B. Kramer
21 minutes ago

It's all coming together. A magic item (possibly cursed), a 28 line Burtonesque poem telling it's terrible, murderous lore, and a rival who's seeking it.
Title: The Piper In The Well.
#DungeonWorld #TTRPG

Quest Calendar ⚔️

Fighting another thing in the lab - this lab is full of things, apparently!

2 hours ago


- #ttrpg with friends (The One Ring)
- a nice homemade traybake 😋
- Finally it’s warmed up and we’re ready to go paddle boarding this weekend


Laidback DM
3 hours ago

My very first published #dnd book - #ShotglassAdventures volume 1. Contains my all-time fave adventure “Murder in Seaforth” plus 9 other awesome one-page adventures. I love this book (and based on the feedback, so do lots of others!) 😊

Available at

#dnd #5e #osr #DnD5e #AdvancedDungeonsAndDragons #DungeonsAndDragons
#ttrpg #ose #oldschool #tabletop #tabletopRolePlayingGame #RPG #RolePlayingGame #DM
#DungeonsAndDragons5e #CriticalRole #polyhedral

Shotglass Adventures- Laidback DM
Éric Paquette
3 hours ago

I worked another 30 min on my sector. I've added more bases & gas giants to my spreadsheet. I'm 64% done so far for that process.
#dungeon23 #ttrpg

3 hours ago

A solo one-page #ttrpg where you are a sentient #AI discovering what it might mean to be human

S. John Ross
3 hours ago

Breathing has been extra-tiring these last couple of days, so it feels like the week has gotten really sluggish as far as the writing goes.

I think today will just have to be a mapping day. Mapping is my "curl up in a blanket because brain cannot brain" activity, and I have a lot of building interiors I need to do more drafting on.

#TTRPG #Wildfires #CannotBrain

3 hours ago

I've been trying to work on my fantasy character designs.

Here's a Tabaxi Druid I painted for a friend a while back. Sadly not a played character yet, perhaps in a one-shot some day?

Done with finerliner and watercolour. The rock colour is a reference to a local beach, lots of purple/red slate.

I was particularly happy with the cape lighting and the faux-metallic gold effect on the bangles.

#illustration #watercolor #watercolour #painting #CharacterDesign #DnD #TTRPG

A humanoid cat figure, called a tabaxi in the D&D world, standing with one leg on a rock while holding a staff. It is dressed in brown pants with a green shirt, and a lighter green cape draped over its shoulders. It has gold bangles on its arms, legs and tail.
Dark Sheep Arts
3 hours ago

And an intro portrait for a character in my Shadowrun game.

#Shadowrun #Cyberpunk #TTRPG #3DArt #MastoArt

A woman with high cheekbones and pale skin stands in a back alley. She is extensively cybernetic, having few organic parts left below her upper chest. She is smiling as she working with a holographic keyboard and readout.
4 hours ago

It’s been a great day so far. Had a session of our family DnD game this morning before heading to an escape room (we escaped!). Now I’m about to sit down finish Waybound. Great day. How’s your Friday shaping up?

#DungeonsAndDragons #TTRPG #waybound #WillWight #EscapeRoom #AmReading

4 hours ago

Driving back from work through the sunny fields and forest of East Holstein every day, and making myself more familiar with the rules of #Dragonbane, keeps inspiring me to take another shot at creating an Elfgame Fantasyland setting based on 13th century North-Eastern Europe.

But I don't think I actually have anything new to add that hasn't been done hundreds of times before, and I already got a Sword & Sorcery and a Space Opera setting in the work for which I have plenty great ideas.


Paul Baldowski
4 hours ago

Cthulhu Hack 2e—Investigation and Revelation in a Dark Universe. A simple #TTRPG game of #Lovecraftian nightmares, pitting ordinary people against the terrors of a Dark Universe. A 156-page book with almost all you need to start — just find yourself some dice and something to write with.

Released to backers today.

Released to DriveThruRPG tomorrow.

Softcover available to pre-order on All Rolled Up:

We're literally 1 or 2 backers from hitting a stretch goal--a coupon to get a free softcover copy. Every reward backer gets one!

