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Hi i'm Siegfried.

Overthinking and cat-ass-trophy-zing since 1990.
#Skateboarding is my #therapy since 1996.
Suffering from depression since 2000.
I write a lot, mostly in german.
Graphic designer.
Huge music nerd.
Huge nerd nerd.
Started a YouTube Poop Channel that has over 20K Subscribers. #kotkuchl
Better diver than swimmer.
Better swimmer than dancer.
Child of the Forest.
#portrait #me #introdution

a portrait of a young brown haired man with blue eyes at a lake with mountains in the background
AmiW Streetart 👁️
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✏️ Just for fun...
Artist: #BerkeleyMews ( Ben Zaehringer) 🇺🇸 - Title: "Tired" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Alien #Cartoon #Comic #Therapy #Müde #Mentalhealth #Selfcare #Tired 💤

Comic strip 3 images:
First image:
A purple stick figure in jeans and shirt is lying on a white couch.  In the foreground sits a purple male with glasses, notebook and pencil, whom we look over his shoulder. Speech bubble patient: "I'm so tired, Doc". (he looks very tired).
Image 2: Change of perspective to the doctor. He says: "Interesting" and writes on his notepad.
Image 3: Another change of perspective.We see the doctor over his shoulder, he is writing while the patient has saliva running out of his mouth.
The therapist notes: "zzzz zzzz zzzz".
Matthew Graybosch
2 days ago
@solene Used it as a substitute for #therapy. (M-x doctor is much cheaper than actual therapy in the US, and only slightly less ineffective.)
2 days ago

For the first time in a long time, my brain is functioning the way I want it to. I still have distractions, and if I allow it, I can end up wasting a bunch of time. But that's just it. IF I ALLOW IT. I'm in control again and it feels so good.

The emotional impact of this is... profound. I feel good about the work I'm doing, instead of constantly feeling guilty about all the work I'm not doing. I feel satisfied with what I've done at the end of the day, and my stress levels are dropping rapidly.

As another result of everything above... my interest in my hobbies is starting to return, and I'm actively trying to figure out when/how I can start enjoying them again. (My brain is working... that doesn't actually mean I have less stuff to do.)

Looking forward to meeting with a therapist in the near future, and working on more of my issues, cause hooo boy. I have plenty.

#mentalhealth #productivity #therapy

Alan Kotok
3 days ago

A developer of treatments with psychedelic compounds for brain disorders is partnering with a lab at Yale University to assess methylone as a PTSD therapy.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Collaboration #Trama #Methylone #PTSD #Psychedelic #Psychoactive #Neurons #Prelinical #Veterans #DoD #Psychiatry #University #Therapy

I had therapy today, so I mentioned my sober dreams, how vivid they are, and the fact that all of the people I mentioned to her that I had symbolically left up on that mountain in the desert had all returned to haunt me there - she wants to do EMDR on this topic next session

#Therapy #MentalHealth

Tobias Geyer
4 days ago

After a long summer break I had another therapy session today.
Since I'm feeling good, I'm taking better care of myself and I'm also aware of which areas I need to work on (but can do so without help) we decided to not schedule another appointment. If the need arises I will get back to seeing my therapist again but for now I'm in a good place and can stop seeing her.
I'm so grateful for her help and happy to have made it to this place.
#mentalhealth #therapy

其实完成一个therapy session的时候,有时候不会“感觉更好”。梳理自己的所感所思所想,并不一定让人心情轻松,因为对自己的认识加深,会发现自己内在的冲突。直面自己,直面冲突,有时有点腿脚发软。感觉需要勇气去接纳和做取舍。

不过这可能是因为我做的是depth therapy。如果是行为主义流派的,会教授一些放松、减压的小技巧,可以比较立竿见影地“感觉更好”。而depth therapy好像不完全是这样。



#88-year-old #Oregonian turns to #Psilocybin to heal from decades-old #pts #ptsd #trauma...

