3 days ago

Now that the website's back, a quick reminder on what you'll find there.

Whether you're a healthcare provider or a trans person wanting to know more about healthcare, there's something there for you.

Go to and click on Healthcare in the menu.

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Illustration of a stethoscope. Text says: trans inclusive healthcare, medical transition, GIC waiting times, best practice guidance, healthcare research
Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago

Second week of my experiment of injecting 0.20 mL (8mg) of estradiol enanthate rather than 0.13 mL (5 mg) or 0.15 mL (6 mg). This one was in the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉🩹

No leakage. No pain. Perfect injection 🥰

I've felt a little more emotional and executive dysfunction-y, but those could be unrelated.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

5 days ago

People often ask me why I need so many monitors.

Now it could be that sometimes I need to cross-reference several documents to spot inconsistencies or changes over time.

Or maybe it's just that the :blahaj: don't like having to share a screen.


A list of 4 different versions of the NGS's Endocrine/Non Consultant Hospital Doctors documents from 2020 onwards.
1 week ago

Good news everyone, the HSE are indeed basing their plans for trans youth on a meeting with Dr. Cass.

#transHealthcare #cassReview #transYouth #transphobia

The HSE hosted Dr. Cass at an event in Dublin in February 2023 attended by a range of stakeholders from the HSE and the Dept of Health. This meeting with Dr Cass is informing the next steps in developing a programme of work to support and develop the best possible gender service in Ireland according to, and based on evolving evidence and best practice.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 week ago

As an experiment, I've injected 0.20 mL (8 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh today 💉🩹

Why higher today?

Well, I know that both 5 mg and 6 mg cause the same amount of testosterone suppression and similar mood, but I hadn't tried a higher dose before.

Let's see how I feel and react on a higher dose.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
2 weeks ago

My understanding (which is based only on social media hearsay, so don't consider it authoritative) is that the hospitals and clinics being sued kind of welcome the lawsuit and hope it ALLOWS them to provide care to trans kids again.

But also, fuck them for ever stopping care in the first place - they should be violating this law daily! Especially in St. Louis and Kansas City, where both mayors have said they will not be enforcing this transphobic ban.

#trans #transgender #news #TransHealthcare #ProtectTransKids #STL #KC #kcmo

2 weeks ago

I had a revelation. You know who the best people to ask about the National Gender Services policy of telling GPs to deny their trans patients hormone blood tests because they have no risk?

The National Gender Service.

#NationalGenderService #trans #transHealthcare #transphobia

Before: super-comtemplative ...
After: exits stage right rapidly ...
Guess where I've been today ... ?

Now: Sips a glass of Tokaji tiredly 🥂​

#Trans #TransHealthcare #TransVisibility #TransAtFifty

cw: selfies, direct eye contact

A selfie of a brunette trans women wearing glasses, gazing into the camera while supporting her chin on her hand, the arm festoomed with bangles
A selfie of a brunette trans woman standing next to a sign saying "Blood Tests"
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 weeks ago

Didn't do this post yesterday, as the Cult of Shiv was still down at the time 😅

Injected 0.13 mL (5 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉🩹

Not only was it a perfect injection (pain free; no leakage; no bleed), I also showed the whole injection to another trans fem, to help them with their own injection, which they did perfectly 🥰

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 weeks ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

Another pain-free, easy injection today 😌

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

1 month ago

At the GP surgery: Remember that your GP might not automatically invite you for certain cancer screening appointments.

Find out more on the TransActual website:

#TransHealthcare #Transgender #NHS

Text as in post. Icon of an open letter.
Kita (she/they)
1 month ago

Boosts Appreciated!

I have a meeting with hospital executives in 90 minutes about LGBTQIA+ cultural safety in healthcare.

What questions would you consider to be ok in intake if you had to come to hospital to help staff refer to you with respect?

What questions should staff absolutely not ask?

Is there anything you would want a hospital to know about queer cultural safety in healthcare?

#trans #transhealthcare #queerhealth

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉🩹

Pain-free, leakage-free injection today 🥰 I always use the Z-track method, but I sometimes forget to pull the needle out quickly & immediately release the skin to prevent leakage.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Honestly ...?

