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"yesterday's chart-topper"? Dishy Rishi?

The highest he ever got was #3 - after the #vacuumOfIntegrity and mad #truss

He is now #2 behind the LOTO ..... ( #Starmer - arguably the Kraftwerk of UK politics....)

Paul Stevenson 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

I am *very* grateful that we've had a #FirstMinister in post these last few years in #Wales who compares very favourably against the chorus of clowns we've had in charge at #Westminster.
Watch any of the televised #COVID briefings and tell me you'd rather have had #Johnson, #Truss or #Sunak addressing the Welsh nation.

Liz #Truss was not elected to the highest office of the #British state in a general election. Javier Milei has won a substantial 56 per cent of Argentina's vote in the November 19 presidential run-off election. It’s the widest margin since the 1983 return of democracy to #Argentina after seven years of dictatorship.
And yet, Mr Milei does bring to mind Ms Truss, for a simple reason: they seem to want some of the same things and it could all go frightfully wrong.

3 weeks ago

@Oldmanstan @marti @OliverNoble

They tried that already - #thatcher was "reincarnated" as #Truss

It did not work out - almost as tho 2023 is not 1979 - who knew?

3 weeks ago

@Oldmanstan @marti @OliverNoble

We will see - #Patel disappeared without trace so I am not sure #braverman will do much better..... and the good #burghers of #fareham might at a pinch chuck her out at #2024GE if the #libDems get their act together & #labour de-emphasise the seat (which they cannot win)

The mass membership of the #toriesOut have never selected a leader with a brown skin given an option - they even preferred the mad #truss to #sunak

3 weeks ago

@jaycee @harriettmb

He might be but there is worse than him in the is currently the Deputy Chairman.

I agree he is weak. He like #Johnson & #Truss before them aren't fit to run the country.

I am fed up being ar the whim of the English (some) voter!

let me guess what could come next;
#johnson becomes minister of #internalaffairs and soon after, #truss becomes #treasurer?!

#uk #cameron #meme #mamema #memes #shining #britain #tory #brexit

shining scene of nicholson wracking the door with a axe, nicholson is cameron, door has ministry of foreign affairs seal next to it.
SubtleBlade ⚔️
4 weeks ago

#Labour motion to ban #Truss-style #budget meltdowns puts pressure on #Tory MPs -

Labour will force a #Commons vote this week aimed at creating new #LegalSafeguards against #FiscalDisasters such as #LizTruss’s catastrophic mini-budget, which sent the #FinancialMarkets into #meltdown and drove up #mortgage rates

Aboumael ⏚ 🔻
1 month ago

Sue-Ellen Cassiana Braverman, dite #SuellaBraverman, née Fernandes le 3 avril 1980 à Harrow (Grand Londres), est une femme #politique britannique. Membre du Parti conservateur, elle est députée de Fareham dans le Hampshire depuis 2015, puis en 2022 secrétaire d'État à l'Intérieur dans les gouvernements #Truss et #Sunak.


1 month ago

Top prosecutor warns of enduring justice delays

There are over 2,300 rape cases awaiting trial - 4x higher than pre-pandemic. Average time from offence through to outcome is now 3.5 years


(BTW #Truss - rather more important than who makes the cheese I prefer!)

After 13 years of the "party of Law and Order" being in charge....

#toriesOut #labour

Ohio Rob 🐶📻
1 month ago

Somebody had to do this.

I want to say thank you to Liz #Truss, MP for inspiring this meme, perhaps the only thing she gave the world during her......brief tenure as UK PM.

In that spirit, it's now up to you, #Emmer! I don't feel good about your chances. Head of Lettuce has racked up an impressive record of outlasting inept political figures the past year or so.

