The Warlock
1 day ago

@Mistresswitchwrites Ah! I've done that to myself many times - dealing with depression with loud thrash metal and giving myself a headache or migraine. Weirdly, I don't mind the pain.

"The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts." - T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) in the movie Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

#Metal #ThrashMetal #Depression #Migraines #HeadAche #Pain #Mentallic

Screen shot from the movie Lawrence of Arabia (1962) where lead character T.E. Lawrence is about to blow out a match.
Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 days ago

#3 Hellripper - Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags #Metal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
4 days ago

40 Years Ago - Slayer Release Their Debut Album ‘Show No Mercy’
'Blasting our way through the boundaries of Hell, no one can stop us tonight.'

#Slayer #ShowNoMercy #AlbumAnniversary #ThrashMetal #MetalLegends #NotInHallofFameYet #Big4 #Loudwire #HeavyMetal #FlashbackFriday

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
6 days ago

Well hello! The year might be coming to an end but it’s still #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases also known as German Black Metal day apparently! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal

Walking Corpse - death - Sweden
Embrace Your Punishment - death - France
Somnium De Lycoris - death - Japan
Reap - death/grind - USA
Hatred Reigns - death - Canada
Kriegszittern - death - Germany
Swansong - melodic death - Finland
Voice of Ruin - melodic death - Switzerland
Behind the Throne - melodic death -
Beyondition - death/doom - Germany
Abyssal Rift - death/doom - USA
Varathon - black - Greece
Sylvan Awe - black - Australia
RüYYn - black - France
Helfró - black - Iceland
Demoncy - black - USA
Dethroned - black - Germany
Godskill - black - Germany
Heimdalls Wacht - black - Germany
Aphelium Aeternum - black - Germany
Grau - black - Germany
Nonir - black - Germany
Aggression - thrash - Canada
Topor - thrash - Poland
Oro - post/sludge - Sweden
Demons of Noon - sludge/doom - New
The Company Corvette - stoner/doom - USA
Visions of Atlantis - power - Austria
Axenstar - power - Sweden
Nimrod B.C - power/thrash - Chile
Cobra Spell - heavy metal - Netherlands
Saturna - hard rock - Spain
1 week ago

Gotta go fast when you have #TheSpeed -- Happy #ThursdayFiveList (cheers @neurothing)

Get moving with some Janelle Monae - Faster

Follow up with some witch-house-y trance

Thrash it out - quickly - to Black Fast - Colony Collapse

Jump on a motorcycle and cruise the streets of Brazil with Hibria - Steel Lord on Wheels

After going so quickly most people might need Stateless - Crash

#pop #hiphop #thrashmetal #powermetal #indie #witchhouse

1 week ago

Ho un'incredibile voglia di intrufolarmi e interrompere quella pagliacciata della #COP28 solo per metterla al massimo del volume.

#KingGizzardAndTheLizardWizard #Metal #ProgressiveMetal #ThrashMetal #StonerMetal #DiscoDelGiorno #Mastoradio #Fediradio #NP #NowPlaying

1 week ago

Welcome to another edition of #ThrashThursday 🤘

Here's one of my favourite #ThrashMetal songs and one of my favourite #Metal songs ever:

🎵 Forests Of Legend by #Vektor

But just to be clear: F*ck DiSanto! I am boycotting everything he does nowadays.

The reason why I am still listening to their old stuff is simple: the rest of the band did the right thing and left. And I don't want to boycott them.

#TomsMusic #ThrashMetal

Another I bought late last year but listened to this year
One man with a cello, a double kick bass drum, a cymbal, no shirt, and a grizzled voice. Fucking love.
His music's here
But see this stuff yourself. Mind blowing

#music #musicwrapup2023 #bandcamp #thrashmetal #metal

Jake Beamer
1 week ago

Okay, I'm doing #BlackMetalMonday.

Apocalyptic Annihilation have a thrash kinda vibe but definitely some black metal in those vocals. They're from Australia and just released 'Necrothrash' this year. It shreds.

#thrash #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #metal #ApocalypticAnnihilation

1 week ago

Society failed to tolerate me
And I have failed to tolerate society
Still I can't find what you adore
Inside I hear the echoes of an inner war
Nothing can take the horror from me
Your sick world, the loss of all morality
My hate has grown as strong as my confusion
My only hope, my only solution is a violent revolution

#Kreator #HeavyMetal #ThrashMetal


Mr. Bungle - Raping your mind 🤘 :blobrainbow: 🤘

#thrashmetal #mikepatton

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

DAVE LOMBARDO Recalls SLAYER's First Gig: "We Were Playing So Hard That We Actually Broke The Drum Riser"
"We knew we were good, and you could feel it when we got onstage."

