Franco Pyrih
5 hours ago

Estuve documentando algunos procedimientos y se me ocurrió que esto podía serle útil a alguien más:

Es un #filtro de #Thunderbird para borrar avisos de alarma del #Alertmanager de #Prometheus no-destacados de más de 32 días.

$ cat ~/.thunderbird/*.default-release/ImapMail/imap.mailserver.example/msgFilterRules.dat

name="Filtro para borrar avisos de alarma del Alertmanager de Prometheus no-destacados de más de 32 días"
action="Move to folder"
condition="AND (subject,contains,FIRING) AND (body,contains,Sent by Alertmanager) AND (age in days,is greater than,32) AND (status,isn't,flagged)"

#CorreoElectrónico #email #monitorización #AdminDeSistemas #IMAP

Mac Berg
7 hours ago

Over the past decade I've come to fear big overhauls and redesigns of software because they've started to always make the software less functional and worse to use (but "prettier"/more minimalist). So naturally I was prepared to cry when I updated #Thunderbird. But the peeps at @thunderbird really did a good job! Because I can still have it look and function like before! This is how it's done. Everyone else - take notes!

The1goit :v1:
8 hours ago

Finally installed #Thunderbird on my main PC today. :party_parrot: 📚
8 hours ago

If you're a Thunderbird and Google Calendar user, you'll be happy to know the process of adding those cloud-based calendars has been greatly simplified in Mozilla's email client. #mozilla #thunderbird #email #google #calendar

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
10 hours ago

The Thunderbird team is a remote-first, globally distributed group, so it made perfect sense to devote an episode of our #podcast to #RemoteWork!

Join Heather, Chris, and Jason for some useful tips and tricks to make your daily remote work more enjoyable and productive.

Plus: An inside look at the upcoming Thunderbird Send service, and some geeky Raspberry Pi solutions for weather and BBQ.

Show Notes:

Listen at @tilvids:


Jörg Kantel
14 hours ago

Mozilla Thunderbird Version 115.3 freigegeben

Gestern war der kleine, rote Panda dran, also folgt nach den Regeln von Mozilla heute der Donnervogel: Daher haben Entwickler des Mozilla Thunderbird das Update auf die Version 115.3 freigegeben und damit auch wieder Sicherheitslücken behoben. #Mozilla #Thunderbird #Update #Security

18 hours ago

Внезапно выяснилось что #Thunderbird поддерживает Одноклассники

@LunaDragofelis @lightning @lispi314 @Elizafox my experience also tells me that people.don't care and if I as #Sysadmin go full #BenevolentDictator and force them to use a #Linux distro like #Ubuntu that doesn't impact them.since all they want it #Firefox, #Thunderbird and #LibreOffice to work.

:mima_rule: Mima-sama
1 day ago

@yakumo_izuru I guess in some way yeah. ​:sagume_think:​ #Netscape had the balls when they open-sourced their shit in face of certain market share destruction. Meanwhile when in 2017 #Mozilla (which is a shell of its former self at this point) has finally announced they're killing #XUL and other "legacy tech", comm-central (which is #Thunderbird and #SeaMonkey) did pretty much nothing radical to preserve this uniquely powerful technology from all the way back to Netscape. They were too afraid of losing the Mozilla infra.

Datenwolke 🛡️
1 day ago

Yesterday I wrote that my computers at work are #Linux
Thereby I use #KDE - because it is completely customizable according to my needs. Of course mail is the main tool and the new #Thunderbird 115.2.3 is used.
I use 4 columns in Thunderbird. On the left are all mail folders with subfolders, next to it is the list of mails. The email content in the 3rd column and on the far right are the appointments as a list.
Writing in #japanese #english and #german is no problem thanks to #Fcitx5

Thunderbird 115.2.3  with 4 columns
Aman Das
1 day ago

My #GNOME 46 Wishlist:

- "Window is Ready" notification made useful.
- Ability to run an app in the background. #thunderbird

dziq 🐗
1 day ago

#macOS Sonoma na pokładzie. Rewolucji brak, parę fajnych features. Niestety plugin GPGTools do aplikacji poczty się wysypał, ale przynajmniej ostrzegali, także zero zaskoczenia. Może przeskoczę na #thunderbird?

