Check out my latest video as I talk about life as a trans teacher and dealing with some of the nasty comments that come my way.

#trans #transgender #transrights #schools #teachers

Your Beloved Issy
19 hours ago

I thought about doing a self-portrait after so long, but then my inner Tranarchy started screaming at me :anartrans_symbol:

#mastoart #transrights #anarchistart #digitalart #trans #queerart #queeranarchy

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
1 day ago

A Scholarship being set up for UK LGBTQ+ Bar Students :progresspride_flag:​

Re-posting this as I saw it via barrister Robin Moira White (@Moira_robin on 'X') who's not here in the Fedi. She's taught so many of us our rights over here in the UK, me totally included. Do boost if you feel able :boost_requested:​

#LGBTQ #LGBT #LGBTQ2S #Trans #TransRights #UK #Fediverse

A Scholarship for LGBTQ+ Students (My brush with mortality)
Caro S.
1 day ago

Letter of Support for AAA’s Withdrawal of Session from the Annual Meeting

"Implicit in the session abstract and several of the individual abstracts is the assumption that sex is a biological binary; a concept that is rejected by current biological anthropology and human biology, and highly disputed across contemporary biology.


People who are non-binary, trans, or queer, and/or those who occupy sex categories other than “male” or “female,” have existed across all human societies and throughout all of human evolution. What is typical about human sex and gender categories, is that they are not simple, not binary, are always affected by the cultural beliefs of the time, and that they shift. To continue to work under such refuted assumptions is to work in the half-light, to miss most of the picture, and to not be engaging in rigorous, empirically grounded, and timely scientific anthropology."

#Anthropology #TransRights #NoPlaceForHate #TransHealthcare #QueerRights #NonBinary #Science

2 days ago

It's the last day of September and we've raised over $3750 for #translifeline in memory of @nova. ❤️ PLEASE BOOST so that we can get as close to our $5000 goal by the end of the day as possible! You can give anytime right here:

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A Sweet Gentleman
2 days ago

@MaddieT @GenderGP Same. The only thing I've been 'rushed on' was to conform to what's expected from a straight girl: be pretty, take care of others, get a boyfriend, have children and of course 'Smile!'
These people certainly have no concern when it comes to girls being rushed into motherhood.

#transrights #feminism

Caro S.
3 days ago

No Place For Transphobia in Anthropology: Session pulled from Annual Meeting program

"The session was rejected because it relied on assumptions that run contrary to the settled science in our discipline, framed in ways that do harm to vulnerable members of our community. It commits one of the cardinal sins of scholarship—it assumes the truth of the proposition that it sets out to prove, namely, that sex and gender are simplistically binary, and that this is a fact with meaningful implications for the discipline.

Such efforts contradict scientific evidence, including the wealth of anthropological scholarship on gender and sex."

#TransRights #anthropology #NoPlaceForHate #Trans

Jeff MacKinnon
3 days ago

Stop everything and check out the new music video from Nameless Friends

#TransRights #NamelessFriends

unofficial ZNet
3 days ago

#Unions can support #transgender workers in several ways:

1. Anti-discrimination: Include protection against gender-based discrimination in contracts.
2. Healthcare: Advocate for gender-affirming healthcare coverage.
3. Restrooms: Ensure safe restroom access for all employees.
4. Name and Pronouns: Support name and pronoun changes at work.
5. Political Action: Mobilize for transgender rights and against anti-trans legislation.

#TransRights #UnionSupport #Equality

My ongoing quest to deepen my connection to the transgender community and learn about our history lead to the launch of Noah Riseman's "Transgender Australia: A History Since 1910". #Trans #Transrights #TransHistory #AusPol #Australia #LGBTQIA

🦋 Benjamin West - 🐒🌻
4 days ago

"The notwithstanding clause is a provision that allows governments to override certain Charter rights for up to five years when passing legislation.

The clause can only override certain sections of the charter which deal with fundamental freedoms, legal rights and equality rights — but can't be used to override democratic rights. Once invoked, the notwithstanding clause prevents any judicial review of the legislation in question."

