4 minutes ago

ESA Academy's Training & Learning Programme link at the end.
Highlights from the first ESA Academy’s Space Weather Training Course.
#ESA #Training #ESEC #Galaxia

Research Impact Academy
2 hours ago

A great week of team bonding, training and working to improve our service to clients. RIA Team meeting. 🙌

#researchimpact #impactacademy #training #team #impact

15 hours ago

#WednesdayWorkout update on #PSW with an #aerobic #recovery focused session from our #TeamArmee series.

Details on our platform at #CISM #CST #Swimming #Coaching #Training #SVB

18 hours ago

🤿 Dive into the world of #QEMU and supercharge your #cybersecurity expertise! Antonio Nappa's hands-on #training "QEMU Internals, #Instrumentation and #Fuzzing" is here to equip you with cutting-edge skills. Get your ticket now!


QEMU Internals Instrumentation and Fuzzing, Antonio Nappa, Aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas
22 hours ago

RT @RenaPsifidou: As we stressed at #EURomanetwork @gitanos_org_INT with @ilias_livanos participation of @lowskilled in #education and #training is below average and has not grown a lot over the years. At @Cedefop we prevent @lowskills #VETToolkit for tackling #earlyleaving and support #NEETs


War on the Rocks
22 hours ago

The lesson we should learn from the Royal Air Force’s military flying training program is one that military planners in many nations could stand to take heed of — a little resilience goes a long way. #military #training

1 day ago

Currently planning new trainings - please contact me/us directly to check dates.
#open #source #training #Bareos
Wir planen neue Schulungen - bitte Kontakt per DM.

Chess Training blog
1 day ago

July 6th - started going thru Caro-Kann sidelines. Since few players at my level seem to know/follow mainlines, the sidelines will be extremely useful! #chess #scacchi #study #training

2 days ago

Yesterday, I felt to weak for #training. I think I didn't drink enough. But today I did

4 rounds of

18kg 5 anchored Sots press e.s.

18 kg 5 bridge chest presses e.s.

24kg 7 bottom up goblet squats

2x24kg 10 shoulder shrugs

32kg 15 d.h. swings

#kettlebell #fitness

The fitness tools I used today
Colin Gourlay
2 days ago

Is anyone aware of a #Strava plugin for @obsidianmd that exists or is currently under development?

Or better yet, an #OpenSource #SelfHosting #training platform?

#typescript #svelte #obsidian #dotnet #csharp #foss

2 days ago

💪 #ARM yourself with knowledge about #SymbolicExecution! Get hands-on experience with Jeremy Blackthorne's #training "Symbolic Execution with #angr on Real-World Targets". Get your ticket now!


Symbolic Execution with angr on Real-World Targets, Jeremy Blackthorne, aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas

Now that I know that whatever I put in my blog will potentially be used by LLMs to train on basically for free without my consent, I'm considering adding a few lines of "Fuck fuck fuckwards fucking fuck dick fart." in all my articles preceded by a warning that this content meant for AI training and should be discarded by normal humans.

In fact we should all do it. Let's fuckfuckfuckdickfart the internet.

#AI #LLMs #Training

2 days ago

‼️ Attention! Open access publication by our partner @ZB_MED: ‚Online #Training Workshop on #RDM in (Bio-)Medicine‘ is built of three main chapters: 1) General aspects of RDM, 2) Discipline-specific content, and 3) Engagement methods. Check it out: #NFDI

Wilfred Rubens
2 days ago

Is een (online) training het antwoord op onze 'leervraag'?
Als een organisatie tegen een ‘performance probleem’ aanloopt, wordt al snel gekeken naar een (online of blended) training of cursus als antwoord. Dat is lang niet altijd terecht. Cathy Moore heeft een stroomdiagram gemaakt dat helpt te bepalen of en zo ja welke leerinterventie een bijdrage kan leveren aan het ‘performance probleem’.
#performancesupport #werkplekleren #training #learninganddevelopment #tips

2 days ago

#MondayMotivation update on #PSW with two workouts form our #TeamArmee series providing a #speed and a #recovery option.

