I'm just gonna leave this one here. #transdayofvisibility (a little late) #transrights

2 months ago

For the first time, an all trans-masculine football team played against a cis-male team on Trans Day of Visibility.

#GoodNews #Trans #LGBTQ #Visibility #TransDayOfVisibility #Football #Soccer

Anna Nicholson
2 months ago

Ok, I found this six days late for Trans Day of Visibility, but it’s just as good today :heart_transgender:

#TransDayOfVisibility #BasicBiology

2 months ago

Most recently - I just finished up a goofy little piece for #TransDayOfVisibility !

I'm a bit of a gardener in my spare time, and have a few euphorbias. I couldn't get this phrase out of my head, so I had to draw it! :artshark:

#MastoArt #pun #gardening #lgbtqia

A cute illustration of a potted euphorbia (Mexican Firestick) plant. It has a smiley face, and two cracks resembling top surgery scars. Behind it are poofy clouds and stars with a rainbow that goes overhead. At the top it says 'Gender' and at the bottom it says 'Euphorbia'. The pot has a little trans flag stuck in it.
Evan Greer 🏳️‍⚧️
2 months ago

Aw cool, nice writeup from WGBH news about the #TransDayOfVisibility "Visibility is Not Enough" show I hosted here in Boston-area. We raised some $$$ for Harbor Camps to help them buy a new sound system for trans kids :-)

#MACCosmetics #Celebrates #TransDayOfVisibility

Founded in 1984 by two men and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, M·A·C Cosmetics is a place where #LGBTQIA+ people have been welcomed since day one to express their creativity and where they can feel comfortable being their true selves. 

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #TransDayOfVisibility #Beauty #Philanthropy

Adam the Sak
2 months ago

🎵🏳️‍⚧️ Songwriter @laser Webber (of music duo The Doubleclicks) has started a Kickstarter for his stage musical today!

Rewards include watching it streaming, live tickets for the L.A. area, stickers, and other fun stuff!

🎵 #music #musicalcomedy #trans #TransDayOfVisibility

A picture of a man in dark slacks, wearing a blue button-up shirt and suspenders, standing knee-deep in the ocean. A shark is beneath the waters in the background, with its fin peeking above the water
J Lowen-Wright
2 months ago

A bit late for #tdov #transdayofvisibility but, my story.

I wouldn't know I was #trans, if someone else hadn't been visible first. VERY visible. That person was Chris Tina Bruce.

When I was in my 30s, I wstchrf a show called 'Taboo' on TV, and one of the episodes focused on gender identity outside of the normal binary. Bruce was on the episode. In it, I saw a trans person who clearly still had some 'masculine' traits and embraced them -- from having a penis, to bodybuilding, to working on cars -- and yet also clearly identified and lived as a woman.

I'd met trans people before, mind you. I'd had some good friends who were trans, back on #IRC in the early 90s (remember EfNet?). But I was younger then, and maybe it was presented differently, I don't know.

Regardless, seeing Bruce shocked me. Not in a bad way, but in a way of "You can DO that?" You can straddle that line a bit? You don't have to swing full 180?

(1/ ?)

Evan Greer 🏳️‍⚧️
2 months ago

Here's some fun pics from the #TransDayOfVisibility show I hosted over the weekend. We raised a little over $1,500 for Harbor Camps, a summer camp for #trans and #nonbinary kids, to help them buy a new sound system and MAKE TRANS KIDS LOUDER.

Big thanks to ONCE and The Rockwell for helping make this happen. Go check out all the artists (mostly not on mastodon): La Neve, Candace Persuasion, Trap Beat Tranny, Levi Cain.

Becker & Pfeiffer
2 months ago

Every day should be #transdayofvisibility. 🏳️‍⚧️

Hier geht's zur aktuellen Folge:

Zitatplatte Annika: "Am 31. März war 'Trans Day Of Visibility'. Die Themen sind aber das ganze Jahr relevant. Der DFB hat letztes Jahr mit den Änderungen seines Spielrechts ein Zeichen gesetzt in Zeiten, in denen viele Verbände anders agieren. Es ist einfach wichtig, Sport für alle Menschen zugänglich und inklusiv zu machen."
Becker & Pfeiffer
2 months ago

Wir sind zurück und sprechen in Folge #009 über den #TransDayOfVisibility, die Bewerbung von Lise Klaveness fürs #UefaExCo und MVTs neuen Vertrag bei den #DFB-Frauen. Den Kackspecht verleihen wir den Kürzungsplänen im Sport der Deutschen Welle: Solidarität mit den Kolleg*innen. ✊ Grüße gehen raus an @genderbeitrag, @GNetzer, @fschmidt, @dxciBel und @einfachfreddy. 💘✊

Emily Johnson
2 months ago

At 46%, transgender people experienced the highest rates of long COVID, followed by people who did not identify with the gender labels provided by the survey.