Far right politicians using queer kids as pawns in their culture war... 🤬

Now trying to dismantle constitutional rights. Just... wow.

#transRights #humanRights #Canada #shame

4 days ago

Hate tries to hide behind innocent sounding words - like "parental rights" - even when there's no such thing, to disguise their objective of elimination.
If a child isn't coming out to their parents, there's a reason. Moe has made their lives more dangerous.

#transrights and #gayrights are #humanrights
#cdnpoli #skpoli #lgbtq

Had the privilege of discussing with @noahriseman the importance of history as an educator and how despite a prescriptive curriculum we can should still be able to draw on his new book Transgender Australia, as a reference to deepen the narrative of key historical events by offering students a broader understanding of different experiences.

I'm really looking forward to my copy arriving tomorrow so I can have a deep dive
Based on the conversations at the launch, I am keen to learn more about our history, the progress, the ongoing challenges, and our experience in Australia connects globally.

#trans #transgender #Australia #history #lgbtqia #transrights

Jay Baker (they/he)
5 days ago

Hey folx in England! Interested in utilising film to vocalise issues important to trans and non-binary people? I'm on the board for E.D.E.N. Film Productions, and they're running another Transforming Cinema project - there's just under a week left to apply to take part! More info on the website: #LGBTQ #Trans #NonBinary #TransRights

Introducing Transforming Cinema Film Project: A filmmaking project for the LGBTQ+ community. Transforming Cinema Film Project launches Wednesday 18th October 2023, 6:30-8:30pm on Zoom. Ever dreamt of making your own short film? Want to produce a film on an important issue for the LGBTQ+ community? This is the opportunity for you! Apply now for this exciting filmmaking course that will take you through the creative journey of making a short film. You will then use the filmmaking skills learned to create a short film that aims to amplify trans voices, experiences and stories. The film will be screened around Trans Day of Visibility 2024. 9; 2-hour online workshops; covering video/sound recording; storytelling and planning. A hands-on in-person workshop using the film equipment. 15 hours of in-person filming in South Yorkshire. Create a short film that will be premiered for Trans Day of Visibility. All project activities are available for no cost. Places are limited. This course is for ages 18+. Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday 4th October. Please complete the form at Or get in touch for more information at Supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.
Norman Lane 🦅🇺🇸
5 days ago

Vivek: I met two young women.

Are you sure?

#gopdebate #transrights

5 days ago

We're now at nearly $3700 for #translifeline in @nova's memory! Let's keep this momentum going! Please give if you can, and repost so others are aware. This amazing org deserves all the support, so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. ❤️


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Brian Allred
5 days ago

Does anyone have recommendations for places to buy #Ally apparel? Looking for shirts and hats to show my support, but I want to buy from #LGBTQ friendly and/or owned businesses if at all possible.

#TransRights #lgbtqrights

5 days ago

If I ever meet JK Rowling, I’m going to ask her what Robert Galbraith’s pronouns are.
(Robert Galbraith is JK Rowling...) 🙄

5 days ago
6 days ago

Back to the reporting. Oral argument will start in three hours.

The 2019 case's opinion (in Japanese) can be read at:

The opinion notes that trans people might, against their will, get the surgery so that they can change the gender marker, calling this practice invasive; however, the court upheld the constitutionality at least for the present case, because the constitutionality must be measured in light of the social recognition of handling trans people according to their gender identities.

Japanese courts don't like striking down laws, and judicial review is exercised only in extreme cases where the law is patently unconstitutional. Only a dozen laws were struck by the #SupremeCourt in the 70+ years of its existence.

#TransRights #Japan #LGBTQ

6 days ago

There's still a few days left in September to help us reach our $5000 goal for #translifeline in memory of @nova. We're at $3300 now. Will you help us reach even higher? Donate anytime at

Please give if you can and please share to help spread the word ❤️

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🎃👻Killy Witches👻🎃
6 days ago

🔧new episode!🔧 #TransTuesday

We continue our examination of #Silo from AppleTV+! In this episode we finish out the pilot, establishing the world and setting up so much in metaphor that will pay off down the line.

