"Can a transit line begin to connect a neighbourhood that sometimes feels a world apart?"

"By the turn of the millennium, not only was Rexdale physically difficult to get to, the recycling of this narrative cemented the neighbourhood’s reputation as a corner of the city most people didn’t want to go in the first place."

#PublicTransit #Transportation #LRT #UrbanPlanning #CityPlanning #Toronto #Rexdale #Ontario #TTC

Marcus Young
3 hours ago

Introducing GB Traffic Data Explorer: explore #DfT road #traffic statistics - countpoint data, area traffic volumes, and flows on major road links. I refactored a more extensive regional dashboard produced for a research project. I hope to add more data sources in future. #transportation #roads #opendata

A screencast demonstrating the key functionality of the GB Data Traffic Explorer application.
Charlie McHenry
19 hours ago

Airlines make more money from mileage programs than from flying planes - They’re just like banks now - which can’t be a good thing for consumers in the long run. #AirTravel #Airlines #transportation #aviation

1 day ago

Omg...have submitted this application now. Phew. I don't even know if I'll get it but after crafting my application and letting it sit for this long I'm just so excited about making a difference in the #transportation world. I really hope I get an interview.
1 day ago

Brightline Makes History With Orlando-Miami Rail Service - Aims to Reinvent U.S. Train Travel

The startup's long-awaited passenger rail service between Orlando and Miami marks a significant milestone in American transportation.


2 days ago

How #Finland Put #Traffic #Crashes on Ice

The Nordic nation’s rate of vehicle fatalities is a fraction of the toll in the #US, despite a harsh climate and ice-covered streets. Here’s how the Finns do traffic safety.

by David Zipper

"The 1960s were a boom time for #Helsinki, Finland’s capital and largest city. Rising postwar incomes enabled a growing number of residents to purchase a car; the number of vehicles registered in the city tripled in just seven years. #Gridlock inevitably followed.

"To manage traffic and plot its future, the city of Helsinki commissioned a transportation master plan, co-authored by the US company Wilbur Smith & Associates and the Finnish firm Pentti Polvinen ky. In 1968, the consultants delivered their eye-watering proposal: nearly 200 miles of new highways in the Helsinki region, with much of downtown leveled to create space for high-speed motorways. The city’s existent streetcar system would be scrapped.

"The Finnish response to that vision was an emphatic ei (“no”). According to the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the rejected 1968 plan 'has become a kind of dystopia, an extreme example of what car-driven planning can lead to.'

"Instead of committing its future to the automobile, as so many US cities did in that era, Helsinki kept its streetcars and embarked on a massive transit expansion. The city constructed the world’s northernmost subway, which opened in 1982. As of 2016, roughly a quarter of urban trips in Finland occur on foot, over 9% by transit, and 7.5% by bike. (In the Helsinki metropolitan area, which has a population about 1.3 million, those numbers are even higher.) One in seven Finns live in rural areas, roughly equivalent to the US share.

"The Finnish transportation system is as impressive for its safety as it is for its multimodality. Only 219 people died on Finnish roads in 2021, or four per 100,000 residents — just one-third the US rate. And Finland’s roadways are growing steadily safer. Fatalities plunged 50% between 2001 and 2019, when Helsinki made international news for going an entire year without a single pedestrian or cyclist fatality. (Last year there were two, down from 22 in 1990.) Like its neighbors #Norway and #Sweden, birthplace of the #VisionZero traffic safety movement, Finland’s roads today are safer than they have been in decades — unlike so many of the US cities that have tried to adopt Vision Zero principles. 

"As I’ve written previously in CityLab, the US is an outlier in global #RoadSafety: Americans are now at least twice as likely to die in a vehicle crash as residents of Canada, France and Japan (among many other countries).

"But the safety record of Finland, a country associated with empty, rural roads and cold, dark weather, is particularly impressive. Here are a few reasons why so few people die in crashes in this Nordic nation.

"Set Stricter Limits

"Soon after dumping Helsinki’s car-centric 1968 plan, Finnish authorities embarked on a decades-long campaign to slow motor vehicles. 'In urban environments, there has been a steady decrease in maximum road speed,' said Heikki Liimatainen, a professor of transport and logistics at Tampere University. 'In the 1970s, it was normally 50 kilometers per hour in cities; then in 2000, it went down to 40 km/h. Now, more than half of our urban streets have a 30 km/h limit.'

