Paul Levinson
21 hours ago

audio podcast review of The Lazarus Project season one #timetravel

2 days ago

#WordWeavers NOV-29 If you could go back and change one thing about your earlier work, what would it be:

#FindingMe: #TimeTravel is fun, but find an interesting main plot before you jackknife right into the writing
#ArkanCotton: Short stories usually don't have time for extensive explanatory flashbacks and time compression is probably not the answer


#amWriting #ZuriStories #autor_innenleben

Matthias MProve
2 days ago

Buena Vista Culture Club – Von Pixeln und interaktiven Zeitreisen (+English subtitles on the slides)

Featuring Tog, Phil Clevenger, #KaiKrause, @chronohh, @IIIF

Slides & links at

Who recognizes the image?

#culturalcomputing #culturalheritage #timetravel #geoixd #ixd #interactiondesign #hypermedia

Bill Janssen
3 days ago

Let's also point out that buried in the plot of "The Invisible Boy" (1957) is a time-travel story. And to the future, not the usual past! The AI machine prognosticated that three centuries in the future, someone would retrieve an unstoppable robot from the Krell homeworld. It caused one of its keeper to build a time machine and retrieve the robot, bringing it back to the 21st century, as its agent in the world.

#TimeTravel #Movies #AIsafety #ScienceFiction

Bill Janssen
4 days ago

Speaking of which, Criterion Channel has "Repeat Performance" up right now, a 1947 Twilight Zone-ish time travel story. One of sadly too few Joan Leslie movies.
#timetravel #Noir

4 days ago

Finished watching “Bodies” on Netflix. Liked it. Lots there for those who enjoy #scifi #timeTravel #philosophy #vinyl #shellac and character driven thrillers. Some depth on the topic of free will. Recommended.


Hidden Gems
5 days ago

Excited to see 'Gezicht op de Pont de Saint-Cloud in Parijs' at #Rijksmuseum! This anonymous piece from 1850-1880 captures the timeless beauty of Paris. What era would you time travel to if you could?
#ArtAppreciation #TimeTravel #RijksmuseumArt

P. Hightower
5 days ago

A question for connoisseurs of American daytime soap operas. What soap operas had plotlines that involved time travel at some point over the course of their runs? I'm aware of Dark Shadows, but were/are there others?

#soapopera #TimeTravel

1 week ago


For the same reason, #TimeTravel remains a will remain fiction.

Going back to infinity in time, if Time Travel were at all possible, it would have already happened. Where are the time travelers from the past?

@GavinChait @sundogplanets

1 week ago

#TimeTravelAuthors 29: Author Choice

VOLUME 2 of the Accidental Time Travelers Collective is now on pre-order for Kindle. (Coming out Dec 8) And I have a short story in this one too!

Volume 1 (which includes my first short story) is actually FREE until Friday. Find that link on Julie's post, just below this one on my timeline. So much #TimeTravel, get it ASAP.

Neve Maslakovic
1 week ago

#writephant #selfpromo

Last day! Support authors by signing up for their newsletter and get a short story or book for free. Included is my #timetravel series prequel novelette, THE FELINE AFFAIR


Hello, all of you #TimeTravelFans. Pitch me a #TimeTravel story you would love to see made into a movie or TV series.

My favourites I will share on the #WritingPrompt website of @MuseOfLastResort (with attribution and link).

With a little luck, one of the #TimeTravelAuthors might even oblige. (Don't hold your breath, though, most of us have more ideas than we know what to do with).

1 week ago

Gran guia sobre la ciència (o falta de) dels viatges en el temps a diferents pel·lícules:

#Cinema #BackToTheFuture #TimeTravel #Ciencia

1 week ago

Happy to participate in the #blogtour for Helipads in Heaven:

In Helipads in Heaven famous author Dillon Hershkop gets enlisted as the test subject for an experimental time travel endeavor. She must confront her past trauma in order to gauge inspiration for a new bestseller.

