1 day ago

Vertigo, exhaustion, moving in slow motion. Lounge sound led by strings and smoky vocals.

#TripHop #TripHopTuesday

Yoni Den
5 days ago
"THE CURSE OF COLONIALISM II" from modest by default

This is some really relaxed #Barber or #Vapor from Argentina

I have really enjoyed this release and I recommend you
Check It Out!

#BandCamp #BandCampFriday #TripHop #BarberBeats #VaporWave #Music #ElectronicMusic #Plunder

Blue Nagoon 🫐
5 days ago

For your #BandcampFriday pleasure, I'd like to highlight my album "Crestfallen." Sampler below!

This one flew under the radar compared to my other releases but it's some of my best #songwriting and it's just the thing for a #cozy winter day!

It's #chill #pop with vocals. Lots of inspiration from #LofiHiphop and #triphop. It celebrates the small moments that feel big.

It features the wonderful Alyssa Fischer on vocals and was mastered by @hilljam

Audio clips of songs from Blue Nagoon's "Crestfallen" album play over images of still, quiet scenes like a beach in winter or a city at night.
Rachel, Femme Doux Naturel
5 days ago

hi, everyone! it's Bandcamp Friday again, and that means it's time for a semi-regular post about my music! I make electronic music paired with spoken-word poetry, and I have an album and an EP available on my Bandcamp page. and you can get both for just two bucks total! (though you'd be an absolute sweetie if you tossed me a bit more than that 👉️ 👈️ )

you can find my music at

#Bandcamp #BandcampFriday #Music #QueerMusic #TransMusic #Electronic #Electronica #Synthpop #Triphop #Industrial #SpokenWord

The Slow Music Movement
5 days ago

Great New Singles & Emerging Artists from the Independent Underground. Self released, folk songs in various forms, the start of the trip hop revival and some classy Taiwanese electronica. Give them a listen & a follow, or Ed Sheeran is the future.

All the tracks are available on TSMM's playlists:

#slow #music #chill #independentartists #folk #singersongwriter #electronica #triphop #music #newmusic

5 days ago

New Chelsea Wolfe track is, unsurprisingly, amazing! Darkwave + trip hop Chelsea is exciting...can't wait for the album in February.

#darkwave #triphop #alternativerock #newmusic #music #chelseawolfe

6 days ago

dj SpooKy THAT SUBLIMINAL KID - RIDDIM WARFARE #vinyl @vinylrecords #beats #illbient #tripHop #turntablist #dub #NowPlaying

That subliminal kid on the turntable
1 week ago
Dark Side of Synth
1 week ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Dark Side of Synth
2 weeks ago


Forgotten Promises

Atmospheric trip hop with female vocals, piano melody, electric bass, electric piano and synths, groovy drums.

#newmusic #triphop #drumandbass #NewMusicFriday #90s #electronicmusic #idm #DarkSideOfSynth

Ajna Management
2 weeks ago

In F(r)iends We Trust vol. 2 est en ligne !

Compilation en soutien à @splann

🎁 100% des fonds récoltés sur Bandcamp seront reversés directement à l'ONG

Merci aux artistes qui participent à cette compilation ♥️

#deathcore #metalcore #nantes #bzh #rock #postrock #posthardcore #ambient #drone #hiphop #hardtechno #screamo #skramz #punk #triphop #electro #splann

Endless Blue
2 weeks ago

@cinja Ah yes! We had a tune on the soundtrack. Bunch of great indie #triphop throughout the series

2 weeks ago

Ce soir j'ai envie de passer une heure avec Darrell Fitton aka Bola. Une discographie qui est un petit bijou d'introspection musicale. Très inventif et sensible. Contrairement à la grande majorité des productions experimental Trip-Hop, sa musique ne vieillit pas, ne sombre jamais dans la caricature d'une époque où tout se melangeait bien plus facilement.

Feat Maxi Jazz RIP

#triphop #idm

Dark Side of Synth
2 weeks ago

Let's go back 25 years or so for some cool #triphop

Forgotten Promises

Atmospheric trip hop with female vocals, piano melody, electric bass, electric piano and synths, groovy drums

#atmospheric #emotional #newmusic #dnb #90s #idm #atmosphericdrumandbass #darksideofsynth

Music from the 80ies and more
3 weeks ago

Massive Attack - The Spoils ft. Hope Sandoval
Massive Attack, iconic Trip Hop musicians from the UK published this outstanding track in 2016 as a single. Once more they chose a brilliant singer to perform.

