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Hmmm… looks like got lost in their server purge so guess I’m here now.

Still into #queer #trans #lgbt and #rainbow issues. Still into #rollerderby #boardgames #videogames and the #outdoors . Still knowledgeable about #mentalhealth #psychology #psychiatry and #transhealthcare

Follow me if you like that stuff. I’ll likely follow back.

Denny Kozlov
52 minutes ago

This particular RHPS crowd was way queer and way lit, with folks in drag posing down the aisles and doing Rockettes kick lines in the balcony. Plus there was the added fun of freaking the mundanes waiting to get into the TGIFriday's next door. And presiding over it all was Tim Curry's masterful smirk as he sashayed into genderfunk history. :heart_transgender: (2/2)

#RockyHorrorPictureShow #TimCurry #rock #pride #MentalSoundtrack #NowPlaying #QueerElder #genderqueer #queer #trans #nonbinary

Denny Kozlov
1 hour ago

Today's stop on my Pride Month musical memory tour: when I was in college in Boston in the late 1970s, I got indoctrinated into the wonders of the Rocky Horror Picture Show via its long-running Saturday midnight showing - with excellent live Cast - at the then-beloved Exeter Street Theater in the Back Bay. Ahhh, the memories! (1/2)

#RockyHorrorPictureShow #TimCurry #rock #pride #MentalSoundtrack #NowPlaying #QueerElder #genderqueer #queer #trans #nonbinary

The Best Star Trek is DS9
Followed closely by LOWER DECKS
Then Discovery

#Trans #blog #selfie #HRT
#Queer #LGBTQIA #daily #goth #nailsthatglow

Steve Thompson
2 hours ago

"Hate group lawyer: Michigan’s conversion therapy ban forces gay kids to be 'transgender'​" #LGBTQ #trans

I Like Books
2 hours ago

"Hundreds of anti-transgender bills proposed in state legislatures are sold as measures to protect minors—such as Idaho’s Vulnerable Child Protection Act and Montana’s Youth Health Protection Act—but advocacy groups and doctors warn that the effect is exactly the opposite. So far this year, legislators in nearly every state have introduced over 550 anti-transgender bills—more than in the past eight years combined. ..."

"A federal judge in Florida told politicians and backers of a new law rolling back gender-affirming care in the state to “put up” facts or “shut up.”

In a preliminary injunction filed from Tallahassee on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle blocked a state law that would that prohibit the prescription of puberty-blocking and other hormone-related therapies for minors from applying to three of seven minors included in the filed case."
#USA #Trans #Hate #LGBTQ+

Transgender World
3 hours ago

For the first time in its four-decade history, America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer civil rights organization has declared a national state of emergency.
#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

6 hours ago

It appears I have made it to my Fishing For Compliments in Public Trans Era.

Don’t know if this is a thing, but if not I just made it one.


6 hours ago

Went into Panda Express to assert my dominance over the miscreant girl who calmed me “Sir” a week or so ago, when I was feeling fragile, consequently triggering 3 hours of crying…

Instead I was helped by an adorable He/They who complimented my nails and made everything better.


Joscelyn TranScience
7 hours ago

Seriously though, why don't more therapists and psychiatrists that work with trans patients not start with a trauma-informed approach or refer their trans clients to trauma therapy?

I know @siege has discussed gender dysphoria as a PTSD response specifically, but the whole experience, from egg-cracking to living as yourself is shaped by the complex trauma most of us experience growing up in a world hostile to trans existence.


Joscelyn TranScience
7 hours ago

Why is it every time I hear a professional describe trauma (e.g. symptoms, experiences, care) that I realize they are literally just describing what every trans person I know lives with? 😅​

Like, I was just listening to a webinar where they describe how trauma makes it hard to remember things in a linear fashion and we might make connections between things that happened at different moments and times because it all happens at once for us...wait, isn't that just Queer Temporality? 😅​


Steven Saus [he/him]
7 hours ago

From 02 Jun: As Predicted, Anti-Drag Laws Are Being Weaponized to Silence Trans People - A few months ago, Adria Jawort and others testified before the Montana legislature that its law ban... #drag-shows #montana #trans-rights

Federal court judge rules:

"Dissuading a person from conforming to the person’s gender identity rather than to the person’s natal sex is not a legitimate state interest. The medical defendants have acknowledged this."

