Enjoying the tought that both COMMUNITY (2009-2015) and THE GOOD PLACE (2016-2020) intentionally had diverse casts (for their respective television eras) and both presented a loving relationship between a white woman and a Black man that had almost nothing to do with their race, or even the cultural stereotypes of their race (well, maybe our stereotypical whiteness with Kristen Bell deliver future wine mom white trashiness). But neither show exotified their Black characters nor their other POC characters.

Each show was still pretty white. The obvious (at least, initially) lead characters are white. Diverse casting (or lack thereof) can be a tell.

But there's also such a thing as a #TrojanHorse (like all of Jordan Peele's work) and what's necessary to get a show made and in front of the right (meaning, white) audience.

#Community #Television is part of #TheGoodPlace

Justine Breton
6 days ago

🌈 Listen up! We're organizing an online congress on The Good Place, on June 14th, 2024, and it's going to be awesome. Send in your proposals before December 18! Check it out:

Welcome, everything is fine.
#callforpapers #congress #TVseries #TheGoodPlace #philosophy

Sci-Fi Girl
1 week ago

Saw a trend started by @AndorianSoup & @richard.
Ranking #SciFi TV shows! I don't usually do lists, but here's mine! 😎

There are lots of great things that didn't make this list, plus the order is fluid:

1. #StarTrek
2. #DoctorWho
3. #Stargate
4. #Farscape
5. #DarkMatter
6. #LegendsOfTomorrow
7. #StarWars
8. #MCU
9. #TheExpanse
10. #TheOrville
11. #TheGoodPlace
12. #Continuum

Plus an honorable mention, because it's a movie not TV. 😉

#SciFiTV #Rankings #list

2 weeks ago

I've been listening to my very first audiobook, How to Be Perfect by Michael Shur, and really enjoying it. It's like a reeeeeeeeally long podcast with no ad breaks. Also, since I'm a huge fan of The Good Place, hearing all the actors randomly read passages is awesome.

#audiobook #thegoodplace

3 weeks ago
Hanntac out of context
1 month ago

Eske il existe une fanfic de qualité sur la dispute/discussion dans #TheGoodPlace qui a conduit Chidi à accepter que, en effet, le fil instagram de Kendall Jenner est un livre ? Je ressens profondément ce vide dans mon existence

"*This* is the Bad Set!"

Adventures in Machine Learning channeling #TheGoodPlace

1 month ago

Considering to rewatch The Good Place.

I never finished the fourth season (bc I was freeloading on someone's Netflix and in the end it stopped working sadly).

Does anyone have a recommendation for a certain focus for this rewatch? (Pls no spoilers for the final ending).


Douglas VB
1 month ago
D Arcy Carden Janet GIF

Just a reminder for Indigenous Peoples' Day

#Columbus #TheGoodPlace

Gif of Janet from The Good Place saying "Fun Fact: Columbus is in the bad place because of all the raping, slave trade, and genocide"
2 months ago

Cosa ci insegna "The Good Place"?
Oltre che un aldilà gestito da ingegneri non funziona, questo telefilm ci mette di fronte alla nostra vita e a ciò che possiamo lasciare a chi verrà dopo di noi.

Il pezzo completo:

#TV #TheGoodPlace #Blog #Blogsegreto

2 months ago

I've never had the chance to get to run a sequel to my #DramaSystem #SeriesPitches, but thanks to popular demand from my #TheGoodPlace players, we got a setting reset. Tonight we've reshuffled all the relationships & desires, and now all the PCs & NPCs have got their own dog. It all started with one dog pic on #discord that looked like one of the PCs. We hadn't even started our session that we were already laughing hard. @robindlaws @pelgranepress @foundryvtt #Hillfolk #SeriesPitch #ttrpg #rpg

2 months ago

The Good Place has become my comfort show.

It approaches philosophy in such a deeply human way. It helps me feel like I'm not alone. It makes me laugh. It makes me hope. It brings me such powerful catharsis.

And of course, It made me bawl my fucking eyes out.


MissPriss 🌈
3 months ago

Could someone please build us an app for rating instances? There are a list of key criteria that seem obvious, but I also think it should include a list of blocklists the instance has applied? #thegoodplace #thebadplace #fediverse #transparency

3 months ago

10 TV Shows That Mislead Their Audiences, According to Reddit
#Collider #TV #Reddit #TheGoodPlace #Riverdale

Setsune Wave
3 months ago

But it's not just about buying things, of course. It's about making decisions about yourself, about what you'll do, and how that impacts others. And brain screm really loud any time my finger reaches toward the button, like Janet on the beach. #TheGoodPlace #ADHD #Hyperfixation #SelfDoubt

3 months ago

#RPGaDAY2023 Day 17: I've ran and played many games and many game sessions that were fun, as in smart, thrilling, hilarious, but right off the top of my head, I'd say the funniest game I have in mind is a very recent one I run: #TheGoodPlace with #DramaSystem. The Drama scenes were so witty and clever, wild and crazy, and I had to put my microphone on mute so many times as I was laughing so loudly! What a game! #ttrpg #rpg #jdr #Hillfolk @pelgranepress @robindlaws @foundryvtt #RPGaDAY

4 months ago

The LezWatch.TV character of the day is Janet from “The Good Place“ - #TheGoodPlace #LWTVcotd

Jason Rush
4 months ago

Girl on the plane had her shoes and socks off, and I kept picturing Eleanor from The Good Place saying, "Ew, who would do that?" and Michael saying, "PEOPLE WHO END UP IN THE BAD PLACE!"