Wife, mother, geek, corporate queer, and cat herder @Reborn_Cat_Mom returns to discuss robust transgender care and making things better for those who are coming after. It's a good blood!

#trans #transgender #transrights #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #queer

🎃👻Killy Witches👻🎃
6 days ago

Welcome to #TransTuesday!

This week brings the THE UNINTENTIONAL (?) TRANS ALLEGORY OF #silo PART 2! Tillyvison powers to full, it’s time to Silo up!

We’re picking up right where we left off in the pilot, and it's gonna take us this entire installment to finish it because there's so much transness buried within!

#trans #transgender #transrightsarehumanrights #transrights #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #queer

An animated gif of Juliet in the generator, pulling on a giant wrench, muscles flexed and covered in grime
Eric S Burdon
6 days ago

I wasn't able to attend the counter protest in Fredericton on the 20th, but it is warming to see that so many supported trans communities and the anti-trans protest was utterly pathetic.

But even if it's not big in Canada, it still gets me curious why particular people show hate to the trans community. So I did some research.

And found something awfully familiar.

#medium #article #selfhelp #trans #transrights #transphobia

6 days ago

NHRC advisory for transpersons pushes for separate toilets, pension rights, free sex reassignment surgery

A letter was sent to the Centre, State governments and administrations of Union Territories along with a request for reports on the action taken.

#transpersons #TransRights #LGBTQIA #LGBT #NHRC #SexReassignment #gender #HumanRights #india

6 days ago

(I believe non-citizens are allowed to visit so long as you have proper IDs.)

Back to the case. The question is whether the "surgery requirement" before gender marker change is unconstitutional. The court, sitting in 5-member "petty bench", has already answered that it is constitutional, back in 2019. However, two justices of that panel questioned its constitutionality in the future, noting that this issue needs to be revisited. Four years later, they are hearing this case en banc, that is, before all the 15 justices.

En banc hearing is rare, and is only convened when the court is asked to overturn a precedent or to rule on a law's constitutionality. Only a couple en banc hearings are done every year, most of which being election malapportionment lawsuits. #SupremeCourt #Japan #TransRights #JapanLaw

6 days ago

Tomorrow's a big day on #TransRights in #Japan. And if you're in #Tokyo that day, you can witness it yourself.

At 2pm, Sept. 27th (UTC+9), the #SupremeCourt of Japan sitting en banc will hear the gender marker case. **Courtroom visitors must arrive at the South Gate before 13:10** in case you 1) are able to go visit the Court and 2) have good Japanese skill (no translators obviously).

Alex :Fire_Trans:
1 week ago

I recently learned that a public figure I used to find inspirational is a #transphobe. It showed me that even when someone might share many of my positions, they could still hate me. I found that difficult to reconcile.

Then today I continued to read Brené Brown's "Braving the Wilderness", a book about belonging. So many things resonated with me but I couldn't shake the fear that this person too might hate me. So I looked it up. I googled to figure out Brené's stance on trans rights.

She's an ally. I ... I really needed that. It made me tear up. In a world where being true to myself doesn't feel safe, it means the world to feel people like Brené standing at my side. Thank you, Brené.

#trans #transrights #transphobia #belonging

Justice For Leif In Wadsworth
1 week ago

The standing ovation for a #Nazi that happened in #Canada did not happen in a vacuum. Nazis were among the anti-queer extremists in #Wadsworth. From #Ohio to Canada and all around the world, this is a growing problem and governments are complicit. #transrights

1 week ago

Had a lovely little trip to London and uncharacteristically took no pics apart from this important message on a toilet door. #transrights #eattherich #graffiti

Graffiti on a toilet door reading ‘Eat the rich. Leave trans people alone.’
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
1 week ago

I just saw a trans woman closing her account on Twitter casually mention she has a blocklist of 325,000 accounts.

Forget the logistics (ie. blocking can be semi-automated and shared)

That's 325,000 accounts of likely hatred and bile. Just let that number sink into you for a moment ...