Jeff Fortin T.
1 day ago

My #Android devices are offline most of the time (because it saves battery, avoids distractions, or because of lack of connectivity).

One of my annoyances with #K9mail (a.k.a. #Thunderbird mobile) is that it sets all new #email notifications to the time when it emits them, so it's all marked as "Now" when the device comes back online, instead of the mail's timestamp.

I was surprised to not find an existing bug report about it, so I filed this:

I haven't used Thunderbird for quite a while, but with gmail getting rid of basic HTML mode I decided to set it up again on my desktop for my google mail stuff. Also, I've noticed a slow resurgence of RSS feeds so I'll be using it for that purpose too.

#thunderbird #gmail #rss

Maxi 7x 💉
2 days ago

Kann ich in #Thunderbird 115 das CSD deaktivieren? Ich hasse diese Fensterleiste einfach nur…

2 days ago

Pra quem ta com as fontes todas horríveis no #firefox no #debian stable instalado via #flatpak, nesse comentário tem a solução. Resolve também o problema no pdf. A mesma solução serve pro #thunderbird trocando a pasta pra "org.mozilla.Thunderbird"

2 days ago

At long last Thunderbird has upgraded to the long-awaited 115 version. I would like to make a proper reflection / feedback post on it. But for now, a desperate question: how do I change back the keyboard shortcuts?

The new TB broke the shortcuts I have been using since years and now it feels like walking on a limp (specifically: CTRL+PgDn to move to next tab, now rolls down the emails list)

Any tips on how to do this? (preferably without using an addon, OS: Ubuntu)

#Thunderbird #mozilla

2 days ago

Wow I just got the new #Thunderbird UI update and it's pretty awesome.

2 days ago

@thunderbird This is a useful tip, but dear $DIETY that is icon is a poor UX choice.

You're using an icon that has never been seen elsewhere (cloud with arrow pointing away from it) for an action (refreshing what's displayed) that already has another clear and near universally recognized icon (ie the circular arrow, or reload/refresh as in Firefox).

For examples of what I mean see the various email clients in the image below.

#Thunderbird #UX #Design #Usability #UserExperience

A screenshot montage of a wide variety of email clients. All use a similar icon for refreshing email, which is circled in red in each case. Includes screenshots from Gmail, YahooMail, Outlook, iCloud mail among others.
Thorsten Leemhuis (2/4)
3 days ago

Switched back to running #Thunderbird using Xwayland instead of #Wayland due to one small but annoying bug:

Copying messages using drag'n'drop does not work reliably. #sigh

Ilkka Tengvall
3 days ago

Damned. I have 434k #email in total. Probably should do something about it.... Didn't notice until I started #thunderbird

🍒🌳 Hartmut Goebel
3 days ago

#Thunderbird115 completely breaks two of the Addons I use. i had to roll back.
#cardbook shows its icon, but the view/tab does not appear. Also the whole configuration is gone. No access to my addresses any more.
#ManuallySortFolders did not work either, which I could live with at a pinch. Some github issue contains an update, which made all accounts disappear except of the first one.
#thunderbird @thunderbird

Ilkka Tengvall
3 days ago

I was wondering why #thunderbird jams while opening my work #gmail. I get gnome's force quit/wait dialogs. Then I noticed I have 58k emails in my inbox... 😩 perhaps better just use the web gmail?

4 days ago

Downloading #thunderbird for the nth time in my life.

4 days ago

I really tried to replace Apple Mail with #Thunderbird. But not being able to type thin non-breaking spaces is a no-go. Apple has lost much during the last years, but kept its lead on typography.

4 days ago

#OpenSource alternatives to the MOST POPULAR productivity apps! :opensource:

(video courtesy of @thelinuxEXP Be sure to Like, Comment, & Subscribe to @thelinuxexperiment for more great content!) 💙

#tech #Technology #Thunderbird

4 days ago

I believe it is a about impossible to unsubscribe to the #thunderbird mailing list. I’ve tried a million times(slight exaggeration) and they don’t stop coming. The system they use unsubscribe method blows.

