Preston MacDougall
1 day ago

During the #2012election , #POTUS #BarackObama scolded self-important #Republicans that “You didn’t build that!” (in reference to public roads and bridges etc… that enable the ENTIRE American economy), and they completely LOST IT. They were #triggered into an apoplectic fit that derailed any chance of winning. 👉't_build_that

It wouldn’t work as well if #DarkBrandon used it, however, because he’s not Black. But I hope he finds another 🤯 #trigger phrase!

2 weeks ago


LoL. #china insta #triggered

Bravo #eu . Hit them in the pocket. The Chinese do not #negotiate in good faith unless they face losses.

3 weeks ago

Vakar fonā iet filma, pamanīju, ka tur "who let in 50 Cent?" pārtulkots kā "pats reperu karalis!" 😊 #triggered

1 month ago

I've decided today that if any big company sends me shitty sales/marketing emails that deploy unethical tactics, I will forward the email to all their bosses and cc the CEO. (thanks ZoomInfo. I have access to data broker data too. I'll play your silly game.)

Was able to give #ChatGPT a short rant and it provided a great email to tell them they suck.

This shitty trend has gone on far to long. It makes no sense, it's very easy to check, how has lying ever been a good sales tactic.

In the past, involving the CEO has typically gotten me good results (both directions).

#Ruckus #TooMuch #LastStraw #triggered

Dear Leadership Team of Celsior Technologies,
The email was structured in such a way that it gave the impression that Ms. Patrick had sent multiple emails to me in the past, suggesting a history of correspondence. However, after conducting a thorough check of our ProofPoint and Microsoft 365 exchange logs, I can confirm that this was the very first email we received from her or any representative of Celsior Technologies.

Such tactics not only mislead the recipient but also cast a shadow on the integrity and trustworthiness of your organization.[Trimmed] This approach is not only unprofessional but also ethically questionable.

Trust is the foundation of any successful business relationship. When a potential partner or customer feels deceived, it erodes that trust, making it challenging to establish a fruitful collaboration in the future. I must be clear: as a result of this experience, I am hesitant to consider any business engagements with Celsior Technologies. It is imperative for me to work with organizations that uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
R. L. Dane
1 month ago


#TRIGGERED :mastolaughing:

I shared about talking to someone new yesterday and how the didn’t get back to me today so I wished them the best - I shared about it on my Twitter page about #rejectionsensitivity, my #anxiety #bpd #depression (where usually I get lots of support)

Despite telling them I was in a crisis + I get that I’m a problem. They went + called me a psycho + laughed about it.

I’m so broken + done.
All I wanted was some comfort.
already hate myself #suicidal #triggered

Mary Austin
1 month ago

Quality way to trigger fascists.

#Triggered #Racism #Islamophobia

A picture of someone holding a white canvas tote bag with an inscription in Arabic. The caption explains: 

"Text on bag reads as: 'This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.'"
Babs E. Blue
2 months ago

Seen on hellsite and so true!👇🏼

"One of the amazing things to me is how a movie cannot simply be "pro woman", but it must be "anti-man".

How is a movie promoting women in the exact same way thousands of movies have promoted men somehow "anti-man"?"

#Barbie #Triggered

2 months ago

When you're talking to some whiner who is mad about objects being removed from the museum to be repatriated and another whiner walks by, hears what you're saying and joins in to also be mad

#restitution #repatriation #museum #triggered

Landscape colour photograph of a glass shelf in a cabinet full of thrift shop electronics. Centre stage is an elongate cardboard box, white with a red stripe, with the text 'ONE TRIGGERED TWO' printed across it, along with some smaller text explaining that it contains an FM radio trigger, describdd as a 'remote speedlite trigger'. On the top of the box are some pictures of the small, black plastic triggers.
2 months ago

I’m basically living off the right wing morons flipping their shit over the #Barbie movie. It’s not a kids’ movie guys. In no way do the ads give the impression it’s a kids’ movie except for the fact it’s about toys traditionally aimed at little girls. It’s also painfully obvious it’s a comedy, and the fact you’re so #triggered by it says a LOT. Keep it up geniuses. You’re doing a bang up job of proving everyone else’s points for them!

