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futura sciences/Alexandra Debaisieux (Railcoop)
Le train coopératif peut-il nous mettre sur les rails de la mobilité douce ?
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logo de railcoop
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Vintage Travel posters.

Above :Japan
Below : Wagon Lits *)

"Wagon Lits " was Europe's main railway-company half 19 C/20 C
Connecting Europe with Asia and Middle East.
French painters , ( Renoir ! ), made many posters for it.
Often inspired by Japan's Edo woodblock-print Art .

*) Original full name : " Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits et des Grands Express Européens"

*#travel #VintageArt #Japan #Woodblock
#Railways #WagonLits #Train

Japanese and Europe vintage travel-poster

Ce rapport d'enquête du BEA-TT concernant le déraillement (à 284 km/h) d'un #TGV après avoir percuté un talus s'étant effondré sur la LGV est une petite merveille au niveau détails :)


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"Don't behave badly !"

Japanese railway-posters asking travellers to behave in Edo-style.

They are beautiful and to the point .

Seibu Train posters.
#train #japan #railway-posters #travel #PublicTransport #railways

Japanese railway poster asking " Don't behave badly!"
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Today i took my #Deutschlandticket and decide to travelling to a small village by train. Im surprised. All connections worked and the regional #train was really fast.

#49Ticket #OsmAnd

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It is really a little bit embarrassing how much I love train rides. I've got a two hour journey first, going for lunch with an old friend in Frankfurt. Then it's onwards for another 4 hours to my hometown. And I've already got several podcasts lined up, as well as no less than four draft blog posts I'm working on. On the second leg of the journey I'm seated in the panorama lounge - depending on the engineer driving the train, I might be able to look out the front of the train. 😀

#train #Bahn

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#CCHUltras on #train auf dem Weg zur #GPN21

Wesley Moore
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Found a steam train in Maryborough

#steam #train #queensland #australia

Photo of the Mary Ann steam train
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Today's historic #photo of the day: Exactly 38 years ago today, a single deck suburban electric #train including car C7511 departs Strathfield, NSW, June 8 1985.

Today, Sydney's suburban and interurban rail network is known for its double-deck electric trains, however from the first days of electrification in 1926 trains were single deckers.

Earlier steam-hauled 'Bradfield' cars were fitted with electric motors, but the bulk of the fleet were newly built steel-bodied suburban trains like this.

A single deck Sydney suburban electric train in Indian Red livery, with windows and doors wide open, runs along a track beneath gantries and overhead electric catenary wires with a colour light signal at right.
Valentin Sawadski
22 hours ago

Travelling from Munich to Berlin in #ICE1000 managed to close 3 tickets and push roughly 10 commits, despite flaky network connections 💪

(Only thing that would have made it better if more people would have worn masks 😷)

#train #productivity #CovidIsNotOver

The Graffiti Express
22 hours ago
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
Train car with graffiti rolling through Kamloops BC Canada
The European Network
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Travellers who dream of kissing goodbye to airport queues and budget airline baggage restrictions have a new alternative that harks back to the golden age of European travel.

Three nights a week the European Sleeper sets off in Brussels at 19.22 and arrives in central Berlin the following morning at 8.30.

The European Sleeper also stops in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the Hague.

#Brussels #Rotterdam #Amsterdam #TheHague #Berlin #NightTrain #Rail #Train #Travel

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"Quels sont les freins aujourd’hui qui empêchent les français de prendre davantage le #train ? Quelles seraient les #solutions envisagées pour faciliter l’ #accès au train et son usage ? #LaTerreAuCarré #TC #MobilitéDurable #UrgenceÉcologique #coûtTransport #transition #SNCF #France #podcast

Cass :noverified:
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Double decker #train let's gooooo
#berlin #publictransport

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There is a bit of a tangential lesson in the story in the previous toot about my son's family bad experience in #Paris.

Why was he staying in #SaintOuen anyway?
It's because he was travelling by car and needed a hotel with a car park not too far from the city centre.

His previous visit, and all our visits have been by #train - so we've stayed in the centre - where there's effectively no parking.

The moral of the story is - perhaps - if you want to visit a major capital city, don't drive

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Dites, quelqu'un a-t-il réussi à avoir des alertes pour des trains régionaux avec l'application SNCF Connect ? Notamment TER Bretagne ?
Il n'y a rien à faire, j'ai mis des trajets en favori mais je n'ai aucune alerte alors que les perturbations sont bien affichées dans l'appli.

