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The #Founders ' biggest mistake was worrying only about a monarchical tyrant, and assuming that #tradition, #honor, #enlightenment, #voters, and/or #shame would keep #dolts like #Tuberville from breaking the #government.

Unfortunately, the #GOP #conservatives care nothing for tradition, their honor is performative, they equate enlightenment with "woke," they think shame is a way to attack their opponents, and their voters in our binary system keep returning them to DC.

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[11 / 11]

2. "gajawadana beduwe" by K.J. Yesudas

"gajawadana" conjugates the words gaja (गज elephant) and wadana (वदन face) to simply mean "elephant face".

"beduwe" (ಬೇಡುವೆ) is a Kannada word to mean "I plead."

Together, "gajawadana beduwe" means "I plead/appeal to the one with elephant face".

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition #music #carnatic #classical


Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[10 / 11]

To end, here are Carnatic renderings of two popular songs on Ganesha:

1. "lambodara lakumikara" by S. Janaki
(the first song a student of Carnatic music learns)

"lambodara" combines lamba (लम्ब) and udara (उदर) to mean "large belly".

"lakumikara" conjugates "lakumi" a Kannada aberration of Sanskrit "lakshmi" (लक्ष्मी wealth in this context) and "kara" (कर creator).

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition #music #carnatic #classical

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[9 / 11]

Naturally, there are many variations of this story, and it seems the story changes a bit each time it is told, but the essence remains. Also, there are many holes in the story.

However, regardless of the detail, it is important to learn and enjoy the essence, and if you can, enjoy some of the food as well. 😀

BTW the traditional dish for this day is "modaka" (मोदक)

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition #food

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[8 / 11]

Shiva transplants the elephant head onto the boy, resurrects him, and accepts him as a son. Recognizing the boy's courage and determination, Shiva also makes the boy the head of the gaNa.

And that is how the boy gets an elephant head and also comes to be known as Ganesha: gaNa (troops) + eesha (chief, lord).

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[7 / 11]

Shiva calms down after a while and agrees to restore the boy's life. He asks his troops (गण gaNa) to bring him the head of the first being that is sleeping with its head to North.

The troops happen on an elephant asleep with its head to North and promptly bring back its head.

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[6 / 11]

Irked, Shiva insists he be let in and demands that if the boy is indeed Paarwathi's son, then he should abide by the father as well. But the boy stands his ground.

Shiva is now super angry and chops off the boy's head with his trademark trident.

Hearing the boy's cry, Paarwathi comes out running and sees her son dead. She argues Shiva should have seen the boy was only doing as told and pleads his life be restored.

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[5 / 11]

It just so happens that Shiva stops by to see Paarwathi, and the vigilant boy stops him too. Shiva politely but firmly informs the boy that he is Shiva, the lord of everything, and BTW also Paarwathi's husband.

The boy acknowledges Shiva but still denies him entry because his mother has ordered that *no one* should be allowed in.

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[4 / 11]

On to the myth:

One day, Shiva's consort Paarwathi (पार्वति) is bathing and makes a figure of a very young boy [think about 10] from her bodily impurity [remember, myth] and breathes life into the figure. She then asks the boy to guard the bathroom door and not let *anyone* in.

The boy stands guard at the door and dutifully shoos away everyone that comes looking for his "mother".

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[3 / 11]

Second, about the name: In Sanskrit, the word Ganesha (गणेश gNaesha, N is hard nasal) is a combination of two words:

गण (gaNa) which means band/army (of troops)
ईश (eesha) which means lord/chief

गण + ईश = गणेश by the grammar rule named "guNa sandhi" (गुणसन्धि )

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #mythology #India #culture #tradition #sanskrit #language

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

[2 / 11]

But first, Ganesha Chaturthi is a rare Hindu holiday observed pretty much all over India, on the same day. However, it is observed with the most fervor in the western state of Maharashtra. If you're ever there late Aug-mid Sep, I highly recommend visiting "Ganesh pendaals", especially in/around Mumbai and Pune. There will be at least one organized installation in every neighborhood.

