"The Eddie Show" 😎
4 days ago

📷 #Portraits | Damon stepped into the light and yelled "Hurry, chile!" in the alley beside #ElboRoom, Valencia Street. #TheMission #SanFriancisco, 1995.

#ThrowbackThursday #photo #photography #blackandwhite #monotone #portrait #FediversalPictures

Damon is a 24 year old Black man in v-neck white tee, dark trousers and sunglasses. he is standing, leaning against brick outside wall, hands shoved in his pockets. damon's head is tilted back and the sun is relfected on is glasses. he is in an alley.
abby fichtner
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday Mini Halo. A few days after I brought him home.

#DogsOfMastodon #Puppy! #RepostCuzISomehowDeletedTheFirstOne

little itty bitty fluffball black and white puppy
abby fichtner
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday I'd had Halo for like 3 days at this point. Got down on the floor to snap some pix of him, and as soon as he saw me he came right up, crawled into my lap, and fell asleep. 🤗

#DogsOfMastodon #Puppy!

lil' itty bitty fluffy puppy in my lap
Had to lean back to get a picture
and.... he's asleep. in my lap. big puppy ears splayed out to either side.
Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
4 days ago

#ThrowBackThursday to Marcon 2011 when we crashed the halls for our bawdy "Doctor Who" / "Firefly" crossover parody! #TBT

Maybe we'll encore "Dottore Who's Next Companion" before our 18+ improv games tomorrow night at Marcon?

#DoctorWho #Dalek #TARDIS #Firefly #parody #improv #improvisation #theater #Marcon #MarconOH #ScienceFiction #SciFi

4 days ago

One of the good features of Windows, drag and drop!

Circa 1996

#ThrowbackThursday #tech #technology #comic #funny #humour #humor #windows

A person dragging an entire computer system up a cliff and then drops it over the edge.
Rachel Rawlings
4 days ago

For my #TBT music video pick, here's a video I put up in the classroom when the instructor was late, presaqing my failure as a New York City Teaching Fellow.

Here's #Faithless wiith "Mass Destruction" on #ThrowbackThursday

4 days ago


so #scotus has decided to throw back the #cleanwateract

violently sick of corporations running the show and ruining the 🌎

statistically speaking, if a corporation is a person, one would have been shot to death in a mass shooting by May

#ClimateAction #voterRegistration #immigrationreform #justicereform these issues and many more are related

#corporatocracy #minorityrule #99Invisible #fossilfools

4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday to 15 years ago. I had just finished law school and went with a friend to the Florida Keys as a (pre-bar) post-bar trip. We decided to go on a fishing charter one morning. Lots of fun and great lunch!

Two women posing on a boat with a wake behind them
4 days ago

Since we are all about trains today, my #ThrowbackThursday this week is from the last time I took a long train ride. We rode Amtrak from the Chicago area down to visit family in New Mexico in March 2019. If you have the time, it is a great way to force yourself to decompress.

Redrawn Hell Human
4 days ago

#throwbackthursday to being hot

4 days ago
Woman in a cruella deville costume against a red background
Woman in a cruella deville costume
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday IDK when this was...but, I can say with certainty it's some time before right now. 🤭❤️

A white guy in a light blue sweater, standing in a hallway.
4 days ago

Been watching the flash anime Keroro, today. Figured it’d be nice to post another old #kerorogunsou piece for #throwbackthursday. This was one of the most popular things I uploaded to DeviantArt, back in the day. It’s original upload date was August 13, 2012. The background was originally transparent.

#art #fanart #digitalart #humanart #mastoart #fediart #supportartists #ayearforart #artmatters #sgtfrog

Art depicting young Keroro leading Giroro and Zeroro off somewhere. Keroro is on the right, pointing. Giroro is in the middle. Zeroro is on the left, crying.
Toddo :propride:
4 days ago

Here’s a more traditional #ThrowbackThursday. Me at a spry 32, when the world was still new and full of possibility.

