2 weeks ago

This "Trans Day of Remembrance," lots of folks reached out to let me know that I am visible and loved. Yet not a single one of them offered to buy me a squarerigger ship, a schooner, or even a modest sloop. Where are all the REAL allies at? 🧐🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️

#trans #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance #pirates #piratepride

2 weeks ago

For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, lets honour #TransDayofRemembrance and look back at our 2021 author interview with Alicia Spencer-Hall and Blake Gutt about their collection titled, 'Genderqueer Subjects in Medieval Hagiography.'


A Sweet Gentleman
2 weeks ago

The #wtf of the day:
A cis-man who knows I'm trans accused me of mansplaining to him.
Then he mansplained that me mansplaining is a side-effect of taking testosterone.
But only for trans people.
According to him cis-men are born with T so they 'know' how to deal with its effect while trans people like me are too overwhelmed by it to be able to control it properly.

I was too flabbergasted to ask him how come rape, physical violence, mass shootings etc. are done mostly by cis-men supposedly 'in control' and not by 'rabid trans men' like me.

#trans #transmen #transmasc #TransDayOfRemembrance
#transphobia #mansplaining

Kajsa Gauza (she/her)
3 weeks ago

Moja spóźniona grafika na Dzień
Pamięci Osób Transptciowych 🏳️‍⚧️

Na obrazku jest stan naszych praw i międzynarodowego dyskursu o osobach transpłciowych 😐😑😶
#transgender #trans #lgbt #rainbow #art #lgbtq #pride #transgirl #transisbeautiful #lgbtq #lgbtqia #transdayofremembrance #transawarenessweek

Obraz przedstawia skurczoną, smutną kobietę narysowaną w czerni i bieli. Kobieta trzyma poszarpaną flagę-symbol osób transpłciowych.
Sky Starlight :sky:
3 weeks ago

Why must they hate us?
We only want to be ourselves
To exist honestly
To show who we are
We choose our names
We tell people what to call us
Yet they refuse
They insist that they know better
But they don't
How can anyone know us better than ourselves?
Why must we be afraid
To introduce ourselves
To wear the clothes we want
To have the bodies that make us comfortable
That's all we want
To exist
To be who we are
Why is that so much?


#Poetry #Trans #TransDayOfRemembrance

Plume 🪶
3 weeks ago

A memorial for those who we lost along the way this year. #transdayofremembrance

Candles in bright blue, bright pink and white writing the number "390" on a concrete floor near grass.
Candles in bright blue, bright pink and white on a metal table on a grass floor. The bottom half of some people around it can be seen.
Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@JILLSLASTWORD: Incredibly sorry to have missed this being away under the weather. Thank you @TorontoPflag @CheriDiNovo and to all in our #tostpauls community and beyond for your hearts and commitment to our communities. #TransDayOfRemembrance

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 weeks ago

‘They were full and beloved people’: Vigil honors those lost to anti-trans violence

In spite of a blustery day, as the sun refused to make an appearance from behind the low gray clouds, nearly two dozen people gathered Monday in downtown Ann Arbor Monday to mark 2023’s Trans Day of Remembrance.

The annual observance is held on Nov. 20 to honor the memory of those transgender people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Ann Arbor’s vigil, one of many being held across Michigan, as well as the rest of the world, was a first time collaboration between the First United Methodist Church of Ann Arbor (FUMC) and the First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor.

#Michigan #AnnArbor #Politics #News #TransDayOfRemembrance #LGBT

Liam @ GamingOnLinux 🐧🎮
3 weeks ago

A day late but better late than never. #TransDayOfRemembrance
No place for hate. Ever.

Much love all.

3 weeks ago

Today is trans day of remembrance. My partner is singing tonight in their choir, you can catch the live stream below.

#Seattle #TransChoir #transdayofremembrance #Trans #LGBTQ

Janblu Art :heart_sp_nb:
3 weeks ago

I don't really have time anymore so here's something quick I did for #TransDayOfRemembrance

#DigitalArt #DragonArt

A headshot of Janblu (a dragon) with a trans flag in their mouth. The background has the colours of the non-binary flag.
thomas (they/them) 🌺
3 weeks ago

Heartbreaking to hear the list of names of those lost this year. I attended a small vigil and march in my neighborhood. 🏳️‍⚧️

#TDoR #TransDayOfRemembrance

trans flag leading a march
Ryan Baumann
3 weeks ago

#TransDayOfRemembrance #TDoR I made a little archive of Rani Baker’s public & ko-fi projects here in case the sources ever go away:

Amelia Baeddelia (She/Her)
3 weeks ago

Leelah Alcorn was murdered.