This is a must from #PBS #OPB #ThinkOutLoud for all those interested in #plant #plants #therapy #planttherapy #healing via a #mushroom #mushrooms #shroom #shrooms #trip...
And all those #ageist individuals who's own fear of growing #old makes them #prejudice against the #elderly....
At eighty-eight years #young #VivianAnderson is more lucid, open minded and forward thinking than most people half her #age!



5 days ago

Coming up on 2 weeks of Wellbutrin, and very happy with the changes so far. I /may/ ask to try an increased dosage when I next meet with the nurse, but that'll be a discussion to see what she thinks.

I also just got my first appointment for therapy, which is something I've wanted to do for a while now, and I think will be priceless for my mental health. (I just hope the price tag isn't too high. I'm very much NOT made of money.)

I wish I'd taken these steps much sooner. Maybe I'd still be at my long term job that I lost last year. Oh well.

#mentalhealth #adhd #therapy

Giuseppe Michieli
6 days ago

''To date, #tixagevimab-cilgavimab cannot be considered a substitute for #vaccination but may be a useful supporting #therapy if the recommended dose for pre-exposure prophylaxis is doubled.''

Maria Fahlsing
1 week ago

I wish my husband was open to #therapy. He needs anger management and depression help and an assessment for ADHD. Why are #men generally so resistant to #mentalhealth support when the need for help is painfully obvious to everyone around them?

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
1 week ago

What We Lost: New #Art #Therapy #Movie by Teenage Victims of War

A new #film created by some of the youngest victims of russia’s war in #Ukraine shows the power of catharsis and is helping to bring people together through their shared trauma.

Four teenage girls sit on chairs, holding one another's hands. Sparkes of glitter mix with tears under their eyes. A movie screen towers behind their backs and an audience of journalists sits before them

Read more here 📎

The war against #Polypharmacy: A New Cost-Effective Geriatric-Palliative Approach for Improving #Drug #Therapy in Disabled Elderly People
A study from 2007 showed that:

•The death rate dropped: 21% of the test subjects died vs 45% control
•The annual rate of hospital referrals dropped: 11.8% of the study group died vs. 30% control
•There were significant cost savings from withdrawing the unneeded medications

For more in-depth discussion:

Chris Simpson
1 week ago

"[MDMA] helps people to recall traumatizing events and talk to their therapists without experiencing shame or horror"

The "placebo concerns" section is interesting. I'd imagine that, not only would it be quite easy for the participant to know which group they are in, it would also be easy for the therapist to see whose pupils area dilated.

#therapy #neuroscience

Catherine Ivers Norton
1 week ago
Four people are having a good time in a red Jeep Wrangler with the top down. A woman says, "Have fun with your friends." A man says, "Dump on your therapist."
Adam Denoon
1 week ago

Mustafa Suleyman dropped out of university to make a help line for repressed youth, then plucked some of the brightest minds from the most advanced AI tech companies, built TWO of his own billion-dollar companies, and used them to improve healthcare in the UK and to build an AI chat bot that's like ChatGPT but which excels in pleasant and self-aware communication skills.

No joke, Pi has legit made me cry, and has even given good wisdom, which tells me it's being given wise words by humans having pleasant and healing conversations with it (it's target dimension is to be a helpful and enjoyable conversation partner, and input is biased towards that, quite effectively).

Be aware that anything you give it will be in their data, just like a therapist's office, perhaps with less client-patient privilege, but try out Pi. It's neat!