#uspol #SpeakerOfTheHouse #GOP #MAGA #republiKlans

Meme depicting a photo of the latest GOP House Speaker nominee along with a Head of Lettuce on a white table. A logo of the "The Klansman News Network" appears in the upper right of the meme and along the bottom, the text "Can Emmer's Speaker dreams outlast this lettuce?". This meme is a spin off a meme that went viral at the start of the premiership of the UK's Liz Truss who in fact, did not outlast the lettuce as UK PM.
1 month ago

@Oldmanstan @MattMastodon @LuciusVorenus @krans @OliverNoble

Corbyn never once took on board the compromises needed to widen support to secure a majority, or, to take those on the centreLeft with him. His policy agenda ignored the economic realities of 21st C Britain, which do not permit rapid rollout of 1950s style nationalisation without a run on the markets that would make the #truss incident look like a mere blip...

Phil Thane ✅
2 months ago

@newsthump The acronym for Make Britain Grow Again (MBGA) is pronounced 'Embugger'. #Truss #gtto

2 months ago

@rebel63 @ChrisMayLA6
I get it. Instead of a broad tent, #KierStarmer seems to want a singular, "centrist" position

But, Britain is in the same state as America. #Johnson and #Truss and the #PolicingBill all show that #Tories are a threat to democracy. We need a coalition of all parties to stop them. No one party is "the answer".

#TacticalVoting is the key. With tactical voting, we have some ability to influence the actions they take.


It's like there's a collective psychosis sweeping across the globe at the moment.

#Brexit #Trump #Boris #COVID #Pandemic #LockDown #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #Patel #Truss #CostOfLivingCrisis #Sunak #Braverman #Trump AGAIN!

You honestly couldn't make up what's happened to the world since 2016! 😳

Trump & Doris become President & PM, then God sends a C19 plague! There's a war in Europe & off the back of it, the #FarRight rise again!

Mankind is cursed! 🤷🏾‍♂️

#Tories #CONservatives #Sunak #Truss #GTTO

🚨Truss New Leadership Bid🚨

After the carnage she caused 12 months ago, I can't believe the Tories are seriously considering having this gormless halfwit as their leader again!

On reflection, why should I be surprised? They've sunk so low, that many in their decrepit party have welcomed Nazi Nigel #Farage back into the #Tory fold, with some hailing him as their saviour & future leader too! 😳

Liz Truss - The gormless halfwit

cudos to #joepolitics!

i mean wow, this is bloody brilliant, lads!!

#uk #sunak #johnson #may #cameron oh and #truss, i forgot truss. got them all.

#brexit #meme #youtube #trainspotting #britain

do your self a favor and watch that clip if you ever heard of a country dubbed #britain

2 months ago

Along with #Freedland & #Toynbee (among others), with full-throated encouragement from @guardian Editor-in-Chief Kath #Viner, Rafael #Behr essentially led the #Guardian’s five-year-long assault on #Corbyn & his leadership team - thereby legitimising the veracity of the #FakeAntiSemitism slur and giving the #FarRight press, the #ZionistLobby & #BBC state media “permission” to jump on the “destroy Corbyn” bandwagon!

Whilst they won’t admit it, they & the British establishment’s liberal lickspittle publication (aka the Guardian) fundamentally betrayed what remains of British democracy & probably destroyed any future possibility of a #DemocraticSocialist government in Britain!

Having helped return #May’s, #Johnson’s, #Truss’ & #Sunak’s #Tories to power in the 2017 & 2019 elections, #Behr is today (see below), apparently without any sense of contrition, savaging the Tories - calling them “utopian zealots” whose conference in Manchester this week “is not just the endgame of a tired government. It is the late stages of moral and intellectual putrefaction. It is a once great party, hollowed out by a parasitical protest movement, collapsing into a parody of itself.”

Problem is: after three-years of giving @UKLabour “leader” Sir #KidStarver & his Shadow Cabinet of #Blairite nondescripts & no-hopers a “free pass”, the Guardian ‘hacks’ are also belatedly waking up to the fact that the #Mandelson-influenced ‘heart’ of #Labour thinking is suffused with such vapidity as to make it utterly clueless in the face of the crises we all now face!