Every trans suicide is a murder victim.

#tdor #tdor2023 #transdayofremembrance #transdayofremembrance2023

Amelia Baeddelia (She/Her)
3 weeks ago

Ask yourself if what really makes you angry about that trans woman you dislike is that she doesn't show you or others like you the deference you think you're entitled to from her, doesn't act grateful enough to you for your "tolerance", doesn't know her place. #tdor #tdor2023 #transdayofremembrance #transdayofremembrance2023

A screenshot of a Twitter thread posted by Carta Monir @CartaMonir on 20 November 2023 that reads "This Trans Day of Remembrance, please examine your own impulse to annihilate trans women who have made you angry. Trans women live on a precipice and it doesn't take much for people we thought were friends to be calling for our destruction. I am asking you to think hard about the ways that you, personally, have contributed to pile-ons and harassment campaigns against trans women you personally dislike. Especially when those trans women aren't white or skinny or 'passing'."
Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@CHogarthPC: RT @SudburyPolice: On #TransDayOfRemembrance, we commemorate the lives that have been tragically lost to transphobia and acknowledge the co…

Danilynn Jiibay
3 weeks ago

I attended a Two Spirit arts and crafts session earlier and made this as part of #TransDayOfRemembrance

Painting that says "Honoring Our Trancestors"
Me and painting
Jeni Tehan
3 weeks ago

Just stormed out of the pub telling everyone to fuck off, came home and wrote this.

And it's my birthday, FFS

#BlackLivesMatter #TransDayOfRemembrance

Hastily written black text on notebook paper reading: White people acting like victims because black people don't want to be murdered by police.
Ontario News Bot
3 weeks ago

@CHogarthPC: RT @SudburyPolice: On #TransDayOfRemembrance, we commemorate the lives that have been tragically lost to transphobia and acknowledge the co…

Christel van der Boom
3 weeks ago

For #TransDayOfRemembrance
I am sharing this recent op-ed by Tamar Westphal.

Reading her piece was like finding the words I've been searching for.

Full disclosure: I had the pleasure of learning alongside Tamar in the The OpEd Project's "Write to Change the World" workshop.

3 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we commemorate and honor our transgender and non-binary siblings who lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Let us continue to advocate for those who are no longer present as well as those who are. The time to show solidarity is now. On this day, and every day, we stand with you.

#InterPride #Trans #Transgender #TransAwarenessWeek #TAW #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance

3 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we commemorate and honor our transgender and non-binary siblings who lost their lives to anti-trans violence.

Let us continue to advocate for those who are no longer present as well as those who are. The time to show solidarity is now. On this day, and every day, we stand with you.

#InterPride #Trans #Transgender #TransAwarenessWeek #TAW #TDOR #TransDayofRemembrance

Ariel Millennium Thornton
3 weeks ago

Today is #TransDayofRemembrance :flag_transgender:​ 🕯️​.

If it's new to you, please research it and the issues, challenges, and threats we face that make today necessary. Remember the dead, and fight like hell for the living.


Daria was sent to me via a 3rd party, and when that third party lost contact with her I also lost contact. Her fundraiser was ended suddenly without any communication, and I don't know why. I am not aware of her having been in any immediate danger, but I am left wondering what happened all the same.

#gtfomystate #TransDayOfRemembrance

3 weeks ago

Today, November 20th, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, where the victims of transphobia are remembered.

#TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR

Infographic from TGEU Trans Murder Monitoring from October 2022-September 2023.

321 trans and gender diverse people reported murdered.

80% Black, brown, or racialised. (Where demographic data was reported.)

48% sex workers. (Where demographic data was reported.)

94% trans women or femmes.

45% migrants or refugees in Europe. (Where demographic data was reported.)

28% murdered on the street.
26% murdered in their residence.