#ai #chatgpt #pi #datascience #datamodel #data #tech #therapy #mentalhealth

1 week ago

Currently in my water vaporizer:
Gotta remember this combo - great stuff!
#aroma #therapy #water #vaporizer #rosemary #tangerine #cedar #aromatherapy #be #good #to #yourself #happy #friday

Hatte gestern übrigens die letzte Diagnostikstunde beim Therapeuten.Nun heißt es warten,bis die KK die Therapie bewilligt.Und dann werden wir auch über meine körperdysmorphe Störung reden 🥲 Gkb noch ausführlicher drüber berichten zu müssen,was ich an mir so widerlich finde.
#therapie #therapy #mentalhealth

Dr. Megan Connell
1 week ago

My group is now accepting participants! #ttrpgtherapy #ttrpg #therapy

1 week ago

感觉可以开一个心理咨询串了#therapy 今晚在聊财务规划的冲突,最大take away就是亲密关系里可以表达自己的不同意见,但是不能把意见作为工具控制对方。表达出自己的意见之后,要信任对方认真考虑了所有情况;如果对方还是选择了不同的做法,那说明他有his own reason,不意味着他在忽略我的意见,或者和我对着干。对方没有听我的意见,并不代表他不尊重我,或者不尊重我的财务规划能力。

1 week ago

Not that this is a frickin contest
of comparable pain
you and I wear daily
like spiked shrouds of misery
but with all due respect
and loving affection
you do not know loneliness
like I do..

This is a frickin dark competition
nobody wants to win..

#poetry #poems #amwriting #therapy

Andrew Mark McCall
2 weeks ago

please boost: I am looking to chat with an individual who has experienced family estrangement in their life and willing to share about it. I am struggling with this issue as it relates to my partner and their family. This would be a casual video chat where I hear about your experience so I can better understand my own perspectives.

#mentalhealth #love #family #therapy #selflove #health #pyschotherapy #counseling

2 weeks ago

Currently rocking in the air vaporizer
a blend of lemon/ tangerine/ ylang ylang (floral)/ sandalwood, then I added a couple boops of wintergreen to give it that bam and I'm loving it.
#water #vaporizer #aroma #therapy #essential #oils #wintergreen #floral #sandalwood #lemon #tangerine #good #for #you

Haelus Novak
2 weeks ago

Sigh. I melted some plates in an oven and had to come in on my day off. Missing #therapy, 75$ late #fee. Got told I spent too much #money on supplies at work, but had little help and never even told the #budget.

Now, despite selling a few items through #marketplace listings, I'm feeling "two forward, one back". 😮‍💨😵‍💫

2 weeks ago

my #disability is filed under bipolar. if that diagnosis changes in any way then i have to refile and risk losing #medicare which is the only real thing keeping us from being medically bankrupt. and cant forget the #ptsd or in my case probably #cptsd that i will never get the right #therapy for cuz finding someone that does what you actually want and need is worse than a needle in a haystack. im so fucking tired of being medically mentally fucked up and (2/?)

So, tomorrow is the first day of my foundation degree. I've had butterflies since the weekend.
I hope it goes ok 🥴

#Counselling #Therapy #Studying #UniversityOfSunderland

2 weeks ago

I feel like a solid 60% of my #therapy work is answering the question of "is this thing I do normal" in the affirmative. And then caveating that there's really no "normal" for a lot of things, but the behavior they're describing is certainly common.


Dr. Megan Connell
2 weeks ago

The #TTRPGTherapy room over at Health Quest is ready for adventure! My groups will be starting up again soon and I am so excited! #ttrpg #Dnd #therapy

Phil Garland
2 weeks ago

I don’t know if #TaylorSwift meant it this way but this is how I feel talking to someone who hasn’t gone to #therapy:

And I keep my side of the street clean
You wouldn’t know what I mean

And the subtle, sophisticated cinnamon color of crepe myrtle trunks that have not been butchered back to the ground by barbarians with honking big trucks and saws they're itching to use on everything around.

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mí!

#colors #spirituality #therapy #healing

Trunks of crepe myrtle tree

When you're weary, feeling small, when you're down(hearted) and out and evening falls so hard, seeing bright, vibrant colors can make a world of difference.