"In Helsinki, city officials leverage street design to reinforce lower speed limits. 'We deliberately have narrow lanes, so the driver doesn’t feel comfortable,' said Reetta Putkonen, the director of Helsinki’s transportation planning division. 'Three and a half meters is a normal lane width, even 3.2. We also use trees and bushes to push people to go slower.' For comparison, in the US many lanes are 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide."

Read more:

#Cycling #Transportation #Cities #Safety #SpeedLimits #UrbanRenewal #PublicTransportation

IT News
2 days ago

Cruise CEO Says SF 'Should Be Rolling Out the Red Carpet' for Robotaxis, Threatens To Maybe Leave Town - In his first major public interview since the DMV cut their San Francisco fleet in... - #transportation

2 days ago

Lisa Xu on Auto Workers Strike

An unprecedented labor action is underway as thousands of Midwest autoworkers working for the Big 3 went on strike at the same time.

#Labor #Transportation

2 days ago

@Lazarou F**k subsidies and bribes.

Total mobilization is required to defeat #climatechange including #nationalization of #energy and #transportation and any other industries that don’t get with the program.

#politics #politicaleconomy #uspol #uspolitics #climatecrisis #climate #climateemergency #globalheating #globalwarming

The European Network
2 days ago

Rail passenger transport services and usage rates vary widely across Europe. Switzerland, Austria, France and Sweden have the highest figures for railway use, according to different metrics.

Who travels the most by train in Europe? Which countries have the highest share of train use when it comes to passenger transport? Which countries have the highest railway line density?

#Europe #Rail #Trains #Transportation #PublicTransport

2 days ago

MCDOT announced earlier this week that it delivered more than five million rides on its Ride On bus transit system from March 2023 through June 2023, the last quarter of the 2023 Fiscal Year.

#transit #transitTooter #maryland #buses #rideon #ridetheflash #montgomerycountymd #transportation

Trufi Association
2 days ago

Active mobility is the future, and data is driving the way. Join our webinar with experts Taylor Reich and Carlosfelipe Pardo to explore the intersection of walking, cycling, and data.

#opendata #opensource #sustainabletransport #transportation #ActiveTransport #ActiveMobility #Cycling #Walking #CommuteByBike #digitaldevelopment #Multimodality #mobility #populartransport #OpenStreetMap #VGI

General Strike Now
2 days ago

A noon Friday deadline for expanded strikes by the United Auto Workers union against the Detroit automakers is closing in. The union and General ...

The UAW and General Motors, Ford Motor and Stellantis are all holding their ground on demands, and it appears likely the union will strike additional plants.#cnbc #Articles #BreakingNews:Business #Autos #Transportation #Business #Laboreconomy #Personnel #FordMotorCo #Detroit #GeneralMotorsCo #StellantisNV #US:News #AutomobilesandComponents #Manufacturing #BusinessNews #LaborUnions #source:tagname:CNBCUSSource
Where key issues stand as UAW closes in on extended strikes against GM, Ford and Stellantis

Michael Fenichel
3 days ago

Here's a refreshing tale of speaking #truth to #GQP power.... although some in that looney cult are just not 'educable'

>> Pete Buttigieg just testified before Congress. It did not go well for Republicans

> Perry: " want the government, you want my taxpayers to pay to cut the cost.”

> “If you are of the view that there should be no subsidy to propulsion vehicles, then are you against oil and gas subsidies?” Buttigieg asked.

#transportation #energy

Bicycling Monterey
3 days ago

Amy Cohen, cofounder of Families for Safe Streets ( on #BikeLeague / League of American #Bicyclists webinar Slow Roads Save Lives (

Amy's son Sammy was age 12 when killed by preventable epidemic of traffic violence. Later the speed limit there was slowed, and a child age 5 struck on the same street survived.

#SlowSpeeds #SlowSpeedsSaveLives #SlowRoadsSaveLives

Resource Guide, currently available in 3 languages:

Families for #SafeStreets Resource Guide

Amy commented: been at this for 10 years and never would have believed change happens so slowly; persist!

#CrashNotAccident #TrafficViolence #TrafficSafety #PublicSafety #BikeTooter #bike #walk #cycling #bicycling #UrbanPlanning #TrafficCalming #transportation #infrastructure #TrafficViolence

Bicycling Monterey
3 days ago

Vision Zero for Youth among resources shared by Natalie Draisin,
North American Office Director and UN Representative · FIA Foundation ( #BikeLeague / League of American #Bicyclists webinar Slow Roads Save Lives (

Natalie also spoke about #BikeBus, e.g., Oregon legislation's "schools will be able to apply for reimbursements from the OR Dept of Education for activities like walking school buses, crossing guards, and bike buses. ( - Many are familiar with Sam Balto of OR's work on bicycle buses; on Mastodon, also check @ascentale.