(Merci à la région d'avoir arrêté les alertes SMS qui marchaient bien pour privilégier un réseau d'extrême-droite 😒 et comme si c'était mieux de checker soi-même 2 fois par jour plutôt que de recevoir un SMS)


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Canadian National's Wisconsin Central heritage unit leads an eastbound freight train at Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Taken from the pedestrian overpass in Fort Langley.
#trains #train #railroads #railways #canadiannationalrailway #cnrail #locomotives #fortlangley #britishcolumbia #bc #canada #Pixel6

A single locomotive with a mostly  yellow front leads a train of hopper cars towards the viewer. There are three sets of tracks, with the train being on the leftmost side of the thrill but in the center of the frame. The tracks run from the bottom of the frame to the horizon approximately 2/3s up the frame. There are large trees, bushes and vines, to the viewer's left that go from top to the bottom of the frame. Shadows of these trees are cast across the train and the tracks. The right side of the image has shorter trees that also stretch back to the horizon about 2/3s up the image and centered. Together, the trees make a bit of an alley for the tracks. There is some blue white sky above the trees on the right.
Tono Carbajo
2 days ago

On the train from Barcelona to Galicia, with the landscape running at 300 km/h
#ave #landscape #train

Paisaje planicie con nubes y algunos grupos de árboles visto desde el tren. A la derecha un porte de alta tensión.
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Happy evening everyone!

Came from #zurich home on #train,
So i had time to
Tweak one of the snapshots taken,
So its full of #reflection

Big Building site with four cranes and grass & a wall on the trainline in front
Cowleyfornia Studios
2 days ago

🚆We've just published the demo of Iron Roads, the train management game we are working on🚆

We are hoping to get some feedback on it, so if anyone is interested, you can find it on our Steam page, and we'd love to hear your thoughts!

#indiedev #train


Watch the #video: Perceived #speed may be different depending on how much visual information is included in one’s field of view. Zoom in, the train appears to travel slowly. Zoom out, and it’s speeding along again.

#illusion #opticalillusion #train #japan #trains

Jyn Erso Lives!
2 days ago

Following someone who's on a train journey through the US for a work trip and gosh I admire their endurance and stamina! Outside of the very narrow Acela corridor, regular train travel in 'merica is really tiresome. Happy again that I live in Central Europe and can hop on any service to almost anywhere on the continent.

#Train #TrainTravel #Rail #RailTravel

That's the 111-year-old Holland Hotel, built during a mercury boom in Alpine, Texas. One of the many places we wish we'd stopped as we travelled by #train across the American southwest

2 days ago

Hey #Europe #Train Nerds: Did I get this right, there is a direct TVG from Luxembourg to Montpelier, but in the other direction you'd have change at least once?

(edit: found the answer, thanks)

Santiago Sainz :verified:
2 days ago

Criticizing infrastructure and development investments based on the country investing or the region affected is new age colonialism. #Laos #reuters #china #Investment #train

AndThisIsMrsPeacock 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

@Alice It's also where the overnight #Amtrak #train to Chicago stops long enough to get off for a cigarette break. #TheMoreYouKnow

Flipboard News Desk
3 days ago

India is investing billions in new high-speed trains, but is the country neglecting safety improvements on its massive outdated network?

CNN reports on the investigation and history of Indian rail travel:

#News #India #Train #Infrastructure

3 days ago

Something magic about this shot - just check the color lines going from the sky down to the platform.
#train #trains #rail #photography #photo #PhotoMonday

🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
3 days ago

More Brexshit news. Eurostar destinations from London will be reduced from 13 to 4. Today is the last train to Disneyland Paris from London. Brexit the killjoy policy.