I never spoke directly to Fay, instead getting her fundraiser through a friend. When it was sent to me she was about to be kicked out of her home in Arkansas by her parents and was trying to raise money to get to a friend in another state. After the initial conversations about it, I never heard anything else about her situation, aside from an update saying she needed $400 more. I do not know if she made it to safety and I do not know if she is still alive or not. I like to think she likely made it.

#gtfomystate #TransDayOfRemembrance

Trans people should not be hurt or even killed.

Bigots will not win and never will.

Trans people should be able to live and express themselves freely without fear and discrimination.

Trans people are valid and so are trans human rights.

🏳️‍⚧️ Happy #TransDayOfRemembrance 🏳️‍⚧️

3 weeks ago

My trans kid isn't on Mastodon, but I salute her and all other trans folks today! #transdayofremembrance

Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

“When kids can’t feel safe, seen, or valued, they don’t come to school.”

We owe it to this generation of #trans and #queer young folks. We must work harder to ensure they have the rights they deserve.
From March 2023, by former National Teacher of the Year, Shanna Peeples:

#LGBTQIA+ #TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR #politics #schools #education #Texas

Attended Newcastle's Trans Day of Rememberance vigil today. I never really know what to say for the saddest day in the trans calendar, but I'm always grateful to have something to mark the occasion

#TransDayOfRemembrance #TDOR #transgender

A lit candle with a cardboard base
Damien Marie AtHope
3 weeks ago

#TransDayOfRemembrance 🏳️‍⚧️

Blake's Ex-Girlfriend

I never knew the name of Blake's ex-girlfriend. I kept as much as possible on a need to know basis to respect the privacy of those #gtfomystate was helping. I do not know a lot about her at all, only that she was in Flordia, that she was dependent on her parents, and Blake was desperate to get her out. Unfortunately before enough funds could be raised she broke up with Blake and decided to pursue conversion therapy. I cannot tell you if she is still alive, or if she will ultimately survive that process.


Chantal Coolsma
3 weeks ago

I always get the feeling Sadiq Khan is of the same level of Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam. Both are really good mayors.

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance #London

Christopher M0YNG
3 weeks ago

It's #TransDayOfRemembrance

It's important to me that and the amateur radio community in general is a safe and welcoming place for trans people.

If you don't know what this is, have a read of "Trans Day of Remembrance: what is it and why is it needed?"

Then go read the names, think of their lives, taken away and summed up so briefly by their death.

Be sad, be angry, and go do something about it.
(Yes, I'm talking to cis people.)

Bruce Mirken
3 weeks ago

An online memorial for some of the #trans lives lost in 2023: #TransDayOfRemembrance

3 weeks ago

hey cis people

this Trans Day Of Remembrance

let's take a moment to remember those of us who this cruel world so unfairly took

but also...

let's endeavor to create a better, safer, kinder world for trans people (and everyone else!)

remembrance means nothing without a commitment to stopping the cycle that led us here to begin with

today shouldn't be one huge bummer

it should be a day where the fire in your heart to fight for change burns stronger

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance

Today is the #TransDayOfRemembrance, a day to remember #transgender and #nonbinary folks lost to #transphobic violence. I was hoping to attend a rally and march in #SanFrancisco this evening (, but I have a nasty cold. 😠

Here's a photo I took of SF City Hall lit in #trans pride flag colors for #TDoR in 2017. 📷 Credit: Pax Ahimsa Gethen, CC BY-SA 4.0

San Francisco City Hall at dusk, lit in the pink, white, and blue colors of the trans pride flag.
3 weeks ago

Liebe Menschen

heute ist der #transdayofremembrance. Wir gedenken heute den 321 Opfern von Gewalt, die im vergangenen Jahr ermordet wurden, aber auch denjenigen, die ihr Leben aufgrund fehlender Akzeptanz aufgaben.

#trans #transgender #transgirl #transblogger #blogger #visibility #awareness #tdor #remembrance #protest #stoptransphobia #stophate

Mehrere Reihen von kleinen brennenden Kerzen.
3 weeks ago

hello and happy #TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance!!!

if you're cis and wondering what you could do to make a tangible positive difference in trans peoples' lives today...

might i suggest donating to posts in the following hashtags? #TransCrowdFund #GtfoMyState

being trans is fucking expensive just generally, and doubly so when there's a genocide to escape

Emmanuel Wald
3 weeks ago

Je ne connaissais pas la #JournéeDuSouvenirTrans (#TransDayOfRemembrance , ), qui est aujourd'hui.

