:mima_rule: Mima-sama
10 hours ago

Also fuck #AI detectors, they are essentially anti-#neurodivergent and will always have false positives no matter how much work they put on it. You know it's fucked up when we fleshy humans have to prove in ridiculous ways like screen recording that we have 100% written our own work with our own thoughts and the AI tool doesn't have to thoroughly explain why it gave such a specific score.

#transparency and #accountability" my ass


15 hours ago

I applaud these companies for taking proactive steps to ensure the security of our elections. #SecureVoting #Transparency #ConspiracyTheoryBusting #USVoting #ProtectingDemocracy

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
21 hours ago

For those who have followed my watchdog efforts with HHS over the years, an update on one case:

Approximately 3 years ago, I filed a watchdog complaint with HHS about an entity that did not seem to disclose a ransomware incident involving patient data. The entity did not respond to my inquiries to them about their breach(es) and the incident never appeared on HHS's public breach tool. So I filed a complaint asking HHS to investigate.

The next year, I got a letter from HHS asking me if there was any update to my complaint. I told them there wasn't, and I answered other questions HHS posed to me.
The incident still didn't show up on HHS's public breach tool, but I have noticed that HHS often delays posting an incident that they are investigating until they are done and can post a closing note with it.

This year, I got another letter from HHS asking me if I still have all the data I had downloaded from the incident. I responded that I do, and we reviewed the complaint's allegations.

As part of that conversation with HHS, they asked me if I would contact the entity and give them all the data.
I responded, "No. I contacted them a number of times and they never answered me. If they want to know what data I have or if they need it, they can pick up the fucking phone and ask me for it."

(Okay, so that wasn't very polite, but hey...)

Apparently HHS subsequently suggested they do contact me, because three years after I first filed the complaint, the entity got in touch with me to ask me about the incident and what data I might have and if I would share it with them. We arranged a conference call.

The people who were involved three years ago are no longer there, and I feel somewhat sorry for the new folks trying to figure out what happened and what the incident response was back then because they now have 30+ questions from HHS that they are expected to answer.

Hopefully, they'll get back to me and let me know what they find out about their past incident response, but somehow I suspect their counsel will tell them not to be transparent with me even though I just helped them with their compliance.

And yes, I gave them all the data I had downloaded and gave them a briefing on the incident from my perspective outside the organization. As irate as I may be with their predecessors for not responding timely to me years ago or disclosing publicly, I want to make sure that all the patients were notified -- or if they were never notified, that they get notified that their data was leaked.

I just wish it hadn't taken HHS OCR three years to get to this point with them.

@brett @allan

#HIPAA #HITECH #HHS #OCR #enforcement #incidentresponse #transparency #databreach #ransomware #cybersecurity

2 days ago

📢 Big news! Crossref acquires @RetractionWatch data and opens it to the scientific community. Excited to have made this investment in #opendata for #transparency and #research integrity. All you need to know on our blog,

You can also register to join the Crossref/Retraction Watch webinar happening Sep 27 at 1pm UTC:

Steve :verified:
2 days ago

The BBC continues to invite representatives from obscurely funded, right wing think tanks onto discussion programmes.

The panel for this evening's edition of BBC R4's popular "Any Questions" will include Robert Colville, the Director of the Centre for Policy Studies, one of several far right, obscurely funded think tanks based at 57 Tufton street in London

Since we don't know who funds them, we don't know who's speaking. The representatives put forward are merely the public faces that shield shadowy influences.

I have no problem with the BBC platforming these people but feel there should always be mention that they do not disclose their funding sources.

#BBC #ThinkTanks #Transparency #FarRightThinkTanks #BBCBias

The Program Page for BBC Radio 4's "Any Questions" that will air at 8pm on Friday 22nd September
A chart from focussing on the section dealing with Think Tanks that hide their funding sources
Oakland Privacy
3 days ago

Shasta News Outlets, FAC, And ACLU Demand Shasta County Repeal Unlawful Public Records Act Fee Ordinance

Ordinance 755 directs the county to charge $25/hr for staff time spent “locating, retrieving, reviewing, preparing, copying, and furnishing” records requested under the CPRA...