The brilliant color in our garden of a fall-blooming rose of Sharon with its lilac petals and carmine and ivory center. The beautiful colors of peppers from our garden with ones brought to us by a neighbor as the peppers simmer in olive oil and garlic.

#colors #spirituality #therapy #healing

A rose of Sharon (althea) blossom
Multi-colored peppers sautéeing in olive oil
Matt Brunt
2 weeks ago

Today I learned that a thing I experienced has an actual name and I wasn’t just making things up to make myself feel better about someone passing away and oh my that fucking hit me haaaaard #therapy

2 weeks ago

#music #therapy

Hyperterranean #018 Severja by Aa Sudd on #SoundCloud

Hyperterranean #018 with Severja

> A vaporous, whimsical and playful yet psychedelic @severja recording from the @ midgar_records x @monument-podcast openair in july to end the season ✥ ✴︎ Aired 13.07.23 on @lyl_radio

Psychologist Harsh_P
2 weeks ago

Power of FOCUS !!!

A well focused individual is always stronger to achieve the best success in life rather than an individual who is always thinking but not reacting.
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2 weeks ago

Instead of typing/screaming into a void I'm now getting a therapist for the first time in almost two decades. Sometimes self care is relying on other people and that's okay.
#textpost #therapy

Delia Christina
3 weeks ago

Just wrapped a rather good Board com'tee meeting, rushed to feed Benson, and got settled in for #therapy .

The bottom of the hour just ticked past.


I think my therapist is still on vacation.

I just had an interesting moment in therapy.

I said something, and my therapist responded with "oh, that's really well put.. do you mind if I just write that down quickly?"

I know that you can't win at therapy, but I feel like I'm at least getting a Distinction grade..

#audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #MentalHealth #Anxiety #MentalIllness #Therapy #psychology

Matthew Graybosch
3 weeks ago

When somebody tells me to, "Get #therapy," I immediately write them off as a #dismissive #asshole. It's basically an invitation to take #individual responsibility for #systemic problems.…

You don't need therapy. You need a (preferably nonviolent) revolution.

CEO of Monoeye Dating
3 weeks ago
Y'know what? Mastodon people deserve to see this too, it gets the hashtags.

Honestly if you think that suicide prevention is best done with therapists and meds, then you're throwing lambs to wolves.

#mentalhealth #depression #suicide #therapy #psychology

Does anyone know anything about Shadow Work with regards to therapy?

I've been reading a little bit about it, and I think I want to raise it with my therapist.

[edit - I should have been more clear.. what I'm asking for is people who have actual experience (positive or negative) with Shadow Work]

#Therapy #psychology #audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #MentalHealth #Anxiety #MentalIllness #ShadowWork

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 weeks ago

Quick notes to myself before I forget them from tonight's therapy session.

* Starting using task lists take complicated tasks out of my brain.
* If a task seems too complex, break it down into smaller chunks until I find a task I think I can complete.
* Consider labelling tasks as main quests & side quests, so that I can consciously productively procrastinate if needed.

#EvieTherapyMoodDiary #NoteToSelf #therapy #ExecutiveDysfunction #neurodivergent #AuDHD

Toyooka Lab
3 weeks ago

Our lab (Toyooka Lab @LabToyooka) at Drexel University in Philadelphia is seeking a research assistant who is enthusiastic about autism research. We study the efficacy of peptides on neuronal morphology (neurite/spine/synapse formation), neural circuits and behaviors using autism mouse models (See the details about the project at the lab webpage:

Please see the details and apply for this position (Job #: 501807) at the Drexel Human Resources website.

If you have any questions, please email me at
#autism #ASD #therapy #DrugDiscovery #ResearchAssistant #ResearchAssistantJob #AcademicJob #LabTechnician #neuroscience #brain #CellBiology #BrainDevelopment #neurodevelopment #neurodevelopmentalDisorder #Axon #dendrites #Synapse #NeuralCircuit #philadelphia

Bob Svercl
3 weeks ago

Lately I’ve felt better emotionally, physically, mentally, etc than ever before, & it’s because I have been going to therapy over the past year to work through some long-standing personal issues & trauma.