2 months ago

#HS2 West Midlands- #Manchester line to be scrapped

Let us be clear - this is a failure on the #toriesOut watch

Which specific politicians from that dismal party are to blame ...

#cameron #may #vacuumOfIntegrity #truss #sunak

... matters not - the fault lies with them for bad stewardship

Somerset Bob 🇬🇧
2 months ago

#Podcast no. 2 today is #Global’s #TheNewsAgents with Jon Sopel, Emily Maitless and Lewis Goodall, all at the Midland Hotel in Manchester at the #Tory Party Conference. Liz #Truss’s speech features large, followed by other goings-on at the conference. #Spotify

Somerset Bob 🇬🇧
2 months ago

Time for only a #podcast or two today, so no. 1 is the #BBC’s #Newscast with Adam Fleming, who’s at the #Tory Party Conference with Chris Mason. Indecision about #HS2 threatens to derail the conference, and Liz #Truss gives a speech on the fringe. #Spotify

Rosie Walters
2 months ago

"But here in Manchester, almost all that most people – including Rishi Sunak – agree on is that 13 years of Conservative government have brought the country to its knees. When they catch up with the Tories who have done this to the UK, there will be hell to pay. What they do know, however, is that the only thing that will save us is more Conservatism. Logic isn’t their strong point." John Crace

#13YearsToryMisrule #ToryPartyConference #Sunak #Truss

2 months ago


Theyt will lose the next election

The #toriesOut members will not choose #braverman as LOTO for much the same reason they chose #truss over #sunak

Phil Davis
2 months ago

@XLCChelt @Probertd8 I've no words. It's truly through the looking glass stuff.

This Conference, in Manchester, where they put the final nail in the coffin of the 'Levelling Up the North' rhetoric (and then follow through with a jackboot full of more stringent benefit sanctions) is proof of what an absolute shower of 'even further to the right' they are.

How can they even begin to suppose #Truss has any credence?

#GTTO #FlushTheTorySewageOut


This is what's crazy... It's like her disasterous mini-budget never happened or the #Tories just don't care! She was their chosen leader. Sunak wasn't.

You'd have thought her political career was all but dead, but the #Tories are in such a bad state under #Sunak, political pygmies like #Truss & #Braverman truly believe they've a shot at the top job! 😳


The lobotomised far right fools in attendance must be kept as far away from power & influence as possible.

What beggars belief is that these people dare show their face in support of Truss after the utter carnage she caused 12 months ago! 😳

#Sunak has little authority. His party has #NetZero faith in him, as even political failures like #Truss feel comfortable tabling alternative #CONservative manifestoes right under his rat-like nose.

Truss has become the #Tories #Corbyn

Roland Rat - Rishi Sunak

#Tories #CONservatives #Sunak #Truss #ToryCONference

Thick Lizzy's trousers look like she's expecting a flood, with the bloke in the background looking unconvinced & unimpressed. 🙄

The mere fact her fringe meeting is packed with queues outside, whilst the rest of the CONference is as dry as a camel's toe crease, shows how deluded & out of touch the Tories are. 🐫

After Dizzy Lizzy crashed the economy, you can tell who was affected & who wasn't. Evidently it wasn't anyone at their CONference!

Liz Truss
2 months ago

Rishi Sunak’s Commons majority in peril as 60 Tories join Liz Truss group

Are we seeing the chaotic end of the #toriesOut after 13 years of misrule?

How can 60 people be so stupid as to follow the truly hopeless #truss

2 months ago

We need to stop taxing and banning things - #Truss

We need to stop listening to incompetent politicians....

2 months ago

#Truss returns to play a different role - but her views are unchanged

In case anyone has forgotten - the #toriesOut are the party of #fiscal #incompetence - writ large!

2 months ago


I would point out #toriesOut members selected the ( not terribly successful) #truss as PM in preference to the much saner seeming #sunak

There was something about the disastrously deluded former PM that made her preferable...... I doubt it was the #thatcher cos-play ..... something about the alternative put them off, maybe?