In a letter... lawyers for FAC and the ACLU told the BoS that they... plan to file a lawsuit if the county does not repeal the ordinance by Oct 18...

#publicrecords #transparency #shasta

Anselmo Lucio
3 days ago

La Inspección de Trabajo recurrió a los tribunales en 2022 para que sus sanciones a empresas sean secretas. El ministerio que dirige Yolanda Díaz ha llevado a juicio una resolución que le instaba a hacer pública su actividad sancionadora #transparency #transparencia

"Also, the central organizing entity of the SBC has spent down its operating reserves from $13 million to $4 million in the last two years, according to Jonathan Howe, the current interim president who was to be replaced but now will stay on.

But SBC President Bart Barber called for faith, saying the SBC has faced great challenges in the past and risen above those."

#SouthernBaptists #SouthernBaptistConvention #transparency #accountability #BigEyeRoll

"The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee won’t release details of its investigation into how its former interim president lied about his resume, and the person lined up to be the next interim president withdrew his name the day after he was announced."

~ Maina Mwaura and Mark Wingfield

#SouthernBaptists #SouthernBaptistConvention #transparency #accountability

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
3 days ago

It's a serious #databreach, but hats off to TissuPath Australia for its security notice that provides more info than we usually see about how a breach occurred. It doesn't come back and tell people that the data were dumped, but it had revealed the threat and possibility of it.

@brett @euroinfosec

#HealthSec #cybersecurity #vendor #extortion #dataleak #databreach #AlphV #transparency

@edgren interesting work by @mullvadnet ...

I really hope they #OpenSource it.

Not that it would convince me, but #transparency is always better!

Robert Grimm
3 days ago

Two weeks ago, #Meta released its latest #transparency report. I just added the CSV to my validation setup. For the first time in two years, Meta managed to release a quarterly CSV without rewriting up to 7.3% of data points. Miracle or the EU's DSA? Probably both!

Ben Waber
3 days ago

First was a fantastic talk by Ricardo Perez-Truglia on pay transparency laws at the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. This talk is an excellent summary on the state of play globally as well as research on the effects of these programs. You'll also hear about an absolutely bonkers Norwegian law/data collection effort that enabled pay transparency to a degree that sounds like it came from an Onion article! Highly recommend (2/7) #transparency #pay #economics

Anselmo Lucio
4 days ago

Un juzgado vuelve a dar la razón a Civio frente a Novartis para que el precio de los medicamentos sea público #transparency #sanidadpublica

ACTUALLY! Android is more private than the iPhone! (specially if you install a good privacy ROM) #HackerCulture #privacy #FreeSoftware #Transparency #FuckApple

Antonella T.
5 days ago


But, after reading this news, I am not at all surprised where this platform would end up after Elon Musk bought it nearly a year ago. In addition to proving to be—for the less disingenuous observers—a skilled snake-oil salesman with his constant virtue-signalling about his good practices of #transparency and #trust toward his users, he has now unapologetically confirmed that he is an elitist—not an absolutist—of free speech.

Carlos Rodrigues 🪣
1 week ago

Governments should mandate that supermarket chains above a certain population coverage/revenue submit their *entire* price catalog to a centralized database, and keep it updated (daily).

I don't expect the government to analyse this data, only to make it publicly available after a reasonable delay (and maybe upon request, to minimize infrastructure requirements).

We should demand transparency from high-impact private operations, as we do from the public sector.

#inflation #transparency

Tracy Rosenberg
1 week ago

"Though SCOTUS only sets aside 50 seats for members of the public to attend oral arguments, 100,000 people tuned in to listen to the first two weeks of Supreme Court arguments in May 2020 when the live broadcasts began". #Transparency

Stefan Diefenbach-Trommer (er)
1 week ago

30 Jahre @transparency Deutschland - #Transparency-Gründer Peter Eigen engagierte sich gegen #Korruption erst bei der superstaatlichen Weltbank, stieß dann #zivilgesellschaft|liche Organisation an, die wichtige Funktion in rechtsstaatlicher #Demokratie als Wächterin und Impulsgeberin hat.

