Stefano Marinelli
3 days ago

Hello friends of #BSDCafe, the Mastodon Bird-UI is back and available among the themes. It might have become the default theme for some of you, but you can always switch back to Mastodon's original theme. It's not enabled for all locales; if it's missing in your locale and you'd like to use it, please let me know!

#Mastodon #BirdUI #Themes

4 days ago

Dark theme in applications not consistent with chosen custom theme - Ubuntu 22.04 #gnome #themes #gtk

5 days ago

I can't cahnge my ubuntu cursor and solution berfore can't help me #themes #cursor

6 days ago

#Librarians in #PublicSchools in #CharlotteCounty FL were instructed by school district #superintendent to remove all #books with #LGBTQ #characters or #themes from #school and #classroom #libraries. Charlotte County school librarians sought guidance from the school district about how to apply an expansion of the #Florida #ParentalRights in #Education Act, better known as the "Don't Say Gay" law, to all grades. They were told to remove all the books.

1 week ago

Double borders with white line on some Ubuntu themes #gnome #themes #gtk

1 week ago

ダークモードの配色をなんとなく試していたら図らずも #Elk とか #Ubuntu みたいなカラーリングになってしまった。


あと #Vivaldi のテーマ機能としてハイライトカラーを背景にしたボタンとかの色が白になるか黒になるかはハイライトカラーによって自動で決まるので、そういう都合とのバランスの問題もあったりして、面白いけどむずかしい。

#Vivaldi #Themes

Vivaldi のテーマカスタマイズ画面。

#MozillaSocial's default #Mastodon interface shows us what is possible when a software supports custom #skins / #themes.


#Mozilla #Customisation #Customization

2 weeks ago

How to change symbol from spaceship theme on .zshrc? #themes #gnometerminal #zsh

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Cant remove theme from settings windows and Nautilus after upgrading to 23.10 #gnome #nautilus #themes #gnometweaks

3 weeks ago

Firefox and other non-gtk applications do not adopt gtk theme #2204 #firefox #themes #gtk #gtk3

The best native #firefish theme is MI Future Dark. It's so much better than defaults for Mastodon and Firefish.

#themes #mastodonapp #firefishpwa #fediverse

Arpad 🇪🇺
3 weeks ago

If you searching for #themes for your #hugo or #jekyll project you should visit a cool theme search site:

4 weeks ago

I am using Ubuntu (and Chrome) in dark mode, but I would like the websites I visit to always use light mode be default. Is this doable? #googlechrome #themes

Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago

Stylus is a desktop browser extension that applies better looking styles to your favourite websites

Stylus injects its own CSS into targeted pages and therefore makes you able to override the present design of a webpage. If you know CSS, you can write and create your own styles. Otherwise, you can just install styles by other authors from (US ...continues


#opensource #styles #technology #themes

Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago
Stylus injects its own CSS into targeted pages and therefore makes you able to override the present design of a webpage. If you know CSS, you can write and create your own styles. Otherwise, you can just install styles by other authors from (USO). You can also search for styles for the current site on USO from within the Stylus extension.

Stylus browser extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera desktop browsers. Note that Stylus is a fork of the Stylish extension. I tried initially to install Stylish, but once it said it wanted to track every single website I visited, it was quickly deleted. Stylus is privacy respecting and open-source software. Not "ish", but "us", as in "us" the actual users, is how Stylus terms it. The extension is being actively maintained and updated.

What I like about Stylus is that you just go to any website and then click on the extension icon for it to quickly search and show you if there are some styles for it (there is no download, save, then import). It is also pretty easy to extend a style by editing it, and you have a choice of your own cloud services you can sync it to (I use two different browsers, so this works to sync the styles between them). It also has an automatic update for the styles.

I see numerous sites are supported such as Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Discord, Lemmy, Mastodon, X, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, MeWe, and many more. I discovered this extension when I was looking for something to dynamically resize the column widths for the Mastodon site.

See GitHub - openstyles/stylus: Stylus - Userstyles Manager

Stylus - Userstyles Manager. Contribute to openstyles/stylus development by creating an account on GitHub.