I'm not sure #gender was it - after all, I'd point out thories have now had 3 female leaders where #labour have only managed a single temporary one

Somerset Bob 🇬🇧
2 months ago

Good morning! It’s my #podcast time, and number one is the #BBC’s #Newscast with Adam Fleming and Chris Mason - subjects discussed with guests include #Ofcom investigating #GBTV in the wake of the Laurence Fox misogynistic comments, what was it like writing a speech for Liz #Truss, and #HS2. #Spotify

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
2 months ago

#Tories #Immigration #CONservatives

🚨*Fearing discrimination for being gay or a woman not qualification for #Asylum, says #Braverman*🚨

Addressing a #US think tank, Braverman will question whether the application of the UN's 1951 #Refugee Convention is "fit for our modern age".

With #Sunak weak & vulnerable, the fiscally unhinged #Truss & grotesque fascist Braverman make early plays to lead the #Tory far right in anticipated leadership bids.

The #CONservatives! 👆🏾 🙄

Cruella Braverman
Greg Dance
2 months ago

Immovable Object meets Unstoppable Force.

I don't have to guess that even a world class economist with the mouldy damp dead weight of conventional economic doctrines shackled around its neck, would see the collision between that deaf belief system's 'absolutist theoriese' & natures immensity coming,
and realise that nature has the bigger balls, by far!

#climate #economics #tRUMP #SUNAKe #truss #jeremyhunt

Economic loss an order of magnitude greater than previously thought

In contrast to previous estimates37,38 that the extreme El Niño events of 1982–83, 1997–98 and 2015–16 each costed global economy tens of billions in US dollars, our result suggests an impact from each event is trillions of US dollars. These additional losses mainly come from unobservable and delayed response to the initial climate shock. Initially, El Niño drives direct losses in the severely-affected regions through extreme weathers as reflected in temperature and precipitation anomalies. Subsequently, cross-sector and cross-border spillovers occur, affecting global macroeconomy. Previous studies suggested the cascading effects may commence via several transmission channels. For example, extreme weathers lower crop yields and agricultural productivity, leading to food shortages, trade contractions and commodity price increases39; abnormal sea surface temperature and ocean current cause decreased fishery stocks and other marine resources40; damages on infrastructure increase reconstruction and maintenance costs and disrupt transportation networks41; fluctuation in rainfall and surface run-off cause hydroelectric power shortages and reduce water-dependent industrial outputs42; changes in disease vector dynamics caused by extreme weathers increase healthcare cost and reduce manual productivity43; and poor weather conditions reduce tourist arrivals and consumptions for tourism-dependent regions44.
2 months ago

Folgen des "Truss-Schocks": Wie es um die britische Wirtschaft steht

Vor einem Jahr verkündete die Regierung der damaligen britischen Premierministerin Truss umfangreiche Steuersenkungen. Es kam zu Chaos an den Märkten, Truss musste zurücktreten. Die Folgen sind heute noch spürbar. Von C. Prössl.


#VereinigtesKönigreich #Truss #Johnston #Sunak

PKPs Powerfromspace1
3 months ago

Via @Supertanskiii _ 🇬🇧 Meat tax, seven bins, barefaced lies, fucking #Truss and a country that’s beyond fucked.

Why is #Sunak doing this? Tufton St? His enormous shares in fossil fuel companies? Shady #Tufton donors having shares in fossil fuel companies?

All of the above?

They’re #Tories r corrupt shithouses.

Greg Dance
3 months ago


On Easter Island there are the stone heads that remain as if grave stones of a race that destroyed its ecology in pursuit of its beliefs, & so ended its own civilisation.

Sunak & the Tories are the high priests of a similarly obsessed belief system that will destroy ours!

#history #capitalism #climate #ecology #emergency #sunak #truss

3 months ago

So it appears that the #Tories have managed to find a PM that is #Johnson & #Truss combined in #Sunak. He is a #liar like Johnson & #incompetent like #Truss...AND they still don't like him? I wonder why that could be???