#DaveLombardo #Slayer #ThrashMetal #InspiringOrigins #HeavyMetalHistory #LivePerformance

Kari'boka :v_com:
2 weeks ago

Depois de uns 15 anos sem tocar, to com vontade de começar uma banda de #Hardcore / #ThrashMetal mas perdi contato com maior parte da cena daqui. O sistema esmaga todo seu lazer, trabalhar que nem um fdp fazendo hora extra, 4h de condução e depois tinha que ir pra faculdade. Com sorte, e sem janta, dormia umas 5h pra ir trabalhar de novo.

2 weeks ago


tolles Zeitdokument von 1989 – gute Musik sowieso

#thrashmetal #kreator #ruhrgebiet #doku

2 weeks ago

from #haskovo

#heavyMetal #thrashMetal — live at 'modern theater' in #burgas, #bulgaria. #thrash #metal #music #concert

"sakar" on stage
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago
Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 weeks ago

Well well well it’s #NewMusicFriday and that means #FletchsFridayReleases so let’s get started! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal

Cruciamentum - death - UK
Temple of Scorn - death - Denmark
Farsoth - death - Sweden
Burden of Grief - death/thrash - Germany
Carnivorous Forest - death/black - UK
Masters Call - death/black - UK
Sort Sind - death/black - Denmark
Cultus Interitum - black/death - Poland
Morbid Sacrifice - black/death - Italy
A Hill to Die Upon - black/death - USA
Convocation - doom/death - Finland
Slôdder - sludge/doom - Sweden
Narbo Dacal - sludge - Poland
Thronehammer - doom - UK/Germany
Todalmal - doom - Spain
Sol - doom - Denmark
Swords of Dis - black/doom - UK
Valdrin - black - USA
Serpent's Oath - black - Belgium
Herzog - black - Belgium
Midnight Odyssey - black - Australia
Kvelgeyst - black - Switzerland
Infernal Angels - black - Italy
One Master - black - USA
Rhün - black - USA
Laang - black - Taiwan
Destructor - thrash/power - USA
Maladie - prog metal - Germany
March to Die - heavy metal - Greece
Hitten - heavy metal - Spain
Coven Japan - heavy metal - Japan
From North - folk metal - Sweden
Humankind - metalcore - Germany
Beyond The Pale
2 weeks ago

Reminder: our next live show is at Rock Café Sneek on December 1. Exclusively showcasing 5 bad-ass metal bands and the entrance is free! Doors open at 19:00, we'll start at 19:30. So come join us in Sneek where Beyond the Pale will be sharing the stage with Bildtstar, Burning, The Unslain and Man as Plague! 🤘🤩🤘🔥

#metal #thrashthursday #thrashmetal #thrash #deathmetal #concert #heavymetal #metalbands #MetalNight

Promotion video to remind you that Beyond the Pale's next live show is at Rock Café Sneek on December 1. Exclusively showcasing 5 bad-ass metal bands and the entrance is free! Beyond the Pale will be sharing the stage with Bildtstar, Burning, The Unslain and Man as Plague!
2 weeks ago

Probably #Spiritworld is not the first band that comes to mind if you think about a good fit for #ThrashThursday, but that won't stop me from sharing them today. 😉

Spiritworld – U L C E R

#Music #Metal #ThrashMetal

2 weeks ago

Hey yo! Wazup?

For this #ThrashThursday I am giving #MetalChurch 's new album Congregation of Annihilation a second chance.

Are there any #ThrashMetal bands you need to listen multiple times to get into?

💿 #CongregationOfAnnihilation by Metal Church


Ana Tudor 🐯
2 weeks ago

Random fact: so far, Berlin is the only place where I've seen more than one concert this year...

