Had some stormy skies the other night, there was quite a bit of lightning but it seemed to have passed us to the north! #storm #clouds #thunderstorm #sky #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony2470gmii #AdobeLightroom

Low (circled in yellow) getting more distinct off the West Coast as the first bands of rain come into view on radar. #BCStorm #PortAlberni #Rain #Wind #Thunderstorm #PNW #WestCoast #Tofino #Ucluelet

A satellite picture from 17:10UTC (10:10 Pacific) shows many bands of white cloud and orange areas of precipitation. At the left is a small area where clouds are in a clear circle. I have circled it with yellow high lighter.
A radar image of Vancouver Island. There are green echos of rain in the blue ocean area just south of Barkley Sound and Tofino/Ucluelet areas.
4 days ago

This #thunderstorm is lit.

Helen H
1 week ago

Billowing storm clouds greeted us this evening as we headed to the beach for sunset. Big storms were raining themselves out over the Gulf of Mexico and the rain shafts obscured the sun from view. The beach was deserted due to dangerous lightening from the storms.

Available here:

#sunset #sunsets #thunderstorm #storms #weather #clouds #photography #photographers #MastoPhoto #NaturePhotography #MastodonPhotographers #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

A photograph of billowing gray storm clouds and thunderstorms over the Gulf of Mexico in coastal Florida.  The beach is deserted and the sun is obscured by the rain shafts from the storms.
1 week ago

Just a reminder, if you are looking for #severe #thunderstorm #warnings here, there is a bot at @severetstorm_bot (only visible if you follow it... during storms, it's a firehose of information). #wx #weather #SevereWeather

Eka A.
1 week ago

It's been over two hours of #continuous #thunder. My nerves are on edge. Continuous thunder is often a sign of #RotatingCells. Rotating cells can turn into #tornadoes. I'm computing from the electronics lab, in the basement. #ThunderStorm

1 week ago

Nature is amazing ⚡️🫶 #nature #thunderstorm #weather

orange sky after thunderstorm
Gillian Polack
1 week ago

Australians on the east coast, inland at least as far as Canberra, if you have friends who get #pollen or #thunderstorm #asthma, today is a very likely day for it to happen. I closed my windows and put air filters on and saw a near-instant difference to my breathing. Medicine helps, but clear air helps even more.

Adamas Nemesis
1 week ago

Always a classic Midwestern scene; the vast fields, the lone tree, shelves of billowing dark cloud hanging in a sultry atmosphere from horizon to horizon. My photographic piece "Summer Storm Rising".

#art #photography #beautifullandscape #tree #clouds #cloudscape #thunderstorm #storm

Robert Logger 🇳🇱
1 week ago

#raindrops keep falling on my head. #rainclouds #thunderstorm

#raindrops keep falling on my head. #rainclouds #thunderstorm
#raindrops keep falling on my head. #rainclouds #thunderstorm
#raindrops keep falling on my head. #rainclouds #thunderstorm
2 weeks ago

Thunderstorm on June 17, 2014 in Brookings, South Dakota.

#Photography #Storm #Lightning #Thunderstorm

2 weeks ago

Happy #Thursday from the #Northland!

We are enjoying the #warmest day of the week thanks to #sunshine and a southerly #breeze.

However, a #front is starting to bring #showers, and a possible #thunderstorm, from west to east.

Be prepared for a wet night!

#wx #wxtooter #weather #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

Temperatures in the Northland around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2023, range from 59-degrees in Grand Marais to 77-degress in Hinckley.  Most temperatures are in the low 70s.
Wind speeds in the Northland around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2023, range from 3 to 15 mph from the south.
The satellite and radar over the Northland at 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 14, 2023, shows most of the area with sunshine and no cloud cover.  A line of showers and clouds are starting to move in from the west.
2 weeks ago

Kein Astro, aber irgendwie #Meteorologie.