Get the book here:

#amreading #teenauthor #timetravel

Blog tour promo image featuring the pink and blue watercolor cover for the book Helipads in Heaven by Shanti Hershenson. Blog organised by Lola's Blog Tour
Excerpt from Helipads in Heaven:
If you knew her, you’d know that Goose was the most interesting character Valley Park Preparatory School had the misfortune of meeting. She was the girl who halted during physical education classes to stare skyward at helicopters, hawks—anything to float her mind away from the reality she lived in. She was the girl who scribbled routinely in her notebooks and in the crevices of her math assignments, who wore an eccentric bomber jacket decorated with patches even when the weather was too warm, but most of all, whether her teachers considered it to be something so precious or not, she was the girl who dared to dream.
Neve Maslakovic
1 week ago


Last week of promotion which includes my #timetravel series prequel novelette! Support authors by signing up for their newsletter and get a short story or book for free! #sciencefiction #fantasy #sff

I would like to have more conversations about #TimeTravel #SoftSciFi and fun stories. I would also like to follow the kind of people with whom such conversations might arise.

I'd appreciate a boost to help me find wonderful future conversation partners.

2 weeks ago


Baby cage. Designed in the US and widely used in London in 1930s. No accidents/injuries were ever reported.

Image of toddler child suspended outside a window in a child cage.
James Oh
2 weeks ago

When did you fall in love with #TimeTravel stories?

Dan Morgan :ksu:
2 weeks ago

I honestly don’t fully grasp linear time. I got together with some old college friends from the ‘90s. We hadn’t all been together in decades. I *know* time has passed as we’ve raised kids and they’ve gotten older, grayer, wider. ;-)

The same chemistry was there. I don’t *feel* older. I’m healthier both physically and mentally than I have been in over 20 years.

It felt like I stumbled back through the wardrobe returning as a twenty-something who had entered it so many years ago.
#GenX #TimeTravel

2 weeks ago

In "Santo in the Treasure of Dracula," a Mexican wrestler uses a time machine to try to find out where Dracula buried his treasure, setting off a chain of events that resurrects Dracula.

Strip out the silliness, and there's a plot you can use in a #TimeTravel #TTRPG -- a slightly shady time traveler who isn't trying to change history, just collecting *information* that's profitable in the present. Until it goes wrong, of course, and PCs have to save the day.

#MST3KTurkeyDay #MakeMoreMST3K

#TimeTravelAuthors, pun lovers, and tellers of #DadJokes - give me your best #TimeTravel #jokes, quips, #memes, and #puns.

The ones I like will be shared on #isBrill - (with a credit link obviously)

Do you think that backwards #TimeTravel could be realised IRL?

If you're in #Korea be careful of bodies of water during any eclipse, or a full moon, as those act as #portals through #spacetime.

A simple well can be a portal. ^_~

#TimeTravel #Time #TimeDisplacement #Portal #Eclipse #SolarEclipse #LunarEclipse #FullMoon

IT News
2 weeks ago

The Ars guide to time travel in the movies - Enlarge / The selected films span several decades to show how Hollywood... - #timetravelmovies #entertainment #physicsoftime #timetravel #features #science #physics #films

2 weeks ago


That's the problem.

Next time, I would build the time machine out of a toilet. Less maintenance costs and the time flush would flow better. And when the flush tank is modified, an additional #bucket is no longer needed.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to build it.

I had tried it before with a time tub. But it takes too long to fill up and the time flush doesn't run fast enough. Even if there was enough space for the technical components.

#TimeTraveling #TimeTravel #BucketsForTheWin

John Harden
2 weeks ago

@lordmatt I liked Robert Silverberg’s “Up The Line,” a novel about time travel tour guides. Funny, clever and super horny, so, typical for Silverberg. Entertaining and you learn a lot about Byzantine Constantinople along the way :) #scifi #timetravel

Tell me about your favourite #TimeTravel story, movie, series, or other fiction form.

