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4 days ago

Slashening: The Final Beginning (2021) Available February 20

#horror - #horrormovies - #SlasheningTheFinalBeginning - #Troma - @Troma_Team - Five years after The Slashening, 22-year-old Madison Santangeli moves to Brooklyn to start a new life in the wake of her father's suicide. STARRING: Addie Weyrich, Madonna Refugia, Jean Louise O’sullivan, Lloyd Kaufman, Patrick Foy

1 month ago

Wanted to share my #Halloween costume from this year as I'm proud of the sculpting. I learned a lot and had fun putting it all together. It's the #ToxicAvenger ! #Troma #ToxicCrusaders

Me dressed as the Toxic Avenger, smiling behind his lumpy green toxic visage, pumping one arm heroically in the air with his trust mop in the other. Dressed in an orange cutoff t-shirt, pink tutu and messy green stained pants.
Wearing the Toxic Avenger costume and gazing hungrily at a delicious slice of cheese and salami pizza.
Toxie waving at the camera with a big smile
1 month ago

This evening's #Halloween season viewing: diving into some delightful trash with Troma Films, and Monster in the Closet. Saving Toxic Avenger for later viewing!

#film #horror #HorrorFilm #Troma #TromaFilms #horreur #MonsterInTheCloset

animated gif of very bad creature effects from the wonderfully trashy Monster in the Closet, a 1980s Troma Films release
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1 month ago

The Toxic Avenger Collection Tox Set 4K Ultra HD Available October 24

#horror - #horrormovies - #TheToxicAvenger - #Troma - @Troma_Team - For the first time in the history of mankind, all 4 Toxic Avenger films of the world famous franchise have been brought together into one Tromarific 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray package! his TOXSET (which you could hold in your hands if you hand over your money to buy these again) will prove to be an increasingly valuable collectible.

Ben Higbie
1 month ago

Toxic Crusaders Ultimates! Radiation Ranger (Glow-in-the-Dark) NYCC 2023 Exclusive by Super7 #figure #figures #troma #toxiccrusaders #arts #art #tromastudios #geek #nerd #design #designing #geeks #nerds #comiccon #halloween #happyhalloween

a photo of an action figure, it is glow-in-the-dark, bright green, he has a shield, a gun, and a breathing apparatus and mask like a scuba diver
photo of the action figure looking at the viewer
the figure displayed with all the accessories it comes with, different hands that can be switched out, the backpack, shield, and gun
the figure inside the package

Sharing this oldie on a spooky day
warning - tons of fake movie blood and over the top violence
#JustinSilverman #silvermania #troma #horror #videogames

Phil Edwards
2 months ago

Peter Dinklage is The Toxic Avenger in the new teaser. Watch it here

#TheToxicAvenger #PeterDinklage #MaconBlair #KevinBacon #ElijahWood #Troma #NSFW

The trailer for the upcoming Toxic Avenger movie (with Peter Dinklage, it doesn't have a release date yet) is now on YouTube, and it's KILLER (I'm not linking, there's gore and much swearing - even in the trailer! 😂 ) but find it and check it out if you're into weird, gross and funny stuff like I am.

BEYOND psyched for this movie.

#ToxicAvenger #Monsterdon #TheToxicAvenger #Troma #PeterDinklage #horror #Toxie

The logo screen for the upcoming Toxic Avenger movie, with a graffiti-spatter type black skull head type shape, with the logo scrawled in black as the head's teeth. One red dot in Toxie's left eye, with red dripping down.
2 months ago

The teaser trailer for the new #ToxicAvenger movie already has 124K views on #youtube.

That may be more people than have seen the original #Troma movie.

3 months ago

Getting really hyped for Macon Blair's The Toxic Avenger.
So here's a little bit of enthusiasm and love for Troma's greatest monster/superhero.

#artistsonmastodon #thetoxicavenger #troma #digitalart #drawing #draw

The Toxic Avenger in a heroic pose on top of a dump.