Details on our platform at #Swimming #Coaching #Training #CISM #CST #SVB

Franz Graf
3 days ago

Yes! I'm so proud of myself and my training: I felt really sore from cycling and hiking at the weekend. And right now 24h later, I'm almost 100% fit again.
Result of a couple of years training!
#hiking #cycling #training

3 days ago

🔓 Unlock the power of #FuzzTesting in "Practical Web Browser Fuzzing", a #cybersecurity #training by Patrick Ventuzelo! Understand web browser architecture, setup testing environments, and apply #fuzzing to find critical #vulnerabilities. Get your ticket now!


Practical Webbrowser Fuzzing, Patrick Ventuzelo, Aug 05-08k, The Palms, Las Vegas
Hex-Rays SA
3 days ago

Join our September #Training courses & enhance your #IDA skills like never before!

🔷 Sharpen your expertise with hands-on sessions led by our industry experts.
🔷 Discover advanced techniques to master IDA.
🔷 Benefit from Early Bird Rates!

Register now 🌐

IDA Training - September Schedule
Cees Grootes
3 days ago

I love cycling. Just for fun, to enjoy the freedom and nature. It's not for the speed or the muscles but foremost for the mind. To explore new areas, nature and to gain new experiences.
I mainly cycle in The Netherlands and in Catalunya, Spain.

You could follow me via Strava

#cyclist #strava #roadcycling #MTB #cycling #riding #bike #bicycle #mastodoncycling #training #fitness #commuting #rideyourbike #velo #cyclelife #outsideisfree #cyclingphotos #mastodoncyclists

Bike or Cycling lane on a dyke towards a Windmill in The Netherlands
Chess Training blog
4 days ago

June 4th - finalized the analysis of the game I annotated yesterday. Also went on with 5334, the mates in 2 are a lot harder than the mates in 1. #chess #scacchi #training #study

Martin Holland
4 days ago

Suspicious Activity: What Are German Fighter #Pilots Doing in #China? - #DerSpiegel

A handful of former German pilots are apparently now in China to provide military #Training – and are earning huge salaries for their services. Their activities have raised sensitive questions for German security officials.

Matt Marenic
5 days ago

03. lipnja — 🥊 trening po ovome vremenu u dvorani znači da je 🎽 ne mokra nego više ne može upijati 💦. To znači da je i trening bio 💪.

#sport #training #kickboxing

5 days ago

🔐 Unlock the hidden tactics of modern #malware in "#Windows Malware #Implants," by Silvio La Porta & Antonio Villani. Learn the art of #evasion from an attacker's POV, #ReverseEngineer real malware samples & implement improved versions yourself! Sign up for this #cybersecurity #training now, and profit from the early bird sale!


windows malware implants, silvio la porta & antonio villani, aug 05-08 The Palms Las Vegas
5 days ago

The air conditioning technician doing some work on my home unit complimented me on how well I maintained it. I joked that maybe I have a future in HVAC. His response was “Everyone has a future in HVAC”. Which is actually an interesting observation on the state of trade and technical #employment in the #US. #jobs #training

5 days ago

Collecte more screens (this time from youtube gameplay). Dataset is ready.

Now 45min training... (4200 steps)

#stablediffusion #training #retrogaming

Jim Bright
5 days ago

This week’s column…why are we relying so heavily on inaccurate emotional decision making in career and work when it can be career ending ? #work #career #training #evaluation #emotion #psychology

6 days ago

3.7-mile #training #run this morning, thought I was doing pretty good on my pace but I was actually slower than Wednesday's 5.3-mile run. Why! Well no matter, the important thing is that I'm #running again.

brad m
6 days ago

“To be optimal must also be sustainable in the context of a fulfilled and happy life”
“If you’re honest about the time you have available for #running, and you’re as consistent as you can be with that time, then there isn’t much more you can reasonably ask of yourself.”

