Claude Trudel
17 hours ago

Le Musée du fier monde présente sa vitrine de Noël du 29 novembre au 23 décembre 2023
#musée #gastronomie #cuisine #recette #traditions #Montréal #fête #Noël

Diane Magras (she/her)
1 day ago

This is such a powerful, poignant, and utterly lovely short documentary about an Irish boy who is expected to carry on his grandfather's sheep farm:

#Sheep #Ireland #family #Traditions

Jon Bowie
4 days ago

The #museum I #volunteer for got accused of introducing children to #paganism by naming a #summer #festival "#Lunasa" (a gaelic summer festival) by #religious #kooks in our #community (They even made #pamphlets!) Yet they partake in all the pagan #Christmas #traditions...religiously...

4 days ago

Dear Friends of old science, 🪸
As we may know, a lot of #science is now soft. 🙃 Sponsored by those interested in commercial, political, military, pharmaceutical, environmental, #nutritional or useless verification. 😱
Fortunately, the old science #schools never abandoned or stopped using #appropriate #technology as it was developed initially from their experiments and success.🧙‍♀️
Of course, the #chemists, #psychologists, #astronomers and #mathematical #conjurers and others have not all abandoned their roots. Some still name their #discoveries after #ancient #gods, or drive themselves wild on #sacred sciences from all the #stranger #traditions. 💫

Image prompt: authentic
Dall-e2 output description: In the heart of authenticity, even the trees dream in colors unseen. 🌈🌳✨

"Authentic" is the top word of 2023, according to America's oldest dictionary.

My thought on "Embracing Tradition in a Digital Age"

In a time where our lives are increasingly connected with digital advancements and #AI, Merriam-Webster's selection of "#Authentic" as the word of the year resonates deeply. This choice reflects a substantial increase in online searches, underscoring a collective need for genuineness amidst a sea of #digital transformations, #virtual experiences, and let's face it: a ton of made up stuff.
As a #society, we stand at a pivotal crossroads, navigating through layers of #propaganda and fabricated realities that span the globe. In my #Podcast Redefining Society, I often explore the necessity of #progress in all forms and shapes, while emphasizing the importance of grounding our society in #reality and staying true to the core values that define our #cultures, #traditions, and most of all our humanity, or what makes us human anyway... which is now more than ever a topic for profound ethical conversations.

Today, "Authentic" is not just a word; it's a testament to our collective desire to maintain a connection with what is real and tangible. In these times of profound digital change involving generative AI and virtual experiences, the prominence of "Authentic" is a reminder of our innate need for truth and sincerity.

There's a beautiful harmony in embracing both worlds – the exhilaration for what's digital and #futuristic, and the appreciation for what's analog and, yes, perceived as more authentic (up for discussion 🤔). It's about finding balance and ensuring that our digital advancements enhance rather than replace the authentic experiences that form the essence of our human experience.

As we continue to explore this intersection of technology and society, let's remember the value of authenticity. It's more than just a word; it's a guiding principle that can help us navigate the complexities of our modern world.

Read more about the significance of this word choice here.


Enjoy, think, share with others, and subscribe to the "Musing On Society & Technology" newsletter on #LinkedIn

Marco Ciappelli

Website in profile

#digitalart #reality #dream

Lady Wicket
2 weeks ago

“Everything starts somewhere, though many physicists disagree.”
Terry Pratchett; Hogfather
#DiscWorld #Thanksgiving #Traditions #PardonTheTurkey #HappyThanksgiving 🇺🇸🦃🇺🇸

2 weeks ago

I’ll be joining a friend’s family for the #Thanksgiving meal tomorrow and have been warned that there will be mandatory games afterward.

What are your #traditions?

2 weeks ago

🎶 Navèth numèro d’Eveniments : Asta’fòlk

Asta’folk qu’ei un hestau de culturas tradicionaus qui’s debana a Astahòrt, en Brulhés e en país Agenés. En aost 2023, qu’estò la cinquau edicion d’Asta’folk, ua faiçon d’animar aquera comuna de Òut e Garona.