#brexit #train

SubtleBlade ⚔️
3 days ago

#Sunak takes RAF chopper to Dover, just over an hour away by #train

#PrimeMinister shows his fondness for #helicopters again a week after flying in one to his Yorkshire constituency
#ClimateCrisis #sustainability #Environment #ToryArrogance

Kriszta Satori
4 days ago

BBC News - #India #train disaster: Relatives in desperate search for missing loved ones #Odisha

4 days ago

Still a bit dazed from the news* of the #Train crash in #India Especially after I found out that the trains involved were huge long distance passenger express trains - ones that I had taken many times as a kid - Coromandel Express and Howrah Express.
What an utter catastrophic failure

* see

I wonder when #Czech Railways will catch up with the 21st century. I wanted to buy a bottle of water from the minibar on their #train. When I took out a 200-crown note, guy said "Sir, if you don't have the exact amount, I'm sorry, I've got no change." So how about a card? "Nope, sir."
What a service.

Tim Richards
4 days ago

New at my Patreon... How dodgy are the bars at Bar train station, Montenegro? Braving them, I grab a drink and some ćevapi, then jump on a sleeper train to Belgrade:

To Belgrade on Tito's night train

[NOTE: This is one of many posts I've been writing exclusively for my patrons as I've travelled by train from Portugal to Serbia. To join the gang and get access to all my posts, visit this link: ]

#Montenegro #Serbia #Belgrade #RailTravel #TrainTravel #Trains #Train #Station cc @trains @seatsixtyone

Exterior of Bar station in Montenegro.
Attractive plate of ćevapi (kebabs) with bread and salad.
Exterior of a couchette sleeper carriage on the Bar to Belgrade train, including graffiti.
View of mountains from the Bar to Belgrade train.
Flipboard News Desk
5 days ago

The death toll from the India train crash is now over 280, with 900 injured. Authorities say it is one of the nation’s worst rail disasters.

The AP has the latest:

#India #Train #News #Odisha

There are people who call all #train stations "stops".

Then there are people who call all passenger stops "stations".

Then there are a few people who actually know that a station and a passenger stop are two distinct terms, and try to use them correctly.

Then there are a few gurus who might actually be able to explain the difference.

PS. I feel a bit disheartened by the fact that my station was degraded to a passenger stop.


Kriszta Satori
6 days ago

BBC News - #India #train crash: More than 200 people dead after #Odisha incident, hundreds injured

Tom Andraszek
6 days ago

The #NGR (New Generation Rollingstock) #train of #QueenslandRail at #Helensvale. The newest trains in #Queensland. Seating 454 pax. Max speed 140km/h. Quiet, smooth ride. Accessible toilets. The seats are less comfortable (thinner, harder) compared to older types, are narrow, and have little leg room, but they have head rests, so they are safer. No folding trays, no electrical outlets, no luggage storage, no bicycle stands. You are allowed to take a bike on board free, via the first & last door.

The end of the Gold Coast train at the Helensvale station.

First weekend #bike trip. So excited 😁
The hardest part was to squeeze with my #MTB through the hallway of train car to the place where I suppose to hang my bike 😅

Now I can do #WeeklyReview in @nozbe on the #Train 👌

MTB on the train station
MTB bike hanging in the train car in the dedicated space for bikes.
Coffee mug and iPad with Nozbe app opened. On a tray in the train.
Valentin Sawadski
1 week ago

Attempt number 3 at booking a train from Munich to Paris: says the train is available for DB prices. After I booked and payed >300€, I got a message that reservation failed and I'm getting my money back sometime next week!

At least Deutsche Bahn aborted the booking before money changed hands!

#train #trains #sncf #db

Valentin Sawadski
1 week ago

Okay, it gets weirder. SNCF shows the trains as available, but charges 2x the price of Deutsche Bahn.

Also, they don't offer e-tickets and would like to send me a printed ticket 🤦‍♂️

#train #trainline #sncf #db #trains

Valentin Sawadski
1 week ago

Is there a way to check if a particular SNCF train is full?

I wanted to book a trip for Munich - Paris in July and DB says the train is full (without telling me if its the outbound or return trip)?

#train #trainline #sncf #db

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 week ago

Thank you for this day. 🌇

Happy Pride Month from one of the straights!


#tyftd #ThankYouForThisDay #goodMorning #gratitude #ritual #thankYou #goodVibes #GoodMorningPhoto #Chicago #DailyPhoto #POTD #PhotoOfTheDay #ally
#Pride #railFan #train #subway #Transgender #LGBTQ #queer

A person boards the CTA subway car decorated with the rainbow-themed Pride colors.
1 week ago

On my way to a client by #train and it's a good old refurbished HST, whisking me along in calm and quiet. Reminding us once again that power cars are best and DMUs were a terrible mistake!