Here’s How To Find Your Mileage Sweet Spot #training #endurance #ymmv

6 days ago

🍎 An #Apple #Exploitation #training a day keeps the doctor away! Learn all about #userspace level exploitation during Stefan Esser’s “#iOS 16 and #MacOS #Ventura Userspace Exploitation”. Get your ticket now!


IOS 16 and MACOS Ventura Userspace Exploitation, Stefan Esser, Aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas
Jan R. Boehnke
6 days ago

The draft programme of the
Research Methods e-Festival has been published!

We had a small workgroup and developed several proposals and it is great to see our FOUR contributions in print
(w my great #DundeeUni colleague Clair Gamble)!

I am still humbled that Kathleen Slaney agreed to join me for a conversation about #ConstructValidity
#Psychometrics ☺️

#ResearchMethods #Workshop #Training #RMeF2023

Screenshots of two contributions to the eFestival by Jan Boehnke:

In conversation, 8th November
What am I measuring here? In conversation with Kathleen Slaney about construct validity

How to presentation, 8th November
How to use simulation methods for power analyses and sample size calculations in cluster-randomised designs
Screenshot of two contributions to the eFestival by Clair Gamble:

Workshop, 7th November:
Measurement and intervention effectiveness: How to select questionnaire content that makes your intervention (not) work?

How to presentation, 9th November:
Using pre-validated questionnaires - how to interpret their quality and appropriateness to your research
6 days ago
Stephen Shankland
6 days ago

Today in AI training and alignment adventures, a very paperclip-maximizing anecdote from a US Air Force AI simulation. "We trained the system – ‘don’t kill the operator.' So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower."
#AI #training #USAF #military #paperclips

1 week ago

📁 May we direct your attention to Advanced Active Directory #Exploitation? In this #training, John Iatridis will take you on a journey into an immersive, real-world simulated and isolated #ActiveDirectory enterprise network. Get your early bird ticket now!


Advanced Active Directory Exploitation, John Iatridis, Aug 05-08, The Palms, Las Vegas
1 week ago

🚀 Reach new heights with your team, or push yourself even further, with our group & combo discounts. Organisations registering two or more participants for any #training OR students taking two or more trainings will get a #discount of $200 per training!


Ringzer0 Group & Combo Discounts
1 week ago

Model revisions comparision
(same settings/seed)

* v1 the released version
* v2 where I learned what not to do
* v3 new updated version (coming soon)

#stablediffusion #training

1 week ago

Different image, same settings/model.

#StableDiffusion #AI #Training #model #retrogaming

1 week ago

With a little help you can push this WIP model far

#StableDiffusion #AI #Training #model #retrogaming

1 week ago

Heute #Mittag nach dem heilend "spazieren" im #Zimmer angesprochen worden, dass verstörte & überforderte mich total denn die #Psyche flipt eben nicht schnell 😔

Es ist positiv, morgen geht es in die "Klinik" für dss #Training vom #Körper & #Psyche und das direkt vom #Spital aus. Ich werde dort mich trenieren und in den funktionierenden #Alltag zurück kommen – Ist bis jetzt so angekündigt 🤷‍♂️

Krass ist, das die Entscheidung für #Therapie innert Kürze gemacht so wie zugeordnet werden 🥹

Kaputte Fusse
Hank G ☑️
1 week ago
My 30 Day Health Reboot Challenge got me motivated to try running again. After a month of what would be considered "cross-training" if I were primarily doing running I was curious to see how important it was. I never thought it was unimportant but it was always the first thing I'd cut. Even with that understanding I was very surprised at the results of my first run. I'll be making changes to my training in general to help move myself towards running "races" again. #running #cycling #training #health
A Demonstration of the Importance of Crosstraining for Runners
1 week ago

I was looking for a good dataset of images for the Indiana Jones DOS game. Turns our Steam has a page for it with very good screenshots.

I cleaned the Jones and his girlfriend from the images, crop them and made final dataset.

Now it's time for training... 3300 steps. Says ~35min on 3080TI (24GB).