#technology #opensource #styles #themes
1 month ago

Stylus is a desktop browser extension that applies better looking styles to your favourite websites

Screenshot showing various tiles, each with a different theme style image and title Stylus injects its own CSS into targeted pages and therefore makes you able to override the present design of a webpage. If you know CSS, you can write and create your own styles. Otherwise, you […]

Screenshot showing various tiles, each with a different theme style image and title
Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago

Apply Style Themes to your Mastodon desktop browser view for a fresh look, using the #opensource Stylus extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browsers.

Note that Stylus is a fork, and has removed the tracking and privacy invasive features that the Stylish extension still has.

It can search for available styles for many sites (from the toolbar), and not just Mastodon. I'm using the Advanced Proportional Columns theme.


#technology #themes

Eight different tiles, with each showing a preview and text description, for different Mastodon themes that can be applied.
Benedikt Ritter
1 month ago

Came across the other day and now I‘m thinking about retheming everything…
#themes #gnome #gtk

1 month ago

Friday, funday! 🎉

Vivaldi allows you to edit the colors, icons and background image of the browser to match your personality - or your current mood! 🎨

If you’re not the creative type, you can just download one of the thousands of options available in our Themes Gallery 👇

Have you ever submitted a theme? Share it in the comments and help a fellow community member to choose! 🤩

Watch this video to learn more 👇

#browser #design #themes

1 month ago

We added the themes now to our new repository at

Check them out!
#JabRef #themes
#javafx #css

Mrcuve0 | #FreeAssange
2 months ago

This is the first time I see my #KDE #Plasma theme #Aritim Dark (and Light) mentioned in a tech/linux blog!

Feels good, who knows maybe I should have pursued that career instead 🤷

#KDE #Linux #Aritim #Dark #Themes #Theming #UI #Fedora

2 months ago

I liked when #browsers had actual #themes, rather than an image pasted onto the main window. These old themes included the tab bar looking stylized, the window background looking good, the widgets having special icons, and even the menu text using different fonts. Those looked pretty nice. #Firefox #Chromr #Browser

2 months ago

Hey I want to commission someone to make a skin/style for Mastodon that compliments our mascot color scheme. :meguminheart:

You don't need to be able to implement the entire thing, just the design portion. If you give me sliced assets and a table of hex color values I can take care of the rest :kyokothumbsup:

Any takers? Name your price and let's talk :remdance:

#WebDesign #Frontend #Mastodon #Themes #Styles #Artist #Gigs #Commission

2 months ago

Here is recoloured using the Boosts function in Arc Browser - I call this theme 'Pink Elephant' (naturally).

It is growing on me purely because Im so bored of browsers that look the same, but will it continue to make me happy? I still have Firefox as my main browser. #arc #arcbrowser #pinkelephant #themes

A screen shot of the Arc browser showing the interface, themed with a transparent light blue green colour, with loaded which has been recoloured to pink background. In the middle is a post from @glastomichelle which shows Glastonbury Tor's tower backlit by a yellow sunrise.
Leo Skull :verified:
2 months ago

WWW 30 – Wöchentliche WordPress Weblinks

Hallo liebe Leo Skull Community,

auch wenn das Wetter diese Woche alles andere als sonnig war, so haben wir uns die Laune nicht verregnen lassen. Montag waren wir zu Besuch beim Tierheim Oldenburg, es ging…

#WordPress #WWW #ACF #AIOSEO #BuddyPress #Hosting #Jetpack #JetpackNewsletter #LeoSkull #Lottie #SEO #Setary #SQL #Themes #Themify #WordPress #WordPress63 #WPEngine

About one-third of the 1,586 #books #banned from #schools by #Fascist #Republicans nationwide have #LGBTQ+ #themes and #characters, according to a #report from the #freespeech #organization #PENAmerica.

2 months ago

What do you do if you don’t like how your browser looks? Perhaps nothing! And that's boring.