Josh Renaud
1 week ago

Some drivers and mechanics at Metro, the transit agency in St. Louis, earned more than $40,000 in overtime in 2022, a Post-Dispatch analysis of payroll data shows. 🚌 💰

The agency says it has been grappling with a nationwide labor shortage that has left it scrambling to fill positions.

#stl #stlouis #stltoday #metro #journalism #localjournalism #datajournalism #pay #transparency #salary #government #opengovernment

European Ombudsman
1 week ago

On #DemocracyDay2023, European Ombudsman Emily O’Reilly highlights the importance of #transparency and #accountability in democratic participation.

F. Machado
1 week ago

An appeals court has just upheld a websites right, to post public laws and regulations online.
Technical standards like fire and electrical codes developed by private organizations but incorporated into public law can be freely disseminated without any liability for copyright infringement.

#Legal #Public #Information #FairUse #Transparency

@fzorb That is one option and I think ever instance should decide on their own.

Personally, I think it better if said instances got #DROP'd by all their service providers and fired as customers but alas, #RogueISPs exist...

I want to #DoBetter with #transparency: You don't have to (blindly) trust me at all!

It's all in the #git history, issues and pull requests...

@Jain @YKantRachelRead I've to agree:

#Accountability & #Consequences are important but without #Transparency they'll be abused.

Which is why I made my #blocklist public and use issues to track entries and appeals...

@Are0h Well, you've proven @schrottkatze to be correct.

So I do recommend everyone to switch from #TheBadSpace to #ListsD cuz I as maintainer actually do care about #transparency, #accountability and #consequences...

At least admit the list is transmisogynist bs.!

MissPriss 🌈
2 weeks ago

Could someone please build us an app for rating instances? There are a list of key criteria that seem obvious, but I also think it should include a list of blocklists the instance has applied? #thegoodplace #thebadplace #fediverse #transparency

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 weeks ago

@brett @douglevin @funnymonkey

Following up on the news reports about St. Paul Public Schools disclosing a February breach:

Once again we see "may have been accessed" language when we know damned well data were leaked. And why did it take them 6 months to notify when the data were leaked in February with a statement as to how the leaker got the data?

See my responsive post at:

#databreach #EduSec #cybersecurity #infosec #transparency #incidentresponse

2 weeks ago

How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

For decades, patients warned #Columbia about the behavior of obstetrician Robert Hadden.

One even called 911 and had him arrested.

Columbia let him keep working.

#SexualAssault #Rape #Doctors #Patients #Hospitals #Privacy #Transparency #OBGYN #Parents #Mothers #Women #News #Crime #CriminalJustice #NewYork #NYC

2 weeks ago

Exciting news 🥁: we’ve acquired database. Together, we will maintain high quality retraction data and make it openly available for the scholarly community. This is a major development, building on our continued commitment to, #opendata that fosters #transparency and #researchintegrity. All the details can be found on our blog,

@studiofox Well, feel free to suggest alternatives...

You're happily invited to comment as well as suggest additions or removals based off data [will be tracked as issue in the project] and I do gladly implement them unless it's like repository vandalism or shitposting...

Because only #Transparency and #Accountability in #public can work...

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 weeks ago

An inexcusable gap from breach to notification, or an excusable one?

Repeat after me: "Date of discovery" does NOT mean the date you completed any investigation. It is the date on which you first knew or reasonably should have known that you had a breach of unsecured PHI.

It is not a huge breach as breaches go, but Sightpath Medical's breach notification raises a lot of questions about compliance with HIPAA's Breach Notification Rule. I hope #HHSOCR investigates this one.