Ade Malsasa Akbar
4 days ago

@mathismatiker @alahmnat thanks to that, we can give #Thunderbird for computer users and #K9Mail for phone users more than before.

1. Thunderbird

2. K-9 Mail

Keith Böhler
4 days ago

@dthacker9 Not sure, Will have to do some searching on what I can point #Thunderbird and #SimpleCalendar to so that they are in sync.

I see that #Thunderbird 115.2 is in koji, but it looks like it has not been build for #Fedora 38. Is that coming?

Is there a way to disable Chat and Calendar functions in #Thunderbird?

Jakub Rojek
5 days ago

Widzę, że czeka mnie trudny powrót z urlopu... #mail #Thunderbird

Screen z ikonek na pasku systemowym, gdzie widać ikonki Vivaldi, Thunderbirda (ponad 99 nieprzeczytanych wiadomości) oraz Slacka.
Cdrik ⏚🌻 :unverified:
5 days ago

Oh, c'est beau :blobaww:

>Aidez à garder #Thunderbird en vie

À l'ouverture de mon Firefox ⤵️

Infographie où il est noté Aidez à garder
Thunderbird en vie
Cliquer pour faire un don

On voit aussi le logo de Thunderbird, bleu et blanc
5 days ago

@thunderbird any plans on bringing the add-on to the Get Messages button back, that (pre supernova) allowed users to select a specific email account? Because I really miss that one.
#thunderbird #getmessages

5 days ago

Da un po’ di tempo a lavoro ho convinto il mio capo ad usare #thunderbird ed è strano come questo funzioni così bene mentre non riusciamo in nessun modo a trovarci bene con #firefox. È ancora troppo carente rispetto alla concorrenza, sarà perché mosso da #chromium ma il nuovo #edge sembra funzionare decisamente meglio pur essendo anche lui “memorivo” come suo cugino #chrome

5 days ago

you can catch me with old cars everytime but don’t think I know the types ;)

I found this one totally unexpected in the music museum ‚Rockheim‘ in Trondheim

#car #museum #norway #thunderbird

6 days ago

i've gone kinda crazy with my #Thunderbird #CSS, but i finally have it dialed in to match really well with Adwaita Dark system theming

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
6 days ago

We're not done with Thunderbird Supernova!

As promised, we will continue to improve the UI and functionality of message threads and Cards view.

We outline the upcoming changes in our Thunderbird UX mailing list here:

A mockup with developer comments is also available from the link.

💡 If you have valuable feedback to offer about this, please reply to the mailing list so our developers & community see it!

#Thunderbird #Email #OpenSource

ricardo :mastodon:
1 week ago

@steve_zeke yeah #Thunderbird :thunderbird:

Steven Zekowski
1 week ago

Looking for email client suggestions.

Since I began using #Linux 3 years ago I’ve been using #gnome’s email client, #geary, for my gmail account. Lately it’s using lots of cpu, even when gui isn’t open, heating my laptop. Also there have been other occasional hiccups and wonky stuff.

Any suggestions for a desktop email client for #PopOs (using their DE)?

Being a Firefox user my inclination is toward Mozilla’s #Thunderbird. Other suggestions?

1 week ago

Is #Thunderbird opening tabs in the background on their donation page when I click on links in mails?
Does Thunderbird really think it will stay on my computer with such behaviour?

1 week ago

@ct_Magazin wieso baut der #Thunderbird version 115 "Supernova", sobald ich die config nutze oder sobald ein e-mail account konfiguriert ist, immer eine Verbindung zu auf?
BTW: Es ist kein google mail account.
Der Alte version 102 tut das nicht.

me·ta·phil, der
1 week ago

Note to self: grab domain is-thunderbird-based-on-electron-yet.‬com (might come in handy) 😏

#thunderbird #electron

@yassie_j @thunderbird

So what?

I use #Thunderbird for that exclusively as well...