If I even bothered with the NHS gender services, I'm far more likely to get a 'diagnosis' of clinical narcissism than dysphoria these days 😉

Only half-joking. I read books on trans healthcare for fun. Don't 'suffer' but revel in and wonder at yourself

On our gatekeepers, to paraphrase Cato the Elder: "Ostiarii delenda sunt"* 🔥 ⚔️ :Fire_Trans:

  • Corrections/improvements on my schoolgirl Latin fully appreciated btw, please do go for it!! 🙂

Cw: Selfies, some direct eye contact

#Trans #Transjoy #TransatFifty #TransHealthcare #Latin #TransVisibility #gatekeeping

A brunette trans woman dressed in black with a wire and gold choker necklace peers above her sunglasses
A brunette trans woman dressed in black with a wire and gold choker necklace wearing brown sunglasses
A brunette trans woman dressed in black with a wire and gold choker necklace peers above her sunglasses

UK: Delays, rows and legal challenges: inside the stalled new NHS gender identity service

"Guardian analysis reveals chaotic efforts to open two units offering new treatments to children with gender dysphoria"

Not easy Friday reading. Not a bad article. At least sheds light on the mess created in trans youth healthcare :flag_transgender: by the Cass report and resulting restructure. Sigh. Sigh.

#Trans #LGBT #LGBTQ #TransHealthcare #BodilyAutonomy #UK #NHS

A transgender flag overlaid on four trans teenagers
Ellie 🐘🌺
1 month ago

The state of trans healthcare in the UK, especially for children, makes me so angry and sad.

#trans #transhealthcare #nhs #pubertyblockers

U.S. conservatives are using Canadian research to justify anti-trans laws

Toronto psychologist James Cantor (CAMH - transphobic mental health research institute) has testified in 25 cases in the U.S. related to trans issues since 2021.

#TransHealthcare #WPATH #pseudoscience #CentreForAddictionAndMentalHealth #CAMH #transphobia #JamesCantor #KennethZucker #disinformation #ChristianRight #extremism #ProudBoys #GOP #neoconservatism #populism

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

A teeny bit of leakage, but nothing I'm concerned about. It was otherwise an easy, pain-free injection today 🥰

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

1 month ago

Today's Council of Europe event on trans healthcare was informative.

At least one country has had issues which lined up surprisingly well to how things are going down in Ireland.
I'm hoping the resulting report will cover some of the Irish experiences.

Today I also sent EPATH pictures of Blåhaj. Key activism that.

#trans #transHealthcare

1 month ago

So this is what I'm going to be at all day.

#trans #transHealthcare

An opening slide for an all-day Council of Europe event on advancing trans healthcare.

"LGBT+ Conservatives accused of spreading ‘misinformation’ with puberty blockers podcast"

No (printable) words for that lot :Fire_Trans:​ just simply #ToriesOut

#Trans #Transgender #Transhealthcare #BodilyAutonomy

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉🩹

Another easy, pain-free injection today 🥰

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

** UK: "Warm and kind” Alice let down by unfit-for-purpose transgender healthcare provision **

The coroner has delivered her full findings of fact from the inquest into the death of Alice Litman, and will now make recommendations to the bodies that were responsible for Alice’s care at the time of her death.

#UK #Trans #TransRights #TransHealthcare

2 months ago

I was reorganising my FoI repository, and came across this gem again.

The NGS considers that providing care for trans youth is urgent, but heaven forbid it be done promptly.

#transHealthcare #NGS

Development of a gender service for younger people is urgently needed. It has been urgently needed for many years now, and as mentioned during our call, we should not sacrifice quality for the sake of expediency. Development of a gender service for younger people should be done

A quick reminder of the British Medical Association (BMA) guidance to NHS England GPs for anyone trans in the UK who is trying to get HRT bridging prescriptions via their GP and then move onto shared care, likely via private

A few thoughts -

  • Prebrief your GP rather than going in cold eg. does your GP clinic have a web-portal?
  • Forewarned is forearmed?
  • There can be some resistance to working with GenderGP as it's offshore, but imo they may be more flexible if you show you really understand your HRT, and 'own' your care
  • And do note the second point ⬇️​

My (very good indeed) GP rapidly realised I knew far far more than she did, and let me source my endo

And do feel free to chip in thoughts btw ...

Last update: Wed 4 Oct 2023

#Trans #TransHealthcare #UK #HRT

Bridging prescriptions

The Royal College of Psychiatrists suggests that GPs may prescribe a bridging prescription to cover the patient’s care until they are able to access sspecialist services. The GMC advises that GPs should only consider a bridging prescription when:

- the patient is already self-prescribing, or seems highly likely to self- prescribe, with hormones obtained from an unregulated source (online or otherwise on the black market)

- the bridging prescription is intended to mitigate a risk of self-harm or suicide, and

- the doctor has sought the advice of a gender specialist and prescribes the lowest acceptable dose in the circumstances.
2 months ago

There are now 60 FoIs in my repository, all analysed and cross-referenced.

That's just the FoIs, there's more on the way.

#trans #transHealthcare #obsidian

2 months ago

It'd be kinda nice if the HSE would talk to the trans community, follow international best practices, and maybe not copy their homework from the UK NHS.