#HIPAA #HITECH #databreach #phi #cybersecurity #transparency #notification #vendor

Grant Gulovsen
2 weeks ago

Huh. Looks like the US is behind Seychelles according to Transparency International's 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index...

Great... 🙄

I'm sure the latest revelations about the U.S. Supreme Court are going to help a lot /s 🤡

#corruption #transparency #SCOTUS

Ranking #22-27 of Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index...

Austria #22
Seychelles #23
United States of America #24 
Bhutan #25
Taiwan #25
Chile #27
European Ombudsman
2 weeks ago

Citizens have the right to participate in the EU's decision-making process. The 🇪🇺 Ombudsman ensures this right is upheld and protected.

Our colleague discusses the importance of #transparency in Member State decision making.

Discover more on our website! 👇

2 weeks ago

from the intro:
#Lesbian feminists evaluating their representation in 1980s computer databases raised unique #privacy concerns, including fear of antifeminist backlash and wariness about the #stigma that could result from personal information falling into homophobic hands. To address these concerns, the Women’s Information Exchange promoted a burgeoning feminist data politics based on user control and #transparency about how and why information about individuals would be collected and stored.”

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 weeks ago

Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists notifies 243,000 patients of cyberattack:

BOS notification doesn't mention ransomware at all or whether there was any payment demanded or paid, yet their listing was removed from Abyss's leak site, it seems.

#databreach #infosec #cybersecurity #healthsec #transparency #ransomware

@brett @funnymonkey @BleepingComputer

Josh Renaud
2 weeks ago

What's new? This year we added Explore St. Louis and Great Rivers Greenway. 🚲

We also resumed using statewide pay data for Missouri teachers from DESE. 👩‍🏫

#localjournalism #journalism #datajournalism #opendata #transparency #pay #salary #government #opengovernment

Josh Renaud
2 weeks ago

🏛️ 💵
The 2023 edition of the Public Pay database from STLtoday is online now!

This year the enormously talented Namratha Prasad tag-teamed with me to request and wrangle the data from more than 120 different public agencies across the St. Louis area.

#localjournalism #journalism #datajournalism #opendata #transparency #pay #salary #government #opengovernment

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

O city of Uvalde, with uncertainty rife
Your mayor now demands the DA's life
Proof and documents she seeks
For justice she seeks
To prove his lack of integrity and strife

#uvalde #lawsuit #transparency #ode #poetry

3 weeks ago

Clarence Thomas Acknowledges Undisclosed #RealEstate Deal With Harlan Crow and Discloses Private Jet Flights

The new filing comes after ProPublica’s reporting on the #SupremeCourt justice’s beneficial relationship with the billionaire GOP megadonor. Thomas also reported three private jet trips provided by Crow.

#ClarenceThomas #HarlanCrow #SCOTUS #Courts #Transparency #Alito #SamuelAlito #News

Elaine Anderson
1 month ago

Tonight's phone call to Doug Ford was to express my displeasure at the lack of transparency with regard to Greenbelt issues and that a Freedom of Information request by theToronto Star on his phone calls during the Education Workers' strike revealed that no phone calls were made or received during that two-week period when he said he was constantly on the phone. It is theorized that he is making use of his personal phone which makes calls/callers impossible to track through a Freedom of Information request. There is a reason for this process to be used that Doug Ford is bypassing. If you would like to follow suit, Doug Ford's office can be reached at 416-325-1941 or send off a quick email or letter. #GreenbeltScandal #Greenbelt #DougFord #Corruption #OnPoli #Transparency #FreedomofInformationAct #TorontoStar

1 month ago

Despite Major Reform to #Military Justice System, #Navy Still Leaves Public in Dark
As President #Biden announces major reforms to how the military prosecutes #SexualAssault, the U.S. Navy is still shrouding those court proceedings in secrecy and fighting a ProPublica lawsuit to make such cases public.

