2 hours ago

Bark like you think I can understand you and the only way you're getting out of this kennel is if I notice you.

Hear the tiptap of your claws as your second sets of paws land on the floor.

Wag when I approach, casting my shadow over your new little home. "It's okay doggy, I'm sure someone will pick you tomorrow. I'll take care of you til they do~"

Feel your nose twitch, as the realization sinks in that the help I offered earlier didn't involve changing you back. The dog in the cage adjacent to yours bumps into the rattling wall separating your spaces to get a look at the human, and your instincts draw your attention to catching their smell.


2 hours ago

Rubber donkey paint! Oh no! At least it somehow avoided getting on my vest.

#transformation #TF #rubber #donkey #toon #toony

Blue Yeen Bean
3 hours ago

Whoopsie, I forgot to post earlier, but, here's part 2 of the cursed bag of holding transformation sheet.. thingy!

I don't know how to do these YCH things very well, but..

Comment or direct message to claim, add a reference, and let me know what option(s) you want. This is part two. There is also an option for no lower parts (D)

Asking $30 per, no slot limit at this time. Payment is best through KoFi, which should be on my page.

#tf #transformation #tfeveryday #furrycommission #ych

3 YCH images, showing characters as bags. Each bag shows a different lower parts style. A: Penis, B: Slit, C: Zipper, D: None.
Blue Yeen Bean
3 hours ago

Whoopsie, I forgot to post earlier, but, here's part 1 of the cursed bag of holding transformation sheet.. thingy!

I don't know how to do these YCH things very well, but..

Comment or direct message to claim, add a reference, and let me know what option(s) you want. This is part one, a second page will be added below it.

Asking $30 per, no slot limit at this time. Payment is best through KoFi, which should be on my page.

#tf #transformation #tfeveryday #furrycommission #ych

4 YCH images, showing characters as bags. Each bag shows a different eye style. A: Hypnotic eyes, B: Normal eyes, C: Button eyes, D: Simple circles. 

-Your character, drawn as a cursed bag of holding
-Ears, tails, and other relevant parts adjusted to match your character (from the base images)
-Price: $30 each
Kaevon || Kujo (He/They)
5 hours ago

FINALLY!! I'm getting parts of this story posted! Part one of my five part #Pokemon story in second person. It's a #transformation #TFTG story in which you, the reader, accepts a series of quests from a Ninetales who speaks to you. This first part is just the beginning, the Ninetales addressing you and the first quest. It's quite simple, really. You just need to find his friends. His first friend is a very lovely Eevee! She's so cute...and soft...and arousing...

#NSFW #FurryWriting #FurryArt #Commission

7 hours ago

A new YCH is complete! Thank you dude1993 for commissioning me to turn Samus Aran into a mermaid by means of an angry deity!

#YCH #YCHCommish #Mermaid #Merman #Transformation #CommissionsOpen #AnimeArt #SamusAran #Metroid

YCH of Samus turned into a mermaid

A witch at a nearby house turns me into a pumpkin! Y'know... it's not so bad once you get used to being a big, round plant! Surely, it at least can't get any worse...

A themed commission slot from the lovely Fenris49!

Original FA Upload:

#inflation #belly #pumpkin #furryart #tf #transfur #transformation

Themed comm from Fenris49. Michael Macaw/Zai, yellow parrot, mostly turned into a pumpkin. His wings and head are the only bird parts left, though the top of his head has grown leaves and a stem.
Björn Brembs
13 hours ago

14 reasons to avoid a DEAL contract with Elsevier in Germany:

#openaccess #transformation #openscience

📢 Save the Date: DLGS Winter School - Dec 15th, 2023! More details and call for abstracts coming soon! #Sustainability #spatial #urbanfutures #Digital #transformation

GIF "Save the date" - ein blauer Kreis, in dem Buchstabe für Buchstabe "Save the Date" fällt.
DGB Niedersachsen
15 hours ago

Hohe #Strompreise belasten Privathaushalte, Betriebe, soziale und medizinische Einrichtungen und die energieintensive #Industrie gleichermaßen. Gleichzeitig sind sie ein Hemmnis für die #Transformation. Um für Entlastung und Verlässlichkeit zu sorgen, sollte die #Strompreisbremse verlängert und dabei auch zielgenau angepasst werden.

#DGB #Gewerkschaft #Energiepreise #Energiepreisbremse #Klimaschutz #Inflation #Investitionen #schlaglicht

Stiftung trias
15 hours ago

📢 Service-Tröt:

Noch bis 10. Oktober 2023 gibt es Fördergeld vom NRW-Umweltministerium für ehrenamtlich oder zivilgesellschaftlich Engagierte in #NRW! Auch für regionale gemeinschaftliche Wohnprojekte von Interesse.

Das Angebot richtet sich an Projekte aus #Umwelt, #Naturschutz, #Verkehr, #Mobilität, #Nachhaltigkeit, #Klimaschutz, #Kreislaufwirtschaft, #Transformation und daran anknüpfende Themenbereiche.

Es winkt eine professionelle Projektberatung bis zur Umsetzungsreife !

Infos zu Voraussetzungen und Antragsstellung unter:

#förderung #gemeinwohl #Zivilgesellschaft #projekte #ehrenamt #beratung #förderantrag
#wohnprojekte #gemeinschaftlichesWohnen

22 hours ago

More rp character art, cause of course.

This is Ramon. A self-made man who got it big in some unnamed business venture, got to retire in his 30's... couldn't really stop working, so bought and restored a huge-ass classy golf course to manage daily even though he doesn't actually need to.

...and when everything is looking shiny, I drop a TGTF werehippo curse on him.