#NotDnD #ttrpg #Kickstarterttrpg #LuncheonsAndDragonflies

On the cover of Luncheons and Dragonflies, a bat covers half their face with their wing like a cloak, a mouse wields sewing needle and acorn top like sword and shield, and a squirrel tosses an acorn into the air, prepared to throw it.

so this exists: "(your name) AND THE HOLY GRAIL". A Monty Python and the Holy Grail themed adventure scenario from Space Gamer #41 (1981).

because yes, we need even more Monty Python references in our #dnd / #ttrpg sessions.


dnd scenario (your name) AND THE HOLY GRAIL. Picture of a giant hare killing knights.
page of the dnd scenario with hex map of England, a Generic Castle, and the caves of Caerbannog
5 hours ago

I really don't understand how there are people getting hissy fits in response to "System matters".

Do they actually believe "system does not matter"?


When you are an RPG player and a parent and need to maneuver between bedtime story and that Baphomet session you scheduled with friends.


Ivan Milovanov
5 hours ago

In all my yrs of #roleplaying, many adventures were in #dnd. I saw #dragons only twice. The 1st one was an ice dragon in a metadimensional prison. It was a #dnd4e campaign so using trickery we managed to kill it in combat.

Last session in #dnd5e, I met the 2nd. In a complex situation we took its side. During the aftermath, we got #high with the bronze #dragon & promised to retreive his best #stash that got #stolen by other dragons in exchange for a favour. Precious #ttrpg moment!

On June 15, I'll be kicking off my first Crowdfundr campaign!

Please join in on the pre-launch so you can get in on day 1 rewards and PLEASE help spread the word to make this a success!

Also, check out The Librarian's Apprentice, featured in the example article below, who is kicking off a their own campaign at the end of the month!

#TTRPGkids #crowdfundr #crowdfunding #ttrpg #dndkids

Dr. Emily Friedman
5 hours ago

You wanna know how widespread #TTRPG Actual Play is?

My student researcher let me know this week that students at the campus station are pondering starting an AP.

Armoured Wizard
5 hours ago

Inspired by my day, I give you a Title.
What #ttrpg plot/module/scenario would you write?
"You Can't Get Quicker"

B. Kramer
5 hours ago

Seems I might be down a player for tomorrow's #DungeonWorld #TTRPG session, which means only 2 players for the adventure I've been preparing. It would really work better with more, and different classes... time to set this one aside and think up something else.

I'm trying to find detailed documentation of the melee "Interlock" combat system from The Matrix Online.

I played the game and know the basics, but I'm interested in how the special abilities functioned.

(Yeah, this is #ttrpg combat system research. ;) )

#TheMatrix #TheMatrixOnline #MMORPG

Calico Jesse
6 hours ago

@PDStorrie favorite #TTRPG Fantasy setting is definitely Talislanta. But I’m rather fond of Glorantha and Earthdawn as well. And Pendragon, but that feels like a different category really.

Ivan Milovanov
6 hours ago


Hah! This is literally perfect as a flavour image for the #ttrpg I'm working on, #cosmoboros! Shamelessly snatching it.

Some of you may have seen this little friend around on my backing cards, but here is the little kobold in full, ready to deliver all your merch.

#kobold #ttrpg #anthro #furry #furryart

7 hours ago

Among the many reasons this is possible is addictive combination of this good entertainment clause and the ability of #ttrpg to just ask its participants, "What's most likely to capture your interest?"

Random #dnd thought: I miss the 4e Warden and Warlord classes.

#dnd4e #ttrpg

7 hours ago

Check out these D&D third party new releases! Please subscribe and share if you can.

#dnd #dnd5E #ttrpg #ttrpgfamily #opendnd #osr

7 hours ago

More X-Men as an FKR game nonsense on my makeshift blog. And meanwhile, I'm not prepping the OSE game I've told everyone about... 😅​ I even have enough for a third post!
#xmen #marvel #ttrpg #superheroes #fkr

Calico Jesse
7 hours ago

Conversation on discord I shocked the Mongoose Traveller players with my experience house rules. In CT I give players a new skill every 2 years in game. For T5 I bump that to every year.