#SciFi #Fiction

#Krononaut #Moon is a night of celebration of #Time, #Timelessness & #TimeTravel, coming up under the third #FullMoon in 2024, on Monday, March 25, or Sunday the 24th.

Welcome Visitors from the Futures!
Here's the new logo for the Krononaut Moon project.

Krononaut Moon logo is a 3x5 rectangle of black space with white circles. In the center is a large white circle representing the Moon. At upper right and lower left are 2 "moonlets", each 1/3 the diameter of the larger Moon. In the center of Moon is another moonlet, but black. The three moonlets forma a straight diagonal line, in white-black-white. The entire design is in black and white.
Paul Rosen
2 weeks ago

I wish I could find it again, but someone made a comment on the whole Sam Altman/OpenAI saga that I've been thinking about a lot. It was something like:

"This has all the hallmarks of a time traveler from the future trying to fix something."

#openAI #timetravel

2 weeks ago

I sometimes forget, watching all the #news from the #USA that the #UK can still well and truly show them how to do #hate and #outrage for cameras and for money. I am sure we invented it.

#Oxford #University #TimeTravel #AntiSemitism by #Octopus on #BBC #UniversityChallenge -- #SpaceKaren #Nutjobs #British #MAGA #Shit #News thanks #NovaraMediaNews oh and #FreePalestine and #FreeIsrael

Ben Jeapes
2 weeks ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is ATTEMPT. From my story collection, a sad tale of time travelling war criminals who fall out with each other ... #timetravel #bookqw

Here me read a longer extract at

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Vote For The Best Album Of 2023
What have you been listening to?

11/20/2023 9:04:28 AM

#TimeTravel #TheoryofRelativity #DilationofTime #Einstein #Experiments #Discoveries #QuantumPhysics

Sean "I Will Die On This" Hill
2 weeks ago

Deranged time travel idea:

There is the Past and the Present, there is no Future

The Present is in constant motion, the Past is in constant growth

Time is not a dimension, there is only entropy--the passage of energy

The point the traveller returns to becomes the Present, with everything and everyone past it ceasing to exist

Only the traveller is preserved, memory and all

#Writing #WritingCommunity #TimeTravel

Cheryl Lindo Jones
3 weeks ago

About to finish the second season of #Dark. We have 2 episodes left. #TV #TimeTravel #SciFi

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago

From 15 Nov: Your Time Loop Is Always, Inherently, Unstable. #fiction #timetravel #scifi -

Sean Murthy
3 weeks ago

@nitin Assuming no paradoxes, these two time-travel scenarios seem to have fundamentally different consequences:

1. Person A travels back in time and kills someone's ancestor. Person B *later* travels back in time and ensures the ancestor is safe, essentially undoing A's action.

2. Person X travels back in time and prevents the invention of time travel. Person Y would later *not* be able to undo Person X's action because there's no more time travel.

#timeTravel #question #curiosity #paradox

4 weeks ago

Twain's book "Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court".
Many aspects of the genera laid out here have been much copied, but seldom done so well.
Great how trying to alter the timeline starts out as fun then turns very dark.

#markTwain #TimeTravel

Sean Murthy
1 month ago

If/when time travel is possible, what happens if someone travels back in time and prevents the invention of time-travel technology (for good)? 🤔

#timeTravel #question #Curiosity

sezduck :clubtwit:
1 month ago

@RickiTarr #TimeTravel
Movie: Back to the Future
(simply because it’s so damn entertaining)

TV Show: Quantum Leap 1989 - 93
(entertaining, most episodes have a message, Sam & Al are awesome, Al’s wardrobe is awesome)

Book: 11/22/63
(what starts out as a story about trying prevent JFK’s assassination turns into much, much more as the 21st century protagonist makes a life for himself in the early 1960s)

Neve Maslakovic
1 month ago

#FediBookFair #bookstodon

Hello, book people! I write #mystery novels involving #timetravel, parallel universes, and other speculative scenarios. All of my ebooks are <$3.99 at the moment!