Erik Uden :verified:
1 week ago

0015 | 2023.05.30

╠═🔴╡10:07 Norden Hbf
╠═🟢╡12:54 Hamm(Westf) Hbf
╠═🚄╡IC 2321


╠═🔴╡13:54 Hamm(Westf) Hbf
╠═🟢╡15:09 Köln Hbf
╠═🚄╡ICE 650


╠═🔴╡15:40 Köln Hbf
╠═🟢╡17:26 Bruxelles-Nord
╠═🚄╡IC 2444


╠═🔴╡17:31 Bruxelles-Nord
╠═🟢╡17:34 Bruxelles-Centraal
╠═🚝╡R 3988

07:27 - Total Time Travelled

Track My Journey: #travelynx #traewelling

Going to a parliamentarian breakfast inside of the EU parliament organized by the BUNDjugend! Very excited to meet some parliamentarians within an institution that I could see myself work in some day! My initial train ride was canceled, so this morning was a bit chaotic as I tried to find a new connection. I arrived home today at 00:30 AM and left the house again at ~09:30, so I was only home for 9 hours and am now back on my shenanigans! They canceled my initial train at like 8:30, considering my train was supposed to leave at 10:07 I was quite worried whether I’d make it to Bruxelles today, gladly I’ll make it!

Very excited! Will let the Fedi know about everything that happens.

#train #trains #travel #BUNDjugend #eu #euparliament #bruxelles

Disadvantages of large (especially "main") #train stations:

- arrival/departure platforms are unpredictable
- even if you know them, trains are sometimes redirected to other platforms
- platforms are sometimes far away from one another
- trains sometimes stop for a few minutes before arriving at the station, unpredictably

I prefer changing trains at smaller stations a lot. For #Poznań Główny, I generally assume twice as much change time as elsewhere.


Erik Uden :verified:
1 week ago

0014 | 2023.05.29

╠═🔴╡10:30 Dotsky
╠═🟢╡12:02 Zittau
╠═🚍╡Private Bus


╠═🔴╡13:02 Zittau
╠═🟢╡14:21 Dresden-Neustadt
╠═🚝╡TLX RE2


╠═🔴╡15:30 Dresden-Neustadt
╠═🟢╡19:23 Hannover Hbf
╠═🚄╡IC 2444


╠═🔴╡20:45 Hannover Hbf
╠═🟢╡23:40 Emden Hbf
╠═🚄╡IC 2032


╠═🔴╡23:50 Emden Hbf
╠═🟢╡00:25 Norden

13:55 - Total Time Travelled

Track My Journey: #travelynx #traewelling

Coming back from the Pfingstcamp in Czechia, it was a blast! My face was painted on (also I learned what Mascara and Concealer is and may begin using it???), I hosted a pirate radio, wandered through mountains, was on more concerts than I’ve ever been, learned intense political theory, did graffiti for the first time in my life and made many MANY friends. It’s a long trip back but WORTH it! Currently, as I am writing this, I am on the IC 2032 from Hannover Hbf to Emden, which I had to take because a train was canceled, I needed to take one later, hence I couldn’t take one that’d take me to Norden. Needed to ask my dad to pick me up from Emden, as that’s as far as I could get, so, as you can see, it was already a long day and tomorrow will be even more intense.

I will arrive home TOMORROW and tomorrow is also the day I am invited at the EU parliament. I still haven’t even read the E-Mail I got about anything there, like what I am supposed to wear, in what context and to whom I will be speaking, etc. I will just have to wing it, as always. Still, going from one life changing event like this to the next truly is something.

Back to the camp, it was just incredible and I have never felt more at peace, home, and happy than in any other place! Will come back and urge everyone else to have a visit to the successor of eastern Germany’s pioneer camps!

#train #trains #bus #car #travel #pfingstcamp #linksjugend

Tim Richards
1 week ago

Now free for all to read... On Anzac Day I talked about the military links of The Ghan, the Pichi Richi heritage railway, and a famous US general who promised to return:

Shadows of war on the old Ghan line

#RailTravel #Trains #Train #History #War #Tourism cc @austrains @seatsixtyone

Locomotive of the Pichi Richi Railway.
Debra Martz
1 week ago

I've taken this scenic steam engine train ride from Antonito, CO to Chama, NM on two different occasions. It is a spectacular day filled with awesome views as you travel over high trestles, through tunnels, and along narrow shelves above deep gorges.
At other times, while visiting Chama, NM, I've joined the enthusiastic "train chasers" to capture the train in action. I highly recommend the scenic ride but chasing the trains is tons of fun, too!