The ruling is 44 pages, but is worth the read. There are a lot of talking points.

#Court #Judge #Trans

When I'm having a bad day (which I do a lot these days), I remind myself that this time last year, I was 50 pounds heavier than I now am. That makes me smile :)

Sure, I don't look as young and slim as I did 22 years ago, but hey, it's a year on year improvement

#middleage #Trans

A screen grab from a video filmed today, in which the poster is wearing a v-neck tunic top and grey cardigan.
A screen grab from a video filmed 13 months ago, in which the poster is wearing an old T-shirt and weighs 50 pounds more than today, with visibly larger face and neck.
Jeri Dansky
9 hours ago

Signed up for Will Bunch's newsletter after reading his takes on RFK Jr's campaign & Nicki Haley's comments re: #trans women athletes.

"Nikki Haley held a 90-minute town hall on CNN that the New York Times described as 'mild,' apparently because she was willing to say that Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine or praising North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un are actually bad things.

"There’s a lot of words I could use for ratcheting up hatred toward our #LGBTQ youth, but 'mild' is not one of them."

9 hours ago

TFW when you thought you were M4F but it turns out you were T4T

and not for nothing, TFW when you find out how common some variation of that is

Happy Pride!


Julia Serano
9 hours ago

I've seen multiple ppl posting today (mostly on that other place) about AFAB-only spaces & the presence of real or imagined "penises" making trans women inherently "suspect/dangerous." this is currently my best & most accessible essay on this topic (no-paywall link): "Penises, Privilege, and Feminist & LGBTQ+ Purity Politics"... #trans #transgender #bisexual #LGBTQ #queer #feminism #sex #sexuality #stigma

9 hours ago

Happy pride month to all. Sorry for being late ^^"

#pride #trans #nonbinary #gay

I often woke up and lay there in the dark. Usually, this was about a quarter to four. "I'm the wrong person," I thought. "I'm living the wrong life in the wrong body."

To which, I would respond:

"You're a maniac, an idiot! You have a life–a lot of other people dream about a life–so full of blessings that your heart hurts!"

To which, I would respond:

"I know, still."

–She's Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan

#Books #Quotes #Queer #Trans #Pride #Identity #Gender

10 hours ago

It's hard to be happy about this ruling because it's far too narrow, temporary, and likely to get overturned by an activist judge. It is a minor step in the right direction for #trans rights in FL, and a rebuke of the fascist governor, DeSatan.


11 hours ago

OK I know I said I would speak in French but
I'm thinking about starting to take estrogen once I've finished my move and. idk. it sounds kinda scary. but it sounds possible to stop after a set amount of time before breasts grow in fully. but still it's like. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

is this really what I want? I don't know. I really don't know but I do know I dislike myself, and many parts of myself, and I just don't associate with masculinity at all honestly anymore... i know it's not what you like and whatnot but it's literally like, I look at myself in the mirror and I don't like it. I just... idk. I dk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am not donkey kong)


#trans #estrogen #hrt #transition #transask #asktrans #asktransgender #personal

Need some assistance from other trans femmes or knowledgeable parties about breast feeding. Am not able to take domperidone because of an interaction with my psych meds. So I’ve been told grab a pump, and take 3000-4000mg of fenugreek a day.

For the record I’m taking 6mg oral estrogen and 300mg micronized progesterone daily. The drug that has the interaction is my seroquel which I use to manage anxiety.

Any babes been through this and have suggestions, tips, guides, supplies, or anything else that might help? Really appreciate it. Thanks.

#hrt #breastfeeding #trans

UPDATE 6/6 1630

Last week was pretty hard, but you all managed to turn it from tragedy to community action by rapidly funding Maddie in 3 days flat and giving to Ella's gofundme! That was no small feat, yall!