#massiveattack #triphop #the spoils #musicfromthe2010s #hope #sandoval

3 weeks ago

"Chalk it up to them misunderstanding what I said
Making up the rules to win a game inside my head
I think I'm growin' up, but nah, if I'm growin'
I'm just growing old
Hanging on to every grudge I think I need to hold
Can't remember who I'm even fighting anymore
You'd think I'd know my way by now
But I'm lost, and now I can't be found"

#newmusic #vaporwave #indie #music #lyrics #triphop

3 weeks ago

Es gibt wieder viele (Kauf-)#Empfehlungen aus den #Electronica-Bereichen #Ambient und #Lounge, aber auch #DnB und #Triphop in der neuen Folge von #XtraChill:

3 weeks ago

Old review.


Not too enthused in this review, which isn't the fault of the album itself. I just happened to binge so much SFtG in such a short period then, something was gonna' come off weaker than the rest. And, well, that ended up being the duo's debut.
#ElectronicMusic #Downtempo #AmbientDub #TripHop #WorldBeat

Give that tree some water, pronto.
Joost Hageman
3 weeks ago

#breakbeats #triphop #jazz
♫♪♫ 'Bridge' – Amon Tobin • Permutation [1998]

3 weeks ago

The back half of #triphoptuesday demands

Leaf, also known as Hologram Dagger, is one of my favorite anti-establishment artists.


3 weeks ago

Happy #triphoptuesday to all who celebrate. Dig in with Saltillo -- who released an enormously popular album in 2006. Deeply emotional, often melancholy, but tons of percussive breaks.


3 weeks ago

New #Poe. It's been 20 years since her last release, and this is awesome. Very #triphop, I love it.

phryk 🏴
3 weeks ago

Anitek – Isopods #np #lofi #downtempo #triphop

Anitek is one of those artists who really deserve more of an audience.

Go check out his dozens of releases:

Seriously, dude's probably the most consistently prolific and good artist in the free music scene I know of.

His releases add up to about 24 hours of material by now and every time I go look him up again, there's something new.

4 weeks ago

Old review.

Various - !K7150

One of the hippest labels in the land celebrates its 150th release in a double-LP extravaganza! Also makes available a bunch of their exclusive DJ-Kicks tracks in a tidy two-discer. Either-or works.
#ElectronicMusic #AcidJazz #NuJazz #TripHop #Downtempo #Electroclash #Jazzstep #Techno

What more needs to be said?
1 month ago

Release day is here at last!

My Ephemera album was released one year ago, on Nov. 8, 2022, and to celebrate the album’s first anniversary of being out in the world, I’m thrilled to present these remixes by artists from Vancouver, Germany and Scotland.

#musodon #NewMusic #remix #EP #TripHop #HalfTime #Downtempo #ambient

Mx. Luna Corbden
1 month ago

TIL the singer in Massive Attack’s Teardrop is Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins?????!!! #triphop #shoegaze #music

Luke Dorny
1 month ago

Portishead have graciously remastered the Live NYC Roseland recording, 25 years later:

Edit: There are 3 new tracks on here:
• Undenied
• Numb
• Western Eyes

Edit: here's the links to all places:!UMGUK37824-1063270

#portishead #music #downbeat #triphop

🎧 What I'm on right now.

"Unfinished Sympathy"
#MassiveAttack (1991).

📹 #BaillieWalsh directed the #video featuring Shara Nelson walking as she sang. It was "filmed in a single continuous [Steadicam] shot from 1311 South New Hampshire Avenue to 2632 West Pico Boulevard in #LosAngeles, California" — Wikipedia

#EddieFM #TripHop #90s #UK

Am I awaiting a #TripHop revival?
Why yes, yes I am!


