5 days ago

She always holds onto that foot and shows me her #ToeBeans.

#ToeBeanTuesday / #ToeBeansTuesday

My kitty is curled up 'sleeping in a circle.' This is a closeup on her face, paws ad tail; with her front paws she grips one back foot, turned up to show her little pink beans
1 week ago
My gray tuxedo cat's cute paw & toebeans.
1 week ago

Itโ€™s a wintry toe-beans-tucked-in-a-blankie kind of a Saturday.
#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #ToeBeans

A dozy black and white cat is curled up on cozy blankets and his paws are sweetly tucked into a corner of the coze.
Hambone Fakenamington
1 week ago

Getting in early on #caturday #toebeans #catsofmastodon - Happy weekend everyone!

A close up photo of a long haired black cat with white paws curled up and sleeping.
Fancy Sandwiches
2 weeks ago

Lua is very sleepy right now #cat #catnap #toebeans

A very fluffy tortoise shell cat asleep on an orange blanket. Her nose buried in her front legs. All four of her legs are coming to a point, her link toe beans are visible.
Sinead Quealy
2 weeks ago

I swear there's a living and sleeping cat attached to these toe beans. #catsofmastodon #orangiesrule #toebeanstuesday #toebeans

Two ginger hind paws with pink, pink toe beans exposed to camera.
Christine T
2 weeks ago

I'm sitting on the floor because Ada has taken my usual working/pretend-to-be-working spot but it's ok, because look, kitty toes


A ragdoll cat sleeping curled loosely. We are focused on her white fluffy paws and pink toebeans.
2 weeks ago

If Merrily wasn't so cute, I'd have this laundry folded already. I guess it'll just have to wait until she's done with her nap. #cats #ToeBeans

A calico cat is sleeping on a pile of laundry.
Becky ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
2 weeks ago

Oh, you want to touch the soft velvety beans do you? So long as you donโ€™t mind a bit of blood being drawn firstโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ˜„

#CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #KillerCats #ToeBeans #ShotOnIphone

Close-up of lovely pink toe beans on one kitty paw.
Close up of my catโ€™s paw with claws extended.

Trying to have a conversation with my housemate. But I don't think he's paying any attention.

I imagine he's dreaming of flying upside down.

#toebeans ๐Ÿพ

Mostly white cat with black spots laying on his back on the couch was paws facing up and above his head.
My cat Chinny sleeping on his back on the couch was paws in the air.
3 weeks ago

I managed to snap a shot of Sancho's toe beans and even a hint of a fang

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #ToeBeans #ToeBeanTuesday #fang

A tabby and white cat is sleeping on its side with many toe beans on display and the hint of a fang showing

This #cat checks all the boxes of a cool cat. -
If only he'd like staying inside all the time.. I'd worry less.


Cat sleeping, with belly up, and teeth showing, and feet up.
Cat sleeping, with belly up, and teeth showing, and feet up.
4 weeks ago
A little black catโ€™s foot with black toe beans
1 month ago

If your partner works from office, send them many photos of your kitty taking a nap, to keep their morale up. Follow me for more #relationshipadvice

#catsofmastodon #toebeans

cat sleeping on a blue cushion
Sinead Quealy
1 month ago

I'll ask you to ignore the fact, as he has, that he's sprawled on the kitchen table, but look at those #toebeans!!!! #catsofmastadon #catsofmastodon #mondaymorning

Large ginger Tom cat lying on a wooden kitchen table with his hand paws closest to the camera displaying toe beans perfectly.
1 month ago

Sancho the #RescueCat isn't shy about his toe beans. Enjoy!