#VisionZero #VisionZeroForYouth #TrafficSafety #PublicSafety #youth #BikeTooter #bike #walk #cycling #bicycling #SlowSpeeds #UrbanPlanning #TrafficCalming #transportation #infrastructure

Militant Pedestrian
3 days ago

I agree with Kyle insofar as the SFMTA should continue rolling out more red carpet for Muni buses and streetcars. #transit #publictransit #transportation

brad m
3 days ago

Quit complaining carbrains and #cycling snobs!

“all the research points to positive results when it comes to #bicycles with an electric boost” #ebikes
“People who ride #bikes should support people who ride #bikes. People who drive cars should #sharetheroad with all users. Communities should want various modes of #transportation, and options that include saving the planet” #cycling #infrastructure #safestreets #health #climatechange

Should Be Writing
3 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in Wilmington #NC needed to complete a survey on rail, bus, bike, and pedestrian #transportation needs in the area. Responses will help shape the WMPO’s infrastructure plans for the next 25 years.

Survey available in English and Spanish until Nov. 30.

#Charlotte #Fayetteville #Greensboro #DurhamNC #AutofreiNC #NorthCarolina #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling

brad m
3 days ago

Meanwhile in #NYC
“A Department of #Transportation tweak of #cargobike rules that the agency says would make the boom in deliveries ‘safer and more #sustainable’ was assailed on Wednesday, both by industry officials … and by members of the public”
“roadways are simply less safe right now for the most vulnerable road users”
“no speaker addressed the gravest danger on #NewYorkCity roads today: cars and especially trucks” #bikelanes #safestreets #infrastructure

IT News
3 days ago

Waymo Begins Testing the Waters For a Robotaxi Service In Los Angeles - Waymo announced a "tour across Los Angeles" that allows curious residents the oppo... - #transportation
3 days ago

California’s 2024 Zero-Emission Rule Fuels Diesel Truck Sales

The industry faces challenges such as high costs, limited availability of electric trucks, and insufficient charging infrastructure.


Erik Jensen
4 days ago

The DDOT Director position went up online recently... want to highlight that this leadership position overseeing 1200+ staff whose work impacts millions of people per day has salary band starting at just $150k.

It sounds like (and is!) a lot of money, but a role like this carries so much responsibility. It should pay better than a Software Engineering job at Amazon.

#WashingtonDC #DDOT #transportation #cities #government

Cville Dems
4 days ago

Charlottesville City Council will be discussing switching to zero-emission electric buses, and Community Climate Collaborative (3C) and IMPACT are circulating a petition supporting the change:

#Charlottesville #cville #climate #environment #transportation #bus #masstransit #Dems #DemocraticParty

Graphic labeled "Zero-Emissions Buses For a Healthy Community and a Healthy Planet". A yellow bus with a leaf coming out of it, a bus driver, and 3 passengers of different ages lining up to board are shown in yellow against a light blue background.
4 days ago

Houston METRO plans extra buses, shuttles and trains for Beyoncé's homecoming concerts this weekend.

#news #texas #houston #transportation #transit

Beyoncé performs during a stop on her Renaissance World Tour
Bruce Mirken
4 days ago

"Electrifying just 30 percent of all light- and heavy-duty vehicles in the lower Great Lakes region could save more than 1,000 lives and more than $10 billion in healthcare costs per year, according to a study led by researchers at Northwestern University. And the benefits of the #pollution reductions would be concentrated in disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately burdened by pollutant emissions from #transportation." #ElectricVehicles

ts thank you ☕
4 days ago

Homeowners Face Rising Insurance Rates as #Climate Change Makes Wildfires, Storms More Common
Do we want to continue down this road? Because the option stands before us.
On my mind most prominently is the auto workers strike. Instead of trying to get back to making deadly living rooms on wheels, this could be a great time to tell the likes of GM to 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
as we make a just transition back to sustainable #transportation

Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Halte Royal d'Ardenne in Houyet, Belgium

The private train station King Leopold II built for the Belgian royal family now lies abandoned.#railroads #transportation #castles #royalty #abandoned #trainstations #trains #section-Atlas
Halte Royal d'Ardenne

4 days ago

@junesim63 Looks like yet another train setup that isn't really safe for me to use, as a cane& joint brace user of a #Disabled person, so I'd still be holding driving my car as the most #Accessible & safe mode of travel. It also wouldn't be safe for my spouse who's even worse with stairs than I am.