#CriminalJustice #Transparency #Lawsuits #News

1 month ago

Declining integrity standards a national problem

"Politicians, whatever their persuasion, are reluctant to see themselves exposed to investigation, to the identification of failings."

"In an exclusive in-depth interview with 7.30, Mr Redlich explained why the reforms he proposed to strengthen the agency are vital to upholding integrity in the state. Mr Redlich's investigations brought the dark underbelly of decision-makers and those in power out of the shadows."

"He and other anti-corruption commissioners have identified the hollowing out and marginalisation of the public service and the rise of a shadow workforce of political advisors."

"Robert Redlich has expressed his disappointment about reforms not passing in parliament." He "says raising the bar for public hearings has weakened IBAC
Integrity standards have deteriorated in several states..."

"The change would allow probes into grey-level corruption that may not be illegal but still represent serious misconduct."
#PublicService #politician #DecisionMakers #misconduct #corruption #IBAC #watchdog #AntiCorruptionCommission #governance #PublicInterest #transparency

Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

So what work does the "open" in "open AI" do? "Open" here is supposed to invoke the "open" in "#OpenSource," a movement that emphasizes a software development methodology that promotes code #transparency, #reusability and #extensibility, which are three important virtues.

But "open source" itself is an offshoot of a more foundational movement, the #FreeSoftware movement, whose goal is to promote *freedom*, and whose *method* is openness.


1 month ago

Planting a little seed 🌱 for transparent numbers #calculang web extension.

Separation of concerns: finally numbers can have nice now. 🔢🔍📊😀

#numbers #transparency #calculang

@w3cdevs @w3c @firefox @brave

A table of numbers calculated with calculang and visualized, and a log of numbers with their associated inputs to calculang model, for use by a future browser extension concerning transparency of numbers on the web and from calculang models
1 month ago

BREAKING: Boris Johnson's new Lords appointees have donated £17m to the Tory Party.

Johnson put Tory donors in the Lords at twice the rate of any other PM since 2013, openDemocracy analysis shows.

#Tories #Labour #Libdems #UK #UKpolitics #Transparency #HouseofLords #Honours #Politics #UKpol #PoliticalFunding #Lords

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 months ago

"School Accreditation Organization Data Breach Exposed Sensitive Information on Students, Parents, and Teachers Online"

A big leak involving Southern Association of Independent Schools, Inc (SAIS) data was discovered by Jeremiah Fowler and reported at:

When I contacted Fowler, he responded that he did not know for how long the database had been publicly accessible, and he had not spotted any logging records in the exposed database. Nor did he know whether they notified affected individuals or anyone, although it is now more than two months since SAIS secured the database.

So finding nothing on their website and no press release, well, of course, I reached out to SAIS two days ago to ask those questions.

I'm sure this will come as a shock, but I've gotten no reply.

#EduSec #ITsec #Infosec #Transparency #Disclosure #Notification

@douglevin @funnymonkey @brett @mkeierleber

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 months ago

From the nothing-to-see-here-move-along dept:

"A data breach exposed the personal information of thousands of Arizona students enrolled in the state’s school voucher program, according to Gov. Katie Hobbs, but the state’s top education official says it’s not a problem."

@douglevin @brett @funnymonkey @mkeierleber

#databreach #EduSec #EdTech #infosec #transparency #politics

This one-day event is your unique opportunity to engage in a global conversation about #openness, #transparency and #accountability. We are bringing bring together global experts and practitioners to discuss #algorithms, ethics of #AI, and practical ways to promote transparency.

2 months ago


A whole lot more #transparency about this proposal would certainly be welcome. But I don't have high hopes for that; the "New Google", with its self-destructive and (at least in appearance) anti-user decisions, doesn't seem to want to #communicate effectively with the public.

#NewGoogle #FootGun #UnforcedError

Matt Bailey
2 months ago

Which profession/institution best hits the sweet spot of inexplicable + damaging in its distaste for #transparency?