Young white homo with biker / porn stache and spiky hair, dark blue New York Yankees shirt (don’t judge—it was a gift from someone I was dating, and love blinds you even to the horror of the Yankees) head cocked to his right in a very early pre-iPhone selfie. Background is a shelf with books and family photos.
4 days ago

From 2020, when I got all the handhelds out #throwbackthursday

A selection of handheld games consoles
David Ivy
4 days ago

photographer on the street asked to take my photo for a japanese magazine, doing a feature on CDG. #throwbackthursday new york city, 2014

a man walking down the street wearing a navy striped sweater and red pants
Alan Clegg
4 days ago

The top trending tag on is #throwbackthursday. This message is automatically generated every 24 hours. #trending #automated

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#ThrowbackThursday to stepping into the enchanting world of Oz at Disney's Hollywood Studios' Great Movie Ride! Follow the yellow brick road and relive the magic of the timeless classic, 'The Wizard of Oz.'

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #DHS #TBT

Wars and rumours of
Deja Vu all over you
Words playing again
#haiku #Today #ThrowbackThursday

The Steele Dossier and Tony  Blair Lead the LIES of WMDs
4 days ago

#ThrowBackThursday One the most amazing people I have ever met - Mr. Herbert R. Gettridge, outside his home in New Orleans Lower 9th ward in 2006, where we helped him repair his Hurricane Katrina ravaged home. Subject of a PBS Frontline documentary “Old Man and the Storm”. Some of my photos were used in the video.

Tom Jameson
4 days ago

A relic from the days when you could still smoke on the Tube...

#photography #throwbackthursday #UxbridgeStation

This is the very first picture I ever took with a mobile phone. Yes, I know it shows.

An old fashioned metallic cigarette machine.
Players' Patchwork Theatre Co
4 days ago

#ThrowBackThursday to Marcon 2010 when we modernized commedia dell'arte and added zombies for our first horror parody "Farce of the Living Dead: a Romantic Zommedia"! #FBF

This weekend at Marcon we'll have another traditional with a twist commedia!

#CommediaDellArte #commedia #improv #improvisation #theater #zombie #zombies #undead #LivingDead #NightOfTheLivingDead #horror #HorrorCommedy #parody #Marcon #MarconOH

Eleven actors pose  on a platform stage in a hotel conference panel room during a science-fiction convention after performing a modernized commedia dell'arte as a horror comedy parody. Actors portray modern versions of stock commedia characters including the amorosi lovers (as a bride and groom), Pantalone (as a business man and father of the bride), il Capitano (as a ghost hunter TV show host), Arlecchino (as his assistant), Brighella (as a sleezy conman), Colombina (as the maid of honor), and il Dottore (as a university academic) along with three hungry zombies.
4 days ago

Witziger Weise zeigt mir meine Fotoapp gerade an, dass ich genau vor einem Jahr am selben Feld stand um diese Teilung im Feld zu fotografieren.
On the left the photo I took today. On the right the same spot and date (25th May) but shot last year.


Ein Mohnfeld, das an ein Getreidefeld angrenzt am 25.5.2023
Ein Mohnfeld, das an ein Getreidefeld angrenzt am 25.5.2022, genau vor einem Jahr
Rafael Salazar 👨‍🎨
4 days ago

At my favorite spot (private balcony) into the Atlantic Ocean for #TBT #ThrowBackThursday dating myself with a Pan Am baseball cap from when I flew in the airline way back in the 80’s. Those were the days!
#ayearforart #artmatters #artbooster #art #artist #mastoartist #rafaelsalazar #photo #photography #mastophoto #flipboard @Flipboard

At my favorite spot (private balcony) into The Atlantic Ocean, artist Rafael Salazar wearing the iconic Pan Am international airways cap and sunglasses.
Andreea Eva Herczegh
4 days ago

#ThrowBackThursday to my Barcelona trip a couple of years ago. Gaudi's architectural style just blew me away! This golden swirling circular ceiling chandelier in Casa Batllo is the central interior decor, providing warm light to one of Gaudi's architectural masterpieces.

Prints & more HERE:

& in the links in my bio

#Barcelona #Gaudi #Spain #architecture #travel #travelphotography #interiordesign #FediGiftShop #PhotoOfTheDay #fotografia #fotografie #foto #BuyIntoArt

The golden ceiling chandelier in Cassa Battlo in Barcelona, designed by architect Antoni Gaudi
Timothy Andrew
4 days ago

From the CD backup archives...

American Coney Island, a downtown #Detroit, #Michigan institution since 1917.