#train #MonochromeMonday #Monochrome #BuyIntoArt

Black and white image of an old, historic steam engine train. Engine #489 of the Cumbres and Toltec Line.  Photography by Debra Martz
2 weeks ago

Nice day out at the #Train #Museum Eisenbahnmuseum Lokschuppen Aumühle just east of #Hamburg it's not big, and today was a 'normal' open day, so you show yourself around, but the children love climbing into the old engines #SteamTrains #steam

Old, non-working, steam engine in a museum shed.
Weeds growing from between a stack of old railway wheels
Front of a 1960's metro train.

Two idiots got control of the PA system on a long-distance #train and decided to play a few Sieg Heils and a Hitler speech to the whole train. They have now discovered that a) the Verfassungsschutz / counterterrorism people will arrest you, they have absolutely no sense of “lol great bants m8!” and that b) the trivialisation of Nazi atrocities carries a sentence of up to 10 years under the Verbotsgesetz. And then there are various things like interference with railway safety systems to add to the mix.

They won’t get 10 years, but being charged at all will hopefully put the fear of God into them. What morons.

Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

What a dud Croatian Railways train from Zagreb to Split yesterday - 6hr 40min in a train with very hard seats that looked as if it was designed for two-hour runs. No room for luggage either, people's suitcases spilling out everywhere.

And the difference between first class and second class? Exactly the same seats, but with liftable armrests in first class. (sigh)

However I did meet two Brits from York (see below) who have a daughter in Melbourne - they were sitting across the aisle from me in a sort of room that contained one segment of first class. Also in the "room" was me, a Scot, a Brazilian, and a Croatian travelling with a *huge* flask of rakija. Interesting crowd.

#TrainTravel #RailTravel #Train #Trains #Croatia

Interior of second class carriage.
Two British travellers in first class seats.
View of hazy mountain ridges in the distance.
View of prominent rock formation through train window.
2 weeks ago

Calculs pour éventuellement aller voir mon frère à 700km un week-end à 2 adultes et 1 enfant.

🚋 Train : 7h, 800€
🚗 Voiture : 7h, 180€ (péages + essence, allez, on met 10cts/km en plus parce qu'on est fous : 270€, ou alors compter 300€ de location de voiture 🔌 électrique + kilomètres : 480€).

✈️ Dois-je calculer pour l'avion ?

Sérieux, pourquoi est-ce qu'une loc de voiture électrique est moins chère que le #train pour 1400km ?

Emmanuel Wald
2 weeks ago

In a few days, I'll go from Strasbourg to #Luxembourg City by #train.

For the first part of the travel (Strasbourg — Metz), I'll have, as usual, an e-ticket on my (official SNCF) app. But for the second part (Metz — Luxembourg), I'll have to use a code I received to print (in a train station only, I can't do it at home) the ticket. As Luxembourgian trains are free (yeah 🇱🇺🇱🇺) I fail to understand why I can't have a “normal” ticket.

Cc @jon


Boost if you love trains 🚂🚃🚄🚅🚆🚇🚈🚉🚋🚞

#train #trains #transit #PublicTransit #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #transportation

2 weeks ago

For #MonochromeMonday you'll probably enjoy another black and white picture of heritage steam parts. My dad made a similar photo back in the 70s, so I had to do it aswel of course 😂

#Photography #BlackAndWhite #Steam #Locomotive #Train #Heritage

A full side view of a 2nd driver wheel of a steam locomotive in square and black and white. All attention goes to the high contrast wheel in this image with some very big bolts and nuts attached to the coupling rods and such.
Luce Carević
3 weeks ago

Hop dans le train ! On plie le #Brompton, on déclipse le porte-sac avant sans avoir à défaire les tendeurs et le tout vient se ranger dans la zone bagage sans encombre.

Côté train, une seule personne masquée (avec un chirurgical) avec moi dans toute la rame (heureusement pas très pleine).

Le capteur CO2 flirte avec les 1000 ppm… (faut ajouter +50 au compteur en comparaison avec l’Aranet).