(Kreator back in March and Insomnium last week)

#berlin #concert #metal #thrashmetal #deathmetal #Kreator #Insomnium

3 weeks ago


Gewaltig, cooler Abriss von Nervosa. 🤘

#Nervosa #ThrashMetal

Stallion - Slaves of Time

#Thrashmetal / #HeavyMetal by Stallion. @derthomas recommendes this album to me a while ago. A perfect #saturday starter! 💪


Chris Fletch :pentagram:
3 weeks ago

Happy #NewMusicFriday to you #Fediverse. It’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and there’s a good amount to get stuck into. #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal #PowerMetal

Alchemy of Flesh - death - USA
Deliquesce - death - Australia
Cruel Fate - death - Canada
Aeternus - death - Norway
Elitist - death - Denmark
Dyssebeia - death - Switzerland
Ceremonial Bloodbath - death - Canada
Foetal Juice - death - UK
Plaguemace - death - Denmark
Bloodohemy - death - Netherlands
Condemned - death - USA
Nail Within - melodic Death - Israel
Miara - melodic death - Italy
Rank and Vile - death/grind - USA
Neurectomy - death/grind - USA
King - melodic death/black - Australia
Angrenost - black - Portugal
Mauvet Mauve - black - Sweden
Litha- black - USA
Sadus - thrash - USA
Hyperia - thrash - Canada
Corroded - heavy metal - Sweden
Earthside - prog metal - USA
Mayfire - prog metal - Norway
Bull Elephant - prog/doom - UK
Imparity - doom - Germany
The Law of Gaubert - doom - UK
Sadhus - doom/sludge - Greece
Modder - sludge - Belgium
Signum Regis - prog/power - Slovakia
Draconicon - power - Italy
Eldritch - prog/power - Italy
Dogma - prog/power - Italy
Terromania - hard rock - Finland
Downshift - hard rock - USA
Vansind - folk metal - Denmark
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago

Judicator Cover Barry Manilows Mandy and It Rips
The choice of song is also a reference to the movie. The post Judicator Cover Barry Manilows Mandy&#


Chris Fletch :pentagram:
4 weeks ago

Step right up, it’s #NewMusicFriday and that means it’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and time for some riffs! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal

I’ll also pin this to my profile if you want to refer back 🫡🤘🏼

Vastum - death - USA
Shylmagoghnar - death - Netherlands
Left Cross - death - USA
Plague Rider - death - UK
Hypocrisy - death - Sweden
Athiria - death - Austria
Hypaethral - death - USA
Ritual Aura - death - Australia
Aglo - death/doom - Australia
Hinayana - death/doom - USA
Halvar - death/thrash - South Africa
Night Crowned - black/death - Sweden
The Mosaic Window - death/black - USA
Pyrolatrous - black/death - USA
Rivers Ablaze - black/death - Hungary
Mephorash - black - Sweden
Highborne - black - USA
Marsh of Swans - black - USA
Mouthbreather - grind - USA
Verilehto - black - Finalnd
Gama Bomb - thrash - Ireland
Extinkt - thrash - Poland
Bazooka Troopaz - thrash - Norway
Okrutnik - thrash/speed - Poland
Phantom Winter - doom/sludge - Germany
Sâver - sludge/post - Norway
Temple Balls - heavy metal - Finland
Diviner - heavy metal - Greece
Rascal - heavy/power - Poland
Rigorous - power - Germany
L.A Guns - glam/rock - USA
Helmet - heavy/groove - USA
Ex Everything - post hardcore - USA
Adron 🤘🏻
1 month ago

Nemophila's "Dissension" is a thrash metal ripper that embodies defiance. With lyrics challenging societal norms and the facade of civility, it's a call to authenticity and action. The band urges listeners to embrace their true selves and reject the noise of biased opinions. It's a powerful anthem for genuine living. #Nemophila #Dissension #ThrashMetal #Authenticity #Defiance

Check out the full intensity of Nemophila's track here:

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

KREATOR's MILLE PETROZZA Aims for Progression and Innovation
Mille Petrozza discusses KREATOR's evolution over four decades, emphasizing a desire for musical progression and new ideas...

#Kreator #MillePetrozza #ProgMetal #MetallicMasterpiece #GuitarVirtuoso #ThrashMetal #Vengeance #Retrospect #ModernTechniques

1 month ago

Microreview on Dead Man's Weapon by Detoxen:

Solid in your face #ThrashMetal.

Listen to it if you wan't to know how Exodus would have sounded with Lemmy on vocals.

3 out of 5 little Gary Holts thinking about Lemmy.