En ce jour, j'aimerais vous proposer une #prière pour la communauté #trans. Je ne suis pas concerné, d'avance je présente toutes mes excuses si je devais avoir eu des mots maladroits aux personnes que j'aurais blessé.


Toi qui nous connais mieux que nous nous connaissons nous-mêmes,
Toi qui connais notre nom avant que nous ne le connaissions,
Accompagne celles et ceux qui questionnent leur identité de genre.
Sois pour elles et eux un guide vers l'accomplissement d'elles et eux-mêmes,
Sois la lumière dans leur nuit.

Toi qui est notre père et notre mère,
Toi qui en Jésus est aussi notre frère,
Aide les familles et les proches des personnes trans à faire face dans l'amour aux bouleversements.
Conduis-les sur un chemin d'acceptation dans l'amour, la vérité et le pardon.

Toi qui est l'amour et qui nous aimes d'un amour inconditionnel,
Toi qui as établi ton Église pour être signe de ta présence et de ton amour dans ce monde,
Ne la laisse pas être un lieu de haine et de rejet.
Au contraire, encourage-la à être un lieu d'ouverture et de paix, un lieu où trouver des alliées et des alliés, notamment pour les jeunes chrétiennes et chrétiens qui s'interrogent et à qui on impose souvent en ton nom des souffrances inacceptables.

Toi qui nous attend les bras ouverts de l'autre côté du rideau de la mort,
Toi qui en Jésus a souffert la torture et connu toi-même la mort,
Renforce celles et ceux qui, à cause de leur identité de genre, souffrent vexations, discriminations, coups et accueille en gloire celles et ceux à qui l'on a ôté la vie simplement parce qu'ils et elles étaient eux et elles-mêmes.
Accueille celles et ceux que l'on a poussé par ces violences physiques, verbales, spirituelles et psychologiques à prendre leur propre vie. Qu'ils et elles trouvent en toi la tranquillité qu'on leur a empêché d'avoir ici.
Suscite partout des alliés et des alliées capables de se lever contre ces violences, et guide la justice dans son travail de restauration.
Qu'ils et elles reposent en paix et en pouvoir.



Et je voudrais terminer ce message en relayant, si vous êtes chrétien·ne LGBT+ ou allié·e, que lundi 4 décembre, l'antenne inclusive de l'Uépal propose une soirée à l'église Saint-Guillaume de #Strasbourg sur le thème « Faire communauté : quel est le rôle des allié·es ? ». Il est possible de la suivre par Zoom. Ça commence à 18h sur place et à 19h sur Zoom.


David Nathanson
3 weeks ago

Looking forward to a day in the future when #TransDayOfRemembrance just means remembering people who passed away from old age peacefully at home surrounded by loved ones. That'd be just great.

Kay Elúvian
3 weeks ago

We are not a danger, or erasing women or lesbians, or a threat to kids. UK violence and hate crimes against trans people are up 11% this year. This includes at least one murder (a teenager misgendered and deadnamed in the UK press) and several suicides caused by removal of care.

Many states in the US, both main UK parties and some EU governments threaten to worsen this by further diminishing our rights and personhood.

We don't forget the people we've lost.


Nathan Schneider
3 weeks ago

Happy Monday!
Today is #TransDayOfRemembrance.

For those who didn't see it, I had a major article come out this weekend—an attack on the concept of "gender ideology" and a call for Catholic curiosity about queer experience.

Check it out:

Tilly ✨
3 weeks ago

Bringing this back for #TransDayOfRemembrance

T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
3 weeks ago

May we remember that these people once held light in their eyes and hope in their hearts. May we do all we can to stop the daily suffering and oppression that exist in this world. May we protect our trans siblings, wherever they are.

Love — Thorn

#tdor #TransDayOfRemembrance

Joshua Hill
3 weeks ago

Pause today and remember the lives we’ve lost. Lives lost to murder, suicide, fear, and hate.