As one does.

#mastoart #transformation #hippopotamus #anthro #furry #furryart #pencils #penciltraditional

First picture is of a well-dressed latino guy, standing in the lobby of a golf course with a welcoming smile. Second picture is the same character, turned into a female anthro hippo, freaking out in her (his) bathtub, probably mere hours later.
22 hours ago

After such a stunning performance from our favorite wrestle cat, Tibs has one final show to give the crowd. He brings out a gooey mask of a fennec fox. The crowd waits in anticipation as the buff feline slowly puts on the melting mask; orange goo already spreading over the feline in swift motions.

Silence fills the stadium as the transformation unfolds in front of everyone; a massive, gooey incineroar being created in front of our eyes! Orange, melting fur, liquid curves and muscles, and a large, hefty package with a shaft to match. The perfect look for such a handsome feline, the true embodiment of the perfect wrestler!

The audience goes WILD! Cheering and screaming, whistles and applause; the stadium roars with excitement! Our liquid star flexing his muscles and striking poses, a fullbody display. The energy fueling Tibs as the lights shine down on him; who could top such a show-stopping performance!?

🐈 ❤️:
📁 :
#️⃣ : #nsfw #furry #goo #transformation

More details...

This has abstract graphics, with some animation (the background jumps up and down when you have sex), but no pictures yet. I'm not going to take the time to draw those right now, but if I did, they would be animated SVGs.

It's a medieval fantasy type setting, but like, it's the Fae and your character is from the modern day.

You wake up in the woods, and end up getting turned into a talking horse so you can pull a cart like two pages into the intro.

There is a trans-adjacent narrative of you wanting to be something other than a talking horse, and everyone reassuring you that you are a very pretty horse.

Unlike other games with #transformation / #TF content, changing species is part of the plot progression. The only species it's hard to turn into is human, even becoming bipedal is difficult: you spend all of chapter 1 with hooves.

Mearcu TF
1 day ago

More practice in a different style.
A certain someone transforming into a female German shepherd with the full moon.
#transformation #furryart

Blue Yeen Bean
1 day ago

It's been slow going, getting back into art. But I think I'll be dropping a new piece tomorrow. Finishing up that cursed bag-o-holding tf picture I shared the WIP of a while ago.

I have more than a few versions/alts designed, and a basic base for a YCH style thing. If people want that, I'll be doing them for some cash. So.. stay tuned?

#tf #transformation

This year's been quite draining and I wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit... but now I'm absolutely full of it! Whether I like it or not...

YCH by posexe!

Original FA Uploads: (Just me) (full collage, contains NSFW genital TFs)

#inflation #belly #pumpkin #furryart #tf #transfur #transformation

YCH from posexe. Michael Macaw/Zai, yellow parrot, possessed by spirits that are turning his belly into a bulging jack-o-lantern. He looks surprised/worried.
1 day ago

Somewhere on furry Reddit there is a user called MrMoor2007 who has an OC: Dr. Ji, an anthro cat who is really into transformation experiments. He draws comics about her (in ink and pencil on paper, by the way) several times a week for years. Their reception is... mixed, but I definitely love this guy's dedication to this silly cat and her comic, and wanted to honor it by drawing some gift art. Enjoy! #furry #furryart #transformation

An anthro cat character in her small transformation lab, with tf potions on the table and a bookshelf with books in the background.
Jock Punk Xilats
1 day ago

I seem to be stuck on the idea of living suits that wrap around you, and stuff you full of fun toys as it takes you along for the day, sculpting you into a good sextoy to play with after the day is over.
#nsfw #livinglatex #transformation

Gerrit Heim
1 day ago

Beeindruckend. #mastodon ist für #oat23 der gleiche Liveticker wie #Twitter früher. Schön für die alle, die nicht teilnehmen können und ein Beispiel für eine erfolgreiche #transformation.

Marc Moelders
2 days ago

Um ein bisschen Ordnung und Fortschritt in diese Diskussion/ Besprechung zu bekommen, verkette (nicht: verkeile) ich sie mit @sozialwelten

#soziologie #jungundnaiv #transformation

DGB Niedersachsen
2 days ago

DGB-Vorstand Stefan Körzell zum Jahresbericht #DeutscheEinheit: "Von #Ost bis #West stehen viele Regionen vor denselben Problemen: In #Kommunen wachsen die Schulden, Industriearbeitsplätze fallen weg, die Wirtschaft ist im Umbruch. Unsere Lösung: #Investitionen & #Tarifbindung überall."

#DGB #Gewerkschaft #Schuldenbremse #Transformation #Infrastruktur #GuteArbeit

Johanna Wenckebach
2 days ago

Auf der #Labora23 @boeckler_de wird auf dem Panel zur #Transformation der #Industrie gerade auch von den Umweltverbänden explizit adressiert, wie dringend es die Zusammenarbeit mit #Gewerkschaften braucht, um erfolgreiche #Klimaschutz Politik zu machen.

Pinning by way of an #Introduction

How do we change the stories we tell ourselves/each other about ourselves/each other – & our place in the world – into stories of #transformation, #trust and #togetherness

#AccidentalGods #Podcast w

#Narrative #NarrativeShift

Frau Mensch 😷
2 days ago

Hunger auf Veränderung?

INKOTA-Podcast hören 👍
Folge 9: #Transformation mit #Agrarökologie in #Deutschland!?