2 months ago

#Listening to Life Forms by The Nomad:

The album this is from, Second Selection (1999) is one of my favourite albums of kiwi down tempo electronica. Especially the final track, Time is Running Out, whose warning seems all the more urgent almost a quarter of a century later:

#music #electronic #TripHop #dub #TheNomad

2 months ago

Song of the Day - No 290

Olive - You're Not Alone

"You're Not Alone" is a song by the British band Olive. It was released in 1996 as the lead single from their debut studio album, "Extra Virgin." The track achieved significant success, topping the UK Singles Chart.

FUN FACT: I'm friends with Olive's singer, Ruth-Ann Boyle.

#SOTD #SongOfTheDay #music #Olive #Electronic #TripHop #Downtempo

Rachel, Femme Doux Naturel
2 months ago

hi, everyone! since I'm on a new instance, I figured I'd post again about my music, because I'm excited as hell to share it with y'all! ❤️​

I make electronic music, sometimes instrumental, sometimes with spoken-word poetry, and occasionally with some singing when I'm feeling confident. my main influences, genre-wise, include shoegaze and dreampop, industrial, trip-hop and a smattering of spoken-word artists (Kae Tempest, Leonard Cohen, Mike Doughty).

I currently have two albums up on my Bandcamp, :

  • nonbinaural is a full-length compilation of tracks that I composed and recorded throughout 2022. I never intended to write songs about the "transfem experience," but a few people have commented that they get major feelings of trans joy from the album, and, well, I guess that happened subconsciously somewhere along the way. 😅​ but it also touches upon my struggles with recovering from codependency and finding my own voice after a stifling long-term relationship.

  • eclipse is an EP that I released back in April. it contains a few new songs from early 2023, plus a couple left over from 2022 that I didn't feel fit on nonbinaural. it's overall darker and more experimental than the full-length, and it touches upon some more traumatic themes that I wanted to confine to a shorter release.

both albums are available to stream for free, but you can download losseless copies of both for just $1 each. and your purchase of eclipse even gets you three bonus tracks: two instrumental versions of songs on the EP and an entirely original song!

oh, and you can also listen to some of my more recent compositions on my Soundcloud:

either way, thank you for listening! 😁​

#Music #QueerMusic #QueerMusician #QueerMusicians #TransMusic #TransMusician #electronic #Electronica #Dreampop #Triphop #Industrial

Tricky - Maxinquaye

Despite the imitators that came out after, a singular accomplishment, and almost as much of a Martina Topley-Bird album as a Tricky one...her vocals breaking through the deep, paranoid murk are critical to the LP's success.

This is getting re-released/re-visited in the next month or so; it seemed like a good time to listen to the original again. Remains great.

#nowplaying #vinyl #triphop #Tricky #MartinaTopleyBird

Tricky - Maxinquaye. What looks like a distressed crate with "TRICKY:" in the center, on a black background.

The black LP plays on a vintage Bang & Olufsen Beogram 4000 linear-tracking turntable to the right. The dustcover is open, and the album, tonearm and surround are reflected in its underside.
marc [sustain release] ✅
2 months ago

Haven't thought about the #downtempo classic "Les nuits" by #NightmaresOnWax for a while. 🎧 #triphop #electronica

Bonne nuit!

The Tired Horizon
3 months ago

If anyone wants to collaborate with me there is an easy option. I've uploaded a small amount of #creativecommons / #CC tracks you can sample (just credit me where you use them!)!!

#electronica #homestudio #homerecording #MusicProduction #electronicmusic #hiphop #triphop #EDM #trance #Musicians #musicmaking #sampling

🎧 #Mood | #MassiveAttack's "Daydreaming" (1990).

🎬 The film is #BaillieWalsh's first Director credit. Brilliant.

#EddieFM #TripHop #UK #90s

3 months ago

Aww I was just reminded of this song. I always really liked this one, and am now toying with the idea of how it would sound as a slowed down Alpha style trip hop remix. Hmmm...

Koop - Summer Sun

#jazz #TripHop #musodon

Hi everyone! First day of my new unemployment happens to be #BandCampFriday so if you're in the mood for adding an eclectic set of experimental electronica, this album has a nice blend of styles across 20 years of composing studio tracks.

~~~ #craque ~~~
~~~~ BLUE ~~~~

#experimentalmusic #electronica #idm #triphop #techno #downtempo

3 months ago

It seems that's #BandcampFriday

If you like #ambient #rock #triphop


Yoni Den
3 months ago

"Playtime" by L'indécis is a very mellow slice of luscious instrumental jazzy #hiphop
The production is sweet and rich, these deep vibes will have you lounging.