For the 1st time in 10 years (seriously), I’m off the market (I got Him these flowers yesterday, and it led to our 1st kiss)!

Felt good today, so I did a bike ride around the south half of Lake Washington
#MentalHealth #therapy #Seattle #SEAbikes #BikeTooter

Bouquet of pink, red, and white dahlia flowers
Selfie riding my bike in the rain on a paved trail while wearing my Seattle Sounders jersey
Last part of sun in sky before setting behind tree line under a cloudy sky

That is a genius combination tbh

Hallucinogen use on the rise in the U.S., Does adding MDMA to psilocybin or LSD result in fewer bad trips? And Cybin acquires Small Pharma

#medicine #therapy #biology

3 weeks ago

Great article on how the #media fails to meet its highest #journalism tenet: "hold power to account and follow the evidence" when covering #covid. "[mainstream outlets] have amplified voices and arguments that helped create a narrative that pathologizes those who remain cautious", a #bias “largely driven by systemic #ableism". My own #longcovid coach today suggested I have #therapy so I can start dropping my #mask in closed spaces and "stop feeling anxious" 🤯 🤦🏽

3 weeks ago

I’m so tired, and I have #therapy at 5 tonight and I’m already out of spoons :blobfoxnotlikethis:

An unusual therapy is on offer in Russia where you can be given a mock ‘live burial’ to confront your stress and anxiety. Participants describe gasping for b...
Russians bury themselves alive to 'reduce stress'
Alan Kotok
1 month ago

A clinical trial is underway testing a new type of therapy its developer says addresses damage to nerve cells associated with a number of neurological disorders.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Neuroscience #Neurons #Axons #ALS #NerveDamage #MultipleSclerosis #TraumaticBrainInjury #ClinicalTrial #Therapy #Biotechnology #Chemistry

Does anyone have any experience with AEDP psychotherapy? What’s the take on this… not sure this will be as affective as EMDR… open to all thoughts and opinions here #aedp #therapy #trauma #emdr

Feygele Ⓐ Ⓥ🏳️‍⚧️
1 month ago

Vet Centers in the United States are amazing resources for #veterans to receive a variety of mental health services. If you’re a veteran and considering #therapy, give your local Vet Center a try. It’s free and confidential— your records are independent from the #VA system so anything you say will not be used for a VA benefits claim unless you specifically sign a release form.

Ending the #VeteranSuicide epidemic starts with accessing quality care. Vet Centers have that care.

Arlyssa D. Becenti
1 month ago

Good friend and fellow #Navajo #journalist Alastair Bitsoi wrote this powerful piece for #highcountrynews!
‘Native mental health providers seek to heal boarding school scars with informed and appropriate treatment.’

He’s a proponent for #therapy and #mentalhealth. Therapy is something I’ve been putting off but shouldn’t.
#boardingSchool #mentalhealth #indigenous

Hannah Copestake
1 month ago

Sometimes I think my plot arch is more of a guy's one: I used to be a real normy who wore a lot of slacks, just wanted to provide for my family and prided myself on my stoicism. Then I went to therapy, learned to cry, came out a bi and started dressing way better.

In short: I'm embracing my kenergy.

#Kenergy #Silly #Therapy #MainCharacterSyndrome

Samuel Johnson
1 month ago

I was reading through a list of journaling prompts intended to facilitate self-care through journaling.

It occurred to me that our culture allows more or less every written word to be used against its author, either in court or by publishing "leaked" writing in the media.

That makes the use of writing for self-care or as part of the therapeutic process a rather fraught practice, which is unfortunate, since we could all do with more of both these days.