Cisgender women had higher long COVID rates than cisgender men, 32% compared to 22%.

#LongCovid #TransDayofVisibility

2 months ago

Todo listo desde la IA para transformar la vida en la ciudad! #transdayofvisibility #tdov #caturday #songsormoviesaboutfish #Fensterfreitag

Zwei unserer Sondersendungen vom #transdayofvisibility sind jetzt zum nachhören online! Eine Doppelfolge
Queerintimes zum Thema Fehler, Muster, Ausschluss hier:
Und drei Stundem Transrevolution Radio Brunch mit Musik hier:

#transrights #transdayofrevenge #queer #revolt #tranarchy #transjoy

Transit Magazin
2 months ago


Why we should mention pronouns more often / Warum wir #Pronomen häufiger erwähnen sollten

When people mention their #pronoun, this will have a direct implication of including individuals that identify as #trans or #nonbinary. You are included and there is room for you, you exist.

2 months ago

Finished in time for #transdayofvisibility but forgot to post. #knitting

Fisherman's rib sweater in the colours of a trans flag
Kat Kimbriel
2 months ago

This is "popelizbet" over on Birdsite.

"I'm always asking for others. Today I'm asking for myself, as i face a six week layoff. Please only donate if you have it to spare this #TransDayOfVisibility ."

Nix (they/them)
2 months ago


new on #substack, a painful thing to write: fight like hell for the living

#TransDayOfVisibility #NoneOfUsAreFreeUntilAllOfUsAreFree

people marching with many signs, including a large sign held by several people, white with black letters that reads "we who believe in freedom cannot rest" by Ella Baker

Hello, folks!

We're #live with a #TransDayOfVisibility celebration and we're raising money for #TransLifeline !

Up first is RE4 Remake, wrapping up my first playthrough of it, and then we'll be moving on to an REHD randomizer or a Sekiro randomizer, based on your donations!

Come on down for great company and to help support trans lives!

See you all soon!

#furry #envtuber #charity #stream

A Trans Day of Visibility Celebration, benefiting Trans Lifeline
April 2nd, 8am EDT through 8pm EDT
Playing RE4 Remake, RE2 Remake, Sekiro
Donation Incentives: pick my weapons, pick my buffs, make the games harder!
2 months ago

Following on from the large counter protests in #Australia & #NewZealand against Kellie-Jay Keen aka #PosieParker, Trans Day of Visibility rallies & marches have drawn big crowds too.

#Sydney today the crowd spilled over from #Pride Square, Newtown, into the street early.

video of the march down King St Newtown in rain.

Photos from LGBT Rights Australia Facebook page.

#Trans #transrights #transdayofvisibility

Which of these you watched on #TransDayofVisibility ? with your most significant other or just yourself? Or added it to list of films to see?

2 months ago

#TransDayOfVisibility in Tulsa, OK, went well. the state is a hellhole for trans folks, but the city is v cool. lots of support from passersby on our march, only one lone red-hat whacko yelling at us. it's a good city. too bad it's in Oklafuckinghoma.

2 months ago

also late on this but #transdayofvisibility happened. if you would like to support a local trans creative and academic plz consider donating to my ko-fi OR sending me something on venmo. (@ jbigboy)

Anne Fausto Sterling
2 months ago

"Stand up fight back!" - #TransDayOfVisibility Brings Huge Crowds, #CourtVictories
Trans Day of Visibility in 2023 was one of the largest in years. Huge crowds gathered in cities across the United States and court victories were had in Texas and Tennessee. See the #recap!

@bastetfurry @queerde Dementsprechend ist das nicht nur gänzlich geschmacksfrei sondern hochgradig toxisch und angesichts des kürzlichen #TDoV / #TransDayOfVisibility schon regelrecht ein Tritt ins Gesicht betroffener, minderjähriger Trans* Personen!