Last week the fundraisers made $8,385 combined. 3 were added, 1 reopened and at least 1 completed.

Alex here needs to be funded by the end of this week. LETS GO!

@mutualaid #mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund #gofundment #trans #queer #lgbt #pride

#Haley #falsely #links #rise in #girls#suicidalthoughts to #trans #athletes

There’s no #data to #support this #False claim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (#CDC) report that she #cited made no such connection — and in fact shows a higher percentage of #LGBTQ #teen #girls have contemplated #suicide compared with #cisgender #girls.

I am negative in bank account again.

I have been buying food and meds. I wish I could predict when I will be flush.

CashApp/Venmo - nailsthatglow

I am also selling a colouring book an Amazon. This is a long term path.

I just want to get above water again.


#mutualaid #trans #pride #crowdfund #Queer #transcrowdfund

🩵 Blue 🩵
12 hours ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff, plus money for food and bills.

It's #urgent because we are at $8128 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay in-the-green financially. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled #MutualAid

🩵 Blue 🩵
12 hours ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff, and money for food and bills while Kat applies for jobs.

It's #urgent because we are at $8128 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay in-the-green financially. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled #MutualAid

Texas Observer Lives!
12 hours ago

Just out: The #Texas Legislature lived down to its reputation in its 88th session, as revealed by the staff of the Observer in this wrap-up from @josephinelee, Kit @oconnell, @gusbova, @justinmiller and Michelle Pitcher.

Among the biggest losers were taxpayers, teachers, #trans youths, and anyone who uses electricity.

#TXlege #politics #USpol #news #education #LGBTQIA+ #transgender #transphobia #drag #energy #ClimateChange #schools #vouchers #MassShooting #Uvalde

Tilly Bridges
14 hours ago

🏳️‍🌈 new episode!🏳️‍🌈


Rainbow Capitalism is bad and complex, and we're gonna talk about it and why it's so harmful. And that includes Target, Dylan Mulvaney and Bud Light, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Writer and activist Felix Mack returns to discuss how how to take up space as a man in a cautious way!

Also you may not know this, but trans people melt in the rain!

#trans #transgender #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights #queer #pride #lgbtq

It's Jenn and the AWFUL TRUTH
14 hours ago

Winning elections for the court appointments is ALL that matters anymore on the federal level, folks. I hope this ruling standards for the sake of our #trans brothers and sisters in Florida.

Tilly Bridges
14 hours ago

Welcome to #TransTuesday! It’s Pride month, so that means we’re gonna talk about Target, and Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light, and the Los Angeles Dodgers, and: RAINBOW CAPITALISM.

If you’re unsure exactly what Rainbow Capitalism is, what it basically amounts to is corporations posting rainbow logos and selling queer merch while otherwise stabbing us in the back.

#trans #transgender #transrightsarehumanrights #transrights #pride #queer #lgbtq

Me with long curly hair and curly bangs, in pink-framed glasses with eyeliner and pink lipstick, in a navy blue t-shirt that has the Star Trek delta on it (the inside of the delta is filled with the trans flag). My left hand is giving the Vulcan live long and prosper salute, and my black leather cuff watch is visible on my left wrist.
Me with long curly bangs and long curly hair (I know I always describe it the same but it’s my hair what do you want from me), in blue-framed glasses, in blue eyeshadow and dark eyeliner and red lipstick and red nail polish, in a blue tank top with a white cat head on the front. The cat wears sunglasses and the lenses show the pride flag, which is super weird and is thus great.
An image showing corporate pride/rainbow logos and how much each company has donated to supporters of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill: Charter Communications ($229000), Draft Kings ($50000), PepsiCo ($35000), AT&T ($102500), Comcast NBCUniversal ($92000), Anheuser-Busch ($35000), Walgreens ($31500), Zillow ($20000), Amazon ($7500). Text reads, “Contributions from 1/1/2020 to 2/15/2022 to bill sponsors, legislators who votes for the bill in committee, Speaker of the Florida House Chris Sprowls, and Governor Ron DeSantis. Source: Florida Campaign Finance.”
An image reading-
Corporations during June: (a collection of logos from evil companies in fiction, in rainbow colors, including, Umbrella Corporation, UAC Union Aerospace, Silver Shamrock Novelties, Skynet, OCP, Shinra Corporation, RR, Lexcorp, inGen, Weyland-Yutani Corp, Mishima Zaibatsu, Abstergo Industries, Black Mesa Research Facility, Aperture Laboratories, Mann Co., SCP Foundation, Mom’s Friendly Robot Company, and Virtucon.
14 hours ago