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #India #culture #tradition

Sean Murthy
5 days ago

Today is "Ganesha Chaturthi", a Hindu holiday observing the birth of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god with the iconic elephant head. Best wishes to all who observe the day.

If you don't know and are interested, here is the myth behind why Ganesha is named so and has an elephant head: 🧵

[Attached picture courtesy my sister.]

#ganesha #ganeshaChaturthi #hindu #myth #mythology #India #culture #tradition

A light brown clay figure of Ganesha decorated with garlands of yellow mums, some white mums around the shoulder, red roses above the white mums, and a red rose at the feet.
5 days ago

#Gewohnheit, #Sitte und #Brauch sind stärker als die #Wahrheit.”

#Ηabit, #custom and #tradition are stronger than #truth.”

Mensch, Marina
6 days ago

@claasgefroi Gute Idee. Nur noch solche Bilder im Zusammenhang mit #Bayern & #Tradition oder #Oktoberfest #Wiesn #HarteDroge #Alkohol

1 week ago
@redcat unter dem Kaiser war vor allem schon der #Besitzbürger, die Banken und Unternehmer und das Kapital deutsch- national, also #Tradition wie #Oktoberfest, reaktionärer #Trachtenfasching und #Männerpolitik
1 week ago

A very #Chinese bonfire
Final night of #hungryghost festival, offerings of hell money offered to the departed.

#singapore #chinatown #tradition #culture #streetphoto #streetphotography #urbanphotography #photography

Pavvement lined with cake and candle offerings, hell money being burned by business owners, some squatting, some standing.
The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
1 week ago

Hobby eines Milliardärs« | Der 80-jährige Milliardär Kristján Loftsson, betreibt den Walfang ohne ernsthafte Gewinnabsichten. Denn die Nachfrage nach Walfleisch ist so gering, dass die Kosten nicht gedeckt werden.

Strenge Auflagen: Walfang in Island steht vor dem Aus -

Spektrum der Wissenschaft #tierschutz #tierquälerei #tierleid #Tierrechte #fleisch #tradition #ernährung #biodiversität

1 week ago

@Invidiosa @s427 j'espère que s427 sera sur son vélo ! #tradition

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2 weeks ago

If you want to bring Moon Cakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, or explain to the class about how the rabbit lays eggs for Yom Saint Francis Ha’Kadosh, whatever your family’s Tishrei #tradition is, we would love to hear about it!

The Third Grade teaching team,
Sapir Goldstein, Alona Taib, and Dan Kapach

#chag #chagim #holidays #TotallySecular
#DearParents #PublicSchool #School
#EduTwitter #EduTooters #Educators



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In Wisconsin, the Menominee Tribe's Sustainable Forestry Is Visible From Space

The Menominee Tribe's tradition of doing "what's best for the forest" has become a global model for sustainability.#climatechange #tradition #sustainable #ecosystems #environment #trees #forests #indigenous #section-Articles
In Wisconsin, the Menominee Tribe's Sustainable Forestry Is Visible From Space
2 weeks ago

#Tradition gleich destruktiver #Traditionalismus? So sieht es die (deutsche) #Kirche oft, kommentiert Julia Martin, aber...

Peter Gutsche
2 weeks ago

Irgendwie schräg  dass viele Politiker beim Thema Deutschsein und #Tradition immer zuerst ans Saufen denken ("grösster Stammtisch der Welt" in #Gillamoos).

Ich stelle mir da schon die Frage, was für eine Vorstellung solche Politiker von ihrem Land und ihren potenziellen Wählern haben.