#velotaf #velut #vélo #train #SNCF

Brompton et sac pliés rangés dans le compartiment bagages.
Indicateur de CO2 qui affiche 939 ppm.
1 month ago

when the #train always stops in exactly the same place, the air conditioner always drips in exactly the same place, and a tiny #ecosystem is born <3

left: wideview with railroad everver but one litle place just rocks.

right: zoom to the little place where some plants are growing
Tim Richards
1 month ago

New at my Patreon... You'd think there'd be many direct trains between Lisbon and Madrid - but in fact there are zero. This is how I made that journey by rail, via four regional trains:

From Lisbon to Madrid by the long way (by train)

#RailTravel #TrainTravel #Trains #Train #Portugal #Spain cc @seatsixtyone @trains

Single-carriage train standing at a platform at Entroncamento Station, Portugal.
Jeremy B. Merrill
1 month ago

They have #train crossing gates for this sidewalk!

#urbanism #rail

A photo of a sidewalk crossing railroad tracks, with a railway crossing gate in the down position, with lights flashing, and a train crossing from left to right
1 month ago

@thorstenbutz @jon still much cheaper than all individual tickets put together. i guess this would be good for those who aren’t tight with time (not me this time) and like to plan well ahead (not really me, haha). #train #trains #traintravel #travel #germany #deutschland #deutschlandticket

1 month ago

@jon wow. just learned about this, while i bought three local day-tickets when i arrived in #berlin yesterday… :-S

and i’ll have to travel between here, #frankfurt, and #stuttgart (and #zurich) these couple of weeks, i don’t know if this still makes sense, knowing my choices would probably be on slower and/or indirect #train #trains.

Tim Hinkle
1 month ago

My #Midwestern#Bicoastal life puts me on the road between #Detroit and #Milwaukee more than a dozen times a year. In this new blog post, I write about how I've settled into taking the #train and find #Amtrak to be the sweet spot for #short-haul trips like these.

Karsten Johansson
1 month ago

Here's a cool hobby. This guy uses a #RaspberryPi to monitor passing #trains, and stitch the images into a full-length #train image.

Rappel : si le Wi-Fi du train vous demande votre nom, prénom, numéro de dossier pour vous connecter, faîtes "Je n'ai pas de billet français" (lien très discret). Vous pouvez maintenant vous connecter au Wi-Fi sans donner donner d'info. #train #sncf

1 month ago
An Amtrak train to the left taken from the platform that is straight ahead and to the right
Looking straight down the aisle in an empty coach in a train with empty seats
1 month ago
Dee Toher
1 month ago

Does anyone have good sources on where to find information (either in English, or in a format where I can easily run translation on them) on the works going on in #Warsaw? Specifically, what #train stations are closed when over the summer and recommended alternative routes for those with baggage.

I am helping with a festival this summer that'll see quite many people changing #trains in Warsaw on route to Lublin and it would good to be able to flag this information early.

#Europe #railway #rail

1 month ago

To put my money (and time and effort) where my mouth is, I have now booked our family summer vacation 🏝️ without car or air travel. We're going from Vienna 🇦🇹 to Greece 🇬🇷 by train and ferry, with transfers on public transit busses! It's 1.5 days one way instead of a few hours by air.

Last year we went to Italy, which is much closer. Greece is the next level challenge from here.

What I noticed so far:

There are way too few connections. I should really have booked earlier, but overall there just are magnitudes more seats on airplanes to/from Greece than cabins on the ferries and sleeper compartments on trains. Many ferries and trains do not run daily even in the top summer season.

There are very few travel agencies for this kind of trip. I found none for Austria, and one specialized for Switzerland. When I book everything separately, I carry the full risk in case of a missed connection.

Many ferries are car/camper ferries. There is an impressive multitude of services and a whole culture around travelling with your own (rented) vehicle that has grown and matured over decades. I wonder how that will change?

BTW, I really loved air travel. But I understand we have to do everything we can.

#railways #train #rail #nightjet #öbb #trenitalia #anek #ferry #ferries #vacation #beach #summerOf23 #co2 #greece #italy #autofrei #autokorrektur #Verkehrswende #Mobilitätswende #climatechange #climatecrisis #climate #climateaction #climateemergency #climateDiary