When you are middle aged your kids buy you flags. This is the coolest one of my collection! Flying it for the first time today! It was up yesterday but the wind was calm so it didn’t get to stretch out until today :) 🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ #transdayofvisibility #LGBTQIA

An LGBTQ2SIA flag flies briskly in the breeze at the top of a flag pole. The video is zoomed in to see the top 1/3rd of the pole. There is a trellis at the bottom of the picture. The steep roof line of the house comes down to the flag at the corner. There is a black steel railing around one corner and side of a small roof deck visible on the left

After yesterday's #TransDayOfVisibility, the weight of the world came crashing down on my mind again, and I am still not sure what to think of things. Really trying to not slip into depression.

💦 Saliva Glance ✨
2 months ago

Es gibt kein Zurück zur Unsichtbarkeit

2 months ago

Reading trans visibility march was awesome. #rdguk #rdgTrans #transdayOfVisibility #trans #transrRights It's so important that everyone stands up to support this massively oppressed group. The current government and the one likely to replace are both being really bad. Let them know you won't stand for it. Do something good if you can, thanks x

2 months ago


Jon sat down for a conversation with Leslie Rutledge, the Attorney General of Arkansas — the first state to pass a ban on gender-affirming care for minors. He asked her to explain why the state took this health care decision out of parents’ hands, and why they’ve overridden the guidelines issued by every major medical organization. #transdayofvisibility

Friends of Dora
2 months ago

Yesterday on #transdayofvisibility #tdov, we launched not only this mastodon account but also our website!

We will post more on here soon, and for now you can check out our Instagram posts as blog posts, and listen to the audio documentary.
#transhistory #transberlin #queerberlin #queerhistory


"Friends of Dora.Transgender, Jewish, and Queer History & Events"

Photo Credits: Magnus-Hirschfeld Gesellschaft
below some of the pictures from the instagram account
"Friends Of Dora
Instagram Feed"

Below some of the pictures from the instagram account

"Friends of Dora
Audio Documentary

During its 14 year existence, the institute for sexual science (1919-1933) provided gender-affirming care, counseling, surgeries, and community support. Led by Magnus Hirschfeld, queer, trans*, jewish people who found shelter here have danced, talked, feasted, and celebrated Shabbat in each other's loving arms. Hani Portner’s audio portrait engages us in a conversation with the land about reclamation, revitalization and retaliation while recounting the people’s stories. Imagine yourself as a mushroom - by envisioning ourselves as mycelium, connecting, entangling, and supporting, we can together build something beautiful, in solidarity with the marginalized and honor our trancestors.

Imagine yourself as a mushroom

Stell dir vor du bist ein Pilz"

"Friends of Dora
Charlotte Charlaque and Toni Ebel
Charlotte and Toni holding each other adorned in beautiful rings and necklaces. Photo credit: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft e.V...

Li Shiu Tong and Karl Giese
Li Shiu Tong and Karl Giese in front of the Institute in the early 1930s Photo credit: Magnus-Hirschfeld-Gesellschaft e.V. #lishiutong...
Oriol Salvador
2 months ago

Daniel Radcliffe is hosting a series of conversations with young LGBTQ+ people for The Trevor project. First episode was released yesterday, for #TransDayOfVisibility

Great example of allyship

Oh geez I forgot to say it here - HAPPY TRANS DAY OF VISIBILITY!!! 🏳️‍⚧️❤️🏳️‍⚧️❤️🏳️‍⚧️

EDIT:// for those who don’t know, I’m genderfluid. I occasionally feel fem,but most of the time it’s masc & non-binary. I feel it more on some days and it’s just a nice feeling to have the words to my gender. I had difficulty understanding it until I can across the term “genderfluid”. I was ecstatic when I learned the word that best fits me.

Irvin Lin
2 months ago

Yesterday was the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

I probably don't say this enough but TRANS LIVES MATTER.

Here's a batch of trans flag cookie I made last year. I never posted the recipe or tutorial for it, as I'm still tweaking the tutorial and recipe. I also didn't love the photos I took.

But I want you all to know I love all you beautiful trans folks!

#ally #LGBTQ #cookie #transdayofvisibility #baking

A stack of large white chocolate chip cookie, colored in stripes of light blue, pink, white, pink, light blue sitting in a small ceramic plate. These are the colors of the transgender pride flag. 

The plate of cookies are on top of a rainbow striped cloth napkin with a wire cooling rack of more trans flag cookies next to it.

@MicroSFF I'm not even trans and this brought tears to my eyes. It's so sweet! I just regret that I didn't see it until after #TransDayOfVisibility, and hence wasn't able to boost it on that day.

Yesterday was #TransDayofVisibility and I’m just here to vocalize my support for the incredible and wonderful transgender and non-binary community.