For CT that’s actually rather generous. Original rules it took 8 years to improve 2 skills by 1. With two dedication checks.

#TTRPG #TravellerRpg #ClassicTraveller #Traveller5 #Traveller #Grognardia #NoExperiencePointsForYou

7 hours ago

Progress so far on my solo Twilight 2000 game. Yellow markers are for the first game, orange are for the second (current) game.

Triangles are for encounters, stars are travel markers (start, stop, destination etc)

Really liking how this is filling out in to a persistent map for future use already.

#SoloRPG #TTRPG #Twilight2000

A close up of the hex map of Poland from Twilight 2000, with markers indicating travel and encounters.
8 hours ago

Unleash the adventurer within and explore the harsh desert world of #Zalanthar!
Immerse yourself in ancient ruins, wield powerful magic, and navigate treacherous factions.

A new system-agnostic #TTRPG setting!

In addition to the richly detailed setting book, we are excited to announce the release of "Sandswept - Tales of Zalanthar," a rules-light RPG game that captures the essence of Zalanthar's thrilling adventures.

Powered by Push SRD!

Day 77, wands week. Random words: force assist

Eldritch Blast Stick
Wand, uncommon (requires attunement)
This ebony wood wand is adorned with silver symbols. A malevolent force seems to exude from the wand, as if offering to bargain for greater powers.
While holding this wand, you gain the ability to cast the spell Eldritch Blast. If you are not a spellcaster, your ranged spell attack bonus is your [...]
Full text:

Follow for more!
#DnD #5e #ttrpg #homebrew #100Items

Navel-gazing and moaning ahead.

My current #PersonaeSRD #PersonaeRPG #ShadowlightRPG #ShadowlightAndPersonae letdown? Regret? Not really sure what the right word for it is...there's a generic #TTRPG rules system, but it doesn't do much in the way of heavy lifting to evoke what the game is supposed to be about. There are games that offer the most effective tech: Gumshoe, Hints & Hijinks...Brainstorming in Atomic Robo could be reverse-engineered.

Been doodling the dungeon. I want the floors to all fit together and kind of make sense. I realize this is probably largely illegible and I will eventually redraw these in a useful form but I have decided that this is the project I will show my "process" insofar as I have one.

I want this to be navigable entirely by text so I'll do text writeups first.

#ttrpg #wip

An isometric map and then a grid map next to it. The isometric map has several floors overlaid on top of each other, it's not really possible to see what is happening.  The grid map shows three very roughly sketched floors: one has 4 equal sized large rooms, one has about a dozen rooms of various sizes making a rectangle, and the last one is four rooms in an L shape with a hallway.
RPG Elise
8 hours ago

🍶Ready for some new #Pathfinder2e potions? 🧙

#PeculiarPotions is a mini supplement coming soon to #PathfinderInfinite as part of the #JuneJam!

#TTRPG #TableTop #Pathfinder #PF2e

Peculiar Potions advertisement. Features the book cover and a purple potion in an elegant bottle encrusted with emeralds and gold.
8 hours ago

Out of curiosity… what’s the best “looking for group” sites for #notdnd gamers these days? Particularly for European time zones. Ideally somewhere you can get a sense of the players and vibes, at least more-so than reaching out to random folks on reddit or whatever.

Open to GM or play almost anything. Already got a D&D group and don’t need another. #ttrpg

insipidutopian (he/him)
8 hours ago

@losthavenart most recently I had the earthdawn game masters guide bookmarked multiple times, and it was on the poison section and the particular trap I was modifying because I had to go back and forth and put it down to add info to the vtt entry I was adding. So basically the sections I was referencing during my session prep.

#ttrpg #earthdawn #books

9 hours ago

Subscribe to my mailing list and get my #steampunk #ttrpg intro set and my best-selling #CallOfCthulhu scenario The Pharaoh's Sacrifice absolutely free

Rori | Montford Tales
9 hours ago

When I was writing Dead Letter Society (i.e. vampires) I was thinking "but what if I want to be a werewolf?!"