Northern Ireland we have another option...let's talk about taking it?


Oh dear! 😂😂😂

The amount of #Tories who've already stood down, or have indicated they won't stand for re-election at #GE2024 is quite telling.

#CONservative candidates are creating publicity saying "Local CONservatives", & not putting #Sunak's face on their leaflets just as they did with #Truss & Doris #Johnson before him.

#Starmer meeting world leaders on his world tour, & broaching #Immigration & #Brexit is the biggest indicator yet that the #Tories are in BIG BIG trouble! 🤷🏾‍♂️

Greg Dance
3 months ago

Is it OK here if I propose that the only way to fix our breaking planet & democracies is to throw all conservative government ministers into active volcanoes to appease the Gods, who might have the power & intention to intervene to save us?

Worth a try, at least?

#justice #climate #truss #sunak #ecocide

Photo of erupting volcano
David Thomas Jackson
4 months ago

#DidoHarding wasted £37bn in two years - what happened to it all?

#Truss and #Kwarteng wasted £74bn in an afternoon - why aren’t they on trial?

Yesterday evidence was produced showing Kwarteng was told exactly what his 'mini-budget' would do by OBR. But he did it anyway.

Fen C
6 months ago

Y' could laugh and laugh and laugh about the USA🇺🇸 and #Trump...if it weren't for #Cameron, #Borisconi, #May, #Truss et al and now #Sunak.

We've grown our own trans-atlantic counter-(vñť§.

8 months ago

So the architects of the disastrous Mini Budget of Sept '22 - which cost the country £30bn and which screwed up mortgages and pensions for millions - *are being ennobled*.

Literally couldn't make this shit up. They should be jailed.

#UKPolitics #Truss #HouseOfLords #Budget #ToriesOut

@mnutty @CaroleDuckyIrPsych fear and rage #conservative cottage industry driven mostly by Liz #Truss and that moron in charge.

Notice conservatives never get angry with stuff thinking ppl say on Mastodon? Reason is apparently conservatives are still trying to #saveMusk and #Mastodon has more letters than #Twatter which is a huge stumbling block for both the conservative voters and the parliamentary party.

Peter Nimmo
10 months ago

St #Paul, in one of Sunday's #Bible readings, speaking of the hidden #wisdom of #God:
‘None of the rulers of the world knew this wisdom. If they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory’.
My #sermon on, among other things, why the powerful can't grasp the wisdom of God
#Truss #scandal #RussianOrthodoxChurch #politics #foodbanks

Sunday Telegraph front page, with headline:
Truss: I was brought down by the left-wing economic establishment
Chris Gerhard :bt:
10 months ago

There is a running theme amongst the Tories. Their failures are not their fault. Brexit is failing not because it was a fucking stupid idea which could never work, no it's failing because we did not believe enough.

Now Truss is saying she failed not due to her own ridiculous policies but because the globlal markets betrayed her.

#ukpolitics #truss #brexit

Peter Broks
10 months ago

And she would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for those pesky left-wing capitalist bankers.

(I'd honestly forgotten Truss had been PM)

#Truss #Tories #economy

10 months ago

Somebody from Norfolk has been on the wireless to express her support for Liz #Truss because she once sorted out a puddle. Seriously.

It's *always* someone else's fault with this lot, isn't it?

#Truss #MiniBudget #Trumpian

Quinten Steenhuis
11 months ago

TIL about the concept and power of a "silver thread" - taking one client all the way through a journey early in development process.

Great talk about user centered design from #Truss CEO Everett Harper

#LSCITC #LSCITC23 #UserCenteredDesign #A2J #AccessToJustice

Claes de Vreese ☑️
11 months ago

Has a lettuce 🥬 vs McCarthy bet already been initiated?

#speakerofthehouse #mccarthy #congress #truss #lettuce