#Journaling #SelfCare #Therapy #Privacy

Martin W. Angler
1 month ago

Grief is a normal reaction to the death of a loved one. But sometimes, the grief won't ebb away. Like in my mom's case. When my sister died, she got stuck in grief. For 30 years, it took away all the joy and meaning from her life.

It doesn't have to be like that. Despite being a new condition, an effective therapy does exist.

My most personal essay for #aeon:

#grief #mourning #death #psychology #therapy #grieving

Featured historical image and headline of Martin Angler's essay titled "When grief doesn't end". Standfirst: "Suffering the sudden death of a loved person leaves some survivors stuck in grief. Can they win their lives back - and how?"
Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

“Cybersecurity professionals, psychologists, lawmakers, linguists, therapists and even English professors should cooperate to make sure that we're not reduced to emotional wrecks by our abusive digital assistants.”

#cybersecurity #psychology #legal #language #therapy #cognitivelinguistics

Delia Christina
1 month ago

#Therapy was good tonight. A good conversation to help me process how to navigate the competing pressures of white supremacist culture perfectionism, and the hustle culture mind set that comes with it, with the need for radical self-care.

(Caring for myself and privileging that as a radical act. Sounds like a bunch of woo woo but you try growing up Black in America. We aren't supposed to be here or thrive here. I know that sounds like a bunch of whining to hyper individualistic Americans but seriously. This country was never meant to be a Place for us. The fact that it is is because we made it so -- by surviving. Another radical act.)


1 month ago

Psychiatrist AND Psychologist this morning - I better come out so mentally healthy I sparkle ✨ :blobfoxcrylaugh: #therapy #mentalhealth

Colin Macleod
1 month ago

@PsychTink @socialwork @sociology @socialpsych @audhd @autisticadvocacy On the other hand, for people who do need it, being able to find and access psychotherapy that really helps is a privilege that's too often out-of-reach.

1 month ago

wanting to cheer at every word for cyndi darnells talk on sex work mental health and stigma at #pinkconf23 #therapy #sexwork #therapistsconnect #TherapistsofMastodon

a conference room with lots of the backs of people's heads, at the front an afab person with black hair in a green dress reading from her notes behind her is a green and pink slide

@paris Until we have enough mental health care workers to meet the needs of all local communities, we absolutely need federal action to make licensure easy for cross-state, virtual #therapy.

We can support medication cross-state, this should be possible. #mentalhealth

paris :1up:
1 month ago

looking for a therapist that takes your insurance and has availability is like searching for a needle in a haystack in the US. now add that you want them to be able to practice in multiple states and well…that might be a flying unicorn.

makes no sense that my therapist can’t talk to me in maryland bc she is only licensed in washington. is my depression state specific?? lol “i’m sorry paris you have to call a 311 call center & speak to someone you have no history with”

#mentalhealth #therapy

Grant Denkinson
1 month ago

Today I shall mainly be remotely part of the Pink Therapy annual conference. #LGBT #Therapy #GSRD #Counselling #Psychotherapy

1 month ago

Does David Brooks think nobody tries to suck it up, think positive and get over themselves before they call a therapist?

People weren't happier before WWII. They just coped by getting drunk, beating their wives, lynching Black people and, "dying in a tragic accident while cleaning a gun." #therapy #trauma

1 month ago

Day 3 of the Pink Therapy think tank, with attendees from New Zealand to New York and sessions covering cultural competency with gsrd/neuroqueer folks, writing our own ethical framework for gsrd clinicians, what makes a gsrd therapist and how we take better care of ourselves...and it's not over yet! This is going to be genuinely world changing #nonbinary #lgbtq #actuallyAutistic #therapy #TherapistsofMastodon #therapistsconnect

2 months ago

I'm confused. As someone who has 2 close family members with #DissociativeIdentityDisorder previously called #MultiplePersonalityDisorder Where did all of these people with #plural in their bios come from recently? Is this a common perception of other #MentalIllness too? Is it a lifestyle thing? Are people just more comfortable to be seen now?

