Miriam Robern
2 days ago

Going to a support-trans-youth rally tomorrow to combat this Parental Rights nonsense, trying to figure out a sign. I have two leading contenders.

#Trans #TransRights #TransKids

🌺 Sweet Ms Lily 🌺
2 weeks ago

Calling all Canadian activists! Trans kids in Canada are under unprecedented attacks by our Conservative politicians and by gender fascists! There is a planned “Million Child March” on September 20th being planned in several cities *in support of* taking away trans kids rights. We need to stop this from happening. Please share this bulletin far and wide and connect with your local activists to plan counter rallies! For the safety of organizers please do not include our names in screenshots or shares of this information. Thank you. 💖

#cdnpoli #transkids #cdnactivism

Poster with light pink background and blue writing. Text is as follows: 

Mike Elston
2 weeks ago

When your Amazon driver is a bad ass and gives you the horns 🤘🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ #ally #LGBTQIA #transkids #amazonworker #delivery

Amazon driver loving our pride flags.
2 weeks ago

our 30 year journey from 90's #dontaskdonttell to today's #trans educator-forced outings is hardly progress.

it's regressive, cruel and inhuman: what's next for #transkids, stocks & pillory?

Aidyn Sucec sits in his bedroom in Brownsburg, Indiana on Nov. 11, 2019
3 weeks ago

Circles I fit in, but also don’t:
- foster parents
- parents of trans kids
- people wronged by the child welfare system
- interracial families
- parents who have lost a child

#Fostercare #transkids #interracial #loss

Shiny Amygdala
3 weeks ago

Parenting advice needed : FYI You don't have to be a parent to give me advice.

So, here it is.

It's time for seasonal vaccines. We need Flu vaccine, and COVID boosters and pneumonia vaccine. The oldest teen is resisting this time around because of the way they react to the COVID vaccine is very intense, but only lasts no more than 24-48 hrs (fever of 101 degrees F, chills, body pain) . I forced them into it every time because of how vital it is and they are high risk and have to go to in person school which has no protection in place for COVID or flu. I'm too poor to pay them as an incentive. Do you think posting an Amazon wishlist list or a PayPal for them and asking the public to help me out with incentivizing their vaccines is a good idea? (I would close the fundraiser when their incentive has been given, I was thinking $20 seems fair) .

I would also have to do the same thing for the other 2 siblings even though they don't feel sick from the vaccines, they just are scared of needles and would be ticked off that they're older sibling got a gift and they didn't. So I'd need $60 total on PayPal ($20 for each child) or an Amazon toy for each kid.

Are there any other better ideas? What should we do?

In case anybody is on-board with rewarding (incentivizing) the teens for their seasonal vaccines

here's a link to the 15 year old's Amazon wishlist:

And a link to the 13 year old's wish list:
Thank you in advance 🌻💜

#MutualAid #Teens #covid19 #Flu #Virus #Schools #School #Fall #Autistic #disabled #Trans #TransKids

@7NewsSpotlight another clear decision to platform hate.

Here's the correction:
🏳️‍⚧️ U16s need parental consent
🏳️‍⚧️ 1% regret rate compared to 17% for a hip replacement
🏳️‍⚧️ schools need consent
🏳️‍⚧️ Puberty blockers have been used since the 1980s.
🏳️‍⚧️ No trans kid affirmed in Aus has detranstioned
🏳️‍⚧️ Most detranstioners sight social reason like discrimination as main reason.
🏳️‍⚧️ ROGD has been debunked by a wealth of peer reviewed papers, and the original theorist has had issue corrections.
🏳️‍⚧️ care is proven to save lives

#transrightsarehumanrights #trans #transkids

Shannon Dea
3 weeks ago

Tip: if you’re heading to the #SaskatchewanLegislature to protest the unconstitutional forced outing of #TransKids, pink and blue Bristol board and a white poster board can be quickly transformed into a #Trans flag with a box cutter and some glue!