Six book covers and a picture of a white middle-aged woman.
salix sericea (@Ripple13216)
1 month ago

Getting ready for some #timetravel tonight.

Remember, if you want to f*** up something today, use the one hour window tonight to get a do-over!

Now sitting back to wait for "that's NOT how time travel works."

Happy Sunday, fellow humans and fellow aliens.

#daylight #time #clocks #daylightsaving

R.A. Sinn
1 month ago

THREE DAYS LEFT to buy the #eBook of our new #TimeTravel #sff novel A SECOND CHANCE FOR YESTERDAY, on #sale for only 99 cents.

Get it while it's hot:

#bookstodon #books @bookstodon @scifi @sciencefiction

A tablet with the cover for the novel A SECOND CHANCE FOR YESTERDAY, featured for 99 cents.
RS, Author, Novelist
1 month ago

#Halloween #Writing #Prompt #Challenge!

/Visitors from another timeline/dimension/world/hell are cloistered in someone's house for obvious reasons: they're humanoid tigers (or something that would make a convincing costume). Take them to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival (or other party) so they can see humans safely. What could go wrong?/

Please boost so lots of #authors can participate!

Write any size from a #tootfic, #microfiction, to a #short story. Just post it sometime through Halloween and reply to this post, or use


You can do it! がんばって!

Here's a link to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival: Go if you can.

Here's my first sentence and a link to my entry!

"Whilst Feliz could easily pass as a Kenyan woman cosplaying an elf with cyan-dyed skin—she'd bled copper—Buddy was a whole different can of worms."

Story entry: Robin:

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #timetravel #TimeTravelAuthors #writer #pennedpossibilities #wordweavers #writerscoffeeclub #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #writingprompt #writever #RSstory #microfiction #shorts #ShortStory #flashfiction #tootfic #smallstory

cory hughart
1 month ago

Currently obsessed with woe.begone podcast. Lots of seasons to binge.

If you liked ars paradoxica, give this one a listen. Any others I should listen to?

#podcast #audiodrama #TimeTravel

Your Future Ex
1 month ago

Preparing for the jump back, you still have time to listen to this:

Iron Maiden: Caught Somewhere in Time

#OwlClub #TimeTravel

John Chapman
1 month ago

Do you know who Jack the Ripper was? Do you know the story behind the Blair witch? Did you know it was essential the Titanic had to sink? Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was the world's first aeronaut but his flight was kept secret? Find out in 'Time after Time,' a collection of four short #TimeTravel stories published today (25th Oct)

IT WAS A DARK AND STORMV NIGHT Four short time-travel stories explain who Jack the Ripper was, why the Blair witch mystery occurred, why the Titanic had to sink,  what really happened to the Mary Celeste, which person Mona Lisa actually was, how Leonardo da Vinci was the first aeronaut and why history didn't record that. 
Written in an 'unusual’ style with a perfectly dreadful title. Pre-order the ebook or paperback via 
Published 25th October 2023 
You're not going to believe these stories but somewhen in time it will give someone an idea and lead to the foundation of TA.C.0. and B.E.L.L. 
(TACO - Time Agency Chronoclasm Organization  BELL - you'll have to read to find out that.)

The Krononaut Moon Project has a new article up on @medium

The Krononaut Moon Experiments
advancing community time travel research 2.0

The piece lays out our efforts to establish a night in March dedicated to Time Travel every year. A pleasurable and edifying read for Krononauts and ordinary beings everywhere.

