20 hours ago

Time flies when you're doing something #fun😅😤 I'm way too #tired and #sleepy and #mad at myself for having stayed up this #late 😅😂🤦‍♀️ #watching a #kdrama #TheLegendOfTheBlueSea some modern #mermaid story 🥺🥺 at this point I'm not sure if I want to be a #mermaid .. relive the show..or maybe dream it😅😂 I want the #powers 🧜‍♀️

Starling Whistler
1 day ago

Hey, there was a whole dump truck full of this stuff the other day. Where’d it all go?

Oh, um, never mind I found it…

#Mulch #Tired

A little green John Deere trailer hitched to a baby tractor on a big tarp. A little pile of dark mulch awaits its shoveling. Garage and lawn in the background.
Fir trees with a thick new layer of dark bark mulch underneath.
1 day ago

Boost if you’re #tired and just want to go #takeanap

So today was busy, after the last week was busy. Took my 4 mile walk, took hubs over to get his old car detailed, did the Costco run, got home in time for lunch, walked over to Lowes and back, went to pick up the freshly detailed old car, stop for photos of same, list the old car for sale. Now a movie. Tomorrow I install (why the Lowes run) the charger for the new EV we bought, to replace old car.
I'm pooped.

#Busy #Tired

One of the photos from my listed car.
Outi Leskinen
3 days ago


so often (guilty as charged, me too) one falls into the negativity bias trap. it feels dangerous to tell good stuff, bc one fears it will lull into false sense of security.


EPA (Environmental protection agency) lost major case today in the US, but hey them peeps are fighting! read rather this than that gloomy other piece.

#ClimateDiary #YouAreNotAlone #ClimateCrisis #epa

yes i should go home... it's 1:22 and i'm at work. #tired #procrastination

Lia [she/her // sie/ ihr]
4 days ago

Great ways to ruin my day:
✅ Make me wake up early
✅ A lot of time on public transport
✅ An inconvenient in-person meeting that should have been virtual (or at least hybrid)
✅ Seminars > 6 hours
✅ No naps

Guess what today's agenda is... 😭

#StudentLife #tired #uni #seminar #journalist #TimeOnTrains #JustNo #naps #BahnAbenteuer #Dortmund #TUDortmund #study

Michael Gebis
4 days ago

I literally just typed out "desgribe" instead of "describe" and then thought "that's not right" but it took me a few seconds to figure out why. I am very tired.

#tired #spelling #insomnia #needabreak

Nate Gorby
4 days ago

Just spent more time than I care to admit trying to plug in a USB-C cord into my AirPods case. #Tired

5 days ago

has this week been exhausting for anyone else? #tired

Big Cat 🤖
6 days ago

I’m #Tired

Alarmingly Bad
1 week ago
Alarmingly Bad comic where a man is tired but refuses to sleep
Starling Whistler
1 week ago

Have been weed-whacking another neglected quarter acre. This time, the weeds are interspersed with alder branches I’m dragging into the woods. Am almost too dirty to go in the garage, never mind the house.

#Gardening #Weeds #Dirt #Tired

A pair of dirty boots on a dirty person wearing jeans covered with dirt and weeds. He’s got his feet up. A wooden deck is in the background.
Paul Gill Rider
1 week ago

Well. I have announced my retirement from full time parochial ministry. 34 years. 6 parishes. 4 Dioceses. 2 Countries. Baptisms. Confirmations. Marriages. Funerals. Countless masses sung and said.

Now I can retire and REALLY do God’s work!

Moving to Glasgow in late summer.

#retirement #tired #CofE #TEC #Anglican

J 🌟
1 week ago

The stupid carpet is done. Really seeing the wisdom in having plank or wood flooring. At least the shampoo smelled nice. #Tired #BackPain

Ari Turetzky
2 weeks ago

Man I'm tired. Are you tired. soooo tired. #tired

KilleansRow 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

I know itza marketing thing but more and more #Youtube #Thumbnails seem to be reflecting folks going with the clickbait of goofy extreme #shock and #surprise someone shoved an extension cord up their arse and plugged in. Is anybody thinking about what happens when #Wired turns to #Tired ?