#transHealthcare #trans

Achievement unlocked: NHS HRT prescription reorder via the web, zero GP 👩‍⚕️🩺 involvement this time

🔹NHS Maze Navigation: L7 (+1)
🔹Wielder of the HRT Prepaid Certificate 📇 ⚔️
🔹2 healing salves of Estrogel :potion_trans:
🔹1 portion of fortifying low-dose Cypro 💊

🔸Perseverance: L8+ (3 sets of bloods in Jul, Aug, Sep 💉)
🔸Charisma: L7+
🔸The *Scroll of Persuasion" and
🔸Luck getting a supportive GP: L9-10

🔸Two working days to reach my pharmacy so (for me) don't be so fricken last minute next time

Next steps being planned ofc 💭

#Trans #TransHealthcare #NHS #RogueLike #BodilyAutonomy

A wooden table with a cup of coffee, a paper pharmacy bag and two boxes marked "Estrogel"

If these new weight-loss drugs were designed specifically with #trans folk :Fire_Trans: ​in mind, then you already know to access them we would need -

◽​ A medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria, probably two psychs
◽ They'd be labelled 'experimental' ofc
◽ The GC-mob would label them as 'unnatural'
◽ Injection versions would be available in about a decade
◽ And it would be positioned as 'big-pharma' - which ironically ofc this is ...

The patriarchy in action?

The Telegraph (UK): "Weight-loss drugs will transform our economy as well as our waistlines"

(Edit: reposting as 'Public')
#HRT #TransRights #TransHealthcare #BodilyAutonomy

A picture of the weight loss drug "wegovy"
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

Absolutely easy injection today. Went in first time: no pain & no leakage 🥰

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Quinn Rhodes (he/him)
2 months ago

"While HIV prevention campaigns and treatments are rarely geared toward us, trans people have been living with and dying of AIDS alongside our queer siblings since the ’80s."

I learned about the HIV-prevention drug PrEP not through a public health campaign, but through watching the second season of How to Get Away with Murder. And I got to write about why trans masculine people still struggle to get on PrEP for Xtra Magazine!

#HIV #PrEP #TransHealthcare

Queer Lit Cats
2 months ago

Pink News: Tory ban on trans women on hospital wards ‘unlawful and impractical’ say legal experts #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #transhealthcare #Politics #transban #News #NHS #UK

Caro S.
2 months ago

Letter of Support for AAA’s Withdrawal of Session from the Annual Meeting

"Implicit in the session abstract and several of the individual abstracts is the assumption that sex is a biological binary; a concept that is rejected by current biological anthropology and human biology, and highly disputed across contemporary biology.


People who are non-binary, trans, or queer, and/or those who occupy sex categories other than “male” or “female,” have existed across all human societies and throughout all of human evolution. What is typical about human sex and gender categories, is that they are not simple, not binary, are always affected by the cultural beliefs of the time, and that they shift. To continue to work under such refuted assumptions is to work in the half-light, to miss most of the picture, and to not be engaging in rigorous, empirically grounded, and timely scientific anthropology."

#Anthropology #TransRights #NoPlaceForHate #TransHealthcare #QueerRights #NonBinary #Science

Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉🩹

Went in smoothly first time. There was a teeny bit of leakage as I withdrew the needle, but nothing I'm concerned about. Just something for me to remember to be mindful of.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

2 months ago

A NGS doctor went on public radio, and stated that after showing Dr. Cass how the NGS do things it was said that it was "the gold standard for how it should be done".

As a reminder, Ireland has the worst trans healthcare in the EU.

#trans #transHealthcare #Cass #NationalGenderService

2 months ago

[ I Emailed My Doctor 133 Times: The Crisis In the British Healthcare System ]

i don't normally share youtube links here. but this one was sobering and important to me personally, and i think it deserves to be seen by more people.

#trans #transhealthcare #transgender

2 months ago

“It's not, and has never been, a money issue for the NHS. They could actually save money by dismantling the GICs and switching to an informed consent model, allowing for better care for all trans patients.” Evie

Read Evie's (@SleepyCatten) article:

#Trans #NonBinary #TransHealthcare

Photo of Evie, a white trans woman/trans fem with long brown hair. She’s got some cool cat ear headphones on.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

Gently pricked a couple of places before finding an ideal injection site. Went in & came out smoothly with no leakage 😌 (Why does this sound so lewd? 🤣)

Funny to think I've been doing such injections for over a year now :TransHeart:

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Moby MicroDick
2 months ago

❓ Does anyone know if it's possible to inject Androtardyl subcutaneously with a mesotherapy injector? And yes, it is subcutaneous.
I'm aware that the prod is very viscous, but from some research I gather that injectors can handle viscous.

(I'm in a big mess.)