A pink and blue trans flag poster as described in the toot
Shannon Dea
3 weeks ago

About to get my craft on. Sign-making for tomorrow’s rally at the #Saskatchewan Legislature opposing the dangerous new “parents rights” policy forcing schools to inform parents when #TransKids change their names or pronouns. #ProtectTransKids

Poster making supplies including pink and blue Bristol board, as in the trans flag
4 weeks ago

The newest member of kiddo's friend group is transmasc. His chosen new first name, when paired with his last name, is the same as a Major League Baseball player who was briefly a star in the late 80's/early 90's.

I mentioned this to my kid, who mentioned this to him, and the kid was *delighted.*

Enter me and my find-anything-online skills and we have now procured this kid a Starting Lineup brand action figure of the player, and some baseball cards.

We have a bit of time before his birthday and plan to put together an entire package of Your Baseball Namesake goodies for his upcoming birthday.

It's good to be able to use internet nerd powers for good purposes.

#trans #transgender #TransKids

We just met our kids' teachers at their new school tonight and our #enby 4th grader's teacher asked them to help her decide which pride flag to hang up. She wanted to make sure the kiddo felt included.

I legit started sobbing.

#TransKids #ProtectTransKids #Trans

Lawrence Herzog
1 month ago
To those who say schools should stick to teaching “the basics”: There is nothing more basic than gender identity. Kids struggling with their identity and without support at home won’t be well equipped to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. And they are at greater risk of harm. #2SLGBTQIA #lgbtq #transkids
Lawrence Herzog
1 month ago
By saying “schools should leave LGBTQ issues to parents,” Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is telling trans kids they don't have the right to be their true selves, that they need to ask permission. Not every household is a supportive household, and abandoning those kids puts them at greater risk of harm. We know that is true. Anybody who chooses not to see that or to ignore it is complicit. #2SLGBTQIA #LGBTQ #transkids
U.S. Politics in Real Time
1 month ago

California school district forces teachers to out trans kids to their parents. The state tried to warn them that the new rule is illegal.

#CaliforniaSchoolDistrict #TransKids #Teachers #Parents #IllegalRule #StateWarning #Politics #News

I know David Tennant looks better in it, but just to echo the sentiment...


Me wearing a black shirt with pink lettering that reads "Leave trans kids alone you absolute freaks."
U.S. Politics in Real Time
2 months ago

Federal appeals court rules Kentucky can force trans kids to detransition. The chief judge said just because some officials disagree with the ban doesn't mean it shouldn't take effect.

#LGBTQRights #TransKids #Detransition #FederalAppealsCourt #KentuckyBan #YouthRights #Politics #News

Want to play #Pathfinder AND support #TransKids ?

There's a Humble Bundle up right now for a bunch of digital Pathfinder content for use in Hero Lab that supports the Trevor Project.

#trans #transgender #TrevorProject #nonbinary #nb #enby

"Every way was wrong" is about my experience as a closeted trans girl, how things felt "off" early on even though I didn't have the language to describe it. This is one of the darker ones.

(CW: gender dysphoria, trans-hostility, self-harm, violence, sexual assault – German translation is linked in the article)


#trans #transkids

Paul Chambers
3 months ago

Ohio House passes bill to ban trans youth from gender-affirming care, athletics

Ohio's gerrymandered GOP State House passed a bill that would take away trans youth's rights to health care and athletics.

House Bill 68 would prohibit gender-affirming care for trans and nonbinary youth

In a 64-28 vote, the #Republicans voted to pass anti-transgender bills during Pride Month.

#Ohio #law #trans #lgbtq #Transgender #TransKids #TransHealth #Sports #GOP #USPol #News

soil gremlin
4 months ago

We did this last year let’s do it again! :D

Raising money to support a family as they seek full custody of their trans kid to protect them. The breakdown is in the GFM; some is for legal fees and some is for support. Please help if you can!

#ProtectTransKids #GoFundMe #TransRights #TransKids

4 months ago

fremde Menschen anquatscht und am ende des Tages zwar müde ist, aber sagt, dass das der beste Tag seid langem war, ja, dann bin ich mir sehr sehr sicher, dass wir das richtige tun.

(Und war es mir auch schon vorher.)

#trans #transKids #protecttranskids #csd #regenbogen #queer #lebenmitkindern #adhs

4 months ago

„Wie könnt ihr euch denn sicher sein?“

Diese Frage habe ich mal wieder in Bezug auf unsere trans Tochter bekommen.