#occitan #octele #eveniment #astafolk #lotetgaronne #gascogne #gascon #musiquetraditionnelle #astaffort #brulhois #traditions #folklore

Margaret Sefton
2 weeks ago

Wow, some of these are quite foreign to me, though I would say the first item mentioned was quite common in our household growing up: tomato aspic. Secretly I did not like it, but my mom liked to make it, especially when company came over. Here are a few others I don't know: Flying Jacob (from Sweden), Bologna Cake, Pineapple Cheeseball. #recipes #traditions

Martijn :europe:
2 weeks ago

Happy Saint-V to those who celebrate it!
(Celebrating the foundation of the Free University of Belgium on 20 November 1834)
#StudentTraditions #StudentFolklore #Brussels #traditions #NotASaint #PierreTheodoreVerhaegen #OnThisDay #OTD

Traditional student cap as used by the Free Universities of Brussels (VUB & ULB), with a long bill, and the crown filled with Saint-V medals of previous editions.
Folklore, Food & Fairytales
3 weeks ago

Calling all food-loving Norwegians! I would really like to know about Christmas #food traditions between Christmas and New Year, not the celebration days themselves. If you had a family/friends party at that time would it be more likely to be in the form of a sit down dinner or more like a help yourself hot/cold buffet table? Thanks lots in advance!
#Christmas #ChristmasFood #FoodFolklore #traditions #FoodTraditions #Norway #Norwegian

so much of our common #CulturalHeritage
[] is under threat. And too often,
it depends on the initiative of courageous individuals to save #traditions
[] and keep heritage alive...

Saving over 1000 #music [] tapes from
#Afghanistan [] before the Taliban (and
others) butchered a modern society, is no easy task, but Mohammed Hasan Zamri in

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from #Confucius:

Learning without thought ends in a blur. Thought without learning will soon totter.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #contemplation #knowledge #learning #reflection #study #thinking #thought #traditions

Cengiz İspir 👣
1 month ago

"Konup-göçmek, yerleşmek ve yaşamak: Sarıkeçili'lerde mekan ve anlatı / Nomadism, settlement and everyday life: Place and narrative among Sarıkeçili" - Ayşe Hilal Tuztaş Horzumlu


#antropoloji #anthropology #traditions #NomadicLife #Yuruks #Yörükler

How beautiful is Mexico and its traditions. They say that us Mexicans celebrate everything and death is not the exception.
Naked we come to this world and naked we leave.

November 2 - #DiaDeMuertos

#dayofthedead #freethenipple #traditions #mexicantraditions #mexico #tradiciones #tradicionesmexicanas

Good morning, #Fediverse! Enjoying the results of last night’s work. Tamales and hot coffee anyone? ☕️😁🫔

#Mexico #MexcanFood #Traditions #Tamales

Photo of a hot tamal, a hot coffee mug and a small pan de muerto

Tamales assembly line 😉😋

#México #DíaDeMuertos #Traditions

Huge clay pot full of tamal dough, surrounded by different fillings like green and red salsa, mole, chicken, cheese, and poblano chili rajas
Pouring the dough into the corn leaves
Adding the fillings before wrapping
Tamales in a special steam cooker, ready to be placed on the stove
1 month ago

Japan is a sexist society and a society that's slow to change.
I think we all know this and I often point that out on social media.

So, let's be a little positive today.

Five years ago, when my daughter joined the local kid's shishimai (lion dance) group, things were done the "traditional" way.


"Because that's the way things have always been done."

This is Japan after all.

It meant, among other things, that boys were the only ones allowed to do the lion dance.
Girls were only allowed to play the drums.

Well, five years later here is my daughter holding the lion's head.

There is hope, people. There is hope.

On a side note, I'm so proud of her and all the other kids for yesterday. But especially her, because it was her last matsuri and the first one where she was the lion's head (if my memory is not playing tricks on me).