Photo I took April 13, 2005

#ThrowBackThursday #TBT
#MastoArt #Photography #Americana

Vertical color night photo of the coney island restaurant. It has a red gold and blue awning with stars. The sign is red with an eagle crest above a gold shield that reads "american coney island established 1917. You can a couple people inside which is bright red and white style.
MPI for Gravitational Physics
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday to when we saw a signal like none before. What surprises will O4 bring?


#GravitationalWaves #Waiting4O4 #O4

Sharon Gascoigne
4 days ago

I think this photo dates from 1990 or just after. It was taken in my student house where I continued to live for another 2 years after I graduated.
I note the photos on the wall of all our family pets which were on the Isle of Wight while I was living once again in Coventry.
I see a poster of Robert Plant close to my bed 😅 No surprise to see The Mission and All About Eve feature too. A poem written by a friend is also on the wall. #ThrowbackThursday

Me in wearing a denim waistcoat and white blouse, my hair the usual long curly mess. I'm sat in my room surrounded by posters and photos
Tim Smalley
4 days ago

A throwback to spring in Epping Forest last year.

#throwbackthursday #forest #woodland #trees #nature #mastoart #landscapephotography

Some mature beech trees with vibrant green foliage glowing in the soft light.
A characterful, coppiced ancient beech tree in spring with fresh green foliage.
Mossy trees gesturing to each other deep inside Epping Forest, with the fresh spring foliage glowing in the late evening light.
Shapely oak trees with fresh green foliage in a spring scene.
4 days ago

#throwbackthursday Enjoy your day.

A photo of me at 14 or 15 years old.
Tim Hall
4 days ago


The end of May bank holiday weekend was the traditional wilderness backpacking weekend. 3 or 4 days walking through remote parts of the Highlands:

1&2: 1995 Fisherfield;

3: 1998 Knoydart, somewhere between Strathan and Kinbreak;

4: 2004 back of Beinn Eighe.

#Highlands #Scotland

Me with an expedition rucksack walking up a path towards the camera, with a valley behind and a craggy mountain at the back.
Three people sat charring by a bare tree on a riverbank, a couple of tents to the right, in a wide valley with mountains to both sides and at the back. Very hazy.
A man stood outside a tent in a steep sided small valley. He is looking at the camera and packing his rucksack and wearing waterproofs against the rain.
Very hazy. A group of four tents and three people stood chatting, on rough heathery moorland, a couple of lochans behind them, and mountains at the back.
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday to 2020 where I discovered that creating procedural skin materials and applying them to objects can be a disturbing experience.

#Blender #B3D

The Blender Suzanne monkey head with a skin material applied and a few brown hairs to her head, which gives it the look of a scrotum.
Anthony Dean
4 days ago

From April 2020: An analysis of Superman's famous introduction ("faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive...")

#Superman #comics #DCComics #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

Operation: Puppet (he/him)
4 days ago

#throwbackthursday with my very first live hands monster! Still love this big blue weirdo. #puppets #puppetbuilding

Front view of a blue live hands monster professional hand puppet
Left view of a blue live hands monster professional hand puppet
Close up view of a blue live hands monster professional hand puppet
Bosque Bill
4 days ago

New Alto Ruin
Chaco Culture National Historic Park, NM

Sentinels of the ancient puebloans still stand, alone, on this desert hill.

#ThrowbackThursday #ChacoCanyon #history #NewMexico

The ruins of stacked rock walls of an ancient puebloan structure stand on a hill covered with dry native grasses; blue sky with no clouds.
Neil Blevins
4 days ago

This #ThrowbackThursday in keeping with last week's color related trends, no one did #orangeart and the color feels left out. So here's some of my orange stuff #scifi #conceptart

Orange Art
Orange Art
Orange Art
Orange Art
HandMade Monster
4 days ago

I love putting hats on things. And legs, too. #throwbackthursday to this print, auctioned for #complimentsofthehouse from back in 2020 #illustration #illustratoronmastodon

4 days ago

A digital infrared photo taken at Obed Wild and Scenic River in Tennessee (July 2013). #ThrowbackThursday #NikonD7000 #infrared #NemoBridge

Black and white photo of an old metal bridge. The foliage on the other side is rendered white by the use of an infrared filter. Both the leaves and clouds in the sky are blurred from movement because of the long exposure used to make the photo.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday #Michigan

2022 trip to Leland, Michigan with some girlfriends. Overlooking the Great Lake Michigan. Beautiful part of the world.