... but that was too much scope creep for the time I had.

So now that 'DLS' is out in the world I'm giving werewolves their fair due. 🐺

1-2 players, epistolary & journaling, werewolves, and 100% compatible with Dead Letter Society (or entirely standalone!)

#ttrpg #journaling #werewolves

9 hours ago

Love people trying to pixelbitch the meaning behind "Aspects are always true" in the Year of Our Lord 2023. #TTRPG #Fate

Iam (E-um) Pace
9 hours ago

Massive statues are a standout feature in numerous #fantasy settings and #fiction #writing.

Here is one particularly monumental example in our world—the largest statue ever built (so far).

This is the Statue of Unity, which stands 182 meters (597 feet). See image 3 for a comparison to other famous statues.

#ttrpgs #ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pathfinder #pathfinder2e
📷 : Press Information Bureau/Government of India; Ajit Solanki, William Neff, and The Washington Post; & Government of Gujarat

This image is credited to the Press Information Bureau and the Government of India.
This image is credited to the Press Information Bureau and the Government of India.
This image is credited to Ajit Solanki, AP Illustration by William Neff, and The Washington Post.
This image is credited to the Government of Gujarat.
Roleplay Rescue
10 hours ago

The Emergence of Story, in which I argue for more trust in our innate capacity to recognise the story as it arises in our #ttrpg play: #blog

#TTRPG #FollowFriday #FabulousFriday #FabulistFriday #ShadowlightAndPersonae #PersonaeSRD #PersonaeRPG #ShadowlightRPG

Goofing off with the new logo from @GameGoddessAlx and cover art from @claudiopozas to envision what the final product might look like!

’Nathan Burgoine
10 hours ago

Today's update to my #MutantsAndMasterminds walk through #Pride month gets to 1988, where Pride becomes Wrath, Major Moral (who is neither) makes his appearance, and a vigilante, The Purple Hand, show his... uh, hand.

March, Part Nine (1988)


Robin D. Laws
10 hours ago

Ken and Robin talk leads, clues and details in GUMSHOE, Jennell Jacquays, the banner SF film year of 1986, and H. floresiensis survival.

#TTRPG #roleplaying #cryptids #gumshoe #sciencefiction #film #cinema

10 hours ago

Wrote/recorded a review of the #CallofCthulhu scenario Mr. Corbitt, by Shawn DeWolfe and updated by Lynne Hardy for @Chaosium's Mansions of Madness Volume I

A small scale, thoroughly Lovecraftian scenario suited to small groups or duets.



Galaxy of Gover
10 hours ago

Art I had used for Andréa's token in game for a while, few more scars than her first art, and highlighting the fact she was more aasimar now with the blue eye (later both her eyes turn blue).
#ttrpg #MastoArt

A woman with long dark hair half tied up in a pony tail. She has a smile on her face, heterochromia in her eyes, a scar on her for head, two scars under her left eye, and a scar on her lip. She has a drk cloak fastened with a broach with a moon symbol on it. She has scale mail on underneath. She is against a background of bubbles and a halo.
Peter Weilnböck
11 hours ago

Second proper #ForbiddenLands session, and I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was rather tired from the beginning.

Having no string to follow still makes me a bit uncomfortable, but it actually matches my usual GM style rather well - just let the players wander around and try to let the world react in a believable way. And I also always enjoy improvising quirky, or even crotchety geezers to irk the players.
#ttrpg #FreeLeague

PJ Coffey
15 hours ago

Inspired by PF2e, the Black Hack and Dave Clark (yes, those are all very different sources), I did a small thing to let you answer the hard-hitting and important questions with swiftness and consistency:

How many kobolds can you carry on a ladder?

How many daggers should one person feasibly be able to carry?

How can I make +1 arrows not feel like total booby prizes?