Trevor Fox
2 days ago

A little drawing of myself as Stitch. Specific look inspired by how Zeydaan drew me in a trade ~

-I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
-Comm form and other places to find me:

#trevor_fox #tf #transfur #transformation #stitch_lilo_and_stitch #after_transformation #alien #shirt #beanie #ear_piercing #ear_ring #trevor_fox_character

DGB Niedersachsen
2 days ago

Die #IGMetall hat davor gewarnt, den Aufschwung der (ostdeutschen) #Automobilindustrie der vergangenen Jahre zu gefährden. Hersteller und Politik müssten für Abhilfe bei der schwachen Nachfrage nach E-Autos sorgen.

Dazu brauche es einen schnelleren Ausbau der #Ladeinfrastruktur und günstigen Ladestrom für E-Autos. Andererseits müssten die Hersteller Modelle anbieten, die sich auch ein Durchschnittsverdiener leisten könne.

#Gewerkschaft #DGB #Transformation #EAuto

Full design for Asama, The Collector!
#furry #furryart #transformation

A sketch sheet with a few fully colored versions of a purple dragoness character. She is in both feral and anthro forms. Text on the image describes her personality and abilities. A few uncolored expressions show her inhaling a smokey essence and a face of disgust.
2 days ago

A new YCH is complete! Thank you Lymernil for commissioning me to turn Allison Stein from Student Transfer into a genie!

#YCH #YCHCommish #Djinnification #Transformation #Genie #CommissionsOpen #AnimeArt #AllisonStein #StudentTransfer

The Djinnification of Allison Stein from the Visual Novel: Student Transfer
Trevor Fox
2 days ago

Congrats to the 9th winner of @erakir's Monthly Moogle Raffle, ShizuKitsu! Erakir needed some magical tomes from the ancient library and he knew just the thief to help him! He just didn't mention the magical enchantments that were in place. After all, extra moogles are always helpful to have around ~

-I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
-Comm form and other places to find me:

#trevor_fox #transformation #tf #transfur #tftuesday #moogle #erakir #pom_antennae #ivalician_moogle #moogle #moogle_raffle #raffle #monthlyraffle #whiskers #wings #flying #dialogue #anthro #furry #library #books #magical_transformation #enchantment #after_transformation #scarf #post_transformation #implied_transformation

2 days ago

Looks like I walked into the wrong room, given those Unknowns behind me... I'm sure I'll get used to this new form soon, but I better not get caught by a trainer! That would leave me in an uncomfortable position 😬

Based on a @Nyhgault piece:

#TFTuesday #TFEveryday #TF #Transformation

Zilepo is turning into a Scyther, after walking into a room where the word “scyther” is spelt out in unknowns behind them. His arms have already started to shift into blades as he looks down in shock. His face has shifted for the most part into Scyther form while wings sprout from his back. Their legs are also starting to change as his pants and underwear have slid down to around his ankles, revealing a nullified crotch
2 days ago

Probably shouldn’t have messed with that…HEEHAW HEEHAW HEEHAW

Recent donk commission- Hawwpy #TFTuesday :B

#tf #transfur #tfeveryday #transformation

Three part TF drawing of a guy turning into a donkey by a cursed harness
Alexander Julius
3 days ago

Respekt - Macron nimmt man ab, daß er es ernst meint:

- Verdreifachung der #Wärmepumpen - Produktion
- Ausbildung von 30.000 Wärmepumpen-Installateur:Innen
- 100,-€ Leasingangebote für eAutos
- 700 Millionen € für den Bau von ÖPNV Vorortbahnen

#Klima #Klimaschutz #Klimawandel #Transformation #Verkehrswende #autokorrektur

DGB Niedersachsen
3 days ago

"Wettbewerbsfähige #Strompreise sind entscheidend für eine erfolgreiche #Transformation.

Konkrete Vorschläge wie die modifizierte #Strompreisbremse liegen vor", so unsere Vorsitzende beim #BDI-Kongress #Klimapfade.

Die #Bundesregierung muss handeln:

#DGB #Gewerkschaft #Industrie #Industriestrompreis #Klimaschutz

3 days ago
Niels Pflaeging
3 days ago

I just posted about #OpenSpaceBeta and why it is wise to obtain #supervision as a 1st-time OpenSpace Beta "Master of Ceremonies”. If you look at employing OpenSpace Beta for the 1st time, this post In the BetaCodex group on LinkedIn is for you: #betacodex #transformation #change #changemanagement #orgdev #collaboration #agile #agiletransformation #agilescaling

Markus Szaguhn :verified:
3 days ago

Bin heute mit den Kolleg:innen des @kat bei der StadtManufaktur der @tuberlin

Die #Reallabor|plattform vernetzt Akteure in transdisziplinären Projekten.

Freue mich darauf, heute die Menschen hinter den Projekten kennenzulernen!

#Transformation #Nachhaltigkeit #Klimaschutz #Berlin #Transdisziplinarität #Energie #Mobilität #Stadt #Politik #Gesellschaft #WissKomm

3 days ago

Afraid I am not feeling up for a regular full TF Tuesday post this week, so I'm going to instead share a brief bit of self-indulgence. Today's piece is the only bit of transformation content I've ever commissioned, received from the talented CalliEcho on Mastodon, depicting myself transforming into my dormouse fursona.

Artist: @CalliEcho

#TFTuesday #Transformation #TransformationArt #TF #TFArt #Transfur

A picture of a female human in a library mid-transformation into an anthropomorphic dormouse with grey and cream fur which is growing in in a spotty fashion. She is also holding a teacup which appears to be spilling, which I'm pretty sure shouldn't be around books.
3 days ago

“Ooooh, you’re getting a really nice gut! Almost as big as mine~”

Ahhh, twinning. One of my favorite genres of TF! I wanted to practice drawing some.
I'm not super fond of this, but I still think it's a good step forward.
#TFTuesday #transfur #transformation

3 days ago
Jack Pilcrow
3 days ago

Misreading some of his notes, A potion Grant was making explodes on to himself, changing his body into a more... Feminine form.