(my son kicked ass too, but that's for another day, this one is for her)

#Japan #traditions #sexism #girlpower #matsuri #shishimai #liondance

My daughter kicking ass being the lion's head during a shishimai (lion dance) performance at yesterday's matsuri, the biggest one in town.
Deborah Makarios
2 months ago

Odd Headline from the BBC:
Straw Bale Hung from Millennium Bridge in Tradition.

(Turns out it's there as a warning to passing river traffic of workers overhead. Disappointingly, it does not get its own high-vis jacket. Or even a pair of googly eyes.)
#OddNews #BBC #London #Thames #Traditions

2 months ago

Set off on a spiritual quest with #Biblical #girl #names. Connect with each name’s meaning and share your insights. ❤️ Follow, boost, and join the conversation.
#NameJourney #SpiritualParenting #MindfulLiving #ConsciousChoices #Namesake #Traditions #FamilyHeritage #CulturalWisdom #AncestralNames #CommunityLove

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

I have an idea for the most shocking #Halloween #costume: go as a #heatwave! (Written at 22°C in eastern France,normal would be 10°C). Old celebrations feel mistimed ...

Are you interested in how #ClimateEmergency shifts ancient #traditions and #rituals? I looked at #pagan (later colonised by Catholics) #culturalHeritage of #harvest and #summer in #Alsace in my #podcast #NatureMatchCuts and was surprised by the #shifting #baseline: #ReconnectingWithNature #biodiversity

Petra van Cronenburg
2 months ago

How can we live with #change when even #traditions of the annual cycle no longer work? #Myths and #rituals talk about #nature and #biodiversity of ancient times. But with #climateChange, we are confronted with the phenomena of #shifting baselines and "planetary #amnesia". Listen to how we could redefine the #storytelling connections of time and space in our changing #landscapes. My new episode of #NatureMatchCuts #podcast ▶️
#Reconnecting #biodiversityLoss #ClimateDiary

Logo NatureMatchCuts with a stylised meadow.

so much of our common #CulturalHeritage is under threat. And too often, it depends on the initiative of courageous individuals to save #traditions and keep heritage alive...

Saving over 1000 #music tapes from #Afghanistan before the Taliban (and others) butchered a modern society, is no easy task, but Mohammed Hasan Zamri in Pakistan tried to do just that.

Which #DigitalArchive could support the efforts?

#UNESCO, #WorldCulture, #MusicalHeritage

Julie Howlin
2 months ago

According to English folklore, it was on this day that the Devil fell from Heaven, landed on a blackberry bush, and cursed the berries. Therefore, it is unlucky to pick Blackberries after Michaelmas.

10 Michaelmas traditions from around the world:

#Michaelmas #Today #Traditions #Folklore

Institutional Memory: What institutions (like schools) like to remember, and what they would prefer to forget.

#memory #history #traditions

★ Σταργαζερ ★
3 months ago

"These millennia-old sky #traditions aren't just random stories meant to entertain around the fire; they are often cornerstones of entire #cultures and #societies. We all share the same sky, and anyone from the same culture can identify the same constellations night after night. The loss of that access and #heritage is a loss of part of our #humanity."

#space #NightSky #noctalgia

The loss of dark skies is so painful, astronomers coined a new term for it | Space

"Preserving the past through craft:

At the same time, these #craft #traditions are also what made it possible to preserve and restore many of the sites in and around #Marrakech ...

The Qasba Mosque ...originally built between 1185 - 1189, underwent successive restorations in the 17th and 21st centuries ...local artisans were employed to renovate the mosque’s stucco walls and the #mosaic tile work..."

#Morocco, #CulturalHeritage

Lisa Hamilton
3 months ago

G'mar Chatimah Tovah my friends!

Happy Rosh Hashanah y'all!🍎🍯

#Traditions #NewYearWishes #RoshHashanah #Holiday #Celebration #NewBeginnings #JoinIn

3 months ago

Explore the flavors of Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine with our Tzimmes recipe. This sweet and savory stew is a flavorful blend of root vegetables, dried fruits, and sometimes meat. Join us on a culinary journey through world cuisine.