4 women posing on a log pointing upwards. We are hiking a trail high above Lake Michigan. The water is bright blue to match the sky.
MPI for Gravitational Physics
4 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday als wir ein Signal wie keines zuvor entdeckten. Welche Überraschungen wird es in O4 geben?


#GravitationalWaves #Waiting4O4 #O4

Rick Gaehl
5 days ago

This is Venice, and it's 1973. I think it was my second visit there.
It could really be any time in the last couple of centuries, except for the TV aerials. Won't it be lovely when all the redundant antennae are finally gone from every roofscape in the world?
I'm really excited to be going back there again at the weekend - and returning with some better pictures, using a modern camera.

#ThrowBackThursday #Photography #Venice #Canal #Psychogeography

Portrait format - enlarge to see full image

A quiet and narrow canal in Venice, with old buildings and tied-up boats on either side, and a footbridge in the middle distance.
Fake Metro Trains
5 days ago

Throwback Thursday!

This Graeme Butler pic shows Spencer Street Stn as it appeared in 1985.

The station was later demolished by the Vogons to facilitate an intergalactic highway construction project for a hyperspace express route.

#MetroTrains #ThrowbackThursday #TowelDay

2 weeks ago

#ThrowbackThursday Me on a beach somewhere in California about ten years ago. The pink watch I had gotten to support breast cancer awareness.

Gaysian wearing jeans and a blue polo shirt with pants rolled up and sitting on a rock
Ryan Hale-Gleason
2 weeks ago

Somehow nine years have passed (as of yesterday) since I got married. Couldn't have asked for a better husband, friend, and partner-in-parenting than @Dbenhg. (Also, good lord we were so young!) #ThrowbackThursday

Two men looking at each other in front of The Gum Wall in downtown Seattle, Washington.
Two men in suits, cutting a navy and red wedding cake.
Selfie of two men at a creek in Whistler, BC, Canada.
Tim Smalley
2 weeks ago

This #ThrowbackThursday is dedicated to the bluebells. Below are some of my favourite images from previous bluebell seasons.

We're blessed to have some amazing bluebell woods in Hertfordshire, including some of the best in the whole of England.

#woodland #trees #forest #photography #nature #landscapephotography #bluebells #spring

Bluebells and dancing beech trees in the late evening light.
A carpet of bluebells in a mixed beech/oak woodland in the pre-dawn light
A carpet of bluebells in a foggy woodland.
The evening glow lights up the fresh canopy shielding a carpet of bluebells
2 weeks ago

#ThrowbackThursday I was talking to someone just the other day about canyoning in Costa Rica. Still one of the scariest but most amazing things I’ve done. @will and I spent a month and a half before moving to NYC in 2009 living out of a suitcase, flying around Central and South America on Jet Blue’s all you can jet promotion. Costa Rica was my favorite of the places we visited, with Bogota second.

2 weeks ago

My #ThrowbackThursday is from 2004. I was in San Francisco with a college group for a conference and we were approached by a crew filming a show on the Travel Channel about travel tech. We got to run around in the background being goofy on the beach while an actor (the guy in the front wearing black) pretended to film on the GoPro-like device they were demoing that week. We actually made it into the final episode, which was fun to see on TV and tell others about.

Seven college students and an actor posed in front of a body of water. One is carrying his shoes and socks.

Late 2003... Thank goodness I grew up and purchased my own clothes! 😂


I'm standing in front of a bedroom door. There is a computer + chair to my right.

I'm wearing a baggy tracksuit and tracksuit bottoms.
EZ Lorenz Imagery 📸
2 weeks ago

#ThrowbackThursday to this apocalyptic sunset few yrs ago due to wildfire smoke.
We’re already getting some smoke from Canada again, our sunrise yesterday was pretty similar…

#TBT #Wildfires #Sunset #Seattle #PNW #Climatechange #AYearForArt #Photo

Pinkish/ grayish sunset over the Seattle skyline due to wildfire smoke from Canada. Photo by EZ Lorenz Imagery


My friend Jose located this he snapped at a picnic sometime in the early 2010s.

With my best friend, Bradley.

*cue a flood of comments about how hot Bradley is

Best friends posing for a picture in a park with several picnic tables set up for a group picnic.
Steven 📸
2 weeks ago

#MtMachuPicchu, #MachuPicchu, #Peru

I had the good fortune to have Machu Picchu mostly to myself after closing time. This can be a deeply spiritual place once the scope and location are considered in a moment of silence. Not a place for a selfie, but a place for self awareness.