@ttrpg @dnd
#Dnd #LevelUpA5e #OSR #TTRPG #HomebrewAndHacking


Victor Gijsbers
16 hours ago

I played the #ttrpg #MyLifeWithMaster by @paulczege yesterday, with three friends. We created a master and the three minions, and then played a few initial scenes. Next time the story will really start unfolding. But this was already a lot of fun -- four people creating the characters and the setting in an atmosphere of joyously shared creativity. Some #ActualPlay notes, and #GMAdvice, in the thread below. 1/n

Ludovic Chabant
18 hours ago

There’s a new #RuneQuest #Glorantha adventure out in PDF, written by Finmirage and with many illustrations by me (including the cover!) Get it here now! #ttrpg

Miss Jess
1 day ago

If you've got a #ttrpg or videogame based on a board game that you'd love to share, submit it to #TerraformingDragons by the end of this Saturday!
#gamedev #gamejam

Miss Jess
1 day ago

🧵#TerraformingDragons has 3 game submissions so far and there are 2 days left to submit, so I wanted to highlight the three submissions so far!
#gamedev #gamejam #ttrpg

1 day ago

One of my patrons did a great job #3Dprinting my Amish Barbarian mini! Solid paint job too!

Free stls:

I need to know this guys past story :P
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames

Quest Calendar ⚔️

Zarylla's dull day. AKA: she only has 3 HP left and I'm not taking any chances!

1 day ago

Today I had a blast #3Dmodeling two more free 3D printable minis based off the amazing works of @KoboldPress Tome of Beasts:

- Accursed Defiler
- Abominable Beauty

Free stls here:

This book is amazing!
#3dart #3dprinting #ttrpg #tabletopgames

Kirasha Urqhart
1 day ago

Soliciting #TTRPG #Advice from DMs

How do you get player engagement w/out whacking them over the head and screaming "MAKE CHOICES!"?

I find that, except for 1 or 2 (out of 7), my players are much happier being railroaded than guiding their own course in game play. When presented with a choice in the narrative (other than combat), they're silent until an NPC tells them what to do. When I ask OOC for things they want or what could be done to improve enjoyment of the game, I get crickets.

1 day ago

One of my patrons did a great job #3Dprinting my Amish Barbarian minis lol

Free stls here:

Never mess with the Amish :P
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames

1 day ago

Trying to make me an Everway world in Foundry VTT

#ttrpg #everway #foundry #vtt

Everway character sheet in Foundry VTT. Work in progress
B. Kramer
1 day ago

Running two #DungeonWorld #TTRPG games this weekend, and the prep inspiration is flowing well today for a meme-based adventure for one of them.

rémi 🐌
1 day ago

My journaling game about going on vacation, Souvenirs, just received its update! ✨

It's a visual update that doesn't change the content of the experience but makes the rulebook more beautiful and pleasant to play with, with a colorful & improved layout and some new illustrations.

Get it on @itchio 👉​ 👈​

Boosts are very much appreciated, thank you 🔄​💐

ICYMI, Souvenirs is a solo role-playing game about writing the journal of a character that goes on vacation for a week, discovers charming places and gets items as souvenirs of their visits. It's an introspective game about the memories we associate with objects and places!

#NewGame #GameDev #TabletopGames #TTRPG #SoloRPG #GameJam #JournalingRPG #JournalingGame #GameUpdate #CozyArt #ColorfulArt

Illustration of a character walking on a dirt path in the coutryside, wearing a bi backpack. Playig cards and objects are dropping from the backback onto the path: a dagger, a snowglobe, a big book, some candles, a gift basket and a keychain. In the background are a small village, some fields and tall mountains. The main colours are white and shades of pink, orange and yellow, giving the picture a vibrant yet nostalgic vibe.
’Nathan Burgoine
1 day ago

And the final heroine of my #MutantsAndMasterminds walk through the original eight-stripe #Pride Flag for Pride Month is "Prophecy," based on the Mother of Pride, Brenda Howard.
"March, Part Eight"

(Tomorrow I'll touch on updates since their 1978 beginnings, and villains, too!) #TTRPG #LGBTQIA

1 day ago

Here's my Cave Dragon inspired by the amazing @KoboldPress now #3Dprinted!

Free stls here:

I love this stuff :)
#3Dprinting #3Dmodeling #3Dart #ttrpg #tabletopgames

2 days ago

@Judd It's a bummer when you've planned a bunch of breadcrumbs pointing PCs to the truth before a big reveal, only to have a player guess the reveal after the first clue.