#Tzimmes #WorldFoodandWine #food #cooking #traditions

3 months ago

Too soon Star Market, too soon! (we have a tradition of buying eggnog the first time we see it in the store, this is the first time I’ve seen it in September!) The original tradition was to buy 2 quarts, one to chug on the way home, the other to leisurely sip over the course of a week. I can’t chug a quart of eggnog anymore alas. #eggnog #traditions #toosoon

A refrigerator case full of eggnog
🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

Dear Fifth Grade Parents and Guardians,

The whole class is so excited for the upcoming #holidays.

In honor of our #diverse student population, we will be having a special “Holidays Around the World” party in class Fourthday afternoon (tomorrow). As you may have heard from your child, for the last two weeks we have been having class discussions on our #holiday #traditions, and in particular, symbolic foods and other #customs associated with the new year.


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

Dear Third Grade Parents and Guardians,

We love our #diverse #school population! In order to celebrate our #diversity, we will be having a Tishrei Holidays Around the World #festival in class.

Each child in the class will be making a short presentation of one of their family’s Tishrei #holiday #traditions, with props.

We can’t wait to learn about all of our students’ beautiful #customs!

Maybe your child would love to build a diorama of your family’s Karaite #sukkah


Petra van Cronenburg
4 months ago

🧵 1/x #Assomption (#Assumption of Mary) today, is a holiday here in France. In German we have the name "Kräuterweihe" that reminds much better to the #pagan history behind that date. Indeed, it was one of the most important days of agricultural calendars. Here, I talk about the #CulturalHeritage especially in #Alsace, its connection to #nature and even #climateChange - not about the Catholic idea. For #ClimateDiary it's a day which should change the date: weather #traditions don't work anymore.

The inner part of a 9-part "Breverl". On a black background is posed a primitive collage of a small St Mary in the midst of pressed plant parts like in a landscape. Over her head a chaotic collection of triangles from fabric, gold or texts, a golden medal, a willow catkin, a silver cross of Lorraine and more.
These "folding letters" were sold by the Catholic church but had purely magic meanings. They contained images of saints, finds of nature, parts of (often falsified) relics and symbols. They were folded up and worn close to the body in splendid envelopes, as protection or against illness. (Exhibition of our museum).

The '#ideal' #cishet-#structure of #marriages in #India is embedded in Brahmanical #traditions and #caste #endogamy. In order to not replicate this character of #marriage, the #philosophy underlying #Hindu #queer #unions must be a #radical #deviation from the former.

Happy #IndigenousPeopleDay !

„…This International Day of Indigenous Peoples 2023 - “Youth as agents of change for self-determination", revindicates the role that indigenous #youth must occupy in decision-making while recognizing their dedicated efforts in #climateAction, the search for justice for their people, and the creation of an intergenerational connection that keeps their #culture, #traditions, and contributions alive….“

#IndigenousPeople, #WorldCulture

La temporada de los #chilesennogada ya comenzó, cuántos se van a engullir? (sin albur) jaja 😋️🌶️

#food #chiles #foodporn #traditions #foodie

Not sure what put me in mind of this tonight. My father and his older brother both had fond memories of throwing fireballs - a New Years tradition in their family.

My uncle found an article that connected it to Scottish traditions and emailed it to me. Stonehaven is apparently one of the places you'd need to go to see a similar event. I haven't done that but it was the impetus for me to see Hogmanay in Edinburgh. If they still do this in Alabama I'd like to see it eventually.

#FireBalls #Alabama #traditions #Scotland #Family
4 months ago

Misko-Aki: Confluence of Cultures is an exhibit at the Muskoka Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst, Ont.

The exhibit follows Indigenous peoples in the Muskoka area after their arrival at the end of the last ice age and then continues all the way to the present.