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #toebeans

White cat legs with pink toe beans and and dark foot pad
A tabby and white cat lays on blue material with his hind toe beans on display
Becky ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
1 month ago
My British shorthair dozing in the direct sun on a fluffy blue blanket. His tongue is slightly out and you can see his cute toe beans on one foot as he stretches out.
Holly Tootell (she/her)
1 month ago

Happy Caturday! #caturday #toebeans

Photo of three white and black paws dangling out of a purple fluffy doughnut bed. One paw appears to be tucked away still. The focus is the fantastic little pink toebeans belonging to said cat who is in an unconscious bliss.
cayotic spice
1 month ago

Send bean pics.

(toe beans)
#cayotictoots #cattweets #toebeans

His & Hearse Press
1 month ago
A photo of a computer monitor, keyboard, mousepad, and mouse. Kitten legs are poking out from beneath the monitor, featuring tiny perfect pink toe beans.
1 month ago

Late #caturday post. Sancho is enjoying the thick blanket on our bed as the weather gets cooler. And isn't afraid to show his #ToeBeans

#cats #CatsOfMastodon

White and tabby cat laying on a bed with pink toe beans
2 months ago

Rosey the cat's toes and nose!

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon
#ToeBeans #ToeBeanTuesday

A close up photo of a cat's nose. The cat's paw is also in view. The paw is upturned so you can see the toe beans.
2 months ago

Keep your friends close and your paws closer.


A white cat naps on a grey velvet blanket with her paws drawn up closely near her head.
Day Mar ๐ŸŒŠ
2 months ago

Sleeping like crap for like a week, can you folks share your #cats #toebeans, as today I feel like ๐Ÿซ ๐Ÿซ ๐Ÿซ  thank you ๐Ÿซ˜ #CatsOfMastodon

C.L. Irwin :verified:
2 months ago
Closeup photo of a white catโ€™s paw with pink and black toebeans.

#Cat Heads popping out of the heated cat box. Well, and a set of


Comet sticking his head out of the cat box.
Astro Sticking his head out of the Cat Box.
Tux sticking he head out of the Cat Box. 
Chinny  with his back to the camera sitting on the edge of the porch looking into the back yard.
A Set of Cat Toes sticking out of the box. 
Not sure if they're Astro's or Comet's.
3 months ago

A little teaser of something being worked on over on ~ Patrons gets all the full behind the scenes, polls, early access to finished images and videos and much more!

#toeBeans #pawbs #furry #anthro

Martha Crimson
3 months ago

Morning toe beans - she's hunting butterflies in her sleep.

#AleaTheBlackCat #ToeBeans #MastoCats #CatsOfMastodon

Extreme close up on Alea The Black Cat's hind paw - her black and pink toe beans clearly visible.


I don't have a garden robe.
But the animals do like the smell of their humans. I put a pair of old short pants on the couch for Chinny to hang out on. Also he took to an old pillow that I had.


My cat zonked out on the couch, 
with his toe beans sticking out.
3 months ago

Don't forget to stretch your beans.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #ToeBeans

A low-angle close-up view of a tabby cat stretching his back feet, spreading his toe beans and wiggling his toes.
Peter Kisner
4 months ago

Someone is dreaming.

#Cat #ToeBeans #Dreaming #Cute

Kitty cat toe beans twitching in her sleep.
Snu Bear
5 months ago

Happy #Caturday from Paddy aka Spuds who is doing her best to turn inside out and upside down, revealing the forbidden beans!

#Cat #Catsodon #CatsOfMastodon #ToeBeans

A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Her pink tongue is out and her toe beans are showing.
A grey and white cat lying on her side on the round platform of a grey cat tree, with her front paws outstretched, a lace curtain in the background. Zoomed in a little for appreciation of pink toe beans.
Iain Clark
5 months ago
Close up of a sleeping cat curled up so that her white back leg and paw with black toe pads are booked against her black head and nose.

Toe beans โœ…
Lilโ€™ pink nose โœ…
Perfectly tucked paw โœ…
Floof-to-curl ratio on tail: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
Form: ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐Ÿค out of 5

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #DollyPurrton #cute #ToeBeans

A white cat with red color points sleeps curled atop a fuzzy grey blanket