RunicPixels (Luna)
2 months ago

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility!

I'm Luna and I make magical pixel art.

Operation: Puppet (he/him)
2 months ago

So yeah, yesterday in response to my #transdayofvisibility video I got my first targeted hate speech trolls here on Mastodon. It was only three and blocking/reporting their instance shut it down right away.

We all know that elsewhere it would have been way more, with no tools available to me to address the problem. The creeps will always try to infiltrate healthy places like the vermin they are, but here they can be contained. Once again, #Mastodon rules.

Sexism in Code
2 months ago

"More than half of transgender employees say they are not comfortable being out at work." (
Have you experienced this in the tech/data sector? Share your story @sexismincode
#TransDayOfVisibility #TransRightsAreHumanRights #techcareers

My gf gave me trans flowers!! 🤯💖

#trans #transdayofvisibility

flowers that are blue pink and white
Robin Berjon
2 months ago

I don't have a particularly catchy thing to say on #TransDayOfVisibility but the trans people in my life make me laugh, and cry (in good ways), and warm inside. So hey I don't just see you I love you!

Doc [he/him]
2 months ago

#StarTrek said trans rights back in 1990.

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility, and to all a good night.

Screenshot from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Offspring." Data is telling Troi "I have decided to allow my child to choose its own sex and appearance."
2 months ago

WE DID IT! Not only did we smash our initial $1500 goal, but we even hit our first stretch goal! You helped us a grand total of $2011 for Trans Lifeline. A wonderful way to wrap up Trans Day of Visibility. 🏳️‍⚧️

Thank you so, so much to everyone who donated, helped spread the word, and supported our community throughout this fundraiser. We couldn't have done it without you. ❤️

#trans #transgender #transally #transdayofvisibility #translifeline #charity #twitch #twitchstreamer #smallstreamer

Screenshot of the end of our Twitch charity campaign titled "Above and beyond!" with the text "Your community raised $2011 of the $1500 goal."
His & Hearse Press
2 months ago

It’s International Transgender Day of Visibility 🏳️‍⚧️ The day is meant to recognize the existence and accomplishments of our trans community and bring attention to the violence, discrimination, and erosion of rights they’re suffering.

I want to remind people that rights need to be preserved in death as well as in life.

When a transgender or nonbinary person needs medical care, end of life care, and death care, it’s often left to their next of kin to make important decisions. What happens if the legal next of kin isn’t supportive or accepting?

It’s crucial to think about uncomfortable scenarios like this and organize legal documentation before it’s needed. A person can record their decisions and legally bypass family members in the next of kin chain. They can assign next of kin rights to someone who will respect their wishes and honor them properly, from using the correct name and pronouns to providing the preferred clothing and accessories.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Learn more here:

#HisAndHearsePress #TDOV #TransDayOfVisibility #TransgenderDayOfVisibility #TransLivesMatter #YouAreEnough #TransRightsAreHumanRights #LGBTQ #LGBTQAlly #Funeral #DeathPositivity #ProtectYourRights

A purple damask frame around a watercolor image of a flower vase. The vase holds a bouquet of pink, blue, and white flowers. Text reads, “March 31. International Transgender Day of Visibility.”
2 months ago

A year ago was my the last day of my first work trip after coming out. So I decided to do the thing and wear a skirt like I wanted to and it was such a good day.
(hadn't started hrt or anything yet)

I tried to reproduce that picture tonight for the sake of comparison. Somewhat difficult to do because I'm not in that same hotel. So lighting and such is different.

#trans #selfie #TransSelfieTrain #TransJoy #TransDayOfVisibility

Erin the last day of her first work trip after being out on TDoV 2022. She's wearing a black t-shirt and black and white skirt. Her hair is laying out on the bed behind her.
Erin on TDoV 2023, she's wearing a blue tank top and her trans pronoun print skirt (the skirt is just out of frame). Hair is laying out on the bed behind her like the previous picture.
Erin in the same outfit as before with her hair laying out behind her, taking a picture from the side.
Alt Film Guide
2 months ago

The story of a #transgender woman (#DanielaVega) whose life is turned upside down following the death of her lover, #Sebastián Lelio's #AFantasticWoman (2017) won the Best Foreign Language #Film #Oscar.

Also in the cast: #FranciscoReyes.