It was curated by a circle of Elders, as well as Indigenous scholars and linguists representing Huron-Wendat, Anishinaabek, Métis and Haudenosaunee people.

#Indigenous #culture #traditions #Ontario #exhibit

A birchbark canoe is displayed in a case.
Books of Jeremiah
4 months ago

An interesting paper on wartime memorials and how the era of more mass casualties away from home interacted with the #funerary #traditions in Serbia.

#war #memorial #Serbia #19century #Victorian #victodon #histodon #history @histodons

5 months ago

Celebrating birthdays must be one of the most self reverential of human customs. Our early ancestors would have no idea when it was other than perhaps around a certain season. Later it must have been more a celebration that you actually survived yet another year. #birthdays #traditions

Jamie Booth
5 months ago
Screen capture from Independence Day (1999).  Julius and David Levenson on Air Force One.
Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
6 months ago

One of my long-term goals is to bring back the tradition and holiday of Decoration Day. I think giving people a reason to connect to their family, community, ancestors and history might help with some of our current shit.

My hypothesis is that giving people something tangible and local to connect to rather than a vague idea of whiteness may help.

#DBT "Decoration Day" #Southern #Rock #Music #History #Traditions

Decoration Day
Soh Kam Yung
7 months ago

The passing of the box office crown, from film to film, started by Steven Spielberg.

"In 1977, when Star Wars took the “domestic film rentals” crown from Jaws, Steven Spielberg wrote a congratulatory letter to George Lucas and had it printed full page in Variety—a charming move, tastefully done, that kickstarted a tradition amongst filmmakers and studios that continues to this day."

#Films #Movies #BoxOffice #Traditions #Entertainment

8 months ago

But looking back to San Francisco history to find community traditions to continue, or build on, or develop - beyond the Lotta's Fountain celebration, which is really a bit too governmental to suit my desires - what else is there?

Maybe Emperor Norton?

Maybe we need to build on Emperor Norton, have some sort of Imperial Court gathering once a year, which might be a bit like the London's Pearly Kings and Queens, which seems cool and only started in the 19th Century

And that of course points to some fairly powerful folkloric type events that we do have here that are centered in the LGBTQ community and in particular the drag community, such as the Imperial Court and this past weekend's events in Dolores Park
#SanFrancisco #history #traditions

8 months ago

Another event that comes quite close to some of those weird British folkloric traditions, and the thing that really got me thinking about this stuff, was last weekend's "Bring Your Own Big Wheel" event, which I think is incredibly cool.

I don't really want it to get promoted by the City, by SF Travel or whatever, but I also sort of wish people all over the world knew about it and knew that San Francisco wasn't just a bunch of Tacolicious outlets connected by app hailed serf-mobiles.

It's still too recent to really feel folkloric. But Guy Fawkes Night had to start sometime... if we keep doing - or rather if Frog Gilmore keeps INCREDIBLY GENEROUSLY organizing it year after year, and then gets people to carry on their work - it will age into being a folkloric tradition

#SanFrancisco #traditions

Photo by Bernie of three adults riding big wheel toys down a very steep road, with a crowd around them on the sides, behind hay bales.
8 months ago

Folkloric traditions

For... reasons, i was thinking recently of weird English folkloric traditions, and I've decided we need some here...

Genuinely community driven, kind of wacky and/or a bit anarchic, totally non-commercial type things.

Do we have any? The ones that first sprang to mind were... Critical Mass, which fits the bill pretty well, and SantaCon, which in its original form might have but is now a travesty that I think of as more comparable to frats flipping cars after Big 10 football matches or something. Big yuck.

With the upcoming annual Lotta's Fountain commemoration of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire *and* Guy Fawkes in mind, maybe we could have bonfires around the City? Tho I suspect the Fire Dept might have... issues with that. Still... Irish coffees around a bonfire at 5 in the morning sounds like a neat way to start the day.