#TomsMusic #Detoxen #DeadMansWeapon

1 month ago

Moving on to something colpletely different again:

One from @HailsandAles 's #FletchsFridayReleases , #ThrashMetal from the UK:

🎵 #NowPlaying Fight For Survival by Detoxen


Chris Fletch :pentagram:
1 month ago

I might be off work this week but Heavy Metal never sleeps! That means it’s #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases of course Suffocation is great, I was also pleasantly surprised by Dying Wish. Also hail the return of Fuming Mouth! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal #PowerMetal

Suffocation - death - USA
Carnation - death - Belgium
Fuming Mouth - death - USA
Carnal Tomb - death - German
Katholic - death - USA
Darkness Ablaze - death - Germany
Kraanium - death/slam - Denmark/Norway
Necroticgorebeast - death/slam - Canada
Manipulator - death/grind - USA
Closet Witch - grind - USA
Warcrab - death/sludge - UK
Cosmitorium - death/prog - USA
Xoth - death/black - USA
Ch'ahom - death/black - Germany
Mortuary Drape - death/black - Italy
Tetragrammacide - death/black - India
Witches Hollow - death/black - Finland
Cirkeln - black - Sweden
Faidra - black - Sweden
Nahasheol - black - Netherlands
Penitence Onrique - black - France
Goatkraft - black - Norway
Jord - black - Sweden
Totenmesse - black - Poland
Veruta - black - USA
Ild - black - Norway
Acid Force - thrash - Slovakia
Kill the King - thrash - India
Detoxen - thrash - UK
Degrave - Thrash - USA
Green Lung - stoner/doom - UK
Angra - prog/power - Brazil
Morne - Sludge/post - USA
Saran's Fall - heavy metal - Finland
Graven Sin - heavy metal - Finland
Reveal - heavy/power - Spain
Svartanatt - hard rock - Sweden
Blazoner - hard rock - USA
Dying Wish - metallic hardcore - USA
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

37 Years Ago: Kreator Push Limits With 'Pleasure to Kill'
On Nov. 1, 1986, Kreator released 'Pleasure to Kill,' one of the most all out aural assaults ever unleashed in heavy metal.

#Kreator #PleasureToKill #Anniversary #ThrashMetal #Loudwire #MetalNews #MetalAlbum #MilestoneAlbum

1 month ago

Are you ready?

I can't here you!

Are you mo****f**king ready???

Then vote for your #MostLovedMetalBand !

This is the first duel of the semifinals where two absolutely legendary bands battle for your love 💕

Two #ThrashMetal giants*.

Berkley, USA 🇺🇸 vs Belo Horizonte, Brazil 🇧🇷

🚨 Vote for the band you like better! 🚨

Who should proceed to the finals?

Testament or Sepultura?

🔁 appreciated 🤘


1 month ago

Some people rip on harsh vocals for all sounding the same, but I think as a lot of metal fans are aware there are a lot of variations. And a lot of us have our favorite (or least favorite) styles. What are yours?

I’ll start: I can’t stand the derisively-yet-aptly-named “pig squealing” type vocals.

My favorite? The stereotypical black metal scream to open a song/album.

#Metal #BlackMetal #DeathMetal #ThrashMetal

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
1 month ago

Official KREATOR Documentary Is In The Works
In a new interview with Andrew McKaysmith of the "Scars And Guitars" podcast, KREATOR frontman Mille Petrozza shared the news of a project he and his bandmates are working on for a tentative 2025 release.


The Warlock
1 month ago

@MetalheadDana @derthomas My ears are still ringing from the last Anvil concert I went to... in 2016!!!

#HeavyMetal #Metal #ThrashMetal #Canada #Anvil #MetalPounders666

Shot of Anvil lead singer and lead guitarist Steve "Lips" Kudlow egging on the audience. At least he hasn't pulled out the dildo yet!!!
Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 months ago

I don’t listen to tons of #ThrashMetal but in a real mood for it today. Started with the new Poseydon. What is your favourite #ThrashMetal release from this year? #Metal #HeavyMetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 months ago

Happy Friday #Fediverse its #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases. From this list Go Ahead and Die is good but also don’t sleep on the new split by Worm and Dream Unending. Happy Listening! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal

Sentenced 2 Die - death - USA
Afterbirth - death - USA
Fraksasm - death - France
Display of Decay - death - Canada
Solemn Vision - melodic death - USA
Denial of Existence - death/grind - Colombia
Sylvatica - death/folk - Denmark
Cult Burial - death/doom - UK
Bloodred Hourglass - death/thrash - Finland
Vertebra Atlantis - death/black - Italy
Silva- death/black - USA
Asagraum - black - Netherlands
Galloglaich - black - USA
Aldaaron - black - France
Noitila - black - Finland
Cryfemal - black - Spain
Myrkur - black/folk - Denmark
Diabolic Night - black/speed - Germany
Wratheon - black/thrash - USA
Angelus Apatrida - thrash - Spain
Poseydon - thrash - Belgium
Stagewar - thrash - Germany
Edgeflame - thrash - Turkey
Game Over - thrash - Italy
Go Ahead and Die - thrash/groove - USA
Black Wasteland - doom - Germany
Cirith Ungol - heavy metal - USA
Savage - heavy metal - Germany
Rosario - heavy/power - Norway
Temperance - heavy/power - Italy
Blood Lightning - heavy rock/metal - USA
Rolling Stones - rock - UK
2 months ago