Not astro but #meteorology somehow.
#Gewitter #Unwetter #Blitz #Thunderstorm #Lightning #Storm

A severe #Thunderstorm is hitting us right now; woke me up. Even the #NINA app AND my home insurance gave me a warning, both together is a very rare occurrence for my area. Heavy rain, lightning every few seconds, ear-splitting and roaring thunder — I mean, I like thunderstorms a lot. But this one shall last 45 minutes according to official projection, and that's quite a lot. Usually, it's over in 15 to 20 minutes. The cat is hiding under the bed, understandable even with all windows shut. ⛈️🐈‍⬛😱

Michael ヘビ Steinwandter
2 weeks ago

This year, we experience quite some severe #ExtremeWeather events...
Late summer heat with 30+ degrees and now heavy #hail and #thunderstorm all of a sudden.

#SouthTyrol #ClimateCrisis #Storm

Daniel M.
2 weeks ago

#Gewitter im Anmarsch!
#Thunderstorm incoming!

The Tired Hiker
2 weeks ago

My hearty thanks to the people of #Wales for taking one for the team yesterday with your massive #Thunderstorm It provided an amazing light show far and wide and cooled things down just lovely.

Greater Manchester Online
2 weeks ago

#Manchester sky lit up by seemingly endless #lightning, but completely silent with no thunder. #Thunderstorm

It’s been 32C here in the UK today. With our island humidity, that means uncomfortable & sticky.

We had a thunderstorm warning & then rumbles. My wife loves those more than I do and regularly stands outside in the rain during one.

She was very excited for it to cool things down and clear the air, but it veered off and missed us.

She was close to distraught. 😕

#ClimateChange #thunderstorm #heatwave

2 weeks ago

The thunders are coming
#thunderstorm #portugal

A sky with heavy clouds
2 weeks ago

Lovely little shower!

But what’s with the constant thunder?

It’s continuous. Sounds like a jumbo jet flying overhead constantly. Started 15 minutes ago and still going! 🤷🏼‍♂️

⛈️ ⛈️

#Weather #Thunderstorm

Chuck Copeland - Creator
3 weeks ago

Here's a short #thunderstorm #timelapse I captured this afternoon while visiting my parents in NE NC.
It went severe just after it passed (and after I quickly dropped my drone from the sky 🤣).

#wx #weather #encwx #ncwx #severeweather

3 weeks ago

Why it's not a good idea to shelter under a tree in a #thunderstorm ⛈️ 😧
#weather #lightning

A large tree split apart and chunks of bark blown off after it was struck by lightning.
3 weeks ago

A heads up for people in northwest #Aitkin and #Itasca counties.

A #severe #thunderstorm in the Brainerd area will be heading your way.

We will have to wait and see if it remains severe over the next few hours. If it does, expect high #winds and large #hail.

#wxtooter #wx #weather #MNwx

A severe thunderstorms in the Brainerd area of Minnesota is projected to move into northwest Aitkin and Itasca counties within the next few hours.  If it remains severe, expect high winds and large hail as it passes through.
3 weeks ago


Our first warning for today, until 5:15 p.m., is going to impact parts of the #Boundary #Waters in Lake county.

Be ready for #hail up to 1.5" in diameter, and #winds up to 60 mph.

#wx #wxtooter #weather #MNwx

A view of the radar over a portion of the Northland at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.  A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is in effect until 5:15 p.m. for central Lake County, which will impact communities such as Stony River and Forest Center with winds up to 60 mph and hail up to 1.5" in diameter.
3 weeks ago


The threat for severe #weather has picked up with a watch until 11 p.m. for most of the #Northland.

We will be monitoring the current #storms passing through the #Arrowhead for additional strengthening, with more developing to the south and east likely to get underway soon.

Greatest threats are for high #winds, large #hail, and a possible weak spin-up #tornado.

#wxtooter #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 11 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, for all counties in the Northland except Gogebic, Koochiching, and Ontonagon.
A view of the radar over part of the Northland at 3:55 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2023.  It shows a cluster of showers and thunderstorms north of Highway 2 heading to the northeast towards the Arrowhead region.  None of the storms are severe, but they are likely containing small hail and gusty winds.
Flipboard Science Desk
3 weeks ago

Many places have seen intense weather in the past few months, especially thunderstorms.