#Medium #Krononauts #FullMoon #Time #Timelessness & #TimeTravel

1 month ago

That time I found the TARDIS in someone's back garden! 🧐 😁👍 x x
#DrWho #Tardis #ScienceFiction #SciFi #TimeTravel #PoliceBox

John Chapman
2 months ago

There are certain rules an author is not supposed to break, so I tried to break them all in a short story collection. It will be released on 25th October. Check it out at
#TimeTravel #ShortStories

Kote Isaev
2 months ago

@fraser The #TimeTravel, if possible, will not change the past, it will create _different_ past. Like different branch in Git repository or other VCS. Here are few details:

2 months ago

This button just showed up on my office floor today. I got it from @annaleen when I saw @charliejane at a SF book reading. It reminded me to finish Annalee's book, "The Future of Another Timeline" about a brave group of people working to restore #abortion rights in the US. It was written WHILE it was still legal! One of the things I love about #SciFi & #TimeTravel stories is the "What if" scenerios.
I can't go back in time to change things, but what can I do now to change the future?

Alien on a button. Text reads: Strung out on science fiction -
Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago

The leap involves a bank robbery, and a bit of family drama. (Also not as big a plot hole as last week, but still a small one.)

And, the rest of the team comes back to work, amid 3 years of life changes! 🙀

It's so good to catch up with everyone! 💖


Full review here: (copy and paste the link 😉)


#QuantumLeap #QuantumLeap2022 #QuantumLeap2023 #tv #TimeTravel

Eugenia L
2 months ago

I don't know if you believe this kind of thing, but I find this to be the best report of some sort of time travel, with pictures:

#timetravel #paranormal #ufo

2 months ago

I've been watching "The Wild, Wild West", which I remembered as being mostly adventure #Western with some #SciFi and a touch of #steampunk. Powerful explosives, robots, torpedoes, earthquake machines. I recalled the episode where Dr Loveless trapped West in a painting, but it turns out there's a lot more stuff irreconcilable to science that I'd forgotten, like a shrinking potion. Still viewed in a scientific light, however.¹

But I'm halfway through the second season, and have encountered two episodes that were more #fantasy. One a #HauntedHouse with some #TimeTravel, the other time travel by psychic power. I wonder how many more episodes are on the F end of #SFF?

The series is on #PlutoTV, BTW. #ClassicTV #VintageTV #ScienceFiction

[1] "Flying carpet" or "antigravity cloth"? The same basic concept can be viewed in different ways, with different tones.

Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago

(No spoilers. 😉)

So I saw the season 2 premiere of Quantum Leap! 😎

Good start! (Though several plot holes. 😜)

And not many answers yet as to why Ben is still leaping. 🤷‍♀️


I wrote a long form review here, at a forum: (with spoilers! 😉)

(Sorry about the non clickable link, but I don't want to overwhelm the forum server. Just copy/paste the URL! 😎 )


#QuantumLeap #QuantumLeap2022 #QuantumLeap2023 #tv #TimeTravel

We're thrilled to share The Coffee Pot Book Club #EditorialReview of

💫Times of Turmoil by Anna Belfrage💫

"An amazing story that will have you flipping pages till dawn."

Have a look!

#HistoricalFiction #BookReview #CPBC #timeslip #timetravel #TheCoffeePotBookClub #bookstodon @bookstodon

Can you ID this story?

I remember reading a sci-fi short when I was growing up about military scientists who create a computer.

As it is completed, a mysterious “alien” craft appears and starts threatening the computer.

Short story short, it turns out this is the computer itself that has time-travelled from the future to destroy itself, for reasons I can’t recall.

I’ve searched for the story a few times, including just now, and drawn a blank.


#SciFi #ShortStory #HiveMind #TimeTravel

Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago

Season 2 of Loki starts tomorrow!!!!!! 😁😄😎👏😸😂😺

I'm so looking forward to this! (Though I might wait and binge the season when it's over. Not sure yet. 😉 )

Who else is looking forward to seeing Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie again?!? 😁

(I'll post the trailer next. 😎 )

#Loki #Marvel #MarvelTV #TimeTravel #Television #Shows

Ben Jeapes
2 months ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is HOLLOW. In a timestream that will shortly no longer have existed, two war criminals make their escape. #bookqw #timetravel #medicalethics

Peter Czanik
2 months ago

This morning I got a bit of #timetravel when I opened a website. Or should I call it a #flashback? 😉

2 months ago

Since such bubbles are apparently evidence of popular time traveler destinations, I have to wonder why the start of the 2020s is so attractive to temporal visitors. I'll guess it's something along the lines of "No way were people really that stupid then." [sees for themselves] "OMG, they really were that stupid! Amazing!"