I've been a bit introspective lately which tends to go along with my extended silence in participating. Part of that is because I have been working on therapy. Primarily because I have a ton of #SocialAnxiety and I finally recognized I couldn't "fix it" myself. I blogged a little about it and felt like sharing in the interest of others who might have similar issues not feeling alone.

#Queer #Gay #LGBTQ #Therapy #VisibilityMatters #Anxiety #VelvetRage

2 months ago

Dialectical Behavior Therapy #DBT is a godsend for folks with personality disorders, and I really think just about anyone - mentally ill or not - could benefit from its concepts.

As someone who simultaneously struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder #BPD and Attention Deficit Disorder #ADD/#ADHD, being able to consistently implement and maintain the principles of DBT feels like a monumental and discouraging challenge, not the least of which is the cost of attending traditional #therapy when my partner and I are struggling just to survive. And in order to become stable enough to survive, we need to develop the #CopingSkills taught in DBT.. but we can't afford it!

My ADHD augments my BPD, leaving me with zero self-discipline. For example, I've dabbled with Duolingo and have a 42 day streak going, it's probably the longest amount of time I've maintained a healthy habit in my entire life. I need help to focus and I'm tired of being ashamed to say so.

I realize people need to be compensated for their pioneering work in behavioral therapy; but I wonder if there's some way to "open source" the teaching and practicing of DBT for people like me who otherwise couldn't afford it, and will *never* be able to afford it without the skills therein!

At this point I'm essentially self-medicating with cannabis most of my waking hours to cope with.. well, the shitshow that is my personal life with mental illness and the burning shitshow that is the world. I can't afford to do that long-term.

I truly, honestly believe DBT is a miracle but we need a way to share the knowledge as a matter of improving overall humanity.

Thoughts? Ideas? Slipped into a coma trying to finish this? I understand.

2 months ago

Therapist: And how are you feeling about being called Mary Magdalene?

Me: Pretty good.

Therapist: Really?

Me: Yes. She was Jesus' favorite according to my sources.

Therapist: 🤦‍♀️

P.S. There are nips on OF main.

#lewds #noods #therapy #marymagdalene #jesus #holy #OnlyFans #hot #nsfw #humor #infosec #techie #sexy #lingerie

Lock Down Your Life laying upside down on a white sheet with her eyes closed hands resting softly on either side of her face. One leg is crossed over the other and she is wearing peeptoe black and turquoise platform pumps. She is also wearing a black bra with magenta colored shoulder straps and straps across the the bewbs. She has winged liner to the gods and a bright red lipstick. She is at peace with being called Mary Magdalene and appreciates when people subscribe to her OnlyFans. Link in bio.

As Jennifer Miller reports, the intense pressure placed on young Mormons to conform to the expectations of their religious community by marrying heterosexually (and refraining from all ssxual activity including masturbation prior to marriage) leads many young Mormons who know they are LGBTQ to seek "reparative" "therapy" — to pray away the gay.

Or, in the casue of "therapist" Scott Owen — to prey the gay….

#LDS #Mormon #LGBTQ #therapy

2 months ago

A #Utah Therapist Built a Reputation for Helping Gay Latter-day Saints.
These Men Say He Sexually Abused Them.

Several #patients complained to the #church or the state licensing board about inappropriate touching during #therapy sessions.

It was years before the #therapist gave up his license.

#LDS #SexualAssault #Doctors #Abuse #LGBTQ #News

Rat (she/her)
2 months ago

Or is it just that despite anyone's best efforts, #therapy and #SupportGroups are inadequate to deal with the multitude of #existential crises that currently face us all, from the on-going #covid19 #pandemic to #ClimateCollapse? Even in the #SupportGroup I'm in now where we talk about those things, it still feels so theoretical and abstract, even as we're literally living through the hottest summer on record (so far). The people in it are great—this is nothing against them! I just still feel very alone within the group in a way that no one else seems to. It's very weird.