This is honestly a great metaphor for me misreading things because this was originally different then it originally until I realized the mistake and had to pivot to this, woops. Did always wonder what a genderbent name for Grant would be, Grace Kedgey? Good option, but probably look into some androgynous options lol. Did have in mind a OC similar to Grant...

#TSF #Transformation #Genderbender #TF #TG #TGTF #TFTG #Feminization #OC #Human

CalliEcho ⚡⚡
3 days ago

Update @ 7:15pm EST: Down from nine, five slots remain!

I've been opening up #commissions for #Octransfur #Pokemon #transformation cards kinda randomly and in random places (mostly here on Mastodon, as well as on the few Discord servers I frequent); as of this moment, all but 9 days have been claimed. These last nine are open to all now, first-come first-served!

If you'd like to claim a card for a commission, message me on any service listed here:
Cards are priced individually (depending on complexity), via Paypal to
Only one of each card is available.
I need at least a 2 week lead time on these, so message me ASAP!
Due to the nature of the deadlines on these cards -- and because the sketches are (mostly) done ahead of time -- payment is taken in advance.
In order to add the "Evolves From" pic at the top-left, a reference is required!

BetaCodex | Freedom at Work
4 days ago

Check out all 16 episodes of the #BetaCodexLIVE series so far! In these videos @rijon @nielspflaeging talk about all things Beta, including #transformation, #collaboration, #selforganization and #leadership! #betacodex

Amethyst Mare
4 days ago

The Awakening of Dragons is now up to read in full! This character driven transformation story series is over 100K words long and up on the usual sites ❤️🐉

#furry #furrywriter #furrywriting #transformation #dragons



4 days ago

Wir müssen von der Vorstellung einer linearen #Transformation zu einer exponentiellen Transformation gelangen. Die bedeutet, nicht einzelne Stellschrauben etwas zu drehen, sondern an das Fundament unserer Lebensweise zu gehen; Städte, Betriebe und Gesellschaften müssen Zirkularität und soziale Gerechtigkeit in ihren "Betriebssysteme" integrieren. So Johan Rockström in einem Beitrag für die TIME | #Klimakrise #Artenkrise #Biosphäre

4 days ago

"Le Green Deal est clair concernant les aspects économiques, mais ne parle pas suffisamment selon moi des transformations sociétales." Hugues Ferreboeuf, #VirtusManagement

[Webinar] Green Deal – Comment prendre de l’avance sur ces transformations ?🎬 Visionner l'intégralité du webinar :

#greendeal #TransformationSociétale #transformation #transition @MickaelReault Pascal Junghans #Cereinec

Jock Punk Xilats
4 days ago

"Why are you learning to draw?"

I'm learning to draw because deep down under all the kink I love how transformation permits a deep exploration of ideas, themes, and feelings. Also, I totally wanted to turn into a big old giant Anubian Jackal with the power of the gods as a teenager.

#transformation #drawing #truefacts

Okay just one more tease for today, wonder what the bottle is for...

#furry #furryart #transformation

4 days ago

Queen Lab Adventures [1/6]

She got bored of her girlfriend, so... she is transforming her into a beautiful equine!

< be continued>

#transformation #commission #horse #furryart #digitalart #furry #art #hude #hybrid #fantasyart

BetaCodex | Freedom at Work
5 days ago

I believe most C-level people are sick & tired of command-and-control, of fads and quick fixes. But they do not know what a "solution" to their organizations' and their personal sufferings would look like. They do not have a clue!
If this is accurate, then we just have to help them understand that #decentralization is possible, that #transformation is possible, that organizations designed for combining human freedom and sustainably superior value creation are possible.
We need to tell executives, business owners, CEOs of this world. Only if we tell them they will be able to understand, and then (maybe) act, in consequence.

What do you think are the barriers to more #BetaCodex adoptions?

Mike Townsend
5 days ago

#ClimateAction: "lots of huffing and puffing, but @jrockstrom is right: we’re not seeing enough actual progress on the ground."

BIG Q for biz: What's our ratio of spend on reporting, compliance + PR vs. spend on genuine #innovation & #transformation?"


Cab T. Hanks
5 days ago

The Fossil Lobby will do anything to maintain its empire. Also support fascism. Scientists are defamed worldwide for power and greed, ignored and blamed for right-wing populism. The necessary #transformation was fought violently. Sad times.


6 days ago

It was time to strip and paint the front door to our flats - so I did it.
#Transformation #NewPaint

Didn’t get a proper before photo, so this one is just a door in the process of having its black and white paint stripped.
A completely stripped door and surrounds
A completely primed and undercoated door and surrounds.
A repainted door and surrounds. The door and one surround panel is painted a darker purple than the facings etc.
6 days ago

Jetzt seid ihr dran! Wichtige Schritte zum Reflektieren eurer Verbündeten:

🤝 Sammelt Gruppen, mit denen ihr persönlich verbunden seid
🗺 Sammelt Gruppen, die mit eurem Anliegen verbunden sind
⚖ Ordnet die Gruppen in das Spektrum der Verbündeten ein

#tools4activism #Organizing #MehrWerden #SpektrumDerVerbündeten #Aktivismus #Reflexion #Allianzen #Transformation #Solidarität #OrganisiertEuch #Bewegungsakademie #solidarisch #nachhaltig #DigitaleBildung #PolitischeBildung #Selbstlernkurs