3 months ago

If you could go back to your late teens or early 20s and do it all over again, would you?

It's a big NO from me - explained here.

#books #timetravel #multiverse

September 12, 2023 - Day 255 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 276

Game: The Forgotten City

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jul 28, 2021
Library Date: Sep 12, 2023
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 3h42m

The Forgotten City is a first-person narrative-driven adventure involving time loops, and an ancient Roman city.

It's the third game in this month's Humble Bundle, and if you're a fan of narrative adventures (eg. Firewatch) or time travel gameplay, this might be the game for you.

It was a bit slow at first; I was 10 minutes in, and I was thinking it wasn't really a game for me.

...and that was three and a half hours ago.

The graphics are pretty good, the sound design is great, but the narrative is excellent.

However, I'm not going to write a longer review. The problem with this game, and it's highlighted upfront by the devs is that to say too much about it spoils the game for those who haven't played it.

Thus, please consider my three and three quarter hours of straight playtime, and having reached one of four endings my way of saying that The Forgotten City is:

5: Excellent

#TheForgottenCity #FirstPerson #Adventure #TimeTravel #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Mark A. Rayner
3 months ago

The real question is HOW do we want time travel? Upgraded Delorian? Old-timey British Police box? Fancy art nouveau design with upholstered seat? HOW do we want time travel!

#timetravel #scifi #SF #SFF #writing #sciencefiction #humor #humour #funny

man wearing sunglasses and a hoodie holding up hand drawn sign that says: "What to we want? Time Travel? When do we want it? It's irrelevant!"
Martin Owens
3 months ago

Guys, guys, the nerdest gift was just given to me. A #ProfessorElemental verse, all about me saving him from a time vortex. My wife made me film a reaction video and I've edited it into a video to share since it's just so much silly fun:

#ChapHop #Reward #Rap #TimeTravel #ShortStory #Music

3 months ago

I know the last frame is well off the mark, but it's still jolly amusing.
🙂 #dinosaurs #food #timetravel #robots

Flipboard Culture Desk
4 months ago

Bookshops are awash with time-travel novels. Writer Nancy McCabe examines why there might be heightened interest in temporal displacement, parallel timelines and all that wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff, and suggests a few new reads. Got a favorite time-travel book? Comment below!

#Books #Bookstodon #TimeTravel #Lifestyle

Vivienne Dunstan
4 months ago

Forgot to say I’m a long-term #DoctorWho fan, since watching the first episode of The Ribos Operation in 1978 at a very young age. Favourite Doctor #DavidTennant then #TomBaker and #PaulMcGann (thanks #BigFinish for that last). Favourite companion #SarahJaneSmith. Favourite Classic Who story City of Death, and favourite New Who The Empty Child. I’m not a huge #scifi fan, not keen on hard scifi. But as a #storytelling engine Who works brilliantly. Historian me loves the #timeTravel. #introduction

Now let me tell you why the #DS9 episode Time's Orphan is bullshit:

So Molly goes #BackInTime, but when they retrieve her, she's ten years older.

They think about aiming for an earlier section of time to retrieve the original 8-year-old Molly, but Keiko says: "But this older Molly will cease to exist."

But by doing nothing, they are leaving their daughter alone for ten years.

And they are happy to condemn their daughter to that?

#StarTrek #DeepSpaceNine #TimeTravel

Tommaths (he/him)
5 months ago

#Recommendations please:


(mainly TV series available on #AmazonPrime or #Netflix, but open to #movies & #books too)

... that are rooted in and do something interesting with #TimeTravel.