Check It Out!

#Instrumental #InstrumentalHipHop #BandCamp #BandCampFriday #Jazzy #Vibes #Mellow #Chill #ChillHop #TripHop

3 months ago

Aujourd'hui sur Blog à part – The Ocean: Holocene

The Ocean revient avec un nouvel album, Holocene, toujours sur le thème paléontologique, mais nettement moins post-metal.

#electro #postmetal #triphop

Rasmus Fleischer
3 months ago

I recorded a new mix. It's rather short and sounds alarmingly autumnal: drum'n'bass embedded in some ambient and triphop.
#drumandbass #dnb #triphop #mixtape

3 months ago

it's good they called the band "portal theory" because i was transported to 1999 as soon as i heard the first song:

#music #TripHop #The90s

4 months ago

TIPPER - Surrounded

Well this is a surprise, but also not? I'm sure folks in the #Breaks scene were caught off guard by Dave doing a completely #Downtempo album, and good on him bucking convention. I'm sure he was feeling #NuSkool was getting stale as the #00s rolled on (because it was).

So going full #TripHop is an interesting wrinkle, sprinkling just enough #Glitch and #IDM touches that I'm sure wow'd purist breakbeat boys. Some of those drippy sounds tho', remind me of #PsyTrance wibble.

4 months ago

Song of the Day - No 243

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground

"6 Underground" is a song by the English band Sneaker Pimps from their debut studio album Becoming X. First released as a single in the United Kingdom in September 1996, the song reached number 15.

Both the song and the music video feature Kelli Dayton (later known as Kelli Ali), the band’s lead singer at the time.

#SOTD #SongOfTheDay #music #SneakerPimps #Triphop #Electronica #Downtempo

Yoni Den
4 months ago

@baymud Bay Mud's "On A Brick Speedboat" is a collection of tracks made with Synthstrom Deluge.
A kinda acidic #TripHop vibe prevails throughout the collection, with #BreakBeat or #IDM rhythmics this would not be out of place on NinjaTune in the late nineties.

Just great Stuff.
Check It Out!


poga 🐈
4 months ago


🎵 Hugo Kant - Far From Home (Full Album)

#nowplaying #triphop

Jeff the Alien
5 months ago

Are there any #triphop #hiphop #indiemusic enthusiasts out there?

I recently produced some music for an up and coming rapper out of
#Florida going by the name "Grafezzy" under the FeezMuzik

This track is my first in this genre. My own twist on things comes in the start with a bit of Trip Hop blending before that old school beat drops with another backing bass line filler. This mix highlights the rap mostly. Without further delay here is my mix:

Big Face Hunnid ft. Grafezzy

Vinyl every day
5 months ago

Gorillaz - Demon Days
2005 EUR Parlophone #vinyl #music @vinylrecords
#TripHop, #PopRock, #PopRap
Listen to the Album:

Album Cover showing drawings of the profiles of the virtual group members
Endless Blue
5 months ago

A belated #introduction :

We are Endless Blue, a #TripHop duo (and sometimes band) from San Marcos, CA by way of Milwaukee and Minneapolis. We’ve been at this for just shy of 20 years, self-producing numerous albums, appearing on several indie #soundtracks , and playing a bunch of shows. Our music is on all the things, but mostly here:

#musodon #musicproduction #homerecording #ableton #reaperdaw

megabyteGhost / beatMage / G
5 months ago

Hey, I am releasing a new exclusive track under my alias beatMage.

Listen to it here and if you like it, you can download it for free:

WARNING: There is a bribe involved, but it's one you're used to and probably already know a way around it (and I'm okay with that!).

#theStudio #triphop #music

6 months ago
Image shows a turntable with a black vinyl record on the platter. Behind the turntable vinyl album outer sleeve is displayed. The front cover shows a circuit board, and on the left side of the circuit board it Has "Sneaker Pimps" and "Becoming X"
7 months ago

Avec le retour du froid, je me suis dit que c'était le moment de refaire un peu de soupe.🥣
#TripHop #NuJazz

7 months ago

Did you realise
No one can see inside your view?
Did you realise
For why this sight belongs to you?