#StableDiffusion #training #AI #retrogaming

1 week ago

I've trained #StableDiffusion on a dozen of screenshots from Indiana Jones Faith of Atlantis #DOS game. Now I can generate infinite screenshots... :D

#AI #Training #retrogaming

2 weeks ago

Practice, practice, practice #training

James Shore
2 weeks ago

My "Testing Without Mocks" training course is coming up in just two weeks, and I still have some discounted seats available. This is the last time this price will be available, and I won't be offering the course again until October at the earliest.

You can sign up here:

#training #tdd #testing #nullables

Michael Tanzillo
2 weeks ago

Extremely to announce my brand new, completely free Substance 3D Painter Course!!

This course gives you a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Substance 3D Painter, a powerful and widely used texturing software in 3D design and digital content creation.

#3dartist #3dart #vfx #animation #gamingindustry #fashiondesign #3d #Adobe #Substance3D #MadeWithSubstance #SubstancePainter #Tutorial #Training #digitalart #digitalartist

2 weeks ago


I've been relatively impervious to #Covid #booster shots in the past 2 years (this is booster #4 for me) but for some reason this one laid me low.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one.

Cheers! Hope you're feeling100%... I'm hoping to go #hiking tomorrow and then there's a #training #run on my schedule for Wednesday, so...

fingers crossed!

2 weeks ago

#DEFCONTraining Las Vegas is only 12 weeks out! We’re proud to have a stellar lineup of trainers deep-diving into a wide variety of disciplines. The two-day intensive sessions begin August 14, right after #DEFCON31 - the perfect time to embiggen your security skillset.

Check out the full roster at and book your spot while supplies last.

#defcon #training #lasvegas

image of the city of las vegas sign.
rick :maybe_verified:
3 weeks ago

What are the best places/services to #learn new skills and capabilities? I am particularly interested in #productivity and #creativity, and with that comes an interest in #artificialIntelligence (#ai).

#learning #training #personalmba

3 weeks ago

Last #SlowBoizRunClub training run prior to leaving for Bali tomorrow morning complete.

The 2 degree apparent temp will be slightly different to the conditions we are going to experience over the next couple of weeks 🥶

Extremely proud of all we have achieved in this training block and am confident we are as prepared as we can be for the #BaliHopeUltra

#BHU2023 #TozeTravels #running #training #UltraMarathon #fitness

Two men in running gear, sweating and smiling. The are in front of a cycle path with blue sky behind them
3 weeks ago

A question following discussion with colleagues and friends also in the #InfoSec space: with many of the particularly sought after SANS courses over $8k USD these days, how many people are seeing employers pay for such training or comparable courses for similar costs elsewhere?

If so, what do you feel was key to getting the approval? Do you work in a small team and see greater training opportunities that way? Is a decent training budget approved for your overall team at a larger enterprise? Did management recognize a critical skill gap and is working to skill up the team? Spare money in the budget (I know, I know…)?

#cybersecurity #cybersecurityeducation #training

3 weeks ago

I decided to learn how to train #StableDiffusion embedding by taking frames from Tropical Heat trailer :>

I did not have time for manual tagging so I used CLIP and hope for the best.

Training in action...

#AI #training

Ranty Em
3 weeks ago

Infosec friends - I have an opportunity to get a small grant for certification or training (up to $7K for short training, 10K for long).

Any recommendations for someone with a history working in cybersecurity marketing who wants to get more into cybersecurity? Areas of interest include intelligence, adversarial testing, security awareness training, etc.

All advice is appreciated!
#cybersecurity #training #development

3 weeks ago

If your org needs privacy/safety/physical security & anti-surveillance training, please lmk. I partner with both biz and non-profits, journalists, activist groups, abortion aid clinics/workers, dv orgs. Protecting your digital/personal privacy and safety is so important.