///mammalian.debt.custards [what3words]

#Photography #Picture #OAA #AYearForArt #MastoArt
#Landscape #LandscapePhotography #ArchitecturalPhotography #TravelPhotography #Travel #WellTravelled
#OATtravel #OverseasAdventureTravel #Sony #SonyAlpha #Mirrorless #A6000 #18200mm #ThrowbackThursday #Thursday #History

A view to a very high mountain peak through elaborate stone walls and terraces. Mist hangs near the summit under cloudy skies.
Trendy Toots
3 weeks ago
Evil Is Itinerant
3 weeks ago

#ThrowbackThursday brings us tiny Flynn. Look how tiny. #Tiny!
#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #catstodon #Fedicats

Flynn, an itty bitty orange tabby, attacks the shoe covers we had to wear to meet him. He's tiny. His little white sock is showing.
David Ivy
3 weeks ago

#throwbackthursday to this one time, my best friend lost his drivers license in another city, and couldn’t board his flight home.

so we took a road trip to rescue him with a trunk full of wigs. he missed a huge birthday party at home, but we brought the party to him. 🤪

three young gays wearing wigs traveling down the highway in a convertible
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 weeks ago

New mom, her first cub. Beautiful on both counts. She was gentle and patient as she taught him about his new world. That would include our safari truck and she gave us a thrill I will never forget.

#Wildlife #Art :

#Nature #southafrica #lions #naturephotography #Photographie #Photography #Photographyisart #wallart #Photoart #ThrowBackThursday #buyintoart #Fotomontag #MastoArt #naturelover #africa #safari

Young lioness and her baby boy just 6 weeks old.
Andy Marfia 📸
3 weeks ago

In case anyone is interested in where I find these #throwbackthursday photos, I usually search Chicago Collections with different keywords and see what turns up.

It can be a bit random. Today I was looking for photos of the "Chicago River" and I found an old gas station.

Andy Marfia 📸
3 weeks ago

"Save Time Cash Gas". Foster Avenue near the Chicago River, 1954. This is in River Park, which today is just a park and thankfully includes zero gas stations.

For #throwbackthursday, this one comes from the Chicago Public Library and the photographer is uncredited.

#Chicago #photography #urbanphotography #blackandwhite #monochrome

A black and white photograph along Foster Avenue in Chicago in 1954. A gas station is seen with a sign that reads "Save Time Cash Gas". This is today in River Park.
Arbiter Albi
3 weeks ago

#RaintreeRuckus has been updated! It is a #ThrowbackThursday, but revisited.

"Gender Notes" is a document I occasionally return to and modify in some way-- adding, removing, clarifying. This is the "snapshot" as I stand on things in 2023.

#NonBinary #Agender #LGBTQ #Queer #Transgender #GenderNotes #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blogging

Clay Disarray :vfbc:
3 weeks ago

Colour themed shares seems to be the thing over on Twitter so here’s some of my #BlueArt for #Mastodon 💙

Hashtag list: #ThrowbackThursday #MastoArt #Movies #HorrorMovies #cinemastodon

My poster for Hellraiser with my model of pinhead
My poster for Salems Lot with a blue vampire
My poster for Suspiria with a very perturbed woman looking at the camera with a weapon in her hand
My poster for The Thing based on their incredible original artwork
Neil Blevins
3 weeks ago

This #throwbackthursday is spores. My buddy Michael Spaw loved making cg images that looked like microscope imagery, stuff like radiolaria. They were very inspiring, and so these images were my contribution to the genre, made in #3dsmax. Lots of fun to make #science #biology #cgi

Bosque Bill
3 weeks ago

Alta Townsite
South of Telluride, CO

One drives through the derelict town of Alta on the way to the lakes, the subject of earlier posts this week. Workers from the Gold King Mine, farther up the valley, lived in Alta beginning in 1877. You may recognize Palmyra Peak from my sunrise photo.

#ThrowbackThursday #photo #landscape #GhostTown #Colorado

A view of derelict wooden buildings from an old mining town; they are partially or mostly fallen down. A slope covered in conifers to the right. In the background a bare mountain peak and blue sky.