It goes to show that we DMs aren't the great writers we think we are. 🤣

#ttrpg #dnd

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
2 days ago

We have decided instead to play #BrindlewoodBay, a delightful #ttrpg about an octogenarian book club who solve murders in their seaside town. The town, of course, has a strange history that leans towards cosmic horror.

Which is to say I have somehow ended up with a new project on my hands, as this is out of our usual GM's wheelhouse (& he's long overdue some time as a player, anyway).

Peter Kisner
2 days ago

@periaptgames @illumniscate
Also me.
I just really want to know why things in a location are the way they are.
Entropy plays a part, but usually I'm just thinking about significant, habitual, or trivial actions by previous inhabitants that set things in their current state.
#TTRPG #Dungeons

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
2 days ago

Another change, and one I have mentioned before, is that my #ttrpg group recently lost a member. The remainder of us decided to shelve our #BladesInTheDark game, at least for now. I'm rather disappointed to leave our characters in the middle of an arc, but a fresh start seemed like a good idea.

Norton Glover
2 days ago

Just signed up for Dexlite 2023 - the scaled down version of the Dexcon gaming convention.

Planning on running two games - My Judge Dredd/Traveller scenario and my procedural starship crawl - Nautilus of Time.

If you're in NJ at the end of June, check it out.

#Dexlite2023 #TTRPG #Conventions

Hugh Lashbrooke
2 days ago

The template is now also available in Canva - a different kind of platform to the original Google Docs, but a whole lot better than MS Word.

That rounds out all the platforms I intend to create the template for, but if anyone has a suggestion for another freely available, online platform that is good for this kind of thing, then I'm open to suggestions.

#RPGs #TTRPG #itchio

2 days ago

Less than an hour left before I host a session of the Brindlewood Bay TTRPG. Very excited to try this one! Let's see if the elderly Murder Mavens can solve the mystery around a suspicious death in town... 👵🏻🔍

#ttrpg #brindlewoodbay

RPG Elise
2 days ago

🍶I am designing some #Pathfinder2e potions for the #PathfinderInfinite #JuneJam! What kind of potions would GMs and players like to see?🔥#TTRPG #Pathfinder

Plotbunny Games
3 days ago

📢 Das finale PDF von "Fräulein Bernburgs Pensionat für junge Damen" ist mitsamt Szenenheft und Figurenbögen AUSGELIEFERT!!! Und der Druckauftrag ist auch raus.

Alle Details findet ihr im neuesten Update:

Release-Party heute Abend ab 19:30 Uhr auf dem Plotbunny-Discord (Link im Profil)! 🎉

#pnpde #TTRPG #FrlBernburgs #IndieGame #Firebrands

Jürgen Hubert
4 days ago

A history of Ryan Dancey's jobs in #ttrpg adjacent spaces, focusing on his tenure at #Pathfinder Online.

Michael Bernth
4 days ago

Gamemastering when players does something totally different from what you planned 😅

Augury Ignored
6 days ago

What are everyone's experiences with "system migration", i.e. moving a campaign from one game system to another? I have never really had a campaign that warranted it, but I can see it happen if the story warrants a change of mechanics and scope. #rpg #ttrpg

kit 🍵🌦
6 days ago

OK, I'm gonna talk about the method I'm using to run this long-term #TTRPG I'm running right now. It's working well for me! I call it: **a pile of index cards**.


1 week ago

Just a reminder for #TTRPG folks:

The game is supposed to be fun for everyone.

If someone doesn't like sexual content in their games, don't force them to RP sexual content.

If someone prefers combat to RP, try to give them chances to shine.

If someone has triggers, work with them.

If someone needs a few moments to process something or think... let them have them.

The DM is not the villain. The players are not your enemy.

When it stops being fun, it stops being a game.

Let it stay a game.

Andrea (CuriousCat)
1 week ago

The Queer Games Bundle itself is here:

You'll get 466 games (TTRPGs as well as video games), zines, and other items by 293 queer creators for only $60 (there's even a much cheaper version for those with little money).