Digitale Notiz: 1. Sammelt Gruppen, mit denen ihr persönlich verbunden seid
2. Sammelt Gruppen, die mit eurem Anliegen verbunden sind
3. Ordnet die Gruppen in das Spektrum der Verbündeten ein

Grafik: Halbkreis, der in 5 Bereiche aufgeteilt ist von ganz links die stärksten Verbündeten,  gekennzeichnet mit 2 Plussen, über entfernte Allies (1 +), Neutrale (0), leichte Gegner:innen und starke Opposition
Die Grafik ist wieder da, aber dadurch, dass aus allen Teilbereichen minimale Verschiebungen zugunsten der Alliierten passiert sind (Gegner:innen werden neutral, Neutrale stimmen nun leicht zu, etc) kippt die Balance zu euren Gunsten

- Wer könnte auch woanders stehen?
- Wen könnt ihr leicht erreichen?
- Über wen braucht ihr mehr Informationen?
6 days ago
6 days ago

#Bayern braucht etwa 4.000 moderne 6-8 MW Windräder für die #Transformation, für die #Energiewende in allen Sektoren.
Zusätzlich zu den 120-140 GW an installierter PV Leistung und flexibilisierter Biogas- und Wasserkraft.
Für #SöderHuberDobrindtAiwanger - wir brauchen 4.000 WEA wie diese!

patreon commission for Yoshibold. I'm live on twitch and putting emergency commissions in queue, while busting that queue! #transformation #furry #furryart #pokemon

post-transformation art of a Mewtwo who was human seconds ago. He's in a cryo tube and reacting in shock to his new form.
6 days ago

Und aus Klimagründen absolut schädlich, sowie unnötig, wenn der EE Ausbau und die Elektrifizierung so weitergehen.
Die #Transformation läuft, niemand braucht überflüssige #LNG Terminals.

Matthew Skelton
6 days ago

"We only work with the CEO" is a weakness of the Big 4 consultancies. VUCA needs local (decentralised) awareness and execution. (Watch this space)

#ShotsFired 💥


Matthew Skelton
1 week ago

OH: "They've been BCG'd"


Landesregierung BW
1 week ago

Laura Zöckler von der Heidelberger #Energiegenossenschaft setzt sich für eine #Energiewende ein, von der alle Bürger*innen finanziell profitieren können. „Nur dann kann die #Transformation gelingen.“ #GemeinsamHandelnBW

Sharepic mit Zitat von Laura Zöckler, Vorstandsmitglied Heidelberger Energiegenossenschaft: „Die Transformation kann nur gelingen, wenn die Bürger:innen miteinbezogen werden und die Gewissheit haben, sich finanziell und inhaltlich beteiligen können.“
Landesregierung BW
1 week ago

„Gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt stärken wir durch die aktive Unterstützung von Vereinen & zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen“, so Prof. Dr. Marc Debus💬
Mehr zum #Zusammenhalt in der #Transformation bei der Tagung #GemeinsamHandelnBW ➡️Sei dabei:

Sharepic mit Zitat von Prof. Dr. Marcus Debus, Universität Mannheim: „Den gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt stärken wir durch die aktive Unterstützung von Vereinen und zivilgesellschaftlichen Organisationen, in denen soziales Kapital gebildet wird, das sich positiv auf das zwischenmenschliche Vertrauen allgemein und in Vertrauen auf politische Institutionen insbesondere auswirkt.“
1 week ago

Another long overdue commission done!

I like bats. I hope that's well established at this point. So when given the opportunity to become an especially prim, proper, and cute bat named Torte, I'll gladly take it.

Thanks for the TFy chocolates~

With the start of the fall season, I figured some autumnal colors would be appropriate. Made use of Google SketchUp in order to block out the patio and furniture.

Drawn for @grandiose252! Thanks again for commissioning me and for the opportunity to become your bat~


Sindre Wimberger
1 week ago

Keine Angst. Es gibt nichts zu ändern. Machen Sie einfach weiter.

#Change #transformation #künstlicheintelligenz #ironie

Carl Heath
1 week ago

Today I had the opportunity to reflect on the topic of the future of the internet during a seminar at the Internet Society Mid-career Fellowship, of which I am an alumn. I enclose my short reflection below, which relates to system transformation, and the future of the internet.

#internet #ISOC #internetsociety #transformation

1 week ago

There might be a catch if the strange tiger lady selling fertility idols is also selling bracelets of primal strength at such a great price.

#female #nude #transformation #tiger #tftg

2 weeks ago

Looks like you dropped by just in time, adventurer, the hunts about the begin! :B

#female #nude #transformation #dragon #lactation

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 weeks ago

I’m scheduling bookings for my final quarter of 2023, and have space on my calendar for two coaching clients. Just as butterflies need a branch to stabilize their cocoons during the transformation process, a life coach can help support your growth.

Book a free consultation at

#LifeCoach #testimonial #LifeLessons #PersonalGrowth #GrowthMindset #transformation #PersonalDevelopment #SelfCare #SelfHelp

Branded art for my coaching offerings. Background: teal, with two huge arrows pointing opposites from each other. One says OLD LIFE. The other says NEW LIFE. In the foreground is a stock image of a person shrugging, eyes upraised and biting lower lip as if considering their options. To their right is a sentence that reads "Have you considered a life coach?"
Landesregierung BW
2 weeks ago

🌍Gemeinsam für eine klimaneutrale Zukunft🤝Wie erhalten wir den Zusammenhalt unserer Gesellschaft in der Transformation?➡️Was denkt ihr? Was bedeutet #Transformation für euch?🌍 Diskutiert mit am 20. & 21.10. in #Mannheim 🔗Anmeldung: #GemeinsamHandelnBW