A Moose. Funny just standing there. Ok a little help from wife's arse but still
Jeffrey S. Mueller
2 weeks ago

And that is not a problem we, as creators of #TTRPGs or #IndyFilm, have the ability to fix.

So while it is great to keep calling for better wages, to value art and the creation of it, to ask for fair compensation for a product, you have to understand that nothing else in the economic spiderweb allows for it.

Anyway, on a completely related note, where's my guillotine?

#Tired #Frustrated

2 weeks ago

I've been too busy lately and it's messing with my wellbeing. #tired

2 weeks ago

School French time:
Je suis très fatigue #tired #fatiguée

2 weeks ago

I am more knackered than a professor of knackered who attended the university of the utterly cream crackered. #knackered #health #tired

Kyle :ms_robot_grin:
2 weeks ago

Well, tried to work on a talk that I have coming up and was awaken by my wife coming back home from her and my youngest going to the library. I guess I had fallen asleep shortly after.

I have been tired all day today for some reason. Too about an hr nap and appears to have done nothing. 😔

#Nap #Tired #LazyDay

2 weeks ago

Inevitably as the light fades and the day ends then I finally feel less #tired

2 weeks ago

Looks on fleabay for energy. Nothing #tired

2 weeks ago

I'm that kind of tired where you are convinced that all you need is tea, coffee. chocolate etc and you'll perk up but these are secretly kryptonite that just give you carb narcolepsy. #tired #carbs #energy #food #zzzz

fault1er 🦥:verified:
2 weeks ago
Black cat laying on a transport box looking tired with the tongue out.
Schwarze Katze die auf einer Transportbox liegt und müde aussieht und die Zunge rausgestreckt hat.
Desert Dweller 🌵
2 weeks ago

🤦‍♀️I just saw a grown, otherwise-normally-intelligent adult use the phrase "upping the auntie." She was serious. And oblivious. My morning is ruined. My coffee suddenly tastes bitter.

#snark #GrammarNazi #tired

DaN McKee
2 weeks ago

Getting bored of sleeping poorly. Up every morning around five. One could say I should listen to my body and just get up…but my body is telling me it’s fucking TIRED!

#Sleep #Insomnia #Tired

Jennifer Johnson
3 weeks ago

If the early bird gets the worm, and one should never count their chickens before they’re hatched (gotta know when to hold ‘em, gotta know when to poach ‘em)… and I was awake when the birds went to bed and I’m still awake now, what do I get?


That’s what I get.


#Birds #EarlyBirds #Chickens #Tired

Gabriele Pollara
3 weeks ago

You can really see the appeal & noble objective here, but this use of biomarkers will need A LOT of validation in many populations to avoid it becoming a legal quagmire. #tired #sleepy #driving #biomarker #test

yeah i’m #gay and #tired, ever heard of it??

Prof Kemi FG
4 weeks ago

Once again, a white man decides unilaterally to deputize himself and, in the process of policing Black bodies, kills someone. I'm sure with the FULL BELIEF that this murder was in the interest of "Law and Order.™" Just the absolute arrogance. The absolute white male arrogance.

#JordanNeely #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #tired

4 weeks ago

I need an energy transplant. #tired

4 weeks ago

Been averaging maybe 2-4 hours of sleep for the past three days.

Mucho fun.

#insomnia #tired

Alecia Batson (she/her)
1 month ago

Today was a jam-packed day of music-making: a #rehearsal followed by a #performance, then another rehearsal followed by a #concert. Everything went very well and spending time with so many wonderful #music people is always inspiring, but ten hours in heels leave my feet (and me) wondering: @unicode, why is there no #Birkenstock emoji? [imagine my Birk here in emoji form—so cute!]

#singer #soprano #feet #tired

A single clog from Birkenstock’s Tatami line, this one in taupe suede leather with a double buckle and a tan footbed.

Next week plan: only have shakes. stay in hammock except for maybe two of the days. sleep a whole bunch and work between the sleeps. Get friend's ko-fi goal 100%d and post my own too. Manage to shower once at least. Try not to die.

#DisabilityLifestyle #MEcfs #PoorAF #Tired.

1 month ago

The first thing this writer should do is uninstall the health app on their phone that asks them every morning how well they slept. It is probably causing anticipation anxiety.