Khalid ⚡
2 months ago
Scared Episode 2 GIF by Portlandia
2 months ago

Wow. I literally had someone else try to test me- #ToxicMasculinity.

They #triggered me.

They #BackedOff.

I made everybody nervous. Maybe scared

I guess he decided to do something else? He challenged me first!

I was scaring his wife and kids

I turned and walked away

No one spoke a word

I am still shaking

#PTSD #anxiety #rage #ItsInTheEyes #MentalHealth #SelfControl is hard, even with #weed

I feel better. Thanks for listening 🙏🏼 ✌🏻😮‍💨💭

2 months ago

I can’t even read this without being #triggered 😤

I’m so glad that I’m physically #disabled.

I swear I would otherwise do something stupid to morons like these #racist ufking #nazis! 🤬

#terrorists #murderers #hypocrites #seditionists #traitors #AmIMakingMyselfClear

'Active club' #HateGroups are growing in the U.S. — and making themselves seen : NPR

2 months ago

Seriously, #Republicans are #triggered by the most meaningless, random bullshit.

Oh look. A Voter.
Not sure he realizes this or refuses to believe his BS, but all this still boils down to the VOTER! 🤦🏻‍♀️
#Triggered #Politics

…btw i can see this reply, but i get some kind of error. he's either deleted this or he's blocked me. Truth hurts.

3 months ago

Reply with the last pic/vid that #triggered you

#gooning #gooner #tongue #wet #sloppy

3 months ago

When you're too #triggered by the weather forecast, that doesn't bode well for a functional society.

Christopher Phin
4 months ago

@jamesthomson @dmoren No, it’s more “Dan! Why isn’t your baby in your rucksack? YOU’VE FORGOTTEN YOUR BABY, DAN! 😱 WHERE HAVE YOU LEFT YOUR BABY, DAN‽ OMG YOU’RE A TERRIBLE FATHER!” #triggered

Queen of New York
4 months ago

Being #triggered at work is no fun. At least I’m at home so can rant and pet the dog.

Tyler Dunne 🤖
4 months ago

This line has #triggered a few folks. Must say, I was being kind to the Beastie Men. Agree 100% with on that rant.…

@TyDunne @AdamSchefter I was highly interested in this article, until you called the beastie boys overrated.
5 months ago
Zgaduję że chodzi ci o (moich ulubionych) Tomasza Jarońskiego i Krzysztofa Wyrzykowskiego.
Pan Wyrzykowski już nie komentuje bo przeszedł na emeryturę. Pan Jaroński jest nadal ale bardzo dużo komentują (dla mnie nudni do bólu) Adam Probosz, Darek Baranowski i chyba Igor Błachut.
I nie rozumiem tej zmiany bo ta ostatnia trójka... gada o kolarstwie. Zamiast o wszystkim innym jak tamci dwaj :P

Cleo of Topless Topics
5 months ago

Lol my fifteen second video merely posing the question "if the answer to #gunViolence is 'more guns,' why do the majority of #massShootings happen in #Republican states with loose #gunControl?" is up to 3k views now, composed almost entirely of rage-comments from #triggered #gun nuts spewing the same BS, easily disproven excuses for why children routinely m*rdered in schools is the price of freedom that they've been vomiting out for decades. thanks for all the free views, comrades! 😂

see the video here:

a screenshot from my YouTube studio, showing the above described video at 3k views and counting, much more than the 100-300 views most of my other videos get
Steve Yelvington
5 months ago

I find CWs annoying, so all CWs should be wrapped in CWs. #triggered #hashtag #whining #complaining

Janice Selbie
6 months ago

#Easter #triggered #sorrow #exchristian #humour Feeling triggered today? Just remember:

Christ emerging from tomb between the words “He is … fiction”
Todd Crawshaw
6 months ago
Political cartoon from Toronto Star featuring the Easter Bunny saying "I forgot how triggering rainbows are these days" while running from rightwing trolls
6 months ago

I had no idea until today how #triggered so many people get by #Rainbow Crosswalks. *Sigh* We still have a looong way to go.