Science News explains how thunderstorms "can spawn damaging 'downbursts.’
These powerful winds slam into the ground, causing damage that rivals a weak tornado."

#Storms #Thunderstorm #Weather

This is a screenshot from the robots weather app I designed and my son @milowyner built. We almost never get lightning here in Oregon. But right now it’s happening so we get to see the lightning screen live! Also, there’s a thunderstorm! ❤️🌩️

Oh, if you’re interested and have an iPhone:

#Thunderstorm #Lightning #MobileApp #Robots #Oregon #PNW #PacificNorthwest #Weather

Screenshot of a weather app with data for the temp, feels like, and storm distance. It also shows a lightning bolt icon with the label ‘isolated thunderstorms’ and a prompt that reads ‘will robots take over the world today.’
Miranda Thomas
4 weeks ago

Been quite the little storm over our neck of the woods here. More lightning than Ive seen here in years.

Been burning shots and timelapse, at least 2000 to pour over tomorrow.

A lot of the strikes are hidden in rain/clouds, but I think we caught a few decent ones..

Stay tuned.. :ablobcatbongo: :ablobblewobble:

#orwx #storm #thunderstorm #lightning

4 weeks ago


It is going to be one of the #hottest #LaborDay #weekends in #Northland history.

A persistent southwest flow of #warm air will keep #temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s for highs, with lows in the 60s.

Other than an isolated #shower or #thunderstorm in northwest Wisconsin Saturday, it will be #dry for the three days with heightened #fire dangers.


#wx #wxtooter #weather #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

4 weeks ago

Leading edge of the thunderstorm mess that yanked us out of bed at 0140. Duke was a wreck and I'm already missing that sleep.

#Storm #Monsoon #Thunderstorm #Summer

Lightning display through storm clouds.

I don’t mind summer holiday weather like this (as long as it clears up later)! #Malta #thunderstorm #lightning

1 month ago

#Autumn (and a heavy #thunderstorm) are slowly but steadily rolling into the beautiful #Odenwald these days.
Doggo and me just made it home in time tonight.

Rain and clouds rolling into a hilly area
Curious Loth-cat
1 month ago

There's been rain and thunder most of the day. Thunder is rare here, and usually brief, so the unexpected string of sky booms is exciting.

#Rain #Thunder #Thunderstorm #Weather #PNW

Just saw a flash of lightning over the Beauforts. The strike was actually in the waters of the Strait just off of Qualicum Beach (red dots). Love the Lightning app! I get an alert about 5-10sec after I see the flash. Amazing.
#VancouverIsland #bcstorm #PortAlberni #Qualicum #ThunderStorm

A cluster of red dots in the top right of the image.

EC is tracking a potential Severe Thunderstorm near Upper Campbell Lake near Woss and Sayward. Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued.
#wxtooter #CampbellRiver #GoldRiver #VancouverIsland #thunderstorm
Details updated on the blog:

A diagonal line of green area up Vancouver Island with some yellow and red blobs indicating strong thunderstorm activity.

Flying from Bournemouth Airport today, we got soaked in a local thunderstorm as we boarded the plane! This was the view as we cleared the clouds.
#thunderstorm #weather #ukweather

1 month ago

massive #thunderstorm approaching #LagoMaggiore / Switzerland.

Impressive #thunderstorm complex over N. France this morning, just missing the UK.
#NOAA19 #satelliteimagery #weather #meteorology

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

Sleeplessness at only 21°C that night. Today, #France is a country where you can choose your favourite extreme weather: #heatwave or #thunderStorm. No more green areas.
Meanwhile, some tourists whine on social media that they have landed in a city that no longer has drinking water from the tap or in a hotel where the swimming pool is no longer filled. Get used to it, this is our new everyday life. We have #droughts for yrs! Get involved in #climateAction instead of complaining about your hotel!