US judge blocks #Florida ban on #trans minor care in narrow ruling, says 'gender identity is real' #LGBTQ #legal

Kit Malone
15 hours ago

Jargon alert: When a judge "enjoins" a law, that "injunction" prevents the state from enforcing while the case is underway.

This means that the judge has found that the claimants are likely to ultimately succeed on the merits of their case and should be protected from further harm.

This is a very good sign. Medical care can continue for #trans youth in #Florida. Coupled with the judge's very strong statement on injunction, it signals a positive final decision.

Kit Malone
15 hours ago

BIG WIN for #trans youth! U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle has enjoined Florida's ban on youth affirming care. A choice quote from his decision:

"The statute and the rules were an exercise in politics, not good medicine."

The ACLU's case challenging #Indiana's ban on youth affirming care goes to court on June 14.

"But in response to the threats to your stores, you did something that we in the community cannot do. You see, we can’t simply pull our identities and our lives off the shelves. We can’t just take the rainbow flags down, hoping these monsters leave us alone.

In fact, we know they won’t….

Bullies are the same the world round, and they must be dealt with the same.

You cannot give them what they want, because they will only come back, demanding more."

#LGBTQ #trans #Republicans #Target

George Takei tells Target,

"Welcome to our lives.

LGBTQ+ people are facing attacks and threats as never before. Our identities are being erased from classrooms, our gatherings and festivals are being targeted by armed militias, and our children are being singled out and denied life saving, gender affirming medical care."

#LGBTQ #trans #Republicans #Target

I woke up today on shot day, having not shaved since Saturday for electro, and I looked in the mirror and actually saw myself as a beautiful woman. I actually saw it and FELT it.

I wish I could tell myself two years ago what was possible. That version of me, so full of hope and uncertainty and fear and excitement will never cease to be an inspiration to me. #trans

Cait the Encourageable
18 hours ago

Alright, so here's the GoFundMe link for my friend's escape from her abusive situation at home.

None of this money is for me, excepting repaying things I might need to advance her for now. All of it is going to Yuzu's Life Starting Fund, as she's going to need clothes, and housewares, and toiletries, and you name it. So anything you can spare to help her out will be a great boon.

#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid #Trans

Transgender World
18 hours ago

Oxfam Pride advert branded ‘hateful’ by anti-trans activists for making ‘terfs’ look like terrible people | indy100

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

"A generation and a half ago, the ideological forefathers of these same people were telling America that dangerous blacks were luring innocent young white children into lives of sex and depravity, with jazz music and the innate sexuality of Black men.

Just twenty years ago these same people were telling the world that gay marriage would lead to people marrying ducks and goats.

They always fight this battle, because it’s all they’ve got."

#trans #Republicans

"To follow the rhetoric of anti-trans leaders like Ron DeSantis and right-wing propaganda outlets like Fox News, the push for transgender acceptance is corrupting the souls of the innocent, brainwashing innocent kids through rainbow t-shirts at Target and drag show clips on TikTok."

#trans #Republicans

Oliver Willis writes that the current war of the right on trans people is a new iteration of an old war against any group the right finds convenient to demonize at the moment.

He writes,

#trans #Republicans

22 hours ago

"When the Guardian reported concerns raised by an anonymous former EHRC employee about its stance on race, their name was leaked to the Guido Fawkes website. Under questioning from a parliamentary committee, the EHRC wrongly suggested the Guardian was the source of the leak to the rightwing blog."

