2 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday 💚🍀✨⚡️🌊

The thickest of trunks washed ashore
2 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday 💚🍀✨⚡️🌊

Many thick trunks was ashore
2 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday 💚🍀✨⚡️🌊

A thick trunk washed ashore
Pauline von Hellermann
2 days ago

Sycamore Gap tree at Hadrian's Wall 'felled overnight'

It’s not #ThickTrunkTuesday today but want to share with contributors. This is so sad
#SycamoreGap #Sycamore

Eugene Parnell
4 days ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday a photo of a wizened Western hemlock tree taken a few weeks ago in the Mt Baker Wilderness Area, North Cascades, Washington state.
#PNW #nativePlants #GetOutside

Looking up at anvery old and somewhat stunted tree, missing a lot of bark, many dead branches but it’s crown is still green. A dead snag stands beside it. The sky beyond is cloudless blue.
Robin Applegarth
4 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday Coastal Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). #Trees of the #mendocinocoast #nature

Vertical view of a tall coastal redwood with craggy bark in a forest
Elliott 🏳‍🌈
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday note...not from my pants...haha 🤭☺️ (I'm sorry...sorry.)

Looking up the trunk of a very big tree.
Acorns and Olives
4 days ago

Probably my favorite tree on the property- an old sycamore with multiple very long trunks and roots that cross over the creek.
#thicktrunktuesday #sycamore

A large sycamore tree with numerous trunks and roots surrounding a pond. The trunks and roots are white and gray colors; there are also bright green leaves.
Visions of Napa
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday and road trip day through Carneros district.

#Napa #Sonoma #California

On the left is the trunk and leaves of an old walnut tree. In the midground is a flat vineyard and in the back ground are trees and a hill covered mostly with dry grass. The sky is blue with puffy clouds.
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday Walnut in the backyard destroying the landlines and cable.

Walnut tree shown from about twenty feet down. Wood fence from left, corner obscured by the tree, veers off to center right. Metal box at an odd angle, wires pouring out.
Close up of the trunk and box
Close up of the trunk with amazing patterns similar to Celtic knots.
4 days ago

dachte da das erste Mal, wie schön es vielleicht wäre, einen Olivenhain zu haben.
#thicktrunktuesday #trees

Olivenbaum, keine Ahnung wie alt, aber daß er so einen Stamm bekommt, dauert es Jahrzehnte.
Im Hintergrund andere Olivenbäume.
Bjorn Idle
4 days ago

A big old Macrocarpa (Monterey Cypress or cupressus macrocarpa) in the Chch Botanic Gardens

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Trees #NaturePhotography #TreesOfMastodon

A tall, wide coniferous tree with a high canopy, stretching thick branches out to either side. The view is tilted so that we can see the base and up into the lower branches. Dappled sunlight slants through the leaves onto the trunk
A portrait view of the same tree, but taken closer so the trunk is made more prominent. We can see the canopy in the background and glimpses of the sky beyond
Helen Clayton
4 days ago

Does a multi-trunk sycamore hanging on the edge of a cliff count for #ThickTrunkTuesday ?

A sycamore tree with multiple trunks and branches spread low and wide teetering on the edge of a cliff beside a path. Through the branches turquoise-blue of the sea transitions to sky-blue. A few white clouds, grey-purple in the top left corner.
Pam Boling
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday is also my first Mastodon post. Hi!

4 days ago

It's #ThickTrunkTuesday, although this is more of a knobbly trunk Tuesday. And look how knobbly it is! High quality knobbles.

#trees #nature

A tree, some kind of Mediterranean conifer, I think. Its bark is quite pale and gnarly, its branches are straight, and it's covered in lumps that either used to be branches (and were cut off) or didn't grow into branches at all.

It's sitting on a terrace faced with white stones, and has a lot of pale green growth behind it. Bright sun falls upon it, the sky is very blue.
Andrena (Homo hortensis)
4 days ago

Ein charaktervoller Mostbirnbaum im Hausruckviertel nach Sonnenuntergang im Herbst.

#abendstimmung #thicktrunktuesday #trees #naturephotography #hausruckviertel #treetuesday #treesofmastodon #baum #herbst

Der knorrig gewachsene Baum steht auf der Wiese. Dahinter sieht man sanfte Hügel. Der Horizont leuchtet orange-blau. Die Abenddämmerung hat begonnen und das warme Licht taucht die Umgebung in orange-grüne Töne.
4 days ago

Our backyard western red cedar.

Looking up into the canopy of a western red cedar, with multiple trunks shooting up from a common main trunk.
Isaac Mottistone
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday. Magnificent double trunked oak tree in the September sunshine. National Trust Winkworth Arboretum.

