Kris Inwood
20 hours ago

Feir, Gillezeau & Jones argue that 🇨🇦recognition of Aboriginal rights & title since 1973 increased bargaining power & income in non-treaty Indigenous communities, absolutely & relative to First Nations under treaty. Favourable court decisions had large impact but signing a treaty did not improve Indigenous income
@economics @sociology @politicalscience @geography @politicalscience @anthropology #history #histodons #Canada #indigenous #treaty #institutions @inequalityecon

2 days ago

This is why I have changed my intentions from "progressive no" to "begrudging yes".
The Voice is an inadequate half-measure, we need a #treaty, but voting it down is not good strategy.

Charlotte Hunter
1 week ago
In 1849, a group of Indians and Métis from Sault Ste. Marie, dissatisfied with mining development on the Canadian side of Lake Superior, occupied a mining campp at Mica Bay." -R. v. Powley
"The incident prompted the Government of Canada to dispatch William Benjamin Robinson in 1850 to negotiate treaties... He refused to deal directly with the "half-breeds" but told the Ojibway chiefs they could share their treaty entitlements with the "half-breeds" if they wished." -R. v. Powley
Anna Anthro
1 week ago

“A legal battle playing out in a northern #ontario courtroom this month has seen an alliance of First Nations argue they are owed upwards of $100 billion for the Crown’s failure to honour a 173-year-old #treaty promise, while the federal and provincial governments claim they are either owed far less, or nothing at all.” #indigenous #anishnaabe

Charlotte Hunter
1 week ago
Shinguacouse and Nebenaigoching ... objected to the sign [sic] unless I pledged the Gov't to give the halfbreeds, mentioned in the list handed to me, free grand of 100 acres of land. I confirmed certain old residents in the free & full possession of their lands on which they now reside." -Diary of Treaty Commissioner William Robinson, 1850
1 week ago

A second rally on Parliament Hill in #Ottawa heard from chiefs and #FirstNations scholars in #Ontario who vehemently object to the #federal #legislation #BillC53, which recognizes #selfgovernment for the #Métis Nations of #Ontario #Alberta and #Saskatchewan.

At issue is six additional historic Métis communities the #MNO is claiming.

#rights #treaty #Indigenous #cdnpoli

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1 week ago

‘They #criminalize us’: how #felony charges are weaponized against #PipelineProtesters

Twenty states have passed laws that criminalize protesting, including on infrastructure including #pipelines. In #Minnesota, at least 66 felony theft charges against #Line3 protesters remain open

Alexandria Herr for Floodlight
Thu 10 Feb 2022

"Last summer [2021] Sabine von Mering, a professor of German at Brandeis University, drove more than 1,500 miles from Boston to Minneapolis to protest against the replacement of the Line 3 #OilPipeline that stretches from #Canada’s #TarSands down to Minnesota.

"Along with another protester, she locked herself to a semi-truck in the middle of a roadway, according to a filed court brief, as a means of #peaceful #resistance. But when she was arrested, she was charged with a serious crime: felony theft, which carries up to five years in prison.

"'It’s very scary that they criminalize us like that, and to face jail time,' said Von Mering, 54, of her June arrest. 'But what can I do? I feel responsible to my kids and #FutureGenerations.'

"The felony charges come as more than a dozen states have passed laws to criminalize #FossilFuel protests, and as the federal government has ramped up its own tactics for surveilling and penalizing protesters.

"Von Mering is one of nearly 900 protesters who were arrested in Minnesota for protesting against the pipeline’s construction, with the vast majority of arrests taking place during the summer of 2021, and one of dozens facing felony charges. Construction on the Line 3 pipeline was finalized in October 2021 and carries 760,000 barrels of oil per day across northern Minnesota. But its construction for years has stoked fierce protests and legal challenges, led by #Indigenous activists in northern Minnesota who worried about potential impacts of oil spills and the pipeline’s threat to #treaty rights to gather wild rice. While most of the arrests have led to misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges for crimes including 'disturbing the peace' and 'trespassing', felony charges like Von Mering’s mean protesters are facing years of jail time.

"Legal advocates say that in Minnesota the elevated charges are a novel tactic to challenge protest actions against pipeline construction. They see them as furthering evidence of close ties between Minnesota’s government and the #FossilFuelIndustry. It follows reporting by the Guardian that the Canadian pipeline company #Enbridge, which is building Line 3, reimbursed Minnesota’s #police department $2.4m for time spent arresting protesters and on equipment including ballistic helmets. Experts say the reimbursement strategy for arrests is a new technique in both Minnesota and across the US, and there’s concern it can be replicated.