Yann Büchau :nixos:
1 week ago

Is @EvolutionGnome not capable of opening an email file? 🤨 If I forward a mail and double click the attached mail file, it tries to open #Thunderbird (wtf) and if I explicitly tell it via the context menu to use itself for this (need to go through several menus and search Evolution by hand!), it opens a weird import dialog. I don't want to import the attached mail, I want to see it. Is that not possible with Evolution? 🤔

@samuelmumm @sternwarte also ich würd' eher kündigen als #Outlook nutzen... :vomit:

#Thunderbird macht alles besser!

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
1 week ago

August was a relatively calm month for the team, with many taking well-deserved summer vacations and attending our first Mozilla All-Hands event.

Despite the quieter pace, we managed to hit a significant milestone on our journey to Thunderbird for Android: the beta release of our new account setup interface.

Read more:

#K9Mail #Thunderbird #Android

Linux Is Best
1 week ago

A neighbor told me how much they dislike their computer. Asked them all sorts of questions on exactly what they use their computer for. Realized their needs were so basic that all they needed was a working web browser.

Backed up all the photos and documents.

Formated their computer and installed Debian with a Lxqt desktop. Added the repo for their non-frer media codecs. Then installed both Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird

#Lxqt #Debian #Mozilla #Firefox #Thunderbird

FLOX Advocate
1 week ago

longer writeup on the #webp #security problem

Update everything that might use webp, such as #Firefox , #Thunderbird , #Chrome and anything built on them. Also make sure you get an updated version of #libwebp

Viewing webp images is enough to exploit unpatched software

For Firefox you might set "image.webp.enabled" to false in about:config for a while, there's probably something similar for Chrome

Update all devices: computers, phones, tablets, etc


Yann Büchau :nixos:
1 week ago

@thunderbird Arrgh and now my :nixos: #NixOS machine did the same after updating 😩 I didn't remember to pin #Thunderbird 🤦

2 weeks ago

Well, I'm disappointed that #Thunderbird email (open source, Mozilla) has nearly everything in the app wired for telemetry. When you create an account, when you start a session, when you read an email. You can disable it without an ad-blocker, but you have to know they're logging all that data first. Not obvious when you install. #pihole

Thunderbird showing as heavily logging user actions.

For #Thunderbird: Who's interested in convenient generation of Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), including key pair generation, for requesting an S/MIME email certificate? I have an experimental patch, and could provide an experimental test build. I didn't submit the resulting CSR to a real CA yet, I don't want to spend money for these tests. Does someone of you maybe have a subscription with a CA and is interested to test the CSR that are generated by the experimental patch?

Was scheinbar viele nicht wissen (und das wundert mich):

Man sollte für die in #thunderbird gespeicherten Postfach-Logindaten ein Hauptpasswort vergeben, sonst lassen sich, mindestens bei geöffnetem Programm, die #Passwörter im Klartext ausgeben.

Aber das Passwort gut merken!

#itsec #privacy #security #passwort #password #privatssphäre #datenschutz

Rachel Rawlings
2 weeks ago

The #WebP buffer overflow bug that caused all the major browsers to issue patches earlier this week (e.g. #Firefox 117.0.1) also affects applications built with Electron. #1Password issued an update today for their Mac build.

The CVE affects the underlying webp library, not just web browsers, so this will be an ongoing issue.


"Who uses #libwebp?
"There are a lot of applications that use libwebp to render WebP images, I already mentioned a few of them, but some of the others that I know include: #Affinity (the design software), #Gimp, #Inkscape, #LibreOffice, #Telegram, #Thunderbird (now patched), #ffmpeg, and many, many #Android applications as well as cross-platform apps built with #Flutter."

Yann Büchau :nixos:
2 weeks ago

Whoa, TIL that @EvolutionGnome has built-in Markdown/HTML email composing support! 🤯

No more effing around with an always breaking AddOn on #Thunderbird to get that working, nice!

However, there doesn't seem to be a keyboard shortcut to toggle between Markdown/HTML view, right? 🤔

RF Wave
2 weeks ago

Mozilla released software patches today to fix a zero-day vulnerability in Firefox and Thunderbird being exploited in the wild. The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2023-4863, and exists in the WebP image processing library. Exploiting the vulnerability can lead to arbitrary code execution. Users are advised to apply the patches ASAP.