Zitat Winfried Kretschmann, Ministerpräsident des Landes Baden-Württemberg: „Die Transformation zum klimaneutralen Industrieland wird gelingen, wenn wir sie als gemeinsame Aufgabe begreifen. Dabei sind Staat, Unternehmen und Bürgergesellschaft in der Verantwortung - also wir alle.“
Landesregierung BW
2 weeks ago

Ministerpräsident #Kretschmann durfte gestern EU-Kommissar @NicolasSchmitEU zur Diskussion über die Zukunft der Autoindustrie in BW sowie #Transformation & Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der EU begrüßen. Wir setzen auf Weiterbildung & den #Strategiedialog Automobilwirtschaft 🇪🇺🚗

Winfried Kretschmann, Ministerpräsident von Baden-Württemberg, begrüßt Nicolas Schmit, EU-Kommissar für Beschäftigung und soziale Rechte, in der Villa Reitzenstein in Stuttgart.
Winfried Kretschmann, Ministerpräsident von Baden-Württemberg (re.) und Nicolas Schmit, EU-Kommissar für Beschäftigung und soziale Rechte (li.) beim gemeinsamen Treffen in der Villa Reitzenstein in Stuttgart.
Philipp Zumstein
2 weeks ago

Zudem habe noch "gelernt" beim MPDLS--Webinar zum #Elsevier #DEAL, dass man die #OA #Transformation als was ganz anderes deuten kann: 1. Wissenschaftler*innen behalten jetzt das Copyright, 2. es wird nur für das Publizieren bezahlt, 3. man zahlt nicht mehr im Vorraus / Aber, aber,.... 😵‍💫

2 weeks ago

One of those "I can't sleep until I finish this" pieces.

Never done a piece that evokes a multimedia feel before.

Rowena's become a pretty meaningful character for me in the fairly short time I've had her.


It may be perhaps a little early to start spooky season but I absolutely love how this one from @Skulldog came out. You best be careful dark magic lest you be consumed by it ;P

#transformation #TFTuesday #FurryArt

A digital art transformation sequence of my Kivük character (anthropomorphic fox-like creature with antelope-like horns, hooved feet, and kite-like tail) turning into a large bat monster.

He brazenly attempts to conjure dark magic from a spell book, realizes the mistake he has made, and is transformed into a large bat-like monster welling with magical energy. With arms becoming wings, horns twisting further, clawed feet, and fanged teeth becoming more ferocious, Sudaksis has become quite a terrifying beast.

@mythologymonday an Inuk grandmother and her granddaughter have been left all by themselves with no hunters to provide for them. The granddaughter frets. How will she find a husband? How will they eat? Grandmother is an angakoq, so she squats down on the floor and turns her vagina into a dogsled and her lice into the dog team. She grows a penis. Soon, she fills his/her granddaughter with meat and with child. But one day while he/she is out hunting, a young man comes to their home and granddaughter decides she would rather be with him. When grandmother returns to find granddaughter gone, she turns the dogsled back into a vagina and the dogs back into lice. She’d rather be a woman, anyway. #MythologyMonday #Inuit #grandmother #angakoq #angakkuq #transformation #Genderbent #genderqueer

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

Let every action be in harmony with your soul
and its soul-place, but don't parade
those doings down the street
on the end of a stick! Keep quiet and secret with soul-work.
Don't worry so much about your body.
God sewed that robe. Leave it as it is.
Be more deeply courageous.
Change your soul.

— Attar, Sufi poet (1146-1221)

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3 weeks ago

I might have a bit of a crush on this little goop (I might also be making him unnecessarily horny in the process).

#puro #changed #goo #transformation #assimilation #hyper

Puro (from the game Changed) covering a blank-slate character with corruptive cum-goop.
3 weeks ago

Die Wirtschaft steckt in der #transformation .
Wachsen werden nur die, die komplett elektrifizierte Geschäftsprozesse anbieten.
eAutos, Wärmepumpen, Sektorkopplung, Speicher, PV Anlagen, Windräder,...
Die Zukunft - und das Wachstum - sind elektrisch!

@khaz was visiting around the time that Bowser's Fury came out. I wouldn't stop talking nonstop about how much I wanted to be Plessie and how much of a TF crush I had on him. While I was being curb-stomped by Bowser he decided to draw this for me.

Who wants to go for a ride? @-@

🎨 by @khaz

#Inflatable #TFEveryday #Transformation #TransformationArt #TF #TFArt #GooTF #InflatableTF

Rusty being attacked by orange and blue goo, ending up inflating and turning into a hypnotized, horny, inflatable Plessie asking, "Do you wanna ride me? Or I could ride you?"
4 weeks ago

Sehr schön.
Die Menschen müssen erfahren, wie leicht die #Transformation erreicht werden kann.
JEDE (S) PV Anlage, Windrad, Speicher, Wärmespeicher, Wärmepumpe, eAuto, eÖPNV,... jede Elektrifizierung schwächt die fossile Lobby und stärkt uns Menschen bei der dezentralen #Energiewende als Grundlage für die Transformation (Verkehrswende, Wärmewende, Agrarwende, Industriewende, Kreislaufwirtschaft).

1 month ago
animation of girl wearing visor transforming into dog with visor
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

Not everyone will recognize your weakness as strength, and not everyone deserves access to your transformation.

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1 month ago

Zur Halbzeit der Legislatur ziehen 21 Akteure aus der digitalpolitischen Zivilgesellschaft, Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft Bilanz und fordern: Energieeffizienzgesetz nachbessern für energie- und ressourcenschonendere Rechenzentren und IKT, Haushalt für die digitale Transformation und Einbindung der Zivilgesellschaft in digitalpolitische Prozesse stärken!