"'I do a lot of representation for people in political protests and I’ve never seen anything like that,' said Jordan Kushner, a defense attorney representing clients charged in relation to Line 3 protests.

"Two of Kushner’s clients were charged with felony 'aiding attempted suicide' charges for crawling inside a pipe. The charge is for someone who 'intentionally advises, encourages, or assists another who attempts but fails to take the other’s own life', according to Minnesota law and carries up to a seven-year sentence. Authorities alleged that the protesters were endangering their lives by remaining inside the pipeline."

Read more:

#StopEnbridge #NoLine3 #Protestors #ClimateActivists #Fascism #WaterIsLife #ACAB #IndigenousNews

1 week ago

#UnitedNations Seems to #Boost #PlasticsIndustry Interests, Critics Say. Ahead of a groundbreaking #treaty to reduce #PlasticPollution, a group of independent scientists fear that the #UN is legitimizing industry-backed proposals such as #ChemicalRecycling. There is no #plastic #recycling. #pollution #healthcare #environment #oceans #marinelife

A UN treaty on plastics is being negotiated in Uruguay this week. The treaty addresses the global plastic pollution crisis, which threatens the environment, health, and economy. This could be a historic opportunity to reduce plastic production, increase recycling, and protect the planet from drowning in waste. #plastic #treaty #pollution

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

#AusPol #TheVoice #VoteYes

If you intend to vote "No", and...

- you're white [but not part of the No Team], then you ARE stupid, selfish AND racist.

- you're non-white [but not part of the No Team], & also non #FirstNations, then you really ought to have a damn good hard look into your conscience.

- you're #FirstNations [but not part of the No Team], then you've been lied to, deceived, mislead, misdirected, & you really ought to reconsider. True, #TheVoice will not solve everything, but it's finally an important first step, to be followed later by #Truth & #Treaty. Without Step 1, there's not going to be Steps 2 & 3, so those who've lied to you are not acting in your best interests, only theirs.

- you're #FirstNations [& part of the No Team], then you've sold your soul to the devil, all for playing politics & seeking your own personal aggrandisement. Shame on you.

- you're white [& part of the No Team], then you ARE stupid, selfish AND racist. You are mendacious, malevolent, malfeasant & mean. You're evil & i sincerely wish for a world of pain to descend upon you.

#AusPol #TheVoice #VoteYes

it's not intersectional if it doesn't include black people
it's not radical if its inaccessible to the poor
it's not liberation if we left someone behind

- Grace Alexander

#racism #whiteness #WhiteSupremacy #FuckRacism #FuckWhiteness #anarchism #activism #poor #FuckTheRich #AbolishMoney #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #Disability #Aboriginal

The Emperor Palatine
3 weeks ago

@anyaso This time out: we've finished redrawing our #proceduremaps in #visio, added committee correspondence to our #treaty tracker, done more in the way of #generalElection planning, finished up research on why a Member may leave the Commons, added yet more #peerages to the Beamish database, refactored yet another Facts and Figures publication, equipped our beloved egg timer with session dates back to 1801, headed north to #wutheringBytes
and held a reunion. Wow.

I've just arranged for an MRI of my shoulder because it's still not ok after two rounds of cortisone injection and physio, and both xrays and ultrasounds didn't really show much to explain the pain and decreased range of movement.

My doctor was telling me that it can't be bulk billed even though I'm on an Aboriginal health plan -

I'm not sure why the government wouldn't let bulk billing scans on plans..?

Aww, they probably don't expect us to live long enough to need scans eh?

Heyla are you trying to get me in trouble?? 😆😆

#Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty

I think that the Important fucking question about the #VoiceToParliament #referendum that nobody seems to have the guts to be answering is ARE WE GOING TO GET DEMOCRACY SAUSAGES THAT DAY?!?

#Voice #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #TreatyBeforeVoice #Indigenous #AusPol

I just wish people would think more critically when it came to the Voice stuff, instead of pushing points without thinking.

Like, people keep saying that the Voice is an important step in the way to Treaty.. I'd invite you to think about it a little more and consider we have a good reason not to believe that (235 good reasons, tbh..).

Does the Australian government want Treaty?

-- if yes, why aren't they asking a referendum about it?

-- if yes, why aren't they clearly stating that they want Treaty?

-- if no, do you believe that they would institute a Voice as a step towards something they don't want?

-- if no, doesn't it make sense that the Voice is a set up so we stop pushing for Treaty?