Deadly Daphne's Revenge (1987)


C’est terriblement mauvais, long et particulièrement mal joué.

✍️ h

#DeadlyDaphnesRevenge #Horreur #FilmHorreur #Troma #Film #Cinema

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3 months ago

The Toxic Avenger Collection Tox Set 4K Ultra HD Available September 19

#horror - #horrormovies - #TheToxicAvenger - #Troma - @Troma_Team - For the first time in the history of mankind, all 4 Toxic Avenger films of the world famous franchise have been brought together into one Tromarific 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray package! his TOXSET (which you could hold in your hands if you hand over your money to buy these again) will prove to be an increasingly valuable collectible.
4 months ago

La prima foto ufficiale di The Toxic Avenger, remake dell'iconico film della Troma che qui vede come protagonista Peter Dinklage.

#peterdinklage #thetoxicavenger #troma #film #cinema #nerd

Last night I watched ‘The Class of Nuke ‘Em High’ for the first time since high school. It was the first intentionally bad movie I’d ever seen, chosen one night at #Blockbuster in the late #80s with two of my close friends (probably after an hour of lighthearted bickering).

I’ve loved #BadMovies since and sharing it with my bad-movie-loving 14yo was fun (with pauses to discuss the tolerance in the 80s for sexual assault, homophobia, & transphobia, as well as #Troma’s limit-pushing in general).

It was dumb, stupid, offensive and still laugh-out-loud funny during the more ridiculous parts. And it felt new because I remembered only a single beat from the movie.

I’m really hoping that the kid & their friends decide to make a bad movie sometime, it’s a lot easier now than it was back in the day. And of course I hope to get a role, ideally with a fake-looking & needlessly gory death.

#movies #TromaFilms #Tromaville

Class of Nuke ‘Em High 1986 Troma
img 3610
img 3609
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5 months ago

Toxie Goes To The Drive-In!

#horror - #Trailers - #horrormovies - #Troma - @Troma_Team - The Toxic Avenger and friends journey from Tromaville to The Mahoning Drive-In Theater for the TromaDance Film Festival.

@theoddprophet script consultant for the new #troma movie??? That’s so cool!

hpkomic 👻
5 months ago

I should reach out to #Troma and see if I can work for them to run their social media on the #fediverse - as they currently have none and we desperately need their weirdness.

Or at least if I can write a #ToxicAvenger comic for them.

In 1957 Oct.15,a 23-yo Brazilian farmer was abducted by a🛸#FlyingSaucer
👽#aLiens of the crew were 150 cm tall and they did💉experiments with him but the interesting thing came later:a female👽🎀#aLien with blue catlike👀eyes who looked like something halfway between a #Troma #Film and a #RussMeyer #Movie came,stripped him #Naked and raped him.Repeatedly🍆 💦 💦
Only thing that bothered Brazilian
farmer was that #Horny #aLien Queen did neither💋#Kiss him during❤️❤️#Sex ual intercourses nor say👋 #Goodbye.

aLien abduction in 1961
Headlines Mail Online 2023 Jun.25
Abduction and rape of Antônio Vilas-Boas
Headlines All that's interesting 
2020 Oct.07
hpkomic 👻
5 months ago

It is a #ToxicAvenger night tonight.


6 months ago

@Pissybadger we're annoyed that Mermaid has pushed out the 3D shows of Guardians 3 because it's the school vacation here.

Yeah, I know how you feel about Marvel movies now but I'm kind of curious about this one because Gunn's movies tend to entertainingly off-kilter. Been a fan of his since the #troma days

C. Glen
7 months ago

I know it's not going to happen, just imagine for a second. James Gunn has all the money in the world for the new DC Cinematic Universe launch, and he turns around...

...and contracts with Troma to produce every single one of the new movies on the slate.

The resulting chaos cannot be imagined.

#Movies #DCU #Troma

Animated GIF of Troma's founder Lloyd Kaufman breathing heavily into an oxygen mask and panicking.
Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
7 months ago

@MevsMatze @YayForThat @ElizabethLeeCo @RichTate I was particularly poking fun at myself for my recommendations, which often don’t hit others like they do me. I may have have something #Troma (films) induced.