#Merz #Bierzelt #Deutsch

Atlas Obscura
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The live, jewel-encrusted beetles called maquechs are tied to an ancient legend, but some worry for their future.#objectsofintrigue #tradition #animals #legends #mayan #jewels #beetle #insects #section-Articles
The Living, Breathing Broaches of the Yucatán
2 weeks ago

🍏 Die Bodensee-Apfelsaison ist eröffnet und bringt mehr als nur saftige Früchte! Entdecke, was hinter dieser jährlichen Tradition steckt und warum sie für Baden-Württemberg so wichtig ist. #BodenseeApfel #Innovation #Tradition 🌞

Atlas Obscura
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Uriel Alfaro Castro shows his handmade Aztec wheels, which outperformed European designs.#visual #tradition #crafts #photography #art #section-Articles
A Look Inside the Last Colorful Oxcart Factory in Costa Rica

#Baehr and #Thiel lamented what they saw as the fragmented state of conservative networks, with their hidebound think tanks and intellectual centers that hold sway over right-of-center politics.

A rare bright spot on their side, Baehr and Thiel agreed, was the #FederalistSociety. Thiel had, in fact, served as president of the Stanford Federalist Society.

What if there were a group similar to the Federalist Society for #venture #capitalists or corporate #CEOs or members of the #media?

In 2008, Baehr, Hawley and others launched #Teneo — Latin for “I grasp" or “I endure.”

Hawley, then an associate lawyer in private practice, authored Teneo’s founding principles, according to the new member talk hosted by Baehr, and served on the group’s board.

Its core beliefs align with the broader conservative establishment’s: #limited government, #individual liberty, #free enterprise, #strong national defense and #civil society and belief in a “#transcendent order” that is “founded in #tradition, #philosophy, or #theology.”

Der Emil
4 weeks ago

Gebloggt wie jeden Tag:

2023/240 – Saisonbeginn

Ich könnte es auch frühzeitige Inhaltswarnung nennen.

Heute Nachmittag saß ich ziemlich konzentriert an einer Liste, die seit Jahren irgendwann zum Sommerende hin […]

Gefällt mir:

Gefällt mir Wird geladen …

4 weeks ago

_Jeder_ der 5 #Verkehrsminister der letzten 14 Jahre war/ist eine #Niete. #CSU #Tradition die auch nicht von der #FDP gebrochen wird.

das menschy
1 month ago

Wenn sie statt #Wein #Traubensaft produzieren und verkaufen würden, dann könnten auch #Kinder / #Schwangere / #Alkoholiker es trinken und sie könnten viel mehr davon absetzen und verkaufen (und so viel mehr Geld verdienen). Aber weil "#Tradition" ja so wichtig ist, "müssen" sie unbedingt Wein machen. 🤦

"Tradition" ist Gruppenzwang durch tote Menschen. Und #Kapitalismus ist so ein bescheuertes System. Die Verherrlichung von alkoholischen Getränken ist Symptom des #Patriarchat's.


Frankreich vernichtet überschüssigen Wein. Die französische Regierung will damit die Weinpreise stabilisieren. 

Frankreich werde einen zu diesem Zweck bereitgestellten EU-Fonds von 160 Millionen Euro um 40 Millionen Euro aufstocken, sagt der französische Landwirtschaftsminister Marc Fesneau.
1 month ago

#Tradition ist die Methode, die verhindern will, dass Kinder ihre Eltern übertreffen.

(Ephraim Kishon)


Theo the Rone :anxde:
1 month ago

#Tradition, sooo wichtig für die menschliche Spezies.
Hach, das muss ein Fest sein.

*Hatte ich eigentlich bereits erwähnt; #Menschen sind Shice!


(das Foto stammt lt. Web von einer ungenannten Touristin)

Das Foto zeigt das Abschlachten hunderter Grindwale & Delfine in einem Fjord der Färöer-Insenl. Das Meer ist blutrot.
1 month ago

#Tradition and the #LindyEffect are descriptive, not prescriptive, observations.

Things stick around for lots of reasons, good and bad — including, but not limited to: coercion, fear, inertia, ossification, taboo, chance, network effects, market failures, sunk costs…

Lots of wrong ideas, unhealthy habits and abhorrent behaviours are “old”.

Old ≠ good.