And yes, I caught the almost bait & switch between commuter & leisure trip trains, as some trains in the USA have at least similar cars & amenities as these Finnish leisure trains do, so my main issue takes the lead here.


The European Network
4 days ago

Cycling varies widely among European countries, with the Netherlands and the Nordics leading the way. The number of people who never cycle is surprisingly high.

How often do Europeans cycle? Which countries cycle the most and least in Europe? Which cities are the most bicycle-friendly?

#Europe #Cycling #Bicycle #Transportation

This is why Canada needs a High Speed Rail Network. This is it, this is what will turn the tide! Can't do this on your AIr Canada flight! (I very strongly suggest you watch the ridiculous video!!)
#Transportation #Rail #CanPoli #BCPoli #Airplanes #Wrestling #Japan #BulletTrain #AirTravel

My team at WSDOT is excited to announce that we’re seeking our first ever Active Transportation Communication Lead! Senior-level position will join my management team.
Apply by Sept. 28, 2023.
ATD is a fabulous team doing award-winning work. Join us!
#transportation #TransportationJobs #ActiveTransportation #EnvironmentalJustice #CompleteStreets #MoveEquity #MobilityJustice #walking #cycling #accessibility #Communications #CommunicationsJobs #RoadSafety #WSDOTActive

IT News
5 days ago

European Governments Shrinking Railways in Favour of Road-Building, Report Finds - European governments have "systematically" shrunk their railways and starved them ... - #transportation

5 days ago

⚡️ Summary: A collision occurred between a light commercial vehicle driven by Metin K. and a trap in Lutü Arslan administration at the junction of Bandirma-Bursa road to Ömerli neighborhood. The incident resulted in 9 injuries, who were promptly taken to nearby hospitals. Temporary transportation closure was implemented, but the road resumed normal operations after the vehicles were cleared. #accident #transportation #injuries

General Strike Now
5 days ago
For the first time in history, the United Auto Workers union, or UAW, initiated a strike targeting all of the Big Three automakers: Ford, General ...#cities #transportation #labor #newsanalysis
How the shift to electric vehicles is fueling the UAW strike
Imagery by Rihilism
5 days ago

A little closer crop and a bit of brightening on the plane photo I posted previously.

#planes #airplane #AirplaneMode #flight #airports #infrastructure #transportation #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a small jet in flight against a blue sky. The jet is white with thin black and brown striping that extends from nose to tail. The jet's flaps and wheel are down indicating that it is on a landing approach.
Imagery by Rihilism
5 days ago

The approach to a small municipal airport stretches across a friend's neighborhood. When I'm walking through his neighborhood I occasionally find myself with a small jet flying slow at low altitude right above my head. It's kinda cool to be that close to a plane in flight as well as good birding practice 😉.

Can any jet-setters ID the plane type for a novice like me?

#planes #airplane #AirplaneMode #flight #airports #infrastructure #transportation #MastoArt #photography #AltText

Image of a small jet in flight against a blue sky with a few leafed branches visible in the left frame. The jet is white with thin black and brown striping that extends from nose to tail. The jet's flaps and wheel are down indicating that it is on a landing approach.
Ruby Sinreich
5 days ago

Hey local folks, check out this event in Raleigh to discuss transportation justice in NC!

#NCpol #transit #transportation #transportationJustice #TEEMNC

TEEM NC presents


[photo of a a bus with UNDERGROUND painted on it in graffiti style]

• Do you work in the transportation field?
• Are you an environmental justice advocate?
• Are you frustrated with the limited transportation options where you live?

FREE to attend. Travel schoalrships available.

Saturday Sept 30 10:30am - 4:30pm 

Raleigh location will be shared once you RSVP
RSVP/questions: or text 919.533.9203
The War on Cars
5 days ago

"Cars, once America’s most important industrial commodity, are now, for so many, a vehicle of debt-driven extraction. They are also the setting of the most common interaction between citizens and police—one that plays out on streets and highways more than 20 million times annually, often as a humiliating ritual of domination and submission."