7 months ago

Troma should publish their own TTRPG setting. #ttrpg #troma #That’sTheWholeToot

Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
8 months ago

@Macabre_ish Also, any other #Troma recommendations would be great while I’m on my free trial. 😁

Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
8 months ago

OMG I finally find you in my bookmarks, @Macabre_ish , this is how my mind processed your avatar. 🤯👽

I’m calling off the search. Everyone may go about their business.

Anyways, thanks for recommending Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator. It was really some #Troma goodness!

Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
8 months ago

#NowWatching Stuff Stephanie into the Incinerator (1990) on a free trial of #TromaNow. I think this was a recommendation from @stina_marie but my thinker doesn’t often operate as desired.

#mastodonbadmovieclub #troma

The title appears above the picture of a blond, young woman in a minidress and high heels. She is bent over in front of a flaming incinerator looking back. A boot looms in the foreground on the right, ready to boot her in.
Janne Fantastic
8 months ago


Here is an old attempt of mine to capture the beauty of Toxie.

#TheToxicAvenger #Toxie #LloydKaufman #Troma

Portrait of The Toxic Avenger in color.
Black & white portrait of The Toxic Avenger.
8 months ago
9 months ago

I’m watching Nightbeast. It is not great but it’s super nostalgic and gory. It’s about an alien crashing in the woods and either disintegrating the locals with it’s ray gun or ripping them up with it’s bare hands. #80s #horror #HorrorMovies #scifi #troma #cinema #film #cinemastodon

9 months ago

I’m watching a 70s Troma release called Pigs. I think this movie has the most re-release titles ever.

Daddy’s Deadly Darling, Daddy's Girl, The 13th Pig, Blood Pen, Horror Farm, Roadside Torture Chamber, The Killer, The Killers, Lynn Hart, The Strange Love Exorcist, Lynn Hart, the Strange Love Exorcist, The Strange Exorcism of Lynn Hart and The Secret of Lynn Hart. #horror #troma

10 months ago

Sallying forth. #troma #vhs #saturday

Sgt. Kabukiman vhs box.
10 months ago

This is going to be the most disappointing ‘summary’ of a movie you’ve ever read lol. I cannot explain this movie without giving the entire punchline up. So imagine you watched a movie, just to discover you were watching a movie, inside of a movie, inside of a movie. Now you no longer recognize what’s reality and what isn’t. This is the russian dolls of movies. It’s well done and well composed and it feels long because literally anything can (and will!) happen. #cinemastodon #troma

10 months ago

The cover and title are why I bought this. I can’t remember it so I’m watching it today! #horror #troma #donnardo #cinemastodon #laserdisc

thudfactor ⚓️
11 months ago

Lloyd Kaufman calls it the only x-rated movie to lose money, but this early Lloyd Kaufman / Oliver Stone film would shape Troma … by counter-example.

A short review of the 1973 giallo-like film Sugar Cookies.

#movies #troma #sexploitation #giallo (ish)

Lynn Lowry, Mary Woronov, and  George Shannon in tight closeup.
1 year ago

This #Troma horror is about an evil gift that was delivered to greedy relatives by the family black sheep and changed the wealthy great aunts into monsters, who proceed to eat the guests. This was very graphic, gory and it cracked me up. This is Rabid Grannies. #horror #film #Belgium #80s #laserdisc

Janne Fantastic
1 year ago

I know chicken is not turkeys but I still think that "Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead" is THE movie to watch during Thanksgiving.

#Thanksgiving #Troma #ThanksgivingMovies #Poultrygeist

Lloyd Kaufman, in chicken-zombie makeup, behind the camera as he is directing Poultrygeist.
Just a guy being attacked by a zombie-chicken.
A bunch of zombies. Chicken-zombies. It's hard to explain, sorry.
More zombies. Zombie-chickens.
1 year ago