(#NaturalisticFallacy, you’re next)

The Japan Times
1 month ago
1 month ago

Friend (back home) went out looking for a #traditional #Mizo wraparound and she stumbled upon this one with #beads in it - similar to what the Mara people do with their traditional wrap around. Pretty, I must say.

Adding PIC 3 (from the internet) for comparison.

#Native #Indigenous #Beadwork #Jewelry #Handmade #Tradition #Fashion

A woman posing with a wraparound of the traditional dress of Mizoram.
The same wraparound laid out in a sofa.
A woman posing with a wraparound of the traditional dress of Mizoram.

@Die_Primel isn't it a #British #Tradition to trow #Marginalized people under the bus?

And creating an #epidemic of #tuberculosis among migrants and basically murdering them on a boat by criminal neglect and denial of medical care and isolation isn't so much out of this world as it seems for anyone who knew how the "#UK" treated #Ireland buring the late 1840s.

Alx 🐈
1 month ago

I have a softspot for grandmas. Here an interesting episode on how the role of grandmas and elder people in communities is often underestimated and antagonised, which often results in conflicts and undermines the work for embracing or giving up knowledge and practices in medicine and healthcare, using an 'innovation through tradition approach'

#OneHealth #Tradition #Medicine #Culture

you know, going into a webbed site and reading a claim that "human rights" are a throwaway argument and don't matter when compared to #tradition is

definitely a thing

of course it was made by an extremely queerphobic putinist
Atlas Obscura
2 months ago
In Kannauj, perfumers have been making monsoon-infused mitti attar for centuries.
How Indian Perfumers Capture the Smell of Rain

Ukraine moves Christmas date to 25 December in snub to Russia

- Moscow's patriarchy gave its blessing to Putin’s invasion and claimed that Russian soldiers will be cleansed of sin.

- The date change is part of a national process of dismantling the symbols of Russia, the Soviet Union and communism.

#religion #orthodox #holidays #tradition #SlavaUkraini #crimea #donbas #church

Bosque Bill
2 months ago

Navajo 'Tree of Life' hand-woven rug
[Vertical photo]

I placed the winning bid for this wool rug at the Navajo rug auction in Crownpoint, NM. It is about 26" wide by 30" tall and was hand-woven by Helen Kaye of Blue Gap, AZ.

The Crownpoint Rug Auction has been providing an opportunity for Navajo weavers to sell their beautiful rugs (and other crafts) to the public since 1964.

For many photos of the auction and a description of my experience visit:

#TreeTuesday #Navajo #NavajoNation #weaving #tradition #NewMexico

Photo of a small Navajo woven rug with a design called "Tree of Life." The design features a dark green corn stalk growing from a bowl with a geometric decoration; sitting on the leaves, and flying around, are many variously colored birds; the rug has a black border with red and white geometric design.
Simon Zerafa :donor: :verified:
2 months ago


Not come across that one before.

However parts of Wales have a tradition that you must exit a home the same way to entered it.

No arriving at the front and leaving from the back doors for instance.

Allegedly brings misfortune should you do this 🤔🤷‍♂️

#tradition #folklore
2 months ago

Growing up Russell Wallace lived in the Mt. Pleasant area of Vancouver’s Eastside.

He was the youngest of Flora and Ray Wallace’s 11 children. That home overflowed with singing, with his mom Flora teaching her children Salish songs and stressing the importance of preserving them.

Now Russell is passing along those teachings in workshops at the CREATE! Arts Festival in Vancouver on July 22.

#FirstNations #Indigenous #culture #tradition #song #festivals #Vancouver #BC

A man stands on a stage using a hand drum and sings.
2 months ago

"A Hellishly Hard Day" @VCampenaerts @lotto_dstny looks back the #devil on the way up the climb. More #TDF2023 #cycling #art #watercolors at #cyclisme #ciclismo #weilrennen @LeTour @itvcycling @NBCSCycling @Eurosport_FR He is a #tradition at the Tour!

All of my #tourdefrance #artwork is for sale through my #cyclingblog

3 months ago

We had our official first meal in the new house. Fresh homemade bread with olive oil, salt, and honey, and some wine. It's a tradition for me to bless a home that way.