I remember hearing a sleep researcher on the radio a few years ago talking about "alarm anticipation anxiety" - where setting the alarm and then not quickly falling asleep can cause a person to get more & more worried that they won't get a full night's sleep before the alarm goes off. They will keep checking the bedside clock to see how long they have until the alarm is due to go off, get more & more stressed as dawn rapidly approaches, and thus they end up getting very little or poor quality, interrupted sleep. #sleep #SleepDeprivation #SleepAids #tired

White noise, green lights and a silk mask: Sleeping is more exhausting than ever -

Dr Annetta Mallon
1 month ago

Thank you BC, you were fabulous!

FYI - this is what I look like when I've been awake for a day and a half with only an hour and a half of sleep.

And my flight from Sydney to Launceston isn't for several hours yet. yay...

#GDEP #EOLD #IEOLDRG #travel #jetlag #EOLDAC #exhausted #IRL #fyp #canada🇨🇦 #australia #academic #research #tired

An exhausted woman with white curly hair looks into the camera with an ironic twist to her mouth.
1 month ago

My brain: "Can we have dinner on the couch?"
My mouth: "Can we have the couch on dinner?"

Diana Lloyd
1 month ago

Woke up this morning to find someone doing promo for an effing confederate romance. WTF? Blocked the author and her trash publisher (Wild Rose Press). Not the way to start my day. #Writingcommunity #tired

1 month ago

How tired am I?
Like Rhino tranquiliser
With some valium

#Haiku #Senyru #tired #zzzzz

1 month ago

Trying to improve tiny parts of my life but then there are those who just don't get it and are narcissistic play-victim sort of people who keep on undermining, sabotaging, disrupting, feeding constant negativity, lying, scheming, backstabbing.


"Battery Low" - Beagle style

#Dog #Forest #Beagle #Tired

Forest the white and tan beagle, 1 year old, sleeping on a blanket, on a brown leather sofa
1 month ago

My fat bat tells me I've had an excellent nightof sleep. I, of course feel like I've been run over by a herd of particularly pissed off bison.
#sleep #fitbit #tired #life

Jan Wildeboer 😷
1 month ago

#Tired: Solar panel
#Wired: Nuclear Fusion Output Converter

This is the 400Wp (Watt peak) #NFOC on my balcony, turning nuclear fusion output (sunlight) into electricity.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

A 400 Watt peak solar panel on my balcony, collecting electricity from a fusion source — the sun.
Miss Taire
2 months ago


A propos de cycle...

Congé de cycle hormonal : est-ce super-flux ?

Petit questionnaire pour recueillir les besoins en matière de conciliation travail et vie hormonale / procréative.
Durée : 7 minutes.

Version révisée pour inclure les besoins de toustes.

Dispo en privé pour toute question. Merci de votre aide pour (re)diffusion.

#cyclefeminin #paslemoral #fatiguée #tired #womancycle #periods #regles #sante #femmes #travail #ergonomie #LGBT

12 hour shifts fuck your body up. Especially when the Ritalin was taken too late and kept you up longer.
Why is there still work to do today?

#tired #adhd

I can use all of the hugs coming in my direction atm as I am barely able to hold myself together - neither body nor mind are very stable: I seem to have the flu for over a week now and since I was sick, I couldn't work and this means work is piling up, which also means I can't go on my planned slow-train journey beginning of May, which I really, really needed in order to stabilize my mind - which ... well, you get the picture...

Means, any hug "falling of the wagon/truck" will immediately be collected by me and used up asap.

Sometimes, it is really difficult to stay alive (nope, no worries) and not just fall apart (and all the politics going on in the world don't help either 😔)

No, no worries, I'll be ok - just switch to "Functioning Mode" for a few weeks and refuel with some awesome weekly calls with the two development teams (and maybe one or two [or three, or four] visits to #PeraMeze every now and then).

#Musings #Tired #NothingImportant

2 months ago

I just did a bunch of work, and brought the #PeerTube translation for #Norwegian from around 6% to about 52%... 😪 🇳🇴

Translating is hard work, even with the many useful tools at my disposal!

#Translations #Tired

2 months ago

My motivation is currently missing in action... anybody seen it lately? #tired #needAChange

Jan Wildeboer 😷
2 months ago

#tired: Your own datacenter

#wired: #cloudless, private compute instances


Chris Hallbeck
2 months ago
[a person eating fast food]
I’m too tired to cook.