#travel #planes #TheGoodPlace

4 months ago

Finally watched the end of #TheGoodPlace

Brilliant idea, superbly done, and so full of funny ideas. And deep ideas that I will need to think about.

Been rewatching #TheGoodPlace, and it spurred a conversation on what our "good place" torture would be.

For my wife, we decided there's a massive library, but it only contains Canadian dollar-store romance paperbacks.

For myself, everything's pretty normal except there's only spotty 3G cellular or 10 Mbps wired internet.

Carmen Bianca BAKKER
4 months ago

How do other #vegan people deal with the intense conflict of genuinely believing that animal abuse is bad, but also being a somewhat sociable person who gets along in modern society?

Because I kind of don't. If I think about it too hard, I become like Chidi from #TheGoodPlace.

4 months ago

Started rewatching #TheGoodPlace again, and I can’t believe that I JUST noticed that the doors in Eleanor’s house make the same electronic noise as the automatic doors throughout the Village in the ‘60s show #ThePrisoner . That is a deep cut on the part of sound design!

Gene Cowan 🏳️‍🌈
4 months ago

Three years later, the finale of “The Good Place” still makes me cry through the whole thing. #TheGoodPlace

4 months ago

Literally nothing on this show is less believable than Ted Danson with an Australian accent #TheGoodPlace

4 months ago

I've finally managed to start GMing a game of #DramaSystem using #TheGoodPlace as a setting. Tonight we created the characters and we've already had such a blast! Besides, it's always a joy and honour to welcome newcomers to the #ttrpg hobby, people who got there with some DnD expectations about #rpg and who end up excited by a completely different approach. @robindlaws @pelgranepress @foundryvtt #Hillfolk

5 months ago

#MichaelSchur has co-created some absolutely brilliant shows, but the most brilliant of which was his lone creation.

#TheGoodPlace is witty, impressively clever, and fascinatingly deep in its exploration of the meaning of morality, ethics, mortality, and everything in between.

5 months ago

I'm rewatching #TheGoodPlace mainly for the pleasure of hearing #NickOfferman say "Fremulon" at the end.

5 months ago

Aw, I liked the #Kierkegaard rap

Chidi raps: "My name is Kierkegaard and my writing is impeccable"
..check out my teleological suspension of the ethical
Teresa Macedo
5 months ago

Trying to keep my shirt together around here. #TheGoodPlace

A series of four pictures from the show The Good Place depicting the following 1) Eleanor with text “Somebody forked up”; 2) Eleanor with text “Why can’t I say ‘fork’?”; 3) Chidi with text “If you’re trying to curse, you can’t here.”; 4) Eleanor with text “That’s bull-shirt.”
📄 Mehdi.doc
5 months ago

C'est bon il y a @Kocobe et @Lucieronfaut sur #Mastodon, on est dans #TheGoodPlace

5 months ago

@maximumderek hello fellow #thegoodplace fan!

#introduction #introductionpost

Heyyyy. New to but not to Fedi so here's my intro, yay.

I'm here to chat about various fandoms with folks, for they sustain me during this entire *waves hands around* timeline.

bunch of hashtags in the hopes of finding people who like the things I do:

#StarTrek #StarWars #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #Sandman #TheSandman #GoodOmens #TheGoodPlace #anime #Buffy #Babylon5 #XFiles #TheMagicians #MotherlandFortSalem #WoT #WheelOfTime #LordOfTheRings #LotR

Dave Dawkins (D. Harrigon)
5 months ago

Janet is the best comedy show character ever. Fight me.

#TheGoodPlace #Janet #NotARobot

Pillar of Garbage
6 months ago

Hell is Other People? Existentialism and The Good Place

#videoessay #thegoodplace #youtube #existentialism #sartre

Jeff Forcier
6 months ago

@offby1 tick tock, Mr Wick! Tick tock!

(seeing Derek from #TheGoodPlace in a John Wick film was…very strange…even though he was definitely still Jason Mantzoukas'ing it up despite the change of scenery)

Hannah Mae
7 months ago

I've finished watching #TheGoodPlace with some people today; and it gave me an existential crisis. A good reminder that nothing lasts forever. Still a good show though, in my opinion. Mostly funny, but also profound. Watch it, if you haven't yet.