#trans #transgender
#medicine #medmastodon
#hormones #androtardyl #testosterone #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Moby MicroDick
2 months ago

❓ Est-ce que quelqu'un-e sait si avec un injecteur de mésothérapie il est possible d'effectuer une injection sous-cutanée d'Androtardyl ? Et oui il s'agit bien de sous-cutanée.
J'ai conscience que le prod est très visqueux, mais de quelques recherches j'ai cru lire que des injecteurs peuvent gérer du visqueux.

(Je me retrouve dans une bonne galère.)

#trans #transgender
👋 @espacesantetrans
#medicine #medmastodon
#hormones #androtardyl #testosterone #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

** On Breast Cancer ** to openly add to this recent Twitter conversation as a trans woman :flag_transgender: (plus because equalities lawyer Robin Moira is a rock)

▫️ My mother had a double mastectomy in her early 40s, BCMA gene unknown

▫️ My ex- had breast cancer earlier this year, I drove her to the operations personally (she's clear now)

▫️ My best female friend from university died of breast cancer before 40

▫️ Last and certainly least, I had an NHS breast recall myself a few months ago after a routine mammogram. It involved the "triple test", including a biopsy. Yes it's scary waiting to find out, but I'm now glad I went through this

Read this and I dare anyone including TERFS and those with 'GC beliefs' to say trans women don't understand, or are not affected by breast cancer

To all women anywhere, please read, boost :boost_requested: but above all -

🗣️​ For you, everyone who loves you: GET A MAMMOGRAM

#GetAMammo #Healthcare #TransHealthcare #UK #NHS #US #BreastCancer #Fediverse #Trans

Baroness Foster DBE @jfoster2019

How about a double mastectomy ? Have you ever met someone who's survived breast cancer or knows someone who's died .. just asking

Robin Moira White (she/her) @moira_robin

Yes, I have a friend who fought breast cancer and won, and had a friend who lost, and trans male friends, ALL of whom I celebrate. I have had my own brush with mortality this year. If you would like a conversation to understand your thoughtlessness, please be in touch. 

Sep 19, 2023 - 8:06 PM UTC
Dorothea Zwölfer
2 months ago

Die WPATH hat die SoC8 (Standarts of Care) im Blick auf trans*, Eunuchen und nicht-binäre Menschen veröffentlicht. Alle Links dazu findet man in meinem Blogbeitrag hier:

The WPATH has published the SoC8 (Standards of Care) with a view to trans*, eunuchs and non-binary people. All links can be found in my blog post here:
#trans #lgbtqia #nonbinary #wpath #SoC8 #transhealthcare #transhealth #queer

** Trans healthcare musings at Marks & Spencer coffee-shop **

Feeling blessed by having a wonderful #NHS GP, we've been trying to get my E2-levels and progestin down from 'mutant' to 'female range'. Else she wants a pituitary MRI scan 😬


she's beaming, as am I, we agree the latest levels are lovely
we chat, agree not to sweat the small stuff unless my E2-levels exceed 1000 p/nmol 💜
she's open to taking over prescribing progesterone downstream on the NHS if I get it initially on private + we check bloods 😲 + 💖
GP letter for gender change in my passport? No issues, send it to her ...

Musing over coffee ☕ how

Great healthcare support allows a resulting wonderfully powerful ADULT feeling of control, of #BodilyAutonomy, it's my body

Being trans is who we ARE. It transcends age, it's not just youngsters, not just a trend

A selfie for the #transjoy, feel a bit gloriously exotic

Plus M&S has cool new 🇬🇧 paper bags!

#Trans #Transjoy #TransHealthcare #TransAtFifty

CW: selfie, direct eye contact

A selfie of a brunette trans woman in a red blouse
A selfie of a brunette trans woman in a red blouse
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh yesterday (Saturday)... 💉🩹

... but then forgot to do the post afterwards 😅🤦‍♀️

Doing the post now, so I don't forget that I did it.

It was a nice, easy IM injection with no leakage.

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Queer Lit Cats
2 months ago

Pink News: Ithaca, New York, declared safe haven for trans people and offers healthcare protections #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #transhealthcare #Ithaca #News #US

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 months ago

Apologies for forgetting to do a post to give you all an update on the on-going saga with the East Of England Gender Service.

After them agreeing that I indeed trans enough to receive care via their "pathway" & them rejecting essentially all my requests, I sent an email to all of:

• The EOEGS.
• My local Integrated Care Board (ICB).
• The practice manager at my GP surgery.


#EOEGS #NHS #trans #transgender #transition #TransHealthcare

Addendae 1

Alabama Judges Use Abortion Ban Logic to Block Care for Trans Minors
Beginning to see the appalling legal consequences of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision

* trio of appeals court judges allowed Alabama’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors to go into effect

#SCOTUS #TransHealthcare #TransLivesMatter #neofascism #ChristianRight #WomensRights #abortion #Roe_v_Wade #Alabama #transphobia #transgender #GenderIdentity

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 months ago

Bit of a trickier injection today.