#cars #transportation #TheWarOnCars

The War on Cars
6 days ago

“Olmsted, who created the park, was totally against having cars in it,” Ms. Plante told me, referring to Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who also designed Central Park in New York and who died before automobiles came to dominance. “The city used to belong to cars only, and now we’re just kind of rebalancing the whole thing.”

#montreal #transportation #canada #bikes #cars

6 days ago

METRO installed floating bus stops along 11th Street and Heights Boulevard as part of a road diet to protect cyclists. After Houston's worst drivers wouldn't stop hitting them, the agency agreed to remove them less than a year after installation.

#news #texas #houston #urbanism #cycling #transportation

Sections of old brick were exposed after workers demolished a pair of newly installed floating bus stops at the intersection of 11th Street and Heights Boulevard.
Pablonius Monk
6 days ago

🚋 "The interurban railways made Dallas a commuter town – the only one in Texas. It was so easy to catch the interurban, ride a few minutes into Dallas to work, then hurry to the terminal and ride home to Grand Prairie, Lancaster, Ennis, or Vickery for supper at night."


#InterUrbans #MassTransit #Transportation #Rail #RegionalTrains #DMagazine #Dallas #Texas

Photo of the Dallas Special car of the Texas Electric Railway as it stands next to the Interurban Railway Museum in Plano, Texas. Car 360 is candy red with yellow window paneling and a white roof. The front of the car has the name "DALLAS SPECIAL" on it. It sits on a cutoff of rail and is sheltered by a steel arch trellis. In the background stands a flagpole with the US flag at full mast and the red brick building wall of the museum.
Alex Ip
1 week ago

Flying under the radar: Night Owl (7p - 7a) Amtrak trains for as low as $20 are now available between Boston and NYC!

#Boston #NewYork #transportation #news

The War on Cars
1 week ago

"When I was dropped in the middle of Westchester County, New York at the beginning of the second half of my life, I was astonished to find myself in a 'developed' country where I could not take a bus or train to work, where nearly every resident was expected to have a car."

#climate #cars #climatechange #transportation #TheWarOnCars

IT News
1 week ago

Munich Students Smashed the World Record For EV Distance On a Single Charge - At 103 miles/kWh (or 0.6 kWh/100 km), the new "muc22" car built by students from t... - #transportation

JW prince of CPH
1 week ago

I was just now, literally minutes ago, talking to a friend about rethinking #mobility & lamenting how "mobility" tends to be mis-interpreted as "cars & their infrastructure as we know it".

I'm not saying Pontevedra is the holy grail or any such thing - but every one of these five takeaways contradict a sticky belief about changing literally anything about our current #car-centered mobility model.

#traffic #transportation #politics #economy

The Transportation Historian
1 week ago

Why have we basically made it #illegal to be a kid in #public?

#Kids cannot be outside without their parents constantly watching them, they cannot play on the #street (because we made them too dangerous) or even sidewalks in some #cities, and even loitering (existing in public) is illegal in many places. We've made kid-friendly #transportation such as bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades illegal in many places. It's no wonder why kids are rarely found #outside anymore.

#urbanism #law

ts thank you ☕
2 weeks ago

@inliuofjoan great question. From above it just looks like a half-mile stretch with zero stops but I live on the other side of Boston so I forgot about Tobin. Still, I wonder if there is a way to install a bus stop off the bridge. A ramp and/or elevator should provide access.
#bospoli #Boston #history #mapoli #transportation

2 weeks ago

Dear @TheWarOnCars ,

Your podcast is wonderful! Please consider adding #transportation to your future Mastodon posts. It will increase your findability.

Sincerely, a #transportation librarian and fan 😀

Bicycling Monterey
2 weeks ago

Give input on #CompleteStreets needs for 1 or more of California's 58 counties where you bike, walk, use public transit, or drive.

Survey deadline is Oct 6. California Bicycle Coalition needs your input to determine needs and shape future legislation.

#BikeTooter #MontereyCounty #BikeMonterey #Monterey #Salinas #SanLucas #Soledad

#California #Bike #Walk #PublicSafety #transportation #ActiveTransportation

This nighttime photo shows the intersection of Market Street at Kern Street in Salinas, including the gas station at that intersection. Rogelio Vásquez López was killed there on March 26, 2015. Rogelio was riding a bicycle on Market when a driver made an unsafe turn into the gas station and struck Rogelio with his truck.
Alex Ip
2 weeks ago

A Seattle police watchdog agency is investigating rank-and-file union leaders over body-camera audio in which they laugh, joke about and downplay the death of a young woman struck by a police cruiser, suggesting her life had “limited value” and that the city should “just write a check.”