#songs #triphop

Bad Diode
7 months ago

Hello folks, it's #BandcampFriday today and I would be very grateful if you could check out my new single, "Dreamwatcher".

Shout out to @BewilderedBird for the beautiful ink artwork!

#music #musodon #triphop

7 months ago
Michael U
8 months ago

Not sure these have even been announced, but two Everything But The Girl live performances circa Walking Wounded and Temperamental just appeared on #Bandcamp and are free if you want.

Includes versions of the two Massive Attack songs from Protection that Thorn sang on.

#DanceMusic #TripHop (ugh) #ElectronicMusic #IndieMusic

Oh I guess this fits #JukeboxFridayNight theme of #ItTakesTwo

Adam Greenfield
8 months ago

A QUARTER-CENTURY OLD TODAY, and it still sounds like it was recorded next Wednesday. #massiveattack #triphop

The cover of Massive Attack’s 1998 album “Mezzanine,” with the title and band name set in friendly Helvetica over Nick Knight’s photograph of a stag beetle.
8 months ago

Took part in another #BeatMaking competition. Walked into #TripHop territory this time. Hope you like it. #Music #NewMusic #NewSong #Musodon #Mood

ArtBear on Mastodon
8 months ago

Disturbingly good. One of DIV's top tracks.

Death In Vegas - Your Hands Around My Throat

#DeathInVegas #Music #Indie #Electronica #TripHop #Rock #BearTracks #UK #00s

Camilo Bravo :drumset:
9 months ago

@amcjen time to learn about "gestural surrogacy", I guess! 😅

Here are some relevant excerpts from the same article and the song referenced in the "post-trip hop" section:

🔊 #NowPlaying "Low Place Like Home" by Sneaker Pimps

#GenreOfTheWeek is #TripHop

5.1. Gestural surrogacy

[...] When we listen to traditional instrumental music, we not only perceive the sound, but also infer the sounding body and physical gesture that produced it; thus, the production of sound and the perception of sound are inter-connected. When the relationship between a sound and its source is unclear, it draws the listener’s attention to the distinctive features of the sound, as well as heightens the instability of the listener’s perception. [...]

The relationship between sound, source and gesture can be blurred, stretched, or broken entirely. [...] *First order surrogacy* refers to sonic objects outside the traditional musical structure: sounds that are not intended for musical use though we can recognise both the source and gesture. *Second order surrogacy* describes traditional instrumental/ vocal activity where an acknowledged performance skill is employed: the source and the gesture can be recognised. *Third order surrogacy* describes sound whose source and/or gesture is unknown: the relationship between sound, source and gesture is ambiguous. *Remote surrogacy* refers to the remnants of gesture when human interaction disappears completely: source and gesture are unknown and unknowable. All trip hop artists rely primarily on second order surrogacy: known instruments and gestures. The extent to which first, third and remote orders are explored are good indicators of one particular style over another. [...]
5.1.2. Post-trip hop

Post-trip hop primarily relies on second and third order surrogacy, and explores the third order to a greater extent than instrumental hip hop. Known instruments comprise the texture of a work while unknown sounds frequently decorate the space to create interest. For example, the Sneaker Pimps song Low Place Like Home opens with several sounds, the source or gesture of which are unknown. The onset of the opening sound is compressed, creating a ‘pushing’ effect, which is then followed by a percussive sound with an extended onset and an immediate termination. Two distinct percussive sounds follow whose gesture can be inferred as a striking motion though the source is unclear. At 0:23 known instruments replace the unknown sounds and continue until 1:20 when the opening unknown sounds return. These sounds continue through the second verse before being replaced by known instruments at the second chorus (2:00). Known instruments continue to create the texture for the remainder of the song while the unknown sounds reappear at strategic points to maintain momentum.
Camilo Bravo :drumset:
9 months ago

Turns out there's some controversy over the #TripHop label.

The most prominent artists (Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky) have expressed their critical views of the name due to how it was sold by the press as a British "improvement" over American hip hop.