Map of France with weather warning: 17 departments in red, 64 + Andorra in orange and 15 in yellow. Yellow is concentrated in the Bretagne and the NE, and a broad red is concentrated from SW to the middle parts of the East. It's hot in departments that had never had such a heat so late in summer.
Douglas VB
1 month ago

The overnight low at #ForkedMeadow #California was 50f. Yesterday it went up to 82f. Currently it's 53f.

Yesterday there were a few drops of rain and some thunder a few miles away. Today looks like it could be a productive #thunderstorm day. There are already clouds in the sky which makes for a pretty sunrise. Time will tell...

A moody, cloudy morning over a meadow surrounded by tall conifers
Douglas VB
1 month ago

It's a bit hard to see in the photo but there's an absolutely roaring #thunderstorm over #ForkedMeadow #California right now. No rain yet but likely we'll get that soon, too. #CaWx #AmbientWeather

57 lightning strikes detected on our ambient weather station in the last half hour.
Stormy sky over a green meadow surrounded by tall pine trees.
Douglas VB
1 month ago

#ForkedMeadow #California had quite the light show late last night with a big #thunderstorm popping off. We picked up 0.14" of rain from that storm.

Yesterday's high was 74f and the overnight low was 49f. It is currently 58f. #CaWx

There are clouds building again and the forecast is for thunderstorms starting at 11am and through the evening.

This weather is what I remember in the #Sierras as a kid. Periods of several days of storms and then several days of dry on repeat through August.

A stormy morning sky over a green meadow surrounded by tall conifers. Everything is wet from overnight storms.
2 months ago


A new #Severe #Thunderstorm #Warning is in effect for southern #Burnett and southwest #Washburn counties until 4:45 p.m.

#Winds could gust up to 60 mph, and any #hail could be up to 1" in diameter.

Greatest threat remains for spots south of Highway 70.

#wxtooter #weather #WIwx

Rick Thoman
2 months ago

Whoa: Friday a very unusual early morning widespread #thunderstorm outbreak over western #Alaska. Between 6am and 915am AKDT over 1500 strikes recorded by the Alaska Fire Service Lightning Detection Network. Graphic courtesy Alaska Interagency Coordination Center. #akwx #Summer2023
@Climatologist49 @Jdnome

Map centered over western Alaska showing lightning strikes detected between 6am and 915am AKDT Friday August 11.
2 months ago

4 Then to the left of the last view, looking west and a bit north, the main body of the storm-- looking pretty impressive (would be much more so over open ground!) showing the broad circular form and big upsweep on top. Most impressive/unusual/alarming? was the bottom, just visible over/behind the trees: very low, very thick, very active looking! But this seemed like it should mostly pass us to the north #thunderstorm #ClearwaterCounty

a partial view of a large thunderstorm, quite near, showing the dark blue-grey  circular bands at the base, and clouds sweeping up and out from there (bits of blue sky visible above it)
Below is a very greenforested wetland with some spruce trees and lots of tamarack/larch small to medium size, and low willows in front.
Just behind the trees, the clouds seem to come right down to the ground, dense, dark , rolling.
2 months ago

A bit of a #PhotoEssay from yesterday. I mentioned there was a #thunderstorm early afternoon just as I was ready to go outside for some #YardWork It ended after a little more than an hour, and mostly cleared. I got outside, did some mowing /garden stuff, took photos, had some kitty time.
A couple hours later I noticed it was getting dark again, so I went out to the road to see what was coming, view from the acreage is only straight up! Here's the first view, details in alt text #weather #Alberta

View up a grassy road allowance with a line of trees to the right, a wire and post fence to the left with a power line, and pastures beyond. There's a mass of  somewhat dynamic cloud overhead, not completely solid, and some distance away straight ahead is a lower, denser darker band of cloud extending to the right where view is blocked by trees. Beyond this storm there are patchy clouds stretching away over slightly orangey skies to the distant mountains.