It all comes back to what Audre Lorde warned - "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house"

#VoiceToParliament #AusPol #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #TreatyBeforeVoice

[If you're a settler, please don't comment. Just shush and have a think about it instead of taking space]

Ferdi Magellan says YES
3 weeks ago

@windhorse @sjbone how can constitutional recognition and a mechanism for FN people to come together and speak be bad. Why do people want them silenced?

Yes it does not go anywhere near far enough. The Uluṟu Statement From the Heart brought us this. Do we reject it? #Voice #Truth #Treaty

One step forward. A no is another decade or two of annihilation.

#Genocide #Imprisonment #Rape #denial #Auspol #YES23

For any #Australian struggling with #voting #yes on October 14, read this.

It's a long read but it will explain what we #invaders owe the #Blackfellas. Why we need #truth. Why we need #treaty.

Please #boost the shit out of this. We all need to have this under our belts before we even contemplate #voting #no. I realise that many old people and #conservatives will argue, but this hasn't been touched by #NewsCorpse.

3 weeks ago

Will today be the day that you read the #statementfromtheheart

Listicle of Six Things Because People Read Listicles

1. It'll take about 3-4 minutes to read.

2. It's the reason Australia is having the referendum.

3. 85% of voters have still not read it or heard it

4. Voting is compulsory for Australians over 18 (as is registering to vote, which you must do in the next couple of weeks if you haven't already)

5. If you don't know, find out. If you're too lazy to spend a few minutes understanding what is being asked, then voting 'no' isn't the 'safer' option. The status quo is decidedly unsafe. Ignorance harms.

6. The Voice is one of three requests in the Statement. The other two are arguably even more important (#Treaty and #Truth), but the #Voice is what the government has decided to respond to first and is the only question on the referendum.

7. No one likes a list with six items in it

#UluruStatement #Auspol #VoiceToParliament #VoiceReferendum

4 weeks ago

While thoroughly demolishing the No campaign's scaremongering this also lays out a pretty good argument for why the Voice is just an inadequate gesture. It will join the ranks of all the other advisory bodies and be likewise ignored.
We need a #treaty
1 month ago

The NRTA and the Saskatchewan First Act have the FSIN in the province threatening legal action.

The time for action against both Acts is now, say chiefs.

There was no consultation of the NRTA when the legislation put control of natural resources into the hands of the western provinces in 1930, and there was no consultation when the Sask. First Act asserted exclusive jurisdiction over resources in 2022.

#FirstNations #NRTA #SaskFirstAct #lawsuit #consulation #treaty

A man in a blue suit and a chief's headdress stands in front of a group of people who are seated. He is at a podium and speaking into a microphone.
Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 month ago

#EFF has been doing a series of articles/critiques on the proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty. This week, they published Part 5:

It also links the first four parts if you want to get caught up.

#cybercrime #treaty #surveillance #dataprotection #privacy

Peter Relph
1 month ago

ABC Australia: "Arnhem Land clan leader Reverend Djiniyini Gondarra plans to vote No to a Voice as treaty quest continues"
By Matt Garrick and Lillian Rangiah

" ... Australia's failure to accept Dr Gondarra's cultural authority, his Rom, through the creation of a treaty — something promised by prime minister Bob Hawke in 1988 but never delivered."

"Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has said he's not considering any other forms of Indigenous recognition if the Voice referendum fails."

Labor words, with all the authority & dependability that that implies.

#auspol #Treaty #VoiceToParliament #ALP


"Lidia Thorpe has called for the voice referendum to be called off, arguing it is an “easy way to fake progress” for First Nations people without making any changes.

The independent senator told the National Press Club on Wednesday a no victory would reveal Australia as a racist country, despite herself advocating for people to vote no.

Thorpe attacked the Albanese government’s push to enshrine an Indigenous voice in the constitution, describing it as a “powerless advisory body”, “window dressing for constitutional recognition” and an “insult” to First Nations people’s intelligence."

#AusPol #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #TreatyBeforeVoice #VoiceToParliament

As if settler colonizers weren't already detached from any responsibility to build meaningful relationships to Indigenous Peoples whose lands they're occupying, they now have a number they can text to find out whose lands they're on to do a #LandAcknowledgement. Fuck your digitized and analogue allyship performances. #LandBack #AntiColonial #AccomplicesNotAllies

(from the Indigenous Action Facebook page)

#Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty #TreatyBeforeVoice #VoiceToParliament

A drawing of a Brown person's hand holding a phone, the phone has some text messages on the screen:

Person 1:
Your “land acknowledgment” is just performative allyship that perpetuates settler colonial erasure & violence against Indigenous Peoples.