#tech #infosec #privacy #safety #nerd #training

3 weeks ago

Nicht zu warm, nicht zu kalt, die Blätter rascheln im Wind und werden von Vogelgezwitscher begleitet. Genau richtig, um die Laufschuhe mal wieder überzustreifen und eine ausgiebige Runde, ausnahmsweise ohne Rad, zu drehen :o)

#laufen #joggen #training

Ein schmaler Waldpfad schlängelt sich voraus. Sträucher und Bäume stehen neben dem Pfad dicht an dicht. Ein völlig kahler und abgestorbener Baum ist zudem direkt links am Weg zu sehen.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 weeks ago

While I'm excited to try it out, I can still see how this could possibly be exploited.

iPhones will be able to speak in your voice with 15 minutes of training

#iPhone #AI #Voice #Training #Apple #iOS17 #TechNews

Two iPhones: One learning your voice. Another one using your voice to speak phrases.


while :
notify-send Move!
sleep $((45*60))

Run this while sitting in front of your computer to make sure you get a little dose of movement every once in a while.

#bash #linux #movement #training

4 weeks ago

Interested in learning Rust? We've published some free learning modules/training for anyone interested in getting started. In case you hadn't heard, it's pretty popular in Windows engineering right now. 😁

"Take your first steps with Rust" - Training | Microsoft Learn
#rust #Training #developers #Microsoft

Tim (Wadhwa-)Brown :donor:
4 weeks ago

Very WIP, but some sample vulnerable images (shipped as Docker containers for ease of deployment) for teaching Linux security:

Expect them to change, more containers with greater variance to be added and for accompanying material around hardening, auditing and exploitation to flow in due course.

#security, #training, #linux

Carlo Zottmann
4 weeks ago

I just spent 20 minutes re-learning how to jump rope. 😅

I walk a lot (fast) and generally try to stay in shape but I felt more out of breath than dignified in the end. 💦 No matter! It's good, cheap cardio (i.e., you can do it basically anywhere and don't have to pay for a gym membership), and I like to remain healthy.

Related: I got some resistance bands and they've been great so far. They do nicely for strength training, and go easy on the joints. 👍🏼

#fitness #training

John Schrag
4 weeks ago

I recently interviewed 40 managers and asked them this question:

"What do you know about managing people now that you wish you had known when you first started out?"

I'm trying to find out where management training and support is lacking, and, unsurprisingly, it comes down to the de-valuing of "soft" (emotional/relationship) skills.

I wrote a thing outlining what I learned:

#management #PsychologicalSafety #training

A manager is standing alone in an empty desert, beside a sign that shows only question marks.
Aaron Ouellette
4 weeks ago

Training plans for 23 - A goal complete 1st Boston, done. B goal run sub 1:30 1/2 marathon (prep for 24 spring full)
Blocks In reverse, block 3 - 12 week Pfitz 1/2 46-63 plan, Block 2 - Pfitz 12w ramp to 45.
Block 1 - Use available time to lose weight, build core, and flexibility.
Late fall new england 1/2's to give myself sufficient time to execute Block 1.
What are your goals, and plans to execute on them?
#Running #weightloss #training #goals

SoCraTes UK
1 month ago

There is nowhere else that you could learn from such an illustrious group of people than #SoCrates UK's #training day

This will be followed by a two day inspirational #OpenSpace #unconference

Go get your ticket - you won't regret it!

#softwarecraft #community #conference

SoCraTes UK takes place 1-4 June : training day followed by 2 days of Open Space / unconference.
Wade Wegner
1 month ago

As I’m currently in between things, I’ve decided to adopt Rod Dixon’s mantra: “All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal.”

#training #running #ultrarunning

Chess Training blog
1 month ago

May 11th - put a limit to the Chessable repetitions, will use it for 20m a day max, and got back to some basic tactics. Repertoire is ok, but that's not center of my training strategy right now. Did 54 simple positions in Puzzle Rush (3).

Need to go back to my main goal for the month, which is review GM games in Giddins.