I first Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh, but some of the ester pushed itself out after I removed the needle.

To be safe, I did a further injection of 0.5 mL (2 mg) nearby.

Guess I can't always get a straight-forward injection, but it's still better for me than patches :TransFemHeart:

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Jamie Howarth :v_trans:
3 months ago

Still waiting for my triptorelin injection. It's been 3 weeks. May have to use my emergency finasteride to tie me over... 😬 #TransHealthcare

Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 months ago

I was formally referred to an #NHS England GIC for gender-affirming healthcare back at the end of May 2021.

After being transferred to the East Of England Gender Service (#EOEGS) waiting list in January 2022, I had my 1st assessment in November 2023.

After a further 9 months, I finally have a 2nd assessment appointment today.

I am simultaneously a quantum superposition of anxious AF & calm AF about it.

#trans #transgender #transition #healthcare #TransHealthcare


Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 months ago

Question for other trans folks in the UK seeking gender-affirming healthcare via the NHS

When it comes to appointments with NHS Gender Identity Clinics (GICs), do you:

• Look forward to them?
• Dread / fear them?
• Feel a mixture of excitement & fear?
• Have other feelings not listed here?

#trans #transgender #transition #UK #NHS #England #Scotland #Wales #NorthernIreland #TransHealthcare #Healthcare #GenderAffirmingHealthcare

4 months ago

The trans healthcare protest was a resounding success!

Attendees had travelled to the NGS's base from all over the country, such are the issues accessing healthcare. The public were supportive, and the bus driver on the way back rather enjoyed the banners.

The star of the day was of course Dr. Blåhaj, who I had the honour of introducing in my speech.

#trans #TransHealthcare

Trans activists holding banners and flags. They are taking up most of the space on a bridge over a dual-carriageway.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
4 months ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 💉

Another fairly easy injection today, albeit with a tiny bit of blood after 🩹

#DIYHRT #HRT #TransFem #trans #transgender #transition #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

This article has some of the most up to date information on what exactly the new obstacles are for adult transgender Floridians under SB 254, so definitely worth a read or sharing it with allies who want to get informed.

#florida #transrefugeecrisis #transgenocide #uspolitics #uspol #desantis #transhealthcare #transnews

4 months ago

My boobs have grown... My bra is too tight...

This is not meant to happen at this point of my transition. I mean, it's a good problem to have though I guess. Though it was already hard to find bras in my size

It also really highlights the difference between injections and other methods. Even years of estrogen implants didn't do this, but a month of injections, and boom, boob growth

#trans #hrt #TransHealthcare

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

Just saw this badge & my first thought was: "This is THE perfect badge for any other trans folks taking spironolactone!" 😅

#HRT #trans #transgender #TransFem #TransWoman #TransHealthcare #spironolactone

A badge that reads "I have brain fog" in a big speech bubble. There's a small thought cloud underneath. The background is grey-ish blue.
Anna Nicholson
5 months ago

I just read @ErinInTheMorn’s Substack listicle on the top 5 US states for trans people (a welcome counter to all the recent horror stories about anti-trans legislation in the US)

In first place (spoiler!) is Washington state, and I was struck by this sentence:

‘The Seattle area alone boasts 34 separate informed consent gender-affirming care clinics, placing it among the regions with the highest number of clinics per capita’

Wow! 😮

In the UK, we don’t have an informed-consent model (yet) for trans healthcare

Instead we have psychiatrically gatekept gender identity clinics, and there are only about half as many of those in the whole of the UK (pop. 67 million) as there are informed-consent clinics in the Seattle area (pop. 4 million)!

#trans #TransHealthcare #InformedConsent #GenderIdentityClinics

Gender Incongruence: "Before 2013, the situation was even worse because people were then diagnosed with a clearly defined mental illness know as *gender identity disorder*. Yes indeed to qualify for hormone therapy you had to be certified by a psychiatrist as having a mental health problem. But how can affirming your own personal identity be a disease? Who is really suffering the dysphoria? Is it the client or is it the mental health professional, desperately trying to defend society's need to minimize the extent of gender diversity?"

... an extract from "A Guide To Transgender Health" (2019) by Rachel Ann Heath PhD (@Playcontra :heart_trans: on the birdsite) and Katie Wynn PhD, FRACP

#Trans #Transgender #GenderIdentity #TransHealthcare #HRT

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

Oh. My. Word.

I emailed a complaint to NHS England about the East of England Gender Service & TransPlus on 21st May 2023.