#Trans #TransRights #Fediverse :flag_transgender:​

Miriam Robern
1 week ago

Going to a support-trans-youth rally tomorrow to combat this Parental Rights nonsense, trying to figure out a sign. I have two leading contenders.

#Trans #TransRights #TransKids

Kay :heart_bi:
1 week ago

Tonight we watched based-on-a-true-story film, Misbehaviour about the start of the Women's Liberation Front in UK and its protest at the 1970 Miss Universe competition. In an interview Sally says they're not anti women but they want to stop women being judged against each other on the basis of their looks and the shape of their bodies.

Feminists should apply this to #TransRights too! Don't judge on body shape or looks! And yet TERFisland is getting worse 😢

Steve :verified:
1 week ago

"The old don't become more right wing, they just fail to progress"

#BeauOfTheFifthColumn #TransRights

Transgender World
1 week ago

Most Americans Want Politicians to Stop Attacking Trans People
In a new survey, only 17% said that politicians should focus on restricting gender-affirming care.

#transrights #lgbtq #uspolitics

Jeff MacKinnon
2 weeks ago

If you want to do something awesome, head over to - subscribe and watch a couple videos.

Get them monetized so they can donate a bunch of money for trans rights.


2 weeks ago

Hundreds gathered in Toronto for the “Million March 4 Children,” but thousands of counter-protesters mobilised in opposition.

Anne Fausto Sterling
2 weeks ago

Anti-Trans Canadian March Outnumbered By Huge Trans Rights Crowds, Teachers Unions
Anti-trans group, 1 Million March 4 Children, planned massive protests against the rights of trans students. They were largely drowned out by huge crowds of supporters for trans rights and unions.
#Canada #transrights

2 weeks ago

Not surprisingly, the party whose members recently voted in favour of policies restricting trans health care told its elected members to keep quiet.

Like cowards.

#bcpoli #cdnpoli #bcedu #LGBTQ #SOGI #transgender #education #1millionmarch4children #NoSpaceForHate
#transrights and #gayrights are #humanrights

the protest: a couple dozen people surrounded by police
the counter protest: 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
#Vancouver #TransRights

a huge crowd of people with trans and pride flags around the Vancouver Art Gallery
Jer Clarke
2 weeks ago

Ugly shit going down across Canada, with “parental rights” groups staging anti-trans rallies and anti-fascists opposing them. Bless these counter-protesters, wish I could be there ✊🏻 🖤 🏳️‍🌈

#CdnPoli #TransRights #antifa

Photo of a line of cops standing between protesters with pride flags and protesters with “leave our kids alone” signs near Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa, Canada.
Boo-rock 👻
2 weeks ago

I was so grateful and inspired by the younger protesters today at the counter protest to the "One Million March for Children" in Montreal.

I needed to leave after 4 hours because I needed to come home to eat and take meds and I'm exhausted.

Unfortunately, the anti-trans side vastly outnumbered us. They also had people hiding in our group and trying to start fights and others trying to start fights too, but we always de-escalated peacefully as a group.

They were even able to freely walk around the outskirts of our side and film, but the same wasn't true for us.

These people have hate in their hearts and don't care about protecting anyone.

I hope more cis and straight allies show up in the future because we need your support to stand against hate!

#ProtectTransYouth #TransRights

Center of photo is back of person in black t shirt. Lots of protesters outside on sunny day. Bright orange sign that says we don't want your kids to be queer. We want queer kids to survive.
Protesters counter protesting an anti trans rally. Many trans flags and protest signs visible.
2 weeks ago

I worked the frontline with homeless street youth for more than 5 years. By far the largest demographic were LGBTQ kids who had been forced out of their homes onto the streets by angry, intolerant abusive parents. Many identified as Trans. Too many died young before they found out someone loved them and cared about them.
#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

2 weeks ago

1/ Speaking out in solidarity with counter protesters today in Canada. Our youth deserve to know we want them to be safe from the hatred directed at them by right wing Conservatives and religious fascists.
#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

Lawrence Herzog
2 weeks ago
"The human rights of LGBTQ2SAI+ people are not up for debate. Denying the very existence of trans and gender diverse people – including calls to erase trans and LGBTQ2SAI+ people from our province’s curricula – is hate, and hate should have no place in our community or in our schools." – Kasari Govender, B.C. Human Rights Commissioner #2SLGBTQAI #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #LGBTQ

Anti-trans protests happened on Sept 20 in almost every major city in Canada. It’s fucking terrifying, to be honest.