Magnificent double trunked oak tree in the September sunshine. National Trust Winkworth Arboretum.
Uwe Küchler
4 days ago

Here, have a happy tree for #ThickTrunkTuesday ☺️

Fläche eines gefällten Baumes mit aufgemaltem Gesicht. Als Nase dient ein Ast, der in die hohle Mitte des Baumstamms gesteckt wurde.
Fläche eines gefällten Baumes mit aufgemaltem Gesicht. Als Nase dient ein Ast, der in die hohle Mitte des Baumstamms gesteckt wurde.
4 days ago

A toe-stumper along the Coast Trail for #ThickTrunkTuesday

4 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday #fungi #pilze #nature
Und die Parasols drehen auch noch eine fette zweite Runde.

Ein halbes Dutzend Parasols am Stammfuß einer dicken Eiche an einer Wiese.
Brian Davis
4 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday #mosstodon #pnw #hiking

Sunlight and shadow reveal the magic of the forest. There are ancient spirits here and not all are friendly.

Moss thickly covers the trunk and branches of an evergreen. Sunlight falls on the left side make it seem hung with gold tinsel while the right side is in shadow.
4 days ago

Perfektes Spätsommerwetter zusammen mit einer einzeln stehenden Eiche oberhalb von Wiesbaden.

#thicktrunktuesday #baum #tree #Fotografie #photography #Wiesbaden

Farbiges Querformat. Großer Baum in Kugelform einzeln stehend auf einer Wiese. Darüber blauer Himmel.
4 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday #photography #BergischesLand

Zwei Eichen und eine Birke bei Kleinbeek.

Eine Birke und zwei Eichen bei Kleinbeek. Ein Fahrweg zwischen grünen Weiden. Spätsommer im Bergischen Land. Foto von heute.

Article in English.

"...the tree was already 3,000 years old when Christ was born and when, it is said, Pontius Pilate was born here in Fortingall"

#Romans #Pilate #Trees #ThickTrunkTuesday

4 days ago

This is the largest burl I have ever found, an estimated meter across, growing on an old Yellow Birch.
vertical photo

#ThickTrunkTuesday #forest #trees

A very large tree in dense deciduous forest. The tree has formed a huge round outgrowth of wood on the side of the trunk.

Craobh-Iubhair Fhartairchill

Eireachdail, draoidhteach is aosmhor aig aon 5000 mìle bliadhna a dh'aois.

The impressive Fortingall Yew. Estimated to be 5000 years old and perhaps Europe's oldest living thing.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #FortingallYew #Trees #Indigenous #Gàidhlig #Gaelic #Perthshire #Scotland #pagan #MastoDaoine

Craobh-Iubhair Fhartairchill
Fortingall Yew Tree
Holly Hill Native
4 days ago

#thicktrunktuesday tree with a big caboose. Fall Creek Trail, Indy

#thicktrunktuesday tree with a big caboose. Fall Creek Trail, Indy
4 days ago

Dirt road in Hartland, VT, where my aunt used to live (March 2012). Taken on my old Bronica SQ. #ThickTrunkTuesday #BelieveInFiIm #Vermont

A country road in black and white. A row of white pines lines the left side, with various other trees (probably maple) scattered along the right.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Michigan

September 2023, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

I wonder who lives in that tree hole?

View of a large tree trunk high up in a tall tree with a large hole in it with hollow cavity that's large enough to fit a family of squirrels, owls. or suburban fairies.
4 days ago

Kapok tree, Volcán Barú #ThickTrunkTuesday #panama

Large tree with high buttressed roots and smaller trees around it
Frauchen Will Raus
4 days ago

Du siehst es doch auch, oder?

Do you see it too?


#photography #fotografie #ThickTrunkTuesday

Eine Baumwurzel blickt über die Erde. Es sieht aus wie ein Eulengesicht, das uns ansieht. Das Foto ist schwarzweiß.

A tree root peeks over the earth. It looks like an owl face looking at us. Photo is black and white.
neville park
2 weeks ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday from High Park's oak savannah. Impromptu trip today.

Looking up at the trunk of an oak tree.
The sun-drenched oak savannah, a sea of goldenrod (and other shrubs and low plants) sparsely dotted with trees including oak.
Visions of Napa
2 weeks ago


#Redwood trees in Samuel P Taylor Camp in Marin county, #California.

A circle of extremely tall trees with tiny needles. The trunk of the tree closes to us is very large and has reddish colored bark.