Bread, so there will never be hunger. Salt, so life always has flavor. Honey, so life is always sweet. Olive oil, that there is richness and prosperity. And wine, so there is plentiful joy and celebration.

#bread #blessing #moving #tradition

A loaf of golden brown braided bread, a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, two orange wine tumblers, a bottle of Texas honey, a bottle of California olive oil, and a bag of Himalayan salt, with bowls for the salt and oil.

Back to #Stonehenge tonight for the #SummerSolstice celebrations. My seventh? Eighth year? I've lost count. It's become a pilgrimage and a highlight of the working year I always look forward to.

Usually I'd be piloting the drone for the live broadcast, but focusing on photography this year. A fascinating phenomenon to capture. Here's a couple from last summer.

#Solstice #Photography #Photojournalism #Photographer #Culture #Tradition #History #StandingStoneSunday ©

4 months ago

„In dem Moment, wenn ich einen Menschen kennenlerne, interessiert es mich kaum, woher er kommt - das ist mir egal.“ 👤 - Jugendliche teilen in der Doku "Bruder, Bruder, Bruder" ihre persönlichen Erfahrungen mit Rassismus, Diskriminierung sowie ihren Umgang damit. Es geht um wichtige Fragen wie: Wer bin ich? Was bedeutet Deutschsein? Wie wirkt sich kulturelle Vielfalt auf den Freundeskreis aus? 🎬 Zum Film 👉
#identitat #kultur #migration #deutschland #tradition #diversitat

Auf dem Bild sind drei Jugendliche in einem Klassenraum zu sehen. Rechts unten steht: "Fast die ganze Welt", links befindet sich das Logo der Landeszentrale für politische Bildung.
4 months ago

Bret Victor's "Future of Computing" talk is approaching its 10th birthday, so here it is for folks who may have missed it first time around:

> The '60s and early '70s were a fertile time for #computerscience ideas, reminds Victor, but even more importantly, it was a time of unfettered thinking, unconstrained by programming #dogma, #authority, and #tradition. 'The most dangerous thought that you can have as a #creative person is to think that you know what you're doing,' explains Victor. 'Because once you think you know what you're doing you stop looking around for other ways of doing things and you stop being able to see other ways of doing things. You become blind.' He concludes, 'I think you have to say: "We don't know what programming is. We don't know what computing is. We don't even know what a computer is." And once you truly understand that, and once you truly believe that, then you're free, and you can think anything.'"

#permacomputing #retrocomouting

A video still showing a wide shot of Bret Victor on stage, dressed as an IBM drone of the period, with his arms raised. Behind and above him is a giant projection from an overhead projector [1] showing a transparency with the text "The Future of Programming - Bret Victor".

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
4 months ago

I come from a long line of self-surveillance targets. My grandfather outed himself as a communist to the authorities during the red scare. My father talks to cops whenever he can. I bought and installed an Alexa the moment they came out. #tradition #family #sarcasm

@lovinurbanism "#NetzwerkEffekt" ist in meinen Augen ne #AntiBegründung wie #Tradition...

Wir erlauben auch keine antijüdischen Pogrome oder Auspeitschung lediger Mütter nur weil das deutlich länger "normal" und von der Mehrheit geduldet und untersützt wurde als es verboten wurde.

den rechten Arm in 45° Elevation ausstrecken war schon von 1945 und vor 1933 verachtens- und nonverbaler Notwehr- und Nothilfereaktionen wert!

Wer #Gruppenzwangskind ist, ist Teil des Problems und Mitschuld!

4 months ago

#tradition : the unwritten or oral delivery of information, opinions, doctrines, practices, rites, and customs, from father to son, or from ancestors to posterity

- French: tradition

- German: die Tradition

- Italian: tradizione

- Portuguese: tradição

- Spanish: la tradición


Report an incorrect translation @

Jennifer Moore 😷
5 months ago

Stonker of a piece from Samuel McIlhagga about Britain's gradual decline - full of great quotes from other people too.