#seattle #transportation #police #news

2 weeks ago

It's always worth bearing in mind that industries always put their own spin on anything related to mitigating #ClimateChange

The #Climate Denier's Playbook podcast asks will Electric Cars Will Save Us?

Spoiler alert at the end of this post.

Episode webpage:

Media file:

#climate #ev #transportation #technology

Will EVs mitigate climate change? Yes! If we don't have too many of them.


2 weeks ago

Someone in Boston is lending out eBikes. Pretty cool.
#Boston #bike #transportation

Scott Matter
2 weeks ago

Love this chapter about transitions to #sustainable #transportation in #Edmonton

It shows the importance social resources, values, and infrastructure, using social practices theory (and tests it with qual and quant data!)

Riffing on this: No big surprise that when you build a car city, people feel unable to choose anything other than cars, even when they know that it’s ecologically unsustainable.

I don’t think most people know how socially unsustainable car cities are. They reproduce individualism and make it super difficult to weave the kind of social fabric we need if we’re going to adapt and get through the polycrisis.

Chatting with family in Edmonton about this, they mentioned how public transport is in crisis, partly due to a number of violent incidents.

Which makes me think that car culture is the mobility manifestation of gated communities.

Christopher Porter
2 weeks ago

So kudos to all the organizations that make living in Vancouver without a car possible. 🎉

If it wasn't for HUB Cycling, Modo, and Translink, Vancouver would be just another car-centric North American city.

In 2021, I calculated that our family has saved over $100,000 living car-free in Vancouver for 15 years.

#carfree #vancouver #transportation #carsharing #Modo #cycling #bikeTooter

Christopher Porter
2 weeks ago

Translink is celebrating the 75th anniversary of electric trolley buses in Vancouver.

I'm so grateful that Vancouver has kept and maintained the clean buses all these years.

#carfree #vancouver #transportation #transit #Translink #trolley

View of eight trolley buses lined up on Pender for the first trolley service in 1948.
Photo credit - Translink
Christopher Porter
2 weeks ago

Modo is celebrating its 1,000th car-sharing vehicle (a new Hyundai Ionic EV) and 30,000th member.

I've been a member of Modo since 2006 and it's the reason I've never owned a personal car.

I've used Modo vehicles to haul furniture, access campgrounds around BC, and take road trips across Canada.

#carfree #vancouver #transportation #carsharing #Modo

A modo car-sharing vehicle and an elk in Jasper National Park.
Christopher Porter
2 weeks ago

Hub Cycling is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The progress they've championed is really amazing.

Just compare the 1999 Vancouver cycling map with today. It now covers most of the city and also includes separated AAA routes.

A huge thanks to HUB's staff, volunteers, and 100,000 members for 25 years of progress.

And not just for infrastructure improvements, but also for education and advocacy.

#carfree #vancouver #transportation #BikeTooter #bikeYVR #HUBCycling

Map of Vancouver bike network in 1999
Map of Vancouver bike network in 2023
2 weeks ago

Air pollution kills 3,200 Australians a year.
"Air pollution is the world’s single greatest environmental cause of preventable disease and premature death. In Australia, it’s linked to more than 3,200 deaths a year at an estimated cost of A$6.2 billion."

"Decarbonising transport will improve air quality as well as reducing emissions."

Killer mobility (Bushmaster like combustion tanks: SUVs)
Treating the Earth's air/atmosphere as a tip
Slash and burn 'plantation' forestry
'Burning everything down before it might burn' culture
#FossilFuel #transportation #cars #trucks #traffic #HeavyMachinery #roads #bushfires #smoke #NativeForests #NSWlogging #BellingLogging #burning #HazardReductionBurns #smoke #pollution #air ##climate #OneHealth

David Zipper
2 weeks ago

Highways and roads inflict devastating damage on wildlife – and roadkill is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Bloomberg CityLab, I spoke with Ben Goldfarb about his new book, Crossings: How Road Ecology is Shaping Our Planet.

#wildlife #transportation #books

Your car is probably #spying on you. If your vehicle was made in the last few years, you’re probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity. #Volkswagen’s cars reportedly know if you’re fastening your seatbelt and how hard you hit the brakes.