I've only just today (29th June 2023) received an acknowledgement of my complaint 🤦‍♀️

Off to a great start 🙃

#EOEGS #TransPlus #NHS #NHS England #trans #transgender #TransHealthcare #transition

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

Query for fellow trans / non-binary folks in the UK who want gender affirming healthcare via the NHS:

If the NHS actually offered world-class gender-affirming healthcare, what would you ask for? :TransHeart: :NonBinaryHeart:

#trans #enby #transgender #NonBinary #NHS #NHSEngland #NHSWales #NHSScotland #NHSNI #NHSUK #TransHealthcare #healthcare #transition #UK

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

Had my first blood test at my NHS GP since I blew up my shared care agreement between them & GenderCare earlier this year & moved entirely to DIY HRT.

I should get the results in a few working days 🤞

The trick to getting them to agree was sending an email to the practice manager, asking them to run it by the senior partner(s) & linking them to GMC guidance on patients self-medicating.


#NHS #NHSEngland #GenderCare #HRT #DIYHRT #TransHealthcare #transition #trans #transgender

The state is “permanently enjoined” from enforcing the law, U.S. District Judge James Moody Jr. wrote in his decision.

James S. Moody Jr.:

#JamesSMoody #JamesMoody #ChristianRight #RepublicanParty #hatred #TransHealthCare #neofascism #populism #CultureWars

Evie (SleepyCatten)
5 months ago

* What Reddit was providing for me can broadly be summed up as:

#LGBTQIA+ #memes, particularly #trans memes.
• Safe spaces for #neurodivergent folks.
• Safe spaces for folks to ask questions about being trans & #HRT (esp. #DIYHRT) queries.
• Detailed info / experiences on #TransHealthcare.
• Allowing me to help others where I can with my experiences & knowledge.

** Coffee and Estrogel ** It'd be my band name of choice I think. What with "Violent Femmes" already having been taken, right? 💃

The copious estradiol gel on the table represent a milestone in a 2 year journey. DIY HRT > NHS GP-bridging HRT and bloods > today is the first prescription via a shared-care (endo) agreement

I could have DIY-ed ongoing. I'm pretty knowledgeable on our endocrinology, as are other lovely folk here, I read our science :heart_trans:

But mentally? I feel this BIG weight off my shoulders finally sorting all this. Bloodtests in place, some serious detailed (practical) endo discussions 💜, breast screening scheduled before progesterone. The psychological and mental health benefits of support should *not* be underestimated

I'm not an HRT perfectionist. Give it time, I trust the process, I accept each of our bodies reacts different. Admin methods etc. The journey is ongoing

Today feels nice have this in place - to lose a burden

#Trans #Transgender #HRT #TransHealthcare #MentalHealth

A sgady table outside in a coffee shop next to a high brick wall. In the background are more tables but in the sun. On the table is a cup of coffee with a spoon, a red wallet-purse and behind them 5 boxes in blue and white marked Oestrogel
Evie (SleepyCatten)
6 months ago

I don't believe in any planes of existence beyond this one.

That said, there's a special place in Hell for any trans folks who try to gatekeep / invalidate the healthcare that other trans folks get, or who try to invalidate non-binary folks 😡

Fuck the gatekeepers & fuck the transmedicalists 🖕

I will continue to support all my trans & non-binary siblings :TransHeart: :NonBinaryHeart:

#trans #transgender #enby #NonBinary #TransHealthcare #HRT #DIYHRT

⬆️ Statistics via FOI to the NHS for gender marker changes in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 are contained in the older post linked below:

#Trans #TransRights #TransHealthcare #TransMasc #TransFem #Scotland #GRR

Results from my Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 FOI Request to Public Health Scotland (PHS) requesting: "... the breakdowns for male-to-female and female-to-male for a couple of sample months, ideally November and December 2022" (same as NHS England and Wales)

Public Health Scotland reply included all this info and more:

- Annual gender marker changes between:
🔸 Sep 2020 to Sep 2021 was 353
🔸 Sep 2021 and Sep 2022 was 469

- Sample months gave:
Oct 2022 - Nov 2022 => 89
🔹 44 CHI records from male to female
🔹 45 from female to male

Nov 2022 - Dec 2022 => 44
🔹 19 CHI records had from male to female
🔹 25 from female to male

Ie. another hard datapoint supporting how equal the trans community is, and how trans mascs get written out of our TERF-island narrative here in the UK ...

#Trans #TransRights #TransHealthcare #TransMasc #TransFem #Scotland #GRR

6 months ago

Are you a GP? Do you know how to support trans patients?

We're hosting a free, online webinar for healthcare professionals to learn about supporting trans patients in primary care.

If you're a trans person and feel that your GP would benefit from this, please share it with them or your local practise.

