Clayton Hove
1 day ago

If you adopt Lindy, as a special bonus, she’ll judge the outfits you throw together for yourself each morning.
#sheltercat #adoptdontshop #tortie #cat #catsofmastodon

1 week ago

Baby Girl laying low in a sea of blankets. #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #BabyGirl #Tortie #TortieCat #Tortitude

2 weeks ago

My love is like a red, red rose (feline edition). #cat #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #meow #tortie. This is, of course, Miss Isabella Tortellini.

Tortie tuxedo cat curled fast asleep in a tight ball in center of red fleece blanket. Blanket is haphazardly folded, and rests on top of another, slate blue, blanket, also haphazardly folded, and all on an aqua patterned futon couch.
2 weeks ago

Also, since it’s #Caturday. #Tortie

Our tortie, Stella, yawning.
Rich Chappo
2 weeks ago

Ethel is about to drop her debut solo album after an acrimonious split from her long term bandmates. #catsofmastodon #tortie #tortitude

A large fluffy tortoiseshell cat sitting on a kitchen table looking pensively into the camera.
Tywyll Seren
2 weeks ago

She does-she’s really chill so every once in awhile I’ll see her cleaning one of their faces. Or just being by them-just a chill kitty girl.

Here she is from a couple of years ago, teaching Miss Ginger Rogers as a puppy how to behave. 🤭

#dogsofmastodon #corgi #tortie #catsofmastodon

Tortie shows a Corgi how to behave.
3 weeks ago

Breaking: it’s #Caturday. #Tortie

Close up portrait of our kitty, Stella. She’s a tortie.
Vincent Buller 🌻
3 weeks ago


#Tortie Bess kijkt uit over haar wilde tuin (zij, noch haar tweebenige huisgenoot, zijn erg van het tuinieren. En het is goed voor de insecten #Natuurlijk)

#Tortie Bess looking out over her wild garden, sitting on a wooden garden table
1 month ago

I had to look up what a blep is, but I think this qualifies. #bleptember #tortie

tortie curled up with tongue sticking out
Noelle Adams
1 month ago

Glow up!
Exactly one year ago we met our baby Bean. Runt of the litter then, now a majestic floof.
#catsofmastodon #tortie #Tortoiseshell #furkids

Side by side shots of a tortoiseshell kitten, around 6 weeks old, and the same cat as a long haired one year old
Cats of Yore
1 month ago

Just a kitty owning the bed. Photo from my collection, ca early 60s. #CatsOfYore #Cat #Cats #History #catsodon #catsofmastodon #catcontent #ilovecats #vintage #tortie

Black and white photo of a shorthaired dilute tortie, looking confidently at the camera from where it lies sprawled on a white comforter on top of a bed. It’s leaning up against an elongated heap of the blanket, I don’t know if it’s just a lump or if the cat might be nestled against the back of a covered person’s knee as cats sometimes do.
Erica Hargreave
1 month ago

Enjoyed a #Dinner Date with the #TortieTerror, of Poke, Wakame, mango & local corn & cucumber. All delicious! Spoiled for fresh & tasty food in #RichmondBC.

Ella’s favourite was the Shoyu Salmon, & mine was the Ala Moana Ahi, which made for a more peaceful dinner together as she didn’t try to finish my ahi for me. Actually her table manners were quite exceptional, making me a proud mom.

#tasty #EatLocal #FarmFresh #DinnerWithMyCat #FurFamily #FurryFamily #Tortie #tortitude

Dining on poke with a tortoiseshell cat.
A tortoiseshell cat licking her lips while eating poke.
Clay Dowling
1 month ago

Because Monday can be hard, here is my cat, who has been following me all day.

#catsofmastodon #catsoffediverse #tortie

Long haired three colored cat sleeping against a wall on a deck.
Phil Sawa
2 months ago
Tortie Cat sitting on my Wife's lap. My Wife's glasses happen to be set on the arm of the couch. The glasses' location makes it look like the Tortie cat is wearing the glasses inside-out!
2 months ago

This magnificent tender mighty loving brilliant being is 14 today! Miss Isabella Tortellini on her summer throne, as she is every day this summer. #caturday #cat #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #tortie ALT text is detailed and enjoyable.

Tortie tuxedo cat unfurled with white undercarriage showing. Ridiculous upside down head with slightly pink chin. Orange tortie flecks on black face and body. Three legs are black with white socks, one rear leg is black with a fancy orange leg warmer and white sock because she is the Cindy Lauper of cats. She is lying on a pill, neutral seat, cushion on wicker chair with a floral pillow behind her. As is her wont. 
Dora Hathazi Mendes
2 months ago

Tortoiseshell cats are famous about their personality, known as tortietude but did you know that In many cultures, tortoise cats are considered to be good luck. In both Irish and Japanese folk law, having a tortie cat around can bring cat owners good fortune 🐾
One of my watercolor tortie painting
#MastoArt #MastoCats #catsofmastodon
#tortie #tortiecats #CatsArrFamily
#tortoiseshellcat #cat #cats #catart #catpaintings #art #artwork #paintings #watercolor

Original handmade watercolour tortoiseshell cat painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes
Rich Chappo
2 months ago

Another box (for an air fryer) that was supposed to go in the trash but has now become a permanent fixture in the living room. Lucy (and Ethel) have made it their own.#CatsOfMastodon #tortie #tortitude #TortieCats #tortiesofmastodon

A small tortoiseshell cat lying on a towel inside a cardboard box. The cardboard box is on its side in the corner of a living room.
Tywyll Seren
2 months ago

Time for bed, Hooman. Tomorrow is your in office day, I require bedsnuggles.