Cainmark 🚲
7 months ago

4th time watching "The Good Place". This show so feels like it was made for me personally, the happy/sad of it all.

#TV #Television #TheGoodPlace

7 months ago

All things considered, I am in an outstanding rare mood this evening. Thank you, all of you wonderful #Mastodonians! Have a great weekend! #TheGoodPlace #Mastodon #Friday

A minecraft style rendering of an elephant.
podkaynelives for ⛄🎁
7 months ago

I have just been brought tea, chocolate and a cat. Have I died? Am I in #TheGoodPlace?

Finally finished #TheGoodPlace this morning before work, and that show has a much too touching ending.

I might have shed some tears while watching it.

A sign on the wall of the Canadian bar where Janet kicks all of the demon ass:

The Puking Moose

#naming #TheGoodPlace

The suburban town that Eleanor's mom moved to with her new identity:

Tarantula Springs, Nevada, USA

#naming #TheGoodPlace

The book Eleanor reads from in the library to explain determinism to Michael:

Philosophy for Dingdongs for Morons

#naming #TheGoodPlace

Behind The Soul Squad landing in Jacksonville, Florida:

Randy "Macho Man" Savage International Airport

#naming #TheGoodPlace

Behind Michael in the Arizona public library: a motivational poster featuring leaping whale and the title "Gratadude"

#naming #TheGoodPlace

I know that #naming things is one of the fundamental challenges in computing, but I think we all could learn an entire semester's worth of lessons from background analysis of #TheGoodPlace.

Why am I addicted to #TheGoodPlace, and why didn't I watch it until now?

Michael Kazarnowicz
8 months ago


The Good Place taught me you should not cook chili with them.


I didn't make this but it's SOOOO good! #TheGoodPlace #trans #transgender

Two screencaps from the TV show The Good Place. 
On top, the character Eleanor is labeled as 'me' and is saying, "I finally found the five clues you left me about being transgender".
On the bottom, the character Michael is labeled as 'God' and the character Janet is labeled as 'My spirit'. Janet is holding her finger to her mouth in a 'shhhh' gesture, while Michael is saying "Oh that's great. Actually, I left you more than 1200 clues".
Lydia Schoch
9 months ago

It’s a #Sitcom sort of mood this weekend.

I loved #Community, #ModernFamily, #30Rock, #TheITCrowd, #FullerHouse, #KimsConvenience, #SchittsCreek, #TheGoodPlace, #CougarTown, #Frasier, #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt, #Superstore, and #Brooklyn99 when they were still on air.

I’m currently enjoying #That90sShow and #MalcolmInTheMiddle, and I can’t wait for more seasons of #TedLasso and #Schmigadoon.

What are your favourite sitcoms? I need more of them to watch. #Television #AmWatching

Trash Erin
1 year ago

In stream of consciousness order, things I have been a fan of or continue to be include:

#Narnia (I will die for Susan)
#StarWars (Specifically Rey)
#Musicals (I didn't even mention musicals before omg, that's an entirely different topic of conversation!)


Yikes! we are almost caught up on #youngSheldon so looking for a next #TV show to watch with my #actuallyautistic teen.

His other favorites are #ParksAndRec, #TheGoodPlace, #Brooklyn99, #BigBangTheory, #BetterOffTed. We have watched them all SO MANY TIMES so please suggest some new shows (probably #comedies) he might like. He hates ANYTHING awkward or cringey so that rules out many shows like #HIMYM.

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

Théotime (local AAA battery)
1 year ago

Hey there! I'm doing my introduction again because I forgot hashtags ^^'

I'm Théotime, I'm a French computer science student from Auvergne.

I mostly play roguelikes, metroidvanias (Hollow Knight my beloved) and monster tamers (i.e. "Pokémon-likes", such as Nexomon, Coromon, Monster Sanctuary,...). These days, I play a lot of Breath of the Wild, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Dead Cells, and 30XX.

I watch pretty diverse series, my favourite shows at the moment are Doctor Who, The Owl House, Inside Job, The Good Place, Rick and Morty,... Feel free to recommend me shows, I don't really have anything to watch these days.

#introduction #computerscience #development #roguelike #roguelite #pokemon #doctorwho #theowlhouse #insidejob #rickandmorty #thegoodplace #cryptofthenecrodancer #20XX #30XX #megaman #deadcells #nexomon #coromon #monstersanctuary #hollowknight #auvergne

Pseudo Nym
1 year ago

US TV opinion

#paramount #tv show #lowerDecks is surprisingly good.

#StarTrek universe, that pokes gentle fun at all the tropes of the genre, while being both silly, and still, kind of true to #Rodenberry 's "Trek."

It's a fine line balancing fart jokes and philosophy.

Kind of reminds me of
#theGoodPlace in that respect. (One of the best tv shows ever)