 😁

Dora and the Lost City of Gold Movie poster