Zur Meldung:

#digitalisierung #klimaschutz #Ressourcen #Zivilgesellschaft #Digitalpolitik #Transformation

Niels Pflaeging
1 month ago

In change , "implementation" is not a necessary part of the .work. Instead, it is a symptom of a flawed approach to change. If you need to have an implementation phase, you are doing everything wrong.
#transformation #leadership #betacodex

Gratian Riter
1 month ago

In Dänemark gibt es Ampeln, die bei Regen Radfahrer bevorzugen: Dutch traffic light that prioritizes cyclists when it detects rain. Nice.

#fahrrad #BikeTooter

Gratian Riter
1 month ago

Hab gerade den @SPFX und sein Solarbetriebenes Elektrobikegespann kennengelernt. Er ist von Berlin bis Zehdenick 80 km ohne zu treten mit Gepäck gefahren. Wahnsinnig geiles Teil. Es gibt wohl Schrottplätze, wo man ausgemusterte Solarmodule bekommen kann.
#mobilitatswende #transformation #autokorrektur #fedibikes #ebike

Sparky und sein bike mit Solarzellen
Sparky und sein Bike mit Solarzellen
Heike Huntebrinker
2 months ago

@rahmstorf Zentral ist, dass wir uns nicht gegenseitig beim öko-optimieren unseres Privatlebens gegenseitig die Augen aushacken, wenn wir immer noch nicht perfekt sind. Vielmehr müssen wir in den x Stunden, in denen wir bezahlt in Strukturen agieren, maximales Engagement zeigen, um diese Strukturen in Richtung #Transformation zu treiben. Auch um den Preis, dass dort das Bohren der Bretter viel schwieriger ist als im Privaten.

@riffreporter @pikarl @SchulzkiHaddouti @evawolfangel @SporkPeter @buddepiept @irishinneburg @mariannefalck @christianschwaegerl @radiermann

Hänge mich hier mal dran ;) Hi all, ich tröte zu #Klimaschutz #Nachaltigkeit #BNE #Soziologie #Transformation #Engagement #Handprint und Berichte aus dem Projekt, zuletzt beschäftige ich mich auch mehr mit #CSR und #ChangeManagement. Wenn euch das interessiert freue ich mich über den follow & persönlichen Austausch! LG

Tim Hollo
2 months ago

Here we go - pleased to bring you the registration for online tickets for our upcoming conference, "The City Transformed: urban life at the end of the world as we know it"

If you can make it to Brisbane, here's where you get your in person tickets:

#urbanism #democracy #transformation #ecology #PoliticalEcology #UrbanAgriculture #Greens

2 months ago

@georgetakei Actually it is. Humans and many other beings have survived for so long because they changed with their environment. It's only now we're so detached from our natural surroundings because somewhere in the past we told ourselves we're separate from nature. Which funny enough is also the reason we got ourselves into this mess. #ClimateChange #Climate #Adapt #Change #Adaption #Transformation #Science #Biology

Inkblitz 🔜 AC
2 months ago

Aw heck, what kind of ink did they use for this book...?

TF Pic of me getting all Inked by MrLemur_Arts

#furryart #TF #Transformation

Picture of someone transforming into a quadrupedal cheetah by way of magic ink in a book. They're wearing ill fitting blue hoodie and khaki shorts, and their shoes are all torn up from paws forming.
2 months ago

basic #introduction post just to have one: hello! i am skarme, they/them transmasc, UK based occasional writer/artist. just here to hang out in my corner, post doodles, babble about FFXIV or other fandom interests, and enjoy pictures of animals!

current main fandom interest: #FFXIV
some other interests: #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #birds #cats #Digimon #digitalart #disabilityrights #dragons #furry #LGBTQ #Pokemon #transformation #translation #writing
ko-fi #commissions :

Jasper Fox θΔ
2 months ago

Who knew that the cure for species dysphoria... was magic TFing mushrooms! 🍄 ✨

🎨 🤖 @mrlemur_arts

#Furry #Furryart #TF #Transformation

Red fox transformation from mushrooms
beeps! :therian:
2 months ago

Humanity? More like EWW-manity!
Improve your existence by becoming a creature today!

🖼️ By a most excellent

#Furry #FurryArt #TransFur #Transformation #TFTuesday #TFEveryday

A five part sequence showing a human transforming into an amphimorpho.

Part 1: A human with green and black hair cradles a bite mark on her right hand. She Is wearing a black jacket with multiple patches, a purple t-shirt and grey jeans. She looks curiously, a bulge poking out the back of her jeans.

Part 2: She stumbles a little as a fuzzy tail starts forcing its way out of her trousers. Her hands and feet have started transforming into paws with bright green pawpaws. Fur has started visibly sprouting from under her clothes.

Part 3: She hunches over a little, the tail growing larger and legs thicker, forcing her jeans and underwear to tear. Long ears and a prominent muzzle have started to form. The green of her hair has turned from more muted to a very saturated shade. She’s removed the jacket for safe keeping.

Part 4: Clothes now removed except for the torn remains of some jeans and a sports bra, she looks into a mirror in shock, almost completely transformed by now. Her body is almost entirely covered by black and greenish-white fur, with bright green accents. Her tail is long with a goopy component at the end.