Richy Garcia :verified:
6 months ago

I perused the Nordstrom last week and for a store that is going out of business, they sure don't seem to be going out of business. $350 for a pair of Nike runners? Bidoof please, I'll just flock over to the Nike Outlet store for better deals on a new pair of kicks.

Who buys this crap? #Triggered #Upset #ButWhyThough

6 months ago

'Some still #struggle with the idea that their #name is too #foreign , too other. Their #stories were often #triggered by major #GlobalEvents , from #wars and #TerroristAttacks to #protest #movements , that propelled them to #reexamine their #names and #embark on a slow, often #painful #journey to #acceptance . Many have #embraced their #monikers and say it’s time to #reclaim what counts as an #American name.'

#AsianMastodon #diasporal #CulturalIdentity #Asian

Cleo of Topless Topics
6 months ago

new tiktok up.

the video with the comments I was reacting to was this one:


if you're saying that "#bothsides (#Republican and #democrat) are exactly the same, there is a 99% chance that you are a #heterosexual #cis #white #man. it's easy to not see the real world effects of #conservative ideology and policy, which grows worse every day (no longer content to demonize #BLM supporters, now they're focusing their attacks on #transgender people and #dragQueens, claiming they're gr**mers when actually, the vast majority of those convicted of child m*lest*tion are straight white cis men).

if you have the mental capacity for it, maybe set aside your knee-jerk reaction of extreme defensiveness and realize that something doesn't have to harm YOU, SPECIFICALLY to be a huge problem for others? that #systemicRacism isn't limited to merely personally using racial slurs? that you're falling for absolute bs republican #propaganda telling you to fear brown people and the gays, when the people ACTUALLY screwing you over are almost entirely (once again) rich, straight, white cis men?

lol who are we kidding, you're not capable of that level of critical thinking. if you were, you would already be "#woke", by the actual definition, not the one you #triggered #trump cultists accuse anyone and anything of being when they ask you to maybe be the slightest bit less of a #bigot 🙃

#progressive #liberal #queer #lgbtq #feminism #leftist

Preston MacDougall
7 months ago

#RollingStone is reporting that #DonaldTheDeplorable has very thin, orange 🍊skin. He was so #triggered by #JimmyKimmel ‘s jokes about him on TV 📺 that he called a #Disney executive and demanded that the late-night show host be “reined in”. 😂 👉

7 months ago


#triggered #breath #youravictim #wordsareviolence #Idon'twantotheareit #Idontwantottakeresponsibility

What do you want Chris? A mirror? You are the guy who advised that a single ethnic group must always be afraid. #IAmAVictim

We have had this conversation before.

Block me by all means if you don't want to have it again.

Your fear is manufactured. It was manufactured before you were born

Yes I am goading you.

Všímám si už mnoho let a dnes jsem to viděl zas, jak často se objevuje chyba typu: challanger místo challenger, messanger musí messenger. To dělá autocorrect nebo je to nějaká česká specialita?

ricardo :mastodon:
8 months ago

Yoshi spotted a mosquito! :blobcatsweat: 😄
#triggered #caturday #catsofmastodon

Picture of a 'triggered' cat staring at a tiny flying mosquito
US Dept of Shitposting
8 months ago

I don't care how old I get - #snowflakes getting #triggered over the #Pink #Floyd #rainbow will never not be freaking hilarious!

8 months ago



Flow chart: Text: IS IT DECEMBER - arrow - Text: NO - arrow - Text: IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS
US Dept of Shitposting
8 months ago

Not sure which I should be more #triggered by today - "woke" M&Ms, or the gummint coming to take my stove.

Dr Grace
9 months ago

@davidallengreen but it means #musk is #triggered 😂

Leta McCollough Seletzky
10 months ago

I started singing “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,” and the dog pounced on me from halfway across the room 😅 #triggered

5 years ago
🌈 A. Wilcox delicately
5 years ago

Oh no. My computer and/or xorriso is a tumblr.

It has been #TRIGGERED by a problem of severity FAILURE

xorriso : NOTE : -return_with SORRY 32 triggered by problem severity FAILURE
[moved] Grandaſſe
5 years ago

Ohlala ça va pas du tout là ! #triggered @kaerhon @lux @Courgette