Patrick Breyer
2 months ago

🇬🇧 #Transparency is the key to democracy, #Lobbyism offers influence for sale and alienates politics from the interest of citizens. Most conservatives have a different opinion:

2 months ago

With less than a year to go, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is in a dreadful mess. These 5 steps are needed to fix it
"The Murray-Darling Basin covers about a seventh of the Australian land mass: most of New South Wales, parts of Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and all of the Australian Capital Territory. It includes the Murray River and Darling River/Baarka and their tributaries...."
#freshwater #ecosystems #rivers #wetlands #MassFishKills #biodiversity #NSW #irrigation #extraction #transparency #accountability #trust #environment #MurrayDarling #water

2 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: UK river ‘dying’ after farmers lobbied government to water down protections.

National Farmers’ Union boasted about months of lobbying to weaken enforcement of environmental regulation.

#Environment #Regulation #UK #UKNews #Rivers #Pollution #Lobbying #Transparency #Wye #NationalFarmersUnion #NFU #UKPol #UKpolitics #UKnews

2 months ago

Senators Ask Billionaire Paul Singer and Power Broker Leonard Leo for Full Accounting of Gifts to #SupremeCourt Justices

The letters cite ProPublica’s reporting on an undisclosed private jet flight and Alaska fishing vacation provided to #SCOTUS Justice Samuel #Alito

#PaulSinger #LeonardLeo #SamuelAlito #Courts #Transparency #Senate #News

Whenever you’re on the Internet, your ISP may collect information about you, even if it’s just the IP addresses you are assigned.

TekSavvy is the only ISP in #Canada (AFAIK) to publish a quarterly Transparency Report documenting the requests we got from law enforcement agencies, how we handled them, and what we disclosed to them.

Today, we’re reporting on Q3 of 2022, and I’m summarizing that report here.

🧵👇🏼 #Privacy #Transparency #TransparencyReport #Telecom

screenshot of cover page: TekSavvy Solutions Inc. Quarterly Transparency Report
Reporting period: October 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022
Published July 2023
3 months ago

#Design #Guidances
Best practices for designing ethical AI user interfaces · Ways to craft AI interfaces that prioritize user trust and confidence

#AI #UI #Ethics #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #UserResearch #Responsibility #Transparency #Trust #Privacy

3 months ago

Judge Rules Texas DPS Must Release Withheld Documents Related to the Uvalde School Shooting

The ruling marks the first step toward disclosing the extensive collection of police documents, though the state agency could choose to fight the ruling by appealing the decision.

#Texas #Uvalde #DPS #Police #Courts #Transparency #Lawsuits #Schools

3 months ago

Ich fände es angemessen, wenn die Bürger Europas zu den Geldern auch mal befragt würden. Es ist ja nicht gerade wenig Geld, dass man in einen Nicht-EU-Staat derzeit weggibt.
Zudem stellt sich die Frage, ob/wieso das nicht auch bei anderen angegriffenen Staaten passiert? Jemen, Irak, Syrien...
Auf welcher Grundlage fließen also diese Gelder und wann in welcher Höhe?
#eu #bureaucracy #transparency

Fiete Stegers
3 months ago

Don’t say “it’s not possible to independently verify”. Say your news organisation hasn’t - like the Guardian does here. #journalism #transparency #verification #russia #wagner #osint

3 months ago

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP hid directorship at defence firm while sitting on defence committee.

Bob Stewart failed to declare role at a defence firm linked to a controversial Azerbaijani businessman.

#BobStewart #UK #UKpol #UKPolitics #Tory #Azerbaijan #Defence #Armstrade #Conservative #Transparency

Hello #techhub, this morning issue is resolved now 💪 .

- #transparency about the issue -
the service had a lot of back-end jobs to process due to removing the spam accounts we suspended a month ago. Mix in the default logging configuration 🤦, it was enough to fill up the disk hosting the /var/log folder. Like 80+GB of logs in 24h. Anyhow I am learning from this and reviewed the logging configurations for all servers. 😎

I hope you are having a great week-end so far. Have a nice day 😀.