Oh wow, there's widespread #flooding in #Ottawa due to the severe #thunderstorm today. Hope everyone in Ottawa are all safe & sound and that there's not too much damage.

#ONStorm #Ontario #Canada

2 months ago

Holy shit! That was close. Did the #Lightning bolt strike the Chief Commanda Bridge?

#Ottawa #Thunderstorm #LeBretonFlats

2 months ago

2 views leaving town after #work on #Sunday This #thunderstorm had passed by- some noise but not much else. On the highway we passed through some wet spots, but I'm sure someone got more excitement from that one! #StormWatchers #ShareYourWeather #commute #RockyMountainHouse #Alberta #Canada #August

View of a large thunderstorm the bulk of it is white in the evening light with mounds of rolling cauliflower, and dark wisps and trailers around the bottom, partly blue sky above.
In front is a business, longish medium 
 blue one story buildings, one a garage, a bit taller, light metal roof, and white trim around windows/doorswith 2 red signs with white letters saying Western Alignment and Brake Ltd (+some other details on each sign). The parking lot in front is empty.
a wide parking lot, mostly in (cloud?)shadow scattered cars, trucks and campers. Far side from the camera a couple of businesses, one is Tim Hortons the other is Juffy Lube. Some trees are visible behind to one side of TH and across the whole width of the image is a large thunderstorm, white and huge and bubbly above, with dark flatter, smoother clouds below, some blue sky above.
2 months ago


A very strong thunderstorms is making its way through parts of northern #StLouis County.

Expect #hail up to 1.25-inches and #winds up to 60 mph through 6:30 p.m.

Seek shelter if you live in this warned area.

#wxtooter #weather #MNwx

Helen H
2 months ago

Afternoon thunderstorms are a daily occurrence here on the Florida Gulf coast during the summertime & this day was no exception. These have moved offshore & will rain themselves out over the Gulf. The cloud formations with these powerful storms are always a sight to behold.

#storms #thunderstorm #clouds #rain #weather #WeatherPhotography #beach #beaches #Florida #nature #BuyIntoArt #photography #MastoPhoto #fediverse #FediGiftShop

Find Summer Storms In The Gulf here:

A photograph taken from a Florida beach of summer thunderstorms at sunset over the Gulf of Mexico with towering storm clouds and rain.
2 months ago

The lightning, the thunder...
And the crazy sound of hail bouncing off the metal trim of the house and hitting the glass of the windows
The weather spectacle of last night was memorable and looks like not too much carnage this morning.
#Canmore #thunderstorm

hail coming down on roof top garden
2 months ago

just as a note, this photo was taken in full darkness.

#photography #landscape #thunderstorm #storm #Alberta

A powerful lightning strike forks out of dense, heavy low-hanging clouds. The scene is lit in blue from the lightning's illumination, with a faint gold streak along the horizon to the right from distant city glow. The lake below reflects back the sky and the path of the lightning, and along the horizon are silhouetted forests and a small, forested island dead centre.
Joseph Elfelt
2 months ago

Interactive #GIS map always shows any #tornado warning (red box) and #thunderstorm warning (yellow box) and #FlashFlood warning (green box). For NOAA details, open the map, click inside any box, follow the link.

To update the map turn the overlay “Tornado or T-storm warning” off and then on. Need help? Click “Map tips” in upper left corner.

#TornadoWarning #TornadoWatch #Geospatial #Maps #Mapping #Leaflet #ArcGIS #WebMap

Open #GISsurfer map,-81.386719&zoom=6&basemap=USA_basemap&overlay=State_boundary,USA_weather_radar,Likelihood_of_severe_wind,Tornado_or_T-storm_warning&data=

Ian Livingston 🌪
2 months ago

Level 3 of 5 enhanced #severe #thunderstorm risk Monday from the Storm Prediction Center.

Looks like potential for frontrunning supercells and then a line trying to cross the Appalachians, in the #DC/#Baltimore region and westward.