#SanFrancisco #traditions #folklore

Photo of "Guy Fawkes" effigy with tall black hat amidst a crowd of people with torches
9 months ago

This is really neat to see; plus to have 3 generations of New Orleans in my family tree

The History of the South's Forbidden Black Burials #Ancestry #geneology #Traditions #BlackTwitter #BlackMastodon #BlackFediverse

@jewwhohasitall I think we need to respect that especially during this time of year, it might be especially difficult for Shannons and Meghans (which my autocorrect is always making into “maggid”!) Don’t forget it’s Yom St. Patrick, which I believe celebrates a goyish rabbi who was martyred by snakes. #Traditions #MedinatAmerica

LM Little
9 months ago

"Back in the day, when men were on the land for four, five months at a time, they would have needed to sew to make quick repairs to their mukluks. Maybe we don’t really talk about it, but men definitely had to sew. It was about survival.”

#Indigenous #Traditions #Art #Gender

Jason Li
10 months ago

🧵3️⃣ Some views from Labour & Weight currently showing at the E-Gallery at MMU. It's a traveling exhibition of works that engages with generations-long craft traditions and people, and activates these traditions through installation, video and photography.

More info on their website:

#exhibition #community #research #history #traditions #boats #nets #fisherfolk #Malaysia

Two photo displays of an artist performing labour. The photo in the foreground is a composite photo of the artist hauling things into the ocean from a pier, squatting and resting, and bicycle-transporting a large blue bucket. The second photo shows the artist looking around and climbing into a triangular roof attic.
A still from a first-person video of a boat builder walking the planks out to sea, to the front of the barely constructed wooden boat.
10 months ago

Continuing with our #ChineseNewYear #cultural #traditions - #NoMeat & only #vegetables & #mushroom #foods today. We made some vegetable tempura & fried yams earlier. Making Buddha plate & pot of stewed veggies now.

#AsianMastodon #Teochew #Chinese #culture #HappyNewYear #LunarNewYear #Gaginang #CNY2023 #YearOfTheRabbit #YearOfTheCat #FoodPrep #ingredients #Cooking #Asian #CulturalHoliday

Sliced parsnips, lotus root & carrots in reusable aluminum container.
Plate of fried yams, tempura vegetables & assorted uncooked Asian greens, sliced vegetables & mushrooms - prepped for cooking.
Poetry News
11 months ago

Gongxi and traditions
Kyndly give wishes
Food, lanterns, and moon cakes
New Year's Day!

#lunarnewyear #gongxi #traditions #celebrations #cinquain #poetry

Alexander Hay
11 months ago

"Hunter-gatherer social ties spread pottery-making far and wide [across nine countries in Northern and Eastern #Europe].

"Analysis of more than 1,200 vessels from hunter-gatherer sites has shown that pottery-making techniques spread vast distances over a short period of time through social #traditions being passed on...."

Featuring research from the #UniversityofYork and the #BritishMuseum

#archaeology #pottery #news #history

11 months ago

Just talking to my father about New Years Day & he remembers New Year's Gifting in Brecon, Wales.

They would go to the various shops that the family dealt with during the year & sing a rhyme (which he can't recall) and the shopkeepers would give them a sweet. This was during the war - rationing meant there were almost no sweets, so this stands out in this memory.

#traditions #NewYear #Wales #Brecon

Toshikoshi Soba/Year Crossing Noodles to usher 2022 out the door.

#NewYearsEve #Goodbye2022 #traditions

11 months ago

My partner is Filipino and it's a Filipino tradition to fill a bowl with 13 different fruits to welcome the new year. To quote my partner, "It's to bring prosperity and health." Then she went back to arranging the fruit.

#NewYearsEve #Traditions

A big wooden bowl of colourful and varying sizes of fruit on the back drop of a red tablecloth. There are lemons, blueberries, apples, strawberries, a lime, apricots, peaches, nectarines, bananas, oranges, mango, mandarins, and plums
11 months ago

Looks like it's time to renew more domain names that I'm not using for another year!