Person 2:
But how else do we honor Indigenous
Peoples whose lands we are on?

Person 1:
Build meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples whose lands you’re occupying. Don’t tokenize us. Implicate yourself by weaponizing your privilege to directly attack colonial ideas, institutions, infrastructure, & power. Our collective liberation will not come from voting, Indigenous non-profits, or memes. It is anti-capitalist, anti-colonial and militantly smashes white supremacy, hetero-patriarchy & fascism. Abolish the ally industrial complex. #AccomplicesNotAllies

From the BPU's (Black Peoples' Union) Facebook page:

Join us this Wednesday night, 6:30pm aest for a public class followed by a discussion.

This class will be on:

Sovereignty - what it actually means from both a colonial and a First Nations perspective, how it originated, and what challenges it faces today.

Treaty - what does Treaty mean, the many different forms Treaty can take, how they would be established, and the pro's and con's to each.

This is a free class and discussion open to members of the public to attend and have ask questions.
Zoom link can be found on our story and in the linktree:

#VoiceToParliament #AusPol #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #racism #Treaty #TreatyBeforeVoice

An image of the Aboriginal flag (a red base line representing the red dirt of Australia, a black upper line representing the Aboriginal people, and a yellow centre representing the sun). The centre of the image shows an upraised fist with a broken slavery chain, and people in the background including children and a person using a wheelchair 

The text on the image says:
Sovereignty and Treaty
Join us for an online class and discussion
Wednesday 6.30PM AEST
2 months ago

David showing us the monument to Mandawuy Yunupingu at their mutual homeland Birany Birany (pronounced braynbrayn). If you don’t recognise his name, read the inscription because you might recognise the lyrics to the song, #Treaty ♥️

Aboriginal man wearing a red and black baseball cap, a bright shirt with an open-mouthed crocodile, and shorts with flames, standing with his arm outstretched and his hand on a bright yellow-painted boulder with a metal plaque commemorating Mandawuy Yunupingu. Some of the lyrics of his famous song Treaty are inscribed: 
This land was never given up | This land was never bought and sold | The planting of the union jack | Never changed our law at all | Now two rivers run their course | Separated for so long | I’m dreaming of a brighter day | When the waters will be one

Watching labour back peddle on treaty while supporting the voice is like getting on a train and staying for the ride knowing full well it will never reach your destination.

- Gulwanyangguba Djuyal (Facebook)

#VoiceToParliament #AusPol #Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #SovereigntyNeverCeded #Treaty
3 months ago

“We're not here to tear the place apart. We're here to rebuild and maybe do better.”

Charter work aims to make AFN a voice for all First Nations

On Tuesday, the first day of the AFN’s three-day annual general assembly in Halifax, members of the Chiefs’ Committee on Charter Renewal presented information on the work undertaken to modernize rules for how the organization is structured and how it will function.

#FirstNations #politic #AFN #charter #leadership #treaty

Members of the chiefs committee on charter renewal at the microphone
The Streets of Melbourne
3 months ago

This iconic #indigenous themed display in #kingsdomain #melbourne #australia is breathtaking, for mine.

The respect for aboriginal rights and indigenous equality is strong in these parts.

What better way to celebrate such vital aspects of modern Australia than to display such magnificent art within the heartland of the city’s botanic and recreation areas?

The eyes of these children are filled with hope, happiness and compassion.

I have a strong sense the voice of a nation is making lasting strides, for the better.

For ‘ALL’.


#victorian #melbourne #narrm #Australia #muralart #murals #mural #mastoart #art #aesthetichedonist #makesmehappy
#repect #treaty #treatynow #indigenous #indigenousvoice #aboriginal #sacred #ulurustatementfromtheheart #voiceofparliament #voteyes

#NATO Condemns #Russia's Decision To Quit #Treaty On #Conventional #Armed #Forces In #Europe, saying it "further demonstrates Moscow's continued disregard for arms control.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on June 9 that Moscow will withdraw from the treaty, known as the #CFE, on November 7.

4 months ago

Obviously Australia specific but I do remember this being performed on Blue Peter, of all places here in the UK


All you who are criticising our choice to vote no for the #VoiceToParliament #referendum because we don't want a token toothless position that will be used to shut down discussion about #Treaty and #LandBack need to read this, because I've seen you not saying shit about #Indigenous Rights before now.