Good morning to the loud and the aggressive 🤘

🎵 #NowPlaying For the Loud and the Aggressive by Mortal Strike

My contribution to this week's #ThrashThursday is brought to you by the green tank from #Vienna, the fierce #MortalStrike

#TomsNowPlaying #ThrashMetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 months ago

#NowPlaying Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags by Hellripper. Still not tired of this 🔥 #Metal #HeavyMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 months ago

Friday the 13th AKA #NewMusicFriday and time for #FletchsFridayReleases. A lot for you Thrash fans this week! In addition to this there’s spooky goths Creeper and The Menzingers from some punk adjacent Americana #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal

Sulphur Aeon - death - Germany
Abhorrence of Wrath - death - Austria
Corrosive - death - Germany
Gravestone - death - Sweden
Fleshworks - death - Germany
Mortuary - death - France
Selenoplexia - death - USA
Seraphic Entombment - death/doom - USA
Blessed Curse - death/thrash - USA
Mors Subita - death/thrash - Finland
Stortregn - death/black - Switzerland
Felonie - black - Switzerland
Fortid - black - Iceland
Slidhr - black - Ireland
Krieg - black - USA
Voidscent - black - Spain
Comaniac - thrash - Switzerland
Electrocutioner - thrash - USA
Crisix - thrash - Spain
Infestation - thrash - Germany
Certain Death - thrash - Germany
Persecutor - thrash - Denmark
State of Deceit - thrash/groove - UK
Sadistic Force - speed - USA
Kaunis Kuolematon - doom - Finland
Gevaudan - doom - UK
Body Void - sludge/doom - USA
Beastwars - stoner - New Zealand
Nightwolf - heavy metal - Brazil
Theocracy - prog/power - USA
Adron 🤘🏻
2 months ago

Finally got my Redfog record from Orbit Culture and lagniappe is a card signed by the band! That’s a solid gift to come home to after seeing them live! 🤘🏻

#orbitculture #redfog #thrashmetal #deathmetal #heavymetal

Orbit Culture’s Red Fog LP and signed card.
2 months ago

#OTD Oct 7, 1986

Thrash metal pioneers Slayer released their 3rd album, “Reign In Blood”

It’s a real step up, production wise, from their first two albums, thanks mostly to working with super producer Rick Rubin.

My older brother and a couple close friends of mine were really into thrash and underground metal bands with ridiculous, over the top lyrics and album artwork. So I never really took Slayer very seriously, in spite of all the legit controversy surrounding their music.

I just liked how fast and tight the guitars sound. It’s similarity to the classic hardcore punk sound is what interested me in Slayer, and particularly this album.

#metal #ThrashMetal #music #80s

2 months ago

@derthomas @Allfather

'Allfather - A Violent Truth' had been my first purchase of today's #BandcampFriday and it's an excellent record... and with a crazy cheap price for the digital download! Don't miss it, it's really good #metal #thrashmetal #blackmetal #doommetal

Chris Fletch :pentagram:
2 months ago

It’s Friday which means new music and #FletchsFridayReleases plenty to get stuck in to! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal #NewMusic #NewMusicFriday

Xorsist - death - Sweden
Decapitated Christ - death - Spain
Essence of Datum - death - Belarus
Goatburner - death - Sweden
Shrapnel Storm - death - Finland
Putrescension - death - USA
Torn the Fuck Apart - death - USA
King Ov Wyrms - death - USA
Gore Grave - death - USA
Carnifex - deathcore - USA
Auriferous Flame - black - Greece
The Negative Bias - black - Austria
Third Storm - black - Sweden
Salacious Gods - black - Netherlands
Sühnopfer - black - France
Drache - black - Belgium
Heretior - black/post - Germany
Eradikated - thrash - Sweden
Tabahi - thrash - Pakistan
Prong - groove - USA
Patriarchs in Black - doom - USA
Dopelord - stoner/doom - Poland
Restless Spirit - stoner/doom - USA
Plog - stoner/doom - Norway
Lancaster - heavy metal - Canada
Heavy Load - power/heavy - Sweden
La Chinga - power/heavy - Canada
Svalbard - post hardcore/metal - UK