#movie #transdayofvisibility #cinema #ClassicMovies #films #movies #Chile

Purple Converse
2 months ago

You are seen. You are supported. You are loved. #TransDayOfVisibility

Mr. Crowbar
2 months ago

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility please observe my trans OCs before they disappear for another year haha.

Ryybyn is non-binary and the protagonist of my current comic, Unbound. They're pretty dear to me as they helped me work through my own NB-ness after years of roleplay.

Aleph is "pronouns are none, do not perceive me" and will be the protagonist for a future project once I am released from Unbound!

[ #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter ]

Full body image of Ryybyn, a blue-skinned elf with short undercut red hair. They carry a bass guitar and dress in a vaguely punk fashion.

An infobox describes their stats:
Angel of Avizandyr
Hoarfrost Elf
Lore bard 14 / Favoured Soul 1
They/them 6'0"

Signature Spells:
Alter Self
Dimension Door
Avizandyr's Lightning
Reference sheet for Aleph showing them in portrait and a full body, in various layers of clothing. Most prominently, they have a short red cape and a grey face mask. They are dressed for the cold and covered in dust. Among their possessions is a welrod pistol.
2 months ago

Went for a moto ride with some other trans folks today and it was lovely. If you'd ask me at the start of my transition where I would find my community, I would not have guessed this one. Like many #transdayofvisibility brings increasingly complicated feelings, and I hope that all folks find communities in which they feel safe. And remember: it's ok to not be viz if it does not feel right for you <3 <3 <3

Still need help. If you want to mark #TransDayOfVisibility I could really use the support right now.

Venmo HulkieD
CashApp $HulkieD

Thanks y’all.


2 months ago

I've decided to go a little different this year for #TransDayOfVisibility~ Can I get a "good drone" in the chat?

drone wearing a fancy jacket and techwear tights and tall heels and a HexCorp logo because, y'know
2 months ago

Today is so bittersweet as literally the state that raised me made the worst anti-trans legislation in the country (that includes forcibly detransitioning minors), while living proudly in a state that has representatives and leaders who literally say "you are safe here."
#transdayofvisibility #KYGOPSucks #TransisKentucky #TransisMinnesota

Photo of Trans Day of Visibility Festivities in the Minnesota State Capitol. Peggy Flanagan (Lt Gov) is speaking amongst a crowd in the Rotunda with trans flags and signs everywhere.
Shannon Curtis
2 months ago

To all the trans people in my life:

I see, support, and CELEBRATE you!

Let’s all work for a world
where all transgender people
are able to live their lives as their full selves,
openly and authentically,
and free from discrimination.


Happy Trans Day of Visibility! A fun sketch featuring myself and Benny/Bensterdiving, whose friendship means more to me than I can ever adequately express. #furryart #trans #enby #transdayofvisibility

a colored sketch of an anthro dragon and anthro magpie, each holding a pride flag; the dragon holds the trans flag, while the bird holds a nonbinary flag.

I don't usually post selfies and I didn't take this one today but what the hell, happy TDOV everyone. Solidarity with all of you, my trans siblings! :blobhaj_flag_nonbinary:
#TDOV #TransDayOfVisibility

A selfie of me!  Wearing pink/purple lensed sun glasses with a frame of black and gold showing stars and other celestial things.  I'm wearing a nice black leather jacket over a light blue almost teal hoodie with a bit of a purple/pink vaporwave design poking out.  I'm at work, shhhh don't tell anyone.  I think I'm looking a bit cute here.
I. E. LaBailey
2 months ago

Hey there!
Not only is it
#TransDayofVisibility but it's also Mira Bellweather Day too!

So... here's how to buy this trans person a pizza:
1.) My favorite pizza is Chicken Pesto or Chicken Ranch w/ extra garlic
2.) Find the best pizza joint in town that jas said pizza in large
3.) Send the equivalent amount of money for said pizza to:

Now do the same for your other trans friends, please. We'd all appreciate it! Lumberjanes can do it all! Excelsior!

And thank you!

Me curly hair classes, purple sweater, purple necklace, wearing the saddle bag over my right shoulder and smiling
NYC Antifa
2 months ago

NYC took to the streets for trans and trans youth autonomy today. #TransDayOfVisibility

🎥 🐦 🔗

2 months ago

Fun Fact: If you do anything in Modern Computing, it's because of #Trans Hackers that made it work.

#transdayofvisibility #Transgender #transrights #fuckterfs #transfedi #transfediverse @defcon

A vector cartoon of an open laptop with the trans flag taking up its entire display.
Tilly Bridges
2 months ago

for cis people who want to help #TransDayOfVisibility #TDOV #TDOV2023

1. vote to protect our rights. always.