Kann ich nicht, denn ich bin nicht sie. Ich kann nur meinem Kind vertrauen.
Aber wenn ich sehe, das mein Kind, das Menschen Masse hasst, bei krach schnell überfordert ist und nur ungern viel läuft,
2 Stunden Freude strahlend bei der Demo vom CSD mit läuft, eine riesen Regenbogenfahne trägt und mit stolz ein Shirt mit trans Flagge trägt,

#trans #transKids #csd

Paul Chambers
4 months ago

The #GOP, and the right, took their lessons spreading Islamophobia and are weaponizing their tactics towards #dragQueens and #transKids. #USPol

One thing that their earlier tactics didn't have were open militants, Qanon cults and total disregard to bad press.

This is what happens when the mainstream press placates hate, like the Tea Party, as they did during the Islamophobia phase of the GOP's war on truth.

4 months ago

This week the Texas House granted final approval to a bill that would outlaw gender affirming care for transgender youth in Texas.

Read about it here:

#trans #transkids #lgbtq #texas #Bills #law #healthcare

5 months ago

There's a wealth of research showing that puberty blockers to be safe and effective. They are used “off-label”, which means they are used outside their licenced use.

Other "off-label" medication includes the contraceptive pill, which is a hormonal treatment used to treat acne.

#TransKids #ProtectTransKids #TransHealth

Picture of a packet of pills. Text: Puberty blockers are not experimental, there’s a wealth of research showing them to be safe and effective. They are used “off-label”, which means they are used outside their licenced use. Children are commonly prescribed “off-label” medication. Other medicines prescribed “off-label” include the contraceptive pill, which is used to treat acne.

#RepublicanParty's #Antitrans bills harm #mentalhealth of #Trans People, especially youths. Advocates & parents say lives at risk due to #Fascist legislation. Urgent action needed to protect trans rights & wellbeing.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQIA #TransKids #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Discrimination #Transphobia #ThePartyOfHate

Terra Field
6 months ago
Ben Greenberg
6 months ago

Happy #TransgenderDayOfVisibility! 🏳️‍⚧️ I'm proud to be a parent of a #trans, #NonBinary 20 year old. I am ever grateful to the providers of #GenderAffirmingCare in Boston and where they go to college now. #Parents and #TransKids in states where your human rights are under attack, I see you and support you and am enraged for you. #ProtectTransKids #TransRights are #HumanRights

#JKRowling has credited an #antimask, #COVID19 #lockdown-critical #GP for influencing some of her #views on #transkids in the latest episode of podcast series, The Witch Trials of JK Rowling

Wren Birdie (she/her)
6 months ago

Dear members of the #TxLeg who understand the anti-trans bills filed and moving forward are complicit in the #genocide of citizens of #Texas

Please do this.
Call out your #republican colleagues like #Nebraska state #SenMeganHunt did during this speech.

Do this and fight for #TransKids

7 months ago

A New Bill Could Legalize #Kidnapping #Transgender Kids by Their Parents

A newly introduced bill Friday by #Republican state Senator #ClayYarborough in #Florida could let a parent kidnap their children and bring them across state lines if the parent believes that the child is receiving #GenderAffirmingHealthcare—or even if the child is simply "at risk" of getting that care.

#LGBTQIA #TransKids #HateLegislation

7 months ago

A new bill in Florida could let parents take their child from their other parent or across state lines if the child is receiving gender-affirming health care.
#News #transkids #transgender #Politics #Florida #LGBTQ

From @ErinInTheMorn:
#transphobia #fascism #TransKids

Kentucky Releases Bill That Is Every Anti-Trans Bill Rolled Into One, Bans Social Transition Services

7 months ago

Intro as I shift away from .lol

I am writing a book for #parents of #TransKids. I am #nonbinary #trans and a parent myself.

Also white and #antiracist and #neuroqueer. Passions include #anarchism #organizing #embroidery #QueerCartoons #QueerJoy #GenderEuphoria

Always seeking more trans and #queer connections, plus folks in #publishing #nonfiction.