Is this why the Guardian has been taking an obvious step back from their usual transphobic reporting? It's gone from full-on to peep.

#EHRC #Trans #Corruption

UK Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) discord deepens after inquiry into complaints against chair paused

> Britain’s equality watchdog is reeling from a breakdown of trust between its board and staff amid concerns it has become politicised, senior insiders say.

#EHRC #Trans #Transgender #TransRights

A picture of Kishwer Falkner, Chair of the EHRC with her mouth open in exhortation wearing a black top and chunky gold squares metallic necklace
Transgender World
23 hours ago

Baseless anti-trans claims fuel adoption of harmful laws – two criminologists explain

No reliable data supports the argument that transgender people commit violent crimes at higher rates than cisgender men and women. In fact, transgender people are more than four times as likely to be the victim of a crime as cisgender people.

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Queer Lit Cats
1 day ago

Pink News: Brianna Ghey: Mum of teen trans girl killed in park says daughter’s death ‘cannot be for nothing’ #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #briannaghey #Exclusive #Trans #News #UK

Ancient Slime Ruins
1 day ago

I look a bit like what 12 year old me wanted me to look like at this age.


1 day ago

“Hey Lucía! What’s that you are working on?”

“Oh, this? It’s just the *Application to Change the Name and/or Sex on a Record of Live Birth to Support Gender Identity*. Thought I’d work on it while I’m painting my nails, between coats…”

“Well jeez, what’s been holding you back?”



The New Yorker doesn't state this as clearly, but an organization dedicated to anti-anti-racism cracked up when the leadership weren't anti-trans enough or closely enough aligned with Republican priorities.

Also Bari Weiss sucksssssss

#trans #journalism

I don’t care if a TERF is a lesbian she doesn’t belong at pride 🤷🏻‍♂️

#pride #queer #trans #agender #FuckTERFs

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
2 days ago

I'm terrible on sending "hugs" as it feels a bit non-authentic for me personally (what with being English, and all that) but I just saw the phrase "sending strength, tea and biscuits" which somehow felt perfect somehow, so -

Sending strength, tea and biscuits to all trans folk here in the #Fediverse 💜 :heart_trans:

#Trans #Transgender #TransMasc #Mastodon

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
2 days ago

The Guardian (today): "Forget Twitter, my local dog park is the real town square" -- by Myke Bartlett. Resonating for me:

▫️ "Maybe the strongest communities are the ones where our identities matter the least. Where it isn’t our politics but how we treat each other"

▫️ " Stripped of our labels, most people turn out to be easy to like. (Irshad) Manji argues this might be the best way out of our polarised age – not to look for purities in others, but pluralities. We are all more than one thing"

▫️ "In these days of algorithmic overlords, getting to meet people whose politics, economics, experiences or general demographics don’t neatly match your own feels as liberating as it is rare"

▫️ "... the first of many open conversations. The sort I suspect most people crave"

#Trans #Guardian #Press #Twitter #Fediverse #Mastodon

I would love to see more #trans people coming up with ways to support our brothers and masc enbies who are T-dependent. There's a lot out there about DIYing estrogen, but I see little to nothing about how to keep us safe when T shortages hit and politicians make access illegal!

#TransMasc #TransMen #testosterone #TransRights

Use RSS? Love Tilly's Trans Tuesdays?

I made a [unofficial] feed you can plug into your reader so you dont miss out!

#TransTuesday #trans

A screenshot of a RSS reader parsing the TillysTransTuesdays feed. The actual text shown is unimportant for the context of this post.

May 30 2023
description of a podcast update with a link to said podcast

May 30 2023
descriptino to the article titled: Cis people get gender affirming healthcare too

May 23 2023
description to the article titled: Giving yourself permission to explore gender
3 days ago

Just got ma'am-ed at the grocery store wearing scruby junk clothes :blobcatlove: :blobcatlove: :blobcatlove:

#trans #selfie #TransSelfieTrain #TransJoy
(CW eye contact)

Erin sitting in her car with groceries with her hair pulled back into a messy bun and wearing a random ICS Village tshirt that's too big for her.
Cassian [main]
3 days ago

Hi folks, happy #Pride!