We simply experiment with different Themes. And change the look of the browser! And we have over 4000 Themes to choose from our Vivaldi Themes Gallery. 🎉

You can use browser themes installed by default! And even adjust the various themes according to your liking. Check it out:

#customize #browser #themes #UI #creative #web #colors

Image celebrating 4000 submissions in Vivaldi Browser's Themes gallery.
Edson "Eddie" C da Silva
2 months ago

Arch Linux com Awesome WM: bonito e cheio de recursos! - mais customizações como essa no fórum do @diolinux

#linuxporn #pcmr #linux #themes

How #Wicked’s #queer #themes earned the #hit #musical a legion of #LGBTQ+ #fans.

The latter is no surprise, really – the #song, and #Wicked more broadly, deal with #themes of being #different, #learning to be “through #accepting #limits”, and #embracing the things that one “cannot change” about oneself.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Entertainment #TheArts #Movies #Theatre #Representation #Culture

2 months ago

I finally really played around with Calckey's theme picker. I really like the setup for making your own, and really appreciated the exposed code so that I code put in my own colors if I didn't like the preselected ones. I ended up doing a very deep pretty purple with pink accent and white text, but I'm tempted to play around and create a trans colors theme.
I had hoped I could share my theme of anyone wanted to try it, but it doesn't show in the misskey theme explorer, so if anyone can tell me how to add it to that, let me know
#calckey #themes
3 months ago

The Windows 95 skin for glitch.soc is ridiculous and great. When is the Mac OS 9 skin coming out, or am I going to have to add another project to my List of Things I May Or May Not Ever Complete?

#Windows95 #masto95 #MacOS9 #MacOS9 #themes #GlitchSoc #ADHD #Mastodon

A screenshot of the Windows 95 Mastodon theme for glitch-soc (
Collabora Office
3 months ago

𝗗𝗼𝗰𝘂𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗺𝗲𝘀 are powerful. Hear about bringing them to Writer & Calc in Tomaž Vajngerl's #TechTalk at the #COOLdays.

Find more talks in our dedicated YouTube playlist!

#CollaboraOnline #opensource #themes #foss #LOtech

People crumble so fast #themes #meta #facebook

So many people made a fuss about threads and now that its released you see toot after toot when a link to their newly created threads account
3 months ago

#Development #Tutorials
The best light/dark mode theme toggle in JavaScript · How to build a seamless theme toggle with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

#DarkMode #Themes #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #HTML #CSS #CustomProperties #JavaScript #LocalStorage

Peter Müller
4 months ago

Jamie Marsland lässt seine Tochter Meg als WordPress-Einsteigerin 10 einfache Aufgaben erledigen, und zwar mit Kadence (Classic) und Spectra One (Block).

»The Best WordPress Theme for Beginners«

Das Ergebnis ist eindeutig: Meg findet die Arbeit mit dem Kadence und Customizer "a lot easier".

Block-Themes sind klasse und FSE eine supergute Idee, aber für Einsteiger ist das immer noch nur bedingt tauglich.

#WordPress #Themes #FSE #Customizer #SiteEditor

@anders @torproject @ubuntu @LaQuadrature @linuxexperiment

Granted, @gnome #Gnome should make #Themes and customizations as easy as #Windows 7-10 did and allow imprting and exporting settings into a single file...

Not shure exactly why @tails / #Tails can't just copy @kalilinux / #KaliLinux's settings and code in that regard tho...

Abbie 🏳️‍⚧️
4 months ago

I should have named these better because they don't really show up in searches. :D

#vivaldi #themes

Jon McLaren
4 months ago

Whether you're creating a module or theme, it's crucial to keep best practices in mind to ensure an efficient and consistent field editing experience for content creators. Think about how you group and organize fields logically, provide a consistent styling experience, what fields should be required, reduce complexity in rich text fields etc. These are our tips:
#HubSpotDevelopers #DeveloperTips #themes #modules

>>> 2 New Akkoma/Pleroma themes <<<

Yeah, I need to stop fiddling with these now, so I'd better just release them.
Meet "Freestyle" (light-ish) and "Illusionary Epidemic" (dark-ish).

As per always you probably need to "Save file as..." on the .json files to actually save them. Don't forget to grab the background images too.

And just to be totally clear: anyone with Akkoma/Pleroma should be able to apply these themes to their personal profile, regardless of what your instance runs as an instance theme. Feel free to use as you like.