Note: Doctor Who is not, for the most part, about time travel. Time travel is merely a contrivance to allow for a breadth of stories, so Who doesn't count here (though I could probably think of some specific episodes that do something interesting with time travel if I put my mind to it).
The same is true of Quantum Leap.
I guess The Time Traveler's Wife (Niffenegger) would fit to a degree, but it's not quite as time travel focused as I'm looking for.

Essentially, if I get introduced to some decent stories I'll be happy.

Leo'Jet Ski Fuel'nardo
5 months ago

Keiron Dwyer. For context, Leo owes a monkey god a favour and their choice of repayment is plucking four versions of Leo from diffrent points in time to make sure he's born. In the course of this adventure the Leo's save Moses from crocodiles.

#TMNT #Leo #Timetravel #Moses #Corcodiles

Teeth gritted, Leo lunges through the air towards his opponent, a Predator/Darth Vader looking cyborg type. With a swipe of his sword Leo takes his enemy's right hand off, sending it spinning above them, still holding its futuristic ray gun. Ancient Japanese sword skills beats bleeding edge future gunmanship. 

"My name's Leonardo.

I've always walked the straight and narrow. I've always believed that A leads to B. Ive always had a certain clarity that's enabled me to see the consequences of my actions. It's been my path towards seeking truth, beauty and, at times, perfection.

It's the simple philosophy behind my ninjitsu training. Every goal is a point in time and all training is the straight line that leads to a given point: the goal.

It's the way I approach a battler, the foundation to my strategies, the way I've lived my life. Clarity, goals, straight lines, known outcomes. No confusion.

Except for that one time. Or was it FOUR times?

The skipping, folding, looping arc of confusion, of nonlinear time...I still don't know how to adequately view it. let alone explain it. But I'll try...

Let me tell you a story..."
Same as pic one but in colour, from an IDW collection. 

There's a certain irony to the void being blue and how this helps Leo (in a red mask, no less) completely pop. I like it. Good colours on the cyborg guy too, helps Leo stand out even more while not messing with Dwyer's lovely shadows.
5 months ago

Yesterday I found out how to stay symmetrical with the #metaballs in #b3d #blender . You make a linked duplicated with a negative scale on one axis and then edit the original. Please send this message to me 2 years ago. #timetravel

visual demonstration of setting up symmetrical metaballs in blender (make linked duplicate and give it a minus-scale on one of the axis)
Paul Kemner
5 months ago

@Jaden2 @essjay

It's good to have a project you're working on for yourself. And learning to write better is a useful skill.

If you're looking for help with writing genre stories, the podcast has been enormously helpful to me. They have some episodes specifically about #TimeTravel.
Some years ago I was talking to Brandon Sanderson at a con, and he told me about the podcast he was starting. Their tag line is "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart"

Marc Abrahams
5 months ago

How many news editors will resist turning this into loud headlines? "This process inevitably transforms such a traversable ring wormhole into a time machine. We estimate the time scale of this process." #TimeTravel

The top of a new physics paper called "Ring wormholes and time machines"
5 months ago

@essjay yeah imma tryna to get connected with time travel writers to get some input. I'm just flying this shit solo atm 🤣 getting sum feedback here which is good.
I need more tho ain't gonna lie. Tryna tag in the right hashtags. #timetravel #TimeTravelAuthors.

Are you looking for a potted history of #DnD and the #TTRPG industry? Need more #timetravel gags in your life? Do you love Chris Pine's dreamy eyes? You can find all of it here in this episode of #ExtraCredits!

A cat looks through a pair of binoculars. In the background, a phone booth floats in midair.
Quinn Blueheart 🔞✍️
5 months ago

“The hard part about time travel orgies is avoiding the embarrassment of getting turned on by seeing your own ass pumping up and down onto a willing soul. That’s why I never attend the same orgy twice. “ -#QBlueheart
#WritingPrompt #TimeTravel

Close up of woman holding hands behind her back against her naked body photo by