#privacy #transportation #car #BMW #Ford #Toyota #Tesla #Subaru

ts thank you ☕
3 weeks ago

C’mon #Boston ! This is incredibly dangerous - and predictable if we fail to build better. Mass Ave
@CityOfBoston are you going to enforce the bikeway?
Because so far both my trips have featured this same motorist activity, which forces people on bike to enter the fray of traffic. Drivers are using the cycleway as a right turn lane AND parking in it.
#bollardsForBoston #bospoli #mapoli #transportation

On a bikeway approaching the back of a semi truck parked in it. Video leaves the bike lane to go around the truck, squeezing between live motor vehicles and a parked car in the process
John Meadows
3 weeks ago

Primary School starts this morning in Toronto. I was out for a walk last night, and on a street with a 40 kph speed limit, cars were routinely doing 60 kph. I wonder how many kids will be injured or god-forbid killed this school year on their way to/from school by drivers who feel the rules of the road don’t really apply to them? In this auto-erotic city, sadly I’m sure the number won’t be zero. #toronto #transportation

ts thank you ☕
3 weeks ago

How am I one of only TWO people following @worldbollard ? For a moment I thought it was a visibility thing—like Toot only shows me followers in my network or something—but even then the low number is shocking considering all the #transportation people here.

IT News
3 weeks ago

The Titan Submersible Disaster Was Years In the Making, New Details Reveal - Vanity Fair revisits the many warning signs about OceanGate's Titan submersible pr... - #transportation

Erin Whalen
3 weeks ago

Railways around the world are rapidly going electric – except in North America. Yay for the rest of the world and booooo for North America.

This article by Michael Barnard in The Future is Electric seems to offer a good overview of the global electrification of rail and why North America is lagging behind. (Spoiler: the article blames private ownership. Are railway tycoons STILL screwing us over? 🙄)

#electric #trains #railway #transportation

4 weeks ago

NY Governor #Hochul is likely to kill a bill (by simply refusing to sign it, no explanation given) that'd allow a car share nonprofit to continue to operate.

So a #Transportation service that people relied on will be destroyed by the whim our our highly-lobbied governor.

Could it be the car or insurance lobby? Who knows, but the governor's inaction will force more people to rely on individually-owned vehicles & will negatively impact lower-income residents.


I'm going to mark my calendar for next year's Sea to Sound as soon as they tell us the dates! Day Three was beautiful and I want to do this again. What a feeling of freedom to ride for 70 miles the past 3 days, almost every last foot of it on a separated trail.

#SeaToSound2023 #SeaToSound #trails #RailTrails #accessibility #transportation #RoadSafety #BikeTooter #cycling #BikeEvents #WheelsMoveMe #wheelchair

1 month ago

IMO drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians all break the "rules" about the same given that they are all more or less human.

The thing that's frustrating is the cycling "rule" breaking is the only one used to argue against cycling infrastructure.

We would never argue against car lanes if drivers speed or against sidewalks if pedestrians cross against the light.

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David Zipper
1 month ago

Norway has one of the lowest crash death rates in the world, with fatalities dropping ~50% in the last decade. I asked a senior Norwegian transportation official what role car technology has played enhancing safety.

“None,” she replied. “We focus on road design and enforcement."

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You heard it here first:

Yesterday, I got my offical letter that I will be a visiting fellow at LSE this autumn. In case you are in/around London, please reach out!

Thanks to LSE (esp. Liam Beiser-McGrath) and two apperciated grants from @unibern and the ub research foundation. And thanks to all who supported me so far.

Just tagging the things I do so the right people have a chance to see this ;)

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METRO's metal bus shelters can often turn into ovens. Transit officials will install prototype solar-powered fans in order to keep riders more comfortable while waiting for their bus.

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Rider''s exit METRO's 26 line bus on a hot day.

Emissions aren't the only consideration for #transportation. This nice graphic from Surrey, BC's Climate Change Action Strategy compares the operating emissions AND the public space footprint of transportation options. #ActiveTravel wins at both! (And SUVs are really bad)

A graphic from Surrey, BC's Climate Change Action Strategy showing the carbon emissions per person per km travelled and the public space occupied per person for different transportation options. Gas SUVs and light trucks emit the most and take up the most space, followed by gas cars. Electric cars emit very little while being operated but take up as much space as gas cars. All transit and active travel takes up very little space and is very low-emissions, except gas or diesel buses.