Supported by Closed Captions, BSL interpreter available on request, just let us know on the form.

Registration closes 8th June:

#LGBTMed #TransHealthcare #NHS

Text reads: Webinar: Trans Patients in Primary Care. A panel discussion for healthcare professionals in the UK. 15 June 2023, 1:30pm-3:00pm, free.

THIS is exactly what you’re achieving when you donate to the Trans Healthcare Fund. Lives being saved, a real difference being made, change in the world ❤️

Together we can achieve this for more trans people and change their lives 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

#GenderAffirmingCare #TransYouth #TransHealthcare

"GenderGP has saved my daughter. She has a 'spark' back in her eyes, she has her brilliant sense of humour back and she is beginning, gradually, to find her voice and live her life as SHE wishes to  -Jennifer"
"It is not an exaggeration to say that GenderGP have saved my life.   The level of service is extraordinary. The staff are uniformly caring and attentive, and the medical supervision is holistic: they oversee all my health, not just gender-related care.  -J Laurence Sarno"
"If it wasn’t for GenderGP I still wouldn’t be on testosterone. I’m still about a year or two away from my first NHS GIC appointment but GenderGP gave me access to the medication I need to be who I am. My dysphoria is basically non existent now as I truly love who I see in the mirror thanks to being on testosterone, thanks to GenderGP  -Alexander "
"When I was at my lowest of lows and not knowing which way to turn after a lifetime of confusion, self detestation and denial, I was very fortunate to find Gender GP and to begin therapy. It was a literally life saving experience receiving hormone treatment which had an almost immediately positive effect upon my mental state, allowing me to cease anti-depressants within just a few weeks.  -Jeremine Hurst."
Evie (SleepyCatten)
6 months ago

Injected 0.13 mL of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 😌

Took me three tries to find an ideal injection site though. My left thigh was determined to vex me today 😤

#DIYHRT #HRT #TransFem #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

@ErinInTheMorn Erin, thanks. If not included you might want to have a chat with GenderGP? @GenderGP

GenderGP, you might want to have a chat with Erin?

You are both very welcome btw 👍 :heart_trans: #TransHealthcare #InformedConsent


This is one in a sea of hundreds of such posts you have seen.

I am trans, suffer from extreme depressive disorder and just over one year sober.

I have crippling social anxiety. Finding work is a bit harder than it needs to be.

I would super appreciate help with rent, medical and quality of life.

Venmo/CashApp help is most immediate and useful.

I still really need $400 a.s.a.p. -I lost the overdraft protection I was given to medical. New medication was really expensive. $400 would cover costs for a few things and relieve pressure in general for about a month.


I have some in my gofundme towards my surgery, would be swell to have more to cover my FFS when that comes. There is a new time frame for this and it would be swell to have something secured before it gets too close.


My YouTube could help me get more cred and exposure. Please go Subscribe and share. Will up the chances of it growing better!


If you have any gig style job like voice acting, video edits, original music, graphic design (I am ok), writing for your OC or TTRPG or any number of things, let me know.

Seriously. I work fast and will be happy to work with anyone.


I have never had such a loving community. Never have had a community like this online. I would just drift alone in the cyber ocean. It now feels like I am traveling with some of you.

If you have other social networks, please repost to those. I do not use fb, insta, whats, tic, twit, snap or generally anything other than Youtube and this.

🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

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My Venmo and CashApp will help with meds and living expenses. gofund me is most helpful for bigger stuff.

Much Love is felt! I have so much love for all of you!

Another big thanks to those that have helped me out so far!
It is wonderful to feel that support.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #disabled #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #writers #Neurodivergent #socialanxiety #transhealthcare #rent #Identity #writingcommunity

🦇​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖🦇​

I love you!

Amazon Wish List




VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

Purple and pink light on a space cat with a cute smile standing in front of a green screen

If I can get a dozen donations to my gofundme/venmo/cashapp combined by10PM PST, I will post two nudes tomorrow afternoon.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #transhealthcare


Evie (SleepyCatten)
7 months ago

Injected 0.13 mL of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my left thigh 😌

I have now added a reminder to my calendar for injections, so I can remember which leg I'm injecting into.

However, I'm still gonna keep posting it here each time though in the hopes of getting called a "good girl" :PleadingFaceWithRedHearts:

#DIYHRT #HRT #TransFem #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

For any #trans :flag_transgender: person it can help, I was pointed to this wonderful summary on "Informed Consent" last year, by someone involved in setting up AusPATH. It's empowering, freed my mind, and set me on a path to fully own my healthcare (and my body). If it helps inspire even one other person too I'm happy ❤️ :heart_trans: 💖

Phrases like this ...
🔸 "Trans patients are the experts of their own lives and the final authority on their own gender"
🔸 "Working in partnership with trans people"
🔸 "Patients are often highly educated and aware of their hormone needs and goals"
🔸 "Without mental health specialist consultations where not indicated"
🔸 "Centre the trans person in the decision-making process"
🔸 "The principles of bodily integrity, bodily autonomy"

(Sorry, just emailing with my endo, and it recalled this tonight!)