#nye #dns #traditions #happynewyears

Soh Kam Yung
11 months ago

No surprise here. The price of this form of barbecued meat always shoots up just prior to the Lunar New Year, as it is a traditional snack item served during the period.

#Singapore #LunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear #Food #Traditions

11 months ago

“Everyone else has a regular Christmas dinner. Not with my family. The season is not under way until Grandma does her annual Christmas Burlesque show. It’s quite good, if you don’t think that’s your matriarch up there.”
#Christmas #Xmas #Traditions

Merja Polvinen
11 months ago

Happy Yuletide to all who celebrate! #Finland got a white #Christmas this year, and a lovely bright weather for the traditional visit to the graves.

Wishing a peaceful and warm night for everyone, wherever you are.

#snow #traditions

A Christmas tree, deocrated with baubles and candles on the right, with snowy landscape visible through a window on the left.
Large, pyramid-shaped gravestone covered in snow, with lanterns and flowers at the front.
Ninja 🦝
11 months ago

One of the traditions in my whānau has been a book every kihirimete.

Sometimes new, sometimes secondhand. Sometimes ones that you’ve requested, other times one picked seemingly at random, or a book that your person has read and loved enough that they want to talk about it with you.

I’ve been bringing that back amongst my friends, as well as my family
Here’s most of this year’s outgoing book pile

#Books #Bookstodon #Gifting #Christmas #WrappingIsHard #Traditions

A pile of 8 books, wrapped with care and not too shabby. Half are in a brown Kraft paper with a repeating print of Christmas tree ornaments. The other is a silver coated paper with dull gold Christmas trees scattered across them. They all have names scrawled across them in various colours

@Bam @SardonicAnthony

Shouldn't '#inclusion' also mean, that we accept the #traditions of other cultures & #religions? That we do not need to level out or downgrade other believes by imposing neutral or ‘correct’ semantics over their traditions?

Are people really offended by hearing each other’s #faiths?

Northumbrian Stories
1 year ago

A 'Lost' Christmas Custom of the North:

"They haven't gone guising here for a long time," said the old folk of Cambo in 1922.

"There was no 'guisering' at Christmas 1903," wrote Hastings Neville in Ford in his notes of that year.

'Guising' (apparently derived from 'disguising', referring to the costumes and masks worn) was the local version of the Mummers Plays that exist elsewhere.

In both Ford, in the far north of the county, and Cambo, 40 miles to the south, we have records of the old custom, which happened in the days leading up to Christmas. Both apparently involved the key character of a doctor, but in Ford, Revd Neville has preserved the entirety of the script, including 'King George', a young hero, Goliath, and a battle, and finishing with the rhyme:

"Your bottles are full of whisky,
Your barrels are full of beer,
I wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year."

Neville puts the dying of the custom down to the reduction of young people in the villages in an age of increased mechanisation and rural depopulation. But when I was growing up in Northumberland in the 1990s, 'guising' was what we called Trick or Treating at Halloween! Maybe it hasn't so much died as shifted.

#FolkHistory #LocalHistory #Folklore #FolkCustoms #Traditions #Christmas #Midwinter #ChristmasTraditions #RuralTradition #History #Northumberland #Mummers

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
1 year ago

Students in your classes may express that they feel sorry for the Christian students who have only one day of holiday, and no candles.

You may explain to them that Christian students have their own holiday #traditions, some even with candles of their own, and that in their way they enjoy their holiday just as much as we enjoy #Chanukkah.


1 year ago

There will be a single scheduled #Andor finale sized break in our decades old annual Turkey day #Mst3k marathon.

Please act, dress, riff, and plan accordingly.

#Thanksgiving #traditions #MovieSign #KeepCirculatingTheTapes

1 year ago

We are people of habits in this household, and we have several. For instance, on Sundays we eat pancakes.

I don't remember how it started. But we have observed this weekly tradition for many, many years now.

Do you have weekly traditions or rituals in your family?

(As promised, a photo, @cliffwade and @johnsomelba!)

#pancakes #traditions #habits #rituals

A plate of pancakes.