#Akkoma #Pleroma #Themes
Screenshot of what Akkoma theme "Freestyle" looks like in use.
Screenshot of what Akkoma theme "Illusionary Epidemic" looks like in use.
Background image for Freestyle theme
Background for Illusionary Epidemic theme
Oh, and I have two more Akkoma/Pleroma themes.

Meet "Field" (light) and "Digital Abstracts" (dark). Field might need some more tweaking but hey. Digital Abstracts has turned in to my daily driver over the last 2 weeks.

Again, you probably need to right-click and select "Save As..." on the files to actually download them.


#Akkoma #Pleroma #Theme #Themes #Field #DigitalAbstracts
Screenshot of Akkoma theme called "Field"
Screenshot of Akkoma theme called "Digital Abstracts"
Background image for Akkoma theme "Field"
Background image for Akkoma theme "Digital Abstracts"
Realized I had updated "dracula.json" but was still sharing the old version. Updated in post now I think. You possibly need to do a right-click and "save as..." as well.

I really need to sort out a page for these on my web site (as that also would link to the always-up-to-date git version). 🤣

#Akkoma #Pleroma #Theme #Themes #Dracula #LatteFoam
Abbie 🏳️‍⚧️
5 months ago

#Themes I’ve submitted for #vivaldi

Try them out and let me know if you like them.
Or if you hate them.

My kid is in surgery and I don’t like the silence as I wait so I’d appreciate any reaction at all. 😂

David Blue ※
5 months ago

oh yeah.... the very last Global Variable action is there (since you have Actions anyway, now,) in case you'd like a method of retrieving the current theme's title without disabling the automation first.

thanks/shoutout to @chamona for theming.
#MonaApp #SiriShortcuts #Shortcuts #automation #themes

5 months ago

Have you tried my favourite #Mastodon app, @MonaApp? If you're running it, why not try some #themes I've made for it?

"Havn - daggry": mona-cat://4b4d (light)
"Havn - skumring": mona-cat://454c (dark)

("Daggry" means "dawn", while "skumring" means dusk.)

Link to #MonaApp:

An iPad screenshot of the theme in dark mode.
Two iPhone screenshots of the theme. One in light and one in dark mode.
Pierre, aka Ra-Mon
5 months ago

Pawel, Community Manager au sein de l'équipe #Vivaldi :vivaldi_red: , vient de dégoupiller une excellente #vidéo-tuto 👍 montrant en détails les possibilités de personnalisation de Vivaldi (#Desktop).

La démo décrit l'utilisation de #chaines de #commandes associées à des #boutons #personnalisés dans les #thèmes, afin de basculer entre vos #espaces de travail, par exemple.

Mais il sera facile de procéder de la sorte pour tout autre usage !

Bon week-end :tony_wee:

Peter Müller
5 months ago

WordPress 6.2 - Twenty Twenty-Three anpassen
04. Stile - die Website gestalten

In Teil 4 der Video-Reihe zum Anpassen von Twenty Twenty-Three geht es um die Stile zur globalen Gestaltung der Website.

Das Video stellt in gut 10 Minuten alle wichtigen Bereiche der Stile vor.

Stil-Varianten, Typografie, Farben, Layout, Stilbuch und Zusätzliches CSS machen schon beim Zuschauen Spaß.

#WordPress #Gutenberg #FSE #WebsiteEditor #Themes #BlockThemes

Der Willkommens-Guide für die Stile im Website-Editor von WordPress 6.2

If you are a new #Calckey or #Misskey user, and want to try a #theme not included in your instance's default list of #themes, this site can help:

You can also create your own based on the existing themes, or the themes found in the mentioned site above. Just don't forget to share your own themes. ^_^

#MycelialNetwork #Fediverse

To everyone trying out Calckey, don't forget to hashtag #Calckey in your #introduction post. ^_^

Here are some of the features, I think, worth mentioning

* Add users in list without following them first.
* Follow the public ‘local’ timeline of other instances/servers.
* Filter by keywords, not only by hashtags (more powerful).
#Misskey Flavoured #Markdown (MFM for short) - check this page:
* If you are in, the character limit is 3,000
* Cat ears.
* A better Deck UI (see attached screenshot)
* You can install your own
* Groups
* Pages
* Reactions
* Migrate your Mastodon profile into Calckey.
* Import your Mastodon content/posts into your new Calckey account.
* Customisable notification sounds
* You can add more than 4 links in your profile.
* Quote-replies! And if it's done and viewed within Calckey, the quote-reply is displayed within the original thread, too! Great way to keep context!
* Better polls
* You can attach more than 4 images (but only the first 4 will appear in mainline Mastodon, that is a well-known limitation of mainline Mastodon for years).