About 1 enhanced risk on Day 2 (today) per year and a handful for Day 1, via Iowa Environmental Mesonet stats. #uswx #mdwx #vawx #wvwx #dcwx #dmvwx

Storm outlook for Monday has a Level 3 of 5 "enhanced" zone from the I95 corridor Baltimore to Richmond, then bending toward Atlanta and up the Appalachians. A Level 2 of 5 surrounds in a larger area.
Average for Level 3 of 5 risks per year on Day 2. It's about 1 in the DC region and fewer west.
Average for Level 3 of 5 risks per year on Day 1. It's about a handful in the DC region and fewer west.
Lee Fife
2 months ago

weird clouds as our daily torrential thunderstorm rolls in and it gets dark dark dark 3+ hours before sunset.
We'll see if the power stays up or not ...

#Colorado #cowx #ClimateChange #Kaboom #thunderstorm

a view above some big trees showing a swirling almost circular cloud pattern
S. Z. Attwell ☕️💻
2 months ago

Charging my phone with my super cute little hand-crank weather radio/flashlight. #weather #thunderstorm #storm

Not sure how efficient the handcrank part is (there was some charge left in the battery) but it’s working, so…

Little yellow and black weather radio with hand crank, flashlight, and USB connection.
Rick Thoman
2 months ago

Many lightning strikes Monday morning from a #thunderstorm about 60 miles (95km) north of Utqiaġvik. This storm is over partially ice covered waters. Thunderstorms in this area are very unusual but have occurred a few times in past summers. #akwx #Arctic
@Climatologist49 @cinderbdt

NOAA-20 Truecolor satellite image taken 856am AKDT showing a well developed cumulonimbus north of Utqiaġvik.
Anders Borch
2 months ago

Double #rainbow taken just minutes before a #thunderstorm

Double rainbow taken just minutes before a thunderstorm

And now our county is part of the severe weather moving through southeast Michigan.

From National Weather Service Detroit:

"A strong thunderstorm will impact portions of northeastern Monroe and Wayne Counties through 545 PM EDT...

At 446 PM EDT, Doppler radar was tracking a strong thunderstorm over Ypsilanti, moving east at 35 mph..."

#Michigan #Thunderstorm

Special Weather Statement from National Weather Service Detroit:

Strong thunderstorms will impact portions of southwestern Wayne
County through 300 PM EDT

"Strong thunderstorms will be near...
Flat Rock around 215 PM EDT.
Grosse Ile and Belleville around 230 PM EDT.
Trenton around 240 PM EDT.
Romulus and Wyandotte around 255 PM EDT.
Taylor, Canton and Greenfield Village around 300 PM EDT."

#Michigan #thunderstorm

NWS Boston
3 months ago

[4 PM] Tranquil weather here in Southern New England, but quite the #thunderstorm complex currently over IL into IN. Notice the bowing configuration of the #lightning flashes, indicative of a #severe wind signature.

NWS Boston
3 months ago

[1:40 PM] interesting satellite imagery over Long Island, NY - #thunderstorm anvil cloud blowing off to the northeast on the north shore of the island, meanwhile low clouds & fog approaching the south shore.

NWS Boston
3 months ago

The 30 unit contour encompassing northern CT into western-central MA denotes the area of strongest #thunderstorm updraft potential this afternoon & early evening. This is the area of greatest risk for localized #flooding, small #hail and gusty winds. #MAwx #RIwx #CTwx #Worcester

Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
3 months ago

Fisherman at dawn on the coast of Florida. Warm salt air, towering thunder clouds flashing on the horizon. It was so beautiful, it felt so good to be alive.

The ART:

#sunrise #fishing #Florida #Art #Nature #Photography #Photo #MastoArt #buyintoart #seascape #wallart #Ocean #Fineartphotography #fineart #JunoBeach #Thunderstorm #Life #gratitude #atlantic

Fisherman standing on the shore at dawn. Enormous thunder clouds on the horizon, warm breeze, salt air.
Morag Perkins
3 months ago

Light did interesting things for about 2 minutes there, only just long enough to grab my phone! #Glasgow #thunderstorm …and I guess #FensterFreitag

Surreal multilayered black and white photograph, looking out a window in the rain. There are lots of reflections and it’s quite hard to tell what’s going on.