Hate doesn’t stop by itself. It has to BE stopped.

You can help in small and big ways: change your user photo to this, explain why to your family and friends, and go support the side of diversity & equality on Sept 20.

Look around your corner of the country and you’ll find the counter-protest. Stand with them.

#NoSpaceForHate #CDNPoli #ONPoli #TOPoli #2SLGBTQIA #TransRights

Map of Canada with the progress pride flag as the colouring of the Canada shape. In a circle around it reads “no space for hate”.

Join us in supporting our trans community by standing up for them!

On Wednesday, Sep 20, anti-trans groups are marching across the country to spread their hateful rhetoric. In #Vancouver, they are meeting at 969 Robson Street at 1pm, then gathering at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Let’s show them that love is louder, that we won’t let hate win 🏳️‍⚧️

#NoSpaceForHate art by

#TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #ProtectTransKids #YVR #SupportTransKids

A map of Canada in colours of progress pride flag with words NO SPACE FOR HATE around it
Text: Protect trans rights
12 pm 20 Sept
Vancouver peaceful counter protest
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson Street
Stand up against hate.
The anti-trans march is starting at 1pm at 969 Robson Street.
Come and support our trans community.
Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
2 weeks ago

In case you haven’t learned anything from history and it isn’t yet clear to ppl in #Ottawa and across #Canada that the same people who attack #transrights also spew #antisemitism & #Islamophobia. Hate is hate. Silence is complicity. Every school board and every trustee should’ve spoken out already about Sept 20th.

Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
2 weeks ago

The demonstration planned for Sept 20th in #Canada is NOT about parental rights. It is an attack on #TransRights. See what’s happened in the USA. Call out “both sides” #cdnmedia coverage and boards of #education that won’t stand up to hate.

2 weeks ago

For those thinking of attending tomorrow's event in the Auckland CBD, have a read of the official guidance:

#TLA #TransRights #Aotearoa #tāmakimakaurau #Auckland

David Ano
2 weeks ago

A friend, @MegaMichelle, wants to hire an advertising plane to fly a banner over a University of Michigan football game that says "Trans Rights"! Who wants to help?

Something like 100k will see this, and they'll have to think about #TransRights!

#trans #A2Council #Michigan #AnnArbor

2 weeks ago

@brewsterkahle #propaganda works. always has. the far right multiverse of channels snd influencers spews out a million tons of a emotional agitprop a day. #crt #libraries #LBGTQ #transrights #immigration #hunterbiden etc etc etc. and crap filled #socialmedia platforms’ like #Facebook #YouTube #algorithms #meta injects people with the sh#t all day long. So yes it’s in #Canada.

2 weeks ago

I'm a bit* unimpressed watching certain prominent Twitter lefties going after the Trans Liberation Alliance for daring to organise an action without their approval.

* Seriously unimpressed

#Aotearoa #TransRights

I don't know about you, but I have never, not once ever, needed some imported Brit lad to tell me how to live and who to accept, and I'm sure as shit not about to start now. Trans rights are human rights, support our trans brothers and sisters. Parker and her crew can get in the sea.

#transrights #transpride

Go on home you fucking fascist go on home. A thousand people at the counter protest against posie parker. Posie parker you can't hide you have nazis on your side. There's more of us than you #trans #MastoDaoine #transrights #dublin

Me holding a banner with a drawing of posie parker  as a ferengi saying feeeemales

Favourite chant so far:


#NoPasaran 🏳️‍⚧️❤️✊🏼
#DubTrans #TERFsOut #TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights #Solidarity #Dublin #Ireland #MastoDaoine