As always, there are quite some gems to discover in there!

#SupportQueerBusinesses #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #IndieGame #pnpde #TTRPG #QueerGamesBundle

Andrea (CuriousCat)
1 week ago

I just saw that my little TTRPG "Rodents with Guitars" has been mentioned in this Polygon article about the Queer Games Bundle 2023! 🐀🎸💖

#QueerGamesBundle #RodentsWithGuitars #NagetiereMitGitarren #pnpde #TTRPG #IndieGame #HoneyHeist Hack

1 week ago

Today I actually played #LittleButFierce for the first time.

Never heard of it?
@TTRPGkids wrote a review for this #DND5e adoption for kids:

„Little but Fierce is a rewrite of D&D 5e to make it more accessible to kids! With the parsed down mechanics, rewritten spells lists, picture-based character sheet, and more“

#LBF #TTRPG #PenAndPaper

Little But Fierce title image

OK friends the Wreck This Deck campaign has launched and you can back now.

Wreck This Deck is a solo journaling and deck crafting game. Trap demons inside a deck, defacing playing cards as you go. Please check it out and reshare, that would be amazing 😊

#ttrpg #TTRPGs #solojournaling #crowdfunding

I will forever maintain that it's not a D&D to polyamorous kink pipeline.

It's a polyamorous kink to D&D pipeline.

#DnD #ttrpg #gaming #kink #submissive #queer #bdsm #boardgames

The Mad Codger
1 week ago

#dnd #dnd5e #pf2e #pathfinder2e #pathfinderrpg #miniatures #ttrpg #ttrpgart

My problem with miniatures is they're not convenient to store, transport, and I don't have the time to paint them. Just found this solution on
#backerkit and while it is a little spendy, it comes with a lot. That and the built in storage makes it super convenient.

I'm in no way affiliated with this if that makes a difference.

Victor J Merino
1 week ago

🌋 THE FLOOR IS LAVA: Stampede!!! 🌋
You known that scene from the original Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs running? Well, that, but with a volcano making everything worse.

An annotated weekly planner used to drawn an erupting volcano and routes to scape from it
James Baillie
1 week ago

@juergen_hubert @germany @folklore One thing that I suspect is not altogether uncommon in folklore but is really super rare in modern fantasy is giving "real" ethnonyms to imagined and semi-mythologised concepts. Might be an interesting thing to play around with as an idea for #TTRPG design and suchlike (though also given some magic associations tend to be with minority cultures in the real world, something to work with carefully).

Dark Sheep Arts
1 week ago

I think this is the one I'm most pleased with recently, since I think it's the one where the post-work makes the most difference.

#cyberpunk #ShadowRun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

Picture of an Asian woman in profile. She has green makeup and dreadlocks with green extensions,  plus a green cybernetic arm. She contemplates a green magical orb. Orange triangles recede to vanishing point.

It's somehow 22°C here in Scotland, so I think that means it's time for my SUMMER SALE 2023.

That's right, this is all my #dnd5e DMs Guild content, bundled up and available for just $9.95 (75% off!)

Affiliate link:

#dnd #TTRPG

DC Bradshaw's Summer Sale. 75% discount!

Includes 10 D&D products

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Packbats, creative
1 week ago

We weren't up for posting about it on the day, but on Saturday the 27th we posted our thirteenth free 200-word #ttrpg on our Patreon: repurposed spaces, a worldbuilding game about a structure that was employed by one group and has been reimagined by a later one. We think it's really cool when a world has history, and this is directly about making that history visible.

Victor J Merino
2 weeks ago

🌋 THE FLOOR IS LAVA: The Burning Forest 🌋
Maybe running into a forest crossed by a lava stream was not the best idea. Fire, smoke, and panicking animals!
But on the other hand: freshly cooked food!
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An annotated weekly planner used to drawn a volcano with routes to scape from the lava flow.
Michael Bernth
2 weeks ago

Now I’m tempted to add True Doggies to my Glorantha.
YGWV #Glorantha #Runequest #Chaosium #ttrpg

Mountain top that looks like a huge sleeping dog