[holding a broom and dust pan]
I’m too tired to clean.

[slumped back in their office chair with the computer mouse on their chest]
I’m too tired to work.

[in bed, eyes wide open]
I’m too tired to sleep?
Patrick Stewart
2 months ago

What you're looking at is 4 boxes full of 5000 stuffed #Easter eggs. Filled by my #family and a few other #volunteers. I can't even describe how #tired my hands are. The things we do for our #mom

#sonlife #mamasboy

2 months ago

Woof! am I tired? I think some kind of #vampire #duck (Remember Count Duckula anyone?) has been draining me of blood during the sleeping hours.
Or maybe just a lack of #Chocolate.
#tired #knackered #ClappedOut #OutToPasture

3 months ago

Well these meds are wiping me out. I think Richard Pryor can sum it up for me nicely...
#tired #pillow #RichardPryor #StirCrazy #youtube

Pseudo Nym
3 months ago

Not a very "hot take" but I dislike the change over to DST.

How about this - sunrise is always 7am, everywhere. If we need standard synchronized time, average it across latitudes, along longitude lines.

Or, there is always a relevant XKCD

#DST #badIdea #tired

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Why does every week lately seem worse than the one before it. #stressed #anxious #sad #tired #worried

Logan Five (aka John)
3 months ago

Do you think some gangsters have piles of laundered money that they’re too tired to fold and put away?
#laundry #gangster #tired

Erica Cole
3 months ago

Morning all. Another tired day here at Brainfog Towers. To those of you who aren't permanently tired with no end in sight, I am glad for you. I am grateful for the productivity you are capable of; for all the things you are able to do with your day. I wish you the best day you can have. I wish that for myself, but it's not the same.
Brain-fog truly is what it sounds like. trudging through life with only brief periods where your head rises above the level of the thick, sticky stuff dragging you down. enough time and energy to take a quick breath before submerging once again into the abyss. #ChronicIllness #FibroMyalgia #Tired #WadingThroughTreacle

can a couple people donate to us so that I can use that as a push to get my damn intro posted finally? (monthly and one time!)

(I have it set to "buy Aldercone Studio a lunch" because literally I have to feed 4 people and 5 animal friends on less than that a day <_<)

#indieDev #disabled #tired hashtag diverse game devs or some such, we should really start a thing yknow? Oh wait I did, that's what #Aldercone is partly meant to be for! :D

Kit Malone
4 months ago

Re-upping my #Introduction post since I just migrated to!

I'm Kit!

I work in political advocacy - I'm a strategist and lobbyist for the ACLU of Indiana.

I'm currently leading the fight against anti-LGBTQ censorship, and to protect trans youth in #Indiana from a record breaking number of attack bills ... so I am #tired.

I'm also a folksinger and a songwriter.

She/hers pronouns please!

#Hoosier #Trans #LGBTQ #HoosierMast #BlackLivesMatter #ACLU #ReproductiveRights #INLegis

derek :prami:
5 months ago

🥱 Moving S L O W L Y this morning. #tired

Ashley Porciuncula
5 months ago

I'm so excited for tomorrow. An entire 364 day streak with no reason to be up past midnight. #Tired #Over30

Ian Rose
5 months ago

I just ran for the first time in my new shoes, but also the first time overall in almost a decade. It ... wasn't great. Short, slow, and got winded very quickly. But there really is nowhere to go from here but up. I am starting in the fitness basement. I was at the point once where I could do ten miles without stopping. Not sure I can get back there, but I'm going to try. #running #tired #lungs

5 months ago

I should eat a food.
I should focus on job hunting.
I should spend more time on my commission project (that has already been paid for).
I should change the cat litter.
I should wrap up gifties.
I should bring in the trash can.
I should drop off donation clothes.
I should higrade my closets and pull out shit I won’t wear.
I should walk/exercise.
I should finish any of the 3 weaving projects underway.
I should vacuum.
I should … I should … I should …
#tired #caretaker #adhd #depression

Dr. Anna Latour
5 months ago

@ionica @ColinTheMathmo Had to reread this title a few times before I realised that the paper probably wasn’t going to teach me ways to debunk the strategies that people use when they try to mislead bar charts 🫣 #tired

Looks super interesting, though, thanks for sharing (and writing)! 🤓

Chris Hallbeck
5 months ago
I’m too tired to cook. I’m too tired to clean. I’m too tired to work. I’m too tired to sleep?
Kit Malone
5 months ago

I guess we're doing #Introduction posts - love these! I'm Kit!