#GenreOfTheWeek is #BristolSound a.k.a. #TripHop

Camilo Bravo :drumset:
9 months ago

I had no idea this beautiful album was considered #TripHop. I adore it, the whistling and chord changes and .. just everything about it.


Camilo Bravo :drumset:
9 months ago

1. Spoken word samples, so it's fine if you (read: I) can't sing. 🎙️

2. Electronic instruments; embrace the future. 🎛️

3. Prominent bass; best use your good headphones. 🎧

4. Melancholic sound, so get ready for some mood. 🌃


#GenreOfTheWeek is one of my personal favorites: #TripHop

4 Characteristics of Trip-Hop

While a difficult genre to categorize, there are four main characteristics that define the trip-hop sound.

1. Spoken word samples: Trip-hop features hypnotic, synthesized, and pre-recorded sounds. Artists use spoken word samples, raps, or other various vocal stylings dubbed over the music.

2. Electronic instruments: Instruments often used in electronic, dub and breakbeat music, such as Rhodes pianos, trumpets, flutes, theremin, Mellotrons, and synth contributed to the synthesized and hypnotic sounds that define trip-hop.

3. Prominent bass: A prominent bass is often employed in this genre to create slower BPMs and add a jazzy, funky, new age flare.

4. Melancholic sound: Inspired by post-punk bands, trip-hop often features the angsty soul of rock with the flagrant undertones of hip-hop, resulting in its signature melancholic sound.
ArtBear on Mastodon
9 months ago

1993 B-side remix (of his own track) from the formidable LTJ Bukem. Great use of the harp & vocals, the worldbeat flavours in the percussion & overall floaty triphop sensibility to this jungle.

LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (I Need You) remix

#LTJBukem #ApolloTwo #music #DnB #DrumNBass #Jungle #Triphop #BearTracks #UK #90s

ArtBear on Mastodon
9 months ago

Fresh track. Triphoppy + Greentea Peng vibes sitting over jungly DnB.

Sorta like an entire 90s big night, from heading out, all the way combined thru the cooldown.

goddard. & Greentea Peng - Downers (Rework)

#Goddard. #GreenteaPeng #music #DnB #DrumNBass #Jungle #Triphop #BearTracks #UK #20s

ArtBear on Mastodon
9 months ago

This was a big track in the London scene.

Roots Manuva - 'Witness (1 Hope)'

#RootsManuva #music #HipHop #TripHop #Dance #Club #BearTracks #UK #00s

Frankie ✅
9 months ago

@professorkiosk @Chronomyst @ocsweetest I need less than half a reason to post the reason I fell in love with sneaker pimps in sf in '07. roomie kevin (rip) was a bipolarpoet and wallowed in the darkness. i was less so, but felt his mood. kevvie intro'd me to #triphop one band at a time until it was *all I listened to. sneaker pimps came after massive attack and before portishead that year, if memory serves.

ArtBear on Mastodon
9 months ago

25 years since Moon Safari! Still an absolutely awesome album. This track is like a big hug.

AIR - La femme d'argent

#Air #music #Electronica #Indie #TripHop #Pop #BearTracks #France #90s

Do y’all love Portshead as much as I do? Beth Gibbons’ voice is angelic and the music is like nothing else.

Their first record, “Dummy,” is an icon. But the track “Machine Gun” from their third record, “Third,” is really great.

#Music #TripHop #Portshead #ElectronicMusic

ArtBear on Mastodon
10 months ago

St Germain is class, and this track is top shelf wind down & chillout.

Good night Mastodonia, sleep well.

St Germain - Sure Thing

#StGermain #music #Jazz #NuJazz #TripHop #BearTracks #Sampling #90s

ArtBear on Mastodon
10 months ago

This track is just so good on headphones, or listening neatly in between your speakers. Very cool vibes.

Moonshine Crossroads is the album where this vibes version comes from, but also the Power Bossa album & it's remix album are all worth checking out. Variety of really solid tracks there.

Fab Samperi - Jazz Di Mezzaluna

#FabSamperi #music #Jazz #NuJazz #TripHop #BearTracks #Vibes #Sampling #10s