There are blurred raindrops catching the light on the window in the foreground, and cars, trees, back gardens and buildings can be seen in a jumble outside. It’s hard to make out what is real and what is reflection
Thomas Rigby
4 months ago

Dramatic (and interestingly shaped) clouds seen during this afternoon's thunderstorms at Findhorn Bay.
Also quite nice light and crepuscular rays through the clouds whilst driving back homeward :)

#moray #scotland #thunderstorm #clouds #dramatic #stormchasing #light #atop #crepuscularrays #fujixh2 #convective #weather #convectiveweather #wx

Strange ?inflow? cloud formation attached to the main storm cell
Turbulent storm cell cloud and thick rain precipitation across Findhorn Bay
Pleasant colourful skies and crepuscular rays in the clouds as the storm abated whilst driving home
Thomas Rigby
4 months ago

who keeps postponing my #thunderstorm?!

4 months ago
Color photo of a suburban street at night. There is a tall streetlight with a truck and a fire hydrant below and many trees in the foreground and background. Above in the cloudy sky is a long, forked bolt of horizontal cloud to cloud lightning.

It's been thunderstorm-y here lately -- like two weeks straight -- and here's the tree that was struck by a lightening yesterday. It's on our morning walk course.
#NVWX #lightening #Thunderstorm

A wide-lens photo of a cypress tree with its top gone. The broken tree is lying in front, with a human for a scale... Wood shards everywhere.
Paul Knightly, PhD
5 months ago

I was able to get out yesterday to chase a storm that lingered over portions of southwest Missouri for the better part of the afternoon and evening. While the storm was largely non-photogenic on the leading edge, it produced some interesting structure early in its life-cycle, which I was fortunate to capture here.

Rich Hill, Missouri, USA

#Photography #Weather #Supercell #Thunderstorm #mowx

Low hanging clouds scrape across the horizon with a brown field in the foreground.
Helen H
5 months ago

It was a nice way to begin the day with a pretty morning rainbow seen in the offshore storm clouds on a summer morning. Morning rains occur often here in Florida during the summer with the onshore prevailing winds. Watching the clouds build and tower higher is always humbling to witness.
#rainbow #rainbows #thunderstorm #cloud #clouds #Florida #StormClouds #GulfOfMexico #photography #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #Fediverse #FediGiftShop

Morning Rainbow is available here:

A photo taken from the shores of west coast Florida of morning thunderstorms over the Gulf of Mexico waters.  A partial rainbow can be seen in the building clouds.
Helen H
5 months ago

This beautiful shelf cloud is just one of the many dramatic formations we see here on the Florida Gulf coast when the afternoon storms roll in. Beautiful and scary at the same time and they always bring a lot of rain with them. Taken on a sultry summer afternoon.
#storm #thunderstorm #ShelfCloud #cloud #clouds #weather #Florida #photography #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #Fediverse #FediGiftShop #SupportTheArts

Approaching Shelf Cloud is available here:

A dark gray and brown foreboding shelf cloud is seen moving towards the Florida coast on a sultry summer afternoon.  Rain will soon follow.
Rebecca @ RH Fine Arts
5 months ago

At the beginning of the pandemic, our dream of retiring in Europe dashed, we moved to #Florida to ride out the storm. Got up early one morning to clear my head and take a walk on the beach and this is what I say. A #thunderstorm of the most beautiful kind. Juno Beach.


#Nature #Photography #naturephotography #Peace #Art #Landscape #seascape #buyintoart #LandscapePhotography #Ocean #Artwork #creation #MastoArt #Haiku #beach

Juno Beach Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Towering thunderstorms approaching setting the sky on fire in shades of pink, purple and blue