#Aboriginal #racism #AusPol #Australia

A tweet from @ISmashFizzle:
Remember when @iJesseWilliams said "If you have a critique for the resistance, for our resistance, then you better have an established record of critique of our oppression"? I think about that a lot

Before you leap to humanise the oppressor, you should have an established record of challenging the dehumanisation of the oppressed. If you can't produce those receipts you must understand that the marginalised have no reason to trust you.
6 months ago

Last week, at the Assembly of First Nations special chiefs assembly, Justice Minister David Lametti agreed to look at the NRTA at the behest of the chiefs, some asking that the agreement be rescinded.

The premiers of the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba expressed outrage at the thought. Woodhouse gives the First Nations perspective on the agreements.

#FirstNations #NRTA #Justice #cdnpoli #Alberta #Saskatchewan #Manitoba #Treaty #resources

A woman with blond hair looks at the camera and smiles. She is photographed against a blue background.
6 months ago

#Brazilian government has scheduled a #meeting for early August to #revive the #AmazonCooperationTreatyOrganization .
The #Amazon #Cooperation #Treaty Organization #ACTO - brings together the countries that make up the Amazon.
The meeting aims to determine a #united position for the region on development & fighting #ClimateCrisis in international forums.

#Indigenous #SouthAmerica #Brazil #NativeLand #StopDeforestation #geopolitics #ClimateChange #environmental #ecology

6 months ago

#treaty : the act of treating for the adjustment of differences, as for forming an agreement

- French: Traité

- Italian: trattato

- Portuguese: tratado

- Spanish: tratado


Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @

Khurram Wadee ✅
7 months ago

Legally binding global #treaty needed to tackle #SpaceDebris, say experts | #Space | The Guardian

It’s hazardous enough up there.

#Science #Technology

#Ocean #treaty: Historic #agreement reached after decade of talks - #BBCNews

"Nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the world's #oceans following 10 years of negotiations.
The #HighSeasTreaty aims to place 30% of the seas into #ProtectedAreas by 2030, to safeguard and recuperate #marine #nature."

My prediction:
The #VoiceToParliament referendum will fail because of racist white Australia, but we #Indigenous people who disagree with it and are calling for #Treaty will be blamed.

The #VoiceToParliament referendum will succeed, and will be the death knell to #Treaty because "you all already have the Voice".

Sovereignty never ceded.

First Dread Pirate Roberts
7 months ago

@georgetakei Joe Biden wants the US to be a signatory to a #WHO treaty that would give the WHO control of pandemic response in the event of a pandemic in all member countries. He is trying to get this enacted without Senate approval.
#who #wha #pandemic #authoritarian #joebiden #treaty #01202025 #marionette
8 months ago

Grand Chief Jerry Daniels of the Southern Chiefs’ Organization doesn’t want Premier Heather Stefanson to speak for Manitoba First Nations next week on health care reform at the First Ministers meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Daniels was joined by chiefs Cornell McLean (Lake Manitoba), Kurvis Anderson (Pinaymootang), Glenn Hudson (Peguis), and Rod Traverse (Kinonjeoshtegon) to demand a seat for the Feb. 7 meeting.

#FirstNations #healthcare #Treaty #rights

First Nations chiefs sit at a table covered in a quilted star blanket. At centre is a chief in a feather headdress.
The Third Pole EN
8 months ago

🌊 "#Rivers do not respect #borders, nor can the health of a #transboundary #basin be managed merely by upper riparian countries."

📄 Our managing editor for South Asia, @omairahmad, explains why India's request to Pakistan to modify the #Indus Waters #Treaty is a "worrying escalation".

🔎 Read here:

To my mind, the question isn't whether one chooses to work tomorrow, or to have the day off.

The question is: what are we doing - individually and collectively - toward #reconciliation #treaty #voice #equity and #healing? #AustraliaDay

The Streets of Melbourne
9 months ago

A small #artwork plaque in #Murrumbeena #Australia echoes the majority of #Australians support for our indigenous peoples; past present and emerging.


#victorian #melbourne #narrm #Australia #repect #treaty #treatynow #indigenous #indigenousvoice #aboriginal #sacred #ulurustatementfromtheheart #voiceofparliament

Arlyssa D. Becenti
10 months ago

In 1895, 19 #Hopi men were #imprisoned in #Alcatraz on sedition charges because they opposed forced education and assimilation of their children.
In 1969, #indigenous activist occupied the island claiming provisions of the #Treaty of Fort Laramie. (All these historical events are too long to post.)
I took these pics when I visited #sanfrancisco a few yrs ago. My mom told me her grandfather was taken to Alcatraz after setting fire to a trading post on Navajo. Something I need to investigate.