#cybersecurity #vulnerabilitymanagement #mozilla #firefox #thunderbird

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
2 weeks ago

The Thunderbird team is back from Mozilla’s All-Hands event, and we’re overwhelmed in the most positive way.

Ryan, Jason, and Alex talk about how Mozilla is building AI tools for the good of humanity, and how our own perception of AI has changed. Plus, the problem with the “hey Mozilla, just build a browser” argument.

Listen to Episode 4 here:

#podcast #Mozilla #Thunderbird #AI

"🚀 Firefox & Thunderbird Patch Critical Zero-Day! 🚀"

Mozilla releases updates for Firefox and Thunderbird to fix a critical zero-day vulnerability in the WebP image format. Update now to safeguard your systems! 🌐🔒

Source: The Hacker News

Tags: #Mozilla #Firefox #Thunderbird #ZeroDay #WebP #CyberSecurity

@thunderbird A hard-earned lesson about #Thunderbird 115:
before upgrading to it, disable or perhaps even completely uninstall the Cardbook Add-on, if you had it installed in your previous version. It will conflict with the new DAV powers which Tbird 115 has built into it's Addressbook.
It (Cardbook's continued interference) caused serious account/password problems for me, for an entire Nextcloud account I had been using as a #CardDAV Addressbook source. Conflicting overlapping logins, it seems.

Yann Büchau :nixos:
2 weeks ago

Whoa super annoying @thunderbird 115 freezes after a couple of seconds (even in --safe-mode), terminal output is not helpful (sometimes comes past 'Cannot load required OTR library' and shows some calendar VCARD output, but that's it). There's no --debug or --verbose flag (wtf) and the databse has already been migrated, so can't use old Thunderbird 102... 🤦

Can't work like this... 🙄

UPDATE: Even the :nixos: #NixOS version freezes on :manjaro: #Manjaro...


@jscholes There still is an email client called #thunderbird, and i use it.

James Scholes
2 weeks ago

Once upon a time, there was an email client named #Thunderbird. The makers of this not-great-but-necessary tool had, at some point, added single-key shortcuts to its message list, like K to ignore an entire thread. This didn't match the mnemonic for the same function in the relevant context menu, which was I, but that was okay for consistency in user interfaces was widely believed to be overrated. It was, however, acknowledged that this key was quite easy to press by accident, and hence a useful "Undo" button was added to the resulting alert, allowing the unintentional ignoring of an email thread to be quickly reversed.

One day, a gaggle of bandits rode into the town of Mozilla, proudly baring the banner of The Modern Design League. Over the course of the next few months, they poured scorn on convenience, terrorised the peddlers of good sense, and derided the small, voluntary efforts of the weekly #Accessibility Club, all in the name of better code structure and 21st century relevance.

When these fiends learned of the presence of the button to undo the ignoring of a thread, they were furious. They began a swift, vehement campaign to rework this functionality, maximising the spacing available to the alert text...

... and that, kids, is why you now have to open the "View" menu, drill down into "Threads", check the "Ignored Threads" option, manually locate a response to the thread you ignored by mistake, un-ignore it, and then repeat the first steps of this process to hide ignored threads again.

Rob Campbell 🐳
2 weeks ago

to get these to work, it looks like I'm going to have to blow away my settings, recreate all my accounts and hope the addons actually work with this version.

Not a great experience. #thunderbird

EngelbertDejaco :autism:
2 weeks ago

Soderla, habe hier jetzt alles auf #LibreOffice und #Thunderbird umgebaut.
Jetzt suche ich noch günstig bis gratis ein Bisschen Cloudspeicher 🙂

2 weeks ago

Recently switched to #Firefox. #NVDA plays way nicer with it than #JAWS does. But #JAWS works better with #Microsoft #Office. Especially in the calendar part of it. Is the calendar on #Thunderbird at all usable? I'd love to have mail and calendar in one application.

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
3 weeks ago

Hello Thunderbird community!