#chess #training #adult #improver #chesspunks

Wade Wegner
1 month ago

A gorgeous day in the PNW for running in the woods. #ultrarunning #training #running

1 month ago

It's true. Weird as it is, we love our Standards of Business Conduct training at Microsoft. (Archive:
#microsoft #training #nelson

Image of the article on the Wall Street Journal with Nelson, a character in Microsoft's Standards of Business Conduct training, (tall man with glasses and a collared long sleeve green shirt) walking toward the camera down a long hallway at Microsoft while holding a Surface laptop.
Marcel Waldvogel
1 month ago

Zwar kommt beim #Training von #ChatGPT etc. ganz viel Zufall zum Tragen, doch der dient einem guten Zweck: Die wichtigen Informationen möglichst zuverlässig abrufbar zu machen.

Wie das genau funktioniert, habe ich vor ein paar Monaten ebenfalls bei #DNIP erklärt.


1 month ago

The American scenario is currently like the pre-WWII expansion of Nazi Germany. Trump issued his ultimatum when he attempted to overthrow the elected government, and even triggered a skirmish on Jan 6. The GOP has had two abandon this path, but has refused to do so. Instead they have continued to justify Trump's aggression, they have carved up or co-oped institutions that could oppose them, and they have continued to arm themselves. The rest of us need to be preparing so that we don't get rolled the way France did in 1940.

The rest of us need to double-down on preparation for the assault that could come at any moment, yet not escalate the conflict uncontrollably when there is still a chance that the normal law enforcement system could substantially neutralize the threat. The obvious avenue is to reinforce and harden our own infrastructure. Twitter has become a far-right propaganda mill with full support of the new owner and would surely shut down any effort to mobilize resistance to the next coup. We need secure and redundant communication networks, ideally under control of the community. We need more professional reporters on the ground all across the country to keep their eyes on the various schemes and refute rightist propaganda. We need robust energy systems that can mitigate sabotage. We need practical vehicles. We need machine shops and experience operating machinery to build what we need. We need the social networks to resist the assault.

#war #prepping #skills #training #journalism

Toni Aittoniemi
1 month ago

@JamesGleick with the recent advances in #opensource #training #techniques, AI will be available to everyone. And if I know human nature at all, it will be first applied by malicious actors, only one of them being capital as specified here.

The steps taken by society to mitigate should be #verification of humans and verification of accurate reporting.

AI for every kind of social and political mischief imaginable will be available by 2025. Governments needs to act, stop looking at businesses.

SoCraTes UK
1 month ago

Come to #SoCraTes UK - a #community run, not-for-profit, residential, #OpenSpace / #unconference for #software-crafters 1-4 June.

Located in the heart of the English countryside, there will be plenty of space for sessions outside, in the bar, or even in a meeting room!

And this year, there's an optional #training day as well.

SoCraTes UK takes place near Swindon 1-4 JUne 2023
SoCraTes UK
1 month ago

#Legacy code is everywhere - no one can avoid ift for ever. Get a head start by joining @claresudbery at her #SoCraTes UK #training session, where she will show you how to run #automated #tests against systems that don't have any.

#softwarecrafts #conference #community

Clare Sudbery will show us how to run tests against legacy code at SoCraTes UK June 1st
Alex Jones
1 month ago

‘I’m always surprised when people spend a fortune on a new project, then skimp on training the people charged with bringing that project to life—a perfect example of what it means to be “penny-wise, pound-foolish.”’
— Unreasonable Hospitality by Will Guidara

This is all too common in many industries, but so easily solved. This quote serves as a reminder to ensure I invest in the entirety of a project, not just the early and most visible aspects.

#leadership #training #people #hospitality

Tim (Wadhwa-)Brown :donor:
1 month ago

Putting together a training course on Linux operational security (hardening, auditing, exploiting), and am curious to see what people would be interested to understand better? Any thoughts fellow fediverse-dwellers?

#security, #training, #linux

SoCraTes UK
1 month ago

It’s not too late to get a place at the #SoCraTes UK #training day and unconference : 1-4 June 2023

Bring a friend or the whole family.

Nine great training sessions at SoCraTes UK's training day
Andrew Flegg
1 month ago

Wise words from the introduction & conclusion to my dad's #training material when he was learning to be a #software #developer in the early 1980s.

"Software is:

- Intangible
- Manageable
- A craft
- Fun to write.