If you are looking for an
#Android app supporting many, if not all, of Calckey / Misskey features, look for: #Milktea in the Play Store. Or, click here:

Last, but definitely not the least, friendly developers!

File feature suggestions and bugs here:

Enjoy and welcome aboard!

A screenshot of my Calckey Deck UI showing different cards and a custom theme. (All content in the screenshot were public when a screengrab was saved.)
5 months ago

Build in #rss , you find it under widgedts!

Edit only works with Edit and delet ? or am i missing something ?

I can use the Mona App on iOs Testflight to log in to mastodon and calckey accounts at the same time. Easy switching!
#Fediverse #2FA #HardwareKey #DarkMode #themes #calckey #rssfeed #mona #mastodon #fediapps

5 months ago

First Impressions from #Calckey :
Very good!
Import of List and follows works great
Interface is interesting - a little bit to much "Information"
a lot of settings(thats good!)
2FA and HardwareKey function!
DarkMode and themes and much more.
Post Preview
extra place for Hashtags

And I love the "clock" I attached a picture of it:
AltText: Loading Bar Style with 3 Bars(Today 50,3%, Month 71,7%, Year 30,5%)

I miss only two things atm. Maybe i did not find it?

- where to put AltText for pictures ?
- Option to exclude people, which I follow, from my HomeTimeline.
(Reason - I put them on thematic
#list s) #Fediverse #2FA #HardwareKey #DarkMode #themes #calckey

Peter Müller
5 months ago

Twenty Twenty-Three anpassen: 02. Den Website-Editor kennenlernen

In Teil 2 der Video-Reihe zum Anpassen von Block-Themes lernen Sie den Website-Editor von WordPress 6.2 und die Block-Struktur des Templates für die Darstellung von Seiten kennen:

In Teil 3 wird dann die Anpassung der Navigation im Website-Editor gezeigt. Beitrag und Video dazu erscheinen voraussichtlich übermorgen.

#WordPress #Gutenberg #FSE #Themes #WebsiteEditor

Der Website-Editor zur Anpassung von Block-Themes startet in WordPress 6.2 in einem »Browse-Modus«, in dem man sich in aller Ruhe umschauen kann.
Pierre, aka Ra-Mon
5 months ago

#Vivaldi 6.0 :vivaldi_red: pour #Desktop est là 🎉

- Onglets en espaces de travail ou #Workspaces
- #Icônes personnalisables dans les #thèmes
- Glisser/Déposer des mails
- Modif. possible de l'en-tête Sec-CH-UA
- Barre de titre masquée par défaut si les onglets et le menu ne sont pas en haut de la fenêtre

#navigateur #browser #fonctionnalités

6 months ago
A new contributed theme was release for Backdrop CMS today.

Modoc -

Designed with the use of tables and blocks in mind.

#backdropcms #themes
Screenshot of a backdrop site using MODOC theme. Very blocky design.
Cragsand :verified_coffee:
6 months ago

The heck... this UI theme looks oddly familiar... 🙃

Just missing some features: :fedi:
- fulltext search
- the explore tab in minimized mode
- remember scrolling position when going back in history

Try out the alpha on Universeodon here:

More info:
#mastodon #themes #twittermigration #twitter #twitterexodus #elk #elkapp #elktheme #elkmastodon #fedi #fediverse #feditips #ui #twitterui

The libadwaita library is like a pain in the ass for the customizable aesthetics heterogeneity in #Linux, it's like a little dictatorial component which linux users swore to defeat... I had to say it...