#Transgender #TransHealthcare #HRT #InformedConsent #BodilyAutonomy

7 months ago

Any good resources, especially communities (slack, discord, whatever) US friends can recommend for parents of trans kids? I know someone who is just trying to keep their kid safe in Texas but I thoroughly lack US resources.

Pls boost!

#trans #protectTransKids #TransHealthcare #TransInTexas

7 months ago

The problems with the National Gender Service and their staff aren't new. Here's an account covering a decade, and how things have only gotten worse.

#trans #TransHealthcare

7 months ago

The only article touching on EPATH last week was the transphobic restaurant.

There was no articles on the leading transgender healthcare professional conference in Europe coming here with 500+ plus attendees, nor what was discussed.

Nor did anyone from HSE management or gender services attend.

Nice to see how much they care about actual trans issues.

At least myself and other grassroots activists in attendance got a lot out of it.

#EPATH #trans #TransHealthcare

7 months ago

Das Ergebnis wenn man eine Kostenzusage hat aber das Krankenhaus sich nicht darauf verlassen kann ☹️ • so jetzt mal her mit euren top Brust Operateur*innen

#trans #transhealthcare #gkv #gkvpatient

Screenshot von email- in dem Arzt Krankenhaus ablehnt zu operieren da sich die Kasse weigert zu explizieren welche Abrechnungsschlüssel abgerechnet werden.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
7 months ago

Hi folks 👋

I've come to accept that there's no chance of me getting trans healthcare from the NHS.

Even without the waitlists, the care provided is at best an afterthought & at worst wilfully restrictive.

As such, I'll be looking at ways to save more money to afford expensive private options.

This will sadly mean that I will have to stop sending financial aid to others 😔😭


#trans #transgender #NHS #NHSEngland #TransHealthcare #healthcare

Evie (SleepyCatten)
8 months ago

How do other trans folks in England cope with:

• the ever-increasing GIC waitlists
• the substandard care even if you get seen
• the constant gatekeeping
• the misinformation
• the lack of surgery options (e.g., no FFS, VFS, BA or orchidectomy; outdated vaginoplasty techniques)
• limited laser / electrolysis funding
• uncooperative / uncaring GPs

I'm seriously asking 🥺

#trans #NHSEngland #NHS #England #TransHealthcare #MentalHealth


Evie (SleepyCatten)
8 months ago

PSA / reminder

You don't need to take or want HRT to be a valid trans / non-binary person :TransHeart: :NonBinaryHeart:

However, if you DO want to start HRT in a gatekeeping country without informed consent like the UK, I've got some details on how to access this in this pinned thread of mine 👇

My DMs are also always open for further queries 📧

#PSA #trans #transgender #enby #NonBinary #HRT #DIYHRT #TransHealthcare #queer #LGBTQ #TransRightsAreHumanRights

ya girl just got a daignosis of gender dysphoria and will be starting HRT soon!!!! :apartyblobcat: :apartyblobcat: :QueerCatHeart_Trans: :QueerCat_Trans: :sparkletrans:
(still cis tho)
#trans #transHealthcare #HRT

Cha Cha
9 months ago

People often talk about gender confirming care. I want people to know about gender dysphoric care. If your body is young and isn’t producing sex hormones and you don’t have a gender, any care is gender dysphoric. The best you can hope for is a doctor who accepts your lack of gender and is willing to adjust hormone doses until you are kind of ok

#PrimaryOvarianInsufficiency #POI #agender #TransHealthcare #GenderDysphoria

I suppose there's no time like the present to do a proper introduction post...

Hi, we're GenderGP 👋 We believe that care for trans and gender diverse people should be accessible and easy, so that's what we set out to do. We're here to remove barriers, not build them.

We provide online services including counselling, documentation support and HRT (plus more) for trans folk.

Oh yeah, and #TransRightsAreHumanRights

#GenderGP #Trans #Transgender #nonbinary #lgbtq #transhealthcare #transyouth

9 months ago

🏳️‍⚧️ Another payday has passed and the weekend is coming up! So before you spend all your monies on coffee or booze, could I kindly ask you to toss a few coins into my top surgery fundraiser? 😊 Or, you know, maybe share the link with disgustingly wealthy people, if you know any (the ones I know usually just ignore trans fundraisers so make of that what you will). 😉

#GoFundMe #TransHealthcare #trans #nonbinary #TopSurgery #LGBTQIA #AskingForHelp