#UK #Britain #history #tech #finance #tradition #CivilService #Oxford

5 months ago

Anyone else worry about the loss of knowledge keepers and the transmission of knowledge and skill through the overreliance on apps?

When the first thing (or only thing) people suggest after you ask, "how do I learn...?" is an app, I get very concerned and not a little angry.

There are colonialist overtones here, not even subtle, I think...

#thoughts #musings #knowledge #wisdom #tradition #technology

Crowbar Jones
5 months ago

A Baker’s Dozen is 13 in number as a safeguard against penalties for short changing.

It started in the United Kingdom in the 16th century. Quality control meant bakers sold in lots of 12, then threw in an extra to cover inconsistencies across bakes/ingredients.

#food #foodfacts #delexicon #bakers #dozen #tradition

A Baker’s Dozen is 13 in number as a safeguard against penalties for short changing.
Mark H
5 months ago

It's May so thoughts turn to Morris dancing here. Here are some photos from about a decade ago when we went to see the Abingdon Traditional Morris Side and others. We've seen the Abingdon side many times because the bearded chap in the first and last photos is my wife's cousin. He's also the cousin of @mathzy.

Portsmouth has its own side called Victory Morris who we'll likely see this week in a nearby May Fayre.

#Morris #MorrisDancing #Folk #Tradition #MayDay #Abingdon

A close view of a man in a Morris outfit. This consists of a white shirt, a red neckerchief, green and yellow striped braces over the shoulders and crossing in front and behind, and a black top hat with a garland of flowers around it. The man is bearded and looking to our left where he appears to be in conversation with other Morris dancers.
Five Morris dancers walking along a street. Their outfits consist of a white shirt and trousers, a red neckerchief, green and yellow striped braces and belt over the shoulders and crossing in front and behind, and a black top hat with a garland of flowers around it. Ribbons and bells just below the knees complete the look. The two men at the back are carrying pints and the main in the centre of the group has a dog decorated with ribbons with him too.
A group of Morris dancers dancing with handkerchiefs held up in the air. Their outfits are a white shirt, a red neckerchief, green and yellow striped braces over the shoulders and crossing in front and behind, and a black top hat with a garland of flowers around it. Bells and ribbons just below the knees complete the look. It's sunny and a crowd of other people and other Morris sides is in the background.
A group of Morris dancers dancing in a rough circle, facing out, with handkerchiefs held up in the air. Their outfits are a white shirt, a red neckerchief, green and yellow striped braces over the shoulders and crossing in front and behind, and a black top hat with a garland of flowers around it. Bells and ribbons just below the knees complete the look. It's sunny and a crowd of other people and other Morris sides is in the background, and we can see a Mayor present too.
José Manuel Barros
5 months ago

Tradition? 🤔

"Spain bans decades-long tradition of ‘dwarf bullfighting"

"Dwarves in Spain have long dressed as firefighters or clowns to chase bulls without killing them, at public spectacles designed to be humorous. The tradition stretches back decades, but has declined in popularity".

#Heritage #CulturalHeritage #Tradition #Spain #Disability #Bullfighting

Bob Young :verified:
5 months ago

I just saw a heathen PowerShell tutorial.
When it teaches you to make your first script, the output to the screen is:
"Congratulations! Your first script executed successfully."
This is heresy.
The output of the student’s first script must be:
“Hello World.”


5 months ago

Skulls of #deer, #boar, and other animals adorn the hut of a ‘Pasal Tha’ (Good husband) or ‘Good hunter’ in a remote village in #Burma ( #Myanmar). A #tradition to show your status in society (and a good provider) back in the old days. On the right are dried #Maize to be eaten off season. 2021 click.