I make pride flag handwarmers, and I've got the following in stock for £16 per pair plus P&P from the UK:

- #trans x2
- #intersex
- #bisexual
- #nonbinary (c'est moi!)
- #pansexual
- #asexual (c'est moi aussi!)

Plus a bunch more in luxury merino with silver sparkles, and socks, which are more expensive - see more here:

DM me if you would like to buy anything! This year, 75% of proceeds go to

Asexual pride flag handwarmer, basically a knitted ribbed tube with a hole for the thumb - black, grey, white, purple.
Bisexual pride flag handwarmer, basically a knitted ribbed tube with a hole for the thumb - dark blue, purple, hot pink.
Intersex pride flag handwarmer, basically a knitted ribbed tube with a hole for the thumb - yellow with a narrow purple stripe.
Nonbinary pride flag handwarmer, basically a knitted ribbed tube with a hole for the thumb - black, purple, white, yellow.

It is sometimes really interesting to observe how long a thread goes on and what impact it has.

The thread about Quantum Electron Dynamics (QED) / Quantum Physics seems not to ready to die ... or sleep.

But then again, I am happy I got a chance to refresh a lot of the stuff that I read/did over the years in order try to explain some of the beauty of the quantum realm.

But, it sometimes creates weird thoughts and sentences what with chatting in another thread about trans issues, coming out of a lovely person, German politics, ... Having to correct "... you know the trans realm is fascinating. It is so far away from our macro Universe. What is most important is really to understand that words can mean something different for the quantum trans realm than for the cis macro universe... Look at this photon: always transitioning through spacetime at the same pace..." ... Wowowowowow... waitaminit - waitaminit...

#QuantumPhyics #QED #Trans #Musings

3 days ago

I am looking for a new instance to move to, preferably but need an invite. I rarely use this account so I’d would like to go somewhere I will be more active.

If anyone has other ideas for general *anti-everything bad* instances that are currently open or if I can get an invite to please lmk!

#Queer #Trans #Disabled #Neurodivergent #AntiRacism #AntiCapitalism #LGBTQ #Disability #BlackMastodon

🩵 Blue 🩵
3 days ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff. It's #urgent because we are at $7553 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay okay financially, especially since Kat has to find a new job. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled

🩵 Blue 🩵
3 days ago

Hey there, we are an #LGBTQ couple who have just fled a red state, and we are currently fundraising to survive! We need ~$2500 to pay the movers to drop off the majority of our stuff. It's #urgent because we are at $7553 currently, and we really need to hit $12k by July 1st to stay okay financially, especially since Kat has to find a new job. Even if you can't donate, please #boost!

#TransCrowdfund #nonbinary #trans #queer #disabled @mutualaid #MutualAid

same goes with misgendering lol, you misgender me once ever and the relationship is like never the same. I don't really get misgendered offline unless I'm out (people usually assume she/her): and when I do it's very rarely deliberately or when friends have just not seen me as a full woman so it accidentally slips out, and I just can't accept even the latter, even if it's accompanied by "trying". Sorry, but no

#trans #lgbtqia #ally #allies #allyship

Maybe you think I have high standards, but I'm not sorry about it

#trans #lgbtqia #allyship #allies #ally

Tbh, I used to waste my time doing this! And you know what I thought back when I did that? That nobody was out there who was better, and so I had to be patient like that and always do that! It wasn't until I said fuck it that I actually had room in my life to meet people who were better. Took a bit but, so worth it

#trans #lgbtqia #transmisia #transphobia #allyship #ally #allies

There are plenty of people who know enough about trans people where I'm just not going to waste my time walking someone through the basics in friendship after friendship, or much less even an acquaintance or something. People can either be with the program or they're not ready to be in my life and they need to do their own research on how to interact with trans people

#trans #lgbtqia #allyship #allies #ally