Cupid, probably.
#catsofmastodon #tortie

Johann ⛆
2 months ago

Ma Circé, c'est mon bonheur (et celui de son deuxième papa). Ça a été tellement de galère après son adoption. Maintenant ça fait huit mois qu'on vit sous le même toit et on s'est adoptés. Ce n'est pas toujours facile (elle ne peut dormir que dans le garage sinon on ne dort pas, par exemple), mais elle est si drôle, si douce de pelage et si jolie ! Et je ne voulais pas d'un #chat peluche. Je voulais un chat félin, grognon et indépendant. Voilà. (N'empêche qu'elle passe des heures collée à moi pour la sieste.) :blob_cat_gratpat:

#CatsOfMastodon #ChatsDeMastodon #Catstodon #Chatstodon #Calico #Tortie #CoucouTuVeuxVoirMaChatte

Chat endormi dans l'entrejambe d'un monsieur
Chat tricolore à jolie collerette sur un rebord de fenêtre
Chat tricolore à collerette endormi en plongeur sur un plaid bleu
Chat à collerette baillant (on dirait qu'elle hurle) dans le creux du bras de son maître torse nu
Ken Coar
3 months ago

Ten years old, but still a kitten. Very mater-of-fact about her prerogatives. Likes to get under the covers in order to warm her pads on my bare legs. #cat #catsofmastodon #tortie #tortoiseshell #cute #photo #photograph

Photograph of tortoiseshell cat Fribble (Butterscotch Ripple) curled up on her side with her forepaws folded in a pose of maximum cuteness.

Those who have followed awhile know I have been creating #DigitalArt specifically formatted for mobile wallpaper. This #Tortie #cat art is the latest! 😍
Find it here:

A fun way to carry art with you and toss a few coins my way. 😉

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #CatsOfMastodon #MarkOnArt

Digital art depicting a cosmic Tortie Cat who is blended into a starry background - designed with an aspect ratio that fits mobile devices.
Mockup depicting digital tortie cat artwork as a wallpaper or  lock screen on a mobile phone.

Sakura lying near the stuffed kitty I got to remember October by ❤️ #Cats #Tortie #CatsOfMastodon

Beautiful tortie cat lying on a bed, looking toward the camera. A black cat someolwhat realistic looking stuffed animal is next to her.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little kitty, Sakura!! She is 4-years-old today! #Cats #Tortie #CatsOfMastodon

Close up photo of tortie cat, Sakura lying on a gray rug. She's looking at me more than the camera. Her eyes are yellow/green and wide. Half of her face is more blonde and red while the other half is more black. Her whiskers are white and black accordingly. She's a beautiful cat and oh so cute!
Mary Austin
6 months ago

Best shot I could get of my neighbors' sweet, squirmy little tortie.

Here's my all-purpose affirmation: "Animals like me and people's opinions aren't worth my time."

#Caturday #Tortie #CatsOfMastodon

Tortoiseshell cat lying on the ground in a parking lot, rolling around to ask for a belly rub
K Lars Lohn
6 months ago

No matter what you are doing, Pearl does not approve.

#cat #CatsOfMastodon #tortie

A long haired tortie cat, sitting in front of our community cat drinking pond, stares straight at the camera with a disapproving stare.

She's a dark cone shaped bollard, a veritable pile of fur, that no one is allowed to pass.
6 months ago

Miss Isabella Tortellini started some kind of bladder situation yesterday. She now has antibiotics + probiotics onboard. Today 100% normal and cheerful so far--no idea if the UTI-type symptoms were a brief case of idiopathic cystitis or simply that meds are working fast (she's only had 2 doses so far). She's 13.5 and she's my heart. Hoping for fast return to her normal healthy happy life pronto. #cat #cats #tortie #CatsOfMastodon

Note: #AltText provides extra verbal stylings for your enjoyment

Tuxedo tortioseshell cat looking directly into camera, at eye level. She's unimpressed that I'm asking her to pose while she's busy destroying her favorite catnip rodent. She's perched on a pale green quilt; toy rodent (grey and pink) is to lower left of her white throat/chest. Large ears, yes, very large ears. Tiny white feets. Goofy white whiskers.

Sakura is being my work buddy right now. :blobcatheart: #cats #tortie #CatsOfMastodon

Tortie cat sitting on a pink desk. She is kind of facing the camera. She likes looking at Mastodon refresh on my laptop.
8 months ago
Pict the calico cat looking up from the floor.
9 months ago

It's Caturday people. This is Kira in her tree

#Cat #Cats #Caturday #tortie

A tortie cat sits atop a cat tree
Noelle Adams
9 months ago

Torties are next-level camo cats.

#tortie #tortiecat #catsofmastodon #kittensofmastodon

Our Tortie cat Bean curled up in the garden, well camouflaged in a shadowy patch under a tree.
Noelle Adams
10 months ago

How it started vs. How it's going.

#catsofmastodon #tortie #purrsday #furkid

Bean, the tortoiseshell cat, as a 6/8-week old kitten.
Bean the tortoiseshell cat at 4 and a half months.
10 months ago

Going through old vids and pics so this one is from a while ago.

Jadzia purring and slowly going to sleep on a cushion in the garden to the sound of birds . Turn the sound up for this one.

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastadon #tortie.

A sleepy tortie cat on a cushion
10 months ago

I think we can all agree the best shape for a cat is a circle

#cats #cat #CatsOfMastadon #tortie

A Tortie is lying in a circle on a pink blanket on a char decorated with palm leaves