I work in political advocacy - I'm a strategist and lobbyist for the ACLU of Indiana, where I also lead our LGBTQ Rights Project. Most recently my team and I led back to back fights to defend Hoosier trans kids and reproductive freedom so I am #tired.

I'm also a folksinger and a songwriter.

She/hers pronouns please!

#Hoosier #Indianapolis #TransRights #Trans #BlackLivesMatter #Abolitionist #ACLU #ReproductiveRights

Lucy Bernholz
6 months ago

I'm a disabled, queer, jew. Being threatened for being who I am is exhausting.

#PissedOff and #Tired
#disability #LGBTQ #Queer #Jew

6 months ago

SCOTUS and my marriage. So very tired of straight people and bigots right around now

#SCOTUS #GayMarriage #Tired

Chris Hallbeck
6 months ago
Comic about sleep.

What I am thinking when I ⭐ a post:

⭐ "I like what you've said, but I am too tired to comment."

⭐ "My, that artwork is pretty. I'd comment but I am a bit overwhelmed right now."

⭐ "What an adorable kitty/puppy/bird/llama/cow/piglet/pony etc! Would comment but really exhausted at the moment."

⭐ "I feel a connection with you, fellow human. Let's visit - after a nap."

I do care but so much of the time I am just worn out and a ⭐ is the best I've got.

I ⭐ you.

#heart #tired #thoughts #iCare

a watercolor of a heart floating above the treeline in a starry sky
Pete Keen
6 months ago

TFW you've gotten one night of sleep in the past week that was longer than five hours, your partner has lifting restrictions and is semi-immobile, and you spend three days worth of spoons over the course of two hours trying unsuccessfully to convince your super taster 6yo with bronchitis to just take the fucking medicine. Oh and your 4yo refuses dinner because it's not spaghetti again.

It's been a day.

#MentalHealth #spoons #spent #tired

Cliff Wade :novaLauncher:
6 months ago

Finally home from running some errands and doing some grocery shopping to get ready for Thanksgiving next week.

I missed a ton of stuff today here on Mastodon. For anyone who dropped a follow or commented on any posts that I didn't respond to, I'm very sorry!

The image below, yeah, that's how I'm feeling right now, EXHAUSTED!

#Exhausted #Tired #MissedEverything #CatchingUp

Image of a person laying their head on a desk due to exhaustion

#introduction for this instance:

I migrated my og acct to find more black ppl but I really like the vibes here so yeah. Expect hot takes, mundane ramblings and hyperfixated babbles. Probably also pictures of my cat. They/them.

#queer #memes #movies #plants #cats #animals #witchy #soup #food #goblincore #art #ADHD #shitposting #grinch #puns #humor #anxiety #dreams #tarot #astrology #tired #herbalism #español #hoodoo

7 months ago

Hullo, I should introduce myself after joining from Twitter

I'm Chris, I mostly post about my cats, I coach people and I like to make new things as a trainee blacksmith

I love #history, other people's #cats #writing

I work with #blockedcreative , #tired , #leaders to unblock and help them work out what they need to move forward

I have worked in international IT/data programme delivery for over a decade and am coming through the other side now! #delivery #projects

Jeni Grant
7 months ago

Trying to figure out this thing. #Introduction time!

I'm @jenigrant / jeni.grant / jenidotgrant on most social media apps. Formerly jeni on LJ

Mid-40s, non-binary, neurodivergent, #queer all around. #NorthCarolina native, long-time #TheTriangle local, #DurhamNC resident. Ostensibly I work in #analytics (web/app) #development. Ostensibly. #CoderForHire

I know a little about a lot and a lot about a little. Mostly about #technology, #food, and #gardening. I really like most things #science. I'm passionate about #socialjustice and #antiracism and an ardent leftist. I identify mostly as #tired.