Software is not:

- A 'Black Art'
- A means for postponing design decisions
- A way of giving infinite flexibility to a system
- Fun to manage (unless you know how)"
"Will any of this get any better?

Probably not."
Rob Myers 🍵 禅 Ⓥ
1 month ago

I'm again teaming up with Collaborative Leadership Team to offer another in-person Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) double-feature, in Minneapolis in late July (often the best time of year, weather-wise: not too cold, not too hot).

First, the basic CSD...

...followed by the two-day Advanced CSD...

(#Scrum #Developer #training includes #TDD #refactoring #cicd #pairprogramming and various other #agile #engineering practices.)

Daniel Stucke
1 month ago

…There's longer training runs to come over the next month too. I'm raising money for three charities close to my heart. If you'd like to contribute that would be hugely appreciated. The charities, and my legs, will be forever in your debt. 🙏 #training #charity #marathon #ultramarathon

Daniel Stucke
2 months ago

A moorland training Marathon - seems apt today with everyone doing that simple flat course in London 😉. 1200m of climbing and bog hopping on my version. Defo tired now though! #ultrarunning #marathon #training #trailrunning

An unusual stone stile in the Peaks. Just some stones sticking out of a 6ft high dry stone wall to make steps that allow you to climb over. With map of run overlaid.
Alison Meeks
2 months ago

#Joomla Day USA starts soon. Are you ready to learn all the things?!
#JDUSA #OpenSource #CMS #Training

Clare Sudbery
2 months ago

We all have to deal with #legacy code at some point. I'll be running a session that will help you put your legacy code under #test at #SoCraTes UK's #training day.

There are another 8 great sessions to choose from, so get your ticket now

Bruvik :verified:
2 months ago

Infosec/security people: Do any of you have experience with security awareness programs like or similar? #infosec #training

Clare Sudbery
2 months ago

This year #SoCraTes UK starts with a #training day. There will be two tracks and ten world class #trainers.

Don't miss out -

2 months ago

Time for a re #introduction

East Bay resident, L.A. #Beach native.

#gardening #hiking #running #training #theater #travel #photography #nature #photos #flowers

"if you're happy and you know it shout hooray"


Threat modeling is the measure twice, cut once of cybersecurity. A few minutes spent on analysis up front helps you build better from day one. Teams that threat model have fewer flaws, less re-design work resulting in schedule slips, and more predictable delivery.

We've got seats available for our upcoming May Threat Modeling Intensive, our Blackhat courses, and more!

#cybersecurity #engineering #training #threatmodeling

Wookies and Jawas in in a line listening to a teacher in a swamp
❄ SnowWrite ❄
2 months ago -- put in my job title.. and yeah.. this lady is upskilling to AI ASAP :D I am a search strategist and PMP -- both of whom may be replaced at some point so learning how to work with AI/ML and LLM is going to be crucial. I'm looking for some good courses as my company pays for training. Any suggestions?

#AI #search #ML #LLM #training #search #SEO

SoCraTes UK
2 months ago

We often don't like other people's code, but reading and understanding it is part of the job. Join @maritvandijk at #SoCraTes UK's #training day on June 1st to learn tips and tricks that will make reading #code easier and more fun.

#software #softwarecrafter

Marit van Dijk's training session will help you get better at reading other people's code
2 months ago

Current best set

Leg Press : 155 lb x 10
Lat Pull-down : 55 lb x 9
Bench press (DB-Tot): 30 lb x 13
#gym #lifting #training

2 months ago

🔥 We've added new dates for our most popular communication workshops!

Sign up now to join an upcoming class:

• Succinctness
• Cross-Functional Negotiation
• Decision-Making as a Team

#Communication #Training #infosec #privacy

After basically hibernating this winter I’m going to start to get back into the #fitness #training I was so into last year!

I think I’ll take it slow today though, no weights just some stretching then some #HIIT from #AppleFitness

2 months ago

Join us for an Intro to Supply Chain 101 training. Tune in and ask Andy any questions you have on SSC

📅Register here:

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