#Culture #Hunting #Travel #Photography #Fotographie #Fujifilm

In a remote village in Burma, a 'Pasal Tha' or 'Good Hunter' displays the skulls of animals he has hunted as a way of showcasing his status in society. The tradition dates back to the old days and is accompanied by the presence of dried maize, which is intended to be eaten during the off-season.
Man in the Woods
5 months ago

Help me find new friends! I’m an artist based in the southwest of Britain. Are you into:
• art 🎨
• folklore 🌞
• traditions and folk culture 🪬
• rambling 🥾
• muddy fields 🐂
• archaeology 🏺
• prehistory 🛖
• the medieval 🏹
• the ancient landscape 🌳

If so, say hi (please)!

#medieval #prehistory #landscape #nature #folklore #rambling #history #art #tradition @folklore @history @rambling @art

5 months ago

@polenz_r Sie haben wohl recht: In Bayern und in NRWE wird das zu willkürlichen Hausdurchsuchungen führen. Vorgeschobener Verdacht auf 4 Haschischpflanzen, um #Sekundenkleber zu beschlagnahmen.

#Union #Tradition #Korruption

Man in the Woods
5 months ago

I love the way traditional or vernacular architecture tells you about the local landscape and geology. In my native Berkshire, many buildings are built with warm, orange bricks made from the beautiful Thames Valley clay. I don’t live in the county any more but I feel emotionally connected to those colours and textures. This is a bit of embroidery I’m working on whilst mulling that all over.
#embroidery #needlework #sewing #art #architecture #tradition #berkshire #thames

The Conversation U.S.
5 months ago

#DYK: Easter’s date changes every year because it always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox.

Simple, right?

It’s part of the complicated origins of the holiday and its evolution over the centuries.


#Easter #Tradition #History #Religion

6 months ago


Die Verteidigung der Privi-Legien hat in #Täuschland #Tradition: 1848 Studenten niederschiessen, 1919 Arbeiterräte niederschießen, 1933 die ersten Konzentrationslager, da sind Gorleben, Lützerath, Klimakleber und Volksbegehren noch gut weggekommen...

6 months ago

Here's a shareable link to a new essay I wrote: The Value of Adobe. There is a link to Cheech's essay, What is a Chicano? If you haven't read it, please do. It's clear that we all may have a little Chicano in us. #NewMexico #culture #tradition #chicano #colonialism @yrachetajm

Ben Yehuda Press: Jewish books
6 months ago

"It turns out that Jewish tradition is actually Jewish traditions, Jewish thought is Jewish thoughts, Jewish practice is Jewish practices, Jewish community is Jewish communities; this is the way it has always been, from proto-Jewish biblical times to the postmodern present."

- From Jonathan L. Friedmann and Joel Gereboff in this upcoming book: (preorder discount!)

#Jewish #tradition #Mazeldon #ethics #quotes

John Linton Roberson
6 months ago

@geekysteven Yes, but thank god, human flesh still tastes like crayons #tradition

Mike Riversdale
7 months ago

Show any Kiwi anywhere in the world this poster and it will elicit 3 reactions:

1: Depending on where you are:
- INSIDE NZ: "Ha ha ha, d'ya know that poster is in every fish & chip shop in New Zealand."
- OUTSIDE NZ: "Wow, that takes me back."

2: "So you know that the best fish & chips is from [FILL IN NAME]. Best evah!"

3: "I can't remember the last time I had proper fish and chips!"

#Aotearoa #NewZealand #f&c #poster #tradition #photography

'New Zealand Commercial Fish Species' poster in a fish & chip shop.
Baruch Katz
7 months ago

Since the 1950's, Jewish day school children in America have competed to sell Barton's chocolate door-to-door as a fundraiser for their schools. Barton's has become a favorite Passover tradition for many families across the country. Now you can continue this tradition by buying chocolate online from my son!

#Bartons #chocolate #KosherForPassover #Passover #Tradition

Sorry for the screengrab of a tweet, but this is delightful. I cannot help but read this in Iliza Schlesinger's Ye Olde Pharmacy Witch voice. For reference:

#Childhood #ToothFairy #Tradition

Felicity Martin
9 months ago

Comrie Pipe Band leading the Flambeaux around the village at the start of 2023. It was snowing heavily, adding to the atmosphere. #Scotland #Hogmanay #NewYear #snow #fire #tradition #Perthshire

Kilted players of Comrie Pipe Band, with blue fairy lights on their chanters, marching through a crowded nighttime street with a dozen tall blazing torches following in the background.