Part 5: Now completely transformed and clothes removed, she gleefully bounds around on all four legs, getting accustomed to her new form.
Christian Gelleri ✅
2 months ago

Lust auf einen Master zur sozial-ökologischen Transformation? Jetzt bis 31. August bewerben:

#THWS #transdisciplinary #Transformation #climate

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

It’s human instinct to make your mark — to prove you existed. Whether through cave paintings from epoch’s past or a handprint on a sidewalk, we have a need to leave an impact on our world. Are you ready to transform your life? Tired of just existing and want to live a life of passion and purpose? Use the link to schedule a free consultation to see if life coaching is right for you.

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Overhead shot of me holding my left hand outstretched. On the sidewalk below is a handprint depressed into the dried concrete.
DGB Niedersachsen
2 months ago

Die gute Nachricht: Der Ausbau der #Windkraft geht voran.

Die schlechte Nachricht: Es fehlt immer noch an Tempo, um die #Klimaziele bis 2030 zu erreichen.

Besonders auffällig ist einmal mehr das krasse Nord-Süd-Gefälle: Während Schleswig-Holstein und #Niedersachsen über die Hälfte des Zubaus auf sich vereinen, passiert in #Bayern und Baden-Württemberg weiterhin kaum etwas.

Weitere Infos:

#DGB #Gewerkschaft #Transformation #Klimaschutz @parents4future @fff

2 months ago

Since I've just been given another fresh slate and I never made one before, I think it's a good time to post an #Introduction:

I'm Zander! An aro/pan he/him
#anthro #dragon. Blessed with #ADHD by some eldritch being. In the #furryfandom, from #colorado, converts used #bicycles into #ebikes. Activist for #walkablecities and #bikecommuting because #solarpunk looks cool. Perpetually waiting on a new #pokemonmysterydungeon game. Lover of #bugs.

Expect lots of boosts with some goofy shitposts and sometimes even real content mushed in

Some other notes: I like
#transformation art, and I may post/boost nsfw stuff sometimes (all CWed of course).

I've attached my ref sheet so I can knock out two things with one pin! (Artist: Garlicflamespitter

A bright purple and pink cartoony anthro dragon ref sheet with small wings, thick hips, short digitigrade legs, and big tail
Dreamer Hyena
3 months ago

I get a fair bit of amusement when ever someone is like
"Look at my big scary werewolf!"
Inevitably a ton of the replies are "BIG FRIEND! WOULD PET IF ALLOWED" and "I would try and make friends with them" and then the artist is like "No! They are mean and scary and will eat you!!" and most of the replies to that are "If that's how I go that's how I go! Still would try!🥰 " and the artist is just all 😡
#transformation #werewolf

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 months ago

FOMO and Imposter Syndrome belong to the same insecurity family. If not twins, they’re at least figurative siblings. Both are based on and fueled by a scarcity mindset — the fear that there is only so much to go around:

#FOMO #LifeCoach #writer #Transformation #fear #growth #life #writing

GIF of Homer Simpson freaking out while standing at the threshold of his house, telling Marge, "It's going on right now and I'm missing it!"
3 months ago

*grunts* bro… we should order more pizza *oink*

#TFTuesday #transfur #tf #transformation #pigtf #furrytf #furryart #furrynsfw #TFEveryday #NSFW

Drawing of Azel smoking a bong that’s causing him to transform into a giant pig. He snorts out green smoke, totally stoned and unaware of how much pizza he’s eating, surrounded by piles of empty boxes. His hands and feet are almost fully transformed to trotters so he rests the bong against his growing belly to keep it steady. Tusks peek out of his mouth, his ears have flopped over into big pig flaps, and his nose has upturned into a snout. His shirt and underwear are stretched taut across his expanding frame. Bristly hairs grow over his skin, two rows of nipples sprouts across his torso and a curly tail sprouts above his ass. He seems to be enjoying it- his growing boar cock tenting his undies and leaking through the fabric.
3 months ago

I wanted to add something to the instance, so here is a (slightly early) TF story for #TFTuesday :p #furry #transformation #transfur

It's 9 AM, on a particularly cold Saturday morning. You have been scrolling on your phone for 2 hours, wrapped up in as many blankets as you could find, when you decide that the dryness in your mouth that has been pestering you since you woke up needs to be quenched.

A chilly breeze hits you directly in the face, as you hop out of bed. You stretch briefly, before slipping on your slippers, and making your way to the kitchen. As you leave your bedroom, your feet start to cramp up a little bit. You think nothing of it, surely it was just a side effect of lying in bed for so long… right?

You walk into your kitchen, opening one of the cupboards and grabbing out a glass. You quickly fill it up with water from the tap. You manage to drink the entire glass in a few seconds, relishing the ice cold water. You start to fill up the glass again, before a surge of discomfort shoots through your feet.

Your slippers start to feel really tight, especially at your toes. You quickly set down the glass, and try to get your slippers off, but your feet are filling them completely, making it really hard to get them off. You feel them starting to tear, as your feet finally break the slippers. You feel a large amount of relief, as your feet are able to grow out freely. You see as your toes emerge from the front of the slippers, swollen and deformed. Your toes grow paw pads, as silky white fur quickly covers your entire foot. You watch as your toenails blacken, and elongate into sharp, sleek claws.

You quickly pull up the legs of your pants, watching as spotted grey fur grows up both of your legs. You start to feel increasingly unstable on your two feet, as your legs are reshaped and your ankles are pulled off the ground, forcing you into a digitigrade stance.

-I hit the character limit, PT 2 should be in replies :d

And for a nice way to maybe find some others~ Here's a big long list of kinky hashtags that I'm into (non-exhaustive)

#Macro #MacroFur #MacroFurry
#Micro #MicroFur #MicroFurry
#Inflation #Inflatable #Pooltoy
#TF #Transformation
#FatFur #WeightGain
#Feet #Paws
#Scentplay #Scents