#gnome #libadwaita #customization #themes

_jayrope (Mastodon)
6 months ago

I haven't ever used #Wordpress much (seemed bloated and got hacked too often).

Now i test-installed WP to find out, at what point #data #mining on visitors actually starts (or not being GDPR-compliant, for that matter)

#Gravatar - collecting registered user information by tracking their avatar over multiple Wordpress sites - installs right away.

When does the whole #Google #surveillance thing start?
What other 3rd parties are known to collect & sell data through #themes etc.?

Gravatar mines data on a Wordpress fresh install. Screenshot from uBlock Origin, 1st party domain blurred.
Peter Müller
6 months ago

I have been using several of his WordPress themes in various ways, and so I was very interested in reading about the man behind the themes.

In this article, @andersnoren writes about the blessings and curses of turning your hobby into a career:

Very honest, and a very interesting read. Keep hiking, Anders, and thanks for all your themes 🤗

#WordPress #Themes #AndersNorén

6 months ago

@osxthemes one of my favorite klassic #MacOSX #Themes :) just awesome

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
7 months ago

However, we believe it’s important to include #seasonal #themes in our literacy curriculum in order to get the children interested in reading. We are careful to choose only #secular and age-appropriate choices.


Egor Kloos
7 months ago

Loading #themes using #css layers for #webcomponents is really cool.

/* Load layer definitions first! */ 
@layer reset, defaults, theme, components; 

/* designsystem.css (loaded into the light DOM) */ 
@layer defaults {
  :root {
    --ds-alert-text: dodgerblue;
/* style-lightdom-theme.css */
@layer theme {
:root {
  --ds-alert-text: rebeccapurple;
/* style-web-component.css */
@layer components.props{
  :host {
    --_text: var(--ds-alert-text, canvasText);

Okay, so like... #calckey is super overpowered. I can change the color #themes , I can #customize with #widgets , I can even do top #StatusBar with #RSS ! Calckey is simple by default, but can do so much if you want it to!
I bet it can even make your toast in the morning ​:Blobhaj_Mlem:​

Peter Müller
8 months ago

Lesenswerter Artikel über die Zukunft von Bezahl-Themes im Blog der Theme-Schmiede Anariel Design (Ana und Marc Segota):

Are Premium WordPress Themes Still Relevant in 2023?

Sehr schöne Übersicht über die Entwicklung von Themes, und ihre Einschätzung zur Zukunft von Premium-Themes ist - wenig überraschend - positiv.

Gefunden via Newsletter #346 von @wpsofa

#WordPress #Themes #BlockThemes #FSE #Gutenberg

Peter Müller
8 months ago

Good review of Twenty Twenty Three, describin the style variations, typefaces, fluid typography and spacing.

Conclusion is this:

»While TwentyTwentyThree doesn’t look dazzling, that’s just where its strength lies ... Think of it as a powerful blank slate where you have a wide range of design possibilities at your fingertips.«

Couldn't agree more. TT3 is a pretty base to learn FSE.

#WordPress #Themes #TT3 #TwentyTwentyThree #FullSiteEditing #FSE #Gutenberg

Robert Kingett
9 months ago

Found an accessibility ready theme for Micro Blog.

Would love feedback on the contrast and visuals! To see it in a test environment,

The theme can be found at #Accessibility #A11y #Themes

David Zappelli
11 months ago

Which #WordPress #themes do you believe are the most compatible with #IndieWeb ?

I'm currently using #Edin theme and a few others.

I'd like to hear about other themes for personal #blogging, but especially for #artistic, #food, #professional, #NonProfit #organizations, etc.

So, if you can note which one you like best, how it works with IndieWeb, and the general topic or idea of your blog(s). Maybe also mention if it's free, or an extra subscription cost.

andr3 :gitlab:
11 months ago

To whom it may concern:

User styles exist for Mastodon.

1. Install Stylish on your browser.
2. Find one you like on install and activate.
3. (optional) you might need to edit the style so it displays in the URL of your instance.
#css #themes #mastodon #tips

Screenshot of a Mastodon home screen with a user style applied to it.
Screenshot of the section where you specify which URLs the style should activate on