🗓️ Mark your calendars, because we’re bringing back monthly Office Hours, now with a Saturday option to make attendance more convenient.

Please read the details on our blog to learn how and when you can meet with us to share your feedback and ask questions.
#Thunderbird #Community

Open Source JobHub
3 weeks ago

The community that built Firefox, @mozilla is hiring! Browse 70+ jobs for open source professionals on #OSJobHub #jobs #career #engineer #OpenSource #Thunderbird #Mozilla #Android #FOSS #finance #MachineLearning

white Mozilla logo on a black background
Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
3 weeks ago

Please give a very warm welcome to our newest team member, Heather Ellsworth!(@linuxflower)

She's an experienced software engineer, passionate about open source, & even LOVES writing documentation! She'll be joining our Marketing & Comms team as Senior Developer Relations Engineer.

Heather will spearhead our efforts to build a larger, more engaged contributor community, & will help build the tools and systems to support them.

Exciting times ahead!

#Devrel #Thunderbird #OpenSource #community

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
3 weeks ago

OK! We've enabled manual updates from Thunderbird 102 to Thunderbird 115.

macOS and Windows users:
Click the App Menu (≡) > Help > About Thunderbird. You should see a prompt to update to version 115.
NOTE #1: If you're not currently using the final Thunderbird 102 release, you'll first get updated to Thunderbird 102.15.0.

NOTE #2: As always, Linux distros dictate their own update schedule, so your mileage may vary.

#Thunderbird #Email #Supernova

A Thunderbird email dialog box, show the current version (102.15.0) and a prompt to update to Thunderbird 115 "Supernova."
3 weeks ago

Hey @thunderbird and #Thunderbird users, did anybody find a solution to show the email address of the sender instead of only the name in a column in inbox overview? Before TB 115 I used the addon "full address column" but this does not work anymore.
Is it really rocket science to get a column and sort all emails by senders email address?

Hello community of #Thunderbird #OpenPGP users. I'd like to know if some of you are still stuck at Thunderbird version 68 and the old #Enigmail Add-on. Is there any missing functionality in Thunderbird 115 that is still preventing you from migrating? #PGP #GPG #GnuPG @thunderbird

3 weeks ago

Randomly decided to stream some #Thunderbird coding on a Sunday evening

John Federico ⌘
4 weeks ago

How to add Gmail keyboard shortcuts to Thunderbird.

#email #usenet #thunderbird #software #gmail

4 weeks ago

あ、お金は送ってないけど、なにか #Vivaldi に問題あったりした時の自分のプラン B は #Mozilla 系だな。
#Firefox しかり、#Thunderbird しかり。

#Firefox はコンテナータブが神なので、マルチアカウントログインできないようなサービス(Teams とか)にはメインで使ってるし、#Vivaldi のメール・カレンダーは #IMAP #CalDAV ベースだから #Thunderbird にもほぼ同じ環境が再現できるようになってるし。

扱ってるデータフォーマットがオープンであれば何かしら代替手段はあるという点では、心理的な安心感はある(とはいえ Vivaldi の Google 連携はもうちょっと安定してほしい気持ちはある

4 weeks ago

#Thunderbird こんなページもあるし、色々と困難な状況なのかな〜と思ったり…
#Firefox とか #Mozilla そのものもいろいろ…
でも #Gecko が滅んじゃったらほんと #Web の危機だからな…

4 weeks ago

#K9 Mail が #Thunderbird になるんじゃなかったっけ? :tony_astonished: ❓

Frederik Elwert
1 month ago

The Conversations addon for #Thunderbird has been upgraded to 115, and having it back makes me realize how fundamental it is for my daily use. #Supernova is a welcome step for making Thunderbird a modern email client, but it requires a lot more work to make Conversations obsolete.
1 month ago

Flap, flap! Thunderbird 115.2 is out with a flurry of fixes #opensource #thunderbird

1 month ago

I'm starting again my #Thunderbird #Live #Coding sessions from this Friday, hopefully keeping it a weekly thing.
No plans, just showcasing progress, fixing bugs, exploring designs, and suffering through it all