2. march with us. our marches/rallies are almost entirely trans people. we need you there.


4. do not let transphobia slide in your friends and family.

2 months ago

Posting for @evel ! They are spuper excited (in a nonmoving way) they got their wireless keyboard and trackball and they are very gay and pretty. Thanks @maloki and everyone else who helped fund this!! It will make a huge difference in evel's quality of life

#MeCFS #disabilityLifestyle #hammock #TransDayOfVisibility "visibility" because they are in their pod

A red malamute or possibly a large bear hovers over a very, very tired Evel attempting a tired peace sign while laying in their hammock. A white keyboard glowing blue and green is on their lap, and also a black trackball.
Jeri Dansky
2 months ago

Mastodon doesn't seem to have a daily Main Character like Twitter did, but sometimes my home timeline is dominated by a few main stories, as it has been today:
- #TransDayOfVisibility
- The ruling in the #Dominion lawsuit
- The #Twitter code / #algorithm release
- All the #tornadoes (and a bit of other bad weather and fire news) #tornado #weather

I wonder if other people's timelines look like this, too, or if they are quite different from mine.

Rachel Sharp 🖋️
2 months ago

Good #TDoV event. 30+ people in an extremely rural, extremely right-wing place. Someone handed out beautiful linocut #TransRights patches. Many honks. A couple angry peelouts. No violence.

I lasted outdoors for almost an hour before my bones started to lock up. Heat packs in the boots can make all the difference. (Handed out quite a few as well.)

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility, everyone.

Patch: Trans rights, no compromise, sword graphic. Button: Someone I love is trans

Happy #TransDayOfVisibility y'all. :)

I'm gonna keep this post short & sweet. I'm going out to see one of my partners in May so I'm taking today to be visible and say "hey this is gonna cost me more than I expected so please consider helping out if you can". (1/2)

2 months ago

LET'S-A GO! Mario Kart 8 Community Game Night AND our FINAL NIGHT to give to Trans Lifeline start RIGHT NOW! Let's smash those stretch goals and go out strong! ❤️🏳️‍⚧️

#trans #transgender #transally #transdayofvisibility #translifeline #charity #twitch #twitchstreamer #smallstreamer

On this #TransDayOfVisibility, #YIMBYtown has announced they're hosting their conference in Texas, one of the least safe states for trans people.

It's really felt like a gut punch. I understand that conference planning is hard and that there are many LGBT Texans. Still, it leaves me wondering if it's safe for me.

One of the things I worried about most when coming out was being silenced and sidelined. I chose the name Abigail for Abigail Adams, a childhood hero of mine who spoke up even when it wasn't what people wanted to hear. I wanted to be reminded not to silence myself.

I feel at such a loss.

A map of the US showing Texas as one of the 6 least safe states for trans people, created by Erin Reed (
Lee :v_greyace:
2 months ago

So earlier today, I came out to a select group of friends on Instagram and Facebook, and at my local TDoV event - my friend gave me a bigender flag! I can now add this to my transgender flag :)

#tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans #transgender #bigender

a white hand, with an orange puffer jacket sleeve, holding a bigender flag. The bigender flag has 7 horizontal stripes, which from top to bottom are dark purple, violet, grey, white, grey, light blue, dark blue
a white person in an orange puffer jacket. They're holding a bigender flag. The bigender flag has 7 horizontal stripes, which from top to bottom are: dark purple, violet, grey, white, grey, light blue, dark blue,
a trans flag and bigender flag next to each other.

The trans flag has 5 horizontal stripes, which are baby blue, baby pink, white, baby pink, baby blue

The bigender flag has 7 horizontal stripes, which from top to bottom are: dark purple, violet, grey, white, grey, light blue, dark blue,

happy #TransDayOfVisibility! no thread or much on this because I have a lot else going on but.

John Harden
2 months ago
3 images from Star Trek Deep Space Nine:
"Curzon my beloved old friend."
"I'm Jadzia now."
"Jadzia, my beloved old friend."
2 months ago

"I'm a Black, gay performance artists --- man enough to let his woman shine and woman enough to let his man roar... I feel like the world would be liberated if people ignored gender roles."

---Craig Hickman, poet, artist, and current senator of Maine who just sponsored legislation to allow #Indigenous people free access to state parks. Quoted from Leslie Feinberg's 'Transgender Warriors.'


A gorgeous person