Ich denke Jean Jaurès hatte Recht - #Tradition ist keine 'Denkfaulheit', sondern das aktive Auseinandersetzen mit individuellen Werten. Und das kann fordernd sein.

'Tradition' ist nicht das Anbeten der Asche. Tradition ist die Weitergabe des Feuers....

(Jean Jaurès)

Und dann ist #Tradition keine Denkfaulheit.

Man in the Woods
9 months ago

Some thoughts about midwinter (6)

Perhaps you’ll take a moment to observe the darkness, remember the light, and look forward with hope.
Whatever it means to you, Merry Midwinter, friends.

#midwinter #folklore #christmas #holidayseason #yule #solstice #tradition #wintersolstice #religion

In Finnish/Nordic tradition Santa is a late import. Instead merry old Father Christmas we used to have the Yule Goat, a trickster and a fertility figure. 😁 Even now many Finns sport these straw goats in their homes come Yule time.

Kuuluuko muiden jouluun olkipukit? Mulla on ollut tämä jo pian parikymmentä vuotta. Vähän viikset rapisseet, mutta muuten kunnossa. 😁

Mites himmelit? (Mä tein ennen himmeleitä, mutta nyt en ole ihan varma, mistä saisi olkia.)

#Yule #Xmas #Tradition #Finland

Smallish straw goat tied together with red ribbon. The goat stands on a windowsill with other random object, nice rocks etc.
10 months ago

I just wanted to share my silly #Hanukkah #tradition. Every year I make a different recipe from the #JewishDiaspora every night and to prepare I make a snacks board.

This year I'm making recipes from Spain, California, Mexico, Romania, Yemen, Italy, North Africa and Cuba.

A cork board featuring yellow paper cutouts of a Hanukkah menorah, anice donuts, bunuelos, kimchi latkes, papanasi, malawach, sfinj, fried chicken and tostones.
Richard Littler
10 months ago

Some of you mentioned #Krampusnacht yesterday, but, when I lived in Germany/Bavaria, it always occurred on the 6th. And it's not called Krampusnacht, it's called Klausentreiben. I've written an article about it for The American Bystander magazine, which should be out soon (my photos below).
#Krampus #folklore #Christmas #tradition #FolkHorror

Klausen about to attack me with a whipping cane. He's enormous, furry, horned; like an evil pagan polar bear with an enormous cowbell around its waist.
Klausen hunting
Klausen entering the pub after a hunt.
Klausen cornering a terrified, kneeling, praying child

I’m new to mastodon and it’s traditions so I clicked on #latelatetoyshow assuming this was some of sex toy show and tell.

I feel like a big perv but it was an honest mistake

How was I supposed to know 😭

#mastodon #introduction #culture #riptwitter #SocialMedia #tradition #catsofmastodon #trends #trending

Thinking about #thanksgiving #tradition, great TV episodes come to mind: Mad About You "Giblets for Murray" and West Wing "Indians in the Lobby" and "Shibboleth" most prominently.

Lily Rose - Celebrant
10 months ago


I also view it very much as an #eXvangelical project, an effort to take the 'teeth' out of toxic, harmful, (and dare I say, colonialist, white supremacist) Christianity.

I use an #Anglican framework, because I find its structures useful, (for example liturgy, the liturgical year, and its emphasis on #tradition.)

It is inevitably a #WorkInProgress, I have no idea if #HumanisticChristianity will catch on, it may not, but for me it is a kind of #therapy, working through it all.


Serdar Güneş
10 months ago

A Muslim American Reflects on the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

"Despite this rich and substantial gender equity tradition in Islam, Muslim women today suffer discrimination, abuse, and marginalization in Muslim communities."

Abed Awad

#GenderEquality #Feminism
#islam #tradition #gender