Como dice un amigo, aquí la vida crece sobre la vida

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Mosstodon

Fotografía desde abajo de un árbol. Se observa como sus ramas superiores de bifurcan y extienden cubriendo el cielo
Fotografía del tronco del árbol. Se observa en su corteza el crecimiento de musgos
2 weeks ago
Two woodpeckers on a large old tree.
2 weeks ago

@fondoffawns thanks! The whole time we were there, besides being awestruck by the beauty, I kept thinking wow, I’m going to have enough #ThickTrunkTuesday shots to last for years. 😁

Robin Applegarth
2 weeks ago

This #oldgrowth coastal #redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, lives in Prairie Creek State Park, #California. It’s 23 ft. wide and over 1,500 years old. 🌲

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #nature

Sign for Big Tree, a giant redwood living in CA state park
Giant coastal redwood with sign showing it’s size and age, photo by R Applegarth
Janis La Couvée
2 weeks ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday - the entwined trunk of a big leaf maple, Canada's largest maple tree. East coast of Vancouver Island.

the entwined trunk of a big leaf maple tree, Canada's largest maple, covered in moss - there are three branches. The ground is covered in sword ferns.
Steve Jackson
2 weeks ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday, a picture taken in the avenue of (mainly) Oak trees at #Fawsley (my local #OnePlaceStudy) early on Saturday morning.

Rough pasture being grazed by sheep, photographed in golden early morning light. On the right of the picture the trunks and some of the foliage of a row of Oak trees can be seen, with a large branch bearing twigs and leaves stretching across the top of the picture. On the left, further away, an Oak tree on the other side of the avenue can be seen; others, further away, are barely visible in the mist and the glare from the sun.
Joe Wynne
2 weeks ago


Twin Oaks in #PagosaSpringsCo city park. Note dwarfed picnic table nearby. Blue Spruces grow next to each twin.

I believe these are a Willow Oaks, but the lower leaves in the shade are wider than I expected. May need assistance with identification.

Vertical pic.

Two large oak trees grow within inches of each other in a mulched area surrounded by large rocks. The tops of the trees are beyond the top of the view. The trunks are not obscured by leaves and can be seen rising approximately 5 yards (meters) before splitting into limbs. The bark has deep vertical ridges and is light brown.

The Blue Spruces close to each Oak tree are approximately 7 meters high.

Using a picnic table nearby, each trunk appears to be about 5 feet in diameter at widest point.
2 weeks ago

Panama City was filled with these gorgeous trees but I haven’t been able to identify them | Plaza Herrera #ThickTrunkTuesday

Large tree in triangular area with cobblestone road and path to equestrian statue and old buildings
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago


September 2023, Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina, USA. Large trees visible in the morning mist.

Two large trees are visible in the mountain fog. Only the bifurcated trunk and a few limbs with leaves are visible of the one in the foreground. The entire tree is visible of the one in the distance. All other trees are shrouded in fog.
2 weeks ago

Anyway, here's a Lucombe oak for #ThickTrunkTuesday.

A very large, old, gnarly oak. There are thick branches jutting out at various angles. The main trunk is broad and lumpy. It is sunny and summer.
2 weeks ago

On Sunday I saw a huge Brown Top Stringybark with a 3.5 metre diameter. Earlier this year I saw a whopper that was over 60 metres tall and about 400 years old. These huge messmates are among the biggest trees in Australia.

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #tasmania #lutruwita

Tall tree silhouetted against a sunny background. The trunk is long with branches only near the top. It dwarfs the other trees around it which are perhaps 30-40 metres tall but with much thinner trunks
Bosque Bill
3 weeks ago

Tall Tree along the River
Rio de los Piõs, NM
[tall slender image - click to see]

The view from my campsite last month in far northern New Mexico. A beautiful little, tree-lined river in a small canyon. Birds singing and trout jumping.

#TreeTuesday #ThickTrunkTuesday #photo #landscape #mountains #NewMexico

A very tall evergreen tree stands out from similar trees behind along a creek; blue sky; grassy bank and shrubs on this side of the creek.
Rick Gaehl
3 weeks ago

I love it when trees grow on rocks. It shows just how determined and resilient they can be, if we let them.
This oak is part of one of the few remaining areas of temperate rainforest in the UK - look at the tree ferns growing on it.
We need to protect and extend these precious remnants.

This is in portrait format.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Photography #Trees #Woodland #Dartmoor #Ferns #Nature #Conservation

A large oak tree growing on top of a granite boulder, with tree ferns on its branches.
Aarne Granlund
3 weeks ago

It’s my favourite day of the week! These bad boys are living their multiple hundred year old existence in the Patvinsuo National Park. #Nature #Trees #ThickTrunkTuesday 🌲

An ancient burned trunk of a pine in a mossy terrain next to an open bog.
A huge old pine tree trunk.

I’m posting early cos lately I am always late 😆🤣😂😆🤣😂 #thicktrunktuesday #trees #treetrunk #seqld another #moretonbayfig I know But they are irresistible

A grand pic of a beautifully thick Moreton Bay Figtree trunk
Óscar Morales Vivó
4 weeks ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday these second growth (but getting large, it's been a while since the logging) redwoods at Purisima Open Space Preserve, Craig Britton Trail. My second favorite trail in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The evening sun's backlight just showed them so, and I'm glad it looks the part in the picture. No retouching beyond whatever the phone does to it.

A set of tightly knit second growth redwoods with the sun's rays coming through the small spaces in between.
4 weeks ago