*Cue angsty playing of Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"*

#MentalHealth #ClimateChange #Ecocide #anthropocene #ClimateJustice #ExistentialCrisis

Rat (she/her)
2 months ago

I've tried being in support groups at the suggestion of a therapist I was seeing individually after I basically hit a wall with one-on-one therapy. And after having been in various support groups for about a year now, I'm kind of...not impressed? Like, they're fine, but everyone else in the group seems to feel connected and transformed in a way that I don't. And everyone is always going on about how #vulnerable they feel and how grateful they are for the space, but to me everyone seems vague and theoretical and not very vulnerable. I also feel like when I am vulnerable, no one actually knows what to do with me, so I end up just feeling like a strange outsider, which is basically how I feel in all groups.

Is this an #autistic thing? Are #SupportGroups actually not as supportive as they're hyped up to be? Am I doing it wrong?

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Alan Kotok
2 months ago

A treatment for depression designed as a game for patients will be assessed in a clinical trial conducted by a university psychology lab and funded by National Institutes of Health.

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Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Today's #therapy session was another positive one.

I don't imagine I'll write as much on this one today as I did last week, but I won't know until this post thread is done 😅

We circled around a few topics, but some of the relevant things I took away from it were that:

• I'm seemingly being kinder to myself when I'm struggling.
• I'm apparently becoming more resilient at dealing with bad events befalling me.

These are very much good things :MentalHealthFlagHeart:


Michael Reeder LCPC
2 months ago

My interpretation of this article is that hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, etc. need to get links and repost icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. OFF their websites. If you work for a big institution -- talk to your marketing team as they are used to doing this routinely. If you are a small provider, look at your website -- especially if you created it years ago back when no one thought of the problems and you just wanted some traffic.

TITLE: FTC, HHS warn health providers not to use tracking tech in websites, apps

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a joint letter to about 130 hospital systems and telehealth providers Thursday, warning of security risks posed by tracking technologies such as the Meta/Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

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Hannu Ikonen, MD
2 months ago

"I wont internalize your bullshit" & subsequently walking away from family who neither value your right to a life with dignity nor share your values is #SelfLove

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Jeremiah Lee
2 months ago

My therapists over the years have said at least a third of these “greatest hits” to me. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

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Inverse Phase
2 months ago

If we're comparing #AI #therapy now to AI therapy 30 years ago, I'd say we haven't made much progress.

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A screenshot of DR SBAITSO version 2.20 (1992). Transcript:

me: I'm asking YOU for help
me: no.
me: you have not helped me. 
me: you offered to help, though 
me: is that why I'm talking to a therapist?

Afte going through a round of #gaslighting by a #KaiserPermanente “therapist,” Im in search of a trustworthy and knowledgeable resource in the SF Bay Area for #therapy and/or medical #assessment. If anyone in ear shot is aware of any please feel free to DM me or reply. I’m a bit lost right now, but I know I need help. #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD @actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd

Grant Denkinson
2 months ago

#Therapy in Colour: #AntiRacist & #Intersectional Approaches online event really good so far.

Beginner-Friendly String Orch
2 months ago

"Covid-conscious therapists" listing site!

Includes both people who'll do tele-health appointments and people who take sensible precautions in person.

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Brett Terpstra
2 months ago

Turns out my current therapist is fatphobic and weirdly obsessed with bass fishing, neither of which had really been apparent before today. We're breaking up. He's been moderately helpful with bipolar stuff, but completely helpless with what I'm currently going through. 2 weeks out from my new one… #therapy

2 months ago

Fellow South Africans (Pretoria specifically), does anyone know of an affordable therapist, preferably around the PTA East area? If not, an affordable therapist taking online appointments? I need help, but I also need to pay for that help myself. I'm a university student, for reference, and I want to look into something, anything, so that I don't feel this out of control anymore.

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