Our siblings have always been there leading the fight. When we were afraid, they were not because they had nothing to lose. Now they are under attack and we must fight with them and for them.

Stand up. Speak out. Remember. Celebrate. 🏳️‍⚧️

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance

3 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor those lost to anti-transgender violence. Started in 1999 to commemorate the lives of Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett, TDOR reminds us of the ongoing struggle against transphobia. Let's stand in solidarity, remember the lives lost, and strive for a world that respects and protects all.

#TransDayOfRemembrance #translivesmatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransRightsMatter #lgbtqia #solidarity #tdor

Mongoose painted in colors of Trans Pride flag carrying a snake in its mouth. Reads: I'll tread Where I Please.
Alyssa MacKenzie💜
3 weeks ago

Remember those who are no longer with us.

Remember why.

Fight like hell….and keep on living.

Every single day we live authentically, they lose…..and we win.


Joscelyn Transpiring
3 weeks ago

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance

Song: Book of Our Names

Artist: Ezra Furman (she/they)


"Book of Our Names" is like a gospel hymn for the sacredness of trans lives. It is hard not to see it both as about the ritual so many of us perform on TDOR every year, the reading of names and a candlelight vigil, and as a call to faith that we will endure and overcome.

Give yourself a few minutes today to just listen and feel this song.

#Trans #Transgender #TransMusic #Queer

GenderGP :QueerCat_Trans:
3 weeks ago

This #TransDayOfRemembrance we want to come at you with facts. Let’s leave no room for confusion:

-Between 2017 and 2022, an average of 350 trans people were murdered every single year
-trans people are 4 times more likely to experience violence and abuse compared to cis people
-Violence against trans people is rising, not getting better
-Many of these statistics are likely to be higher due to ambiguity around gender identity, and a lack of reporting crimes

A black image with white text reading "they deserved better" and a lit candle below it
Lee Hulme (it/its)
3 weeks ago

It's Trans Day of Remembrance again.

On this day, we gather to mourn those trans folk that we've lost over the last 12 months.

On this stream, we will speak their names, how they died, and honour their memory.

It's at, 11am PT, 7pm GMT. All trans folk and allies, you are welcome to join us, and to leave when your limit is reached.

#tdor2023 #transdayofremembrance

This banner is for Trans Day of Remembrance. The image is framed with two vector composites of lit white candles on each side, all with a flame in the trans flag colors of an outer blue, middle pink and white center. The overall background is a dark charcoal grey. Text: "Trans Day of Remembrance, Communal Grief Ritual; Nov 20th 11AM PT;"
Captain Leif Iron-Leg
3 weeks ago

Mourn the dead, and in their honor, fight like hell for the living.

#TDOR #TransDayOfRemembrance

Pam C
3 weeks ago

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, when we remember our dead. Open to trans people, friends, family & allies at events all over the world. If you can attend you would be made most welcome.

The Video is of a song that was performed at TDoR in Manchester a few years ago and later released as a charity single. Features video from the event.

#TDoR #TransDayOfRemembrance

Felicia Ewert
3 weeks ago

Schützt trans Personen bevor wir zu hashtags werden #TransAwarenessWeek

Yorkshire Bylines
3 weeks ago

Attacks on trans people happen because of the erroneous belief that most people think they’re justified. Every individual who speaks up helps to change this | Jennie Kermode

#TransAwarenessWeek #TransDayOfRemembrance

Daisy Leigh Brenecki
3 weeks ago

Onyx John, age 13.
Noah O'Brien, age 14.
Rue, age 18.
Those we've lost whose deaths didn't make it into media reports.
And the many, many more we've lost outside of Australia.
Rest in power. #TransDayOfRemembrance

(edited to add a third name 😞)

Pam C
4 weeks ago
Gersande La Flèche
1 year ago

The Centre for Gender Advocacy in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal, Québec) could currently really use some donations to buy in particular more binders, to sell to trans community members on a pay-what-you-can basis. For a lot of young and marginalized trans people, these are the most affordable binders they have access to.

If you can't donate, a share would be incredibly appreciated.

#Trans #GenderAffirmingCare #TransDayOfRemembrance #CentreForGenderAdvocacy #2110Center